Apr 17, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019, Jeff Stillman


17. Develop hives: BREAK OUT IN A RASH.

26. Part with a gesture: WAVE FAREWELL.

48. Be a second-stringer: RIDE THE BENCH.

63. 2002 Spielberg film ... and a hint to the start of 17-, 26- and 48-Across: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

Melissa here. After seeing BREAK, WAVE, and RIDE, I thought the theme had something to do with waves. Had to get it all filled in before I caught on.


1. Another name for hopscotch: POTSY. Was not aware of this, from Wiki: "Hopscotch was/is called Potsy in New York City. (The name probably refers to the "potsherd" that was used as a marker.)"

6. Naysayer: ANTI.

10. West Coast salmon: COHO. One of several species of Pacific salmon.

14. Curly-tailed guard dog: AKITA. Favorite of a former regular on the blog. Handsome breed.

15. Brought into being: BORN.

16. Intl. oil group: OPEC.

20. Golden years group: AARP.

21. Wedding invite request: RSVP. It is so hard to get people to respond to invitations.

22. Wedding vow word: WORSE. For better or ...

23. Tablecloth material: LACE.

25. Snake, periodically: MOLTER.

31. Red __: ALERT.

32. Inexperienced, as a recruit: RAW.

33. "I should add ... ": ALSO.

37. Easter beginning?: NOR. Sneaky clue with Easter coming up. What is a nor'easter?

38. Glittery bit on a dress: SPANGLE.

42. Uber info: ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

43. Like Tommy, in the rock opera: DEAF.

45. "That hurt!" cries: OWS.

46. Swell up: BLOAT.

52. Eucharist plates: PATENS. A small plate, used for communion during Mass. There are many designs.

55. Hops-drying oven: OAST.

56. Protestant denom.: EPISC. Another tricky one - did not know there was an abbreviated form.

57. Close buds: BROS.

59. Spanish hors d'oeuvre: TAPA.

66. Cuatro times dos: OCHO. Spanish.

67. Red Sox star Big __: PAPI. David Ortiz. Also played for Minnesota Twins.

68. Phased-out Apple messaging tool: ICHAT.

69. Takes in: SEES.

70. Vane spinner: GUST.

71. Lecherous looks: LEERS.


1. Bygone sunscreen ingredient: PABA. Para-aminobenzoic acid was introduced into sunscreens in the 1970s because of its natural ability to absorb UV rays—the ones that cause sunburn. Most sunscreens today, however, don't use PABA. Like oxybenzone, it was found to increase sensitivity to allergic reactions. You can buy it as a supplement though, it is said to stimulate hair growth and reduce greying of hair.

2. Fried side with a po'boy: OKRA.

3. Organization chart level: TIER.

4. Fastening gadget: STAPLER.

5. Chatter: YAK.

6. One taking advantage of privilege: ABUSER. Some of that in the news lately.

7. Rule during homework time, perhaps: NO TV.

8. Word with road or side: TRIP.

9. Traveler's rest: INN.

10. Toyota compact: COROLLA.

11. Dizzying pictures: OP ART. Short for optical art.

12. State bordering Bavaria: HESSE. Germany.

13. Orangy-yellow: OCHER. Most of us learned this color from a box of crayons. The Definitive History of the Colors of Crayola.

18. Seal predator: ORCA.

19. Object of a mil. search: AWOL. Absent Without Leave.

24. Siesta hrs.: AFTS.

25. Cry weakly: MEWL.

26. Beauxbatons Academy coat of arms symbol, in Harry Potter: WAND. According to Harry Potter Wiki, "the school's coat of arms consists of two golden wands crossed over one another, each shooting three stars."

27. With 28-Down, hand lotion ingredient: ALOE.

28. See 27-Down: VERA.

29. Dadaist Max: ERNST. Dadaism is an artistic movement in modern art that started around World War I. Its purpose was to ridicule the meaninglessness of the modern world. Its peak was 1916 to 1922, and it influenced surrealism, pop art, and punk rock. It favored going against the standards of society. See some of his art here.

30. Bit of a tail flip: WAG. Wag more, bark less.

34. Boxer Spinks: LEON.

35. Legato's opposite, in mus.: STAC.

36. Hand-on-the-Bible promise: OATH.

39. Vanilla containers: PODS.

40. Leave dumbstruck: AWE.

41. Drops off: EBBS.

44. Paintings on wet plaster: FRESCOS. I wonder if any were destroyed in the Notre Dame Cathedral.

 47. Salad green: LETTUCE.

49. Go very slowly: INCH

50. Go on foot: HOOF IT.

51. "Slow down!": EASY.

52. Rio Grande tributary: PECOS.

53. On the double: APACE.

54. 10% donation: TITHE.

57. Steady guy: BEAU.

58. Places for patches: RIPS.

60. Yoga aftereffect, perhaps: ACHE.

61. Carson predecessor: PAAR. The Tonight Show.

62. Little scurriers: ANTS.

64. Rd. efficiency stat: MPG.

65. Engine need: OIL.


Lemonade714 said...

Thank you MB and Jeff for a midweek fun exercise. I absolutely adore the Nor’easter clue/fill! So tricky this time of year. I also enjoy being reminded of the AKITA which always brings to mind this FAMOUS DOG . I think Richard Gere played him in the movie.

Did not know POTSY which made the start discouraging and did not recall PATENS

Hope all are well.

OwenKL said...

FIRight. Got the puzzle okay, sort of missed the gimmick. I thught it would be "x off": BREAK OFF, WAVE OFF, RIDE OFF. Which would have been right, but not what the puzzler wanted.
Ironically, the last word I filled in was DEAF. I knew of the musical, but looked it up to find out the plot and how deafness was involved.

Would ERNST have used a BeDazzler on his canvas?
Or would sequins and rhinestones injure his gravitas?
SPANGLED with mixed media
Before Wikipedia,
Would he have turned to OP ART from surrealist?

WAVE FAREWELL to the waves.
Even tho it's surfing that we craves.
The year is subtended,
Vacation is ended,
Back to school APACE the student braves.

{A-, B.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Humpty back camels, and Chimpanzees.

Thank you Jeff Stillman for this enjoyable Wednesday CW which I FIR in 36:33 min.

Thank you melissa bee for your excellent review. I think the theme adds "Catch a" to the first word each time for catch a BREAK, WAVE, and RIDE.

14 A - Curly-tailed guard dog: AKITA. -- The PIC looks like she is wearing flowers. “Hachi: A Dog`s Tale” is one of the most touching movies I have ever seen. Richard Gere plays Parker Wilson a college professor who finds Hachi. Get your kleenex at the ready.

I just watched "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923 film). It was 1:48:46 eons of silent movie with lots of reading. Some time ago we saw a video where Quasimodo saved Esmeralda from being hanged, and carried her up the wall of the cathedral to sanctuary. Somehow that was not in the movie.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

No problemo this morning. Well, except for seeing the theme. Just as I was about to come here begging for a clue, it came to me. Thanx, Jeff and Melissa Bee.

Lemon, I had to smile at your Richard Gere comment.

OIL: Plan to stop for my annual oil change today. I'm off to The Woodlands for my annual physical (whoopee), and there's a handy oil-change place on the way.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, missing TyTHE x EPySC. Got the theme, but missed NOReaster 'til mb "splained" it.

Erased made for BORN, pals for BROS (Jeff you sexist pig), wind for GUST, ogles for LEERS, cone for PODS, and HOOFed for HOOF IT. GUST isn't a change in wind direction, it is a change in wind velocity. A GUST makes an anemometer spin, not a vane.

I think the Harry Potter clues have run their course. ("Frozen" pap as well.)

FLN, I always read the contributions from the night owl Cornerites before reading the current blogger's tour.

Thanks to Jeff for a Thursday-worthy puzzle, and to mb for another fine review.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I take it back. Mr. G says the blade of a windmill is a vane. I don't have any of those.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Melissa Bee and friends. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN was a good movie.

AARP thinks you have entered your golden years at age 50.

I had Tommy being Mute before DEAF.

POTSY is a new term for me. Sadly, I think my hopscotching days are over.

I hope all who are in the band of bad weather will be safe.

QOD: The human mind is programmed for survival, not for truth. ~ John Gray (b. Apr. 17, 1948), British philosopher

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Jeff Stillman and thank you Melissa.

Unknowns were POTSY and PATENS. No clue on legato's opposite and on Beauxbatons coat of arms symbol. Perps were kind.

Nice title Melissa.

I took my old 2003 Chevy Astro van to my trusted mechanic because I thought I had a broken shock absorber. Nope, the frame has rusted away to point where mounting brackets have pulled away. The torsion bar couldn't be replaced. He told me that the frame is so bad that it can't be welded, and that it's not safe to drive for very much longer. He said the steering column is only being held in place to the rusted frame by two bolts, and the connection is iffy at best.

Glad I took it in before an accident happened.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Appropriate Wednesday prickliness. Got most of it OK, but had to look up POTSY in my puzzle dictionary since I did not know PABA either. Thanks MB for the poop on PABA. Theme fill were well known phrases. Kinda clever.
PAPI - Good to see him in the puzzle. A very popular ballplayer.
The H in COHO provided the correct Bavaria bordering state lead-in to HESSE, although it is the only 5-letter state and the only one starting with H in modern Germany.
AARP - Not a member because of its political bias and the main benefit - discount lodging and travel - is available by simply asking for a Senior discount. (We usually invoke AAA or military retiree status if available.)

Off to play some bridge.

TTP said...

D4E4H, most people read the comments from the night before.

I got caught up on all of yesterday's comments this morning. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Spitzboov, thanks for defending me, and explaining that dove is a correct usage of the past tense of dive. I tend to ignore such posts.

That particular troll has an identifiable style. As has so often been the case, he was blatantly incorrect. He obviously doesn't understand the meaning of heteronym. I think he just learned the word solecism and want to use it in a sentence. I sense that he lashes out when he fails at solving a puzzle.

Yellowrocks said...

I thought maybe SURFING was going to be theme until the reveal cleared it up. PAPI and POTSY were new to me. Having lived in the NY NY area for decades, I am surprised I have never heard of POTSY.
The N in NOR and WAND was my last fill. NOR EASTER was a tricky, but fun clue. I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I appreciate it. Many of my students who did not like to read for pleasure were "into" Harry Potter. Yay. Then the movies came along and reading the book was not necessary.
I liked the GUST misdirection. A gust of wind will spin the weather vane.
I liked EPISC and PATEN crossing each other. The Holy Eucharist is the central act of worship in most Episcopal churches.
Jeopardy. I am fascinated to see how far James can go and whether he will surpass Ken Jennings' total. Ken was tripped up by an easy Final Jeopardy question on a night when the other contestants were still a threat. Ken seemed a little "off" the entire night. In a runaway game, he would not have needed to answer Final Jeopardy.

Husker Gary said...

-Surfing/waves was my guess too, Melissa. Oh, it’s CATCH A ___
-I wonder if any altar boy ever had to catch a host on a PATEN
-Attempting Michelangelo’s FRESCO technique
-Spitz, me ALSO on AARP
-Subbing in Middle School Science today. The afternoon classes are making drawing showing sexual and asexual reproduction!

Big Easy said...

Well I don't know where Stillman lives, but having eaten over a thousand "Po'boys" I've never eaten fried OKRA as a side. Not even offered. The usual sides are French fries, tater tots, cole slaw, onion rings and even fried pickles but I can't remember a Poboy shop ever offering fried OKRA as a side. POBOYS are usually 'dressed', which in NOLA means LETTUCE, tomato, pickles, and mayo.

As for the puzzle, I stumbled out of the block and stumbled across the finish line with a DNF. POTSY- never heard of it (or potsherd) Ditto for Big PAPI, PATENS, & I-CHAT-all perps. MEWL was an unknown that I didn't get due to sloppy double checking on my part. Filled BAWL even though I knew WAVE FAREWELL (not FAREWALL). I know a snake is not a BOLTER, just a MOLTER. I had to change IDLE to INCH and KNEE to RIPS. WAND was a lucky WAG.

Hahtoolah-'DEAF, Dumb, & Blind Kid' sure plays a mean pinball.

Yellowrocks said...

TTP, it sounds like your car is KAPUT. So sorry.
Speaking of the troll, he could save himself embarrassment and boost his credibility if he would LIU. DOVE, as the past tense of DIVE is easy to find, and so LIU would prove it is not a SOLECISM.
My hand is causing me very little trouble. Like cataract surgery, this procedure is a piece of cake for most people. Of course, like any procedure, I have heard of a few severely problematic instances.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

My only hang up was at the Wand/Deaf crossing as I'm clueless about Harry Potter and, although I knew Tommy was a rock opera, I didn't know anything about it. The 'D" filled in easily enough, so all was well. My first guard dog was Lhasa but, soon enough, Akita took over. I loved that movie about Hachi, too, tear-jerker that it was. My Okra began as Slaw which was a hasty choice, based on missing Fried in the clue. Hand up for never having heard of Potsy. The reveal was an Aha moment, for me, so I was a happy solver. I'll take a CSO with Corolla; mine is 17 1/2 years old with 25,400 miles

Thanks, Jeff and Melissa, for an enjoyable mid-week treat and tour.


Dave, exactly how many hours of sleep do you average? I'm a night owl, too but, compared to your nocturnal schedule, I'm Rip Van Winkle! And, yes, I always read the previous day's comments before reading the current day's blog.

Keith, good news about your Yorkie!

YR, glad to see you plugging away!

Have a great day.

TTP said...

Yellowrocks, yes, it is kaput. I guess I'll have to drive my garage kept near mint '93 F-150 this summer and fall, and get another daily driver to use in the winter.

It's a shame. The van only has 72K miles. It rides and drives really smooth and has been a go to workhorse with its versatility. The engine and transmission have never given me a problem. Everything else is fine; it's just that the frame is rusting out.

He called a salvage yard for me. They offered $350. The salvage yard would part it out. I drove it home instead. I have a good friend that has the same year and style in the GMC Safari version. He can have it for parts.

If he doesn't want it, I'll donate it to the local high school auto shop. If they don't want it, I guess I'll sell it to the salvage yard.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OK you old-time detective story readers - Am I dreaming, or did some of those gumshoes call their gat, heater or piece a "potsy"?

YR, what kind of a weather vane spins in response to a gust? I've seen it in movies, but not IRL. If the gust is in the same direction as the prevailing wind, a weather vane doesn't move. If at an angle to the prevailing wind, it just turns to the direction of the gust. It might "hunt" a little, but I have never seen one spin from a gust, ether on a boat or on a rooftop. On my boat the weather vane would spin in a dead calm as the waves rocked the boat back and forth, accomplishing nothing other than making the crew seasick.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Jeff and melissa bee.
I FIR with just a few crunchy spots and inkblots. I think Dave4@4:57 (what unearthly hours you and Owen keep!) is correct with the "Catch A" theme.
I was totally misdirected with "Easter beginning?" and did not understand NOR until I got here. D'uh! (I was even trying EEE)

Hand up for Bawl before MEWL, Sparkle before SPANGLE. My thoughts for Red ___ moved from Sea, to Wine to Heart (to fill the spot) before perps gave ALERT. The P of PECOS and PATENS was almost a Natick for me . Gluiest meh clue of the day was "Siesta hours=AFTS". We had LACE to go with the OATH "For better, for WORSE".

I remember PABA sunscreens from the early 1960s. My mother discovered them (apparently they had been used by the American military) and we appreciated their effectiveness after a day of work in the sun. Here's a PubMed abstract.

I thought it was just my Canadian disadvantage with POTSY but I see that others did not know it (even the NYers). But there were plenty of other "Americanisms". Let me count the ways. 1. COHO not Cohoe 2. AARP not CARP 3. EPISC not Anglican 4. po'boy not seen on many menus in Canada but I knew OKRA 5. OCHER not Ochre (but cute with OCHO) 6. MPG instead of the metric L/100km 7. of course, we Canadians don't INCH along, we Centimetre along LOL (but we do go EASY and can go APACE when necessary!).

Lots of religious clues today with PATENS, EPISC, TITHE, Easter (that wasn't religious after all!)

I must stop procrastinating and get my basement cleaned today; the grandchildren will want to play down there if the weekend forecast for cool/rainy weather comes true.
Wishing you all a great day.

TTP said...

Canadian Eh, I'm pretty sure Melissa understood the Catch theme, although she may not have spelled it out.

That's why I liked her puzzle title.

Misty said...

Wonderful Wednesday puzzle, Jeff, and a gift to me because I have a tough day coming up, and this at least got it off to a good start. Got everything and had trouble only with POTSY and PAPI. Guess I don't know my sports even when they're as simple as hopscotch. Great to see Max ERNST in the puzzle. I have a chapter about his art in an early book of mine. Also fun to get the theme, and thanks for clarifying it even more, Dave. And thanks for your always helpful commentary, Melissa.

Broke a tooth yesterday and could only get an appointment for this morning, two hours before I teach my last Senior Center class on Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake.' Was already nervous about the class but the drive to the dentist is long and complicated, so am a bit of a wreck already. I just pray that it all works out okay, but starting out with this neat puzzle helped.

D4E4H said...

Irish Miss at 9:17 AM - wrote "Dave, exactly how many hours of sleep do you average?" -- very few. In the bed, 1, in the chair, 2 + 2 + 4 = 9 total, but there is no REM sleep, and I wake often to pee.

Thank you, and each person who answered my question.

TTP do you live where the roads are salted often? DUH the map shows you in Chicago, and there is a picture of the three of you at the infamous get together. I suspect the salt caused the frame to rust worse than it would sans salt. Your options for the van sound like the ones I have for my body when my spirit has left it.


CanadianEh! said...

TTP - I'm the one who did not totally get the theme until I saw Dave's remark. LOL!

Misty - hope your drive, dental repair and class go well today.

I'd better get to that Basement . . .

Yellowrocks said...

Jinx, I agree that a sudden gust from a different direction would make the weather vane turn, but not spin. Spin means a fast whirling, which a vane would not do. I was picturing just a slow turning. I doubt that a windmill vane would spin.
In square dancing whirl around just means turn 180 degrees, but that's not a weather vane, that's a human couple.
I am sorting Alan's clothing today, take along, leave home, toss, or give to the thrift shop.
BTW Alan is still happy, and even thrilled, to go to the group home, just anxious about the unknown and a major life changing experience. As an example, I think if I moved to a great new job in a different state, I would be thrilled about the job offer and rather anxious about how things would work out. For someone who does not process well and who cannot communicate his fears, this must be especially difficult.
Misty, good luck with your drive and your tooth. I am sure your class will go well.

TTP said...

Canadian Eh, Oh ! Duh on my part then. It is the bane of being the blogger. Sometimes I over define, only to have someone ask, "what does ATM mean ?" or some such. Finding the right mix isn't always easy for such a broad audience.

D4, yes, there's plenty of salt used in the winter here, but that van spent the first 6 years in Texas. Even the mechanic said he's never seen one made in recent memory rust out like it did at this age. I tend to think it may have been a vehicle from the Gulf Coast that went through salt water flooding very early on, and then combined with teh winter salting up here led to its early demise.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YR, so happy to hear that Alan has the appropriate outlook on this big change. The rest of this is minuscule by comparison. If I were closer I would buy us a beer (well, you a beer and me a diet coke) and talk this nit out.

I think that vanes on windmills DO spin from gusts, but weathervanes do not. According to Mr. G, "vanes" are the doohickeys that attach to the rotating part of a windmill or engine shaft (I may have paraphrased a little). G says it is also short for "weathervane", which was what I was thinking. My bad.

Brian said...

Here's an appropriate Cartoon for today: Bizzaro Today

Becky said...

Forgive me, but I doubt that potsherds would be used playing potsy. They are sherds of pots usually found in the navaho or Hopi reservations. I really don't think they are readily available on the streets of New York. And one certainly wouldn't want to hurt them by throwing them down on hard concrete. Maybe it has to do with potting (?) them at the different squares. Haven't a clue, really.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Brian - 404

Lucina said...

Hola y buen dia!

Thank you Jeff Stillman and Melissa! Hand way up for not knowing POTSY though we played hopscotch daily when I was a child. It took all five perps to fill.

I agree the movie CATCHMEIFYOUCAN was very good and of course, well done. Not having read any Harry Potter books I always have to wait and see what will emerge. The WAND waved in early.

RIDETHEBENCH is also not a familiar phrase but not hard to suss. I've learned PAPI from CWDs and being a westerner knew the PECOS River as well as the legend of PECOS Bill. We also have a PECOS street here.

New to me, too, is that Tommy in the opera was DEAF.

Some Catholic churches are starting to use PATENS again after decades of not using them.

I'm sorry to hear of your car problems. That's one I've never heard before

I take it you don't drive very much!

I'm so sorry about your toothache; believe me, I can relate but I'm sure your lesson will be successful.

Have a happy day, everyone!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jeff Stillman, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

Could not get started at all in the NW. So, I headed east. ANTI and INN worked and COHO and OPEC and OCHER worked. At leads I got a foothold. Spread from there. Back to the NW when I was done with everything else.

The only way I got WAND for 26D was by the clue Beauxbatons Academy. I figured batons might mean WAND. I have never read the books and only saw one movie about 20 years ago or more.

PAPI was unknown. Perps.

Remembered ERNST. We seem to get him a lot.

PECOS was a wag once I had one letter.

I have done Sunday's, Monday's, and Tuesday's puzzles, but had no time to check in.

Well, they just called me to guard a crossing in less than an hour so I had better get ready. Fortunately it is close.

See you tomorrow.


( )

melissa bee said...

TTP & C-eh, i realized too late that i hadn't spelled out an explanation of the theme but after reading the reveal again thought it was pretty self-explanatory. TTP you're so right about "the bane of the blogger," and finding the sweet spot between over- and under- explaining.

misty, oh no, your tooth! ironic how two of the smallest body parts, ears and teeth, can be so painful. the only time i ever cried in pain as an adult was from an earache.

will be skipping blog duties in may on the brink of two very welcome developments - my brother should be home within two weeks, and my second granddaughter is due in early may. so much to be thankful for.

OwenKL said...

Bizzaro Nor'easter

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta~ DA!
This was Stillman-tough, meaning daunting but doable. Much fun along the way.

AKITA always reminds me of the sweet guard dog who drew attention to the bodies left in the wake of OJ's rage.

Off to a matinee performance of Shen Yun, the Chinese dance company that pays for all those glorious TV spots. We'll see for ourselves...
Another 3-way on the far side.
The middle line anagram commemorates those Romans who sided with Nero's tutor when, without openly disparaging the emperor, they nevertheless took the dying man's position. They are said to have adopted a ...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Irish Miss ~
Yes, thank you! Our little guy, "Louie," is doing well.
He had a sad history when we adopted him around his 2nd birthday. He is a "rescue" dog, found wandering in the rain on a forested hillside. He had a chip, but the previous owner couldn't be located. We took him in from the rescue group, and at first nobody got along.
He was overgrown, with mop-like hair, and very defensive. He had obviously been abused. His left ear is bent, the cartilage broken from some great impact or twist.
We were used to a previous Yorkie ("Radar Blip") who was a sweet outgoing little girl. Now Louie (not our choice for a name) would nap at anyone who came near.

But gradually, he came to trust us, and that has been a most endearing transformation. Now, he loves attention--and when he's relaxed in the evening he will do what we call his "wormy squirmy" dance. He'll get on his side and pretend to be chasing something, wagging all legs at once, and sometimes adding vocalization with a kind of growling purr. The more we cheer him on, the faster he goes!

OwenKL said...

Are you all aware that, like NINA in Hirschfeld drawings, Piraro, the artist of Bizzaro, also plants camouflaged easter eggs? For a short list, or the rabbit hole of the full list.

Wilbur Charles said...

Okay. "Rd" - Words per minute. Big 'POPI. And, grt this: I saw Steady, guy! and had WHOA. CATCH WHAT YOU CAN seemed fine. And CAPS is certainty a place for patches. But!!! What to do about "Close buds" ?

I figured it out . Rd=ROAD!!

Fortunately, I knew Jack Paar and I DO didnt fit.

Lets see the commentary

patens brought me back to 3rd grade Catholic school. Moved before they threw me out in fifth. "One more fight. .." I had my next one already scheduled

PAPI is pronounced "Poppy" in redsox nation

70A was cute but needed three perps and an alpha* run for the G

We had a fenced in back yard so I drove up to Maine and picked up an AKITA. Gave the nice dog the run of the yard. But.. !!#&*$ Didn't tell the cats. Ol' Flopsy never moved nor climbed that fast.
AKITA was gone before we could name him

We had POTSY clued as Happy Days character, no? Last week,?

TTP at 844, my sentiments exactly. YR has him figured but her wry sense of humor leads to her indulging his nonsense. And my wry is tickled

Time to post. I did FIR. Knowing all about PABA helped


Wilbur Charles said...

My alpabet runs are mental. I still eschew the computer and go to the old P&I

Brian said...

Thanks OwenKL, for posting a link to the Bizarro Comic that I tried to post. I tried to link to an image file but I guess it gave a 404 error to others. I tried to use the instructions in the "Olio" section of the main page to link a file. However, Olio suggests using Picasso, which no longer exists. I tried to link to a Google Photos file that I have and it works for me to see, however, other users get the 404 error. I assume that it is a permissions issue. Does anybody have a good way to post a link to a personnel file?

Brian said...

Personal file.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a cleverly put together Wednesday puzzle.


One thing I’ve always done to combat rust is to go to the car wash and make sure I get the wash that has “undercarriage wash” or similar. Salt can’t rust metal if it’s washed off.

See you tomorrow.

Wilbur Charles said...

I agree that HP motivated a lot of kids including my son, Phil, to read. I stopped reading them because I couldn't put them down once started. I also poopooed LOTR until I read it. I had been a Dostoevsky snob.

TTP, There's charities too who give a generous receipt. The new tax code may have made that strategy moot.
Or, use it as a bargaining chip when you buy your new travel car. They won't "actually" give you real money but you can swap out a fee etc.

I'd forgotten about the paten's use at communion. I'm more afraid of dropping the wine goblet.

Vane-GUST? I'm thinking of the dohickey that sits on roofs and spins with each GUST of wind.

Tiger's innate ability to gauge wind was critical to his big win. Also reading greens. Sam Snead on the subject of Ted Williams as a golfer : "His eyesight that would enable him to read greens" TW had legendary eyesight.

To think of him almost dying when he crash landed his plane on a deck in Korea. It was on fire at the time.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

WC - That doohickey is the anemometer, and measures wind speed. Looks like a kid cut up a couple of his sister's bras for a science project. The other doohickey usually looks like an arrow and may have a rooster or some other figure on it. That's the weathervane (or "vane" for short). It doesn't spin, just slues around to face the direction the wind is coming from.

Jayce said...

I had fun solving this puzzle and enjoy reading all your comments.

That's good news, melissa bee! I'm happy for you.

Good wishes to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh my Gosh, finally caught up with the Blog!
Spent Yesterday with friend in the woods searching
for (age suitable) meaning easy campsites near parking your car.
Found 4, (plus one illegal)
One of which already had a fireplace, rock table for cooking,
and was right next to a babbling brook!
Completely hidden from the less adventurous, and yet,
within a mile walk of fully equipped bathrooms with showers!
($6- to park memorial day thru Labor day)
Free the rest of the year...
(& no, I am not going to reveal where it is...)

Gotta go P/u Daughter #2 from the train,
but I thought this puzzle theme might have more to do with surfing...

CrossEyedDave said...

Ok, I'm back...

Not sure about all the Weather Vane discussion,
but just to add my 2 cents,
Our camp meal yesterday consisted of REALLY spicy sausage patties on English Muffins,
with a side of baked beans...

(I am thinking, if the bike rider on this wind vane ate baked beans,
he could provide his own wind gusts,,,)

I am very familiar with this sound...
I only wish I could find this treasure on the streets...

Which brings me to something somewhat unrelated...
"If" the puzzle was about surfing,
I came across this surfing the internet today,
which is the epitome of silliness...

D4E4H said...

I just came into my room from supper, and had to have some "Time to Say Goodbye" with Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli.

Now I have watched the "J." Spoiler alert, one of the contestants wins.

Now for "Canto Della Terra" (Earth's Song) with "Guess who!"



Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

DNF'd it at the P in POTSY | PABA - both are new to me. I had B, C, D, G, H, J, in the margin and decided I will not guess right.

Thanks Jeff for the fun puzzle. I love the movie CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. If y'all have an hour, watch Frank Abagnale tell his story.

Thanks mb for the excellent expo. Good news on your brother!

WOs: baWL, then I got MOTEE (OCHRE was misspelt), eventual WORSE fixed it.
Fav: c/a for NOR' Easter.

{B+, B+}

YR - good to hear you're healing so quickly and Alan is still doing well.

Misty - that's so awful about the tooth. Hope all went well today.

D-O: I too laughed at Lem's Richard the AKITA :-)

TTP - Didn't opt on the "undercoating," eh? //ducks
News like that on the Astro, I'd have Lyft'd it home and left the van there.

Lucina - living in the desert, I'm sure you've not heard of the underbody rusting out from salt. I'm still taken aback when I return to IL and see cars like that.
Also, I just read today that the company I work for is working to preserve the PECOS watershed.

Brian - First, create a new album just for "the Corner" (actually, you're sharing w/ the world). Next, select the album and then "more options" on the right side. From that "options" and then slide the Share option to "on."

Now, back to work while CED's silliness plays in the back-ground.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

CED - The bike in the weather vane is a Bianchi! I have a classic ('85(?)) Bianchi road bike that I'm too afraid to ride anymore [gear-shift on the down-bar; eyes off the road!]...
Grey matter fires...

No, DW'd never go for it even if

Thanks for the grins.

Cheers, -T

Alice said...

Brian, good cartoon reference!

PK said...

Becky at 12:16: Potsherds aren't only found in Hopi, etc. excavations, but in any ancient areas of the world where pottery was made or traded for. I have a little box of potsherds that were found in our cornfield when we were leveling it for irrigation in Kansas. State Archeological Society members came out and walked the site which was prehistoric.

Melissa: So glad to hear that your brother is coming home. Best wishes to your daughter for an easy delivery.

YR: Glad you are doing well with the hand surgery.