Aug 2, 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017, Debbie Ellerin

Title: "For the apparel doth oft proclaim the man"-  Polonius in Hamlet

Husker Gary reporting in from the mall with a humpday puzzle by Debbie Ellerin where she describes four types of people using an article of clothing for each. A very straightforward grid where the SW corner did give me pause with FOODIE, LEEDS and the non-programming logic term of 
51. Logician's word : ERGO - Cogito ergo errat (I think, therefore I err)

Here are Debbie's theme entries, two are singular and two are plural:

17. Ineffectual exec : EMPTY SUIT - As Gertrude Stein said, "There's no there, there!" We all know some.

28. Pioneers : TRAIL BLAZERS - One of my TRAIL BLAZER heroes. She was just tired of being treated badly

44. Self-important sort : STUFFED SHIRT - After a few risqué images came to mind, I immediately thought of this ultimate example

60. Traitors : TURN COATS - Two of the most well known

These fills from any clothing store made for a lovely device. Let's try on Debbie's other fills for size:


1. Cold shoulder : SNUB - I am now seeing these cold shoulder tops in schools

5. Track competition : MEET - The world only cares about the one that comes every four years and in 2028, it's in LA

14. "Red" nuisance : TAPE - 9. Multitudes : SLEWS  of this helped me decide to get out of my summer business 

15. Spitballs, to class clowns : AMMO

16. One-named "Tik Tok" singer : KESHA - She's in a court fight with Kemosabe Records (no, really) 

19. "The Addams Family" actor John : ASTIN

20. Itty-bitty : WEE - A 5' 4" baseball Hall-Of-Famer known to be able to place the ball or "hit 'em where they ain't"

21. A time to dye : EASTER - See Judas above

23. Final check? : MATE - Do you see how white can checkMATE in one move?

24. Await with trepidation : DREAD - What I feel when I blog. What mistake did I make?

26. A-list : ELITE - A-LIST was Agnes and C.C.'s theme yesterday

33. Bagel flavor : ONION

36. Like overly graphic tabloid stories : LURID - If it bleeds, it leads!

37. Padre's hermana : TIA - Dad's sister is your aunt

38. Keystone State Ivy : PENN 

39. Purple shade : LILAC - Even LILACS have different shades  

40. Prepare to travel : PACK

41. Tiny amount : TAD

42. Topples (over) : KEELS - When it's fake, it's called a FLOP

43. Tough spots : FIXES

47. Multitude : FLOCK

48. Spiteful : CATTY

52. Pago Pago resident : SAMOAN - SAMOANS Rommel and Toke will be freshmen playing football at Oregon State University this fall, 5,000 miles away from their Pago Pago home 

56. Fish often smoked : EEL

58. "Live at __": The Who album : LEEDS - Recorded on Valentine's Day 1970 at the University of LEEDS

62. Jackie's predecessor : MAMIE

63. Smallest bills : ONES

64. Massive landmass inhabited by masses : ASIA

65. Trapshooting : SKEET - Two at a time with an over/under shotgun

66. Japanese soybean paste : MISO

67. End of Oktober? : FEST


1. Crock-Pot concoction : STEW

2. Pointed a finger at : NAMED

3. Word with cut or crust : UPPER - This UPPER cut from Mike Tyson was "all she wrote"

4. Get into the pool? : BET - These were the winning squares for each quarter for the last Super Bowl pool if you BET on these squares shown and wrote in your name. The overtime would have been a moot point.

5. Ancient fortress overlooking the Dead Sea : MASADA

6. Flightless birds : EMUS

7. Put out : EMIT

8. Reusable grocery bag : TOTE

9. Jamaican genre : SKA

10. "Fantine's Arrest" B'way show : LES MIZ - Ann Hathaway said it was very hard to lose 25 lbs. and play Fantine who was a   "starving, miserable whore"

11. It's put on heirs : ESTATE TAX

12. Chinese side dish : WHITE RICE - I prefer it to brown or fried rice

13. Playing with a full deck : SANE - The Statler Brothers sang of the consequences of not having a full deck using these lyrics

18. Hanker (for) : YEARN

22. Archaeological treasure : RELIC

25. Ian Fleming's alma mater (and the school that expelled James Bond) : ETON

27. Youngster : LAD

29. Coming-clean declaration : I LIED

30. Breaks in the action : LULLS - Baseball is a great game that has too many LULLS

31. Full of chutzpah : BRASH  - John McEnroe was the BRASH player everyone loved to hate. He put butts in the seats!

32. Fifth Avenue landmark : SAKS

33. Makes a decision : OPTS

34. Slob's opposite : NEAT FREAK - I fulfill one of these roles at our house

35. "If you would be so kind" : INDULGE ME

39. Vichyssoise veggies : LEEKS - Julia Childs' ingredients for the soup I can't spell on my best day

40. Keystone State univ. : PITT

42. Chain whose website has a "Find a Colonel Near You" feature : KFC - The Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Samoa is in the village of Tafuna

43. Former French capital : FRANC

45. Gastronome : FOODIE - One of ours will be blogging here tomorrow!

46. "Just watch me!" : I CAN SO - Hold my beer and watch this

49. Kid around with : TEASE

50. Himalayan legends : YETIS - It was there year to bring cole slaw to the imaginary monster picnic

51. Trees with ovate leaves : ELMS

53. Elementary bit : ATOM

54. Bond category, for short : MUNI 

55. Mining hauls : ORES - Bauxite ORE from which most all aluminum has been made. BTW, why does everyone still say "tin foil" when it's not tin?

57. Test for a future atty. : LSAT - Granddaughter is studying for it now.

59. Filming site : SET

61. Big, clumsy type : OAF

I hope Debbie's puzzle suited you and you are now ready to comment:

The Grid:


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Debbie and Gary!

Easy peasy theme!

Had race before MEET. Tsk.

Filled in by usual helpers: KESHA, PENN, LEEDS and PITT.

(I just refer to it as "foil.")

Came in sixth twice in the universe in the daily challenge in one of the Word Solitaire games that I play. Boy was I thrilled! (Wasted a lot of time, too. Best words were hexagonally and mezquites. (Spell checker doesn't like this spelling. I got it off of the web.)

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

{B, B+.}

A FLOCK of birds, I mean whole SLEWS!,
Flew overhead of a PACK of EMUS!
The fliers were CATTY
To TEASE the rat'te
Until the SKEET shoot sorta shot their cruise!

(That last line's a tongue twister! And speaking of twisters --)

Dorothy PACKED for camping, she went to the store,
Bought a tent, with pegs and ropes to shore!
Her shopping bag would stay
When her tent blew away,
She told the bag "TOTE, we're not in canvas any more!"

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

My WAG-brain just wasn't working this morning; fortunately, the perps were kind and everything worked out. Thanx, Debbie and Husker.

I've often heard PAGO PAGO pronounced as Pango Pango. It's actually Pah-go Pah-go.

RED TAPE was the main reason I chose to retire when I did. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance put a major crimp in getting anything done.

Husker, today it's in 50a.

Patrick said...

Move bishop to black's backmost space. Check and mate

Anonymous said...


Jinx in Norfolk said...

No can do. I got stumped in the NE. Google threw a V8 can at me when I looked up LES MIZ, and the rest fell. Didn't know KESHA, ASTIN (our one TV channel didn't carry The Addams Family or The Munsters), or MASADA. Erased Scads for SLEWS, and my soup had beets before it had LEEKS.

Ironic name for The Who's album. They didn't release a "Dead in Cincinnati" album. Some wag was offering tee shirts proclaiming "I'd walk over you to see The Who" following the disaster at Riverfront.

Favorite clue today was "final check" for MATE. Very clever. Thanks for a fun morning, Debbie. And thanks to Husker Gary for the tour. My condolences on your granddaughter's quest to become a lawyer. You seem to have such a nice family otherwise.

Anonymous said...

RIP ARA Parseghian

May you live forever in crossword puzzles.

Lemonade714 said...

Interestingly, the Good Morning America hosts just announced that KESHA was going to be a guest on the show this morning. Wasn't she known as KE$HA? Here is the skinny on the LAWSUIT

The puzzle seemed pretty straight forward for a Wednesday as the perps filled any hesitations I had. The number of Samoans who grow up to be large football players is impressive. Junior Seau was probabaly the most successful, but there are so many others. LIST

Thank you HG - BP okay? 90/70 should not be hard to improve. It is 70/40 that gets you an ambulance ride.

Thank you Debbie.

desper-otto said...

Yes, 50d.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an enjoyable solve with just the right amount of bite for a Wednesday. I had race/meet and scads/slews but perps corrected those in short order. I caught the theme after filling in Empty Suit and Turncoats which then quickly gave me Trail Blazers and Stuffed Shirt. A simple but clever and well-executed theme, with top-notch cluing, IMO. I love Vichyssoise and used to serve it a lot at dinner parties. Some people, though, cannot abide cold soups. My husband was a big fan of the cold, fruit based soups.

Thanks, Debbie, for a mid-week treat and thanks, HG, for your always, always, always outstanding write-up!!! Good luck with the BP check-up.

Ferm, I don't play Word Solitaire on the competitive level but I was happy to finally break the 400 mark, twice, no less, yesterday. It's a fun game but it's also frustrating. My highest scoring word was quixoticly for 200+ points.

Did anyone watch the premier episode about the Unabomber last night? I taped it for later viewing.

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Nice bit of crunch for me today. I stalled in the NE didn't know KESHA by the song,then remembered the $ she used to use in her name. I wanted something more exotic for WHITE RICE, and for the life of me could see John ASTIN, but I drew a blank on his last name. I liked the tailors' theme. Thanks, Debbie.

Nicely done once more, Gary. Feel better!

Have a sunny summer day, everyone.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Husker, move the white knight.

Nifty theme and a fun solve. Had aimed before NAMED. A little kerfuffle in the NE, but perps and good WAGs got it. (SKA/KESHA crossing).
TOTE - We use TOTE reusable bags most of the time.
Smoked EEL - German: Räucheraal; L. German Rökeraal. Only Aal seems to have the English 'cousin', eel, but I like those words because of the vowel combinations and how they roll off the tongue. I inherited my parents' love of smoked eel, but BH does not like it at all.
TURN COAT - Benedict Arnold - Husker is right, of course. But Arnold arguably helped win the Battle of Saratoga with his BRASHness and bravery in leading counterattacks when other EMPTY SUIT types sat on their thumbs. There is a monument to his injured leg at the Battle site.

Yellowrocks said...

I soon knew to look for articles of clothing. That nixed my entrenched TREND SETTERS in favor of trail blazers. Cute theme.
The NE slowed me down. I had such an ink splotch that I had to fill that corner in online at Master's level. Finally FIXES gave me ESTATE TAX. I wanted IE for KESHA. Finally using just the E I sussed LES MIZ and MATE. I don't remember Fantine's ARREST, at all. I saw Les Miz on Broadway. Not my favorite. I rate it B-, although I know it is loved by many.

I traveled to Israel twice. When I went there with my youngest sister, on the day they toured MASADA and the Dead Sea I was in bed (and the loo) all day with Montezuma's revenge. I was lucky it was a two day stop and I could spend the day at the hotel instead of on the bus. Later I went to Israel with my oldest sister and saw both. Impressive.

RED TAPE and contradictory fiats about how to teach reading led me to retire at 62. I could afford it so it wasn't worth the extra money to stay on. I got to babysit my grandson 3 days a week. I tutored for many years after that with no red tape. Teaching reading in that school system was like being ordered to merge the styles of Monet, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Rembrandt all in a single painting. We taught effective reading "under the table" when the admin. was not looking.

I love glazed smoked eel sushi.

I read a fascinating historcal fiction bio of Benedict Arnold. He was a great war hero before he turned traitor. This article shows how he soured on the colonials.

Anonymous said...

Skeet and Trap are not the same thing. In Trap, targets come from a center "House" and go in varying directions. In Skeet, targets alternate coming from an "Upper House" and a "Lower House" and go in alternate directions.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all
I found this quite enjoyable- fun theme with some great long fills and clever clues. I liked that one articles of clothing was EMPTY and another was STUFFED :) Thanks to Debbie and thank you, Husker Gary for yet another delightful Wednesday write up! You always impress me with your wit and knowledge. I do hope your BP is better

Interesting pic of the government employees info. My husband's company has a contract with a government agency and the Red TAPE is enough to make one not so SANE. He YEARNs for the day when their contract is up.

I spelled ASTIN as AstOn (oops) and since I tend to work both across and down and sometimes get ahead of myself, I filled 40D as PENN until I got back to 38A, which I was certain was also PENN. I didn't think we'd have the same answer twice so had to wait for perps to figure out PITT. Doh!

I didn't know MASADA and also needed perps to get MUNI.

Favorite was "Final check?" >MATE :)

I noticed yesterday that my Miss Kim LILAC is dying off in spots. Haven't had time to do a close inspection but upon Googling it, seems that the damage could be from leaf miners. I need to get out there today and try to take care of it.

Happy belated birthday to trubrit- I hope you had a lovely day celebrating!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day :)

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Fun theme, enjoyable solve. A number of unknowns provided a bit of a Wednesday challenge, especially in the NE, as I am unfamiliar with "Tik Tok" singer KESHA and "Fantine's Arrest" from LES MIZ. Fortunately I remembered SKA and John ASTIN so I was able to finish without help. Thanks for the excellent (as usual) expo and links, HG. Best wishes in regulating your BP. I agree with Spitz on the chess move.

Enjoy the day!

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: Chess, I would have moved my Queen to H5 & lost it to the black pawn.
Spitz, MJ, The same thing would happen to your Knight...

Clothing is overrated, just ask any animal...

or your mother?

We call it tin foil because Allu-min-ium is too hard to pronounce...

Tinbeni said...

Husker, Wonderful, informative write-up. Good Job!

Debbie: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle. Enjoyed your theme.

Didn't notice any "booze" clues/answers ... so there is "No Fave" today.

Worked with a lot of "EMPTY SUIT" and "STUFFED SHIRTs" in my day.
Glad I'm now "Retired."

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Anonymous said...

"Actual tin foil was superseded after World War II by cheaper and more durable aluminium foil, which is still referred to as "tinfoil" in many regions." Not long ago Wrigley switched to paper wrapping in place of aluminum foil because it is cheaper and it cuts down on aluminum foil in landfills.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the last three days of puzzles I could finish.................
non-mensa puzzles............

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the list of Samoans who played American Football include Lofa Tatupu, but not his father, Mosi Tatupu. Mosi was from American Samoa.

White needs to move its bishop, just like a prior post said.

Finished in under 7:30, very good personal time for a Wednesday -- mainly due to convenient crosses filling otherwise unknown spaces.

Always thought it was just one Yeti, unless talking about the expensive coolers.

Larry Jordan said...


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Debbie & Gary. Good theme.

Like many of you, NE was a complete mystery which I left blank until last. Had to red-letter to get SLEWS for "multitudes" then sit and puzzle out how this could be. I first had to red-letter the "X" in FIXES which at first I couldn't equate with "tough spots". That gave me a toe hold in the real "tough spot" in the NE with ESTATE TAX. However, the clue "it's put on heirs" isn't quite accurate in my state. The ESTATE pays all the taxes before the residual is paid out to the heirs. (I once was executor to two estates in a three year period.) Heirs of larger estates above a certain amount might have to pay "inheritance TAXes", not ESTATE TAX. Nit, nit, nit!

"Final check" = MATE: I was thinking more along the line of that ESTATE TAX I'd just filled in, such as paying for the funeral.

Chess: couldn't the white knight take the black knight and check the king? I haven't played in 50 years.

Speaking of EMPTY SUIT... but I promised myself I wouldn't make any more political statements.

Didn't know the finer points of SKEET/trap shooting. Occasionally we used to shoot clay pigeons which we called SKEET because I think that's what it said on the box. My BIL owned an interest in a trap club, but we just went out in the pasture and yelled "pull" to whoever wasn't shooting. I got pretty good. (That's a good reputation to have if you live alone out in the country.)

Anonymous said...

Not if it's black's turn.

AnonymousPVX said...

A pleasant Wednesday puzzle with just enough crunch. Appreciated the clueing that made knowing the theme optional.

I got the Z for 10D and thought "The Wiz" - I mean, how many plays end in a Z? least two, haha, crosses fixed it.

Agree that the Bishop is the correct move, the Knight gets taken by the pawn if he is moved.

Jayce said...

Fun puzzle; I enjoyed it. I also loved the clue for MATE. The clues for EASTER and FEST were good, too.

Our son had to keep his business small, fewer than 50 employees, to avoid being hit by the Sarbanes-Oxley burdens. He and his wife recently sold it.

Gary, I hope your BP is now better. (Was it too much Hydralazine that made it so low? You don't have to answer. I realize that's a very personal question.)

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

I'm surprised the NE gave some trouble. SNUB came immediately to mind followed by STEW and the rest also emerged. KESHA was unknown to me though I do recall seeing the KE$HA somewhere.

I loved the clothes theme as that has been an abiding obsession with me though I don't dress up much anymore. I have enough LILAC and other shades of purple clothes to wear every day for a couple of weeks. Accessories to match, too. So much so that one day a co-worker asked me if my underwear was also purple.

Gary, terrific write up as usual but "there year"? Tsk, tsk.

Thank you, Debbie Ellerin and Husker Gary.

I hope all are having a fantastic day!

CrossEyedDave said...

Actually, that chess problem was kind of fun!

Here are some more!

MJ said...

PK--Moving the white knight to take the black knight was my first thought too, but in looking at the board again after CED's post I realized that entailed moving one too many squares. The knight moves two squares in one direction and one square in the other. I also haven't played chess in a coon's age.

CanadianEh! said...

Finished this in the morning but needed to get the gardening done before the day got any hotter. Thanks for the fun Debbie and Husker Gary.

I moved through this CW steadily with only a slowdown in the NE (like many others I see). ASTIN was unknown and KESHA took a while to remember. But it all filled in, and I enjoyed the fashion show.

We had ONES again today.
YR was the MISO clue correct today?? (Prescience of the blog again - YR used ERGO yesterday!)
Owen - LOL today especially the last line.
I have not purchased any "cold shoulder" outfits this summer. They will be dated by next summer!
Lucina - you beat me to the "there year" comment. I was going to blame autocorrect!

The "just watch me" clue reminded me of a Trudeau comment (both junior and senior). It's not political so okay to post!

Enjoy the day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta- DA!
Ta- DA-AH!!
Keith here. Sorry I was absent yesterday. What'd I miss?
(My two Ta- DAs are to bring my record up to date.)
I got kinda busy transplanting a tall rose bush. It looks very dignified now out on our bedroom balcony.

Chess answer:
To answer HuskerG's MATE challenge, Bishop to K8 oughtta do it. Right?

Misty said...

Had an early doctor's appointment this morning, so raced through the puzzle but, like others, hit a snag in the Northeast. Finally got SLEWS and KESHA, but, unluckily, I knew the Addams family actor but spelled his name ASTON, which turned out to be my downfall. That gave me WHOLE RICE for the Chinese Side Dish, but also gave me MALE for the Final Check, which made no sense at all. I knew this wasn't right, but with my appointment coming up I didn't have time to fool around too much and so left it--and as a result no TA-DAH on this Wednesday. But I still loved the puzzle and got the theme as soon as TRAIL BLAZERS fell into place after EMPTY SUIT. So, thank you for a fun puzzle, Debbie, and great pictures, Husker Gary, many thanks to you too.

I liked your second limerick, Owen.

Have a good day, everybody!

Argyle said...

Perhaps there/their is a Navajo rug imperfection, eh?

Spitzboov said...

Only one eye open this morning. Move the bishop like others have said. I don't play much either.

Ol' Man Keith said...

1. The bishop is the answer. The other suggested moves can be blocked or taken.
2. Bishop to K8 places the black king in check, and he can't move out because the white pawn and knight have both his options under check.
3. None of the black pieces can move into the diagonal between the white bishop and the black king.

Wilbur Charles said...

I agree with Misty on Owen's #2. How do you come up with them? As I said, #2 are my favorites if not a purist's A. So, I'll give it a W.

I finally got the NW. I wanted Red TIDE and AIMED and SLAB. Of course they didn't fit until UPPER V8-ED me. I still lost the NE as I didn't know the 3 Naticks.

I read Les Miserables in French and English but it was a long time ago. And I don't keep up with Broadway. I am aware that Lisistrata is being performed.

No one seems to have picked up on its being an allegory for what went on during Vietnam.

Yep, I picked up on that Bishop ambushing the King. MJ, although the Knight moves multiple squares it's considered one move. As is the Bishop's 8 squares

I gave up on Chess because I couldn't drink and play it unlike Bridge. Btw, the bridge column was interesting today.

And finally, re. the nocturnal discussion of the forbidden nytimes "Charts" puzzle, I finally got it. I'll talk to the night guys in the gloaming. It was interesting how I got it.

In fact I'm chuckling just thinking about it

WC in the daytime

Anonymous said...

Your answer is correct if you presuppose that white has the next move. If black has the next move, the attack can be easily thwarted.

Wilbur Charles said...

Oops, Gary, terrific write-up as usual. What's that? A there where there sb a their?
And thanks to Debbie for a Wednesday challenge.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Sam Shepard will be honored by lights dimming on Broadway at 7:45 tonight.
For those in SoCal inclined to remember the theater poet of a generation, let's pause at 4:45 PDT.
Maybe hum a few bars from the Coasters' song he used in his great rock n' roll tragicomedy, The Tooth of Crime:
"Take out the papers and the trash
Or you don' get no spendin' cash.
Just tell your hoodlum friends outside
You ain' got time to take no ride!
Yakety Yak! (Don' talk back)."

Husker Gary said...

-My BP is pretty good now as my doctor took me off a med. It would TMI to tell you why but thanks for the good thoughts.
-HBD trubrit
-Once I have an error pointed out in a blog (Cogito ERGO errat) I usually let it ride and take my punishment. They’re was no excuse for making that mistake their. You know people, there gonna talk!
-Tin foil was discontinued for wrapping gum because it left a taste and aluminum (al you MIN um in the UK) was cheaper.
-I wanted to include a Coaster lyric when Spitball was in the Sunday puzzle. I’ll bet you know who was shooting them in the hall.
-We had to dig out all our Miss Kim LILACS. We couldn’t get ahead of the scale

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: my Chess link @ 12:53,

If figuring out checkmate in one move gets too easy,
try checkmate in "two" moves...

(see options at bottom of link.)

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Cute theme and a fun solve. Thanks Debbie. Thanks to too HG [:-)] for a fun expo.

Like YR, it was the A|I|E for K-SHA against L---IZ that finally finished my NE and the puzzle.

WOs: Won ton sou [oops] -> Fried Rice [slews must be wrong!] -> WHITE RICE; SAMOli [sic], PENN @40d until I saw it again at 38a. Read 57d@ 56d and ink'd LSAT in the wrong spot.
Sparkle: c/a for EASTER; FOODIE, Live at LEEDS [love me some The WHO]
Fav: Check MATE. Brilliant! [HG: Bishop to f8 'cuz what OMK said*]


Jinx - do you remember the WKRP episode after Riverfront? That event and WKRP lead to the end of open seating.

Cheers, -T
*Anon - Fine, let's say it's black's move... Kn-d7 is the only move to thwart Mate. Play continues: w: B-e7; b:?; w:B-g5 Ch; 2 or 3 more moves is white's MATE.

Misty said...

Thank you, Wilbur, and Ol'Man Keith, for reminding us of that great song. It's been in my head all day.

Wilbur Charles said...

So, I guess it's late enough to talk nytimes Charts. The chuckle was because Betsy was going on and on and when I'd replaced PROBATE with PRO-BONO, Fire Sign had a new meaning.

So, I said "Is LEO a firesign?". B:" Let me finish". She was talking gongs, crystals and all the esoteric accoutrements etc. Just when I'd forgotten my question I got a "Yes!".

Followed by a long discourse on Astrology

But when I got back to my xword it all became clear. I went over to Rex and found that the reveal was lost on a lot of solvers

18 artists, I knew DION(ACCOR-DION) and a few others. Dion, btw, is not chopped liver. What was not picked up by anyone was that he had a song "Donna, PRI-MADONNA*

*I knew her too.

So, Tony, I thought you'd find this interesting if you get to read it before the moderators get at it


PS. I can't post on Rex, I get that xword a week late

Anonymous T said...

Whew, work is done (for the day-ish) giving me time to find the Riverside / WKRP link. You can watch 13 or so min of "The Concert" episode but the clip doesn't contain the ending...
//kid's die, one, who won the ticket from Johnny, makes Johnny depressed and [IRRC] he goes on the air about it. The episode ends with a PSA and remembrance of those who died at The WHO @Riverside.

BunnyM - were you in Cinci then?

WC - ;-). I only bother w/ posting @Rex iff I have something to correct; as, seeming, everyone else does.

No takers on Chess? C'mon, what would you're* black's (?) move be? Maybe Joshua will play with me. :-)

Cheers, -T
*just pokin' fun HG, not being CATTY :-)

Anonymous T said...

Ha! HG I just did it w/ should be kids. I, like you, will be a big-enough man to let it stand. C, -T

Picard said...

Smooth, fun ride and theme!

Hand up never heard of Tik Tok or KESHA. Just watched the music video. Teen music.

DW and I were at MASADA two years ago. Spectacular and truly awesome engineering, especially how they stored water in a desert.

Here we are at the top overlooking the Dead Sea.

Loved John ASTIN in the Addams Family. Surprised there are people who never saw the show.

Love The Who. Did not remember the LEEDS album.

Agree, Husker Gary: I find "tin foil" annoying. I am guessing people say it because it has many fewer syllables than "aluminum foil".

Thanks for the amusing write up. Especially loved the "Hold my beer and watch this" bit.