Apr 8, 2019

Monday April 8, 2019 Robert E. Lee Morris

Theme: REAR WINDOW (63. Hitchcock classic, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 38- and 51-Across) -The last word can precede "window".

 17. Broad decision-making perspective: BIG PICTURE. Picture window.

 25. Social media barrage: TWEET STORM. Storm window.

 38. Home of many a blue crab: CHESAPEAKE BAY. Bay window.

51. Announcer's voice, metaphorically: MEAL TICKET. Ticket window.
Boomer here.  
Wow!!  I may have mentioned before that C.C. and I visited US Bank Stadium several years ago.  It was not for a football game, but a Graybar Electric trade show.  It is impressive how they have dressed it up for the Final Four. Of course they brought in a basketball court, (duh) but also they have added many thousands of courtside bleachers.  The seats look fairly uncomfortable, but I bet tickets sold for more than $5.00 each.

Boomer, 10/6/2016


1. Separated from each other: APART.  Once I had a part in a high school play.  It was Noye's Fludde by Benjamin Britten.  I was Noah, a guy from De LaSalle was God. And the entire balance of the cast were girls from Regina High School in South Minneapolis.  Most of the Catholic schools in Minnesota have merged to become coed.  I now coach bowling at Benilde/St. Margaret's.

6. Composer Stravinsky: IGOR.  Oh boy Igor Stravinsky, Oh Boy Bo Belinsky - Allan Sherman.

10. Ashen: PALE.

14. Reclusive sort: LONER.

15. Nickname for grandma: NANA. NANA - Hay ay ay, Good by

16. Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter: ENOS.  Famous "Country" for the St. Louis Cardinals in the fifties, but then he spent a few years in the American League.

19. New Haven school: YALE.  Also a famous lock

20. Silent communication syst.: ASL.

21. Intoxicated: BOOZY. I am not sure if Boozy is a word.  I'll bet most of you tried "DRUNK" first.

22. Org. with a five-ring logo: IOC. The Olympics will be back around June, 2020.  A bunch of sissy sports, nothing about bowling.
23. Christmas song: NOEL.  This will be around in only 7 months

29. Slammin' Sammy of golf: SNEAD.  Now that's a guy who could have won a gold medal if Olympics had golf earlier.

31. "Let me in!": OPEN UP.  Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

32. Figure it out: CATCH ON.

37. Cavity filler's deg.: DDS.  Don't need one anymore. But I can say that I used to think Fixodent was an auto body repair shop.

42. Trivial amount: SOU.  Is this smaller than an "IOU"

43. Daily grind: RAT RACE.  I have been a runner in this for a long time.

44. Except if: UNLESS.

47. Desert retreats: OASES.  This is plural, but I remember an "Oasis" brand of cigarettes.  I think they were menthol. I wonder if they are still around.  I don't think I ever smoked one.

56. All-thumbs message, often: TEXT.  We do have a cell phone, but I am old school. I never figured out how to text with it, and never will.

57. Barn bundle: HAY.  Make it while the sun shines.

58. Peter of "The Maltese Falcon": LORRE.

60. Mimic: APE.  Harry was a hairy one.

61. Waffle House alternative: IHOP.  Seen this before.  The acronym is "International House of Pancakes", and they are pretty good.  I cannot have syrup on mine though.  Have to use fake sugar.

65. "Famous" cookie guy: AMOS.

66. Angelic aura: HALO.  A very famous brand of lighting fixtures.  We have about six feet of track lighting in the hallway.  I have a terrible ego - I use the light fixtures to shine on my 300 game and 800 series plaques hanging on the wall.

67. Calf-roping loop: NOOSE.  Reminds me of Clint Eastwood in "Hang 'Em High".

68. "Ain't gonna happen": NOPE.

69. Taken by mouth, as meds: ORAL.  Not to complain - but I am taking an oral chemo med every day.  Four large pills on an empty stomach.  I am NOT complaining.  They seem to be keeping things under control, AND I had a 227 last week.  Not bragging though.  My other games were garbage.

70. Defeated narrowly: EDGED.  OR if you purchase a Ford small SUV.


1. Saint __: English cathedral city: ALBANS.  Also a town in Vermont

2. Arsenic, e.g.: POISON.

3. "Life of Pi" director: ANG LEE.  From Taiwan.  He won an academy award for "Life of Pi"

4. Exercise unit: REP.  Exercise??  I thought this was the person we elected to Congress.

5. Chicago paper, for short: TRIB.  Minneapolis used to have a "Tribune" in the morning and a "Star" in the afternoon.  Now we just have a "StarTrib" on the front step in the morning.  It has two crossword puzzles, a New York Times and a Universal Syndicate.  I can never finish either of these.  Especially the hard ones by Zhouqin Burnikel.  But I can do the Sudoku.

6. Hitched to the back of the truck: IN TOW.

7. First-aid kit item: GAUZE.

8. How corned beef is often served: ON RYE. and with Swiss cheese and Sauerkraut.

9. Actress Charlotte: RAE.  Of course I am old and remember Martha Raye.

10. Desert hallucinogen: PEYOTE.  I was thinking more of a Dessert hallucinogen.  Visions of sugar plums dancing.  Or a big dish of ice cream.

11. Amazon crusher: ANACONDA.  Always hated snakes.  We do not have any killers in Minnesota, I don't think.

12. Facebook chuckle: LOL.

13. Opposite of WNW: ESE.

18. Simple bed: COT.

22. AOL, for one: ISP.   They were one of the first.

24. Lingerie material: LACE.  "Arsenic and old Lace"  For you Cary Grant fans.  It was a little before my time.

26. Big name in little trucks: TONKA.  I used to drive by the plant frequently.  It was in Mound, Minnesota, (Home of pro wrestler, Vern Gagne) located near Lake Minnetonka.  Very famous toys, but the plant is gone.  I believe Tonka Toys is now headquartered in St. Louis Park, MN.  (About twenty miles from Lake Minnetonka.)

27. Former NYC mayor Giuliani: RUDY.  Famous Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz.

28. Base cops, briefly: MPS.  Military Police. I liked the ones in "Stripes" with Bill Murray.  Did you see him at Pebble Beach?  He has not aged well.

30. Prosecutors: Abbr.: DAS.  District Attorney Adam Schiff on "Law and Order"  Coincidentally a chairman of the same name on the Judiciary committee.

33. Foot bones: TARSI.

34. Tax pro: CPA.  Did you visit one of them this year?  I did our own - waiting for the refund.  No one has asked to see any of my returns.

35. All __ up: excited: HET.

36. Dinghy mover: OAR.  Row, row, row, your dinghy, Gently down the stream.

38. Baskin-Robbins treat: CONE.  31 flavors!!  I'll have vanilla.

39. Classic Wham-O toy: HULA HOOP. A HUGE seller in 1958.  Somebody made a fortune.  We had several in my family growing up. (And so did you if you're over 60).

40. Prefix with logical: ECO.

41. Rhythm: BEAT.  Ed Sullivan had a unique way of introducing the BEATles.

42. 4, in 2 + 2 = 4: SUM.  "What did you learn in school today, dear little boys of mine"  Tom Paxton.

45. Pass, as time: ELAPSE.  "You must remember this, A kiss is still a kiss, A sigh is just a sigh"
As Time Goes by

46. Barnyard enclosure: STY.  I think the three little pigs built their sty with bricks

48. Old salt: SEA DOG.

49. Revealing news story: EXPOSE.  The New York Times and Washington Post seem to compete. Never never the National Inquirer.  I wonder why people even buy it.  It does not have a crossword puzzle!!

50. Slow-boiled: STEWED.  Just made beef stew on Saturday.  Works great in a slow cooker.

52. Blue-skies forecast word: CLEAR.  Sorry but this always reminds me of Clear Lake, Iowa and the Surf Ballroom.  I visited there once, just to pay respects to Buddy Holly and the Crickets.  Buddy's home was Lubbock, Texas.  Also the home of Final two team Texas Tech Red Raiders.

53. Cute Down Under critter: KOALA.

54. Swashbuckling Flynn: ERROL. A swashbuckling heartthrob of the ladies. 

55. Experian, formerly: TRW.

59. Mozart's "__ kleine Nachtmusik": EINE.  This is "ONE".  I think the rest is a little bit of nighttime music.

61. Author Fleming: IAN.  I think I saw every James Bond movies in the 60s.  But when Sean Connery split, so did I.

62. Medical ins. plan: HMO.

63. Letter after pi: RHO.  That's Greek to me.

64. Head-bobbing acknowledgment: NOD.

Okay, the stage is set for tonight.  Virginia against Texas Tech.  Saturday's games were very competitive so it's difficult to pick a winner.  I did not fill out a bracket contest so I guess I do not care who wins.  So for a prediction, I flipped a coin. It came up heads.


OwenKL said...

Had a natick that I wagged successfully: TRW was unknown, and couldn't remember if the actor was LORIE, LOREE, or LORRE. Got the theme correctly as soon as I started looking for it, about half-way thru.

While my auto was APART at my dealer
I drove a demo, until they finished later.
From other cars it kept a distance,
I thought A.I. assistance!
Not so, they said, this car is just a LONER!

He was PALE, he was BOOZY, he was STEWED!
Apparently no sense had he used.
But he felt no shame
For the POISON in his veins --
“Drinkin like thiss is wha I chosed!”

While she was smoking some PEYOTE
An ANACONDA came over and said “Howdy!
Will you be my main squeeze?”
She said, “I’m having D.T.s!”
“You CATCH ON real quick,” said the Pink Coyote!

{B+, B-, B.}

D4E4H said...

Great morning to each of you.

Thank you Robert E. Lee Morris for this enjoyable Monday CW. You really opened a window for me.

Thank you Boomer for helping me see through that window.

25 A - It's Baaaack. It is so "Tweet." I'm all atwitter, and I'm no quitter!

OwenKL How you create your poems baffles me. Today's were each memorable, like what I ate for supper last night.


Lemonade714 said...

RELM and TWEET STORM are both back to start the week. Lots of old time references like ENOS LORRE and SLAMMIN SAMMY . Fun.

Boomer, you continue to entertain and make us laugh. Thak you both.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This old salt was a SAILOR, then a SEAMAN and finally a SEA DOG. Also had to change my PEN to a STY. Forgot to look for a theme...and to read the full reveal clue. D'oh! Nicely done, RELM. You were in fine form this morning, Boomer.

TRIB: Milwaukee also has a blended newspaper. The morning Sentinel merged with the evening Journal to form the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. In Houston the morning Post was absorbed into the evening Chronicle (Barnacle) resulting in a morning Chronicle.

Congrats to the Baylor Bears, the NCAA women's basketball champs. There's a possibility that the men's champ will also be a Texas team. They're not close neighbors, though. Waco (Baylor) to Lubbock (Texas Tech) is about 350 miles by car, a little over 300 by air.

BobB said...

Puzzle was easy enough but I never did suss the theme tie in.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Robert E. Lee Morris, for a fine puzzle. hank you, Boomer, for review.

Wow! Zipped right through this puzzle. About 15 minutes. That is really good for me.

Theme made sense once I was done and looked for it.

Usually there are a few words I do not know. Today I believe I had them all.

I do like corned beef on rye.

Now I have to go out and guard the crossing. See you tomorrow.


( )

Boomer said...

The season ends today in my Monday morning travelling league. My average ended down 40 pins, but I love bowling and am fortunate that the doctors fixed me up so I am able to compete. Still a couple of weeks left on Thursday night and I have decided to enter the 700 club tournament in May. I am a defending champion in my division (over 70 in age) so I am competing with geezers mostly older than I. I probably will not win, but I feel that cashing is a possibility. Of course, I will let TTP and the rest of you how I fared. The tournament ends May 16.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased typo for TEXT and lasso for NOOSE (don't think so, RELM).

We just had TWEET STORM and here it is again.

"Locale for Jinx's 21st-century racing" could have been the clue for CHESAPEAKE BAY.

My CRV is usually seen traveling IN TOW behind my Phaeton. The Phaeton isn't a truck, but it IS built on a Freightliner chassis and is powered by a Caterpillar diesel.

D-O, "not near" is relative. Texarkana is 732 miles from El Paso (813 miles by car), so Waco to Lubbock is less than half way across the state. When I lived in Dallas, the locals used to say that although Lubbock wasn't at the end of the earth, it was where the trucks turned around to back up to the end of the earth.

Thanks to Rbt E. Lee Morris for the fun, easy start to the week. NOOSE was the only nit. And thanks to Boomer. Lots of fun stuff today. Morning / evening papers: Fort Worth had The Star and The Telegram but now only has The Star Telegram, or as the locals say, The Startlegram. Louisville used to have The Courier and the Journal, but now its The Courier-Journal, or as the locals say, The Curious-Jumble.

inanehiker said...

Nice Monday morning stroll with a tight theme- I actually picked up on it before the reveal clue!

Like D-O - I had the SEAMAN to SEADOG switch as the perps chimed in!

Exciting to see the Baylor Lady Bears win last night- but such a nail biter after they lost their large lead when the star defensive center went out with a knee injury but held on in the clutch!
Around here it's the Jefferson City News Tribune and the STL Post Dispatch - both mergers of two papers. In KC they went from the Times and the Star when I was younger to just the Star nowadays.

Fun write-up as always from Boomer and thanks to RELM!

Yellowrocks said...

Quick and easy little Monday puzzle. It wasn't difficult to CATCH ON to the theme.
TWEET STORM again. It's a several times a day phenomenon on social media and in the news.
I usually hear or read BOOZY before the noun it modifies, boozy lunches, boozy arguments, boozy sailors on leave, etc. I think I have never heard or read, "He is boozy." I have heard, "He is STEWED."
"Chesapeake" was one of my favorite Michener novels, but then I love so many of them.
"A lasso is a rope with a noose at one end, used especially in North America for catching cattle or horses." Dictionary
FLN, I checked my finances. I can't afford a boy toy. LOL
Thanks RELM and Boomer.

Vidwan827 said...

I had s good time with this easy Monday morning puzzle. Thank you Boomer for a jolly review. Very interesting , (except for the sports news... ). Your commentary is fascinating!

Have a nice day all.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thank you RELM for a good start to the week. I am pretty up on my Hitchcock, a family favorite around here. When I came to the REAR WINDOW, I looked back and found the theme. Truly a feat for Madame!!

Boomer, thank you for another fine Monday expo. I, too, have enjoyed these Final Four women's and men's games--probably because I don't care who wins, and they have all been such contests. On the men's side, the rumor was the refs tried to keep Duke in the mix. I, for one, am glad they were eliminated, providing more excitement around the surviving teams. Fresh, in a way. It's not at all personal.

YR: I began my first grad class at age 47. I wrote my first paper on the computer. When I walked into class on the evening the paper was due, I simply looked at the faces of the students who could have been my children and disclosed that they had no idea how easy it was to write a paper with a computer. I studied for two degrees back to back, and writing those theses without the travail of my portable typewriter was sheer heaven.
Also: I love your comment about your budget! LOL!

Have a sunny day and a wonderful week.

Prairie Woman said...

Thank you Robert E Lee Morris and Boomer for a light and bright start to the week. Boomer, we are very delighted that the doctor fixed you up to bowl and that the oral chemo is effective.
The references to the distances in Texas brings to mind an incident with our daughter’s college friend. He was brought up in Chicago and had never been able to travel any place more than an hour away. His friend was moving to Dallas and he offered to help drive. Wanting to save money he asked our daughter if they could spend the night with us since that would be half way. We lived in Springfield, IL! She had to show him a map and tell him that the second half of the trip would not be the better “half.” Hopefully his experiences since have broadened his navigating skills.

The puzzle had only a couple stumbles that I was able to correct, so I FIR. Ironically, catch on was the last one for me to catch.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you R.E.L.M. and thank you Boomer.

A Monday morning quickie. No muss, no fuss and over too soon.

Didn't see and of the windows as I was solving. Started with the down clues and filled in most of the puzzle before looking at an across clue. Didn't see some of the words until reading the write-up. In fact, the review took longer than the puzzle, and that's a good thing. But I did take time after looking at the revel and found the windows.

Congrats to the Lady Bears of Baylor ! It was a great game. Last December, Mary Hardin-Baylor won the NCAA D3 National Football Championship, getting past perennial D3 powerhouse Mount Union. I'll be pulling for the Texas Tech Red Raiders tonight.

Boomer, I mentioned last week that we were up 15 points on the second place team and that we were bowling them last Thursday. They swept us the previous time we bowled them. They did it again Thursday night, and our lead is now down to 8 points with three weeks to go.

We just didn't have a very good night, and they were hot. I was high on our team with a 585 (173-200-212). Just like the last time they swept us, they sat a regular and brought in their super-sub (ringer)again.

They beat us by 160 pins the first game. We came back and shot 1001 scratch the second game, but they shot 998, and with their handicap, beat us by about 60 pins. Then they edged us in the third.

I'll be grabbing some pine this next Thursday, and then bowling the Thursday after that. We can't let them gain any ground these next two weeks because we'll face them again the last night of the season in the roll-off on my scheduled night off.

Hope you have a good final today in your Monday traveling league. Yes, let us know how you do in the 700 club tournament. Got a call this morning for an 11:20 tee time, so I'll be golfing today.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good stuff today from RELM & Boomer. Thanks, guys.

I didn't learn the theme. I had just filled the reveal with everything else filled, got my Tada and lost the whole bloomin' thing.

DNK: Experian, formerly = TRW. No idea! Had to LIU. Credit reports, it tells me. Didn't know there were such things until a few years ago when I moved to the city. In a small town with five financial institutions, people pretty much knew who paid their bills and who didn't. Came to the city and started business with a new bank. Had to wait for a credit report before I could write checks. Shocked me. I'm not very impressive if someone looks for signs of wealth on my person. My second visit to the bank, my now much friendlier "personal banker" had received my credit report and insisted I get a debit card. Guess I passed.

YR: glad your good sense prevailed and you decided against the boy toy. I had a much younger man try to latch onto me when I was first widowed. Finally, I showed him my wedding picture and told him "I have not been a virgin in your lifetime." I was married before he was born. He finally got the message.

Husker Gary said...

-We have a REAR WINDOW issue across the street. Strange comings and goings
-My “Radio Announcer Voice” (C.C. has heard it) is a great asset in teaching
-Sport Talk Radio says the NCAA’s Final Four didn’t/doesn’t have marquee teams that boost TV ratings
-Christmas songs portend the arrival of Halloween
-A fun 1962 Doo Woop song with OPEN UP, And Let Me In by one-hit-wonders
-The Maltese Falcon is the McGuffin no one gets
-Agatha Christie usually employed ARSENIC, Strychnine and Cyanide
-HAY destined for my state
-Boomer, don’t you know anyone who can help you with those Zhouqin puzzles?
-I am subbing in my school where we put on Arsenic and Old LACE on the night of November 22, 1963 after much debate
-An EXPOSE in The Omaha World Herald blew the doors off a nearly billion-dollar shortfall in The Omaha Public Schools pension fund. Incompetence exposed!

Yellowrocks said...

I saw the Cary Grant movie, "Arsenic and Old Lace," when it was run on TV years ago. Since then I have seen community theater and high school productions.
I use Experian and had used TRW before that.
Speaking of incompetence, I am having a hard time with our mail away pharmacy. The people who answer the phone have no idea how to resolve glitches and will not refer me to someone with more authority, so I had to get a small prescription filled at the local pharmacy at my expense to tide me over .

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Robert and Boomer.
Just a little crunch today, but it did not take long to CATCH ON to the theme, and I found all those windows.

I wanted Alone for 1A but LONER was needed for 14A. APART filled the spot.
I smiled at YALE (two steps) below PALE.
My misspelled Sneed became SNEAD when LACE appeared.
Hand up for moving from Sailor to Seaman to SEADOG.

Rich must have LOLed at my lack of knowledge of TWEET STORM last week. I filled it in immediately today. What we don't learn doing CWs!
In the same vein, I wanted Slow-boiled to be Steamed before STEWED appeared. (YR -From last week, I erred in my assessment of active/passive voice with Steam. I think that usage must be a regional thing.)
I wonder if Rich edited the clue for 36D after our previous discussion of OARs and canoes. No nits with today's clue.

I had a very small nit with 57A "Barn bundle"=HAY. Technically the bundle is a Bale and the HAY is in the bundle. I will concede the very small issue.

Wishing you all a great day.

oc4beach said...

A Q & E (Quick and Easy) puzzle from RELM today. Boomer as usual turned in a championship level performance on the Expo.

I didn't get the theme until I had finished the puzzle in less than 7 minutes. I just ran through it and didn't look for it.

The only issues I had were with the two OO words, BOOZY and NOOSE. The first should have been DRUNK and the second one should have been LASSO.

CHESAPEAKE BAY was a gimme having lived near it for over 35 years. There is nothing better than a Timbuktu (in Baltimore) or Jerry's Seafood (in Lanham, MD) Crab Cake made from the Chesapeake Bay's Maryland blue crabs. The Maryland Blue Crab is regarded by many as the best blue crabs ever. However, crabs from North Carolina, Texas and other states along with those from Indonesia are sometimes sold as being Maryland Blue Crabs and are not as good IMHO. But then, I am obviously prejudiced.

HG: Our local media in Central PA reported that PA farmers are shipping hay to Nebraska to help with the lack of feed for Nebraska livestock. I don't know how much hay is going or how much is needed but every bit should help. Driving through the farmland in this area, there are thousands of huge bales wrapped in white plastic sitting on the edges of field, so the farmers here should be able to help.

Today is my Dear Sister's 72nd birthday. She's younger than I am.

Have a great day everyone.

xtulmkr said...

Jinx: In my lifetime Louisville had two mainstream newspapers; the Courier-Journal was the morning edition and the Louisville Times was the evening edition. In 1985 the news staffs were merged and two years later the Louisville Times discontinued publication. At the time both papers were owned by the Bingham family who later sold the business to Gannett Press. Over time it ceased to be a local newspaper with local reporters representing the best in journalism and became a regurgitated version of USA Today. Now it is a mere shadow of the winner of seven Pulitzer Prizes publication that it once was.

Wilbur Charles said...

"Stripes" with Bill Murray.  Did you see him at Pebble Beach?  He has not aged well."
As we say in Sun City "Consider the alternative"
My big challenge was reading Hallucinogen as hallucination .

Still bummed FLN calling the German with the big head PETE


Misty said...

Fun Monday puzzle, Robert--many thanks. Loved seeing the solution be REAR WINDOW, one of my favorite movies of all time. I kept wondering what the theme was going to be, with such totally different long answers, and then there it was. Nice to see ANG LEE's whole name in the puzzle. Would love to know what ISP, IOC, and TRW stand for--I'm not always great on abbreviations. But lots of variety, high culture, popular culture, sports, and other stuff. Thanks again, Robert.

Boomer, so glad the meds are working--I always look forward to getting your witty Monday commentary. If I weren't such a senior, you might even get me interested in sports.

Have a good week, everybody.

Lucina said...


Thank you RELM and Boomer for your witty quips! It's too bad you don't know anyone who can help you with those hard puzzles. And thank you for posting Cary Grant.

This was a very quick solve as others have mentioned but I got the PICTURE.

CHESAPEAKE by Michener is also one of my favorite books. It is chock-full of details.

What is your objection to NOOSE? It is simply a loop at the end of a rope which is then used to catch something, in this case, a calf. What would you call it?

I can only tell you that IOC is International Olympic Committee.

Yes, you are in good poetic form today.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Wilbur Charles said...

I agree, especially #1 poem

Jinx in Norfolk said...

xt-Sorry to hear about the degradation of the C-J. It was a fine paper when I was growing up in Eastern KY. I remember looking for "lois" hidden in Hugh Haynie's cartoons (until they divorced).

We also got the Ashland Daily Independent in the afternoons, Life, Look, and for its in-depth investigative journalism, Playboy.

YR, you made me LIU. DNK that a hangman's knot is only one type of NOOSE. I've use plenty of other types of NOOSEs in boating, but never heard them called that.

oc4beach said...

Lucina: ISP stands for Internet Service Provider and TRW stands for Thompson Ramo Woolridge which was a conglomerate that did many things.

oc4beach said...

Sorry, I meant Misty, not Lucina.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Easy one today. No searches, no writeovers were needed. Nice chatty intro, Boomer. Thank you
When I was completely done, I wondered about the theme, which came easily enough.

St ALBANS was a Naval Hospital in Queens, NY (near JFK). which closed in 1974. It is now a VA facility.
BOOZY - I think the clue is fine. It is an adjective; just need to be a little careful not to use it awkwardly.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a pleasant Monday puzzle that presented no issues.

No markovers today either.

REAR WINDOW is one of my favorite films, a perfect movie. Raymond Burr was scary.

Have a nice day.

Misty said...

Many thanks, Lucina and Oc4beach, for your very helpful explanations. Really appreciate it.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I think you called it, Boomer! Heads will surely win tonight.

An easy, but slightly chewy Monday pzl.
REAR WINDOW is a fave movie, with a nicely panicky ending. Lead actor Jimmy Stewart gives a new meaning to multiple casting.
One diagonal, mirror side.
Today's anagram is the title of a corny lil' ditty:
You silly lummox!
Of all the dumb clucks
To fall prey to a wreck
And let your great neck
Be left without hope
In a loop made of rope.

You guessed it, folks, it's the Ode ...

Jayce said...

I enjoyed this puzzle. Thank you Robert. I also enjoyed the write-up. Thank you Boomer. Hand up for SAILOR morphing into SEA DOG. I instantly thought of Lucina when I filled NANA. "Dinghy" eh? Is there an echo in here?

A very good friend of my wife and me used to work in the high-security "tank" at TRW in Sunnyvale, CA. Her work was in the field of aerospace and defense contracts. I didn't know then that TRW also was involved in credit reporting. (She later was my boss at QuakeFinder.)

The San Jose Mercury News is now just The Mercury News.

Igor Stravinsky and Coco Chanel were lovers for a while. I wonder what attracted her to him.

Good wishes to you all

Ol' Man Keith said...

Husker G & Yellowrocks ~
I saw Arsenic and Old Lace during its first run at San Francisco's Metro Theater. It scared "widdle me."
Raymond Massey, made up with a facial scar and lit to look like the Frankenstein Monster, and Peter Lorre as "Dr. Einstein" were not exactly children's fare.

Yellowrocks said...

Today I reached a caring mail away pharmacy rep who did not understand my simple, nontechnical problem with Alan's meds. So he immediately relayed me to a pharmacist who was very helpful. At last!
I thought TRW just handled credit. Interesting.
Coco's life story is fascinating.
Alan is having a panic attack now. He still wants to go to the group home, but he is quite scared. This Wednesday I am scheduled to hand over custody. I hope this panic attack is not a deterrent. The timing is terrible. After spending more than 15 months arranging this, I feel extremely anxious myself.

D4E4H said...

Jinx in Norfolk at 7:45 AM wrote "Louisville used to have The Courier and the Journal, but now its The Courier-Journal, or as the locals say, The Curious-Jumble."

Thanks for enlightening me. I've lived in this area since 1965, and hadn't "jumbled." I have called it the Curious-Journal.


Lucina said...

Thank you for the SO, however, it's eerily close to "dinghy" so I'm reflecting on that.

In the past we had two newspapers, besides the Arizona Republic morning edition there was The Phoenix Gazette in the evening. The latter folded many years ago and their staff joined the AZ Rep. It was such good reporting with many fine writers. Many have since retired, moved away or died.

I also thought TRW did only credit reporting.

Mike Sherline said...

Jayce @1504 - maybe there was more to her than surface appearances, and she was attracted to him because of his genius?

CrossEyedDave said...

Very busy week,
no time...

Enjoyed the puzzle,
thought you might enjoy this tidbit. See trailer/scroll down...

But I usually see things from my point of view...

Michael said...

xtukmkr @ 11:05 --

"Over time it ceased to be a local newspaper with local reporters representing the best in journalism and became a regurgitated version of USA Today. Now it is a mere shadow of the winner of seven Pulitzer Prizes publication that it once was."

Tell me; are there any good papers left? The local rag dropped the LAT cwd, raised their rates, and lost a customer ... if it wasn't for their fax machines, I don't think they'd have anything to print.

Michael said...

Boomer, supra, and Wilbur Charles @ 11:45

"He has not aged well."

Well, gee, who of us has??

Michael said...

Jayce @ 3:04 --

"The San Jose Mercury News is now just The Mercury News."

Yes, it's owned by the same crew ("Bay Area News Group") that runs the Vacaville Reporter (my comments for which are two posts above) ... and with the same results.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Fun Monday puzzle and expo, thanks RELM and Boomer, respectively. Boomer, keep on the meds and rolling strikes. Good luck to you in both endeavors +700 Club.

WO: I was thinking an OASIS was the 'hallucination' [sic] (Hi WC!) for the first two letters.
ESPs: SNEED, HET(?), TRW. //OKL - same hail-Mary on the same R :-)
Fav: c/a for ENE - kinda like what Brian Paquin. said Sat, "I wish that clue like the answer is___ would be acceptable." :-)

{A, A, B}

LOL on the DR OMK.

PK & YR - LOL re: Boy Toys

YR- It does sound like the panic of impending change; keep and even keel is the only thing I can offer.

Oc4 beat me to ISP but I was glad to learn what TRW stood for.

Jinx - I was with you on NOOSE [hang-man] until YR said it and you LIU.
//And the horse he road in on :-)

In Springfield, IL (Hi Prairie Woman!) we had The State Journal and the Register for morning and afternoon papers. They'd merged before I was throwing The State-Journal Register (but still had morning and afternoon editions; I threw both routes). And, yeah, xtulmkr, it's now a hollow-shell of nothing but AP Wire reports...

Michael - >5 years ago, I'da proffered The Houston Chronicle [I'm sure D-O would disagree but he's older and probably knew better papers] but they, The Chron, dropped Ken Hoffmann (Houston's Dave Berry), Eric Berger [now at SCW & ArsTechnia], and Nick Anderson. It's still OK, but not NYT, WSJ, TRIB, etc.
I wish paper-publishers understood that we readers can get national/international news from many sources but local investigations and color is why subscribers are called such. //rant over.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

ln praise of all you senior Cornerites, a boy toy is lovely eyecandy, but not life sustaining. I appreciate a mature, 65+ year old, knowledgeable, supportive and caring. Anon T, thanks. Alan is calming down now. He was asking to go to the hodpital. Becsuse he is communication handicapped it takes hours to assess how serious the complaint is. Skipping the dance tonight, I was fianlly able to address most of his concerns. I am too old for all this sturm and drang lasting these last 56 years.

Dutch lady said...

59 down....Eine here means "a" as in A Little Night Music.

Dutch lady said...

Reply to Boomer...59 down...Eine here means "a" as in A Little Night Music

Wahoo said...

Not to be cavalier but that was a decent game, eh?

PK said...

YR: Prayer and hugs for you! I'll pray for Alan to have the serenity to go forth peacefully and not punish you further.