Sep 11, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Florida - WATERLOGGED ... prescience?

17A. 24-hour broadcaster that keeps you up-to-date: NEWS CHANNEL

23A. Music from Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey et al.: BIG BAND SOUND

39A. Ship's area for medical assistance: SICK BAY

50A. Singer dubbed "King of Country": GEORGE STRAIT

62A. Saturated like the ends of 17-, 23-, 39- and 50-Across?: WATERLOGGED

Argyle here, high and dry. Wide-open grid. The reveal feels a little off for coastal features usually filled with water all the time anyway. No, I don't have a better idea.


1. Amount to: COST

5. Evening affair: SOIRร‰E

11. Cavern critter: BAT

14. Clarinet cousin: OBOE

15. Many charity golf tournaments: PRO-AMs

16. Wall St. specialist: ARB. (arbitrager)

19. CBS police series with three spin-offs: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

20. Moog, briefly: SYNTH. (synthesizer: electronic musical instrument)

21. Detroit NFLer: LION. Are you ready for some football?

22. Hershey's toffee bar: SKOR. Crossword favorite.

26. Chintzy: CHEAPO

29. Type of waste pump: SUMP. Waterlogged, I'm afraid.

30. Buyer's financing: LOAN

31. Army installation: BASE

35. Last Marx brother, alphabetically: ZEPPO. Herbert Manfred Marx, youngest of the Marx Brothers

38. Well-suited: APT

41. Spy novelist Deighton: LEN

42. Bette's "Divine" nickname: MISS 'M'. (Midler)

44. Bills at bars: TABS

45. Almanac tidbit: FACT

46. Long-running dispute: FEUD

48. Braggart's retort: "I CAN SO!"

55. Doctor Zhivago's love: LARA

56. Island band The __ Men: BAHA. Waterlogged Bahamian band?

57. Garlicky mayo: AIOLI. I like it.

61. Musician's suffix: IST

64. Lawn coating: DEW

65. Exercise pieces: ETUDEs

66. Russian range or river: URAL

67. Symphonic gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017: ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

68. Head out: DEPART

69. Start of a choosing rhyme: EENY


1. Pen occupants: CONS. Incarcerated.

2. Do what's asked: OBEY

3. Scattered, as seeds: SOWN

4. Nuclear restraint topic: TEST BAN

5. Globe shape: Abbr.: SPH. (Sphere)

6. Dental care brand: ORAL-B

7. Ancient Aegean land: IONIA

8. Talked nonstop: RAN ON

9. Removes errors from: EMENDs

10. Bilingual subj.: ESL. (English as a Second Language)

11. "Just in case" strategy: BACK-UP PLAN

12. Fiery crime: ARSON

13. "Fun, Fun, Fun" car in a 1960s song: T-BIRD

18. Greenside golf shot: CHIP

22. "Win __, lose ... ": SOME

24. Mongolian desert: GOBI

25. Postwar supermodel Parker: SUZY

26. Mollusk in a red or white linguine sauce: CLAM

27. Arizona native: HOPI

28. Consumes enough to nourish mother and unborn child: EATS FOR TWO

32. Play a part: ACT

33. Calypso cousin: SKA

34. Recede, as the tide: EBB

36. Lats relatives: PECS. (Latissimi dorsi and pectoralis major muscles)

37. Not fooled by: ON TO

39. Highly self-satisfied: SMUG

40. Singapore's continent: ASIA

43. Blood bank supply: SERA

45. Exhaustion: FATIGUE

47. Candidates' face-off: DEBATE

49. "So long, Paulo!": "CIAO!"

50. Soar without effort: GLIDE

51. Painter's stand: EASEL

52. Stopped slouching: SAT UP

53. Silents star Bara: THEDA

54. Not as prevalent: RARER

58. Kid lit monster: OGRE

59. Low-fat: LEAN

60. In an aimless fashion: IDLY

62. Married: WED

63. WWII carrier: LST. (Landing Ship, Tank)


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Husker Gary, from whom I learned what patience, compassion and creativity are. Thanks for being here for us, Gary!

Gary and Joann, June 25, 2017


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Gail, Bruce and Santa!

Fun puzzle! No problems!

Happy Birthday to Husker!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

The BAT and the LION were having a FEUD.
The flyer, in FACT, thought the cat quite rude!
He'd held a SOIREE
To the bat's dismay,
Jangling his sonar with an OBOE ETUDE!

Houston is totally WATER LOGGED,
Florida is getting soggily sogged!
What Earth needs is a SUMP,
But there's nowhere to dump!
A SOUND BACKUP PLAN has yet to be flogged!

{A-, A-.}

I feel strongly that 9/11 should be made a holiday honoring our heroes.

First Responders
by Owen Lorion, 11/11/07

We know them all by many names,
Their duties myriad are.
There's Trooper, Sheriff, Constable,
The man with badge or star;
There's Paramedics and Rescue Squad
Who drive the ambulance car;
And firefighters guard our homes,
Hotshots in forests far:
The policemen, the EMTs, and the firemen.

They are the first responders to
A call to nine-eleven
(A date that lives in infamy
When many went to heaven).
Life isn't fair, disaster strikes
And takes its toll uneven.
Yet on Life's rolls, disaster's foes
Must have their names engraven:
The firemen, the policemen, and the EMTs.

For them there are no holidays,
No respite days of rest.
Each call they take, each street they see
May be their greatest test.
A life to save, a wrong to right,
The worst reveals the best.
Humanity must honor these
By whom our days are blest:
The EMTs, the firemen, and the policemen.

They are on call to keep us safe,
Each with his life defends;
They train to know their duties well,
For on them, much depends.
From city streets to village lanes,
Where e'er man's pathway wends,
Protecting us within our homes,
They are our surest friends:
The policemen, the EMTs, and the firemen.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, we needed to go with the flow on this one. Clever apt puzzle, Gail & Bruce! Thanks for giving us SUMPing good to come to every Monday & Tuesday, Argyle! (Stop groaning!)

Edited before EMENDS.

I'm pretty SMUG about spelling CIAO right the first -- never happened before.

I wish the word FATIGUE were not in my vocabulary.

Happy Birthday, Gary.

Hope all our Floridians wake up to sunshine and rainbows. What a night for that whole state! I was watching the weather channel with intermittent naps. Looks like my niece with two toddlers in an Orlando suburb may have been pounded. My other niece and nephew in the panhandle may have got very little rain. Anxious to hear from them and our Cornerites. I know patience is necessary with so many without power.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This puzzle seemed a bit cruel after our friends in Florida and the Houston area have literally been flooded out and will be WATERLOGGED for some time to come.

I stumbled a bit with 1-Across and 1-Down. The "C" in COST and CONS was the last letter to fall.

Not sure I have ever eaten a SKOR, but it makes its appearance frequently in the puzzles.

I hope our Florida contingent will let us know how they fared as soon as they can. The images from the storm were frightening.

QOD: Inject a few raisins of conversation into the tasteless dough of existence. O. Henry (nรฉ William Sydney Porter, Sept. 11, 1862 ~ June 5, 1910).

inanehiker said...

Creative puzzle for a Monday - though WEES about an insensitive pick after Harvey's destruction and now Irma. Glad Irma has been downgraded but still could result in more flooding and wind problems as it heads up to Georgia and SC and a lot of people will need power restored - continuing prayers for them all!

@Hatoolah - SKOR tastes a lot like a Heath Bar - it's just skinnier and longer - but both yummy if you like toffee- I crumble those on top of a cake I make!

Thanks Gail, Bruce and Argyle!
and Happy birthday HG- hope you have a wonderful day!

Hungry Mother said...

Very quick and easy. We're a bit worried about our home in Naples, but we'll have to be patient about finiding out about damage.

Northwest Runner said...

The Italian doctor liked the looks of the blood test, so he said buona sera Paulo!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Gary. Best wishes.

Liked the theme, but wondered if a better reveal could have been thought of. We don't think of BAYS, SOUNDS, OR STRAITS as "saturated". Full of water; yes. Something like: "where 34d can occur, or 63d can transit" would be better IMO.
Good job nevertheless. Fun start to the week.
LST - Did I ever tell you about circumnavigating Catalina Island continuously over 4 days on an LST?
SICKBAY - We had one. Staffed by one corpsman, an HM2. He was good at his job and no one hesitated going to him if needed. During General Quarters, our wardroom became the 'hospital', and the HM2 would man his battle station swiftly in full battle gear, and take his position on the sofa.
EBB - I grew up hearing about Ebbe und Flut (ebb and flood tide) from my Mom. Strange since she was raised in an inland district midway between the North and Baltic Seas.

Hope our Florida correspondents are all safe.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Thanks to Gail and Bruce for a fairly quick solve and Argyle for guiding us along.
Prescience, indeed with this theme. No trouble solving it with the exception of the NE corner: I had Come for COST which made SOWN /Mown so was scratching my head at 4D which looked like this: EES_BAN. I didn't know SYNTH but finally the light bulb came on and I figured it out. I'm blaming it on FATIGUE ( woke up exhausted yesterday and it's lingering today)

Had Amends/EMENDS and PROAMS and SUZY were gotten via perps.

I watched a 24 hour NEWSCHANNEL all day yesterday. Those reporters were WATER LOGGED. I keep thinking of the people interviewed Friday or Saturday night in Key Largo who refused to DEPART and wondered if they had a BACK UP PLAN. The CNN reporter who talked to them before the storm, went back yesterday and the bar where they were partying at was completely destroyed.

Hungry Mother- hope all is well with your home in Naples. My mother and father in law also have a winter home there but I don't know if they've heard anything about the condition of it yet. They are here in Cincinnati (thankfully) but scheduled to return next month.
Hope all in FL are safe and our cornerites can post soon to let us know how they're doing.

OwenKL- thank you for posting that poem and the reminder of the lives lost on 9/11. I agree that today should be a holiday to remember them by.

Happy Birthday, Husker Gary! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆThanks for all you do here at the blog- your wit and insight are a treat ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Off to the doctor for my monthly orthopedic checkup.
CIAO! Hope everyone has a great day

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, Husker!

The winter formal dance in my high school was called a Senior Soirรฉe.
I rarely eat candy, but my favorite has been a SKOR bar. Alas, they are no longer available in any of my stores. I did find one in a convenience store on my wat to NM this summer and truly enjoyed it.

I'm babysitting teenage grandkids this week. Interesting experience.

Stay safe,


Husker Gary said...

-A long day yesterday as Joann’s mother became confused in a grocery store and we had to go get her. Tough decisions await.
-Bruce and Gail’s fun/timely puzzle was a nice respite
-Almanac tidbit – Even I knew _ A_ _ wasn’t plural DATA
-Cousin told me last week that the Kentucky branch of my family tree married into the Hatfield/McCoy FUED
-In 1979, St. Louis Cardinal Garry Templeton did not go to the All Star Game and said, “If I ain’t startin’, I ain’t DEPARTIN’”
-A great PP&M song(2:57) that has the word SOWN in the first line
-Gotta start what may be a long day on my 9/11 birthday. I appreciate your good wishes!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday Husker Gary, and good day to all!

Quick and easy solve today, though I didn't notice the theme until GEORGE STRAIT. I always enjoy Gail and Bruce's puzzles. Thank you for your faithful Monday morning guidance, Argyle.

I hope all Floridian Cornerites are safe. Do check in if you can. Best wishes to all!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

Of course there was no newspaper delivery today, and doing the xword puzzle, while a welcome diversion, was not foremost in my mind.

A brief summary from just north of West Palm Beach ... we got Cat 1 wind bursts and sustained winds of about 70 mph yesterday. My condo - or "bunker", as I now call it - held up fine, and I never really felt the wind, though it whistled fairly loudly when the wind shifted after Irma made landfall in SW FL. How sad I feel for my former neighbors in the Ft Myers/Naples area, where I lived for 6 years. My power is back on, and I'll just have some minor repairs and cleanup.

I hope Tin, WC, Lemony, and all the other FL Cornerites were as fortunate as I. Thanks for your thoughts (and prayers).

Happy Birthday Husker Gary; many happy returns.

Thanks Owen for reminding us about 9/11 and sharing the poem

Of course, it wouldn't be very Moe-like if I didn't have a little ditty to share. I tried to keep a sense of humor, through the events of the past few days, with my punny limericks....

Irma came, and she showed us, with ease,
Just how much these storms do as they please.
My heart aches now for those
Who were dealt Irma's blows;
But today, can't we just, shoot the breeze?

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning!

I thought today was officially Patriot Day. In communities here, bells toll every year. . . .

Happy Birthday, Gary! Thanks for your many explications and daily insights. Enjoy your day.

Thanks, Gail and Bruce. Nice day for me after doing Friday and Saturday yesterday. My favorite was Pen Occupants. I started with pigs, hogs, and sows. When I found COST, I thought it must be cows. Umm, no. Ah, that pen! In Illinois, that where we house our Governor CONS!!!

I am anxious to hear from friends about their Florida homes. Luckily, most of them are safe here as they are snowbirds. Actually, that's a nutty term. I am a snowbird because I winter here--like a cardinal.

Have a good day, everyone.

Avg Joe said...

Just wanted to check in with a Tin report. I have talked to him, but he doesn't think he'll have access to a computer today, so he asked that I let you know.

Villa Incognito has survived without damage. He lost power for "one second" on two occasions. His biggest problem now is figuring out what to do with the extra supplies of Scotch and Rum that he stocked up on before the storm.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Gail & Bruce for another Monday with Crunch - not soggy at all. I wanted pigs for a bit @1d which COST me some time.

Thanks Argyle for the expo... SUMPs needed indeed.


Fav: TBD

{A-,A} //bows head//

Happy Birthday HG!

HungryMother - Here's hoping that your Naples home is OK. Glad to know you are.

C.Moe - Glad to hear you're OK

Ave Joe - Thank you for the Tin report; alas if he only had ICE for all that scotch :-)

Cheers, -T

Bill Graham said...

Hi everybody. I enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks Gail, Bruce and Argyle.

Happy Birthday Gary! Best wishes for you, Joann and her mother.

I'm hoping everybody near Irma's path is OK. Good luck!

I'm remembering 9/11 and all of the brave helpers. Thank you!

PK said...

Avg Joe & Moe: thanks for the reports. We'll all feel better.

I heard from my SIL that her two "kids" that live between Panama City & Pensacola just got a little wind and rain early this morning. I'm waiting to hear about my niece who lives NE of Orlando. Looked like they were getting hit last night. She has two little kids and a nice husband. I've spent a lot of time looking at my Atlas trying to make sense of what was on the weather channel. I have friends in Jacksonville that I haven't talked to in several years. Will have to give them a shout.

PK said...

Gary, did your MIL have a TIA/little stroke?

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Bruce & Gail, for an easy Monday.... not my favorite word, though: WATERLOGGED!

Thanks, Argyle, for the write-up.

HG - Happy Birthday!

And, hope and pray for all the Cornerites in Irma's path. Glad we got good reports from some of you!

Bill Graham said...

Say Hungry Mother, did you know there is a state park in Virginia called Hungry Mother State Park? When I was a kid, my father took us camping near there.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another Gail and Bruce fun romp to start the week. Hand up for Pigs>Hogs>Cons but I think that was my only w/o. I guess I wasn't totally focused on the puzzle as I never put the theme together until the reveal. Irma overload, maybe.

Thanks, Gail and Bruce, for an easy, breezy solve and thanks, Argyle, for the succinct summary.

Happy Birthday, HG, and many more! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿพ I hope all is well with Joann's mom.

Avg Joe, thanks for relaying the good news about Tin. I'm sure he'll come up with a solution for the excess Scotch and Rum without too much brain-storming! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

C-Moe, glad to hear you're fine and relatively unscathed. I hope we hear the same report from Lem and Wilber.

Hungry Mother (and CED), hope your homes escaped any serious damage.

Owen, thank you for your eloquent tribute on this sad and solemn day of remembrance.

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Gary! And happy birthday to my granddaughter who is 21 today.

Thanks to Gail and Bruce who always entertain. Parsing PRO-AMS gave me fits for a while until a big V-8 can hit me. The water bodies filled nicely and even some DEW got in there.

I also started with PIG until COST cleared it up. I guess the Marx brothers made up their own nicknames and I always thought their parents had a strange sense of humor.

Thank you, Argyle, for your attention to detail. I thought ARB would be arbiters.

That's a beautiful tribute.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Lucina said...

I'm glad to hear from some of our Florida contingent and to know that Tin is all right. What a dilemma he has!

SwampCat said...

Easy but interesting Tuesday. Thanks, Gail and Bruce.

Happy happy, Gary, and thanks for all you do for all of us.

I'm so relieved to hear from our Florida contingent that so far they have all escaped without major complications. I'm not going to worry much about Tin's new problem. Do let us know about the rest of you.

Owen, we needed your eloquence today. And I agree we need a holiday to remember them.

SwampCat said...

Boo L, FLN, I'm glad to,hear from you. Stay dry!

Anonymous T said...

TBD'd fav 'cuz there was so much fun in the grid... EENY meeny miney MOE.
CHEAPO over LOAN seemed APT. SYNTH juxtaposed with BIG BAND is funny (in my head). I liked SUMP xing BACKUP PLAN [think about that 2x - it's funny!] and you can't DEBATE BAHA Men were one-hit-wonders...
All this pondering for Fav and I'm going w/ my 1st thought... I really like the pretentious-sounding SOIREE. Thanks again G&B.

Lem, WC - we're waiting to hear 'here' here.

Cheers, -T

Bill Graham said...

Lucina, tell your granddaughter she's getting Happy Birthday wishes from California too!

Yellowrocks said...

I've just got a few minutes.
I wish you a very happy birthday, Gary. Thanks for all you do. I love your witty, informative blogging.
I am glad to hear that some of our Florida Cohort are okay. I am hoping to hear good news from the others soon. My thoughts are with all in trouble.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun Monday CW. Thanks Gail and Bruce, and Argyle.

Hand up for thinking of Pig before CON.
Unknowns filled in by perps included ARB, LST (I should know by now).
Now I have a Beach Boys earworm with 13D.

Glad to hear re safety from C Moe and Tin (thanks Avg Joe). Hope others are OK.

Thanks Owen for your "First Responders".

Happy Birthday Husker Gary.
Happy Birthday (from Canada) to your granddaughter, Lucina.


Jayce said...

Nice puzzle. Hand up for pigs>cows>cons. For some reason I remember Suzy Parker. Lemonade used to call Marti the divine Miss M.

Happy birthday wishes to you, Gary. I agree with what C.C. and others have said about you. May Joann's mother be all right.

Owen, thanks for the poem.

Northwest Runner, good one.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Bill and CanadianEH! That is so thoughtful and I'll pass along your good wishes.

PK said...

Lucina, birthday wishes to your granddaughter. How is she enjoying her new apartment?

Heard from my #2 SIL that my niece in Orlando suburb is all right. They didn't even lose electricity although the neighborhood next to theirs was without. Their screened pool surround collapsed, but needed replacing anyway. SIL said her daughter was calm and not worried beforehand. SIL was a nervous wreck in Colorado.

Misty said...

I love seeing a Gail and Bruce puzzle on a Monday morning and found this one a delight. Lots of unknowns for me, but they're set in with ones that are familiar, and so no problem at all--I got the whole thing readily! My only erasure, ironically, was having to replace ERASED with EMENDED. Lots of fun, and a great Argyle expo, as always.

Owen, I was very moved by your poetic tribute to First Responders.

Hungry Mother, I hope your home is okay, and I too am praying for our Floridian bloggers and others in the storm and rain paths.

Happy birthday, Husker Gary--lovely picture of a sweet couple.

Have a great week, everybody!

Lucina said...

Thank you! Gabrielle is doing surprisingly well on her own living with one of her girlfriends. When I went to see her Thursday, she was cooking dinner for them and seemed well organized. The day after she moved, I took her shopping for groceries and kitchen utensils. We all know how many gadgets are needed in the kitchen so between Goodwill and the Dollar Tree store, she is well supplied!

Owen, I was also moved by your tribute to the 9/11 responders. You thought of them all and offered rightful praises to them.

Pat said...

Thank you, Gail and Bruce for the fun start to the week! I forgot to look for the theme, thanks Argyle.

Orb/SPH, Erased/EMENDS, Lite/LEAN, otherwise pretty easy.

Glad to hear the our Floridians have survived the storm. Hope the ones who haven't checked in are also OK. How is the recovery going in Texas?

Happy Birthday, H-G. Hope it's a great day! Lucina, Happy Birthday to the young lady!

In the past I've linked items from my Facebook page. I have learned that you have to have a FB account to see things so I've uploaded some videos to You Tube. Hopefully this link will work. Shelter dogs

Have a great week!

Michael said...

Dear Husker G, our man in Nebraska:

Thanks -- I think -- for the PP&M link. The problem is that YouTube places those enticing links alongside, and I click on one link, which leads me to another song I haven't heard in decades, which leads onward to the Missing Hour(s)!

Let us pray that this fall will be calm for all ... we've had enough weather!

Montana said...

Glad to hear good news from FL & TX. May recovery be swift and complete.

Hotshot firefighters from Oklahoma are headed to Montana to help with fires. Also, FEMA agreed to help with 2 (out of 38 active) fires this weekend. Residents are able to return to 439 evacuated, but saved, homes today. Hundred of others are still displaced.

Rain and SNOW, above 6500' are forecast for the weekend. That will help the firefighters.
There are only 1 million people in my whole state, so I guess our disasters are 'small' compared to Houston and Florida, but there's still devastation.


AnonymousPVX said...

A very nice, straightforward, well constructed and well clued Monday puzzle.

Yes, I'm in a good mood as I just got my power back here in SC Lowcountry. It was only out for a couple hours, I thought for sure it'd be out until tomorrow. Well....I guess it's not over yet, so I'll keep a good thought.

AnonymousPVX said...

Also....I don't think a 9/11 holiday would be what you'd expect, unless the idea of a "9/11 Sale Shop Early" doesn't want to make you throw up.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks and applause to the Grabowski/Venzke team for a solid Monday pzl!
And to Argyle for an equally solid response!
Today's Ta-DA! was not just a bland cake walk. It required a bit of thinking. In a few places, the ol' walnut was tested. Much appreciated.
My only quibble with the cluing was with 48A. I suppose many a braggart has said those words, but they must be more typical of the defensive schoolyard victim trying to re-gain a modicum of respect.
Whenever I think of a classic bully/vic situation I recall those old "Charles Atlas" ads in comic books. You know, where the beefy bully kicks sand at the skinny underdeveloped scarecrow? In response, the scrawny kid becomes a phys.ed. aspirant! He hatches a scheme (with Mr. Atlas's aid, of course!) to develop his bod. I can still "hear" his thought bubble screaming, "I CAN SO!" on his way to retribution vs. the bully. (But first a stop in front of the mirror!)

A minor point, to be sure. But I enjoyed raising it.

Wishing continued good luck to Floridians as Irma finishes her damnable work with them and spins up into neighboring Southern states. My brother in W. Palm Beach survived the worst of it, but sadly some others did not.
The human toll was terrible in the Caribbean islands. We haven't got a fatality count from Cuba yet, but I suspect that's where the worst havoc was experienced. I saw reports that parts of Cuba were smacked with fully 160mph winds! It seems Cuba broke the back of Irma prior to her reaching Florida, at great cost. Flooding in some Cuban areas has far exceeded anything elsewhere.

tawnya said...

Greetings all!

How odd to have a puzzle about water when all we've been talking about for two weeks is water! I know it can take a long time for puzzles to go from submission to print, but how far in advance are they submitted? If Rich submits one today, when will it get printed?Random questions, I know, but I am curious.

Well done, as usual, Gail and Bruce! And thanks for the write up, A!

HBD, HG :)

There was a whole lot of music in this puzzle, which is just fine with me.

I don't know a bunch of Country songs, but I've always like this George Strait

My grandparents loved Big Band and I fell in love with it when it made a comeback a bit ago. You and Me (and the Bottle Makes Three) by Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
Jump Jive an Wail by the oh-so-talented Brian Setzer Orchestra

ELO is so frequent that they never get any links (same with ABBA). Just so you know, I sing this song loud and proud (and sound like cats fighting) because I love it that much. Sweet Talkin' Woman

I'm so relieved to see that our FLA friends are doing well. If Tin needs help getting rid of some stock, I'm sure I could find some eager assistants! One friend of mine is a firefighter in the Keys and she is safe (they stayed to take care of the stubborn residents that refused to leave). Another friend in Tampa has also checked in safe. Waiting for Facebook updates from a few others. I'm grateful for social media - makes it so much easier to check on people without tying up the phone lines.

Owen - your poem is magnificent. Thank you for sharing.

Happy Monday,


TX Ms said...

HG, hope today was a fun and special one - Happy Birthday!

Like the others, I will be so glad to see the last of Irma! Relieved that Tinbeni is okay and only has an overstock of scotch and rum problem. It's just heartbreaking to see most of Florida devastated. Glad to see that Brock Long is head of FEMA - I'm sure he'll be a vast improvement over "heckuvajob" Mike Brown.

IT experts out there, please help! I've always used Chrome (Yahoo), but now the majority of everything I type is red-underlined. Spent an hour trying to find "spell checker" options (a no-go at A&T Yahoo email) - even as I type this I get underlining, although I think there are no misspellings. Thanks for any help y'all can give.

TX Ms said...

IT experts, never mind :-) Duh squared!!! Though I checked my "Settings" several times, I didn't see the "Advanced" option way at the bottom. Clicked on that, then Language, and I saw that "Spanish" was selected as "spell checker." I wonder if that setting was auto-changed yesterday when I clicked on a side news article (English), and it opened with the Spanish version (what?). Yes, I am one dangerous oldster with a computer! This has been driving me crazy the last two days.

OwenKL said...

AnonymousPVX said... I don't think a 9/11 holiday would be what you'd expect, unless the idea of a "9/11 Sale Shop Early" doesn't want to make you throw up.

If it was intended as a memorial day for those who died, like "Patriots Day", I'd agree with you. But if it were celebrating heroes, I'd be okay with it. Especially sales on fire extinguishers, home security systems, and first-aid kits!

TXMs: I think I scared the cat guffawing at your problemo!

Anonymous T said...

TxMs - I was going to suggest checking your dictionary... A few years ago I changed my dictionary to UK English to review documents from our Aberdeen office. I forgot to change it back and, like C, Eh!, it kept correcting my color :-)

PVX - Yeach! But you're right - stores would turn 9/11 into some kind of demented back-to-school sale (for the "extra" list the school passes-out on Day-2). //actually, OKL posted a reasonable idea for the "sale" items while I was drafting.

OMK - LOL the Atlas ad. I remember it - it was still in the back of magazines in the late 70's along w/ X-Ray Specs.

Tawnya - would it surprise you to learn I have both Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's and Brian Setzer's CDs? Big Bad's music is actually quite dark even though it's upbeat. Ooh, you forgot SKA (Mighty Mighty Bosstones).

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Hello everyone. I had a lengthy post that disappeared and then ran low on my smart phone battery.

I took the high road and got out of Sun City. My son Phil was monitoring the storm and strongly urged: "Evac!".

I'm glad Tin survived and then some. Apparently, Irma pulled a little trick at the last minute. The big trick was the breadth of the storm. I headed North then after looking at storm maps decided east was best.

There were no hotel rooms and precious little gas. We ended up in Beaufort SC where Irma's tail whipped through Monday.

But.... No TBTimes, no printed xwords for my faithful pen. So I used Argyle's excellent write-up of the apt waterlogged theme.

Owen, I read your 9/11 tribute twice now. And your l'icks were great too. Lucina, I'm glad your granddaughter has settled in so smoothly.

YR, have you thought of my music idea for Alan?

C-Moe, I'm glad that"breezy" Irma spared you.

Thanks all for thinking of me. Now, to get back to SCC and assess the damage.


I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. Oh, HBD Gary.

4 o'clock guy said...

Not much time for a crossword puzzle during the aftermath of Irma. The Tampa Times added some difficulty by failing to print what would have been the last line of clues. So 69. across was incomplete as was down clues 28 & 47, with 63 down omitted. But they did manage a complete 9/11 paper which I find incredible.