Apr 28, 2019

Sunday April 28, 2019 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: "Ooh, I Get It!" - Long I sound is changed into long U sound, changing spellings as needed.
24A. Grinch victim in the Wasatch Range?: ROCKY MOUNTAIN WHO. Rocky Mountain High.

37A. Bilks corporate bigwigs?: TAKES IN THE SUITS. Takes in the sights.

45A. Puff's ailment?: DRAGON FLU. Dragonfly.

56A. Nickname for a seafaring Smurf?: CAPTAIN BLUE. Captain Bligh.

77A. Amphibian College curriculum?: NEWT COURSES. Night courses.

82A. Inspiration for "The Hulk"?: BRUTE IDEA. Bright idea.

93A. Exceptional wind?: FIRST CLASS FLUTE. First class flight.

111A. 18-Down?: FATHER OF THE BROOD. Father of the bride.

Jeffrey told me that the puzzle title is from Rich and Patti. His suggested "The Right Route". Sometimes it's tricky to find a perfect title that captures the sound changing gimmick.

Total 102 theme squares. Our average. The top and bottom edge design is not very Jeffrey, but the side edges is, with triple stacks of 7's and 6's. Those are hard to pull off cleanly, but Jeffrey is a pro. And he managed a 140 worder.


1. Some old Eur. republics: SSRS. Soviet Socialist Republics. Tiny "republics"/R dupe. Jeffrey mentioned that this is not his entry. He said "Rich didn’t like something in that section, but he did not request a revision, which I would have gladly worked on." He said SSRS is an entry he would do anything to remove, esp at 1-Across.

5. Brownstone-front hangout: STOOP.

10. Homer's "rosy-fingered" time: DAWN. Tiny dupe: 96. Dawn goddess: AURORA.

14. One looking badly?: OGLER.

19. Astute: KEEN.

20. Aquatic predators: ORCAS.

21. "Nasty" Nastase of tennis: ILIE. Honored on a stamp.

22. Good, to Giovanni: BUONO.

23. "__ la Douce": IRMA.

27. High point: PEAK.

28. College domain: EDU. Two more U's: 105. Charlottesville sch.: UVA.75. Columbus campus: Abbr.: OSU.

29. Large wardrobe: ARMOIRE. Not an armoire here. Just want to show you my friend Carmen's vases.

30. College dorm figs.: RAS.

31. Legal memo phrase: IN RE.

32. Pro Football Hall of Famer Merlin __: OLSEN.

35. Modigliani subject: NUDE. Andy Garcia played him in the 2004 movie.

36. Set (on): BENT.

41. Airhead: DUNCE.

42. Bit of trickery: GAG.

43. Chris of "American Pie" films: OWEN. Wiki says this: "In 2014, a New York Daily News article reported Owen was working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California. In the article, Owen says that "life doesn’t always go the way you planned. I love acting and this job lets me stay in the fight." After that article was published, he appeared in two films in addition of a role on Criminal Minds".

44. Urn turner, perhaps: POTTER.

50. Real-estate holding account: ESCROW.

54. D.C. VIPs: REPS.

55. __-B: hygiene brand: ORAL.

61. __-Locka, Fla.: OPA.

62. Arena roarer: CROWD.

63. In cahoots: AS ONE.

64. Swahili honorific: BWANA. Literally "sir".

65. Meal with a crust: POTPIE.

67. "Ghosts" playwright: IBSEN.

69. Shoulders, e.g.: JOINTS. Nina kindly sent us an exercise routine to improve Boomer's body mass and balance. We just started the easiest ones. 

70. "God __ refuge and strength": Psalm 46: IS OUR.

71. Traded (in): DEALT.

73. Like honey: GOOEY.

76. 2000 Richard Gere title role: DR T. OK. I just read the plot for the first time. Surreal.

79. Way back when, once: ERST.

80. Alone, in Arles: SEUL.

81. Two-time Pulitzer Prize for Fiction awardee: UPDIKE.

84. Bering, e.g.: STRAIT.

88. Arp's art: DADA.

91. Whole effort: ALL.

92. Coat of arms element: CREST.

101. Dusters: RAGS.

102. Just: MERE.

103. Prepare for bodybuilding photos: OIL UP. Would you believe that they use PAM cooking spray?

104. Egyptian deity: ISIS.

106. Takes, as a bus: RIDES ON.

108. Friend of Eeyore: ROO.

110. Bygone depilatory brand: NEET.

115. Canadian gas: ESSO.

116. Belong: FIT IN.

117. Wishes one hadn't done: RUES.

118. Actress Delta: BURKE.

119. Ado: STIR.

120. Billiards slab: SLATE.

121. Gucci of fashion: ALDO. Also 10. Chanel competitor: DIOR

122. Motel 6 visits: STAYS.

123. Tokyo electronics giant: SONY.


1. "Let's not do that": SKIP IT.

2. Sister of Venus: SERENA. The Williams sisters.

3. Say casually: REMARK.

4. Whence some garters?: SNAKE EGGS.  Garter snakes. I did not know that snakes lay eggs. Google Images shows this corn snake laying an egg.

5. Hot under the collar: SORE.

6. Walked over: TROD ON.

7. Like Hogwarts lore: OCCULT.

8. Sturdy tree: OAK.

9. 101 class involving Freud: Abbr.: PSY. No more K-Pop rapper.

11. Many college donors: ALUMNI.

12. Succeed despite obstacles: WIN OUT.

13. Coll. students' access codes: NETIDS. Another learning moment for me.

14. Tony's cousin: OBIE. Or EMMY.

15. Staple __: GUN.

16. Inexpensive, as housing: LOW RENT.

17. Improve: ENHANCE.

18. Wake-up call provider: ROOSTER. The black character is how it's written in traditional Chinese.

25. Minister's house: MANSE.

26. "There you __!": ARE.

33. Uncertain query before a query: SHOULD I ASK. I normally send an email to D-Otto: "Does this feel solid to you?"

34. "Yuck!": EEW.

36. On the other hand: BUT.

38. __ Paulo: SAO.

39. Pass over: IGNORE.

40. Mild angst: UNEASE.

41. Warning about overexuberance: DOWN BOY. Great fill.

44. Pasty food: POI.

45. Surprise with a visit: DROP IN.

46. Rest: REPOSE.

47. "Trainwreck" director Judd: APATOW.

48. Back again: FRO.

49. Foundation of a civil society: LAW.

51. Stress-relief tool: SPONGE BALL. Never used these. I do have spike balls.

52. UPS unit: CTN.

53. Actress Issa: RAE.

56. Play lists: CASTS.

57. Airport near D.C.: BWI. Baltimore–Washington International. Also 72. NW Penn. airport: ERI.
Erie International Airport. Googled afterwards.

58. Alit: LANDED.

59. Like perjured testimony: UNTRUE.

60. Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame: EAST LA. We had this clue before.

62. Basic electrical component: CIRCUIT.

66. Delay, with "off": PUT.

68. Runs in the wash: BLEEDS.

69. Beetle relatives: JETTAS.

71. It doesn't go off: DUD.

74. Hockey legend: ORR (Bobby). So grid-friendly. ORR and OTT.

78. Choose: OPT.

80. Endearing quality of puns: SILLINESS.

83. Often pointy-eared figure: ELF.

84. Kitten handles?: SCRUFFS. Nice clue/fill. Consonant-rich.

85. Hard work: TRAVAIL.

86. Sailing competition: REGATTA.

87. Braying beast: ASS.

89. Expiate, with "for": ATONE.

90. Rank of Brit. TV sleuth Morse: DCI. OK, Detective Chief Inspector. 

93. Indiana Jones' hat: FEDORA.

94. Filled with rage: IREFUL.

95. Ready to play again: RESTED.

97. Goosebump-inducing: SPOOKY.

98. Employs so that one may: USES TO.

99. Connects logically: TIES IN.

100. Editing app on Google Play: E STORY. Unfamiliar to me.

102. Orbiter for 15 years: MIR.

106. Philosopher Descartes: RENE.

107. Rather: OH SO.

109. Wordsworth works: ODES.

112. Musical success: HIT.

113. Small ammo: BBS.

114. Tedious situation: RUT.



OwenKL said...

In the NW ==
StoP IT > SKIP IT (seemed okay)
SElENA > SERENA (isn't SELENA the moon godess?)
tEEN > KEEN (originally WISE. didn't check changes)
olMA > IRMA (knew it was wrong, but maybe it was a parody?)
In the N --
ILIa > ILIE (originally ILYA)
NaT. I.D.S > NET I.D.S (NATional? NATural?)
In the S --
RUEd > RUES (seemed okay)
OH dO > OH SO (I don't get this one)
In E central --
all correct, but where thought errors would be, since DRT & SEUL were unknown and looked wrong.

Theme was perverse. Once I figured it out, it actually helped with the last three. But a sound change without a consistent spelling change was nasty. I didn't notice the title until after I finished, but doubt it would have helped me.

Four longest downs (SNAKE EGGS,SHOULD I ASK,SPONGE BALL,SILLINESS) didn't participate in the theme. An alternate theme was suspected since all started with S, but no other patterned detected.

Computer problems since I wrote the above. May be off line for a while!!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, Jeffrey, you provided us with a meaty conundrum today, thank you very much. Thank you, C.C., for providing the TIE INS for some of the inscrutable stuff. Thought the reveal was OH SO.

Loved the SILLINESS of the theme entries. Read the title and got the hang of the theme after a couple which helped with the last three. However, I never did understand the theme TIE INS until C.C. 'splained DRAGON FLU, NEWT COURSES, & BRUTE IDEA. I really chuckled over FATHER OF THE BROOD (I tried "flock") and FIRST CLASS FLUTE (my daughter was a 1st class flutist in HS).

The SE corner was tricky. Did not know ESTORY. STIR didn't enter my mind for "ado". SILLINESS was far too easy to be considered. Finally got them all. Duh du joir!

Also didn't know SEUL, OWEN, DR.T, APATOW, RAE, BWI, ERI.

1a. SSRS took perps. I don't know why that always throws me. Unrecognizable without the starting "U", I guess.

I actually did the upper half of the puzzle twice. I started solving at midnight and was slogging along and went to sleep while typing. I narrowly escaped banging my nose on the desk. That's a famous first. Slept in bed for three hours and came back and tried again. Top half was still hard even after I'd once entered part of it.

D4E4H said...

Super Sunday folks!

Thank you Jeffrey Wechsler for this extremely difficult CW. I found words from somewhere for every cell but the NW, I revealed the "S" at square 1, and I was able to complete the CW.

Thank you C.C. for your excellent review. I have just glanced at it.


OwenKL said...

In the ROSY-FINGERED DAWN, the world is fresh.
Dew drops on the roses to let butterflies refresh.
Dreaming fantasies beguile
For us to stay abed a while
With our downy pillow and cover warm to mesh!

The sun's AURORA lightens the horizon to the EAST,
Bidding RESTED eyes to awaken and to feast.
A banquet of red or gold,
At daybreak to behold,
Or burrow in the bedclothes and cuddle with the sheet!

{A, A-.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Didn't get the theme until after I'd finished the puzzle. It showed me that my ROUSTER was really a ROOSTER. Too cute, by half, Jeffrey. Wanted BENT yesterday...showed up today. OIL UP appeared yesterday, but returned for an encore today. (C.C., why do you know about using Pam to OIL UP?) ARMOIRE, because CHIFFOROBE was too long. OH SO, because DAN was too short. AS ONE, because something had to go there. I thought SICK HUMOR was the perfect pun answer. It was, except it was wrong. SILLINESS forced it to the sidelines. Thanx, for the exercise, Jeffrey, and for the tour, C.C.

SPONGEBALL: I don't have one, but I do have a sponge oil drum. I got it from the Oil Rig Museum in Galveston. My former employer donated the jackup oil rig to the museum.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Jeffrey and C.C.

I got it, but I didn't get it. In other words, I solved it, but didn't understand what was going on. As I have often said, I frequently have trouble with these sound change puzzles. The title didn't help me, and the theme answers all just appeared odd to me. Thank you C.C. for explaining that it was simply an I to U change with spelling changes to make real words. Not my cuppa, for sure.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. I'm off my game today. I found this a real struggle and never did suss the theme. I'm with TTP on this type of theme.

All I can say is Cogito Ergo Sum with René Descartes appearing again after 2 days.

CSO to CED, our resident of SILLINESS!

QOD: In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~ Sir Terry Pratchett (né Terrance David John Pratchett; Apr. 28, 1948 ~ Mar. 12, 2015), British author

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Got up at 7:15 and hit the puzzle after I got a cup of Earl Grey brewing. Took me about an hour and a half to complete. That is pretty fast for me for a Sunday. This puzzle was certainly easier than Saturday's.

Figured out the theme after I was finished. Never really looked for it until then. My favorite answer was NEWT COURSES.

My favorite word was ERI at 72D. I worked at the Erie Airport as a teenager. 700 and some feet above sea level as I recall.

I even remembered ARMOIRE. That is strange for me.

I love POT PIEs. I buy them from Schwan's. Beef. Great!

Our Canadian gas again, ESSO.

We got quite a snowstorm yesterday. Went to Rockford and it rained all the way there in the morning and snowed from then on. The trip back was a little dicey. Many cars in the ditch.

Anyhow, have to head to church. See you tomorrow.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

I had a little trouble in the center of the East Coast. I was thinking Papa for Smurf. I red lettered the first P and then was able to finish. I did not suss the long I to oo sound change, so I thought some of the theme answers were tortured. Now I understand how clever the theme was.

Rather means quite a bit, somewhat. Oh so means extremely.

I stayed home from church because Alan bumped his knee and cannot walk well today.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of a Sunday morning. No way this gets solved without using Google searches. Even with the puzzle filled I needed to visit here to get the theme explained. Hopefully next Sunday's constructor does a better job

maripro said...

Thanks C.C. and Jeffrey. This puzzle was challenging and took me over an hour, but I FIR!
Since Ilie Nastase, even in his heyday, was known mostly to tennis and crossword enthusiasts I tried to find another way to use "I lie." The only thing I found was "I lie to myself all the time, but I never believe me." (S.E Hinton, The Outsiders.) This doesn't seem like much of an improvement to me, but maybe someone will find it useful.
Best to Boomer.

Husker Gary said...

-Giving up BRUCE (Bruce Banner alter ego for Hulk) for BRUTE finished this wonderful Jeffrey creation!
-It took a while to see Urn and not Um in the newspaper clue
-VB CROWDS rise AS ONE when their team serves for game/match point
-My brother-in-law got a new knee JOINT on Good Friday and walked on it within hours
-Before it was a STRAIT
-Veteran memorial inscription – ALL gave some, some gave ALL
-I use PAM barbecue grill spray
-Most people substitute gardener for garter in naming the snake
-Governments around here are trying to ENHANCE flood barriers
-California Angle Roe Ramirez pitched against the Royals last night and the announcers told of his incredible rise from the crime-ridden EAST LA Ramona Gardens housing projects
-How much would someone pay for Indiana Jones’ FEDORA?

Irish Miss said...

Good Afternoon:

For the first time that I can remember, I was miles away from JW's wave length. I didn't get the theme until I filled in the last themer, Father of the Brood and, even then, I had to go back and sound out each entry. Like others, this type of theme is really not my favorite and it's even more of a challenge in a Sunday-sized grid. The fill was clean enough that I had only two w/os: Oriel/Stoop and Erse/Erst. Even more surprising was the lack of unknowns, especially in a Sunday puzzle: Owen, Estory, and Updike, as clued. Nice CSO to our Owen and to our class clown, CED 😜 at Silliness (Hi, Hatoolah!) and to all of our retired academics at Edu. My favorite C/A was Kitten Handles=Scruffs. (I bet CED liked that, also). My least favorite fill was Ireful.

Thanks, Jeffrey W, for a Sunday workout and thanks, CC, for the detailed and informative expo. Thanks for the synopsis of "Dr. T"; I have never seen a more convoluted and contrived plot and I can't believe the talented actors who participated in such a mess.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...


Thanks a million, JW, for this entertaining puzzle which I found quite easy. And thank you, C.C., for your superb review.

Filling all the way across the top layer on a Sunday is an unusual feat for me but that is what happened. Like others, though, the theme escaped me. Finally, at FATHER OF THE BROOD, the penny dropped but I still wasn't sure about the other themers.

Luckily most of the names in this grid are familiar to me: ORR,ILIE, Delta BURKE, ALDO and IRMA. Not familiar are OWEN and Issa RAE.

NEET or Nair? Perps have to decide and hand up for Bruce then BRUTE.

This was fun!

Have a delightful day today, everyone!

Misty said...

Ooh, a Sunday Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle--bound to be interesting. I actually did much better on this one than on yesterday's Saturday puzzle, filling in huge chunks all over the place before I had to start cheating on the longer items. Once I got one or two of them I knew that the theme was going to be a sound alteration, and the title should have given it to me right away. I fondly remember the movie "IRMA La Douce," and thought DRAGON FLU was a cute answer for Puff's ailment. Got SERENA instantly and never even bothered to consider if I had to go to mythology for Venus's sister (and I'm not even a sports fan, but they've been in the news a lot this year). My one embarrassing goof was that I put DECO for Arp's art, when of course I should have remembered it was DADA. Anyway, lots of fun, Jeffrey--many thanks. And I always love your Sunday commentary, C.C.

Sweet poem, Owen.

Have a great day, everybody.

Alice said...

Very hard today.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Saw it was a JeffWech, and thought 1) I'll have fun, and 2) I'll DNF. Half wrong - I FIR, but erased fair for MERE, eudora for AURORA and TIES to for TIES IN.

Rosy-fingered time evoked Jackson Browne's "Rosie".

I worked for a Greek boss with ESL. He once told me to write a letter for his signature which included "be KEEN to look into...". When he reviewed the draft I found out he was saying "begin to look into...". Of course, my peers never let me forget that episode.

Believe it or not, even as an adult I have been told "DOWN BOY".

I really hate it when an ASS brays - especially in an elevator - especially when it's my ASS.

CSO to moi at REGATTA. "Ya gotta regatta" is the motto for my favorite charity sailing event, supporting St. Jude's.

Thanks to JeffWech for another really fun challenge. Don't pay attention to anon 10:09. If I can get it without help, anyone can. My favorite was was "Beetle relative" for JETTAS. And thanks to CC for another enjoyable tour.

Brian said...

Would 73 Across be considered "GOOEY" fill? ;-)

Lucina said...

I shall take a CSO at AURORA, my middle name and my paternal grandmother's name. I was named for both of my grandmothers, Lucina was my maternal grandmother.

My learning moment was SEUL and I can add it to my French vocabulary.

Since OCCULT referenced Harry, I'm surprised POTTER didn't. I liked the clue, though.

Again, thank you, JW!

Today our newspaper has a puzzles and games section! It contains several CWD puzzles by some of our favorite constructors.

Misty said...

I was assigned a fresh avocado salad to bring to our Gourmet Club dinner tonight. The recipe is a nightmare, and I'm not supposed to finish it until just before serving which makes it even harder and more stressful. Hope I survive this recipe and this dinner.

Wilbur Charles said...

So much for p&i. I had no time yesterday and started Saturday in the bathroom this morning. Where .. The pen actually uses INK. After much P&P I had it all. Except...
The H for SHYA looked like an N so I ended up with ANYA AND NEPTALIA. I wanted Neptalis after figuring out
“Highly” populated!

I love the challenge of black ink but.. Does the jury choose to award me a FIR-Technical difficulties? Something like that “wardrobe malfunction” excuse

Sunday xword untouched. I'll get to that tonight


Big Easy said...

Today was a struggle right out of the gate. Just like D4E4H. I got all the theme answers execpt FIRST _____FLUTE. I filled SPONGE 'TOOL' instead of BALL, never heard of the DCI rank, and for some dumb reason filled EUROPA instead of AURORA and missed changing the E to A. To add to that misery, I'd never heard the term 'first class flight', only first class SEAT. DNF for me today.

NET IDS, APITOW, ALDO, OWEN, RAE, E STORY, Dr. T,- filled by perps.
OIL UP- I'd never heard the PAM angle but they used to use a product named Dy-O-Derm.

SNAKE EGGS- birds, amphibians, most fish, two mammals (platypus & echidnea) and most reptiles lay eggs.
ILIE Nastase- back in 1978or 1979 I was courtside watching a match between Nastase and Bob Lutz when ILIE started his antics. The umpire disqualified him and Lutz got the win. Next match up? Borg & McEnroe, and it was the first time McEnroe beat Bjorn Borg. McEnroe started acting up, so Borg copied his antics.

Jayce said...

Homer must have really liked the phrase "rosy-fingered dawn." He said/wrote it dozens of times in his Odyssey. Thank you for that poem, Owen; it's beautiful.

This tough Jeffrey Wechsler puzzle took me a long time to solve but it sure was fun. I smiled brightly at FATHER OF THE BROOD. I like the way Jeff avoided a serious dupe by cluing it as "18 down". My favorite clue was "Whence some garters". NET IDS was also a learning moment for me. I see we not only have a rerun of OIL UP but SAO also makes a reappearance. I agree DOWN BOY is great fill. I knew DCI because we watch a lot of the British cop shows such as Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, etc. There was even a show entitled DCI Banks.

Who is Spongebob Squarepants's sister? SPONGEBALL Roundheels.

Misty, that's the trouble with avocados. Once exposed to air they get brown real fast and must be served promptly.

As I LIE abed my night dreams are transformed to daydreams by the arrival of DAWN.

I'll let myself out. Good wishes to you ALL.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

{A, A+}

Hahtoolah - Pratchett fan? Good Omens will be on Prime May 31. The way Twitter exploded about it, I thought I missed the first show. Imagine my disappointment when I insisted that, after one of DW's programs, we watch Good Omens...

HG - Half-a-mil for a hat? Here's the thing I wanna know - will it (fedora) lose "value" if the buyer puts the hat on? 'Cuz you know he [gotta be a he - only guys are that dumb] will try on the FEDORA and play 'pretend.'

Jinx - I'm not sure what to say but I know now to avoid you in elevators after lunch :-)

Whelp, today I built a roast and made a metric-sh**-ton of Italian sausage & peppers (for hoagies &, later, pasta) with fresh basil from the garden. So, um, naptime!

Cheers, -T

WikWak said...

Gosh, I love a JW puzzle—especially on a Sunday. I always look forward to C.C.’s review, too.

FIR in 48 minutes, about average for a Sunday. Hardest part for me was the NE, but it finally behaved itself.

My only serious issue is with the C/A at 62d. A CIRCUIT is not a component; rather, a CIRCUIT is made of components. I know, I know: with modular construction a circuit may be used as a component by a bigger circuit, but really...
End of rant.

Excellent theme; I think it was 56a, CAPTAIN BLUE, where what I am pleased to call my brain kicked in and the others became much less hard.

Yesterday’s 2” of snow has already left without a trace.

Have a good evening, all!

TTP said...

WikWak, I viewed circuit as component in a larger design, such as in a dampening circuit implemented to reduce noise. Agreed about the snow. We didn't get half of the amount that was projected.

Today in history: In 1758, James Monroe was born, and 30 years later Maryland became the 7th state to ratify the Constitution.

As a tie-in to today's puzzle, one year later in 1789, a mutiny on the HMS Bounty takes place rebelling crew members of the British ship, led by Fletcher Christian, sets the captain, William BLIGH, and 18 others adrift in a launch in the South Pacific. He was probably pretty BLUE about that.

TTP said...

WikWak, oh wait, that's what you said !

Should have been, "... AS rebelling crew members..."

inanehiker said...

I went to visit my mom this weekend as my sister was in from Texas and my cousin came from Hawaii for the first time in 10 years - so just getting around to the puzzle!

It was challenging in spots, but these kind of themes are lots of fun for me! I had to wait for perps for Inspector Morse - because I have only watched the prequel "Endeavour" where he didn't have that title yet.

Thanks CC and JW for an enjoyable start to the evening!

Yellowrocks said...

I used to have trouble having avocados ripe on the day I wanted to use them. They were either overripe or hard as a rock. Now I place the hard avocados in a brown paper lunch bag with an apple, close the top and set it indoors in the sunshine. I check it every few hours and in less than a day they are just right. Then I place them in the fridge and they stay at the same degree of ripeness for several days.
To keep the peeled and cut avocados from turning brown, I coat them with lemon juice, or orange juice, if there are oranges in the salad.
Love them, and I especially love guacamole.

Our public TV station is having phoneathon tonight. Every few minutes they ask donors to phone in their contributions.

D4E4H said...

Husker Gary at 10:39 AM, I utilize a/an LG flip phone, which I had just lost when I realized it was across the room charging.


Wilbur Charles said...

HG helped me out on the connection of Bruce(Banner) and Hulk. But JETTAS should have been easy. I also never corrected EUROPA=>AURORA.

It was a long slog. I also missed
BWANA and should have known BWI.

I got the trick with BROOD/BRIDE. Just seeing JeffWesch SPOOKED me.


I had lots of notes re. Saturday.

Misty said...

Jayce, thanks for the avocado reminder. Thank goodness that monster salad turned out okay and the dinner was really nice. But what a nightmare preparation. In the end I had to cut the avocados into small dices, cover them in flour, dip them in an egg mix, and coat them in breadcrumbs before frying them. They turned out good, and I guess the point of that was to keep them from rotting before the party. But I'm never making this salad again as long as I live.

Anonymous T said...

Misty - OK, wait... you fried them? Ieyes [sp?] gotta know this recipe. Please share after you recover from your epic. -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Avocados, ugh. Now peaches? I have a tree full of them. Better get out there and pick a few.