Jun 10, 2019

Monday, Jun 10, 2019 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: MOVIE TRAILERS (49. "Coming attractions" offerings, and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues)

20. *Opening night Hollywood event: PREMIERE PARTY. Movie premiere.

33. *Recognizable face associated with a cause: POSTER CHILD. Movie poster.

40. *Photographer's concern: CAMERA ANGLE. Movie camera.

Boomer here. 

Hi everyone. I am looking forward to the first day of summer coming soon. In our daily routines, C.C. eats mostly healthy food while I prefer junk food like pizza and brats. But there is one sign of summer that we both crave. The pallets of seedless watermelon invading the produce department of the grocery stores. They are not grown in Minnesota. The farmers thought about growing seedless watermelon, but they did not know what to plant.


1. Noisy blue birds: JAYS.  Toronto's baseball team.  Needs a little help this season.

5. What a wizard may cast: SPELL. I suppose you read about the spelling bee which became an eight way tie when they ran out of words.  Each of the contestants received $50,000.

10. Magic charm: MOJO.

14. Stand watch for, say: ABET.  Now that James is gone from Jeopardy. I suppose he is back home making a bet.

15. Shire of "Rocky": TALIA.

16. State firmly: AVOW.

17. Lugosi of "Dracula" fame: BELA.

18. MLB app for watching live baseball games: AT BAT. Sorry I watch them on TV.  I do not like the computer version.

19. Farmer's place, in a kids' song: DELL.  Hi-Ho the dairy O.

23. VIP vehicle: LIMO.  I remember going to the 1987 World Series at the Metrodome. I found a place to park about half a mile away.  When we approached the parking lot of the dome, there were at least 50 limos there.  Spoiled brat baseball players!!

24. Smash into: RAM.  Play football in L.A.

25. Current unit: AMPERE.  I am not sure about this.  I believe a current unit is a volt.  An ampere is the load.

28. Practice in the ring: SPAR.  Move that "S" to the rear of the word and give me some on the golf course.

30. Mil. bravery medal: DSC.  Distinguished Service Cross.  Must be pretty special because I have never seen one.  Closest I came was a Vietnam vet came into my unit with a Silver Star.

35. Brew ordered by its initials: IPA.

36. Periods often named for music genres: ERAS.  Also mentioned in pitchers stats.

37. __-Ida Tater Tots: ORE.  I suppose this references Oregon and Idaho, but I know most potatoes are grown in Idaho.  Not sure what happens in Oregon.

38. Colored eye part: IRIS. See also 61. Eye parts with 38-Acrosses: UVEAS.

39. Double-crosser: RAT.  Cannot help thinking of James Cagney when I see this.

44. Part of CBS: Abbr.: SYS.  Columbia Broadcasting is the other part.

45. Run __: go wild: AMOK.

46. Number of feet between baseball bases: NINETY.

47. Times two, a Gabor: ZSA. "She had twenty husbands, five of them hers.  What kind of life is that?"  I think Chad Mitchell Trio sang that about Liz Taylor.  Zsa Zsa lived to the ripe old age of 99.  Wow!!

48. Work with freight: LADE.

55. "Right away!" letters: ASAP. Maple trees have this. We still miss Argyle who would send us a bottle of homemade maple syrup.

56. Well in advance: EARLY.  MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher Mr. Wynn  Began his career with Washington and if he had stayed he may have become a Minnesota Twin.  But he left the Senators for Cleveland and finished his career with the White Sox. (then back to Cleveland for a cup of coffee and win #300.)

57. Life partner: MATE.

60. Bit of lingerie: SLIP.  Did you ever walk in Minnesota in the winter?

62. Most of the time: A LOT.

63. Fit for sainthood: HOLY.

64. Respond: REACT.  Think about those Broadway plays.  Those folks have to re act every performance

65. Verne sea captain: NEMO.  Played by Michael Caine and Omar Sharif.  I always thought he was a real person that lived before my time.


1. Elbow poke: JAB.

2. Mount Rushmore prez next to Teddy: ABE.  Shame on me.  I have driven through Rapid City, SD many times and even once stopped at the casino in Deadwood.  But I never drove the extra miles to see this fabulous carving in a mountain.  It should be one of the seven wonders of the world.  Let's at least give it number 8.

3. Shrill bark: YELP.

4. Hollywood hopefuls, back in the day: STARLETS.  The Sun is our biggest star.  I suppose we could call the little ones starlets.

5. Speak haltingly: STAMMER.  My uncle Howie had a terrible one.  Difficult to understand.

6. Outdoor party area: PATIO.  A lot of patios have now been replaced by decks on multi-story homes.

7. Hamburg's river: ELBE.  The Elbe flows through Northern Germany.  I was farther south, near Frankfurt.

8. False witness: LIAR.  Pants on fire.

9. Like sideways gridiron passes: LATERAL.  We don't see these in the NFL too much anymore.

10. "__ Secretary": TV drama: MADAM.

11. No longer hung up on: OVER.  I know they did not spell it this way, but I cannot help but think of Peter Graves in "Airplane."

12. Rude awakening: JOLT.  I don't know if it is still on the market, but I remember a high caffeine soft drink by this name.

13. Big-eyed: OWLY.  Stan -" I brought you some hard boiled eggs and nuts"

21. Celt's land: EIRE. Rory McIlroy's homeland.  Speaking of whom - What a great performance in the RBC Canadian Open this weekend.

22. Western chum: PARD.

25. Imitators: APERS.

26. Tropical eel: MORAY.

27. Exams for sophs and jrs.: PSATS.  I don't remember these as underclassmen.  I think I took SATs as a senior.

28. Filmdom ogre: SHREK.

29. Spot to fish from: PIER.  In Minnesota we fish from docks. Lot of lakes, not too many piers.

30. Somber song: DIRGE. I wonder why a Batman villain never got this name.

31. Like milk on the floor: SPILT.

32. "Mighty" Mudville dud: CASEY.  Absolutely my favorite classic poem of all time.  I rewrote it once and changed it to the "Twinville nine".  I also rewrote a bowling version where "Striking out" is a good thing.

34. Crooner Perry: COMO.  My sister Barbara's all time favorite.  Her son, my nephew visited from San Francisco just last week. 

38. Source of a masculine sense of self: INNER MAN.  Or a floatation device  Inner Tube.

40. 12 bottles of wine: CASE.  I wouldn't know.  I never liked wine much. Never enough to buy a case.

41. Nonprofessional: AMATEUR.  That's me. Amateur bowler, golfer, and speller.  C.C. is a pro blogger.

42. Investment firm figure: ANALYST.  I have never found an investment firm that fit me.

43. Classroom helper: AIDE.  Not a classroom, but there are many of these, mostly volunteers, at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis.

47. Lively: ZIPPY.  We don't have a Zippy's restaurant up North.  I hear they are in Hawaii.

48. Pastel purple: LILAC.  "Each lilac of green turns to one that is blue.  Love like the Lilacs can change colors too."  Chad Mitchell Trio.

49. Prepare, as potatoes: MASH.  "The game of life is hard to play" (M.A.S.H. theme song)

50. Capital on a fjord: OSLO.  I believe this was the home of Ole and Sven.

51. Rockies ski resort: VAIL.  Mile High, I think they have year round snow.

52. "Must-see" review: RAVE.

53. Polygon measure: AREA.  Polygons are fairly assorted and complex.  I think you would need a laser to calculate the area of some.

54. It may result in a commission: SALE.  Red Sox pitcher Chris is having a tough year.

58. Patriots' Brady: TOM.  Was not one of the "Brady Bunch", but now I think the Patriots are.

59. DDE's WWII command: ETO.  European Theater of Operations.  I was too young to remember, but of course Eisenhower was president in 1954 on the ten year remembrance of D-Day.  (June 6th).  He did not participate in the remembrance because it was too emotional for him. A number of the veterans who stormed the beach that day were on hand for the 75th remembrance last week.  Of course they are in their nineties now.  God bless them.


Note from C.C.:

Boomer had one more Zometa infusion last Wednesday. Here he is looking cheerful, ready to deal with the drug and its awful side effects.

Boomer, June 5, 2019


D4E4H said...

FIR in 31:45 min.

By Golly it is Monday Mates!

Thank yous guys Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski for this playful CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review and PIC. Thumbs up right back atcha.


Lemonade714 said...

Boomer, looking good. Thank you for another great look inside your mind and the puzzle. The dictionary says that an AMPERE is a unit of electric current equal to a flow of one coulomb per second. The Twins are surprisingly good this year and the Red Sox surprisingly bad.
Happy Monday all.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zipped right through this one, but missed the reveal...and the theme. Only needed Wite-Out to change PAT to TOM Brady. D'oh! Should've known that one. Thanx, BV, GG, and BB.

AMPERE: When I was a kid I learned the electrical terms from a water example. If a barrel of water had a hole drilled in it near the bottom, the voltage (E) would be the height of water above the hole, the resistance (R) would be the size of the hole, and the amperage (I) would be the volume of water flowing through the hole within some unit of time. E=IR.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased AMPEur for AMPERE. Bad spelers UNTIE! EARLe Fires was a fantastic jockey back in the day, winning more than 6,000 races. I think his parents need to UNTIE two.

Plumbing can be easier to understand than electricity. Think of volts as PSI (pounds per square inch) and ampere as GPM (gallons per minute). (You can also think of ohms as the diameter of a garden hose. The smaller the hose, the more "ohms" you have.)

I was sure Boomer would have mentioned that his winter socks are now candidates for sainthood because they are HOLY after after the long winter.

Illogically, backward passes in football are also called "LATERALs". It really means "not forward" in the sport. The reason it is important is that a LATERAL is a (usually) controlled fumble, and can be recovered by either team even if it hits the ground. By comparison a forward pass becomes a dead ball and the play is over if it hits the ground before a player gets control of it.

MOJO Grill is a fantastic restaurant chain in the greater Ocala area. Great food, friendly service, and they welcome Zoe on their patios.

I must be maturing. I thought f fitting in a TOM Brady cheating/deflating joke but passed it up as being too easy and a little stale.

Thanks to Bruce and Gail for another fun, easy start to the week. And thanks to Boomer for your super review. I admire your courage in the face of your meds.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. This was a fun speed-run Monday puzzle.

Interesting to have AMPERE in today's puzzle since this is the anniversary of André-Marie Ampère (Jan. 20, 1775 ~ June 10, 1836).

My favorite clue was Prepare, as Potatoes = MASH. A nice misdirection from the usual Peel.

There is a ZIPPY's restaurant here, but it looks nothing like the one in Hawaii pictured in the blog.

Boomer, hope you are feeling better. We all wish you well.

QOD: Public virtue is a kind of ghost town into which anyone can move and declare himself sheriff. ~ Saul Bellow (né Solomon Bellows; June 10, 1915 ~ Apr. 5, 2005)

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Bruce and Gail. And thank you too, Boomer. Fun all around.

Except I didn't get the tada. I changed "Prepare, as potatoes" from peel to pare to wASH on this speed run, and was so intent on trying to beat the clock that I didn't notice that left me with wOVIE TRAILERS. D'oh !

Didn't look for the theme.

Boomer, I=V/R. Those guys all have it wrong. It's ping pong balls being pushed through pipes.

Watermelons are a great source of potassium. More so than bananas.


Bill G, Dash T, et al, that's Cheddar BAY Biscuits. Haven't been able to find Cheddar Bay on any map, but I find the Red Lobster biscuit mix at Aldi from time to time, as well as our area's grocery chain, Jewel-Osco.

Last night watched season 30, episode 21 of The Simpsons, entitled "D'OH Canada". Very funny.

Jinx, thanks. Sounds like the revenue from the parking meters wasn't near the take as the potential from the fines.

Boomer said...

Hey, who's the big guy in the chair with a needle strapped on his arm ?? Minnesota is not a death penalty state, so it must be a GEICO insurance ad. "Get a cancer bone strengthener infusion and you could save 15 % on car insurance."

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Bruce & Gail, thanks.

Boomer, Impressive smile in the picture. You get a gold star from us for bravery and humor! Thanks!

Only a few STAMMERS doing the puzzle. Wanted "macho" before INNER MAN.

Another sunny day. The thousand tiny maple trees sprouting in my eaves gutters are beginning to wilt. Hope the yard man gets here to evict them before the next rain.

Husker Gary said...

-¬The JAYS at our feeders are noisy but their color is so welcome
-TALIA was wonderful as Michael Corleone’s sister
-Oliver McCall was the only SPARRING partner Mike Tyson couldn’t KO
-My late high school years had the ERA of The British Invasion
-Rushmore’s giant neighbor to the south
-A 50-yard dropped LATERAL pass is still a fumble
-The most famous DIRGE?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday today. FIR; no searches, no markOVERs. Theme that many could identify with. Nice ZIPPY intro from Boomer.
SHREK - German has Schreck which means 'shock'. Kind of a synonym for Angst.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought this had more crunch than a typical Monday offering, but I'm not complaining, just observing. Unlike most early week puzzles, the cluing was not straightforward but had a touch of misdirection. I foolishly fell into the Aver/Avow trap and my Stammer started out as a Stutter. In addition to the Movie related themers, we also had Limo and Starlets in proximity with Premiere. I liked the Case/Casey duo and learning about At Bat, and the timeliness of ETO. Bruce and Gail have an uncanny knack for hiding the theme and presenting a totally unexpected reveal. CSO to our two Toms and to our northern friend, CanadianEh, with the Jays.

Thanks, B and G, for a delightful start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for your irrepressible humor and cheerfulness. You look mighty intrepid in that photo. BTW, I share your and CC's love of watermelon. 🍉 Pizza ain't too shabby, either! 🍕


Shaggy and Anon T, thanks for the tutorial on Scooby Doo and his idiosyncrasies.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

There are now TV shows that explore everything from ancient aliens to how JOLT aluminum cans are made. One such show explores what the Earth would look like after humans disappear. After 2 days, after 1 year, after 100 years and so on. Supposedly after 10,000 years the only structures remaining will be the pyramids, the great wall and Mt. Rushmore. Interesting that all cities will succumb to decay and will lay in ruin. Not sure how accurate this is or who decided this fate.

Misty said...

What a great start to the week: a Bruce and Gail puzzle and a Boomer commentary, with a sweet picture and update from C.C. Thank you all for this great Monday morning. I sailed through this puzzle, to my delight, although, like Irish Miss, I started to put STUTTER before the LIMO made it clear it had to be STAMMER. Loved the way the movie theme also gave us BELA, ZSA Zsa, and TALIA (she was Sylvester's sister, is that right?). OWLY cracked me up as the answer to Big-eyed. Bit of water with PIER, MORAY, and NEMO. One question though--what is that IPA brew? (don't know my beer, clearly, but at least I got it). Lots of fun, thanks everybody.

Take good care of yourself, Boomer. And have a great week everybody!

Lucina said...


Thank you, Bruce, Gail and Boomer! What a snappy puzzle and commentary.

I love MOVIES so this theme elated me. Sadly, right now most movies are action films or animated ones, neither of which are appealing to me. I do want to see Pavarotti, though.

As usual I didn't get the sports references but with strong,solid perps I sailed through and no w/o's.

On 60 Minutes last night David Eisenhower spoke about his grandfather and the responsibilities that weighed him down during the ETO.

ABE and the other presidents on Mt. Rushmore are strikingly impressive, even when viewed from afar on the platform.

Irish Miss, you echo my thoughts on this puzzle.

Have a gorgeous day, everyone!

TTP said...

Boomer, you're looking good. I know the side effects of those treatments are terrible, but you are a strong man and you'll get through it.

Misty, just as wines have different styles and flavor characteristics, so do beers. For instance, you might prefer white wines over red wines, and a beer drinker might prefer ales over lagers.

Within the white wines you might chosse from Chardonnay, a Pinot Grigio, a Sauvignon Blanc, or some other white wine.
Within the ales, one might choose from a Belgian ale, a pale ale, a brown ale, an India Pale Ale or some other. An India Pale Ale is commonly referred to as an IPA. It tastes considerably different than a brown ale, a Belgian ale, or for that matter, a pale ale.

Anonymous said...

No one else thought Talia/Elbe/At Bat was a bit of a tough crossing?

Misty said...

TTP, thank you so much for your illuminating and helpful comments about beer. I know wines, to some extent, but not beer at all, so I learned a lot.

AnonymousPVX said...

Nice to get a reset on a Monday...ThFSa puzzles were tough, today not so much.

But still not a walk-through.

Markover....ZESTY/ZIPPY....I asked myself, how many Z words could least one other (sigh).

So now the weather here is rain, every day since I picked up the now supercharged Miata on June 1. Plus it’s dirty, so I cannot even wash it. First world problem, for sure.

See you tomorrow.

Jayce said...

Hey PK, you got your AMOK today!

I actually do sometimes use YELP to learn more (not much more) about a restaurant or other vendor.

Yep, STUTTER before STAMMER. Reminded me of The King's Speech. Filled in AV and waited for perps to determine if it was AVER or AVOW.

One of the absolutely most useful and used formulas in electronics is Ohm's Law which reveals the relationship between an AMPERE, a unit of current, a VOLT, a unit of electromotive force, and an OHM, a unit of resistance.

AMATEUR comes from French, meaning someone who does something (TEUR, as in restaurateur or raconteur) for the LOVE (AMA) of it, as opposed to someone who does something for money to make a living.

LW and I are so OVER MADAM Secretary.

An electric shock can give you quite a JOLT.

I wonder if anybody has been an APER of an OWLY MORAY. I also wonder if anybody saw ELBE ere seeing EIRE.

Misty, TALIA Shire is one of the many members of the Coppola family and is Francis Ford Coppola's sister.

Good wishes to you all.

WikWak said...

Fun little romp through a Monday. I usually like Bruce and Gail’s offerings and today was no exception. Thanks guys. Thanks too to Boomer for your writeup and your sterling example of courage and strength in the face of adversity.

Anonymous at 12:03–TALIA was unknown to me but ELBE and AT BAT came easily and the perps took care of the rest.

Jinx, you are the POSTER CHILD of bad spelars evreywhear.

Hand up for stutter before STAMMER.

Around here we loves us a good watermelon.

Anyway, FIR in just under 12 minutes. There were a whole bunch of Downs I never saw until I read Boomer’s exposition; they quietly filled themselves in as I was cruising through the Acrosses. If that’s a word.

Have a great day all!

Jayce said...

AnonymousPVX, you supercharged your Miata? Wow, you are going to get some serious low-end torque! How did you/they manage to fit a supercharger in there anyway? (I love low-end torque. The electric motor in my Camry Hybrid gives me plenty.)

Anonymous at 12:03 PM, nope. Why do you ask?

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lookin' Good, BOOMER!
Thanks for the photo, C.C.!

Not too easy, not too hard, but ju-ust right for a Monday lead-off pzl from the Venzke/Grabowski class-act team!

REACT? Boomer, your reference to "Broadway... folks" was right on target. Some will even say that "The art of acting is truly REACTing."
I would say it is one of the things that separates amateurs from professionals. Young aspiring actors are usually just waiting for their cue to speak again, often holding their expression and "freezing in place" between lines.
One of the first lessons they learn is to "stay alive," to REACT to what their scene partners are saying & doing.
Four diagonals in all. One on the near side, and a 3-way on the mirror end.
The near side diagonal yields an anagram to remind us of the pleasures of Indian cusine, when the chef often reaches for the...
The flip side seems to honor a symbol of Capitalism, with an anagram to the Money Man, aka...

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Gail, and Boomer (glad to see you smiling even waiting for the chemo!).
After lurking on Sat.(I did not have enough P&P to complete that one!) and Sun., I FIRed today with just a few crunchy bites (and saw the theme). I wondered if it was a C.C. creation with the baseball clues at 18A, 46A and my CSO at 1A.

I did not know the AT BAT app but we are too busy cheering for the Raptors to worry about those JAYS right now. Even Rory McIlroy was cheering them on after his win at the Canadian Open yesterday. RaptorFan
LOL, Sunday Anon @5:03pm yesterday
There were some AMATEURs playing in the tournament also.

Hand up for waiting for perps to decide the CW dilemma of Aver/AVOW and AMOK/Riot. Another hand up for Stutter before STAMMER (and thinking of The King's Speech - hi Jayce).
SYS was clued with CBS not GPS today.
Even this Canadian has seen ABE on Mt. Rushmore.
My LILACs are done flowering. I dead-headed them last week.
I had seen an article last week about the TOM Terrific controversy.

Enjoy the day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

CanadianEh! ~
I'm not a regular basketball fan, so you can take my comment with a grain of CORIANDER. But I have to say I am leaning toward your guys.
I guess this makes me a Califonia/USA traitor to the Warriors, but the thought (wish?) that the Toronto Raptors might take the NBA title is hard to resist!
Should we win one for Alex T?!

Misty ~
Others have responded about TALIA Shire's off-screen relationship. In the Rocky MOVIE, she plays Adrian, Sylvester/Rocky's girlfriend.

Irish Miss said...

Misty @ 11:12 ~ Talia Shire played Adrien, Sylvester Stallone's Rocky's girlfriend, and eventual wife in the "Rocky" movies. As Jace mentioned, she is Francis Ford Coppola's sister. (I still remember the tiny turtles that Rocky named Cuff and Link!)

Lucina @ 11:58 ~ Please confirm that I'm not delusional. I watched "60 Minutes" last night and the three segments were: Precious earth minerals (I think that was what they were called), a retired Midwest couple who won millions in lotteries, and an interview with Samuel L. Jackson. (I was convinced the show was a repeat airing, but my Guide showed it being a new show). Now, you mention David Eisenhower being on and I'm really confused as he certainly wasn't on the show I watched, unless I missed a portion, which I don't think was the case. Help! (I still think it was a repeat airing!)

Lucina said...

Thank you for that succinct explanation of ohm, volts and amperes. I've recorded them in my CWD dictionary for future reference.

Thank you for the distinction among beers and ales. They are also now recorded in my CWD dictionary. I don't like the taste of any beer. Wine is my preference

Interesting about TALIA Shire. I did not know she was a Coppola.

Lucina said...

It might have been on Sunday Morning instead of 60 Minutes. That bit about rare earth minerals was an eye opener and very interesting.

Some of 60 minutes was repeated in previous shows.

Lucina said...

Misty, yes; I just checked my recording of Sunday Morning and that is where David Eisenhower was interviewed about his book on Pres. Eisenhower. I'm sorry to have misled you.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Boomer: The other guys explained Amperes well. I will add: Volts are Electromotive Force (EMF). Volts are the power that causes electricity to flow. Amperes (Amps) are the actual current. The electrons that flow through the circuit. A fuse is rated in Amps. A 20 Amp fuse will allow 20 amperes to flow through it. If your circuit wants to draw 25 Amps, the fuse should blow. Power is measured in Watts. You arrive at Watts by multiplying volts times amps. P=VI If a 100 Watt light bulb is turned on it was draw about .9 amps. I lived with Ohm's Law my entire life. E=IR (Volts equals current (amps) times resistance (ohms).

Anyhow, to the puzzle.

Puzzle was easy. The theme was fine and easily arrived at.

Only a couple I needed perps for: MOJO, ZIPPY, SHREK, OWLY.

Great weather today. Back to the garden, and then the lawn.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

Wynn, Lemon, Redsox bane Mike Garcia and a Feller named Bob. That Indian foursome took 20 of 23 from the Redsox in '54 leaving the Yankees 8 back of their 111 wins. The Yanks split 11-11 with the Sox.

I rewrote"Casey" as "Grogan at the Helm" after Pat's beat Miami in the old Orange Bowl in 1986

Had two teeth yanked this morning (actually the surgery was 1-3). Pain is setting in. They gave me an hour to grab lunch while the penicillin took. Xword took the time to eat a chiracha bacon croissant.


Wilbur Charles said...

Btw, Boomer Casey made an appearance over at The J


Terry said...

It took me a while to get those.

Misty said...

Thank you all for the very helpful comments and explanations. Really appreciate it.

Jayce said...

LW and I just finished watching, live, John Dean and others testify to the House Judiciary Committee chaired by Representative Jerrold Nadler. All I can say is, "Sheesh!"

Bill G said...

Irish Miss, I have the same reaction to 60 Minutes. It shows up in the DVR guide as being new but it clearly has repeated features. They seem to take an old show, add a few new details and call it a new broadcast. A bit dishonest it seems to me. (They are call Rare Earth elements though Precious Earth is close enough for me.)

As an ex-electrical engineer, I was impressed with all of the accurate and easy-to-understand explanations of voltage, resistance and current. It's especially worthwhile since Ohm shows up in crosswords so often.

Anonymous said...

I think 60 minutes does this during summer hiatus. Started last week and will continue until September. They sometimes produce a special edition if current events warrant it but Hollywood always takes the summer off. Prepare yourself for game shows, reality shows and other "unscripted" shows. Case in point was Howie on last night with deal or no deal. Took an hour to say "Deal".

Irish Miss said...

Thanks to Lucina, Bill G, and Anon @ 7:49 for confirming my suspicions (and confusion) about "60 Minutes."

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks B & G for a ZIPPY Monday puzzle. Thanks Boomer for kickin'-off the after-PARTY. Looking good, Boomer!

WOs: DSm b/f CASEY was AT BAT, AMATu(re?) #Untie!
ESPs: ELBE, OWLY(?), UVEAS [one day I'll remember that]
Sparkle - all the actors like Misty said
Dito Baseball: JAYS, ATBAT, CASEY, ERAS, and it "ain't OVER 'till it's OVER."

I liked MR. MOOLAH, OMK. Also, interesting re: RE-ACT.

OMK - You are not the only American rooting for the Raptors. After eliminating Houston, most of us want to see The Warriors lose.

I didn't see 60min, was the Rare Earth issue China's desire to corner the market?

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

China's role was mentioned and discussed re Rare Earth minerals. It was really interesting to learn how important those elements are to the function of new technology.

TTP said...

Did someone say Rare Earth ? Get Ready...
Rare Earth I Just Want to Celebrate

SwampCat said...

Interesting easy Monday puzzle. Thanks all. Owen I’m impressed. Boomer, you are indeed a hero and an inspiration.

Happy new week!

PK said...

I like the Raptors and would like to see them win. However, I have enjoyed watching the Warriors all season if I watched any ball. So I was happy when they won tonight. I think I'll be happy whoever wins. Does that make me fickle? They all are playing some terrific basketball and the season has been extended at least one more game.

Anonymous said...

When Kevin Durant was sitting on the floor in obvious pain trying to process what had just happened to him, realizing that he has probably ruptured his Achilles tendon and was facing a major surgery and lengthy recovery, the fans began to cheer the fact that the opponents best player would not return to play anymore. Pitiful. The Raptors players sensing the appalling display began to beg their fans to stop. Cooler heads soon prevailed and the crowd started to behave. Then many cheered KD for his bravery in the face of his personal disaster as he exited the arena. Even Drake offered his condolences but the damage was done.
I will be rooting for the Warriors now.

Anonymous said...

Of course the internet, social media and many NBA players were quick to react to the display.

Several reactions to unfortunate fan response.

Anonymous T said...

TTP - Oh heck yeah! Thanks for the ear-worms. C, -T