Sep 4, 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017 ~ John Lampkin

Theme: Chill! It's Labor Day! times three (like a three-day weekend).

17A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "SIT BACK AND RELAX!"

38A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "LET YOUR HAIR DOWN!"

61A. "Chill! It's Labor Day!": "DON'T LIFT A FINGER!"

Argyle here; some of us have to work. John sent us this note: 

"No pics this time. How on earth did I manage to make a puzzle with no critters in it?!

Sometimes people ask, “How long does it take to make a puzzle?” I submitted another version of this in 2013 but Rich rejected one of the 15’s and it took two years for me to find a replacement. It was supposed to run last year but there was a conflict with an August puzzle that had a similar entry in an unrelated context so it got bumped to this year. So the answer is, “Sometimes, four years!”


1. Jam holder: JAR

4. Nike logo: SWOOSH

10. H.S. junior's exam: PSAT. (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

14. "__ Beso (That Kiss!)": Paul Anka song: ESO

15. Stephen King's telekinetic high schooler: CARRIE. Sissy Spacek received a nomination for Best Actress but lost to Faye Dunaway(Network).

16. Short car trip: RIDE

20. Open, as a Chablis: UNCORK. "Chill! It's Labor Day!"

21. Toy block brand: LEGO

22. NYC airport on Flushing Bay: LGA. (LaGuardia Airport)

23. Gas for signs: NEON

25. "Actually, you're right": "WELL, YES"

27. Oared: ROWED

30. More than zero: ANY

32. Trail behind: LAG

33. Señora Perón: EVA

34. River, in Mexico: RIO

35. Kick out of office, as a dictator: DEPOSE

42. Early ball game score: ONE-ONE

43. "... at the __ ball game!": song lyric: OLD

44. Speak: SAY

45. Coax (out), as a genie: RUB

46. Letters in a certain bachelor's ad: SWM. [Single White Male]

47. "Bye!": "SEE YA!"

49. Unanalyzed info: RAW DATA

52. Came home in a cloud of dust: SLID

54. Inventor Whitney: ELI

55. Hawkeyes' home: IOWA

57. Historic cold period: ICE AGE

64. "Young Frankenstein" seductress: INGA

65. Big name in little trains: LIONEL

66. Prefix with verse: UNI

67. Yappy dog, e.g.: PEST

68. Holy female fig. in a Renaissance painting: ST. MARY

69. Lumberjack's tool: AXE


1. Son of God, in a Bach cantata title: JESU. Cantata: a medium-length narrative piece of music for voices with instrumental accompaniment, typically with solos, chorus, and orchestra. Bach - Cantate BWV 41 - Jesu, nun sei gepreisetFull Length(27:36)

2. B __ bravo: AS IN

3. Campus mil. unit: ROTC. (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

4. Chicken or cowed: SCARED

5. Ridiculously silly: WACKO. (tsk, tsk) 11D. Foolish one: SILLY GOOSE

6. Mork's planet: ORK. Now that was silly.

7. Like a dental exam: ORAL

8. Stringy, as meat: SINEWY

9. Row of foundation bushes: HEDGE

10. Antonym of post-: PRE

12. "Better a witty fool, than a foolish wit," e.g.: ADAGE

13. Lone Star State: TEXAS

18. Leftover for Fido: BONE

19. Painting gadget: ROLLER

24. Former Neet rival: NAIR. (depilatory lotions)

26. SoCal cop force: LAPD. (Los Angeles Police Department)

27. Move, in realty ads: RELO. (relocate)

28. Roast roaster: OVEN

29. Student swimmer's aid: WATER WINGS. Good or bad?

31. "Ain't happenin'!": "NO HOW!"

34. Feel regret over: RUE

35. "The butler __ it": DID

36. Persuade: SWAY

37. Irish New Age songwriter: ENYA

39. "__ be surprised": YOU'D. (You would)

40. One way for a jailed suspect to get out: ON BAIL

41. Aid to the poor: ALMS

46. Considered appropriate: SAW FIT

47. Italy's largest island: SICILY

(Valley of the Temples, Sicily)

48. Biblical garden: EDEN

49. Immerse in salsa again, as a chip (only do this if you're 50-Down!): REDIP. "Don't be a George." "Chill! It's Labor Day!"

50. By oneself: ALONE

51. Works hard: TOILS

53. One devoted to a single profession: LIFER

56. Itty-bitty bit: ATOM

58. 34-Across filler: AGUA

59. Group after boomers: GEN X

60. Spooky-sounding lake: ERIE

62. Tit for __: TAT

63. Santa __, California: ANA



fermatprime said...


Thanks to John and Santa!

Nice theme!

Missed the critters, though!

Have a super holiday tomorrow, everyone!

desper-otto said...

Good morning and Happy Labor Day to those who still labor.

September roared in like a LIONEL, but has turned into a LAMPKIN. Nice puz, John. Stumbled a bit with WE AGREE/WELL, YES and NO WAY/NO HOW in my race to the bottom. Argyle, my first thought was also of Seinfeld when REDIP showed up.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Thanks John for a fun Monday romp. I did have to erase NO way for NO HOW, but everything else was straightforward. My favorite was the REDIP / ALONE couplet, although I've always heard it "double dip". I break the chip in half so I can scoop twice without offending anyone. My least favorite was the genie / RUB clue and answer. Seems to me that "coax out a genie" would have been better, since a genie is the only thing that is coaxed out with a rub (at least in a family-friendly context). Thanks, Santa, for anther fine review to get the week started.

Misty, I had an Irish Wolfhound who had a similar problem as Dusty. For years the vet prescribed prednisone whenever he had a recurrence, which carried undesirable side effects. Out of desperation I took him to a vet who, in addition to a traditional practice, was also performed acupuncture. I was a skeptic about acupuncture in general, but it worked wonderfully for my dog. Plus, his episodes became less frequent.

CartBoy said...

No critters? Tangentially (a) Yappy Dog/Pest (b) Foolish One/Silly Goose qualify. And to really stretch the envelope (c) Group After Boomers/GenX as there are some really odd ducks in that generation. ;-)

billocohoes said...

Does anyone ever say they "oared" a boat? I'd only use it to describe the boat, but the action is rowing. I know it's in the same sense as poling a gondola or raft, but I don't recall oar used as a verb.

Oar, oar, oar your boat
Gently down the stream

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun and easy Monday puzzle. Glad to see the Labor Day theme for today.

Hand up for the No Way / NO HOW entry. I also wanted Wacky until the NEON showed me the light!

Good to see you D-O. I hope you didn't suffer from too much damage. Having gone through some major flooding in Louisiana last August, even though we didn't flood, I know only too well the emotional toll.

QOD: Tradition can, to be sure, participate in a creation, but it can no longer be creative itself. ~ Kenzo Tange (Sept. 4, 1913 ~ Mar. 22, 2005).

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Nice Labor Day puzzle. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the history of its creation, John. CARRIE was unknown, but arrived via perps. Favorite clue was "Spooky sounding lake" for the oft referenced ERIE. Thanks for the tour, Argyle.

Enjoy the day!

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Thanks, John for a fun puzzle and the note- four years to get it published? Wow! Great work; I especially liked all the long spanners and the Labor Day theme.

Thanks, Argyle for your work today. I had to laugh at the "Don't be a George!" comment for REDIP :)

No problems other than a couple of w/o's : had Wacky/WACKO and Xers/GENX

CSO to our cornerites in TEXAS. DO- so relieved to know you're ok!

Misty- I just saw your comments about Dusty. Poor little guy- I hope he's doing better. So frustrating when you don't know what's wrong. His eating is a good sign, though :)

I've been so busy the last couple of days so only able to quickly peek at Sat and Sunday's comments just this morning. The cleaning/purging/organizing of our house continues so no time to SIT BACK AND RELAX (well, actually I do have to take numerous breaks to rest my back which makes the task even longer) As Splynter would say- "Onward!"

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

inanehiker said...

Nice relaxing Monday - I worked it online today since my city is small enough that we don't get a paper on the holidays. WEES about NO WAY for NO HOW and I had WACKY before WACKO, but otherwise smooth sailing today.

Watched "Endeavor" on PBS Masterpiece Mystery last night- well done. Sorry to see that
there are only 2 episodes in this season similar to Sherlock.

Hope everyone enjoys their day off!
Thanks Argyle and John!

Anonymous said...

The ICE AGE was a prehistoric cold period, not historic.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I always enjoy John's puzzles, with or without critters. As others have mentioned, my only w/o was No way/No how. CSO to Abejo with the ubiquitous Erie and cheers to the Lone Star State, Texas. I plan on taking John's advice and just chill out for the rest of the day.

Thanks, JL, for a breezy start to the week and thanks, Argyle, for your hard work; I hope you're being paid double time for today's efforts! 😎

Misty, I hope Dusty is feeling better, poor little guy. Sending lots of soothing T-rubs his way.

BunnyM, I wish you could give me some of your focus and energy to do my own much-needed purging/rearranging, etc. Procrastination seems to be my middle name.

Happy Labor Day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Haven't seen a JL puzzle in quite awhile, so this was a treat. The grid=spanner theme was easy enough to suss three times, and the long downs, SILLY GOOSE and WATER WINGS, helped to tie the sections of the puzzle together helping with the solve.
ERIE - Good to see our old friend again. The average depth is only about 60 feet which makes much of the wave action from storms more 'choppy', rougher, than the sinusoidal waves commonly seen in deeper waterways.
The axis of longest fetch lies in the same direction of many weather movements. If the timing is right, a 'sloshing' will ensue. This is called a seiche. The natural primary period for L. Erie is about 14 hours. At one end of the 'pendulum' swing elevation at Buffalo could be as much as 12' or more higher than Toledo. Eerie indeed.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Nice light-hearted holiday treat, John. Nice expo, Argyle, enjoyed the music.

One nit: "historic cold period" = ICE AGE. Shouldn't that be pre-historic? I thought the ice age happened before written history.

BAILed before ON BAIL.

Interesting: SANTA ANA crossing ST MARY.

I chill out pretty much every day. Do very little labor. Last time I had a real labor day, I had to take care of a baby afterward. I won't make that mistake again.

SwampCat said...

What a delightful and appropriate puzzle. Thanks, John. I'm taking your advice and chillin' !

Favorite clue was "More than Zero" mostly because it puzzled me at first. What? Everything's more than zero.....oh. Pass the V-8 can. Argyle, I loved the lovely music.

Have a peaceful Labor Day, everyone.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, JL, for a nice Monday puzzle. Loved the REDIP as clued with ALONE. Cute!

Nice write-up, Argyle. Thanks for all you do on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Neighborhood is starting to clean-up, and streets are packed with cars of others helping others. Will make and deliver 64 sandwiches to them for lunch!

Husker Gary said...

-A sparkling Monday JL puzzle with three grid spanners and some inside info. Cool!
-“Snoopy, LET YOUR HAIR DOWN, girl. Let it hang down on me”
-Paul used ESO, beso, samba, bossanova, ay caramba, amor, poco-loco and mucho in that song
-I’ll bet a lot of bullied kids took some comfort in CARRIE’S revenge
-Woody Guthrie’s silly song about a ride in the CAR, CAR (1:52)
-Best way I know of to organize RAW DATA
-Hawkeye Pierce’s home was Crabapple Cove, Maine
-The Cullen HEDGErow cutter facilitated movement in Northern France in 1944
-Let’s see, taught for 42 years and have subbed for 7 years. I might be a LIFER!
-Bunny, we also have cleaned, purged etc. in prep for our Garage Sale. If any of you are in Eastern Nebraska this weekend…
-I can certainly see the Baby Boomer era in contrast to the GEN-Xer’s.

WikWak said...

So glad to see another JL today! And Argyle, your effort (as usual) was spot on... and on Labor Day, too...

And I believe it was Sloopy who let her hair down.

Happy Labor Day, all.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, John Lampkin, for a fine puzzle. thank you, Argyle, for fine review.

Well, this does not happen too often, but my wife beat me to the puzzle today and did it all. However, I am checking in.

I see my old lake, ERIE, made it again. I like that. Thank you, Spitz, for the technical report on Lake Erie. Interesting.

Nice theme for Labor Day. Three grid spanners. Wow.

Anyhow, I have to walk the dog and then off to Schaumburg for Septemberfest. Volunteering at the Schaumburg Garden Club booth.

Cooking ribs tonight. Yumm!

See you tomorrow.


( )

Madame Defarge said...

Good morning,

I enjoyed this today. Just enough to keep me out of trouble this Labor Day morn. DH and I are heading out for a light lunch and then out tonight with his mom and sister. No work for me today.

Thanks, John, for the account of time it takes to see your LABORS in print. Argyle, the fruits of your LABOR are always most enjoyable--and informative!

Favs today: The cloud of dust and oared as a clues. My eldest, and hence the next, used to ask if they could help me broom the kitchen floor! I'm sure they would have wanted to oar a boat. Fun memory of language development. I liked the CSO to our TEXAS pals. And HEDGE--as HG pointed out, necessity is the mother of invention.

PK: LOL about your laborious experience!

BunnyM: I have been on a purge kick off and on for a couple of years. It's most certainly a process of going back again and again. Some decisions need more time than others. One that did not was my kids' "stuff." I never culled it; I simply boxed it and dropped it off or shipped it. Surprise!!! Here's your "stuff!"

Until tomorrow. . . . I hope it's sunny where you are and that everyone is Harvey's path is doing the best that is possible with the mess he left behind.

Lucina said...

WEES. My experience was similar to all of yours including WACKY/WACKO. Thank you, John Lampkin. That is very interesting about the time for your puzzle's publication. It was worth the wait, though.

And thank you, Argyle. I'm sorry you had to labor on Labor Day but so glad you are here to assist us. LOL at the George quip. That was my thought, too.

PK, you, too, at your Labor Day comment. I feel the same way.

Have a relaxing day, everyone!

Montana said...

Good morning everyone.
It's been a long time since I posted, I think.
WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO WORK THIS PUZZLE ON AN IPAD, please? Without Cruciverb, I seem to have more problems than it's worth to try to solve daily puzzles.
I used the LA Times site this morning, but it's pretty clunky. And it appears I have to 'save' it one word before I finish or it can't be saved to refer to as I blog. I also can't see puzzles and clues all at once--that's distracting. Neither landscape nor portrait allows that.

Enough grumbling! This was quite an enjoyable puzzle this morning. I don't ever remember a JK puzzle being easy to solve! Of course All the Labor Day clues helped.

Hope you are all doing well as we move into September.

MONTANA IS ON FIRE! Highways are closed, hundreds of homes evacuated, firefighters and national guard are working long hours, we're in beyond extreme drought conditions, and there's no rain in sight in the foreseeable future.
We are told SNOW is what will probably eventually put out many of the fires.
It's so smoky, one often cannot see across a street.
But, life goes on. Indoors, there are always crossword puzzles to solve!

Take care everyone. (Wish we could have some of your precipitation, Texas!)


PK said...

Montana, I was thinking about you when I read about your fires there. Such devastation! Stay safe and let us know you are. It certainly doesn't seem fair that Houston is suffering because it has too much of what is needed elsewhere.

AnonymousPVX said...

There a bit of crunch here today, but otherwaise a typical and pleasent Monday puzzle.

Lemonade714 said...

How nice to have a John Lampkin to ponder on Labor Day. I loved this being a recycled redone effort. But like Pizza and meatloaf, this went down easily.

Enjoy the extra day all who work, nothing now until Thanksgiving (Columbus Day on the way out)

Thanks Argyle.

tawnya said...

Greeting Cornerites!

Thank you, John, for this lovely puzzle four years in the making! Worth the wait! Even if there weren't any critters, you could still post some pictures for us :)

Thought you all might enjoy this relaxing hit from Corinne Bailey Ray, reminding you to LET YOUR HAIR DOWN Put Your Records On

Misty - I'm hoping Dusty is feeling better today! Without knowing lots of details, my bet is some spine or neck pain that will likely be treated with NSAIDs and muscle relaxers. There isn't anything you can give over-the-counter (tylenol and ibuprofen are toxic, and aspirin can cause bleeding and ulcers and may interfere with what the DVM wants to prescribe tomorrow) so unless you have something leftover from a previous veterinary trip, it's best to keep Dusty quiet and avoid jumping or running. Unless Dusty is laying next you under your direct supervision, I would crate Dusty until you can get in for the proper medications. As long as Dusty can still walk and use his rear legs, wag his tail, poop/pee on his own - it's not an emergency. But if you see any of those signs, please rush to the Emergency vet. Feel free to email if you have questions or need help with anything.

@-T - I appreciated 99 Luft Balloons from yesterday! It's always interesting to know the back stories of songs. I remember hearing the German version when it first came out and not understanding a word of it! Still don't ;) Glad she did the English version. Do you remember VH1's Pop-Up Video?

Stay safe, Montana! Fires change directions so fast! And snow? In September??
Peg, you are a saint! I'm sure the volunteers will appreciate all you offer!

Happy Monday!


Misty said...

I loved this puzzle, John--many thanks! Forgot it was Labor Day until your first theme answer, and every one of them turned out to be a delight! So glad you stuck with getting this puzzle done, and that Rich was able to post it today. Made for a fun and delightful morning for me, after my difficult day yesterday.

Montana, how worrisome to hear about your fires. Hope they can be controlled soon. And Peg, it's wonderful that you're out helping needy folks in your area.

Thank you, Anon T and Bunny M about your kind wishes for Dusty. Thankfully, he seems much better this morning, when the weather is surprisingly cool. This supports my hunch that his trauma yesterday may have been heat-related--makes sense that dogs, covered with their fur, may be even more sensitive to heat than we are. But Jinx, I'll keep your acupuncture story in mind for the future. And Irish Miss, Dusty has loved your T-rubs for years, and was totally charmed when I told him that the one this morning was from you. Again, thank you, everybody, for caring about my little dog.

Have a great Labor Day, everybody!

TX Ms said...

Liked the puzzle – for once we get a timely holiday puzzle - it's been awhile. Favorite was Don’t Lift a Finger!

Montana, so sorry to hear of all those wildfires raging out west. Stay safe and please keep us posted.

Tawyna – What a happy video – we all, no matter where we live, need that – thank you! I’ve never heard of her, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise. Good advice for Misty – that’s what my niece’s vet told her. He also prescribed muscle relaxants.

PK - enjoyed your "labor" humor.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks to John Lampkin for the enjoyable Labor Day puzzle to chill out with. And also to Argyle for the fine explanations.

WES. My only nit was that I usually see NO HOW after NO WAY, not standing alone.

Montana, I try to make a purposeful error before I finish my puzzle as The Puzzle Society site makes it hard to review the puzzle when finished correctly. I put an X where an S should be, usually.

What is the best site to do the LA Time puzzle on an Android? I am on my laptop less and less these days but have not found a good way to do the puzzle on it.

Live well and Prosper,

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thank you JL for a puzzle that required LIFTing a FINGER to enjoy. Interesting inside-baseball - can you spill the beans on the rejected spanner?

Thanks Argyle for the Expo. LOL'd at IM's suggestion that you're paid "double-time;". What's 2x ANY <1? :-). Thanks for your labor of love.

WOs: I wrote PRo for PRE
ESPs: JESU, and I didn't "see" ST. MARY until ATOM FIT.
Sparkle: WEES - 49&50d together, RIO AGUA xref, SILLY GOOSE, and WATER WINGS. Clue for OVEN was cute too.

Fav: Hard to pick: ALMS for an ex-lepper jumped to mind, Young Frankenstein is too-fun, Water Wings I can't link due to content (Google Ralphie May Black Movie Theater at your own risk), so WACKO wins for bringing forth the voices of Click and Clack in my head.

Cartboy - SAY, I may resemble that GenX remark...


Montana - Oh how us TEXAnS wish we could send you last week's rains.

HG - that RAW DATA looks fairly well structured to me. I get 1/2TB/day of RAW DATA from >400 systems and try to figure out how to put it all together into a clear picture so that we can see "Oh, nos! The Chinese is hacking us (again)." :-)

John - I've (almost) got you covered on the pic... Here's my cactus that bloomed last night; BYO Critter.

Y'all have a wonderful Labor Day w/o TOILS!

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Back to the party after a busy week. Thanks for the fun John and Argyle.
We celebrate Labour Day (with a U for AnonT) in Canada LOL. (And LOL re your labor, baby comment PK).

Hand up for No Way before NO HOW. I had Don't be surprised before YOU'D.
I moved from Wonky to Wonko to WACKO.

Those Lake Erie waves can be really eerie.

Glad to see d-otto is back online.
Continued thoughts and prayers for those in TEXAS as the cleanup and rebuilding continues.
Stay safe Montana. Areas in western and northern Canada have had fires this year also.
Misty, glad to hear that Dusty is feeling better.

Enjoy this Labour Day.

desper-otto said...

VirginiaSycamore, try the Shortyz app to do the LAT (plus several other free puzzles) on an Android device. You can load the puzzles directly into the app. And if you've got a paid subscription for the NYT, you can load it as well. I believe Shortyz is free in the app store.

desper-otto said...

Rats...third try's gotta be the charm.

Back in August Splynter mentioned the phonograph record that was attached to the Voyager I and II spacecraft. I commented that I was surprised only two copies were made. I thought there might be plenty of folks who'd like to have a copy in their collection. Well, soon you can. Pricey, though, at $98 for vinyl or $50 for CD.

TX Ms said...

PK - Meant to say I "enjoyed your labour humour" for CE, Steve and Cup of Tea (have y'all heard from him - I'm wrong on his handle, but maybe y'all will know who I mean).

Anon-T - Wow, that cactus flower is amazing (photography ain't too shabby either)! What kind is it and how long does it take it to flower? Birds-of-paradise (the true kind) take seven years before they flower. I nurtured mine from cuttings and, after seven+ years, there were five glorious blooms, with over seven buds, growing in the 24" pot in my backyard driveway (but visible from the street) - I was so excited. Within 30 minutes, one morning the 100-lb pot and plant were stolen. Showed the picture to my nursery guy, and he said the plant was worth $250-$300. Shouldn't be carrying on about something so trivial during these times-sorry, but just a digression from plant discussion.

Anonymous T said...

D-O: Cool! Does NASA get a cut? (Or at least Carl Sagan?). I'll blow my $ on that once I know Houston is back in biz.

Tawnya - I do recall Pop-up Videos --- fun-facts. Thanks for the link.

Speaking of links, did my Cactus link (@1:28p) work. I tried to Google-Share it but not sure if I did it correctly.

C, Eh! - Happy Labour Day :-)

C, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

The thing about retirement is that you don't know one day from the next.
For some reason the holiday mood we associate with the weekend still lingers, but only when you remember that it's Saturday or Sunday. Half the time you don't until you miss the evening news because you thought it was on at 6:30 and it slipped by you instead at 5:30.
I hate when that happens.

Anyway, like Misty I didn't realize today was Labor Day until I was halfway through Mr. Lampkin's creation. Thanks very much for the Ta- DA! Thanks too to Argyle!
My hand is up for NO WAY before NO HOW. Must be a generational thing.
42A had to be baseball. If it were futball ONE ONE could have been a very late score.

Misty, sending many good wishes to Dusty.
Happy to see our desper-otto back. Thanks for the info on the Voyager record. A bit too dear for a single, though. Next you'll say it's a 78.

Anonymous T said...

And cactus link did work! Thanks TX Ms.

The big-guy only blooms once a year (if you're lucky). The bloom closes at dawn and then falls off. This cactus was my Grandfather's; he gave it to me about 22 years ago... It's gotta be a GenX'er too at >40/yro <60 :-). The bloom actually is on the "baby" of the Cactus; the original 8' barrel fell off about 8 years ago but spawned 3 others from the same root-stump.

Re: Historic/ PRE-historic. Really, yesterday is history and so the ICE AGE. Though no one was there to scribe, is also part of our known history. My $0.02.

My LABORs are done until dinner... I'll sneak off to a nap.

Cheers, -T

Pat said...

This was a pleasant Monday puzzle. Thank you, John L. for the start to the week. Enjoyed the write-up, Argyle, thank you.

Hand up for NO way/NO HOW and WACKy/WACKO.

Welcome back, D-O! Glad to hear that our TEXAnS cornerites are safe.

Misty, I hope Dusty continues to improve. My Maggie did something to her back a few years ago. We tried prednisone/muscle relaxants/anti-inflammatory meds for 2 rounds but didn't cure it. Tried acupuncture: first time there was improvement, next 2 times she regressed. Then I took her to a canine chiropractor. She went once a month for a year, then we stretched it to every other month, and now we're at every 4 months. If she has held the correction when we go in October I'll consider her cured and not go back unless she has trouble.

Montana, I hope the fires move away from you.

Happy Labor Day!

Mike Sherline said...

Argyle - thanks for the 2 great music links. In my book, the more trombones the better. And of course all the Bach vocal/instrumental works are glorious - I've been listening to everything on the youtube page for about an hour. Transcendent!

Misty said...

Argyle, forgot to say that I enjoyed your pictures and write-up this morning.

CanadianEh and Ol'Man Keith, thank you for the good wishes for Dusty. He looks pretty much okay again today. Pat, I'll keep my fingers crossed that Maggie will be all well after her last treatment.

And TX Ms, so sorry to hear the sad story about your lovely cactus. How mean of someone to take it.

Glad everyone seems to have had a good Labor Day!

TX Ms said...

Argyle - sorry; I was listening to your wonderful Bach link this morning and forgot to thank you when I posted this afternoon. I've always loved Bach; Vivaldi's a fav also.

Misty - Birds-of-Paradise are not cacti -I should have clarified since I was mentioning Tony's cactus. Sorry, don't know how to link, like everyone here on the blog, but if you will copy/paste the link you'll see the beautiful blooms. (Yes, I know there are blog instructions in Olio, but I'm computer-challenged.) Also, please let us know about Dusty.

Anon-T - I've emailed Fermat for help identifying your exotic cactus flower since she's into growing cacti. I'm thinking if anyone would know, she would. Curious, with our seasonal wet and occasionally icy weather, where does Cactus Flower live - on your patio or inside? PS, I just knew you'd link the George double-dip clip? :-)

Anonymous T said...

TxMS: Did you just Double-Dip?

The cactus isn't that exotic I've just always called it a "Barrel." Here's a snap from today that will help Fermat and/or Lucina in giving us the genus. It is a patio cactus that I carry into the kitchen if/when it gets below 35F. //Take a look at the other cacti in the background - I got a a "Bull-Moose," "Green-Pecker," and a "Don't look at it funny or it will F-hurt for two days." I still wonder how much Gramp's really liked me :-)

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

TX Ms. I googled Bird of Paradise and saw the picture, and I actually think we had some of the lovely plants around our house many years ago. They are intriguing, aren't they?

And thank you about asking about Dusty--he seems almost normal today, to my great relief. I now think it must have been the intense heat two days ago and yesterday that just wiped him out like that for two days. I've ordered another fan and will make sure that if we have a heat wave again, I keep Dusty as cool as possible with all the help I can muster.

PK said...

CanadianEh: The Lake Erie pictures are spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

Montana: Today has been hazy here. Tonight the weather man said the haze is caused by the Montana fires smoke in the atmosphere. The distance between the two states makes this surprising. Can't smell the smoke though.

Misty: could the heat have caused Dusty to be dehydrated and caused pain? I had a friend in Washington State who took his dachshund to a doggy chiropractor with good results.

Lucina said...

I believe your cactus is escontria chiotilla (sp?) commonly known as cereus and native to Mexico.

Lucina said...

It's sometimes called night blooming cereus.

TX Ms said...

Anon-T - thanks so much for the dip-chip clip! I do miss Seinfeld, even after all these years! Classic comedy, as Larry David said, created with no message, structure or whatever - just based on conversations. ...Um...regarding your "pet" names for your cacti, I'm sure (and hoping!) that experts Fermat and Lucina will have more identifiable names that I can ask my nurseryman about. :-) Thank you for the daytime photo - that'll help.

Misty, after a tech supposedly "fixed" my a/c @ noon one August day, I arrived home @ 6pm and DaisyDawg was experiencing heat-stroke - extreme panting and distress. I immediately bundled her up in damp towels and then sat in my car with a/c running, then took her to ER after she had stabilized. ER techs told me to look for bluish gums as an additional sign of heat-stroke. I know you are being bombarded with all of these "helpful" comments and they might be stressing you out, but please know they are being sent with loving and caring thoughts for you and Dusty. We have a wonderful bunch of animal lovers here @ the Corner. Please let us know how Dusty is doing tomorrow.

To all in Irma's path of wrath, please take precautions. Of course, I know you all are old-hands at this and have experienced many hurricanes. Hoping the "cold front" low-pressure bearing down will escort Irma promptly out into the Atlantic without harming the US.

TX Ms said...

Lucina, thanks!!

Wilbur Charles said...

This was a typical Monday speed run except the North Central got a little SINEWY. I put SWATCH and only knew Mork's planet had 3 letters and sounded like a chicken gargling.

I've seen ten minutes of M&M and the same amount of CARRIE. The theme was HS cliques and their vicious ostracizing? Yep, been there,done that. Carrie was too nice.

Misty I'm glad Dusty is doing better. Except, if you take him for a ride in the cool car you'll see those symptoms all the time. 😂

Thx Argyle and John for dropping in. You're going to leave us in forever suspense on that long theme that Rich rejected, eh?

Something deemed un-PC, eh? That narrows it down. Not.

WC in the dawning

Anonymous said...

If everything is history, Anon-T, the word "prehistoric" is meaningless.