Aug 5, 2017

Saturday, Aug 5th, 2017, Peter A. Collins

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing J,Q,Z)

Blocks: 26

  We have not seen a Saturday construction from Mr. Collins since 2013; his most recent LA Times contribution was a Thursday puzzle this past June; that last Saturday grid was in June, as well.  I looked over my review from that one, and wrote that I had trouble with the long answers, but not the proper names.  This time, I breezed through the long answers, but got stuck on the shorter ones.  Imagine that.  The grids, however, are similar, with a non-intimidating look, the long fills on the 'inside', and triple 10-letter corners no so easy to parse in the Down.  Some of the longer fill;

17. Layoff order? : "DON'T START IN ON ME~!" - my attitude at UPS lately

51. Words shouted out an open window : "LEARN HOW TO DRIVE~!" - yes, I am good for this - along with HANG UP THE Fkn PHONE~!!!

Or this one~?

7. Giving up the ball after a fake punt, say, in football lingo : TURN OVER ON DOWNS - timely clue/answer - I saw pre-season football on TV this Thursday~!

On Wed.~!(8/9)


1. Part of the back forty : ACRE - for some reason I thought "back forty" was related to the states after the original colonies (hence my first thought being UTAH); in a sense, I was right - see here

5. Genghis Khan subject : TATAR - ah, as in a member of the lower class, not "a" class

10. Go after, as flies : SHAG - I had SNAG.  Shag~?  Yeah, baby, yeah~!

14. Words of self-pity : I'M A FAILURE

16. One heading for the cape? : TORO - my first fill was KENT, as in Clark, on his way to becoming Superman

19. Remnant : END

20. Water carriers : MAINS - I tried EWERS; this is a clever clue for the pipes of a city system

21. Rooney and Griffith : ANDYS

22. "Haven't the foggiest" : DUNNO

23. Calligraphy problems : SMEARS - knew what we were looking for, pondered SMUDGE(s)

24. Law school course : ETHICS

27. Area between highlands : VALE

29. Word whose meaning can be the same when read backward : PAT - and the reverse, TAP, which makes a very clever clue

30. Take the wrong way? : POACH - got it, but had STEAL to start

31. ADHD drug : DEXEDRINE - no clue, filled via perps, WAGed the "R" (tho it made sense)

33. Triangle relationship : SINE

34. Removed a cylinder from, maybe : CORED - kept thinking about car engines at first

35. Kurylenko of "Quantum of Solace" : OLGA - I know her well

36. Like throwbacks : OLD SCHOOL

38. Reacted to a call at home, maybe : BOOED - baseball fans

39. Came together : MET

40. Notable feature of Africa : HORN

41. Father's changing room : VESTRY - after the third look at this clue, I realized the father here refers to a priest.  A-ha~!

42. Plug : STOP UP - hah~!  I was looking for a "PITCH" like a sales campaign

44. Like "The Age of Reason" doctrine : DEIST

46. One of Israel's 12 tribes : ASHER

47. Vermouth name : ROSSI

48. Took : WON

54. Go south : TANK

55. Compilation publication since 1984 : UTNE READER

56. Factory regs. : STDs -the factory standard table for the back of an Airstream trailer does not work with reclining chairs, so my landlord's buddy who was in town for two weeks asked me to build him a custom one....

57. 30% of essentials : ESSES - hey, D-Otto, he does math like us~!

58. Proceed : WEND


1. Hamilton, to General Washington : AIDE

2. "What are you waitin' for?' : C'MON

3. Author born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum : RAND - first (pseudo) name AYN

4. Baby newt : EFT

5. Cronus and Rhea, e.g. : TITANS

6. Harlem Renaissance writer Locke : ALAIN - filled via perps

8. Word in many degrees : ARTS

9. Outdoor gear giant : REI - seen this one before, so I have gotten used to it

10. Georgia's __ Mountain : STONE

11. Acura MDX relative : HONDA PILOT - my first "long answer" fill, and I was on a roll

12. Elite military member : ARMY RANGER

13. Sees only one person : GOES STEADY

15. To the same degree : AS MUCH - I had AS WELL to start

18. Called : NAMED

22. Does a kitchen job : DICES

23. Dog follower : SLED - oops, not STAR

24. Bath additive : EPSOM SALTS - I have added this to my bath in the past

25. Head rest? : TOILET SEAT - clever, but I got it from --ILE----T

26. Like some combat : HAND-TO-HAND

28. Winter Olympics maneuver : AXEL

31. Word with front or pocket : DOOR - my bathroom has a pocket door, and I just finished helping a friend frame out and trim his new bathroom pocket door

32. Stick in a cage : ROOST - the noun, not the verb

34. Martial arts move : CHOP

37. Agitate : CHURN

38. Not relevant to : BESIDE

41. Shade providers at golf clubs : VISORS - I like the trees that line the courses I play for shade; Cedars has more trees than Sandy Pond.  My golfing buddy Fred just invested $700 in a set of clubs - I was a little more frugal, and spent $42 on a pull cart from eBay.

43. Exec's extras : PERKS - first thought, second guessed; I was thinking we need an abbr. because of exec

45. Competitor of Helena : ESTÉE - got it.  Upon reading both Wiki pages, they had quite a lot in common; Lauder; and Rubenstein

47. Breaks down : ROTS - the answer I was thinking we were looking for at 54a.

48. Off the mark : WIDE - not AWRY

49. Rising spot : OVEN - ah, not EAST

50. Stereotypical techie : NERD

52. Tangerine or peach : HUE - obviously FRUIT was not going to fit, and I had the "E" already

53. Unadulterated : RAW - so why is an "Adult" film considered "RAW", too~?



OwenKL said...

FIR, but so much passive aggression in this one made it disturbing to try and poemize!

{C+, C.}

HAND TO HAND is how it started.
Dominance was to one imparted.
Back and forth without STOPS
Both of them knew their CHOPS.
The music came to its END, and the dancers parted!

I'M A FAILURE, I'm apologetic.
I was BOOED the most,
He WON the post,
I can't hack the SMEARS in politics!

Jay said...

Just wanted to add...

A bird has awaken and started to sing

It's 538a

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Uff da! This one required some heavy lifting, a pinch of this, a dash of that, and a liberal application of Wite-Out. But I got 'er done. Phew! My "plug" was a FREE AD, "agitate" was SHAKE, and the "ADHD drug" was EPHEDRINE. Thank you, Peter Collins, and thank you, Splynter, for your yeoman service week after week.

Now to see if I can "flatten" another inner tube...

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Peter, for lots of fun here. I had a some trouble but perseverance paid off once again. My luck today came with the long fills. First came LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. My fav: The young mom drivng kids to school in the morning in some gigantic vehicle trying to maneuver a turn with one hand on the wheel and the other holding her phone to her ear. Illegal in Illinois! Not on speaker because the conversation is not child appropriate? Call back later! Speaking of vehicles, HONDA PILOT was a breeze as my daughter had one. Hey, we've had Bears season tickets for 46 years: TURN OVER ON DOWNS was w-a-a-a-y too easy for me!! Especially recently.

Wanted perch before ROOST and serifs before SMEARS, and so on along the way, but it all fell into place for me with the long fills.

Nicely done, Splynter. Thanks for the thoughtful tour and the links.

D-O @ 6:47: Uff Da!? A little U.P. in your DNA?

I'll check back later for your thoughts. Have a fine weekend. It's bright and beautiful

desper-otto said...

Yay! The tire is still inflated. Fingers crossed.

Not U.P., Mme DeFarge, but close. I was a cheesehead in my ute.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Tough but impressive puzzle from Peter. Had me thinking "IM A FAILURE" for awhile and saying to myself "DUNNO" a lot. Quite a few cheats to get to the END. But it is Saturday and I love a challenge, which Mr. Collins certainly gave me!

Thanks, Splynter for another enjoyable review. Had to laugh at the LEARN HOW TO DRIVE pics. I'm often shouting this while behind the wheel. Bad drivers bring out the worst in me. The "merge"/dachshund photo reminded me of an article in the paper today about the current local headache of the construction on the Brent Spence Bridge. The KY transportation cabinet recommends the "zipper merge". I'd never heard of this method

My cheats were REI, TATAR, DEXEDRINE, TITANS and OLGA ( despite having seen "Quantum of Solace a few times)


I had a Hero "heading for the cape" - had the R and O so was thinking of super heroes :) TORO was clever though as was PAT and TOILETSEAT
W/O's: Swat/SWAG, As Such/ASMUCH and my combat was Head to Head not HANDTOHAND

Woke to a chilly 55 degrees this morning. It's warming up nicely and absolutely gorgeous here today! The threat of rain yesterday didn't amount to much and got Albus home just before it started sprinkling. He's quite proud of his haircut and prancing around happily:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

MJ said...

Good day to all!

What seemed daunting at first turned out to be doable after all. Yeah! I have never heard of OLGA Kurylenko or "Quantum of Solace" for that matter, but perps to the rescue. Another head scratcher was at 57A because there was a typo at the Mensa site and the clue read "30of essentials". The perps gave me ESSES but I couldn't see how that related to the clue. Favorite clue/answer was "Layoff order?" for DON'T START IN ON ME. Thanks for guiding us through yet another Saturday, Splynter.

Enjoy the day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

This was 6-Google puzzle for me, and still FIW. I had EnT instead of EFT. Held off on PER_S for excec's extras. Should be PERqS (for perquisites), but it is more commonly abbreviated PERKS. For the cross I had siNK before TANK, but both yielded the "K".

Law students taking ethics classes? Isn't that like other members of the shark family taking ballet classes? (I'll have to lay off the lawyer jokes - my granddaughter starts college next month and she thinks she wants to be one. She was RAISED with ethics - maybe she'll change her mind).

Thanks, Peter, for a puzzle that was at least accessible enough for me to try. More often than not I look at the first few clues and decide to try again tomorrow. And thanks to Splynter for another great review.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Well, the Muse didn't hit me today, so I needed lots of help. I did not know how to answer 51a without using words that shouldn't be used here. Having 'swat' instead of SHAG didn't help, either. So this became a 'training' exercise, and my heart is not troubled.
Liked the clue for 29a - PAT. Remembered ASHER from an earlier puzzle.
WEND - The conjugation of 'to go' is highly fractured as in some other languages. The past tense 'went' comes from WEND which has a related meaning. Wend, though, is a weak verb; past tense 'wended'. But that's English.

Cable out from 1600 yesterday until 0430 this morning. Sure glad I bought the antenna for the TV. With the outage credits from Cable, I'll soon have it paid for. (cost $49). Doesn't help the internet, tho.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

At first, this seemed daunting but, like our much-missed Barry Silk's offerings, a chip here, a chip there and, before you know it, the puzzle is solved and you're proud as a peacock! As always on a Saturday, cracking the long answers is a big plus and today's entries were fairly easy to suss out with just a couple of letters. Some of the cluing was devious, but imminently fair.

Thanks, Peter, for a fun and satisfying solve and thanks, Splynter, for your always enjoyable commentary.

I'm typing this on my ancient iPad 1 as my Mini iPad is acting like a mini brat! Every website I tried crashed the second I got there. Any thoughts from any of our resident Cyber Conisseuers?

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Me too, Splynter! Long fills were easy and names took effort
-TATAR is the name for the tribe that was subdued by Genghis Khan, Tartar is the word used by the European west (especially Russians) for all Mongols.
-I’ve had ADHD kids on Ritalin and Adderall that seemed to calm them down
-I knew I had missed the boat when I heard there was OLD SCHOOL Rap Music
-Frequent reenactments are held where they MET in 1869
-You can drive through old neighborhoods in our town but must WEND through the new ones
-ARTS degree numbers and pay
-KKK member Gutzon Borglund was fired from the STONE MOUNTAIN project and then moved on to Mount Rushmore
-INASMUCH as you have consented together in marriage…
-A famous karate CHOP

Anonymous said...

Really fun puzzle. Perps and a wag or two but got it done. Nit - Deist isn't a doctrine but one who adheres to Deism. Or maybe I'm taking the clue the wrong way. Good write-up by Splynter!! Wonderful weather in Chicago. I'm out to enjoy it! Have a great Saturday everyone. JB2

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Peter, for a great Saturday challenge. Loved the long phrases, especially the "LEARNHOWTODRIVE"! Also liked the PAT/TAP clue.

Thanks, Splynter, for another great write-up and pics. Loved the Play Skool photo!

Lucina said...

This seemed easier than usual for a Saturday and I finished in much less time, too. Thank you, Peter A. Collins!

The SW and bottom yielded their secrets rather quickly and surprisingly UTNE READER in its entirety filled in. Usually we have one or the other part UTNE or READER. In spite of the sports and military presence in the puzzle, I prevailed. VESTRY hit me once I realized "father" was a priest. I'm often told I'm OLD SCHOOL.

Oh, Drat! I forgot to go back and finish MAINS/ALLAIN! So FIW. Hate that.

Thank you, Splynter, for your constant guidance.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!

triple crown said...

"perk" is abbreviation for perquisite.

Irish Miss said...

Lucina @ 11:59 ~ I, personally, consider being called "Old School" a compliment and I think you would agree. 😇

My mini brat is no longer a brat since I re-booted. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

Having torrential rain right now. Temps should drop which will be welcomed by moi!

Anonymous said...

Perk is not listed in dictionaries as an abbreviation. It is an entry on its own these days with no period like real abbreviations have.

Like "The Age of Reason" calls for an adjective, Deist. Deism would be wrong. This other book is like ":The Age of Reason". They are both deist books.

Chuck Lindgren said...

TADA on A Saturday. WOW ! Turnoverondowns gave me a great start. Door and Dexadrine were last to fall. I guess the car door has pockets for maps and such. I thought the ADHD drug was something newer. I didn't even drink coffee studying physics and thee Math that went along. I wish I would have drank some. Stll don't know how I managed to get a "C" in optics which in 1969 was nothing but lenses.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I'M A (Saturday) FAILURE. Too many missteps to unwind. Once I Googled 5a & 6d, I got extended-play but to no avail.

Thanks Peter for the offering. I had fun getting what I got (both right & wrong :-))

Thanks Splynter for the expo; we all ('cept Lucina) were looking forward to your pic after yesterday's THONG TANK'd. Austin Powers == LOL @SHAG.

Good start: ACRE, ENT (Hi Jinx!); SHAG -> GOES STEADY & ARMY RANGER, HONDA Odyssey/Escape?(D'oh that's a Ford)... EPSON SALTS, ETHICS, HAND-TO-HAND and the rest of the SW. I got more smatterings about, Then Came The...

Missteps. @47d - Breaks down = SOBS which made me think Ebony ???? @55a and Peach/Tangerine Tea which I thought was cute because we had eAT@29a [Ok, not we, just me - Time to eat; tea time? No? Fine, PAT/TAP works too :-)].

@32d I had Perch (Hi Madame Defarge); 38d I had asSIDE [sic]; 51a - LEARN tO???DRIVE [F'ing was too long]. I thought HORN was cute sitting above the road-rage.

{B,B} - sorry about not knowing the Bob Hope reference; you've made your case {A+}

BunnyM - C, Eh! Posted a Canadian PSA on the zipper-merge just last week. Never heard it called that before but I remember a thing on PBS years ago talking about traffic engineering and I noted that type of merge was the most efficient.

D-O: I got 12 miles in this morning before puzzle play. How'd your new Tube hold up?

The only other thing on my list today is to get the Alfa inspected. Rain put a damper on that - the roof is a PITA to put up.

Time to go check the Back Forty and see how my eggplants & peppers are doing.

Y'all have a great Saturday!

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

I got a lot of enjoyment from this well-constructed puzzle. Some really excellent long fill and some groaningly fun clues. Hard enough to keep me thinking for a nice long time, yet solvable and fair so I wasn't frustrated. Well done, Mr. Collins.

Splynter, thanks to you for providing us with your informative writeups every Saturday. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

The Russians have (or used to have) a proverb: "Scratch a Russian and find a Tatar." I wonder if OLGA Kurylenko is one under her skin.

The Honda Pilot is a nice car. IMO it is better than the Acura MDX.

I scratched my head at pocket door, but knew DOOR was the right answer.

When did you first GO STEADY?

Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

A pocket door is the kind that slides into the wall which abuts it. Popular in Victorian homes.


Jayce said...

Irish Miss, my iPad often needs to be rebooted (power off, wait a minute, power on again) because it gets "stuck" or crashes (force-exits the app). I have determined that it is likely due to the meager 16G of memory it has. I'm going to buy a new one with 128G, which I hope solves the problem. How much memory does your minibrat have?

AnonymousPVX said...

Wow, this was a nice puzzle, tough, well clued, no gimmicks. And no stupid theme.

Irish Miss, I agree this was similar to a Silkie, I had the same " What?, I'm done?" reaction that I usually had when I finished one of his.

It made you work for every square, or so it seemed.

Anonymous said...

Modern pocket doors are all the rage.

Today's pocket doors

Lucina said...

Irish Miss:
I do agree! OLD SCHOOL is a compliment.

We each know what we like!

Anonymous T said...

Irish Miss - I forgot your ibrat (funny Jayce) issue. I wonder if there was an update or something last night. I came out this morning and my iPad (2) had the "boot-up" Apple on it and kept chirping ever 30 seconds. I rebooted and now all is fine. Anyone else have iIssues this morning?

Jayce - DW & I WEND STEADY about 6 months b/f we wed. That was in '88 b/f I graduated HS (she "graduated" in Jan of '88 'cuz she was bored w/ HS and GED'd out; we oft wonder how many folk have PhDs & GEDs as she does).

Pocket DOORs are nice but you can't easily retrofit a standard wall to have an extra 1" w/o reconstruction. I wish we could for the front area but the cost / benefit is high.

Cheers, -T

Irish Miss said...

Jayce @ 1:29 ~ My Mini has 12.7 GB with 8.7 available, according to Settings info. I have had crashes before but never like today's constant and continuous, at every site I went to. The re-boot seems to have solved the problem, so far.

Anon T @ 2:10 ~ No updates that I'm aware of.

Anonymous said...

Head rest? : TOILET SEAT

Huh? Nailed it eventually from a few of the perps, but still perplexed as to why exactly. Is it a reference to certain pillows that have that shape? Or in connection with a drunken encounter with the porcelain throne? Obscure (well, at least to me) slang? Something else???


WikWak said...

"Head" on a ship refers to the loo, so head rest would be the place where you "rest" while in the head. I.E., toilet. Cute.

Bill Graham said...

Hi everybody. I enjoyed being able to get some of the really long answers with just a few of the crossing letters. Thanks Peter and Splynter.

Anon (3 pm): A "head" is the way a toilet is referred to in the Navy. Somehow, it has migrated into everyday usage. I seem to say it and hear it quite often these days as in "I need to use the bathroom. Where's the head?" Thus, a "resting" place in a "Head" becomes a TOILET SEAT.

WikWak, I typed all of the above while you were posting the same thing. I'll hit Publish rather than waste the effort. Great minds...

Misty said...

Well, I'm afraid I found this a real Saturday bear. I got only a few simple items--NAMED, ANDYS, HUE, PERKS, NERD, etc.--before I had to start cheating big time. But of course it was a clever puzzle, so many thanks, Peter. And thank you, too, Splynter.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Arrgh, what a monster!
Anonymous @3:00, I take TOILET SEAT to be where one rests his weary buttocks in the "head," the nautical term for the WC, Loo, or (most misleadingly) the bathroom. (As in When you go to the head, where do you rest? On the - Exactly.)

Back to basics: Got 'er done, but Mr Collins' opus required more look-ups than I could count. I pride myself only that I did most of the work myself, but the ol' walnut is still reeling. I don't believe I've had more scratch-outs and re-writes on any previous pzl. I had PAILS and SAILS and even PAINS before MAINS - and that was just for starters!
The SE sector was the *#@! worst! Even after I got the UTNE READER on my own, I was at great pains to fill the rest.
For some reason I was satisfied with LEARN HOW TO DANCE at 51A and that kept me from cracking the resistant corner for the longest time.

My very favorite fill in that same bloody battleground was for 49D ("Rising spot"). I was perfectly satisfied with ACNE (!) - until perps forced me to go for OVEN. Too bad.

Thanks, Splynter, for holding our hands.

Wilbur Charles said...

I got Head Rest ok but I'm still waiting for an explanation of how TORO is one heading for the cape.

I got this after finishing Friday this morning and Thursday late Friday. So I've been chatting with Picard the other late guy. And Anon-T late at night.

I knew this was doable when I filled ACRE, TATAR,TITAN etc. I slowed down but it all eventually filled for me. I too had EPHEDRINE and that P was a nuisance.

I also wanted to fill DON'T TREAD ON ME but was short a letter.

I wasn't a shouter but my son at a very early age referred to my driving finger. That's the Boston in me. A very hard habit to shake.

If MAIDS can milk I figured they could haul water. But the football game broke out and everything else filled nicely.

Owen I commented on your Hope l'ick this morning over at Friday's blog.


Ol' Man Keith said...

As for Splynter's question, "Why is an adult film considered RAW?" I imagine it has to do with the lack of niceties, the absence of any romantic sentiments, and the literal stripping to core elements.

But I appreciate the play on words. If such a film is "UN-adulterated," i.e., with the "adult" and "rating" portions removed, how can it still be called "adult"?
A titillating bit of humor from our assiduous blogger!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, WikWak and Bill Graham, much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Toro. The bull running toward the bullfighters cape.


Jayce said...

Irish Miss, 8.7GB available sounds like plenty. I'm stumped. Wish I could be of more help to you.

The first time I went steady was in my first year in high school. It was with a neighbor girl and included all the symbolic trappings such as my ring as a pendant on a chain around her neck. My dad, being the government employee that he was, was reassigned to a new location that spring, so my tenure as steady boyfriend ended after that one year. I never technically went "steady" ever again. About 7-8 years later I met the woman who is now my wife of 52 years, and we got married after knowing each other for 4 months.

The cape toward which the TORO was headed is the one wielded by the torero (matador).

Good wishes 'nat.

Lucina said...

In case you aren't aware, TORO is Spanish for bull. In bull fighting he heads toward the red cape as others have mentioned.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks. Now I get it.


Wilbur Charles said...

Lucina, Jayce etal. This isn't the first time I've been baffled. Fortunately, it all perped in for me.

Ironically, like some have mentioned, the long fills could be managed with the available perps. They fit like a jigsaw puzzle.


Oh, btw. I never gave Splynter kudos on his typically great write-up. Splynter, you are a very talented guy.

And Owen C's are still great.


Wilbur Charles said...

Btw. Did anyone think that Dog follower would be PIG as in the year of the dog? Of course PIG wouldn't have fit.

Goat is the only four letter Chinese year. My class of 1962* was the year of the Monkey which seemed to fit us clowns.


*Born 1944

Anonymous T said...

WC - I RELISH'd the idea of the dog followed/chased by a cold BEER. SLED was pedestrian :-). -T

Big Easy said...

Winding down after driving all day and completing a Saturday puzzle. I surprised myself, completing IT quicker than I normally do. I had a few false starts that got corrected in short order. PAGED-NAMED, SAT-MET, STEAL-POACH, SOBS-ROTS, didn't know if it was DALE or VALE until the 4th down play failed. VESTRY, ASHER, REI, ALAIN, OLGA Kurlenko- all unknows filled by perps

Jayce & Chuck- a Pocket DOOR is a door that slides into the wall.

LEARN HOW TO DRIVE- I hate the drivers with one hand on the wheel, one hand holding a phone, and a dog in their lap, all while turning directly in front of me.

DON'T START IN ON ME but the only place that I've ever seen UTNE READER mentioned is in a crossword puzzle. After looking it up and see that it is a compilation of 'alternative press' articles, I know why I've never heard of it. Anybody can call themselves the 'alternative'.

DEXEDRINE, Dexamyl, Eskatrol, Obedrin-LA, Benzedrine,...etc. were called 'uppers' 50 years ago and were used by students and truck drivers to stay awake. Sales dried up once they went Schedule-II Narcotic.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Peter and Splynter!

Got started late on this. Googled DEXEDRINE. Wonder if I could have done it without it.

Left shoulder has gotten too painful due to rotator cuff that is shot. Not allowed pain pills due to blood thinners. (Have to lean on left arm in bed and type on my MacBook Pro with left hand. (Have mentioned all of this before. right hand badly damaged in 1993.)

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

CanadianEh! said...

Late post since I finished the CW late last evening. Thanks for the fun Peter and Splynter.
I managed to finish with just a couple of Google helps for OLGA and that SUV.

But CMON, I DUNNO REI. This Canadian had MEC firmly entrenched for 9D and I only relented at the very end pushed by perps.

My rising spot was the EAST (for the sun eh) before the OVEN.
Hand up for Shake before CHURN.
Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall were all too short. Oh, the old DEXEDRINE - pretty much replaced for ADHD by the others.

I noted ARTS in an answer at 6D as well as in a clue at 34D (martial arts). Slight dupe.
Did Rich allow SHAG?!! LOL

Yes, BunnyM, the Zipper Merge looks interesting but it will have a learning curve (just like traffic circles which I hate but are being installed in a lot of new roads instead of four-way stops).

I had to come here shaking my HEAD to remember that other members of the Corner enlightened me on the meaning of Head as a bathroom on a boat. Then TOILET made sense! D'uh!

Enjoy this beautiful and cooler day.

Picard said...

Challenging, but FIR. I only count it as FIR with no "help".

DEXEDRINE must be very OLD SCHOOL. Hand up only know of Ritalin and Adderall as ADHD drugs.

Hand up for AS SUCH before AS MUCH even though it really didn't make sense.

Don't know the Acura MDX so I had HONDA CIVIC before PILOT. Anyone else?

Hand up for thinking of car engines for "Removed a cylinder from" but that would not make sense. You might remove a piston from a cylinder, but I don't know any way to remove a cylinder which is bored into the block.

Learning moment about pocket DOOR.

Unknowns: ASHER, OLGA, ALAIN, SHAG as clued. Agree that PERKS could be PERQS so I waited to see.

Glad to have the reminder that many of our Founders were DEISTs.