Apr 1, 2018

Sunday April 1, 2018 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Now That's a Workout!"- Each theme entry is punnily re-phrased as if it's a workout term fitting the person in the clue.

27A. Mediators burn calories by __ : RUNNING INTERFERENCE

45A. Employees burn calories by __ : PUNCHING THE CLOCK. Four of the theme clues have a specific profession. This one and 108A are a bit general.

64A. Researchers burn calories by __ : SURFING THE WEB. Look at this cool art.

72A. Forensic investigators burn calories by __ : LIFTING PRINTS

93A. Campaigners burn calories by __ : PRESSING THE FLESH

108A. Toadies burn calories by __ : JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS. I don't quite get this clue. Why "Toadies"?

Anon-T just asked me the other day whether he can use two "THEs" in the theme entries. This puzzle should alleviate his worries.

Yes, you can use two THEs and ANDs in theme entries. Rich also will not object if you use two UPs, TOs and INs as fill. But don't over-do it.

I'm always excited to see Pam back. She's an very creative constructor. Read this article.

1. Shopper, at times : TOTER. I've never used those big in-store tote bags. You?

6. Driving hazard : SKID

10. The last game there was played 9/28/2008 : SHEA. Mets vs. Marlins.

14. Olive Garden staple : PASTA. Here is pasta Xi'an style. Look at the hot peppers.

19. __ cuisine : HAUTE

20. Newcastle's river : TYNE

21. Changes lanes on? : TARS. Nice clue.

22. One way to think : ALOUD

23. Laura's classic "Dick Van Dyke Show" wail : OH ROB

24. Baseball family name : ALOU. More baseball references: 26. Hit-by-pitch reminders : WELTS. And 51. 2018 "Sunday Night Baseball" addition : A-ROD

25. Got off the horse : ALIT

31. Increased : ROSE

32. Short relative? : SIB. "Short" hints at a shortened answer.

33. __ spot : SORE

34. March family creator : ALCOTT

38. Cancel at NASA : SCRUB

40. Brainstorm : IDEATE. Imagine my surprise when I heard this word used in a podcast.

50. Those, in Tijuana : ESOS
52. Org. with specialists : AMA

53. Bust unit : KILO. Drug bust.

54. Carve up : ALLOT

55. Like many an AARP mem. : RET (Retired)

56. Got glasses on credit? : RAN A TAB. Liked the clue/entry.

60. Trent Reznor's band, initially : NIN. Nine Inch Nails.

61. College near Albany : SIENA. Gimme for Agnes/Santa/Spitzboov.
62. Earthshaking event : TREMOR. Hi there Jayce!

67. High winds : OBOES

70. Monterrey day : DIA

71. Blackens, as a flue : SOOTS

77. Clan symbols : TOTEMS

81. Bountiful native : UTAHN. Bountiful, Utah.

82. Carides of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" : GIA. No idea. Did like the movie though.

83. "Inside the NFL" analyst : ESIASON. Boomer.

86. Place to go in Gloucester : LOO

87. Collapses : GIVES

88. La Scala strain : ARIA. I like this Aria, where our Steve stays when he visits Vegas.

90. High degree : NTH

91. Buy and sell quickly : FLIP

92. Cabinet dept. with an atom on its seal : ENER

98. Fight in the boonies : RASSLE

100. Offshore : AT SEA

101. Picks on : TAUNTS. The big bully in our neighborhood was later bullied on in high school

102. First name in folk : ARLO

105. Broadway's Hagen : UTA

106. Pouches : SACS

116. Getting warm : CLOSE

118. Unadorned : BARE

119. Logical word from Descartes : ERGO. Jayce again!

120. Positive words from one in a slump : I'M DUE

121. Puts an edge on : HONES

122. Omani money : RIAL

123. Roger succeeded him in Bond films : SEAN (Connery). To me, Bond is always Daniel Craig. Very Bond-y.

124. Chilling : ON ICE

125. In-crowd : A-LIST

126. Word with ant or brat : ARMY

127. Churchill, for one : TORY

128. Chips : NICKS


1. God with a hammer : THOR

2. Iolani Palace island : OAHU

3. Chance to play : TURN. At Boomer's Friday morning pot games, there's a guy who wins money (quarters) from the other old guys, all the time. Last week Boomer beat the guy and was happy the whole day. Little joys of life.

4. Berkshire boarding school : ETON

5. Renaissance : REBIRTH

6. Big bucks : STAGS

7. One of the Jenners : KYLIE. She has built up a cosmetic empire.

8. Part of : IN ON

9. German, in Germany : DEUTSCH. TTP stationed there in his Army days. So many regulars on our blog served in the military: Argyle, Spitzboov, D-Otto, TTP, Boomer, Anon-T. Who else?

10. Pequod's chief mate : STARBUCK. Moby-Dick

11. __ Moon: Henry Hudson's ship : HALF. Guessed.

12. Cat Nation people : ERIES

13. Toon dog sharing a name with an MLB player : ASTRO

14. Used as security, in a way : PAWNED

15. One of the Baldwins : ALEC

16. Lonesome fish? : SOLE

17. Son of Akhenaten : TUT

18. "Mad Men" creations : ADs

28. Words of denial : NOT I

29. Blarney Stone home : EIRE

30. The Phantom of the Opera : ERIK. Here is Erik Agard, the new American Crossword Puzzle Tournament champion. He probably finished today's LAT in 6 minutes.

34. In pieces : APART

35. Attractive one? : LURER

36. Benjamin's bill : C NOTE

37. Anxious med. condition : OCD

38. ESPN figures : STATS

39. Russian crepes : BLINI. Never had Blini.

41. Hardest to hang on to : EELIEST

42. More than enough, usually : A SLEW

43. Odds end? : TO ONE. Like million TO ONE odds.

44. Cornerstone abbr. : ESTAB

46. Tandoori bread : NAN

47. "Today" rival, for short : GMA

48. Hollywood's Ken and Lena : OLINS

49. Where Kinshasa is : CONGO

54. Kutcher of "The Ranch" : ASHTON

56. Birds in Kilmer's "Trees" : ROBINS

57. Memphis middle name : ARON. Elvis' middle name.

58. Quattro maker : AUDI

59. Salty solution : BRINE

63. Goose and hen? : MOTHERS. Mother Goose. Mother hen.

65. __ Domino : FATS

66. Wizard revealer : TOTO

68. "Walk, Don't Run" actress Samantha : EGGAR

69. Skyline standout : SPIRE

72. German pistol : LUGER

73. Rock music memoir : I TINA

74. Strong preferences, casually : FAVES

75. Mikhail's wife : RAISA

76. __ different tune: change one's mind : SING A

78. Self-named sitcom : ELLEN

79. Word in Duncan Hines ads : MOIST

80. Former frosh : SOPHs

84. Co. that spawned Baby Bells : ATT

85. Theater warning : SHH

89. In an insightful manner : ASTUTELY. Thought of PK, who's very observant.

91. Shot target : FLU. Will definitely get flue shot this year. 

93. Witness' lineup choice, ideally : PERP

94. Map strip: Abbr. : ISTH. Isthmus.

95. Least distant : NEAREST

96. Inscribe : ETCH

97. Runway display : FASHION

99. Like the worst excuse : LAMEST

103. Sign of balance? : LIBRA
104. Ecstatic way to walk : ON AIR. Also 107. Ecstasy's opposite : AGONY

106. Domino product : SUGAR

 108. Multiple Grammy winner Mitchell : JONI

109. Purposes : USES

110. Weight unit : GRAM

111. Stale cookie in crosswords? : OREO. Quite popular in China now.

112. Ritz-Carlton rival : OMNI

113. Lyrical : ODIC

114. It's stopped during a save : PUCK. Hockey.

115. Gets : SEES

116. All the tea in China? : CHA. Just Chinese for "tea".

117. Facebook chuckle : LOL


D4E4H said...

¡Hey you fools, Happy ____s_ day!

I see I'm in for a C.C. treat today, no fooling.

Old Business, FLN:

If "Blue" Moon's are so rare, we should relish in having had two already this year, yesterday, and Jan.31.

OKL Your first l'ick deserves an "A."

desper-otto at 6:48 AM

I just watched a video of thimbles called Daleks 1:19. Tell me this is an April Fools joke, ¡please! Last night I watched videos of music that OMK recommended. Each time I said, "Is it over already." Your 1:19 was pure misery.

My perception of a minute depends upon which side of the bathroom door I am when I perceive it.

Chairman Moe at 8:18 PM

I enjoyed two songs, ending with Nocturne-danse- Amy Pollard. There are so many that I will save the rest. I can see why you are proud.

Misty at 12:00 AM

Wrote "Just wish I had a device to listen to them." - "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" ¿What are you using to write to us? I'm using a laptop. I'm listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies as I typo. It sounds like it's time to go shopping.


Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

desper-otto said...

Good morning all you April Fools!

Pretty hard to miss the theme on this one, but I tried. Nothing too obscure. Tried ANNO before FATS (Antoine) rolled in. Otherwise my grid is clean this morning. Thanx, Pam and C.C.

Two burning questions in the minds of Christians today: Did Jesus see his shadow when he left the tomb? Will there be six more weeks of Lent?

I'll go to my room now...

JCJ said...

Small newsprint so I read MEDIATORS as MATADORS. Couldn't figure out why they were RUNNING INTERFERENCE. But it fit so I stuck with it.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Pam and C. C.!

Easy theme! No cheats!

Things that I didn't know: TYNE, NIN, SIENA, GIA, ESIASON, KYLIE, CONGO, ROBINS, ISTH. and SUGAR (not out West, maybe).

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Well, I fooled myself. C.C. has morphed into Ms. Pam Amick Klawitter who created a bear of a CW. P, P, P time again finally allowed me to FIR in a whopping 69:48. While the CW wasn't by C.C., it felt like one of hers.

C.C., A "Toady" is defined as a person who flatters and ingratiates himself or herself in a servile way; sycophant. Synonyms are fawner, yes man, parasite, apple polisher. Each of these would "jump through hoops" like a trained dog if they thought it would buy them praise.

The Urban Dictionary definition: A side kick, a tag-a-long, one who is sent to do the dirty work.

I thought the word was used for those who set up, and tear down sets for performers. ¿Am I close?

In your note to Anon T you wrote "can use two THE etc. I don't understand the purpose of the word "two."

Just yesterday I posted 31A - I was too special to be an NCO. I was DC'd (Gotta DD214 that looks like it had been prepared on 3 different typewriters) as a SPEC 4, ¡RA15734795 SIR! The RA shows that I enlisted in the Army. I spent 3 years at Ft. Knox.


D Snell said...

"TARS?" I don't get it...

waseeley said...

Was 57 down an April Fool, or just constructor's license? Elvis' middle name is 'Aaron', as in Moses's brothers name. Or was Pam just pinched for space? Figuring the latter I settled for 'Aron'.

KS said...

The crossing of blini and nin was cruel. That n square was my only mistake.

Lemonade714 said...

White rabbit, white rabbit. Tempting to come up with a silly April Fool, but I have resisted the temptation.

waseeley - you are both right and wrong. Aron is the accepted spelling of Elvis' middle name but as can be seen in this LINK it is not a simple issue.

Dave 2, you are thinking of 'roadie', not toadie.

I did not know Pam lived in Florida, not far from Gainesville. I had always assumed she would be a serious looking person, but I like the picture.

Happy April all and may spring come your way soon.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This was a fun & funny cw, enjoyed it, thank you Pam! All the themes came easily.

Great expo, C.C. Thank you for that and for the shout out. I was observant at an early age. Mother said she didn't mind taking me to a restaurant when I was still in a high chair because I watched everything that went on around me and she could spoon things into my mouth with no fuss while I watched. Still am a people watcher. Have to remember not to stare rudely.

Be nice if a person could really lose weight by PRESSING THE FLESH. I'd iron out a lot of my wrinkles.

Last filled were "I" & "N" in the SIENA/TOONE cross. For some reason I couldn't see an "i" for EEL_EST. All those vowels stumped me. Always forget ESOS.

Took perps to come up with ELLEN. I wouldn't class her show as a sitcom. It's a talk show rather than a situation comedy.

C.C.: By instore TOTES, I'm assuming you mean the heavier reusable bags with the store's name on them. I used to use them over and over at the grocery. Now I have some more durable plastic coated nylon insulated TOTES that I ordered from a specialty catalog. Every time I go in someone asks me where I bought them.

From yesterday, I finally figured out why Gary put a picture of Prince Charles taking a leek on his lapel to celebrate. He is the Prince of Wales. Duh! Anybody else as stupid as I was.

Mourning the Jayhawks loss but I'll recover. YR: your grandson's school stomped us.

waseeley said...

Thank you Lemonade714. I've seen the alternative spelling elsewhere and it fit, so I used it. Do you know why it's the 'accepted' spelling (other than as a covenience to crossword constructors!)? :-)

PK said...

C.C.: So many men of that age went to the military because there was a draft then which meant able-bodied young men were mandated to serve two years of military service. If drafted, they usually went to the Army. Many guys went ahead and enlisted after high school if they wanted another branch of the service and wanted to get their military service done so they could start the rest of their lives. If they went to college first, many enlisted in ROTC and became officers for their active duty time. Draft was abolished after Vietnam. Guys still have to register though, I think, at age 18?

VirginiaSycamore said...

Happy Easter, Passover, April's Fool Day and Rabbit, Rabbit

Thanks to Pam for a Sunday workout and to C.C. for her excellent explanations.
A few remarks:
- The March family is the family in Louisa May ALLCOTT's Little Women series.
- P.K., Before ELLEN had her talk show she did have a sitcom. Also,
- do you really want to say that Prince Charles took a leak on his lapel? Seems a little crude to do. Maybe he should have gone to the LOO instead.

Live Well, Heal and Prosper

Lemonade714 said...

PK back in the 90s, Ellen Degeneres came to fame in her eponymous SITCOM which made television history as both she and her character "came out of the closet."

w. When Elvis was born, his parents chose "Aron" as his middle name. Some believe this spelling was to mimic the spelling of his stillborn identical twin brother's middle name, Garon. The official paperwork for Elvis birth/delivery confirms the name “Elvis Aron Presley”. Worth noting is that on the Marriage Certificate, of Elvis and Priscilla, dated May 1, 1967, Elvis name continued to be spelled as “Elvis Aron Presley”. Elvis wanted his name to be changed to Aaron. (various sources). I do remember when Elvis went into the service.

PK said...

Virginia: Look at yesterday's picture of Charles with a LEEK on his lapel. He's taking it to the celebration. LOL! I was just being naughty.

Have no recollection of Ellen's sitcom except for the todo when she "came out". We didn't have that channel then, I think.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Pam and thank you C.C.

A couple of typos prevented the TADA, but otherwise a fast fun fill.

Had to pause to parse at the Rock memoir answer. Oh, I TINA !

Similar at TO ONE for Odds ends. Took a moment to realize "why." I would lose if the odds were two to one.

Couldn't remember NIA or GIA, but EGGAR made GIA certain.

PK, yes, you are correct. Selective Service registration is still mandated. Conscription in the U.S.

Big Easy said...

Whew! You scared me C.C. When I saw the picture of ERIK (unknown) Agard I thought it was Colin Kaepernick. The only thing not "ING"ing today was the Easter Bunny hoppING across the page. The ING endings made the puzzle a lot easier than it should have been. But I had to grind out the NYC area with SPLIT and AMPLE finally morphing into ALLOT and A SLEW, with SIENA. ESOS, and TO ONE falling by perps. There are way too many NE private colleges (we called them finishing schools for rich kids) for this Deep South boy to keep up with, since I didn't make it to MIT or Harvard.

I only knew of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails because he moved to NOLA a few years back. Whatever his music sounds like, I have no idea. I doubt he uses OBOES.
GIA, KYLIE, CHA- unknowns. TEASES before TAUNTS. ZAIRE before CONGO. I doubt they will change Kinshasa back to LEOPOLDVILLE.

ARIA-we ate there at the buffet a couple of weeks ago. Only $37.00 plus tip.

Husker Gary said...

-I fail to see how you “do it in ink” peeps did this today and kept your sanity
-_IA/EG_AR was a fail for me. I knew NIA starred in My Big Fat Greek Wedding so…
-I squirmed at EELIEST but laughed out loud at “Stale crossword cookie”
-My MIL hated her son’s wife and so I RAN INTERFERENCE in planning his funeral
-If you want to advance in an organization but refuse to JUMP THORUGH HOOPS, you’d better be damned good
-A major road in Omaha was TARRING potholes Friday causing backups and lane changes
-An unwritten rule in baseball – “You can’t rub the spot where you got hit by a pitch”
-A colleague tried to FLIP a house in Omaha and, uh, took a bath
-You can tease me all you want as long as I get my TURN
-When I pronounce kids’ names taking roll, DEUTSCH names are a crapshoot as to whether they have been “Americanized”
-Yeah, right, this type of PAWN shop transaction happens every day! (3:16)
-I wonder if Erik uses FRO in his puzzles
-LURER was nearly atop LUGER
-This tallest SPIRE in Nebraska is visible from many miles near where Joann grew up
-Argyle has so many USES/purposes around here and is sorely missed. Get well Santa!

SwampCat said...

Easter bunny, Easter bunny! I hope that counts as a rabbit. I don't have any candy to hand out.

Fun puzzle. My favorite was 111d, "Stale crossword cookie" for OREO. Yes. Isn't it? But with all those lovely vowels we will no doubt see more of it.

And of course my favorite New Orleanian, FATS Domino. He's being honored at Jazz Fest this year. Well deserved.

I also loved Boomer ESIASON. His name is so much easier to understand on TV than in crosswords. I always struggle, then feel silly because I do know the name.

Happy Spring, wherever you find it.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Happy Easter and Passover. I always like when they fall together because it makes sense. Passover is Pesach: Paschal describes Easter, Pasqua is Italian, and Paques (with a circumflex over the "a" meaning the "s" is missing). [Madame is a techno idiot and can't figure out how to do that.] Further, Orthodox Easter--also the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox--must also follow the completion of Passover. The Last Supper was a Passover Seder.

Thanks Pam and C.C., I enjoyed this today, but only after I made several passes and found PUNCHING THE CLOCK. Aha! No only did I find the theme clues, but the puzzled certainly opened after that. I was having a lot of trouble with many of the shorter, but certainly clever, fills.

I hope everyone is well. I have been quite busy the last few days with my MIL. She is doing fine, but she needs more help with errands, lunch, and of course having some company. My SIL, who lives with her works LONG hours, so DH and I are helping out. My puzzles have fallen by the wayside. That's okay, though. I know where to find them and the Corner when I can.

Hoping Spring is poking her nose around wherever you are!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I always enjoy Pam's puzzles and this one fit the bill nicely; not too hard, not too easy. My w/os were: Alike/Aloud, Abort/Scrub, Anno/Fats (DO, we think alike a lot!) and Union/Siena. Union came to mind first because it's a much larger school than Siena, although, years ago, I took some courses at Siena, so I'm remiss there, not to mention that a niece and her husband, both Siena grads, named their Bernese Mountain Dog, Siena. Half Moon is also a CSO as I lived in the town of Halfmoon for a few years. The only unknowns were Gia and Congo, as clued. Noticed the Eire/Eries duo. I wasn't keen on Eeliest, Lurer, or Soots but those are minor nits. IIRC, "Walk Don't Run" was Cary Grant's last movie. [sigh!]

Thanks, PAK, for a nice start to the month of April; let's hope it won't be too cruel. Thanks, CC, for the terrific write-up and visuals.

Happy Easter to all celebrants. We have a cold and blustery day which is what we can expect, I guess, when Easter falls so early.

PK, my niece's Alma Mater, Loyala Chicago, fell along the wayside, too, so I'll now root for Villanova, right, YR?

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

IM: We're moving from Loyola to Villanova also. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I too will now be rooting for the the other Catholic School--- even though it's not run by the Jebbies

Lucina said...

Happy Easter! Blessed Passover!

I loved this puzzle! Thank you, Pam A.K.! The exercise modes in pun form were highly amusing. My doubts were alleviated with C.C.'s expo. I wasn't sure about TARS, WELTS, NIN and DEUTSCH. Since my German is next to nothing, the spelling eluded me and I left off the S so one blank cell. I just now got the "short" in short relative. Oh! Abbreviation!

GIA Carides played the pushy aunt in the movie. She was a hoot!

SEAN will always be the only James Bond.

Tonight I'm expecting company and they will be here until Thursday so this may be my last time posting until then.

Have a spectacular day, everyone! My daughter is hosting Easter dinner for the family today.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Easter - We had an inch of snow this morning.

Work-a-day Sunday solve. OK theme - the gerund consistency helped by providing 'ING's for a little free fill.
Hung up with the ALCOTT / C-NOTE cross but finally parsed it. Don't know why I get hung up on C-notes.
HALFMOON - Town in Saratoga Co., NYS, at the head of 'sea level' navigation on the Hudson; presumably the farthest that Hudson was able to sail up the Hudson. He made it past IM's home, but not as far as Argyle's.
Dutch name of the ship is De Halve Maen
DEUTSCH is German for German. L. German is düütsch. Duits is Dutch for German, but an older form for their own language. "Duitsen bloed" appears in the Netherlands anthem, but they won't normally use it to refer to themselves, because of the wars with Germany. The modern Dutch word for their language is Nederlands.

Misty said...

A delightful puzzle, with a fun theme and great, often misleading, clues. Many thanks, Pam. I got quite a lot of it before I had to cheat a little, but no problem on a busy Sunday. Had problems similar to others--e.g. ANNO before FATS, like Desper-otto and Irish Miss. And I just couldn't get weather out of my head for those "high winds," and so had a lot of trouble getting OBOES--Doh! But my favorite, favorite item was OH ROB! I loved "The Dick Van Dyke Show" back than, and this brought back happy memories of Mary Tyler Moore. Anyway, a fun way to begin Easter Sunday, especially with C.C.'s always wonderful write-up--thank you, C.C.

What a generous family member you are, Madame Defarge.

Enjoy your company, Lucina.

Dave, the problem with listening to music to help with going to sleep is no computers or laptops in the bedroom (thank goodness).

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

Maverick said...

My newspaper has an incorrect solution published. 3D TURN is TORN; 4D ETON is ELON. This makes 19A HAUTE become HAOLE. Interesting cross with OAHU.

Maverick said...

Also, not a fan of the "Changes lanes on" clue. Wouldn't that mean RE-TARS? I don't get it. But it did lead me to learning about the Cat Nation ‪being a name for the ERIES, and not JAPAN.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Lent fell on Valentine's Day; Easter on April Fool's Day. Coincidence? Well, it also happened in 1956, and will again in 2029. I was but a lad of 3 when it last occurred, so it wasn't the first of my lifetime ...

As for the puzzle, this one kicked my donkey. The TARS/STARBUCK Natick was one of several; EELIEST/A SLEW/TO ONE was another; I tried DUSTING the PRINTS before LIFTING them, even though I knew LUGER was correct. I, TINA got me in that sector. I also had SIS/SIB, and had to LU TYNE to get KYLIE. I wanted to put BRUCE in there, but he/she didn't "fit", if you get my drift ... Oh, and I see that I had NIA/GIA in 82a. Total failure today ...

Dave, glad that you enjoyed listening to my daughter's bassoon clips I linked yesterday; I wish I could visit her more often when she plays "live"

My haiku today contains an assist from CC, as her description of 91d contained an interesting "typo":

Does Santa prevent
Allergies to chimney soot
By getting FLUE shots?

D4E4H said...

I am almost overwhelmed by the depth of discussion today. ¡Wow! Many Cornerwriters have remembered their favorite hare be it "Rabbit, Rabbit," "Bunny, Bunny," and even the Bunny of Easter. Yet I have yet to hear the results of your Easter Egg Hunt. Here is mine. I searched, and searched, and finally found mine on my dinner plate, in the center, dyed Robin's egg blue. There are three souls living in bodies in this house, a 91 man, moi 73, and the lady of the house, 71, not a child in sight. Some traditions persist.


Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle™. Really nifty theme. FAVE clue is the aforementioned "Stale crossword cookie". Also liked "Got glasses on credit?" and "Lonesome fish?" Had no trouble with TREMOR and ERGO but wanted GALES for "High winds" instead of OBOES.
There is a town not far from here called Half Moon Bay. I'll give one TO ONE odds its name has nothing to do with Henry Hudson. Actually, it is situated on the coast of the body of water called Half Moon Bay. A mile or so north is a lovely place called Pillar Point Harbor where LW and I like to go to get terrific seafood at a joint called Barbara's Fish Trap. It is there I first learned of and experienced Grolsch beer, which I still often enjoy.
That Xi'an pasta looks delicious, C.C.
No, I have never used a TOTE bag, but yes, I served in the Air Force Security Service during the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis.
Best wishes to you all.

D4E4H said...

The Chairman of the Moes at 1:37 PM

Wrote "By getting FLUE shots?" The alternate spelling of FLU is found right in "influenza," and is approved by the WHOM. That's a Whole Host Of Mothers, and the CDC. That's C.C. with me in the center.

Oh, BTW ¡Grooaann! Santa even takes the shots himsELF. May he recover speedily.

Today's Paradrosdokian: "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." Einstein


Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, having ESIASaN x TOTa. I don't remember TOTO revealing anything, but I guess I knew at one time.

Fun challenge, Pam. Thanks. And thanks to CC for the tour and for the insights on Boomer's exploits. If only I could spell NFL Boomer's last name I would have FIR.

Pat said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy Easter and Passover. Thanks, P.A.K. and C.C. for today's enjoyable experience! I even got the theme!

Fav c/a 106d: Domino product/pizza! Then perps said I was wrong. While attending Eastern Michigan University, my roomies and I would walk the 3-4 blocks to the original Domino's pizzaria. We justified the treat because we were walking off the calories, right?

I don't know anything about guns so I had a glock/LUGER. I had a few look-ups, but this was easier than most Sundays.

Walk, Don't Run by the Ventures.

Our daughter and her puppy came over for brunch, then we took the dogs for a walk. They left and it's been a quiet afternoon. I was going to post earlier, had the laptop on my lap when the dog came over, pushed the laptop away so she could lie down on Mom's lap. Guess what the priority was.

Hope you all have had a great day.

PK said...

Since I posted this morning, Mother Nature has played an April Fool's joke (says my bicycling son-in-law) on us by dropping the temperature below freezing and a layer of snow. The snow is landing on spring-warmed earth so probably won't last long, but...

Well, I guess I'll root for Villanova too despite the fact they were the villains who tromped KU. I don't hold a grudge. They definitely played an admirable game. They seemed to stun KU players into not playing their usual best.

PK said...

I don't know about your house, but OREOS go stale ONLY in crosswords at my house. Don't last long here.

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. We had most of our family over for clam chowder, deviled eggs, bagels and lox and ice cream. I thought Jordan (13) might be too old for hunting Easter eggs but no. So I hid 20 of them around the back yards with four yellow ones placed in the branches and leaves of the lemon tree, the first place Jordan went to.

Does it seem to you that the characters and writing on NCIS and NCIS-LA have gone rapidly downhill this season. I am rapidly losing interest...

WikWak said...

Not ‘zactly a speed run, but closer than it was yesterday. Didn’t get to it until we got back from the family dinner, and then had a nap attack, so I finished just a few minims ago. 33 minutes. I lol’d at “lonesome fish?” / SOLE.

Who knew ham had tryptophan?

Have a hoppy day everyone—what’s left of it, anyway.

Misty said...

Maverick, I had trouble understanding TARS for 'Changes lanes on' too. What I think (and I don't know if this is right) is that if the lanes are changed on a road, they use tar to cover up the yellow lines so new ones can be drawn into place once the tar dries up. Does that make any sense?

Spitzboov said...

TARS - I kind of agree with those wondering about it. I thought HG gave a good example, but I'm still missing something because of how the clue is worded. But I guess C.C. saw it.

Bobbi said...

Sorry, but the Easter Bunny was the Trickster for me in this puzzle. Couldn't round the third across line without peeking ... and it was downhill from then on. After two hours of angst, copied from the answer and then looked at the clues. Too many disagreement with Klawitter to start here, but you can bet that the next time I see her name in the constructor's spot, the paper will be fodder for my evening fire. I really dislike fruitless struggles like the one provided here today. I now have donned my armor... so throw your bricks.

CrossEyedDave said...

I saw the replica of The Half Moon anchored in the Hudson
under (near) the Bear Mountain Bridge years ago...

Changes lanes on = Tars, I'm having trouble digesting this,
can anyone think of a better sticky clue. (not Sailors...)
How about, "a prefix to feathers..."

Another one that makes no sense at all to me is 128 chips = nicks
(Ah! I hate it when the V8 can hits me in the head as I am typing...)

CrossEyedDave said...

(from the other day)

I had mentioned I was researching Ancient Eternal Flames found in tombs.
Still have found no proof, but this clip is very interesting...

Jayce said...

Bill G, LW and I (mostly she) still pretty much like NCIS, but we have never gotten into NCIS: Los Angeles in the first place. Sorry you are losing interest. By the way, if you get Public broadcasting you might be interested in a fun detective/whodunnit show from New Zealand called The Brokenwood Mysteries. LW and I like it; it's a bit quirky, very "Kiwi," and there's good chemistry among the performers/characters.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

D4 - two "THE"s like in Punching THE Clock and Surfing THE Web. I was working on a theme where the word THE was repeated in themers; hence the q&a.

C. Moe - {ha}

Bill G. I asked Youngest (15) if she was still keen on Easter Bunny. "For chocolate? Duh!" Youngest apparently told DW, "Just 'cuz [Eldest] is at college doesn't mean I'm grown up too." I left her a trail of plastic eggs from her bed-room door, down the stairs and into the front room where a loaded Easter basket awaited her.

This morning I saw this bird hangin' in a neighbor's yard; I think it's still stuck on Standard Time.

C. Moe - {ha}

PK - no draft when I enlisted. I thought the Army Reserves would be a good way to help w/ the cost of college; and, hey, we hadn't had a war since Nam! Three years later I was activated for Desert Storm. Other than getting a few Incompletes, it wasn't too bad - I was at Ft Hood for 90 days to back-fill @the hospital for those going to theater.

D-O: LOL! I stole your shadow joke for my family's Happy Easter group text. Pop says the Good Lord will have a special place for me... In hell. //I hope Carlin's my roomie :-)

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

Misty at 6:14, good answer

Lucina said...

Ha! Ha! My friend left a message for me: "I'm so sorry we can't come today. Will next month be all right?" "April fool." She does have a sense of humor. They'll arrive at 10:06 tonight.

C.C., to answer your question, I occasionally use the department store TOTE bags, usually if there is no cart available. Both Kohl's and JC Penney provide carts as well as TOTEs.


Our family feast was wonderful with only half the group attending,20 vs. 40. Some wanted to go swimming and assorted other reasons. We had really good food and great conversation.

Thank you, Misty. I did.

Anonymous said...

How is ran a tab, getting glasses on credit ?

billocohoes said...

Traveling today, so kind of late.

Another slang term for TOADIE is brown-noser, but I won't go into detail on its derivation, or its even more vulgar synonym.

D-O, I also can't listen on my laptop; it was in the shop just for a new screen, but now it's saying there's no audio driver. I'll have look into how to restore it.

Spent a lot of time trying to see how Union worked in 41A, until perps. We University at Albany alumni have trouble considering $iena as a real college, they won't play Albany home-and-home in basketball even though they're only eight miles away. We call them Loudonville Community College.

And finally, SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't seen today's NY Times puzzle
the theme entries all have "AND" in the middle of a square

Bill G said...

Anon 9:13, running a tab at a bar means you don't have to pay for each beer or drink as you go. You settle up at the end. Hence, all of your drinks are on credit until you finish up.

D4E4H said...

I don't use in-store tote bags. I don't use stores. I am limited to drive thrus.

Anonymous at 9:13 PM

Your question is sincere so here is the answer. There are glasses you see thru, and glasses you drink from. Each can be purchased on credit. In a bar, you may run a tab, and pay up before leaving. The tab is a form of credit till payed.

Now I have a question for you. ¿What is keeping you from picking a name to use on the Corner? The spot to enter the name is just above the point you are using now. Please name yourself.

As of your last post at 913p there have been 3 anon posts. ¿Were each of those yours, or did we have 3 different anons?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bill G., now I see it.

Ron E said...

Will do, still new to the comment section.

jfromvt said...

Same with mine. Also 1A was TOWER, 3D WORN...which made no sense.....How does this happen? Wierd...

Misty said...

Thank you, Anonymous and Lucina!

Anonymous T said...

CED - I'm still thinking about your Eternal Flame question. The guy in your video said shale-rock and that makes sense (think Fracking). I'm going to sse if I can corner a Geologist this week and ask about naturally occurring gas leaks. -T

Michael said...

Jayce @ 2:31 --

Well, I was Army Security Agency for nearly 4 years, but after Language School, most of my time was spent at a certain puzzle palace at Ft. Meade ... hmm, maybe that's why crosswords are interesting -- I was cleared for puzzles! Your tax dollars at work!

Picard said...

I think this was my last catch-up puzzle from our travels. Hand up SIS before SIB had me stuck in that area. Hand up GLOCK before LUGER. I thought the TARS clue was clever! I got the theme quickly and enjoyed it.

CC: Thanks for explaining BOUNTIFUL and CHA. I had no idea about either. Learning moment!

Last to fall was SIENA/TO ONE. I only know the SIENA in Italy. FIR!