Apr 8, 2018

Sunday April 8, 2018 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme:  "Low Flow" - L is changed into FL in each theme entry. (Thanks for the extra L observation, Lemonade.)
22A. Interfaith service attendees? : COMBINATION FLOCK. Combination lock.

28A. Arsonist's alibi? : FLAME EXCUSE. Lame excuse.

56A. Cause of business failure? : CORPORATE FLAW. Corporate law.

62A. Distinguished screwballs? : GREAT FLAKES. Great Lakes.

72A. Uproar over a controversial win? : VICTORY FLAP. Victory lap.

80A. Niche market for airport bookstores? : FLIGHT READING. Light reading.
106A. Dumpster hoverers? : PACK OF FLIES. Pack of lies.

117A. Hygiene product for very big teeth? : SUBSTANTIAL FLOSS. Substantial loss.

Five F's are added to the start of last words, three to the first. Quite consistent, key to this type of letter addition/deletion/substitution puzzles.

Jeffrey also gives us a 140-word grid. LAT Sundays are normally 144. Look at the top/bottom edges, they're usually divided into 4 parts. Jeffrey the Master only uses 3. He also places six solid non-theme 9's, two of them are paralleled.


1. Humanities degs. : BAs
4. Dangerous thing to fall in with : BAD CROWD. Great debut fill.

12. Enhances : ADDS TO

18. Exiled, with "away" : SENT

19. Nonconforming : IRREGULAR

20. Kitchen gadget : PEELER. Here is my favorite. I got it from our local Asian store.

21. Eponymous reader : UTNE. Reader.

24. Conquered after being lost, as territory : RETAKEN

26. Part of it is on L.I. : NYC. We also have 127. Manhattan region : EAST SIDE And 4. Bombers' home? : BRONX

27. __ food : HEALTH

32. __ resources : HUMAN

34. Ornamental shrub : YEW

35. Gurus' retreats : ASHRAMS. So many people are seeking enlightenment, but Buddha achieved his only after he left his wife and kid.

37. Ill-gotten gains : GRIFT

42. Sheep group : FOLD

44. Pre-adulthood stages : PUPAE

46. Venerable retailer : SEARS

49. Even once : EVER

50. Reliable sort : TROUPER. Always thought it's TROOPER.

52. Glitzy rock genre : GLAM

54. Goliath, to David : FOE

55. Levelheaded : SANE. You just can't rattle D-Otto. Last winter when he discovered he had permanent retina damage, he dealt it with humor, carrying on his Meals on Wheels work as usual. Always cool. Always a do-er.

59. State requiring "Stat!" : URGENCY

61. Enterprise bridge figure : SULU

64. More than not : MOST

67. Unrefined : RAW

70. "The Goldbergs" airer : ABC

71. "House" actor Epps : OMAR
76. Eponymous salad creator : COBB. Never had it. Some food just don't appeal to me. 

79. "That is my intention" : I MEAN TO

87. Emulate a condor : SOAR

88. Spherical organ : EYE

90. "Star Wars" saga fixture : LEIA. Boomer would have commented on the three vowels.

91. Equanimity : BALANCE

92. First word of "Send in the Clowns" : ISN'T. "Isn't it rich?".

93. WWI battle river : SOMME

95. Stop on the briny : AVAST

97. S.F. commuting system : BART

98. 16th-century Sorrento-born poet : TASSO. We had him before. And 125. 98-Across' lang. : ITAL

100. Cape user : MATADOR

102. SALT subject : ABM

103. Barely bested, with "out" : NOSED

111. Like Stephen King's Pennywise : CREEPY

114. Medium power? : ESP. Nice clue.

116. Golden quality? : SILENCE. No. 1 requirement for being a Ninja.
122. Yawn-inducing : DULL

123. One changing lines, perhaps : EDITOR. That's Rich.

124. End of an ultimatum : OR LEAVE IT. Feels like partial-ish to me. YMMV.

126. Yes : ASSENT
128. Sardine catcher : NET. Dried sardines are important in Korean cooking. Base of broth.


1. Stimulating nut : BETEL

2. Women's fashion chain : ANN TAYLOR. For career women.

3. Really angry : STEAMED UP

5. Radius location : ARM

6. Young socialite : DEB

7. Pixar output, briefly : CGI

8. Track competitor : RUNNER

9. Brand including Regenerist products : OLAY.  I still like the Olay original.

10. Defiant reply to a dare : WATCH ME

11. Soft & __: deodorant : DRI

12. Sleep disorder : APNEA

13. Make less dangerous, as a snake : DEFANG. You can find live snakes in many restaurants in Guangzhou. Live fish too.

14. Acer rival : DELL. Also 16. Acer employee : TECH. My screen is Acer.

15. Vending machine opening : SLOT
17. TV planet : ORK. Mork & Mindy.

18. Banzai Pipeline feature : SURF. Also  57. Grounds crew concern : TURF

19. Frozen drink brand : ICEE

23. Omega, to a physicist : OHM

25. London's __ Gardens : KEW

29. Ruth wore one : CAP. Baby Ruth. (Correction: I meant Babe Ruth.)

30. What kilowatt hours measure : USAGE

31. Knickknack perch : SHELF

33. Its Space Command has HQ in Colorado : USAF. Hi Bob, are you still reading our blog?

36. Capital of Eritrea : ASMARA

38. Alter, as a tailor might : RE-SEAM

39. First Family name : IVANKA Her kids speak Chinese.

40. Dueling party : FENCER

41. Low cards : TREYS

42. Consumer protection org. : FTC

43. Conquistador's treasure : ORO

44. Pacific Rim nation : PERU

45. Eurasian border river : URAL

47. Opposite of a squeaker : ROUT

48. Lowly worker : SERF

51. Tom of "Newhart" : POSTON. Boomer met him at a charity golf tournament once.

53. Math subj. : ALG

58. Information source, with "the" : WEB

60. All over the world : GLOBAL

63. Bookkeeping no. : ACCT

64. Champagne cocktail : MIMOSA. Do you guys like Kombucha?

65. Hurricanes form over them : OCEANS

66. Embarks : STARTS

68. Furry TV ET : ALF

69. License holder? : WALLET. No hesitation from me.

72. Stop by : VISIT. Tablet will take Argyle a bit longer to figure out. In the meantime, please continue sending cards to below address. He enjoys our cards.

D. Scott Nichols
Room #219
Wesley Health Care Center
131 Lawrence St.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

73. GPS data : RTES

74. Foolish one : YO-YO

75. Food in a humility metaphor : PIE

77. Spheres : ORBS

78. Vanquish : BEAT

81. Hall of Fame chef De Laurentiis : GIADA. Know her of course. I did not know there's a Culinary Hall of Fame though.

82. Wreaked state : HAVOC

83. Tinkered with : DABBLED IN. Thought of TTP, who will probably still enjoy tinkering with things in his 90s. DIY takes curiosity and talents. 

84. "Soon" : IN A MINUTE

85. ATM giant : NCR

86. Procure : GET

89. Full-figured model born Melissa Miller : EMME. I did not know her original name. That's quite close to Marisa Miller the model below.

94. Archipelago with an eponymous wine : MADEIRA

96. Storied vessel : ARK

99. Big weight : ONE TON

101. Java creation : APPLET

102. Workers' org. formed in 1886 : AFL

104. Vasarely's genre : OP-ART

105. Word for word?: Abbr. : SYN. Another great clue.

107. Actor Davis : OSSIE

108. Raised symbol of resistance : FIST

109. Brilliant display : ECLAT

110. Market : SELL

111. They're chewed in pastures : CUDS. I'm glad I'm not a cow. I can't imagine eating the same food day after day.

112. Wrigley Field stats : RBIs

113. Sunrise dirección : ESTE

115. "Do the Right Thing" pizzeria : SAL'S

117. "Many fresh streams meet in one salt __": Shakespeare : SEA

118. Little piggy : TOE

119. Sol preceders : FAs

120. CXII halved : LVI. 56.

121. 20-volume ref. : OED

Splynter said "Hi". He is now working as an AutoCAD drafter for Westhampton Architectural Glass. I'm happy that he left that winery. I was afraid they would sabotage his hard work with AA.

Yeah, PK, try Dave's suggestion. Google Gmail. You should get your account back.



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jeffrey nd our venerable leader?

Nice theme!

Great week for me. Finished w/o cheats. This one took awhile.

Puzzlers were: TASSO, SURF (huh?), ASMARA, GIADA and MADEIRA. (Perped them out.)

Have a great day!

D4E4H said...

Happy Sunday you Corner writers.

- - Many thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Wechsler for this excellent CW. I got the theme immediately with COMBIATIONFLOCK. This made it easy to suss the other themers. There were places where I thought I would need to BAV, but I found the magic letter each time to FIR.

- - Thank you C.C. for your excellent, and informative review. You showed a beautiful COBB salad. What's not to like about it?

- - 97A - S.F. commuting system : BART reminds me of a town near me, Fairdale who's buses have a similar acronym for the Fairdale Area Rapid Transit. Their buses are eco-friendly. They run on compressed air.

- - At the end of 124A you wrote "YMMV." Please translate.

- - 7D - What does CGI mean?

- - 12D - Sleep disorder : APNEA - How many share this Dx with HG and I? I have used a CPAP machine since 2014. Recently I had a second sleep study where the tech introduced me to the "Dream mask" (as seen on TV). It has a slotted area where it meets the nostrils, and the hose hooks at the top of my head. I like it, and feel that I am sleeping better and longer at a time. I believe that my physical problems are all tied into my inability to sleep.

- - In 13D you talk about live critters. Are these like the lobster tank, for your dining pleasure? Oh by the way, a defanged snake would still be poisonous.

- - 39D - The Kushner children are Theodore James, Joseph Frederick, and Arabella Rose. The composite picture must be showing two views of Arabella. I thought before I LIU that it was of identical twins.

- - Thanks for the update on Splynter.


OwenKL said...

FIWrong¡ I knew the SW corner had problems, but when I punched for red, a solid block of them lit up. EsME+SOsME was a little apart from the rest, but near by. TASSn,edgED,CREwed, newTON,deART,gdN. (I had ClownY for 111a for the longest time.) Once I knew what to throw out, finishing it off wasn't too difficult. The only total unknown was TASSO.

The MATADOR came prepared for a fight.
A BAD CROWD was in attendance that night!
Their behavior was IRREGULAR
A few became hecklers,
They rooted for the bull, gave his FOE a fright!

A TROUPER is costumed, a member of a troupe,
A trooper is in uniform, one in the troop.
One of them watches for acts suspicious
The other acts in plays auspicious,
But it's rarely DULL in either group!

{C, C.}

Lemonade714 said...

SO Jeffrey sends a Sunday our way. Like many of you, I became interested in crossword puzzles watching my parents share the solving of the Sunday New York Times puzzle. They would pass it back and forth. I would try and get in between them and bask in the way they worked together. It was fun and they did not rush to finish. Of course, there was no Google in those days.

The consistency includes all the words that have the "F" appended start out with the letter "L"

Word for word?: Abbr. : SYN - I agree.

Capital of Eritrea : ASMARA
16th-century Sorrento-born poet : TASSO

Dave2 - Your Mileage May Vary.

Nice to hear from Splynter and including the picture of Marisa Miller seems like a nice SO.

Thought PUPAE was a CSO to John Lampkin.

Thank you JW and C.C.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I finished this F'd up puzzle (Hey, somebody had to say it.) in good time. Davis, ending in E, gotta be BETTE, right? Bzzzzt! Recognized the pic of GIADA, but couldn't remember her name. Wasn't that a song? "Giada, Giada, jing, jing, jing" Thanx, for a fun outing, JW.

C.C., only you would call him "Baby" Ruth. I did like that candy bar in my ute. Baby Ruth and Butterfinger were both made by Curtiss Candy Company in Chicago. Nestlé makes 'em now.

BobB said...

Spelled Mr Sulu's name as Sula, that gave me tarp instead of turf. Seemed to make sense and held me up to the very last. Otherwise pretty easy.

Big Easy said...

Good morning. Since I'm writing for a BAD CROWD, the "F" bomb was picked up early as soon as FLAME EXCUSE was filled. But the "L" following took a few more fills.

I spent a bad five minutes at the end of VICTORY FLAP because I had filled TARP instead of TURF ( ditto for Bob Niles), had SULA instead of SULU (never watched Star Trek), and even after TURF was in place, I wanted VICTORY FLAK instead of FLAP. Then the V8 moment hit. We get to eat "humble" PIE more often than we would like.

TROUPER- I agree with you C.C. TROUPERs are part of a troupe. Maybe we're both wrong.
Pasta TASSO I like; the poet, well I've never heard of him.
GIADA- didn't know her last name.
EMME- perped; full figured=overweight any way you want to look at it.

D4E4H- compressed air? Maybe they can strike a match and have a 'jet engine'.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

An early start today allowed me to finish a Sunday. Often Sundays grow too busy too quickly.

Thanks, Jeffrey. (I never shorten anyone's name unless they ask me to. Years of teaching trained me in that. I also avoid using a nickname I hear from others unless I'm invited to do so.) I found the possibility of a Sunday solve at COMBINATION FLOCK. Thanks for lots of fun on a quiet morn.

I liked the tour, C. C.. Thank you. COBB salads are fun to make. I plate them and set out various homemade dressings.

Hi Splynter! Good to hear from you. Your new job sounds like a great spot for your creativity! Stop in sometime.

Have a very sunny day today.

Anonymous said...

I saw Mr.Wechsler’s name and immediately groaned, knowing I am never on his wavelength. But today the moon and stars must have aligned because I actually completed this fun puzzle!

Husker Gary said...

-Fun and fast today
-COMBINATION FLOCKS like these are growing
-The 1972 USA Men’s Olympic BB team refused their silver medals because of this VICTORY FLAP
-These FISTS occured in the prior Olympics
-RETAKEN – Winchester, VA changed hands over 70 times in the Civil War.
-Actual father and daughter bible GRIFTERS (2:39)
-TROUPER Harrison Ford finished Indian Jones And The Lost Ark despite all the injuries he incurred
-My _ A T _ _ _ _ cape user was first BATGIRL
-A teaching colleague did this when he didn’t get what he wanted through the SLOT
-Eritrea is one country (most in Africa) without a McDonalds
-Witty and likable POSTON appeared on To Tell The Truth, Password, Hollywood Squares, Match Game et al.
-I’ve waited a LOOOONG time in the car after hearing “IN A MINUTE”
-Great to hear from Splynter!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It's fun to do a JW Sunday puzzle because he has a much larger grid to showcase his word play wizardry. This was a neat theme which I saw immediately at Combination Flock and that helped with the other theme answers, although not to the point of easy, peasy, no-brainer level. My favorite themers were Pack of Flies and Flame Excuse. My favorite C/A was Golden quality=Silence, although I was thinking of the canine Golden. Learning moments were: the origin of Cobb salad, what and where the Bonzai Pipeline is, and the fact that Peru is considered a Pacific Rim country. (Geography isn't one of my strong points, sad to say.) The duo of Surf and Serf was eye catching, as was the Surf and Turf pairing. W/os included: Cel/CGI, Edged/Nosed, Array/Eclat, Romp/Rout, and Graft/Grift.

Thank you, Jeffrey W, for another challenging and satisfying tour into your wonderful world of words and wit, and thank you, CC, for being such an informative and gracious guide.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Nothing starts Sunday morning like a JW puzzle! Yea! It's a brain stretcher, for sure. I got the F gimmick right away and that helped with the themers, all of which were clever.

The bottom half filled easier and quicker for me then I slid upwards and saw I had OMNI instead of UTNE which we've seen many times. That gave me SURF and it was done!

Any book that takes place during the WWI era mentions the SOMME and its horrible carnage. Take it OR LEAVE IT, that's an ultimatum. On my VISITs to San Francisco I have taken BART numerous times. My friend who stayed with me loves ANN TAYLOR clothes and shoes.

I learned about ASHRAMS from reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.

A TROUPER denotes a performer; a trooper is a soldier or police officer. It's unclear to me which the clue refers to.

Thank you, C.C., for providing Argyle's address and many thanks for your guidance and gracious comments.

Have a peaceful day, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle. I saw the L to FL very soon, which helped. I like the theme answers. ASMARA and GIADA were all perps, nothing else was unfamiliar. I have heard of Tasso. I needed a perp or two to dredge up some of the fill, like that one.
My mom and sister use a similar peeler, CC. I like the way my standard peeler has worn to my peeling style, so I never want to replace it.
I see that trooper and trouper are both correct in this sense.
Trooper, like a soldier or police officer.
Trouper, like an experienced entertainer. The show must go on. I tend to use this one.
Thanks Jeffery and CC for an interesting Sunday.
Off to the Y, followed by Alan's weekly trip to the mall.

Yellowrocks said...

Bloody Mary from South Pacific.

Bloody Mary is the girl I love.
Bloody Mary is the girl I love.
Bloody Mary is the girl I love.
Now ain't that too damn bad!
Her skin is tender as Dimaggio's glove.
Her skin is tender as Dimaggio's glove.
Her skin is tender as Dimaggio's glove.
Now ain't that too damn bad!
Bloody Mary's chewin' BETEL nuts.
She is always chewin' betel nuts.
Bloody Mary's chewin' betel nuts.
And she don't use Pepsodent!
Now ain't that too damn bad!

Bill G said...

Hi everyone. That seemed harder than usual for me, for a Sunday. Clever theme. Thanks Jeffrey and CC.

TTP (or anyone else), I have a Norelco shaver that works fine except the blades have gotten dull over the years. I see I can order replacement blades online. I'm hesitant. Are they fairly easy to install?

Our family used to drive through Winchester, Virginia about once a month whenever we would drive to visit my grandmother for Sunday dinner or for the whole weekend. She lived in Upperville, Virginia. That's a much smaller town out in beautiful horse country. I have great memories of all of those weekend visits.

Here's a well-known line from The Third Man, a great movie:

Harry Lime: Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.

D4E4H said...

Anonymous at 10:02 AM
- - How much nicer your post would have been if you had a name. Next post, please select the name option, and make up one. I share your pleasure at finishing a tough CW.

Bill G at 11:52 AM
- - I have taken my blades out to clean them. I was careful to return the blade to the same position it came from. It was reasonably easy.


Misty said...

Woohoo! A Sunday Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle! Wonderful! I worked really hard on this and was delighted to get more than 3/4 without cheating. The whole south filled in without any problems and then the northeast. But the northwest and area below were a bit tough for me. But I was excited to get the theme pretty early when FLIGHT READING showed up. That alerted me to the F in "Low Flow". Some unknowns included GIADA, EMME, and POSTON, although as soon as I saw C.C.'s picture, I recognized Tom Poston from the TV show--it was just his name I didn't remember. Anyway, delightful, fun puzzle, Jeffrey--many thanks. And your Sunday write-ups are always a pleasure, C.C.

Yellowrocks, I remember the melody of the "South Pacific" tune, but sure didn't remember the lyrics.

Have a great Sunday, everybody.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Real meaty puzzle with some tough chewing. Enjoyed the theme, thanks, Jeffrey. Thanks for everything, C.C.

Unknowns: Vasarely or his genre, GIADA (don't watch food networks), ANN TAYLOR, BRONX Bombers, TASSO, ASMARA.

I had COBB salad once at SEATAC. I had something else but saw a person nearby eating one and asked what it was. Looked so good, I got one too.

EMME is a real-looking woman, not overweight, Big E --shame on you! LOL

C.C. & D4: I've already tried to open GMAIL in my Chrome, but they bring up my son's screen name and ask for his password. I can't get in there either. I have a vague memory of GMAIL popping up on my email page and wanting info and for me to sign up just before I got locked out of Cox email in Safari. At that time, I didn't want GMAIL Now I can't get into it in Safari either. I didn't turn "myself" blue on the Corner. Someone here did that for me when I was locked out. I am not computer literate.

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle very much. Mr. Wechsler is definitely a master. I laughed out loud at PACK OF FLIES.
Good to hear from Splynter and glad to know he's doing well.
Best wishes to you all.

WikWak said...

Gotta love getting up and finding a JW puzzle with CC at the controls. There were a few rough spots, but I managed to FIR in just under half an hour, about average for a Sunday. Very enjoyable puzzle today!

D4 @ 5:10 am (really? What are you doing up at bedtime?): what’s not to like would include avocado and Roquefort cheese. And CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. More and more movies include scenes that never existed in the real world (if there is a "real" world...)

Baby Ruth is a candy bar; Babe Ruth was a ball player. There’s always a good argument to be had over whether the candy bar was named for the player or not.

I have no idea how easy it would be (or not) to change the blades in a razor—haven’t shaved in years. (I do trim the beard, but not with a razor).

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks to Jeffrey for a great puzzle and to C.C. for its explanation and kind remarks about various cornerites.

I have to run soon for a meeting but I will just put my two cents in. Excuse me if I duplicate, but I don't have time right now to read all the above comments.
Getting the theme was very easy, which helped with some solves. There also were enough answers I knew so I could avoid QUERTY runs like Saturday's puzzle needed.

re 94D. Archipelago with an eponymous wine : MADEIRA
Here is a youTube link to the song by Flanders and Swann. It is perhaps PG13 as it involves an old man trying to entice a young woman with MADEIRA.
Link text

Story of how Cobb salad was invented.

23. Omega, to a physicist : OHM
Symbol for resistance. We have seen this in recent crosswords. A while ago the MHO was the unit for conductance, the inverse of OHM. The mho had the symbol of an upside down omega. It just amused me so much when I learned that in class. But, alas, no more MHO, some international committee banned it, along with making Pluto not a planet.

Live Well, Heal and Prosper

TTP said...

Good afternoon. Thank you Jeffrey Wechsler, and thank you C.C.

Nuts, nuts, nuts ! Flew through, and the unknowns were all getting filled by the perps. But in the end, no TADA. Turned on red letters. Had Corporate Flat. Corporate fat wouldn't have fit the theme very well. Corporate lat made no sense. I was so intent on finishing under 35. Nuts !

Oh well. Still a very engrossing puzzle.

C.C., I drank Kombucha tart cherry juice, but all I tasted was the tart cherry juice. And the added sugar. Will try the tart cherry again after reading the label a bit closer.

Hi Splynter ! Hope all is going well. Don't be a stranger.

My reliable sort was a TRUSTEE first. Yes, it should be TROUPER rather than trooper.

Bill G, glad that D4E4H Dave responded before I got here. I've never used an electric shaver. Should be easy though, and there's probably a YouTube video on the steps involved :>)

Gotta run for now.

PK said...

I had "net" before WEB which gave me CORPORATE FLAN which gave me a mental picture of executives sitting around the table eating pudding.

Just had a great shock. Someone with a Texas area code texted me a very explicit sexual vulgarity filled message. With the wording, it seemed to come from a woman. Someone getting their jollies. Why don't I ever get ones with money possibilities like Agnes? I'll never get rich with a dirty one. LOL!

Yellowrocks said...

The Grammarist says trouper is correct. I alway thought so. It seems that trooper is an error, an upstart, that is worming its way into respectability. Because standard English is formed by this process, no wonder it is ilogical.

PK, someone gained access to our pastor's address book and send salascious posts to the entire congregation in her name.
Our square dance email receives manyv offers to enhance our male member. If only they would offer to enhance our membership.

Wilbur Charles said...

First . I probably won't get back in here until after the Masters so I rescind my"selfish" request for No Spoilers . My prediction: neither Rory nor Patrick.

I too had a moment of dread when I peeked this morning and noticed we had a Jeff Wex . But it proved CCian in it's doability and creativity. The bad news: I had FLOW not FLAW . I've got some flaming excuses ..

Wikwak is right . The Babe-Baby Ruth ccontroversy dwarfs the 1972 BB game. As I heard it they named the bar after Grover Cleveland's daughter and then remanufactured the bar when the Bambino became big .

I gotta go


D4E4H said...

VirginiaSycamore at 1:21 PM

- - Thank you for introducing me to Flanders & Swann. I enjoyed also Flanders & Swann - Documentary by John Amis 39:44. If you are pressed for time watch a little, often.

- - Mr. Flanders defined a plumber as a "Drain surgeon."


PK said...

Wilbur: good thing you didn't bet money on the masters, your prediction didn't come true. Nail-biter till the end though.
He looks good in green or on the green.

YR: ouch! What a horrible thing to do to a pastor. Hard to live down. However, we once had one who couldn't keep his hands off the teenagers. Real creep.

D4E4F said...

How nice of you to come onboard and police the sight!

D4E4H said...

D4E4F at 6:43 PM

- - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

- - Thank you for choosing an Avatar so similar to mine. The letters in mine are my initials. The number is the year I was born. Yes I am 73 years young. I am interested in your use of the word "Police." I would appreciate examples keeping in mine the 20 line limit with 5 per day. Oh yes, "no personal attacks."


Anonymous said...

I am more interested in the use of the word "sight".

Lemonade714 said...

D4E4F at 6:43 PM - and Anon at 7:18 -I assume he meant our vision, that Dave 2 polices the images to which we are exposed, and D4E4F did not use the wrong word.

A fun Masters with many sub-plots. Both Sergio and Danny Willett missed the cut.

CanadianEh! said...

Late to the party but I finished this CW with a little red letter help. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and C.C. Getting the theme helped, as I filled in the F Ls.

I must have been on the same wavelength as Irish Miss with Cel/CGI, Graft/GRIFT, edged/NOSED.
I was thinking of Asian countries for Pacific Rim so I LIU. Wikipedia lists just under 60 possible answers for this clue, but only Guam, Niue, and PERU have 4 letters.

I also had I mean to before I PLAN TO.

Aha moment when I saw C.C.'s photo of Babe RUTH. I was totally misdirected and thinking of a woman or Ruth in the Bible, and CAP just did not make sense when it filled in.

WATCH ME reminded me of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (yes, the father of Justin)

Have a good evening.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Got started slowly. Wound up going East and filling in most of the East Coast.

Finally I got the theme and that opened most of the puzzle for me. From then on I kind of zipped right through it.

Strange one was the Venerable Retailer: SEARS. 46A. They are not so Venerable anymore.

I agree with Wilbur, BABY RUTH was named after Ruth Cleveland, President Grover Cleveland's daughter.

Of course I tried OED at 58D, where WEB won that battle.

I have heard of ASHRAMS before, but I still needed perps to get it this time.

Wanted BETTE instead of OSSIE, but held off until I had perps.

Really enjoyed this puzzle.

See you tomorrow.


( )

PK said...

Abejo: I understand what you are saying about Sears. However, having grown up in a small town with few stores, I grew up with the venerable Sears catalog as the go to place. Sears was my first try for that clue.

Michael said...

Ah, Sears ... lo, how the mighty have fallen.

I'm with you, PK -- I remember when the Sears' toy catalog for Christmas came, and would spend hours reading it. I don't think they even have a toy department anymore.

Beaugency said...

Did anyone notice there were different answers in the Los Angeles Times Sunday April 8 crossword “last week’s solution” for the April 1 answers?
Haole instead of haute for 19 across and 3 down is worn instead of turn. LA Times answers don’t make sense.

Picard said...

CC: I am also curious what you don't like about COBB salad. Not my thing, either. I don't like eggs and I don't like bacon in things.

Seeing "Jeffrey Wechsler" told me it would be a challenge. It was a struggle to the end, indeed! But I did enjoy the theme and I was glad finally to finish! But I left in GRAFT even thought it made for "AVANKA" which I knew was wrong. I did not know GRIFT was a thing. FIW.

SOMME/MADEIRA/EMME seemed unfair, but I did WAG it correctly. Other unknowns: GIADA, OSSIE, TASSO, KEW, OMAR. Those had fair perps.