Apr 29, 2018

Sunday April 29, 2018 Jeff Eddings

Theme: "Camera Shy"-  Seven different camera brands are stretched out in each theme entry.

23. H&R Block calculation: PERSONAL INCOME TAX. Pentax.

42. Individual with limited skills: ONE TRICK PONY. Nikon.

50. "You can't be serious!": I BEG YOUR PARDON. GoPro.

70. Hamilton, for one: AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY. Minolta.

91. Recreational area with pipes, bowls and ramps: SKATEBOARD PARK. I just call it skate park. Kodak.

99. Dropping-off places?: SLEEPING CARS. Leica.

122. Red choice: CABERNET SAUVIGNON. Canon. Canon/Sony/Leica are one of the three cameras Don G and I used in our HIDDEN CAMERA puzzle ages ago.

Another Sunday debut. Congrats, Jeff!

I don't quite get how stretching out the cameras equal the puzzle title "Camera Shy" though.

1. Angled: FISHED.

7. Three-word defense: I AM SO.

12. Soother: BALM. Aloe vera! It can also minimize skin pores like cold water, not that D-Otto cares.

16. Sign, as a contract: INK. These days we e-sign. So convenient.

19. Pump measurement: OCTANE.

20. Shooting competition: SKEET.

21. Two-dimensional size: AREA.

22. ABO system abbr.: NEG.

26. Hot __: TUB.

27. K-pop city: SEOUL. K-Dramas are very popular in China.

28. Long. counterpart: LAT.

29. Sock part: TOE.

30. Times-changing workers?: EDITORS. Times newspaper.

32. They may be footed: PAJAMAS. Never worn pajamas.

35. Peru grazer: LLAMA.

37. On: ATOP.

38. Sworn words: I DO.

41. Gloomy __: GUS.

45. Put in new film: RELOAD. All digital now. Also 131. Shooters with straps, for short: SLRS.

47. [Oh no!]: GASP.

49. First name in makeup: ESTEE. This is their popular product. Too pricey.

54. "Full House," but not "House": SITCOM.

58. Small-runway mil. craft: STOL. Short TakeOff and Landing.

59. Cap joint: KNEE.

60. Former sea that's now part desert: ARAL.

62. Zany: LOONY.

63. "Into the Wild" star Hirsch: EMILE. Some poisonous plants killed him. My grandma and used to go out to the field a few miles from our home and pick up these gooey alga-like stuff (Nostoc commune) after the summer rain. She'd then dry them and made steamed buns during Spring Festival. Just look at these images when I typed in the Chinese name.

65. Drs.' publication: JAMA.

67. __-out: total: ALL.

69. PTA member: MOM.

76. High-tech agent: BOT. Like spambots,

77. Schuss or slalom: SKI.

78. UMass' conference: A TEN. Atlantic 10 Conference.

79. Explosive matter, briefly: NITRO.

80. Storm sounds: CLAPS.

82. Air carrier: DUCT.

84. Judge's assessment: FINE. 108. Being judged: ON TRIAL.

85. Olive, for one: TREE. Never saw an olive tree in person.

89. Throw away, in a way: DELETE.

95. Like the opening of "The Wizard of Oz": SEPIA.

97. Clarifying words: AS IN. Q as in "Qin". No U.

98. Microwave concern: ARCING.

104. Beehive State native: UTE.

105. SAT scores, e.g.: NOS.

106. Emulate a hot dog: PANT.

107. Gridiron gripper: CLEAT.

112. Cow chow: ALFALFA.

114. Hold up: ROB.

116. Ref. for wordsmiths: OED.

117. Polynesian Disney heroine: MOANA.

121. Lao Tzu's "way": TAO. It looks like this:

126. Angled piece: ELL.

127. Focus for clérigos: DIOS. God in Spanish.

128. Raven's sound: CROAK.

129. Part of a plot: IN ON IT.

130. Low: SAD. So sorry for your loss, Keith!

132. Tony's cousins: EMMYS. Julia Louis Dreyfus has nine.

133. Skip: IGNORE. 


1. Dandy guys: FOPS.

2. Drink with a domed cover: ICEE.

3. A.L. West pro, informally: STRO.

4. Entertains at the penthouse: HAS UP.

5. Historic WWII B-29: ENOLA GAY.

6. __ mother: DEN.

7. Five Pillars faith: ISLAM.

8. Breed from Honshu: AKITA. Have any of you been to Japan?

9. All NBA players: MEN.

10. Mennonites, e.g.: SECT.

11. 1962 Lawrence portrayer: O'TOOLE.

12. Sweetie, in slang: BAE. Too lazy to write baby/babe.

13. Twin sister of Apollo: ARTEMIS.

14. Headliners: LEAD ACTS.

15. Skirt type: MAXI.

16. As a whole: IN TOTO.

17. Impulse-conducting cell: NEURON.

18. Enemy in a Le Carré novel: KGB SPY. 71. 18-Down, at times: MOLE.

24. "Sad to say ... ": ALAS.

25. Diner sandwich: MELT.

31. Stick on, in a way: TAPE TO.

33. Dojo action: JUDO KICK. Debut fill.

34. Slugging Sammy: SOSA. We have lots of of mint-condition Sosa, McGwire rookie cards. Boomer used to own a baseball store in the 1980s. Alas, they're not worth anything now.

36. Oakland's Oracle, e.g.: ARENA.

38. Light controller in a lens: IRIS.

39. Obligation: DEBT.

40. Spread on toast: OLEO.

43. "Morning Edition" airer: NPR.

44. Lake Wobegon creator: KEILLOR. Such a sad downfall.

46. Creepy starer: OGLER.

47. Inexperienced: GREEN.

48. Donkey Kong looks like one: APE.

51. Like rolled carpet: UNLAID. Spell check does not like it.

52. "The Martian" star: DAMON (Matt)

53. __ contract: ORAL.

55. Food __: listlessness after a large meal: COMA. Your blood sugar goes up after a big meal, but your blood pressure goes down.

56. __ about: ON OR.

57. "Oh dear!": MY MY.

61. Gloria Estefan, for one: LATINA.

64. Error: MISSTEP.

65. Volkswagen sedan: JETTA. When I lived in Shanghai, most of Taxis were Jettas.

66. N-S Manhattan road: AVE.

68. Bookish set: LITERATI.

70. Starting quartet: ABCD.

72. Famous last words?: ET AL.

73. Ribs unit: RACK.

74. Blue side: UNION.

75. Unacceptable to some, for short: NOT PC. Also 109. Zero input: NO SAY.

81. Old Spanish bread: PESETA.

83. Meter measure: USAGE.

84. "The X-Files" org.: FBI.

86. Pour, e.g.: RAIN.

87. Inventor Rubik: ERNO.

88. Heart lines?: Abbr.: EKGS.

90. Cringe-worthy YouTube subject: EPIC FAIL. We were so happy to be back to Springbrook last Monday. The trails were still very soggy. We're going to hit 78 tomorrow.

92. Road goo: TAR.

93. Standard Oil brand: ESSO.

94. Unrealistic: DREAMING.

96. About to deliver: IN LABOR.

99. Outpourings: SPATES. Like your support for dear Santa, who lost his right leg to diabetes. 

 Cousin Merle, Laura (Argyle's sister) and Argyle, Feb 2017

100. Fingers-in-ears syllables: LA LA LA. Hope you're enjoying spring, dear LaLaLinda!

101. Embrace: ENFOLD.

102. Kiss drummer Eric: CARR. Wiki listed him as a "Past member".

103. Immediately: AT ONCE.

104. Hindustani tongue: URDU.

110. Sources of deck wood: TEAKS.

111. Sign in: LOG ON.

113. Digital displays, briefly: LCDS.

115. Earthen wall: BERM.

118. Cornerstone word: ANNO.

119. Film __: NOIR.

120. Pot starter: ANTE.

123. Capital of Switzerland?: ESS. Switzerland.

124. Hulce or Hanks: TOM. Or D-Otto or TTP, my rocks.

125. Sundial seven: VII.

Belated Happy Birthday to Dave (D4E4H), who turned 74 years old yesterday. Dave has some serious health issues and cannot move around freely, that's why sometimes his avatar is in BLACK when he's away from his normal computer. 

This Comments Section Abbreviation list is now easier to read because of Dave, who suggested me to alphabetize it. So simple yet I never thought of it.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jeff and C. C.!

Got through w/o errors but took awhile. Things perped and WAGged: SEOUL, EMILE, A TEN, SEPIA, ARCING, CROAK, JUDO KICK, EPIC FAIL, CARR and BERM.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Impressive construction today!! I’m particularly in awe of the central grid-spanner with Minolta buried in it. That must been hard to find. Nicely done, Jeff Eddings.

Morning, C.C., I confess that if I encountered that fungus in the wild, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to do with it as a foodstuff.

D4E4H said...

- - Dear Cornerites, may your Sunday live up to it's name and be Sunny. I hear that severe storms are headed for the central USA. May those who live in the heartland be spared.

- - Thank you Mr. Jeff Eddings for this CW with so many clever misleading clues. I was constantly ready to BAIL (buy an individual letter) and yet I eventually visualized just the perfect letter to finish each cell. Understanding the circled names of cameras did not aid my solution, but seeing the long answers where the circles lived gave me lots of letters to perp on. I FIR in 65:45 which was split into two sections as I got too sleepy to complete a 21 square Sunday CW all at once.

- - Sunday means C.C. or Boomer is the reviewer. She may have never seen an olive tree, but she knows her "Nostoc commune." My grandmother used to pick dandelion greens, but she left the pond scum behind.
C.C., You didn't say whether or not you ate this on steamed buns during the Spring Festival.

- - For those of us who haven't had the pleasure of being with C.C. we are treated at 90D to Boomer's backside, and C.C.'s famous line "Hello geese." Two Canada Geese do not a Gaggle make.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

C.C., shy people tend to hide, and those camera names are hidden in the theme answers. I think that's what Jeff meant by "Camera Shy." BTW, congrats, Jeff, on your debut. Noticed the theme early on, but it was zero factor in the solve. I was familiar with all of the camera names except GOPRO. When did that one rise to fame? Thought of YR at LITERATI.

C.C. has recommended that I end a hot shower with a cold one to close the pores. I like my pores open; they need to breathe. You'll never catch me jumping into a frozen lake in January. The only cold I like has "beer" following it.

BobB said...

West center was last to fall. 72D, famous last words had to be "ettu", NOT.

D4E4H said...

desper-otto at 7:04 AM

- - Poor us, we want to have porous pores. I'm too pour to pour myself into a frozen lake. I'm going to wait at least till it thaws enough so I can see H2O. Your cold beer reminds me of my lawn mowing days. I had a 21" push mower, and a fairly large square back yard. My beer of choice was Sterling, and I placed a can in the freezer of the refrigerator on my way out to the yard. I placed a 5 gallon bucket at the near corner of my mowing, and topped it with the active can. Then it was - - mow a round, take a large swig, and repeat. The second and further cans really were "The coldest beer in town." They had ice crystals in them, and were so refreshing.
I'm pleased to report that those days are just distant memories, or am I? Would that I could mow the grass.

Bob Niles at 7:21 AM

- - I et tu with you. People don't know the whole interaction between Julie and Brutie. The Brute, always being polite had asked Caesar how many eggs he had for breakfast. The infamous reply "Et two Brute."


Yellowrocks said...

Fine puzzle, Jeff. I despaired starting from the top and went from the bottom up, filling it in fairly solidly as I went along at a good pace. I realized early on that the circles spelled out hidden camera brands, which was a big help.
We just learned BAE and here it is again. The central western shore was my only hitch. I took long to give up on ET TU. When I changed it to ET AL I saw CLAPS, MOLE, DELETE. TA DA!
Happy Birthday, Dave 4. I hope your enjoy your day. A big yellowrock to you.
We saw many olive trees and old time olive presses in Israel.
As most of you know I have been to Japan twice, the first time as a serious professional, wearing skirts and blazers, and the second time as a casual tourist - two very different experiences.
Thanks for all who asked about Alan. He had eight excellent days. I was afraid to jinx it by discussing his recovery too soon. It is jinxed regardless. Last night it came back full force. It is sad and scary to see Alan feeling so terrible, also very frustrating. I thought I knew what was going on and was finally on the right track. It still fairly mysterious. Both of us feel fairly helpless.

TTP said...

Good morning.

Thank you Jeff and C.C.

Camera Shy ? That's me !

I'm with D-O on the theme title explanation. I'll bet Jeff didn't have the circles. The camera brands would have been much harder to find without the circles.

Happy belated birthday D4E4H Dave !

Anthony Gael Moral said...

BAE is not a word! Of course I'm a past English teacher and current fuddy-duddy, so I ask who made it a word, why was it made ("babe" is one syllable), and how often will it appear in crosswords? I say bah to bae --- so there!

D4E4H said...

Yellowrocks at 8:08 AM

You have mail. Why does AOL say "You've got mail?"


Irish Miss said...


The title and the circles gave the theme away as soon as Personal Icome Tax filled in, but knowing the theme had little effect on getting the rest of the theme answers as the letters were spaced far enough apart. My w/os were minimal, especially for a Sunday grid: Et Tu/Et al, Sleeping Bags/Cars, and Mistake/Misstep. I almost entered Patsies before Pajamas because I saw They may be fooled instead of footed, but I caught my error in time. The only nose wrinkler was Unlaid. I thought all of the themers were rock solid in-the-language phrases; this isn't always the case. CSO to our Tom Tom's, DO and TTP.

Congratulations, Jeff, on an enjoyable solving debut and thanks, CC, for the very interesting tour.

Belated Happy Birthday, Dave! 🎂🎁🍾🎈🎉

YR, I'm sorry to hear of Alan's set back: it's so discouraging for you both. We're here for you, always.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-A beautiful Sunday BALM (3:11)
-My only dip in a HOT TUB made me very light-headed
-My house is at exactly 41.43781˚ N LAT and 96.462320˚ W LONG
-PA_AMAS cried out for PANAMAS before I read the clue
-Our lovely, new neighbors are the Huss family and they named their dog GUS
-“Papa, what’s film?”
-DUCT – A local high school has an HVAC training program
-The wonderful, memorable SEPIA/Technicolor transition (1:58)
-MOANA was in my write-up yesterday. Will this vowel-rich name of recent vintage become the next OREO fill?
-John Wilkes led a sad bunch who were IN ON IT
-LEAD ACT Roy Orbison with his opening act in white shirts and ties
-Mark McGwire came clean about his steroid use and has been welcomed back into baseball. SOSA has not and has not
-NEG for me too on BAE but clearly there are bigger issues in the world
-HBD, Dave2!

desper-otto said...

Happy birthday, D4, sorry I missed it.

YR, sorry to hear of the continuing ups and downs with Alan. Hope you find the cause/solution soon.

Wilbur Charles, FLN, weird DO here.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. No circles for me. I enjoyed the puzzle but had no idea about the theme.

For Dandy Guys, I also tried Jim as in Jim Dandy. Hand up for not liking BAE. I never used it or heard it.

Thanks Jeff and CC.

Happy birthday Dave!

I got some replacement blades for my Norelco shaver. Weak directions but I made it. New blades seem to make a big difference. I also bought a razor from Harry's. Very nice. Only one small nick. I'm set for a while shaving-wise.

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Dave2

Thinking of Santa(Argyle)
while reading about CC never seeing an Olive Tree,
reminded me of a very obscure childrens story based
on the song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

A dog named "Olive" mistook the words "All of the other Reindeer"
to be "Olive, the other Reindeer," and embarked on a journey
to be part of Santa's sleigh team...

Here is how it ends up (2 min)
But the real story is the struggles he had getting to the North Pole.

D4E4H said...

Scary quote of the day:

“Ignorance and power and pride are a deadly mixture, you know.”

On a more light hearted note,thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday.

“The gift was not large as money goes, and my need was not great, but the spirit of the gift is beyond price and leaves me blessed and in debt.”

And then:

"And good neighbors make a huge difference in the quality of life. I agree.”

―Quotes by Robert Fulghum, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten


Lucina said...

Thank you, Jeff Eddings; this was my fastest Sunday solve in a long time!

I saw the hidden cameras and only in the last two did it help to fill them first. Ditto on GO PRO. That's a new one for me.

Nearly all the fill was in my wheelhouse with no obscure names or unknown authors. Hand up for not wanting to give up ETTU but had to DELETE it when CLAPS became obvious.

I'll take a CSO at LATINA.

I see BAE in some articles about celebrities; apparently it's one of those new generation abbreviations. E.G., "he took his BAE to a special place."

Thank you, C.C., for your Sunday dedication. It's so much longer than the weekday ones and you always supply interesting information. I love the Chinese calligraphy being a calligrapher myself. Here in Arizona olive trees abound. We have several on our property and they must be sprayed annually to prevent the olives from growing. If allowed to grow they simply fall off and create messes.

Dave, happy birthday! I hope you could do something special yesterday.

Have a very special day, everyone!

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! A great Jeff Eddings puzzle and I got almost all of it! Woohoo! That may not sound impressive, but it's the best Sunday puzzle I've done in ages, so very exciting for me. Got everything but the southeast corner because that CABERNET SAUVIGNON just didn't manage to fill in for me. You'd think I'd know my wines by now. But no matter, this was still a delight--many thanks, Jeff. And wonderful Sunday write-up, as always, C.C.--thanks to you too!

I even got the camera theme because of the circles. So that was cool too. It took me a while to figure out how SEPIA could be the beginning of "The Wizard of Oz" until I remembered that it starts in black and white, before the color comes in. I of course was happy to see LITERATI, since I'm a book lover, even though I'm generally too busy to read books. But I recently started reading "All the Light We Cannot See" (did someone on the blog recommend it?) and am totally captivated by it.

Happy birthday, Dave--and thanks for the picture, C.C. Also the one of Santa.

Yellowrocks, so sorry to hear about Alan's ups and downs. Hopefully he'll soon be in good shape again.

Husker Gary, your story about the Huss neighbors calling their dog GUS made me laugh.

Have a great sunny Sunday, if possible, everybody.

Picard said...

D4E4E: Happy belated birthday!
Fermatprime: Good to see that you are properly blue today with your proper profile!
CC: I would love to try that green stuff. Interesting you have never seen an OLIVE TREE. Come visit here in Santa Barbara and you will see lots of them. It is a lot of work to process the olives. I had a friend with lots of time and no money who used to do it.

Hand up BAE is annoying. But since we just had it, I am less annoyed. Only got MOANA because we just had it. Got the theme immediately with TAX and knowing it had to do with cameras. My first camera out of college was a PENTAX K1000. A sturdy, reliable SLR that served me for many years. I eventually upgraded to a CANON EOS at the recommendation of my boss. He correctly noted that if you put it on the green automatic setting it would usually take a good photo in focus. I had a bad habit of forgetting to focus before that! As CC noted, everything then went digital. I was an early digital adopter in 2001.

My father was a serious photographer with two vintage LEICA cameras and a darkroom in our home. Glad I learned film and darkroom techniques. Glad I don't have to deal with that now!

This abandoned luxury estate was an unofficial SKATEBOARD PARK for years until someone broke his arm there and sued the land owner!

I know the current land owner who kindly allowed this tour for our Sierra Club group. They have to keep people out now to avoid being sued!

On Thursday DW and I saw this group TAO Drummers perform.

They are from Japan. No, CC, I have not been there or to China yet. Very much want to go to both places.

From yesterday:
Yellowrocks: Glad you agree about the DIXIE CHICKS. I agree with the Anon (Becky) comment at 1:40PM that they were forced to apologize to keep their audience.

AnonT: Glad to know you were on the same wavelength as me with HO HUM to cross UNO!

Rainman said...

Had the option of either solving today's puzzle online or in the paper with the circles. I did it online and never got the theme (should there by an abbreviation for that phrase?... I seem to use it a lot). It is still way faster on the computer.

Enjoyed the Springbrook video. First time I ever heard C.C.'s voice. C.C., you sound terrific. You told me once you were self-conscious. No reason to be, none at all. And the vid reminded me how lucky we are here in California where, if we want to go to a Springbrook, we just choose the road and elevation and go.

Rainman said...

I bet UNLAID had a different clue to start off with. I can think of a couple. :O)

But, spelling checker or not, the carpet reference wasn't that bad a clue.

Lucina said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying All the Light We Cannot See. It is a riveting story as you will soon discover.

I'm so sorry Alan has relapsed. Will that delay his transfer to a new home?

Picard said...

CC: Thanks for the Springbrook video. Agree with Rainman it is a treat to hear your voice!

As promised a few days ago, here is my article just published on the whale watching trip DW and I did this past week.

Some of you have seen my photos of SEOUL, but I offer some of them here again.

More relevant in the news today are these photos of my visit to the North Korea border. You will recognize the blue building where the two Korea presidents just met.

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome Jeff E., and thank you. Bill G. I get my blades from Harry's: I have succumbed to the entire internet shopping experience. I think the tremendous turnover in employees at all Florida retail establishments made it easy to order online. I liked knowing people and the recognition by them of me and my interests. It just does not exist anymore here.

ET AL was very diabolical. CARR, as clued, was also very obscure, as his tenure with KISS was limited and only during their least successful time. I saw KISS live twice. They were rehearsing before three nights at Madison Square Garden as part of their ALIVE II TOUR in December 1977 when the band AXE was doing a showcase for Epic and Arista at the same rehearsal studio in NYC. Later AXE Toured with them including playing at the Hollywood Sportatorium in 1983, when Carr was playing drums.

I believe in closing the pores, and Oo thinks anything green and leafy can be cooked and eaten.

Happy day all.

Yellowrocks said...

The young have their own lingo which sometimes works its way into the language for a while. Sometimes this lingo becomes permanent and is taken up by the older generations, too. BAE has been accepted by Oxford Dictionary. It doesn't bother me. I expect it may be like the "bee's knees" of the roaring twenties, which has become quaint. I wouldn't use BAE, until it becomes more deeply entrenched. We old fogies can get mocked for trying to appear hip.
Even with snail mail we tell each other, "You got mail,"when we bring it in, although yesterday's mail is lying right there on the table. We mean NEW mail or mail you haven't opened as yet.
Unlaid in this sense is not too common, but it seems good enough for me. No nit.
Picard, the Dixie Chicks apologized "so half" as we PA DUTCH used to say, not whole heartedly. They soon had to switch to rock to stay alive.
Alan has both physical, mental and psychological deficets. His doctors are from multiple specialties. It is very difficult for them to tell which system(s) is(are) involved. The anxiety and depression, which is the biggest part of what he has now, worry me more than the physical. These are stronger and more disabling than they have been in quite a while. I had been encouraged that his attendance at workshop has been greatly improved recently. Two steps forward and one step back. Thanks for caring.
Dave4, I appreciate your note. I am quite busy through Tues. but will get back to you.

Rainman said...

Picard, Thanks very much. Enjoyed all your photos and saw some of your other writings online. I think I saw my lady friend's house (Sea Ledge Lane area) in one photo. Another photo showed a small boat named Rainman; what a surprise!

I want to go over to the Channel Islands NM soon, maybe after the May gray and June gloom months.

Thanks specifically for sharing your Korea photos. I was in Bangkok a few months ago and Seoul is next on my Asia list now.

CrossEyedDave said...

Lucina, Olive trees are messy?

Come to think of it, I have never seen one either...
(Although I have some nice olive wood coasters for my living room side tables...)

So I went looking, thinking that restricted watering might make them less messy,
and found that due to peoples allergies to their pollen, they were once banned in Arizona!

Picard, Tx for the Mar y Cel pics! I'm fascinated by relics of the past,
and would love to see the waterfalls/collection tanks in their heyday. So I went looking.
(little did I know your link right on top would take you there...)
However, This was all I could find.

Aand, for all who bothered to read all that unrelated to puzzle stuff,
It is easier to get into Mensa than I thought!
Sample test questions.
Note, I have a subscription to P.Science, so I am not sure the above link will work, let me know...

WikWak said...

It’s spring! Perhaps it’s for real this time, maybe.

Thanks to Jeff & C.C. for an enjoyable time in crossword land.

Even though I finished in more or less normal time (~20 min) there were a few major sticking points, mostly in the west. Got hung up on ABCD/BOT for way too long; not sure why, but ABCD just refused to fill in for the longest time. When it finally did the forehead got the ol' V-8 slap.

Hand up with C.C. for never having seen an olive tree. I think. Youngest son lived for a time on the left coast (Redlands CA) and we drove out from Chicago (following old route 66)... I guess I might have seen some but if so I didn’t know what they were. And C.C.—I’m sorry, but those greens just don’t look appetizing to me. More of a fried chicken guy mice elf.

I had the circles but I guess I never paid attention, because I had to come here to grok the theme. Lucina, a GOPRO is a small video camera that is extensively used for capturing otherwise "uncaptureable” experiences. Examples: put one on the handlebars or a bike or motorcycle and record a 10 minute or longer ride. All the viewers see is what you saw. Superglue one to your helmet or your foot while skydiving. Hang one from a drone and take aerial movies of your neighborhood. Put it in a waterproof case as my brother does and record your dive trips. Very useful little device.

Lemony, we hardly ever see the inside of a real store anymore; about 90% of our shopping is done online these days.

Have a great day, all!

Lucina said...

That is an interesting article about the olive trees and yes, the fruit on the ground creates a big mess. Here in our community we also banned any further planting of olive trees because many of our residents suffer from allergies. The ones we have are holdovers from the past and may one day be removed as several of them have. It's costly to remove them, though.

Thank you for the information about GOPRO; I do know about those small cameras but didn't know their name.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and the hidden cameras. PENTAX cracked open the theme for me. I had to wrinkled my nose at JUDO KICK because JUDO is primarily a grappling art, like wrestling, and only a small specialized subset of it makes use of striking blows with the hands and feet (atemi-waza (当て身技, striking techniques). So, technically the clue/answer is "correct" but I didn't like it anyway. By the way, I took judo lessons when I lived in Taiwan many years ago and pretty much never advanced beyond the "here's how you slap the floor when you fall so you won't get hurt" (ukemi (受け身, break-falls) stage.

Hand up for also not particularly liking BAE. Yes yes I know it is or soon maybe will be common in the language, but I still don't have to like it.

I have done many (hundreds if not thousands) of silly stupid things during my life, and tasting an olive picked fresh from the tree was one of them. Man oh man they are bitter! Who the heck ever figured out how they could be eaten was a genius.

Good wishes to you all.

CanadianEh! said...

No selfies today; I'm CAMERA SHY. Thanks for the fun, Jeff and C.C.
I got the theme early which helped fill in some of the circles. Smiled when I saw SLR and RELOAD continuing the theme.

SW was the last to fall. Also nearly had a Natick with the O in ERNO and NOS.
Hand up for Et Tu before ET AL, Mistake before MISSTEP.
I learned MOANA here last night, BAE earlier in the week, and FOP was a recent visitor also.
CABERNET SAUVIGNON reminded me of Marti. Greetings if you are lurking.
KEILLOR WAS new to me. I must LIU.
This Canadian has never seen an olive tree either. Maples here LOL!

Yes Misty, there was discussion about All the Light We Cannot See. Great book.
Belated Happy Birthday D4E4H.
YR, wishing you strength in coping with Alan's challenges.

Wishing you all a good day. We are still waiting for spring.

Misty said...

Lucina and CanadianEh, thank you for confirming that this blog is where I learned about "All the Light." I'm so glad I ordered it, and can't wait to finish it!

Husker Gary said...

-I really enjoyed the Korea pix, Picard, but it would have added something if you could have labelled them
-We saw OLIVE trees in Tuscany, Italy and our guide told us that kids that pick the fruit need only eat one off the tree before they find out how bitter they are before processing
-Garrison Kiellor’s takes on small town life are so spot on but this won’t cut it any more

D4E4H said...

WikWak at 2:14 PM
- - I may be getting older by the minute, but I am still able to come to the aid of our fearless leader. You wrote, and I read "C.C.—I’m sorry, but those greens just don’t look appetizing to me. More of a fried chicken guy mice elf." She may not be tall enough to play center for an NBA team, but that is no excuse for calling her the dreaded "Mice elf." Even Santa wouldn't do that. A moment of silence while we pray for his recovery. And another thing, wouldn't "Mouse elf" be more PC? Wait a minute. Could auto correct have replaced the word "Myself?" The hung jury will disregard previous testimony.

Jayce at 3:15 PM
- - Wrote of olives "Man oh man they are bitter! Who the heck ever figured out how they could be eaten was a genius." He was very hungry, and had just downed an oyster on the half shell after some sushi. Was your treed olive green, brown, or some other color? I have sliced "salad" green olives with my scrambled eggs each day, and must have them on pizza. Ripe olives are just ok.


PS: I won't be adopting the handle "Ol' Man Dave." We already have a wise sage in Ol' Man Keith.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! The cameras were too shy for me without circles, but I thought the theme long answers were easy. Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, C.C., for 'splaining the theme ET AL. Clever, after you know the secret.

We had a row of silvery Russian Olive TREEs in one back yard, but no fruit or mess.

BAE: it annoys me that slang from ignorant & undisciplined people are adopted into the language by otherwise smart people as I thought crossword constructors & solvers are. Why? And I'm not just meaning this one little un-word

D4: Happy belated Birthday!

WikWak: I thought "mice elf" was funny and did not associate it with C.C.

D4E4H said...

Here are instructions to cure olives. I'll leave that labor intensive work to others.


jfromvt said...

Pretty easy puzzle. Theme was obvious once I got my first long answer, then the rest filled in quickly. Nice first puzzle for Jeff, even though I am not a big fan of circles in the grid.

Pat said...

Tedious, time consuming, but it is a Sunday puzzle. I got most of it lots of write-overs but finally finished. Thanks, Jeff E. for the challenge. Thank you, C.C., for bailing me out. I needed your help.

128a Raven's sound had to be "Nevermore". Not!

132a Tony's cousins How the hell am I supposed to know AnonT's cousins? Gimme a break!

I finished eventually. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's puzzle.

YR, I'm in awe of your dedication to Alan. I know, you're his mother, but you go the extra mile, always. Bless you.

Good Sunday evening.

Picard said...

Rainman: Thank you for the kind words about my photos and articles. I am honored that you took time to read them. I was in SEOUL for my work. Not sure if I would have made a special trip there, but I was glad to have the experience. Especially as an honored guest; the featured entertainment was for us. I very much enjoyed the food. Delicious seafood and vegetables at every meal.

The original "Rainman" from the movie lived just down the street from here at Devereux, near UC Santa Barbara. How is it that you are Rainman? And how do you know that area we cruised by? Do you also live in Santa Barbara?

Lucina: I agree that the olive trees create a big mess. Another tree that is very common and beautiful here is the jacaranda tree, but it also creates quite a big mess.

Here are jacaranda images. The problem is the flowers are very sticky. When you track them inside they leave terrible stains.

Yellowrocks: I agree that a "so half" apology is usually not helpful. If you know you are right, you should take a principled stand and not apologize. If you think you were wrong, make a real apology. Anything in between is going to aggravate both friend and enemy.

CrossEyedDave: Glad you enjoyed my Tea Garden/Mar Y Cel photos and link. The new owner planned to restore the water features. Years of work have gone into restoring the well to provide the water. But I am not sure the water features are going to be restored. The previous owner had to smash the pools to stop the use as a SKATEBOARD PARK after the crazy lawsuit. Hard to restore that.

Also... Some foolish City College students trespassed on the property about ten years ago and started a horrific fire there that destroyed hundreds of homes and seriously injured a couple. I think that was demoralizing (and expensive) for the owner.

Husker Gary: Glad you enjoyed my Korea photos. I might be able to answer some specific questions. It was back in 1999. It takes a lot of time to dig out and post these photos. I think I am at my limit of time I can invest. But I am happy you enjoyed them!

Wilbur Charles said...



Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...


FLN/today DO - I think WC meant hair-do not you [but you knew that already...]

YR - I'm sorry to hear about Alan's down-turn.

Jayce - LOL re: olive trees. I saw them in Egypt and had to be told what the little stone-looking things were.

Picard - as always - wonderful PICs. //Rainman - do tell, your boat?

OMK & Argyle - you know yous on my mind... God Speed Men.

Pat - LOL. My cousins are... [we're Catholic, do you have time? :-)]

Lem - I'd not taken you for a KISS fan. Carr replaced Peter Criss on the drums. At the time, rumor had it, it was because of some chick named Beth. [symphonic version] //Wiki says Criss was sack'd LIUY

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Just lost another post courtesy of the blog profile button . Dastardly placement. So, HBD D4-Dave . Thx CC .

I don't dare write more .


Wilbur Charles said...

I should write to text and paste here . So, I'll keep it short . The LeCarre foe was Karla and the MOLE was Bill Haydon. TTSS*, patterned after the Kim Philby affair.

From my Vietnam days I have a HUSS story and a PENTAX story . A Huss was a returnable favor .

Re. KEILLOR. I read the Post article . Instead of Voltaire, GK should have referenced Zola **


* Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Spy .

** Who gets what I'm talking about?

Steve said...

I've been doing the Sunday crossword for 3 decades and they keep getting more and more difficult. Your attempts at trying to be clever leads to a frustrating time trying to solve. The circles mean nothing without some hint about why they're there.