Apr 16, 2018

Monday April 16, 2017 Jake Braun

 Theme: OUT (70A. One of an inning's three, which can follow the first word of 17-, 29-, 47- and 63-Across)

17A. Angling method using hand-tied lures: FLY FISHING. Flyout.

29A. One doing the Electric Slide, e.g.: LINE DANCER. Lineout.

47A. Hamburger meat: GROUND BEEF. Ground out.

63A. Beatles' Shea Stadium performance, e.g.: POP CONCERT. Pop-out.

Boomer here.

Hello from Minnesota, where a blizzard of all blizzards took place on APRIL 14! For all of you crossword lovers, The weather center has named our storm XANTO.  I have no idea what the significance could be, buy the clue will be "Name of the blizzard that plagued Minnesota in April of 2018"  Needless to say there were no Flyouts, Line-outs, Ground outs, or Pop-outs at Target Field.  Major League baseball made a mistake to start scheduling games North this early I'm afraid. 


1. Sounds showing revelation: AHS. First part of a sneeze

4. Actress Winger: DEBRA. Loved Officer and a Gentleman "Up where we belong".

9. Beer, casually: BREW. I think Milwaukee got part of this storm.  Maybe the shovels were out at Miller Park also.

13. Speedy shark: MAKO.

15. Bars between wheels: AXLES.

16. Travel aimlessly: ROVE.

19. Bar orders: ALES. Maybe, but I never heard anyone in a bar say "Bartender, give me an ale"

20. City recaptured from ISIL by Iraq in 2017: MOSUL.

21. Sincerely: IN EARNEST.

23. Hunk of concrete: SLAB. I would say a slab is bigger than a hunk.

25. Tic-tac-toe diagram: GRID.  Three Os would be three splits in a row, Three X's is a turkey

26. Memorization technique: ROTE. My thought was Kyle Rote,  running back for the NY Giants.  We shared the same birth date, (But he was 20 years older than I)

34. Brian of ambient music: ENO.

35. DDE's WWII command: ETO. I remember President Eisenhower.  I cannot imagine the difficulty or persevering through World War II.

36. Renter's document: LEASE.

37. Stinging comment: BARB. Also the name of my older sister, born on April 14.

39. Complains: CARPS. Could be the plural of a Minnesota rough fish, although fish plural never seems to have an "S".

42. Like the Magi: WISE.  We three kings of Orient are ....

43. What the beverage cart blocks: AISLE. For sure!  Try not to need to use the restroom while the beverages are being served.

45. Sellout letters: SRO.

46. Brit. pilots' squad: RAF.  Seem to be a lot of three letter acronyms (TLAs) in this puzzle.

50. Beach or Backstreet follower, in music: BOYS.  I favor "Beach" "Round, round get around.."

51. At any point: EVER.

52. Subway charge: FARE. The only Subways we have in Minnesota sell sandwiches.

54. Mark McGwire rival: SAMMY SOSA. I was a fan, but these two guys really gave baseball bad reviews with PEDs (a three letter acronym) and corked bats.  Their cheating reduced the value of their baseball cards.

58. IHOP handouts: MENUS.

62. Furthermore: ALSO.

65. Casino card game: FARO. Mostly European, I do not believe the game is available for play in Las Vegas, but I heard they have an old Faro table on display at the Tropicana.

66. Steinbeck migrants: OKIES.  The most famous OKIE I know is Ron Gardenhire, who now manages the pitcherless Tigers of Detroit.

67. Jekyll's alter ego: HYDE.

68. Little League airer: ESPN. I like to watch those Williamsport battles.

69. Nervous: TENSE. 


1. Bedside toggle switch: AM FM.

2. Angel's overhead circle: HALO.  Also a lighting company that supplied the track lighting in our home.

3. "The __ the limit!": SKY'S. Where do you put the apostrophe in the crossword grid ?

4. Prosecutors: Abbr.: DAS.

5. Prosecutor's first piece of evidence: EXHIBIT A.

6. Russian pancake: BLIN. I think in the US we call these crepes

7. Back out: RENEGE. This used to be a CARDinal sin in a bridge game

8. Home of primary 30-Down gods: ASGARD. 30. Like Odin and Thor: NORSE. Also like Ole and Sven.

9. Fresh from the factory: BRAND NEW.

10. Part in a play: ROLE.

11. Nights before: EVES.

12. __ Virginia: WEST. Adam _____ who played Batman.

14. Handy: OF USE.

18. Down with the flu: ILL.

22. Yemeni money: RIAL.

24. Knighted Guinness: ALEC. I only remember him in "Bridge on the River Kwai".  I think he received an Academy award for that Role.

26. Pack again, as groceries: RE-BAG.

27. "We're live!" studio sign: ON AIR.

28. Human trunk: TORSO.

31. Egypt's capital: CAIRO.

32. Op-ed piece, say: ESSAY.

33. Often submerged shipping dangers: REEFS.

38. Lunar symbol for a very long time: BLUE MOON. Dip da dip da dip

40. Books' opening sections: PREFACES.

41. Couch: SOFA.

44. Green-eyed monster: ENVY. This clue reminds me of the left field wall at Fenway.

48. Absolute ruler: DESPOT.

49. Actress Shields: BROOKE.

50. Tree that sounds like a summer vacation spot: BEECH. I think this tree had nuts that were made into gum.

53. Pres. pardoned by Ford: RMN.

54. Jewelry protector: SAFE.  I think this follows this crossword theme.  "What Rickey Henderson was while stealing?  (And young Twin Byron Buxton).

55. "Sadly ... ": ALAS.

56. Car sticker fig.: MSRP. At least this acronym is four letters.  And with apologies to auto dealers, Why is the MSRP always about $5000 high ?

57. Whirl around: SPIN.

59. "So Sick" R&B artist: NEYO.

60. Pakistani language: URDU.

61. "Cancel that deletion": STET. Add "SON" and you have a hat or cologne

64. Sugar suffix: OSE. I have to watch my GlucOSE daily


Notes from C.C.:

1) Husker Gary has been updating the Corner map. Please just bookmark this link. Then click on the map to enlarge. If you have the direct Corner map link marked, just highlight the address in the top URL bar, then hit "Enter", this way the map will be automatically updated.

2) Dear Santa now has a desktop computer installed in his rehab place, so he might pop in the blog Comments section any minute. Welcome back, Santa!


D4E4H said...

A Merry Monday to you, and you, and you, Cornerites.

- - Thank you Mr. Jake Braun for this Easy Peasy Breezy Monday CW which I FIR in 17:49.

- - Thank you Argyle. Oh wait, it's Boomer. Thank you sir for pinch hitting for the slugger while he is on the DL, and thank you for your fine review.

- - Argyle, I look forward with anticipation to your first "post op" post. I pray that you are progressing well in rehab.

- - YR, I pray that Alan responds to his meds, and his problems ease.

- - 66A - - "the pitcherless Tigers," are they like the self driving Uber cars? Do they Ball "Park" themselves?

- - 67A - - HYDE, here comes Jekyll!


OwenKL said...

FIWrong, on a Monday¡ And not just one cell, but 5 of them¡ Oh, the ignominy¡ I had FLYcaStING, and was so sure of it that I didn't even consider changing it, even tho I couldn't make anything out of Oc_SE for handy. aiL fit 18d just fine, and I just didn't notice EXtIBIT A¡ ("OF USE" was a stretch from the clue, even after I finally parsed it, but that shouldn't be an excuse.)

The theme was a bit shaky, too. I'm not a baseball fan, heaven knows, but I do recognize phrases FLY ball, LINE drive, GROUND ball, and POP fly, but never heard FLY OUT, LINE OUT, GROUND OUT, or POP OUT as baseball terms. Also, there's probably not a person here who didn't note that an inning has six (6) outs, not three.

WISE men may ROVE far and wide for a BREW,
The ultimate suds, with a taste that is true!
But find it, they'll hail
That exquisite ALE!
OUT-done by nothing (except pure mountain dew!)

Mr. HYDE went out to dine.
It was, in fact, at dinner time.
A SLAB of raw BEEF
And potent scotch, neat --
That MENU left Dr. Jekyll supine!

DEBRA went FLY FISHING for MAKO shark.
She had to do it in cover of dark.
On her island, the men
Thought a woman should tend
To filleting their catch, from tuna to CARP!

OwenKL said...

{A, A-, B.}

D4E4H said...

Today's Paraprosdokian is also a senryu:

- - Is the age of forty
Of a beautiful woman.

Sheldor AFK


desper-otto said...

Brrrrrrr. Hey, it's April 16th, why do we still have the furnace on? Unheard of, absurd!

Everything's Jake this morning, no Wite-Out in sight...well, very little...I had to change SUDS to BREW. Thanx, Jake and Boomer.

BRAND NEW: Amazon priced the Paper-White 1/3 off this weekend. It'll arrive tomorrow. The touch-screen on my ancient Kindle is pock-marked with cat claw punctures; time for an upgrade.

ALEC: The first time I re-saw Bridge On The River Kwai, probably in the '70s, I was shocked to learn that it was Alec Guinness and not David Niven in that role. Faulty memory.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR with no erasures. I think pop out, etc. are common baseball terms, especially in past tense. "Now up is Jinx. he popped out to the shortstop in the first, grounded out to center in the fourth, and was hit by a pitch and immediately picked off in the seventh."

Did anyone know NEYO? Thanks perps. I'll bet lots of people knew the Electric Slide, but to me it sounded like something Jimi Hendrix (who I saw live in a POP CONCERT in Cincinnati) perfected.

Reefs aren't really a problem to navigation these days, unless one loses steerage or terrible weather blows the vessel onto one. (OK, there are idiots that don't use charts or GPS, but Darwin keeps their numbers small). The worst hazard these days are the hundreds of shipping containers lost overboard by the big ships every year. Dangerous to other ships and deadly to yachts.

Boomer, Barb and Pete Rose share a birthdate. Thanks for another fine job of filling in. And thanks to Jake for a fun easy puzzle.

Unknown said...

Smooth Monday puzzle with thanks to Jake for its construction and to Boomer for the tour through the grid. Glad to see Argyle up and about (which apparently I pronounce as "aboot" to ears south of the US/Canadian border), and look forward to his return to the Corner.

49D, Actress Shields, could have been clued as: Canadian golfer who just won this past weekend in Hawaii, BROOKE Henderson. Given that we're now living through the storm that passed through Boomer's backyard on the weekend, I really, really wish I'd been in Hawaii to witness BROOKE's win first-hand, it is some miserable outside. Thousands are without power here thanks to the high winds and freezing rain, but I'm snug as a bug, although I do feel like curling up in the fetal position to wait for a spring that is reticent to blossom here.

A great day to all....

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning, all.

Thanks, Jake, for a successful start to the week. I fared well after a couple of false starts, such as trio for WISE men. A nice baseball theme. The longer fills came pretty easily and made for fast perps.

Boomer, thank you for your sub work. Nicely done. Informative and witty. Sosa OUT and McGwire OUT! Oh, that's not part of the theme. How about yesterday's Cub game? Freezing rain OUT. MLB has what it needs to pay exorbitant salaries--a season so long it begins and ends with winter ball. The Cubs won in 2016 on November 2--the frost was on the pumpkin.

Argyle--feel better. As part of your rehab, get those fingers limbered up for typing!

Have a sunny day.

Mark S said...

Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s cw. Could someone explain 71 a —-terrible time? Twos.



SwampCat said...

Mark S, children at the age of two are said to be in their "Terrible Twos" because of perceived misbehavior. As a nursery school teacher I always thought it should be Terrific Twos because they are so active and inquisitive. Yes, that makes them hard to handle, but they are little sponges, soaking in knowledge at a rate greater than at any other age.

Today's puzzle was also terrific for me. Speed run with lots of smiles. I loved ENO and ETO. Beach BOYS and BEECH trees. Thanks, Jake.

Boomer, fun expo. Thanks for your extra duty. Argyle, we miss you. Glad you are back on line.

Owen, all three were great! Good catch at the six outs per inning. Guess you could justify the THREE because each side has three OUTS in an inning.

Stay safe all you in the storms.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed through. Had to use the LAT site because Cruciverb is snoozing today.

It’s plum wintry outside, thoroughly depressing after the warm sunny spring day that was Friday. This has been an unkind change of seasons.

Our local indie cinema is offering Finding Your Feet at the moment; I recommend it!

Morning Argyle, I look forward to your new debut. We’re pulling for you!

Howdy Boomer, thanks for ‘splaining.

Yellowrocks said...

I liked this quick early week puzzle. My Mets are first in the NL East. I root that they don't fly out, line out, ground out or pop out very often.
Swamp Cat, I didn't find the two's terrible, either. I love preschool and kindergarten children, so enthusiastic and ready to learn.
We are in love with West Virginia's beautiful scenery and have spent a week there during each of more than 40 summers. I prefer mountains, lakes and forests to the beach.
We order ales in bars, but by brand name. On the second round, you can just ask for another ale.
I hear brewski more than brew as a name for beer.
NEYO was all peprs.
In this metropolitan, polyglot area we often find BLINI, as well as crepes. It is wonderful to see all the different cuisines and ingredients available here.
SLAB/HUNK is okay by me. I hear both slab of bread and hunk of bread. Not elegant, but real.
When Alan was born my neighbor's toddler wanted to see my "brandy new baby."
Thanks, Bill G. and Dave 4, for the encouragement. It is hard to believe Alan's condition returned. He is asking me several times a day what he can do to feel better. There is nothing, other than wait for the medicine to kick in.
We are having a hard chilly rain today. I am so glad it is not sleet or snow. Sorry for you Midwesterners with your snow and Boomer and CC in MN with your blizzard.

Husker Gary said...

-I remember watching Twins baseball indoors before they decided to get those OUTS outdoors again
-Winger had a fling with with our Nebraska governor in the 80’s
-NBA teams are finally playing IN EARNEST now the playoffs have started
-Very funny MAGI humor!
-Sammy and Mark’s pharmacologically enhanced HR battle is given credit for saving baseball after the previous year’s strike
-The MSRP takes a real hit when you drive that BRAND NEW vehicle off the lot
-We recently had NUBIA (site of Abu Sindel) here which is as far south in Egypt as CAIRO is north
-Did anyone else ever refer to a SOFA as a duofold (dufold)?
-My best memory of BROOKE
-Ford’s pardon of RMN was a good decision but gave Jimmy Carter the 1976 presidency
-Neither NEYO nor any other single/group will take over the country like The Beatles

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

As noted, this was an easy, breezy offering with a timely theme, although the "Spring" weather is certainly wreaking havoc with the baseball schedule. Only one w/o of Suds/Brew. (DO, we meet again!) Brews and Ales made a nice pair. It was also clever to have a ball player in the grid, especially the full name.

Thanks, Jake, for getting the week off to a good start and thanks, Boomer, for the colorful commentary.

FLN, so sorry to hear about Alan's condition, YR; I hope he (and you) bounces back quickly.

I finally watched "La La Land" last night. I almost turned it off after the first twenty minutes but I stuck with it and while I didn't love it, I enjoyed Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's performances. I particularly enjoyed the haunting melody that was played in several scenes.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice breezy intro, Boomer. Thank you.

My bottom strip of clues was missing due to a defective print run by the Paper. So I got OUT from perps, but not from cluing, so I missed OUT on the theme. Yes, I called and got a credit for today's paper.
Otherwise, no problems with the solve.
RAF - I served once with an RAF Group Captain at SACLANT in Norfolk. Good people.
DAS - Also the German neuter nominative definite article.
Wilbur Charles - FLN @ 2251. That's why I had EIS in caps to relate it to ICE; not inadvertant.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh.....Isn't Micky Mantle - from Commerce, Oklahoma, - a little more famous "Okie" than Ron Gardenhire? Just askin'....

Misty said...

Whew! I got it, I got it--but I had some tense moments with this not totally easy Monday puzzle. My biggest worry was that I first put CASE instead of SAFE for the jewelry holder, and so it took a while before the first name of SAMMY SOSA came to mind. Also hoped FARO was correct because I didn't know the car sticker figure. And my final moment of panic came with the reveal, since I didn't know NEYO, but figured the sports thing had to be OUT. So it all worked out in the end--Yay! Thanks Jake, for a tricky but ultimately doable puzzle even for non-sports folks like me. And Boomer, I always enjoy your write-ups.

Yellowrocks, I hope Alan feels better soon.

Santa, it would be wonderful to hear from you.

Have a great week, everybody.

JJM said...

Talk about stupidity. i chose this past weekend to revisit with my youngest both UW-Madison and UM before he decides on a school. Being a hockey Dad, I've driven in some bad snow storms before, but none like this. Got back to Chicago last night safe and sound. Incredible!

Picard said...

Yay Argyle! Welcome back!

Husker Gary: Thanks again for the map! Way cool!

A quick, easy solve today! Not a big sports fan, but those baseball terms were familiar to me. Hand up with Jinx and Yellowrocks NEYO utterly unknown! FARO also unknown. ASGARD only known from these puzzles.

In our American Jewish culture we call them BLINtzes. My mother used to make them for us with cheese inside.

I have quite a few REEF photos. But these at the Great Barrier REEF are my favorite because they include an aerial view.

Here are more REEF photos. Near the Pacific island of Palawan. Note we were diving in a ship that was wrecked on a REEF. I am guessing this was wrecked before GPS, but still not that old.

Somewhere I have photos at HYDE Park, but I would have to dig for them.

Once again here are a few photos of me in WEST VIRGINIA as a child.

I also have photos from the STEINBECK Center in Salinas, CA.

From yesterday:
Misty and BillG: thanks for shouting out your SoCal locations! We are in Santa Barbara, Misty.

Lucina: Way cool you got your students doing PAPIER MACHE masks formed with balloons.

D4E4H: Glad you enjoyed my Tucson TOAD photo. I did not understand the bit about the rats and how it connected with the TOADs.

Lucina said...

Since I know nothing about rappers or baseball this was almost a wash for me and I waited for the final O in OUT.

For me DEBRA Winger's most memorable role was in The Thornbirds. Did anyone see BROOKE Shields on crutches? She had knee surgery.

The Electric Slide has been part of almost every wedding I attended usually led by my daughter who is a talented dancer.

Roam before ROVE was my only erasure. D-O, I'm surprised you haven't upgraded to a liquid paper correction PEN which is so much easier to use than the wite-out brush.

Thank you, Boomer, for your breezy blogging. Funny, too.

Argyle, I look forward to your posting!

Have a special day, everyone! I am so sorry some of you are still experiencing rough winter weather!

desper-otto said...

Lucina, I did give up on the liquid with brush. Here's the Wite-Out I use now.

OwenKL said...

daveno and davenport
are the terms I grew up with in Portland, Oregon in the 50's. That may be the term you are looking for altho a google search does turn up Duo-fold sofa beds about 40 years earlier.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

A completely clean GRID today, as everything perped together; even when it came to "finding NEYO". An "OKIE" puzzle, with a witty recap. Thanks, Jake and Boomer. With all of this crazy weather, I'm glad you didn't try to give us a snow job ...

Speaking of weather, we got the tail end of the storm down here; 1-2" of rain in spots, but we needed it. Went from a high of 88 yesterday to a high of only 76 today. Nice and refreshing, I say ...

SO to Tinbeni with his BREW and ALES in the NE Corner

Boomer, re CARPS as a plural for carp (the fish), and you comment about no fish having an S at the end to denote multiple ones ... what about BASS???!!! ��

A Moe-ku AND a limerick today;

Millennial kids
Treated Dad to a fun night!

Marathoner's long day had begun
Buying shoes, from a talkative one.
He remarked to the clerk:
"I'm not really a jerk;
You'll excuse me, but I have to run."

CrossEyedDave said...

The internet was "OUT" of silly pics today,
So I am going with this...

Pat said...

Take 2. Previewed the first post and it disappeared. Fine puzzle, Jake B. Entertaining write-up, Boomer. Thank you, gentlemen, for your work.

FIW because of MOSeL, giving me OFeSE which made no sense but I couldn't see what it should have been.

suds/BREW and toll/FARE. Otherwise, a good Monday puzzle.

We missed the nasty winter storm and had rain all day yesterday. Today we're bouncing back and forth between rain and snow. Is this the problem a lot of us are having? Spring

YR, I hope Alan improves quickly.

Have a great Monday.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Anon; Johnny Bench too, among many others. That state is OK for baseball.

oc4beach said...

Nice Monday level with a couple of Wednesday clues from Jake. Boomer, who is battling to keep his head above the snow, took time out to take us "Out" to the ball game.

I was able to finish it in usual Monday time without Red Letters, but I did have to make a few changes based on the Perps which took care of my initial missteps. Like others, I had ROAM vs ROVE and I was probably the only one who had FLYCASTING vs FLYFISHING. Luckily NEYO was filled in before I got to the down clues since I had no idea who the R&B singer was. And when I got to the down clues ENO (another artist I know nothing about) filled in with perps.

We've had DDE's European Theater of Operations many times before, so that was a gimme. As a child (12) I got to shake Ike's hand at a small airport in central PA when he flew in to dedicate a chapel named after him at Penn State. His brother Milton was the President of the university at the time. Only a few local people knew he was coming and my Dad was one of them, so we went to the airport to watch him come in.

I was able to do yesterday's puzzle on paper with a lot of erasures while watching the ACM Awards show with my DW. Yea, I did it.

Thanks HG for adding me to the Blog Map.

Like others, we've had a lot of precipitation from this current storm, but it has been the liquid variety and the Weather Channel is only predicting some solid precip later tonight, but no accumulation. Sorry that Boomer, CC and our other Midwest and Northern friends in the US and Canada are getting solid precipitation and a lot of it. As I've said in other Blog posts - ENOUGH ALREADY.

Stay warm and dry everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, dreary, rainy day here.
Google is not much help with silly out pics,
(without posting cat videos, or LGBT Closets...)

Here is a possibly (bit of a stretch) Segway:
46a RAF + "OUT" theme.
(Sorry, but this needs an intro,)
(p.s. this painfully long intro is for a reason...)
My other passion, flying for the RAF in the Flight Simulation
IL2 Cliffs Of Dover, We were trying to set up a bombing mission
using 5 Bristol Blenheim bombers taking off in unison to drop bombs
on a factory in German held Calais. They had recently updated the Server
to make it a little more realistic by including engine warm up requirements.
(Realistic = pain in the ass!)
1st: manually turn on fuel cocks,
engage engine boost for faster warm up,
Set wheel chocks so you don't spin around on one engine,
start engine #1 @ 8% throttle, (less than 8% engine wont catch, more than 8 floods it)
Start engine #2
Switch to dual engine controls,
increase throttle to 11% on both engines,
Set elevator trim tabs for take off,
go to rear gunner position & set to engage (complicated but necessary)
go back to pilot position via the bomber position (necessary to keep the rear gunner engaged)
set maps for best magnification & plot course,
wait for the *&^%$%$ beastie to warm up...
open cowl flaps to 40% (or blow your engines)
Taxi into position behind leader on runway,
avoiding the runway light stanchions which will make you blow up if you hit them...

OK, so I did all that crap, & noticed that my rear gunner went back to sleep.
So I tried to wake him up when somebody yelled,
"Oh No! My Launcher crashed!"
(meaning they got kicked out of the game, and had no control of their plane...)

This is what I saw:

(best viewed in full screen on a 41" or bigger TV)

Tinbeni said...

Good job of the write-up Boomer.

Jake: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.
I enjoyed the baseball "OUT" theme.

No booze answers ... so "No Fave" today ... ALAS ...


Tinbeni said...

Geez ...

Totally forgot about the beer BREW and ALES in the NE corner.

Sooooo there were FAVES today.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Nice easy puzzle, thanks, Jake. Always witty, thanks, Boomer. Hi, Argyle, wavin' at you!

Had a few missteps: Aah, AHh, AHS. Oh, plural! ROam before ROVE. BLIN, I resisted thinking it should be BLINi. Didn't know NEYO or ASGARD, but got NORSE. Got the theme okay.

Can anyone still whistle the "Colonel Bogie March" from "Bridge on the River Kwai"? We went around whistling that theme song my entire HS senior year. I saw it at a drive-in in Gunnison, Colorado. Surprise, I can't whistle anymore.

For my younger son, terrible TWOS lasted until he got married. Such a dare devil so no surprise he became an USAF pilot.

We had cold spitting rain on Sat. which quit just before dark when my 17 yr. old grandson pulled into my driveway with pickup trouble. He lives 30 minutes south of here and was to meet a girl who lives 30 mins. north of here at a movie in my city. Girl came and picked him up. As he got in her car, I realized he was not wearing a coat, only a long-sleeved T-shirt. 26* weather. My son came two hours later with his wife's car on his flat-bed trailer. Car was exchanged for the pickup in my driveway. Son had been eating with friends away east, then drove to his business to get the trailer, then came up to my place. He was not in a good mood. Meanwhile grandson was 30 mins. north at the girl's house watching a movie -- too late for city movie. I was told he'd be back by 11 p.m. to pick up the car. I waited. 12:15 a.m. girl brings him back, he grabs the car keys from me and runs to the car, still with no coat. He tells me he has a 12:30 curfew which he'll make altho he had a 30 min. drive to do in 10 mins. I think that little romance will be short lived. Grandma's life will be shortened from worry. Cell phones are a great invention with teenagers tho.

PK said...

CED: Aren't you old enough by now to get an honorable discharge from the RAF? LOL!

desper-otto said...

CED, I think you forgot to remove your wheel chocks!

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday puzzle had a bit of crunch, nicely put together.

Wilbur Charles said...

I thought I'd CSO OMK with a diagonal solve. First kudos to Boomer, Owen and C-Moe. Six outs was the answer to the old trick question.

I liked that Magi joke. I think I'll mail it to my pastor.

My only WITE-OUT was SUDS. There's a tic-tac-toe clue with an odd answer . Anyone recall it?

Today was the anniversary of the SHEA doubleheader with Yanks and METS.

Re PEDS. Is it cheating to surgically enhance one's vision?

I have a"Monster" story but it's not the wall at Fenway but the 60s picher .

It's a little long . CC and Boomer might enjoy it.

But later


Lucina said...

That must be a new product, to me, anyway. But I believe the correction pen is easier still. It issues one drop of white-out at a time, just the right size for a grid cell, and dries fairly quickly. I still prefer pencil, though.

I am so sorry Alan has relapsed and hope his meds kick in quickly.

LOL at your descriptions but sorry it causes you grief. Fortunately, the do grow up sooner or later, some later, much later.

roy said...

The RAF is a squad? According to Wikipedia a squad consists of eight to fourteen people.

Lemonade714 said...

C.C., thank you for the Argyle update, HG for you charting work.
Jake a baseball intensive puzzle which I am sure pleased C.C. Gardenhire. managed the Minnesotan Twins for many years (where Boomer lives and watches baseball). There are many more famous people from Oklahoma in addition to the Mick and Johnny Bench.

Garth Brooks singer, Tulsa;
Gordon Cooper astronaut, Shawnee
Ralph Ellison writer, Oklahoma City
James Garner actor, Norman
Vince Gill singer, Norman
Chester Gould cartoonist, Pawnee
Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie singer, composer, Okemah
Paul Harvey broadcaster, Tulsa
Van Heflin actor, Walters
Tony Hillerman author, Sacred Heart
Ron Howard actor, director, Duncan
Reba McEntire singer, McAlester
Shannon Miller Olympic gymnast, Edmond
Bill Moyers journalist, Hugo
Daniel Patrick Moynihan N.Y. senator, Tulsa
Patti Page singer, Clarence
Brad Pitt actor Shawnee
Tony Randall actor, Tulsa
Oral Roberts evangelist, Ada
Dale Robertson actor, Oklahoma City
Will Rogers humorist, Oologah
Dan Rowan comedian, Beggs

Tin, people are ordering IPA's and other Ales these days

Ol' Man Keith said...

I enjoy looking at HuskerG's map. I must say I am surprised at the lack of representation from Texas!
Our large California contingent makes sense, we being in the most populous state. But I am shocked! - shocked, do you hear?! - that there's no one from Seattle. How can this be? I did a show there once, and there are plenty of pzl folk there. Some of them must be into Xwds.

Ta- DA!
I am glad that Monday pzls are now a bit tougher than they used to be. They're still a snap, but they require a bit more thinking. Today I had to refill 16A from ROAM to ROVE, and the perp corrected my misspelling at 20A from MOSEL to MOSUL.

Diagonal Report: Nothing much to say - just one diagonal, the main line from NW to SE.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hurrah for Santa Argyle getting back on line! Good to see your cheery visage, kind sir!

Now I await similar word from my younger brother who has been in rehab in Florida for the past three weeks - after losing a foot to diabetes. He hit a rough patch at the end of last year, with a heart attack followed now by this diabetic amputation.

Das hohes Alter ist nicht für Weichlinge, or, in the immortal words of Bette Davis, "Old age ain't for sissies!"

Jayce said...

I liked this nice Monday puzzle and Boomer's write-up. Good news about Argyle.

Anonymous T said...

OMK - Beginning at the end of GROUND BEEF - FREE is in the diagonal - like a missed OUT/SAFE call by the ump. -T

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Back from Denver (actually, Highland Ranch) to give my liver a rest --- and along comes BREW and ALES...

Thanks Jake for a fun Monday Puzzle. WEES about NEYO (who?). A nice nod to Baseball with lagniappe of SAMMY SOSA, SAFE, and the BOYS of Summer racing to the (re)BAG. //maybe a tag-up :-)

Thanks Boomer for filling in again. Dang! And I was complaining about the weather in Denver which sounds like it came to you (all) after getting mad over OKIEhoma.

WO: hARPS b/f CARPS - ALEh didn't seem right so I did and ABC run IN EARNEST.
Fav: I'll go w/ BREWs and ALES along w/ Bars in the clue for AXLES :-)

{B (just because ALE > Mountain Dew :-)), A-, A} {cute, ha!}

YR - sorry to hear about Alan's relapse.

PK - That's your grand? Pop's attitude "not my problem - I'm done raising your genes." :-)

Argyle - if you're reading, you can tell we all miss you and care about you Bro. SEMPER FI!

Cheers, -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Neatly noted, Anon T, FREE - and FREED - are definitely in the descending diag. Occasionally individual words will show up, or more often, quasi-anagrams (multiple short words but with letters left over) may be found.

I'm still holding out for the day when a constructor will actually employ a whole diagonal line to send a 15-letter message on our typical 15x15 grid. Or, if one is ambitious enough, to include the adjacent 14-letter lines and/or the mirror diagonals.
'Twill be a red-letter day.

Dudley said...

Not a stellar day for the Boston Marathon, weather-wise. Cold, wet, and windy in Natick, and most of New England. Still, they ran! Them’s tough people.

Terry said...

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Terry Fowler at 4:52PM

Which photos do you mean?

Dow Jones said...


The Tuesday (April 17, 2018) edition of the Wall Street Journal has a crossword (What's The Point ?) constructed by C.C. (Zhouqin Burnikel). The puzzle may be printed or solved online at

Misty said...

Nice to have you as a northern California neighbor, Picard.

SwampCat said...

Roy @3:07... that’s why you never trust Wikipedia. Great place to START research but too much misinformation.

CrossEyedDave said...

PK @ 1:23
All my life I wanted to fly a Spitfire...
& now (@ age 62) I die every day for the RAF... (mostly)

Desper-otto @ 1:50
I LOL'd when I read your post,
but a re-read revealed you go it wrong,
(I only removed one chock,,,)

I can't describe how realistic this SIM is,
the movies you see are after the fact.
(You are not allowed to see outside the cockpit during flight...)
but with a headtracker attachment to my baseball cap, I can look
in every direction just as the pilot could.
(Some of us go for hi-tech attachments)
(but quite honestly, you look like a TeleTubby)

The Map is very realistic, in that the ground reflects what you would see
during WWII. Here is a flyby of Dover Harbor England (jump to 2 minutes in...) and even better view is
Creep's thrilling flight on the side links.
(To explain...)
He chased a 109 at treetop level all the to mid-channel (Thrilling flight title)
but the 109 pilot got 4 of his friends (via radio) to chase him back.

I would try to explain further, but if you are not a FLT SIM Geek,
you would not appreciate it...

CrossEyedDave said...

Correction, I die every day for the RAF (VIRTUALLY...)

Wilbur Charles said...

So, there I was reading about early Christian history, JD Crossan, and a baseball game broke out*. For an example of how people remember what happened after a traumatic incident he cited a NY Times article on Jack Hamilton and the night he beaned Tony Conigliaro.

I say, "they know nothing." Why, because I knew that the beanball war went back to 1964 when Dick "The Monster" Radatz had thrown at Bob Rodger's head .

And who was catching that night for the Angels? Yep, Rodgers . Except... The rest of the story.

I was talking to another Bostonian who told me he sold popcorn that night and Tony C had hit his head fielding a ball in right.

He might very well have been dazed and unable to duck .

I kept it short.


* The original quote: "I went to a prize fight and a hockey game broke out."

PK said...

Tony, What can I say? Pops may wash their hands of their kids, but Moms/Grandmoms go on forever. My son wasn't a bit worried about his son out without a coat in 26* weather. My biggest concern was the road to that girl's house is notorious for teenage wrecks/deaths. Besides I'd run out of things to worry about, so I had to have something to do with my time. LOL!

Roy said...

SwampCat @6:54:
What I was saying is that the RAF is much larger than a squad. Additional research in multiple dictionaries shows the common thread is "a small group."

billocohoes said...

FARO was a popular game in the Old West (Wild Bill Hickock, the Earps, etc.) because it has very fast turnover, and better odds for the players than other games. Poker overtook it in popularity by 1900.

CanadianEh! said...

Very late to the baseball game today. Thanks for the fun Jake and Boomer.
I did this CW on paper and actually found when I got here that I FIW. And on a Monday!
Like Pat, I had Mosel and Ofese which I thought was obscure for a Monday. Then I did not parse OFUSE until I saw Boomer's explanation. D'uh! I'll blame it on the late hour.

We had the ice pellets, freezing rain , snow and rain all weekend. The Blue Jays tweeted this morning that (unlike others) they could have their game because they had a domed stadium (Rogers Centre from a recent CW). Then ice started falling from the CN tower next door and the game was cancelled. Maple Leafs played at ACC and won!

WEES by now.
YR, sorry to hear about Alan.
OMK, thoughts and prayers for your brother's recovery.
Greetings to Argyle.

Anonymous said...

Cute Monday puzzle, but with all the baseball tie ins,
you'd think the write would know there are 6 outs in an inning. I'm just sayin..........

Misty said...

Bobbi, from Sunday, April 15 post

I've been thinking about your post, and I think the answer to your problem is two-fold. If you've been doing puzzles for 50 years, you've become a bit senior, and sadly, it is more difficult for seniors to solve puzzles. I used to breeze through Merl Reagle puzzle books without ever looking anything up, but twenty years later, I only finish the exact same puzzles partially, due to my being much older.

But the other problem has to do not with the puzzles becoming more esoteric, but containing more contemporary items, particularly computer and other technological issues, with which seniors like me, are not very familiar. That may be your problem too. My only advice is to just accept it and enjoy the puzzles as much as you can and learn as much as you can, and don't give up. They're still a wonderful intellectual and social resource and very much worth playing. Hope this helps--Misty

Maurice said...