Aug 4, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: This Jake became a jock!

Jeffrey is back with a 'replace the letters puzzle,' that takes some unraveling. AKES is replaced with OCKS to create new phrases that are clued whimsically. Each change occurs in the last word of a phrase with two changing five letter words and two six letters. A common grid design with 15 letter fill in row 3 and 13. No reveal was needed, so none was included. There are many interesting 7 letter fill like ABOLISH, CARACAS, DORMERS, ERECTED, EVEREST, FESTOON, KNUCKLE, MINERAL, NOVELLA, SAFE BET, STETSON, TED RALL, UNCROSS and VERBOSE. This makes the solver work a bit harder, but it is a Friday. Well, on to the themers.

17A. Why St. Peter owns darning needles? : FOR HEAVEN'S SOCKS (15). I doubt St. Peter would be doing the mending of socks, if there were socks to be worn in heaven.

31A. Museum of Home Security exhibits? : THE GREAT LOCKS (13). I like the Rabson which according to Bernie Rhodenbarr are the best. I wonder if the Museum is near one of the Great Lakes?

37A. What a shepherd sees after a snowstorm? : FROSTED FLOCKS (13). I love the alliteration and the cereal as well.

57A. Consumer reactions to big price hikes for brownies? : CHOCOLATE SHOCKS (15). Like sticker shock. I like chocolate shakes even better.


1. Enjoy deeply : SAVOR.

6. Verne voyager : NEMO. Captain Nemo to you.

10. Campus hangout : QUAD. the Quadrangle where the worlds all meet.

14. "Things are never quite as scary when you've got __ friend": Bill Watterson : A BEST. If you do not know this MAN, he created the great philosopher Calvin whose best friend was Hobbes.

15. Old Roman poet : OVID. He was my favorite Roman POET.

16. "Once more __ the breach": Shak. : UNTO. JW gets his Shakespeare reference in today, from Henry V, Act III, Scene I.

20. Actor Idris __ : ELBA. Idris has displaced the Napoleon palindrome and may replace Daniel Craig as James Bond.

21. "Take this" : HERE.

22. Naturally lit indoor spaces : ATRIA.

23. CV inclusion : BIOCurriculum Vitae.

24. Not as good-looking? : PALER. Maybe not looking good...

25. Minimalist beachwear : THONG. Good for the right WOMAN.

26. "Ah, Wilderness!" mother : ESSIE.  Eugene O'Neill play.

28. Future D.A.'s hurdle : LSAT Law School Admission Test.

30. Fresno-to-L.A. dir. : SSE.

35. Peanut product : OIL. nearby 44A. Appreciative cry : OLE.

36. Fraser or Douglas : FIR. Christmas trees. Or heavyweight boxing champions.

46. Sol preceder : AERO. Spray can.

47. "Not possible" : I CAN'T.

48. Frigga portrayer in "Thor" : RUSSO. She was in the movie with Idris Elba. CAST.

51. Prefix in makeup product names : DERMA.

53. Feel sorry about : RUE.

54. Perfumer's ingredient : ATTAR. Essence of rose.

55. Red-coated security force: Abbr. : RCMP. Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

56. Diplomacy result : PACT.

60. Pointer's cry : LOOK. Mira!

61. O or Jay : ALER.  Baseball.

62. Author Calvino : ITALO. He appears regularly in puzzles (this is his 7th 2017 appearance). My favorite quotation of his: "Although I am small, ugly and dirty, I am highly ambitious, and at the slightest flattery, I immediately start to strut like a turkey."

63. Coastal raptors : ERNS.

64. Cutlass, e.g. : OLDS.

65. City on the Ruhr : ESSEN.


1. It's in the bag : SAFE BET. Very few really are.

2. Void : ABOLISH. Are these synonymous?

3. Like a motormouth : VERBOSE.

4. Org. concerned with ladder safety : OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration

5. GPS datum : RTE. Datum signifying a single route.

6. "An ill-defined and disreputable literary banana republic": Stephen King : NOVELLA. One of my favorite novellas is Stephen King's "Rita Haworth and the Shawshank Redemption." LINK.

7. High point of Hillary's career : EVEREST. A fun misdirection based on the "LL" used by both Clinton and Sir Edmund.

8. __ spring : MINERAL.

9. "__ bodkins!": old oath : ODS. JW sneaks in another Shakespeare reference.

10. "The Raven" verb : QUOTH. "Nevermore."

11. Straighten, as one's legs : UNCROSS.

12. Diet doctor : ATKINS. There are many diet doctors in that game now.

13. Pharmacist's concern : DOSAGE. And the patients.

18. "Now it's clear!" : AHA.

19. Didn't rise : SAT.

24. Dental procedure, for short : PERIO.

27. Composer Stravinsky : IGOR. The MAN. The MUSIC.

29. Devonshire dandy : TOFF. I learned of this reading British mysteries.  John Creasey created this as a character. LINK. The Saint, Simon Templar was also a toff, as was James Bond.

32. "Born Free" lioness : ELSA.

33. Paramecium movers : CILIA.

34. McDonald's founder : KROC.

37. Bit of suspended decoration : FESTOON.

38. Controversial political cartoonist : TED RALL. Not as subtle as Calvin and Hobbes.

39. Put up : ERECTED. Next to....

40. Projecting architectural features : DORMERS. We had shed dormers on the house where I grew up. There are many types.

41. Capital NE of Bogotá : CARACAS. I have been there a couple of times on cruises and it was always depressing as the ride in was through horrible slums and the city was filled pickpockets, drug sellers etc.

42. Get to work, with "down" : KNUCKLE. In 1740, Thomas Dyche and William Pardon published a dictionary which defined knuckle down: "A particular phrase used by lads at a play called taw, wherein they frequently say, Knuckle down to your taw, or fit your hand exactly in the place where your marble lies." various.

43. Big hat : STETSON. It is a brand name and they produce more than cowboy hats. LINK.

44. Ancient prophet : ORACLE.

45. Comics villain since 1940 : LUTHOR. Introduced in issue 23 of Action Comics, he originally had a full head of red hair.

49. Gives the heave-ho : SACKS. I wish this were not in this puzzle.

50. Conquistador's treasure : ORO. Gold.

52. Speed meas. : MPS. Miles per second.

56. "Chopped" array : POTS. Never seen nor heard of this show though it is in season 22.

58. Southeast Asian tongue : LAO. My wife taught me that they do not say Laotian, simply LAO for the language.

59. Move it, quaintly : HIE. I nice variation for a handy three letter fill.

Another Friday and a treat from Jeffrey. This was not his most difficult puzzle but it took concentration and -as always- a sense of humor. Lemonade out from steamy Florida.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jeffrey and Lemin!

Really cute theme!

Took quite a while.

NOVELLA was confusing. Things that didn't come easy: ESSIE and RUSSO.

Things perped in or WAGged: THONG, DERMA, ABOLISH (HUH?), PERIO, FESTOON (thought it was a verb), LUTHOR and POTS.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

{A-, B-, C+, C+.}

Saint Peter owns some darning needles. Know who thinks it's great?
Not Jesus, he wears holy socks, his holey feet their mates.
The Heaven Fence and Paving Co,
Who hired Peter long ago
To knit a wall for Heaven that contained the purl-y gate!

There's a new museum in town, some people think is charming.
It's exhibits of home security, from dogs to shotgun arming!
Some exhibits are quite shocking,
Like tasers for safe walking!
But the loudest on the tour are designed to be alarming!

The sheep shook off the snow that the shepherd sheltered from.
The flakes were just as white as Mary's lamb had since become!
But the black sheep said baa bah
As he waited for the thaw,
His Aunty Ewe had knit him woolen sweaters that looked dumb!

There always will be chocolate, never fear!
But the price of brownies has become more dear!
Are cocoa beans in short supply?
Is sugar cost at all time high?
Have marijuana brownies become the trend this year?

Mick said...

Fun with phonics:

My clue for this puzzles theme?

Longing for a beast of burden.

Answer/theme: aches for ox

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Learned that it's not spelled CROK. Fairly easy solve, though I almost crashed at 51A. I was looking at _ERRA, sure that the speed measure was RPS. Wasn't familiar with TED RALL, but was able to WAG the D. And then the light went on. Thanx, JW and L714.

A few weeks ago the Texas Country Reporter visited the STETSON factory in Garland. They make a wide variety of hat styles -- Panama, Fedora, Boonie, even baseball caps -- 18 screen pages.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

That was fun! Thanks, Jeff. Completely missed AEROSOL while looking for something SOLar. I looked for OCRACLE as name rather than a job description, and I wanted something on water rather than land for the OLDS Cutlass. I liked the theme, which as I have said, is clearer to me since I've gone back to pen and paper. I had enough perps to WAG FOR HEAVEN'S SOCKS. (St. Peter also needs a darning egg and some leftover sock yarn.) FROSTED FLOCKS came easily after that. At least the sheep weren't cold as the wool insulates wonderfully in snow and rain.

Thanks, Lemonade, for the fine tour and perfect links. I'll bet you fooled Splynter on the THONG.

It's a beauty here in Evanston IL. Cool and sunny after yesterday's thunderstorms. Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Clever theme and a fun solve from JW, as usual. There was some bite but nothing insurmountable. I never head of Ted Rall but, then again, I stopped reading comics ages ago. I used to like "Get Fuzzy" but that became too "wordy." Having just the "O" for the "Thor" actor and not knowing anything about the movie, I confidently filled in Viggo (Mortensen). Perps corrected that gender blooper. At first, Sol was begging for a musical connection but then, Aero took over. And, like Madame Defarge, I was looking for a named prophet, but Oracle perped itself in eventually. Favorite themer was Frosted Flocks.

Nice work, Jeffrey, you never disappoint and, Lemonade, you, also, get an A+ for your gracious guidance every Friday.

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Still too hard for me. Googled for ELBA, ESSIE, RUSSO, NOVELLA and IGOR. Still missed tACT/tOTS.

Lemon's THONG link fooled me too. Hand up for thinking of a nautical sol preceder. Also had MPh before MPS. 186,000 MPS. It's the law. Or I guess it could be 300,000,000 meters (or metres) per second. I liked PALER next to THONG. There must be an Owen 'lick in that combo.

Thanks to JW for another lofty goal for me to aim for. Congrats to those who got it without help. And thanks to Lemonade for a fun tour of this toughie.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all

This was quite crunchy for me but it is Friday and my mind is on a million other things today. Impressive work from Jeffrey with a clever theme, fresh clues and fills.
Thanks Lemonade for a fine and informative review with lots of great links.

I got the theme easily enough but had some trouble along the way with the rest of the puzzle. A few WAGs had me feeling pretty good ( LUTHOR, CILIA, RCPM - CSO to CanadianEh) until so many unknowns popped up: ATTAR, ELLIE, ODS, QUOTH, TED RALL, RUSSO, ITALO and even ABOLISH - doh!
I had Me As A Friend before BEST, tried RPM then MPH before getting RPS, Tact/PACT and NLER/ALER ( I should know these baseball leagues by now)

Idris ELBA is becoming quite popular. I just read a review this morning of the new movie "The Dark Tower" that he's starring in based on the series by Stephen King, so it's funny that his NOVELLA quote was in the puzzle, too.

The cool air has arrived with the threat of storms off and on. I'm outside ready to jump indoors at any moment since the rain clouds look ominous. Hopefully Albus will be finished at the groomer's before any serious weather hits. He will go into "shutdown" mode if it's raining when I go to pick him up. This has happened before and he'll just plop down on his back and play dead in the parking lot. Last time, he landed in a mud puddle. So much for that bath he'd just gotten, lol 😂

Happy Friday- hope everyone has a wonderful day!

MJ said...

Good day to all!

I join Jinx in offering congratulations to all who finish today's puzzle unassisted. Too many unknowns for me, but I had fun trying. Cute theme. Thanks for the tour, Lemonade.

Enjoy the day!

Husker Gary said...

-A fall-like day, a Jeff Wex Friday puzzle and a Lemon write-up - Life if good.
-My diplomats had TACT before a PACT and so I’ll take a one-cell DNF despite guessing ITALO, having no idea on “Chopped” and replacing ESTER with ATTAR
-Many a Civil War general invoked the disastrous and vainglorious “Once more UNTO the breach” order
-Self-fulfilling prophecy from last week, “I will immediately forget IDRIS”
-A colleague in Fresno told me Future Farmers of America is a big HS club there
-Seeing O (Oprah) and Jay (Leno) invited falling for a Wex red herring
-The utter insanity of war
-SAFE BET - The Lincoln Salt Dogs were ahead 14-2 when we left last night in the 6th.
-It took our GPS to find the circuitous RTE from Salt Dog Park to I80 last night to get home
-Was she named for Sir Edmund or not?
-Rich and Mac McDonald FOUNDED McDonalds, as is shown in this movie, KROC just took them worldwide against their wishes in their contract with Ray.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! What a delightful chuckle-worthy puzzle, Jeffrey. Thanks, Lemonade for your usual bright comments. I'll go back and play the links now. I'm running slow this morning.

The NW was the last to fill. Some pretty unexpected fill there. "It's in the bag" was a SAFE BET not "grocery". Wanna bet that I've had a lot more groceries in my bag than gambles.

MINERAL spring filled in when I wasn't looking. I tried "silent" spring which didn't fit.

"Red-coated security force" was easy RCMP. CanadianEh, are those formal dress uniforms or everyday wear? You'd think they might figure out by now that they bad guys can see them coming. Red is for targets.

About once a year I order in a Pizza Hut meat-lover's pizza and one of their CHOCOLATE chip brownies, gorge, and go into CHOCOLATE SHOCKS.

Didn't know TED RALL, ESSIE, or CV. Tried CURACAo before CARACAS.

My son's family just got back from a vacation to St. Thomas. My daughter-in-law provided many tasty blood transfusions for mosquitos the first night at a beach party given by her company. She had a real "swell" time. Son said he counted 36 bites as he dabbed on a remedy that gave only temporary relief, but some areas were so swollen he couldn't tell how many there were. She had used repellent too.

Lucina said...

How I SAVOR Jeff Wechsler's puzzles though he usually beats me. I got most of this one including the theme until CHOCOLATE SHOCKS. My Natick was at POTS/SHOCKS. That didn't make sense so thank you, Lemonade, for shedding light on it.

Idris ELBA as Luther starts August 20 on PBS! His presence steams right through the screen.

TEDRALL was a complete guess and we've seen ITALO a number of times as Lemon noted. CILIA is a blast from the past as I recall having to draw a paramecium in biology class many, many, many decades ago.

Thank you, Jeffrey W for starting my Friday on a high note! And thank you, too, Lemonade.

Have a spectacular day, everyone! We had a whale of a storm last night with high winds and heavy rain.

CrossEyedDave said...

Got the theme alright, but could not get enjoy deeply=savor.
(which is no reflection on this puzzle)
Abolish and verbose? Ouch!
NW corner did me in...

And Lemon, your Thong link was below the belt in more ways than one...

For Heavens Socks?

Well, Finally, they did not steal any part of the bike!

What do I care, I've got a wool coat!

CrossEyedDave said...

Chocolate shocks?

Learning moment = Toff
I wonder if Lady Penelope can be considered a Toff?

Hmm, maybe Parker deserves better...

OwenKL said...

Specially for Jinx:

Bob Hope could be an improvisor in calamities
Like when Lamour's bikini bra got washed out to the seas!
He took a pair of flip-flops
And tied them into swimsuit tops!
They kept her tan lines PALER, THONGS for the mammaries!

CanadianEh! said...

WOW (oh 44A was OLE), I loved this puzzle. Thanks Jeffrey and Lemonade.
Officially a FIW because I did not know TED RALL. But for a Friday I did well.

I got the theme early and LOLed at FROSTED FLOCKS.
Like fermat, I fought FESTOON in the noun form, and like Irish Miss, fa was my first thought for "sol preceder" but it was too short.

Hand up for Tact before PACT (and I was going to have a nit that it was needed for diplomacy NOT a result) but POTS were more appropriate in the "Chopped" kitchen than Tots.

I had a very small nit about the "appreciative cry" not indicating Spanish for OLE, but it is Friday and maybe in USA the Spanish term is more commonplace.

V-8 can moment when I got here and realized that the ALER referred to baseball. I was looking for a rapper. CSO with Toronto Blue Jay.

Another CSO with RCMP. Yes PK, the red serge is a dress uniform and a brown tunic is worn for work. But that red is iconic. Every tourist wants a photo.

I will take a CSO with 13D but I am retired. 31A Great Lakes could be a CSO to many of us at the Corner.

STETSON is mandatory wear for politicians at the Calgary Stampede (usually flipping pancakes at the breakfasts) and photos abound. But here is a different "feel-good" story and photo of our PM in a Stetson. (no politics intended)

We have rain and are hoping for a break in the humidity. Hope Albus is still clean when you get home, BunnyM!
Enjoy the day.

CanadianEh! said...

I'll try again with Global since CNN won't link


CanadianEh! said...

AnonT - are you a fan of The Band?? Thought of you a The Last Waltz concert last night.

Misty said...

Well, I started out so hopeful because I got nearly the entire East side of the puzzle without any cheats. But 'twas not to be. The Northwest just stumped me as did the South so eventually I had to start looking stuff up. Since I got the East, though, I did get the theme (sort of) early on, although it took a while to fill in the front words. Never heard of TED RALL, and, of course, thought HILLARY referred to Clinton for a minute or two, before EVEREST fell into place. Wasn't Bill Clinton a big crossword fan? I got ITALO because James Joyce gave him English lessons in Trieste early in his career. So, in spite of my difficulties, this was a delightful and fun puzzle, Jeffrey--just make it a little easier for me the next time, okay? And great write-up, as always, Lemonade.

Bunny M, I hope you carried Albus out to the car under your umbrella this morning. The great thing about short-haired dachshunds like Dusty is that they never have to go to the barber or the hairdresser!

Have a good Friday, everybody!

desper-otto said...

CanadianEh!, from that angle Justin Trudeau looks a lot like Woody Harrelson (Woody Boyd of Cheers).

AnonymousPVX said...

All week long we have had well clued puzzles and themes that were not necessary to the solve.

Until today.

Today we have some really really poor clueing along with an insipid theme. The Great Locks, really? For Heavens Socks? C'mon.

Geez, that's poor.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousP VX I really liked it. rb

Michael said...

Dear CanadianEh! @1:27:

The problem with the CNN link is that there are two extra characters at the end of the address, thus:


'%22' is a quotation mark, but the CNN link worked fine once I removed the two quotes at the end.

Jayce said...

An admirable construction from Mr. Wechsler today. Too hard for me to solve without help, as I expect from a Friday Wechsler puzzle. Even after getting POTS I still had to look it up to understand what it was, namely a brand of cookware. It's a show? In season 22? Add me to the list of those who did not know TED RALL. I also didn't know ESSIE. Wanted MI FA as the SOL preceder. Overall a fun solve, and the image of FROSTED FLOCKS elicited a smile.

Ah, after doing some searching, I found that Chopped is the name of a cooking competition show. Now I understand Lemon's comment.

Best wishes to you all.

Hungry Mother said...

A few unknowns, but it all came out in the slog. I loved the theme and found it very useful.

Lucina said...

Misty, that is really interesting about ITALO Calvino! It will now help me better recall his name.

And thank you, Jayce, about the "Chopped" information. I had no idea it was a TV show. POTS makes more sense in that context.

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks Michael@2:37. I will link it again here just in case anyone else wants to see it.

Misty said...

Oh, dear Lucina, I just tried to look up the Joyce/Calvino connection and realize I got him wrong as the writer Joyce tutored in Trieste. Calvino was born after Joyce left Trieste, and so he was not Joyce's pupil. I'll have to dig around a little deeper in the Joyce biography to see how I made this mistake. But my apologies, everyone--I should have researched this before writing.

Misty said...

Lucina, I figured it out--I got the wrong ITALO. The writer Joyce tutored was named ITALO SVEVO. Here's what Joyce's biography says about Svevo.

The work might have disappeared altogether if it were not for the efforts of James Joyce. Joyce had met Svevo in 1907, when Joyce tutored him in English while working for Berlitz in Trieste. Joyce read Svevo's earlier novel Senilità, which had also been largely ignored when published in 1898.

Again, my apologies. I'll try to be more careful the next time.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Two lookups (ELBA & RUSSO) and still I FIW w/ 3 bad squares: 24d ≠ PaRIO & 51a ≠ vERrA.

Thanks JW for an almost doable Friday. I enjoyed the theme once I got it (with 17a & ...FLOCKS which helped fill HOCKS & LOCKS). Lot's of fun fill as clue'd [FIR, ALER, OLDS] and some serious sparkle [CARACAS, VERBOSE, FESTOON].

Thanks for the expo Lem! I particularly enjoyed the etymology of "KNUCKLE down."

I've seen "Chopped"; 'tis much PALER than Iron Chef Japan. [40m]

Fav: 14a - I SOVOR'd me some Calvin & Hobbes.
Runner-up: The clue for CARACAS put Passage to Bangkok in my ear all day... "Our first stop is in Bogota / To check Columbian fields / The natives smile and pass along / A sample of their yield.."

{A+, A, C, A} ({B})

Fermat - think VOID as in laws; ABOLISH [see: Venezuela]

Humm, DW's middle name is Hillary. Now I wonder if Sir Ed is why...

Misty - Yes, Bill Clinton is a fan. Yesterday's NYT article posted by DO had a paragraph on a letter Bill hand-wrote to Will Shortz.

Jinx - I felt cheated by Lem's THONG pic too. Splynter will make it up to us tomorrow :-)

C, Eh! - I wouldn't go so far as fan but I do like their music. Take Load Off (Annie) to HERE* about Dixie Down.

Have a great Friday Y'all!

Cheers, -T

Roy said...

I never can think of ALER/NLER for the American and National Leagues.
Also, do "O or Jay" refer to players or teams?

I too never heard of Ted Rall.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Well, Sports-Fans, it took me two look-ups in the SSW sector to reach today's anemic Ta-DA!

I started off well with a lot of quick fills scattered throughout. Then the tables turned.

I am ashamed I never heard of TED RALL. For contemporary "controversial" cartoons I pretty much stick with David Horsey in my LA Times. His style is more polished, and I prefer the succinct single frame.

I erred in thinking the St. Peter "darning needles" reference should be answered with a knitting pun ("purl"?) on the Pearly Gates. I was disappointed when I cracked Mr. Wechsler's "ake/ock" theme. Even so, the fills kept coming until I couldn't budge on the first half of FROSTED FLOCKS until I got the "T" from my TED RALL look-up.

I still needed help to break into the bottom left corner. Anyway, nobody needs to hear my sob story.

Lemonade's blog response was cool - except, as has been pointed out above, for his very clever but highly unfulfilling THONG illustration. What a let-down! And I had to use an extra click to get there!

Anonymous T said...

Roy - 'O or Jay' refers to the teams Baltimore Oriels and Toronto Blue Jays. I loved the clue -- It took me from hosts (Talk Shows' Oprah and Leno) to birds and finally Baseball. Getty Lee of RUSH is a Jays fan.

OMK - Houston Chronicle stole our (currently freelance I just discovered! (I thought he was on vacation! Letter to ed. to follow!)) political cartoonist from Cinci [a) IIRC b) Sorry BunnyM.]. Nick Anderson can put a fine point on it in one panel. His Latest. And b/f anyone yells "politics" 1) duh, read the clue 2) Anderson hits both sides fairly fair. Google his Clinton years if you don't believe me; Nick eviscerated them [gently :-)]

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

LOL! Though it may be the wrong ITALO I'll not soon forget it as it's not a garden variety name and I relate it to Italy.

Lemonade714 said...

No one was surprised to see ESSIE and ESSEN in the same puzzle?

I should have known there would be some unrest of the thong link, so here is another LINK .

Anonymous T said...

Letter to ed. @hchron done and I got that off my chest. One of the best op-ed cartoonists and they let him go?!? DO, I'm starting to come to your side on the Barnacle... -T

Anonymous T said...

This goes out to a very special listener in Florida, Lemonade, who just done somebody wrong, THONG :-) -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lemonade, you are teetering on the edge, flirting with fate, man!

Anonymous T, yes, a fine Anderson example. Thanks for sharing. Also for the Thong/Song...

CrossEyedDave said...

Anonymous T, Re: Political Link:Take a Toe Tag! LMAO!

Lemon, re: Thong, latest link, Ack! I think I have been blinded!
(& I was just about to link a sexy thong, and now I can't see a dang thing!)

PK said...

AnonT: I've been reading Nick Anderson daily on the link and enjoy his stuff. Thanks for the BIO on him. Did not know all that about him. Arcamax has a number of good political cartoonists. Can't imagine what the Houston Chronicle was thinking.

I like Lemony's first thong picture the best. It's a sign of age that I get more excited seeing pretty shoes than I do man buns.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Thanks OKL. Lemony, how do I unsee that second link?

Chuck Lindgren said...

Florida (SE Corner was my undoing). Never heard of Mr. Calvino and I still have no idea what POTS has to do with the clue. I did get everything else including Idris who seems to be a fine actor. To get a tiny bit political though...with thousands of theater majors at colleges throughout the country why do we have to import actors ? I understand arguments can be made about every other occupation but we have a surfeit of people that can memorize lines and stand in the appropriate spot !

Anonymous said...

Same reason we import physicists. Some are superior to others.

Argyle said...

"Chopped' is a cooking competition show involving POTS and pans and the occasional blow torch?

Lucina said...

Thanks, Lemonade. Now, that's a THONG!

OwenKL said...

Tony: Only a B for that extra l'ick? I thought it was A+, one of the best I've done! Oh, maybe you're too young to know Dorothy Lamour often co-starred with Bob Hope, and his theme song was "Thanks For The Memories"!

Lemonade714 said...

Owen "Thongs for the mammaries" is a classic and great line.

Lucina I had you in mind when I picked that link.

Wilbur Charles said...

Sorry I'm so late. Picard, you still out there?

Owen, A+ doesn't begin to do it justice. Talk about ROTFL. THONGS for the mammaries!!!! Who needs Anderson and Rall.

Jinx had me chuckling with UN-SEE after UNDO the other day.

Misty, I was questioning your chronology right off the bat. I'm glad you posted that clarification and positioned Joyce in the right decades.

Berlitz instructor, second biggest waste after the early demise of the author of Flanders Fields which was referenced the other day.

Owen, NYT-Rex was referencing Villanelles
the other day. Why don't you take a crack at one of those. Btw. Your earlier four l'icks were excellent today too.

Oh, the xword? Did it between 700-800 am. Completely stumped half way then CHOCOLATE reared its delicious head. Finally, I decided to proofread. Oops, FIR crossing CILIA? Oh, I get it: Douglas FUR. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

WC in the dawning

PS. There was the Big O in Cinci and Jay Buhner who's in the Mariners HoF

Picard said...

TED RALL is one of my favorite cartoonists. Tom Tomorrow is another of my favorites. They keep me sane by assuring me someone else sees the same absurdities! I am happy he is getting some publicity here!

At first I was sure it was TRUDEAU of Doonesbury fame. Anyone else?

Hand up never heard of Chopped POTS. Had no idea this was a TV show or anything else. Crossing it with the equally unknown ITALO seemed rather unfair. ESSIE also total unknown.

MPS is not a very common speed measure. Things that are that fast are measured in real units like KM/sec. Thought it might be RPM or RPS. Glad BunnyM had the same idea.

ABOLISH and FESTOON seemed a bit of a stretch as clued, yes?

AERO was sneaky misdirection. Assumed sol had to do with the sun.

DW and I were at the rodeo the past two evenings. Lots of STETSONs there!

Glad someone else thought of MIRA rather than LOOK! It is a very common word from children in this area.

New clue for overdoses (ODS)!