Jun 30, 2019

Sunday June 30, 2019 Pam Amick Klawitter

Theme: "Can You Digit?" - Anagrams of 1-9 span across each theme entry.

21. Unite in a common cause: DRAW TOGETHER. Two.
26. Unobstructed view: LINE OF SIGHT. One. Should have avoided ONE THIRD (41. Eight hours per day?)

35. Place to find a hack: TAXI STAND. Six.

46. Post-Civil War economic growth period: THE GILDED AGE. Eight.

62. Fortuitous: HEAVEN-SENT. Seven.

64. On a lark: JUST FOR FUN. Four.

74. With no time to spare: UNDER THE WIRE. Three.

90. Front door, usually: MAIN ENTRY. Nine.

95. What "I don't wanna" do, in a Zayn/Taylor Swift hit: LIVE FOREVER. Five.


104. 5½ and 8¾, e.g. ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles: MIXED NUMBERS.

I bet Pam tried to put those numbers in order, but could not make it happen.

10 theme entries is quite challenging to grid, esp when all the theme entries are placed in Across. 


1. Prepared for a selfie: SMILED.

7. Pizzeria chain, familiarly: UNOS.

11. Grey Cup gp.: CFL. Canadian Football League.

14. ER figures: DRS.

17. What worms help do, soilwise: AERATE.

18. Rowling teacher: SNAPE. Harry Potter's potions professor.

19. Brewpub choice: ALE.

20. Silk on the Seine: SOIE.

23. Extinct bird: MOA. Here in MN, it stands for Mall of America.

24. Duds: TOGS.

25. Official fuel of NASCAR since 2004: SUNOCO.

29. You, in the Bible: THOU.

32. Mustard, e.g.: Abbr.: COL. Colonel Mustard.

33. Bruins legend: ORR.

34. Lacking freshness: TRITE.

38. Blood prefix: HEMA. Boomer's hematocrit and hemoglobin are both low. The doctors check these two numbers every month. No idea why is hema, one is hemo.

40. Problem for the weary: NO REST.

42. Nods from NASA: A-OKS.

43. Loner of a fish?: SOLE.

44. Prospecting tool: PAN.

45. Laryngitis docs: ENTS.

51. Food service trade org.: NRA. Had to google: National Restaurant Association.

52. Midsummer arrivals: LEOS. I was picturing lychees. They've arrived here in the US. Only available for a very short period. I still have a few in the fridge. Precious!

53. Vintage autos: REOS.

54. Kid __: reading genre: LIT.

55. Shopper's indulgence: SPREE

58. Newspapers: PRESS.

60. Lord's domain: FIEF.

61. Audi's rings, e.g.: LOGO.

66. Co-star with Goldie, Ruth, Henry, et al.: ARTE (Johnson). "Laugh-In".

67. Courtroom attention-getter: OYEZ.

68. Reference volumes: TOMES.

69. Musical markings: NOTES.

70. Toon bartender: MOE. "The Simpsons".

71. Circle makers: ARCS.

72. Sham: FAKE.

73. Phishing target, briefly: SSN.

77. Nero's 902: CMII.

79. Six-pack muscles: ABS.

82. "__ Walked Into My Life": "Mame" song: IF HE.

83. Love interest of 58-Down: EROS. 58. Love interest of 83-Across: PSYCHE.

84. Liability: HANDICAP.

86. Aussie leaf munchers: KOALAS. Also 94. Barcelona bears: OSOS.

89. "Yeah, right!": I BET.

91. Week attachment?: ENDER. Weekender.

92. Banned bug spray: DDT. And 106D. 92-Across banner: EPA.

93. Fla. NBA team: ORL.

99. Crew member: SAILOR.

102. Butcher's cut: LOIN.

103. __ Today: magazine for teachers: NEA.

109. RSVP cards, say: ENCS.

110. Terrible start?: MAL.

111. "Come-faithful" filler: ALL YE.

112. Clavell's "Shogun" sequel: TAI-PAN.

113. Deli choice: RYE.

114. People fixers: Abbr.: EDS. People magazines.

115. TV's "New Girl": JESS. Played by Zooey Deschanel.

116. Involve: ENTAIL.


1. Hangdog: SAD.

2. Cousteau's sea: MER.

3. Nest egg letters: IRA.

4. Action in a legal thriller: LAWSUIT.

5. Words from Caesar: ET TU.

6. Cole of "Angie Tribeca": DEON. Unfamiliar to me.

7. Incalculable: UNTOLD.

8. "Guess again": NAH.

9. GM subsidiary until 2017: OPEL.

10. LPGA star Pak in the World Golf Hall of Fame: SE RI. She opened the door for all the Korean golfers.

11. Smartphone feature: CAMERA.

12. It's underfoot: FLOOR.

13. Foliage element: LEAF.

14. Dr. Howser of '80s-'90s TV: DOOGIE.

15. They involve responsibilities: RIGHTS.

16. Largish combo: SESTET. Six.

18. Difference between winning and losing, maybe: SECONDS.

20. Word in an iconic cocktail order: STIRRED. "Shaken, not stirred."

22. Small racer: GO CART.

27. Asian menu promise: NO MSG. MSN never caused me any trouble.

28. Inedible wraps: STOLES. Cute clue.

29. 'Vette roof option: T-TOP.

30. Maui's scenic __ Highway: HANA.

31. Babe's relatives: OXEN. Babe the pig. (Correction: Babe the Blue Ox. Thanks, Jinx!)

36. Wilson of "Walker, Texas Ranger": SHEREE.

37. Brown of publishing: TINA. Rival of Anna Wintour for many years.

38. Snack cake brand: HOHOS.

39. Scratches (out): EKES.

40. React to a boring speech: NOD OFF.

42. "This is only __": A TEST.

43. Comes down hard?: SLEETS.

47. Angelou's "And Still __": I RISE.

48. Up in the air: ALOFT.

49. Movement in some Bach suites: GIGUE. Rooted in "Jig".

50. Stiff collars: ETONS.

51. Snow in le Alpi: NEVE. French for "snow"?

52. Kay of "Rich Man, Poor Man": LENZ. Never heard of her.

55. Longtime SeaWorld orca: SHAMU.

56. Eva of Argentina: PERON.

57. Used Yelp, maybe: RATED.

59. Baseball's Pee Wee: REESE.

60. Blow one's top: FUME.

61. Scientologist Hubbard: L RON. Did you know that Scientology has its own prison? It's called "The Hole".

63. Bridge positions: NORTHS.

64. Stand-up fare: JOKES.

65. Risky kind of kick: ONSIDE.

68. Mystic's deck: TAROT.

71. Kennel double talk?: ARF ARF.

72. Let go: FIRE.

73. __ Fรฉin: SINN. Left wing Irish political party.

75. Actresses Brennan and Davidson: EILEENS.

76. Vehicle for Hulu and Roku: WEB TV.

77. Pretense: CHARADE. Great fill.

78. E-file alternative: MAIL IN.

79. Talent show entries: ACTS.

80. Pressure: Pref.: BARO. Barometer.

81. Northern __: apples: SPYS. This looks like our Honeycrisp.

85. How much space debris travels: IN ORBIT.

86. Sullivan's pupil: KELLER.

87. Like some bagels: ONIONY.

88. It may be unwanted: ADVICE.

89. Things to aspire to: IDEALS.

90. Walks unhurriedly: MOSEYS.

92. Hardly look forward to: DREAD.

96. Bar words that make you smile: ON ME.

97. Key with four sharps: Abbr.: E MAJ.

98. Tick off: RILE.

100. Renaissance instrument: LUTE.

101. Yemen neighbor: OMAN.

105. Tee sizes: XLS.

107. Bollywood star Aishwarya __: RAI. Very pretty.

108. Popular skit show, for short: SNL.



OwenKL said...

DNF. Several naticks I WAGed, but 51a finally flummoxed me. ??A, with both perps unknown.
Also missed GOkART didn't catch on to COL.Mustard. ARTi crossed one of the mystery perps.
Never heard of UNOS, SOIE, NRA, HANA, GIGUE, NEVE, and several people names.

Babe is Paul Bunyan's blue ox.

OwenKL said...

JESS, at her age, seemed to never tire.
And her figure's warranty never expire!
It was the push-up bra
That inspired the awe.
Her secret was UNDER THE WIRE!

Setting guard was what the three billy-goats did.
But the biggest told the smallest to take his shift.
Then the middle goat
Took the same route.
On guard all night, there was NO REST for the wee kid!

The RV-ers would stop at KOAs
And park in the shade of any oaks.
Ex-agents of KAOS,
There were A-OKs
To just sitting in a hot tub to soak.

{B+, B+, B-.}

D4E4H said...

FIR in way too many minutes.

Special Sunday resters.

Thank you Pam Amick Klawitter for this Sunday CW that was as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE.

Thank you C.C. for your excellent review.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Hated the puzzle today (no circles in my grid and way too many names of celebrities I've never heard of), but I had to stop by to wish our dear leader C.C. a very happy birthday.

I had prime rib last night for my birthday dinner, so I hope C.C. gets something special for hers!

Ricky Bobby said...

Thanks to Pam Klawitter for a Sunday morning brain excercise. Whew. The larger grid is sometimes too much for me but today my crowded brain needed it for a cleansing workout. Thanks C.C. also for providing a fresh summary and your "inside sports" perspective.

I agree that ONETHIRD should have been avoided but I'm sure they tried. I'm sorry but this one, for me, was more than just a Navajo rug knot, it was a very obvious vinyl record skip during the most recognizable part of the song. I mean two blatantly unscrambled numbers right under a MIXED NUMBER? C'mon man. But I just put some pennies on the needle and kept the record playing.

Also I know cluing NEVE as "Actress Campbell" is TRITE, but French for snow is neige or maybe l'blanche. I LIU and NEVE on a ski run is that patch of frozen granular "corn" that makes a terrible noise(think of fingernails on a chalkboard) as your skis chatter across it. It turns to mush later in the day as temperatures rise and skiers then call it oatmeal. It works, I guess, and it caused me to do some "off the grid" learning, which is nice, so I got that going for me.

The NASCAR clue for SUNOCO coupled with Walker and Texas Ranger is an undeniable call for a clip from Talledega Nights(BEWARE, clip is JUST FOR FUN but contains PG-13 language and might offend a more cultured mind), a lowbrow parody of the racing culture that is embraced by the fans and even referenced once by an actual preacher during his invocation before the Daytona 500.

To make up for that above link, I'll leave you all with Maya Angelou herself and her beautiful poem And Still I RISE.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah that's right Barry!! I'm glad you remembered that C.C.'s bday follows yours.

Happy Birthday C.C.!

Thanks for all you do here and enjoy the day.

desper-otto said...

Good morning! (And Happy Birthday, C.C.)

Had the circles, saw the numbers. They didn't affect the solve. Interesting to see LEOS beside REOS. Kay LENZ came bubbling up from somewhere. Tried to put a U in DOOGIE. My STOLES were SARANS at first. I also first thought of PIGS for Babe before the OXEN plowed in. NRA -- no idea until C.C. 'splained it. Thanx for the outing, Pam and for the tour, MBG. (Miss Birthday Girl)

Dick Trickle said...

You would think that me forgetting to add the URL to my link for the crass Talledega Nights would be taken as a sign that I shouldn't link it but you would be wrong.

Take it for what it worth. Just a harmless, over the top scene of the nouveau riche who still enjoy fast food and have no manners.

Lemonade714 said...

June is about to leave us and we are guided through a PAK with C.C. providing the commentary.

My guess C.C. is that the root prefix for HEMATOCRIT ishemato-, not hema. Thus both hemo- and hemato- are genitive declensions in Latin. Latin is the language which brought us most of the Greek words that have become part of English.

I did not know DEON COLE or SHEREE WILSON ; still don't.

Today's rabbit hole was reading about the career of TINA BROWN - very interesting.

Oo also has been enjoyed this year's Lychee crop.

Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY, HBDTY, HBDDCC, HBDTY and many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, CC!
Good to see you again, Barry G. I always enjoyed your contributions to the blog.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a DNF due to the blatant Natick at Neve and NRA. The cluing was not a clever misdirection, IMO, but a deliberate attempt to thwart the solver. I rarely, if ever, complain about such C/As but these really ticked me off. End of rant. As is typical for a Sunday grid, the proper names were my stumbling blocks: Moa, Deon, Hana, Gigue, Psyche, Rai, Sheree, and Lenz. Snape was a WAG because I remembered the name from a recent puzzle. I liked the side by side Reos and Leos. Nice CSO to my sister, Eileen.

Thanks, Pam, and thanks, CC, for the excellent review. Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday. Hope you and Boomer paint the town red! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿพ Thanks for being you!

Have a great day.

maripro said...

Happy Birthday to you, C.C. and I hope Barry's was happy, too. And thank you to Pam for a clever, fun puzzle,
I had oyer instead of oyez, and ignored the fact that Lenr didn't make sense. And I remember Kay Lenz. Duh!!!
Have a lovely day, everyone.

OwenKL said...

All the numbers in the puzzle were bonus Easter eggs:
902 CMII
And then the non-specific ones

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW, missing Su RI, ARTy, and igA instead of NRA. Not my cup of decaf today. Harry Potter and obscure French references are grin erasers for me. Other erasures were roc for MOA, a man for IF HE, as if for I BET, tee for MAL, olds for OPEL, and ONIONs.

CC dear, I think the reference was to Babe the Blue Ox, not to the piggie.

Gotta go to brunch before it gets any damned hotter.

Big Easy said...

MIXED NUMBERS, like the Powerball. After the TWO-ONE combination the theme was obvious and it helped because PSYCHE was an unknown and the ARF ARF was slow in appearing. LIVE FOREVER was all perps, as all Taylor Swift songs would be. DEON Cole, JESS, Northern SPYS, Still I REST, LENZ, & RAI were correct fills completed with perps. But I blew it on the cross of the unknown SHEREE and the NRA (which I knew). I filled SHEHEE (my Junior High choir director's name) and NHA.

My first thought on the NASCAR fuel was CONOCO " The Hottest Brand Going" but the LAW SUIT killed that idea.

TAIPAN & Shogun. I never knew anything about TAIPAN but the Shogun drama is playing out with the arrest of the Nissan Chairman. This guy from Brazil, Carlos Ghosn, saved that company from going under but the Japanese decided that he would make Nissan a non-Japanese company they decided to trump up some false charges and put him in jail.

Husker Gary said...

-¬The blizzard of proper nouns near French snow almost did me in
-Paul McCartney asked of Eleanor Rigby, “Did you think that money was HEAVEN SENT?”
-The glue my ER DR used is still holding my cut together
-Fellow mathletes will remember how to find the center of a circle with only an arc given
-If I sailed on a French boat, I’d probably get MAL de MER
-Can you tell who won this race by .002 of a SECOND?
-NFL ONSIDE kick success is only about 15%
-CHARADE? Anyone old enough to remember Mike Stokey’s Pantomime Quiz? They’re on YouTube
-A tiny bolt IN ORBIT is still going 4 miles/second
-I want to say ็”Ÿๆ—ฅๅฟซไน to the woman who has become a big part of my life

Wilbur Charles said...

FLN: -T, at nine I was all in (ALL IN)* on MLB. Any spare pennies went to baseball cards, throw away the gum.

A Dud could be a DOG too. Btw, I still maintain that in early Fleming- Bond the martinis were STIRRED

SOYS were my mr world class mother's favorite for her world class apple pie. I found some in NH

Well my time is up at DD, so I'll post. IM, same thought and neige is the familiar French snow. I managed the WAG for the FIR.

WC said...

Hemoglobin is OK

But avoid the hema goblin - bad news

Wilbur Charles said...

Haste did me in. I tried to say northern SPYS were my mother's favorite baking apple.


Wilbur Charles said...

* The caps on ALL-IN were for a very recent xword usage. I do the Post Birnbaum xword and it makes it impossible for moi to differ on where a clue appeared


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. This was not one of my favorite Sunday puzzles.

I liked the clue: Loner of a fish = SOLE

I initially tried Grass for It's Under Foot, but was FLOOR(ed) by the correct answer.

QOD: Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to see solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make. ~ Paul Berg (b. June 30, 1926), Recipient of the 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Hahtoolah said...

C.C.: I got distracted as I was making my post and totally forgot to add a Very Happy Birthday wish to you. Hope your day is extra special.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

{B+, B+, B}

Happy Birthday C.C.! May you day be bright and your night peaceful. Thank you for all you do for us individually and at The Corner.

Cheers, -T

Lemonade714 said...

I would guess the Norwegian speedskater won. I watched Mike Stokey’s Pantomime Quiz on my Uncle's 7" Dumont in the mid-'50s. As a young boy, it was fun to see adults act like fools.

How many here watch and/or are excited about STRANGER THINGS SEASON 3 coming to Netflix July 4?

inanehiker said...

Happy birthday CC! Thanks for all the care you give to us on the Corner!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, Pam, for a puzzle that was more enjoyable than yesterday's.

Happy Birthday, C.C., and thank you for bringing your talent to us in America.

Alas, no circles at Mensa so no hope of getting the theme, but didn't let that bother me. The word "by" was encroaching over "it" on the word "digit" and I guessed it was "Dig It" -- two words. I was looking for trowels & shovels.

I once knew SOIE was "silk" but not today. No idea of the French for snow.

NRA was ESP. Not the shooters gun lobby.

Sure a lot of THREE-letter entries. Didn't know a lot of the names WEES.

Had SExTET before SESTET. Had to LIU after filling. Learning moment.

Last fill: ONSIDE/SSN/CMII crosses. Had to red-letter run it. Nero's 920 : for some reason thought it referred to Nero Wolfe in a book title by Rex Stout. Duh!

Jayce said...

Happy birthday, C.C.

I agree with Hahtoolah, this was not one of my favorite Sunday puzzles.

While TAIPAN is nice fill, the clue is 100% incorrect in characterizing it as a sequel to Shogun. Not only do the two stories bear no relation to one another, TAIPAN was written in 1966, 9 years before Shogun was written in 1975. Sorry, whoever wrote that clue, no way it is a sequel. Actually, Noble House (1981) is a sequel to Tai-Pan, telling the story of the descendants of the "Tai Pan" (Big Boss) Dirk Struan and the eponymous business he founded.

Hotel Le Alpi is a resort hotel in Livigno, Italy. Yes, it is in the Alps and skiing is the primary activity, but I doubt there is snow "in" the hotel, as it is clued. I have the same gripe about that clue that Irish Miss has.

Maybe next Sunday's puzzle, or Ms. Klawitter's next puzzle, will be more enjoyable.

Hahtoolah, thanks for the quote by Paul Berg. I know him personally and he was my wife's boss during his tenure as director of the Beckman Center at Stanford. He is a really nice guy. We are honored to have been invitees to a couple of his birthday parties (when he was much younger).

Good wishes to you all.

Java Mama said...

Good afternoon, everyone! Not much to say about the puzzle that hasn't already been said, but I did want to wish C.C. a very happy birthday. Thanks for founding this blog and all you do to make it a fun community. Hope you are having a fantastic day!

Luigi said...

Re 51 across

The clue, "Snow in Le Alpi", is asking for the "Italian" word for snow (which is Neve). Le Alpi is Italian, not French.

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Pam and C.C.
We have numbers today; besides those in the theme and the less than stellar ONE THIRD, we have UNOS and SECONDS! Plus CMII. (Oh now I see that Owen found more!)
I FIR and saw the theme in good time. Some of the unknown names were peeped before I got to them thankfully.

I wanted Shaken before STIRRED but it was a letter short.
I LOLed when I saw CFL. I figured most of you Anericans would not know it. That is like asking a Canadian to recognize SSN.
Northern SPYS are wonderful apples for pies. Harder to find than they used to be. I grab a basket when I see them, usually in the fall.
Terrible start?= MAL was a stretch IMHO.

Yes, I wanted Neuge for the snow, but noticed Alpi was not the French Alpe and figured NEVE must be Italian. Thanks Jayce as I did not LIU yet.

Happy Birthday, C.C. and Barry G. yesterday.
Thanks for all the Anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful few days in Stratford (saw Othello and Billy Elliott and both were great in their own way). Lovely weather and a scrumptious meal at a "jewel" of a ;French restaurant (farm to table).

Beautiful day here. Off to start Canada Day Eve celebrations.

TTP said...

Happy Birthday, C.C. !!!

Michael said...

"Thanks for founding this blog and all you do to make it a fun community. Hope you are having a fantastic day!"

Motion carried by acclamation!

Wilbur Charles said...

I forgot earlier to add my best wishes to CC for a Happy Birthday. Thanks for such a civilized and entertaining corner.


NEVE for Campbell would hardly be routine for me. Nor were the other non-baseball names. Or name eg PeeWee. Yep, had his card.


Wilbur Charles said...

Btw.. Speaking of baseball... The talking voices are trying to make a case that the AIR in London is different than that of Boston or New York. ??? Huh??!

What next. And ..

If that is so, does that explain the last 500 years of Western history?


billocohoes said...

HG, that Beatles song was “Lady Madonna” not Eleanor Rigby.

IMDB lists 114 credits for Kay LENZ over the last 52 years, mostly TV movies and guest spots, starting on Andy Griffith in 1967.

Luigi said...

We've had NEVE clued as Campbell many times before. Don't know who she is other than the crossword grid.

Yuman said...

What is a Leos in relation to the picture of the lychees?
Happy birthday C.C.

Anonymous said...

Lychees are also Midsummer arrivals. Nothing to due the arrival of births that are LEOS.

JD said...

Hi C.C.,
Just wanted to drop by to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoyed reading your write up since the clever CW was too hard for me to finish. silk=soie, and neve= snow? Who knew? Many of you, I suspect. colonel, NOT condiment..grrr
Maybe "the hole" is where the missing wife is holed up. Only "the shadow" knowsssss.

SwampCat said...

Happy birthday, C.C. and thank you for all you do for us!! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŒน

Bill G said...

Hi CC. You've always been supportive. I appreciate it very much. Happy Birthday!

Bill G said...

Neve Campbell was the young, very good-looking star of a past TV series called "Party of Five."

WC, It has been very hot in Europe. The air molecules are farther apart in hot weather and baseballs travel farther with less air resistance. For example, there are more home runs hit in Dodger Stadium in the warm days than the cool damp nights. At least that's my take on the recent game in London.

Anonymous said...

My take would be that while it is true that temperature plays a part in how the ball travels(they called hotlanta the launching pad)*, I would tend to say the long eastbound flight that causes jet lag and the sightseeing with late nights at the pub played more of a part, due to lack of focus and potential brown bottle flu.

*Its been hot as hell in the midwest, Texas and southeast this week and the scores didn't skyrocket like those games in London.

Yellowrocks said...

I think neve is snow in Italian. In English, in meteorology it is a particular type of snow. Neve is found in many dictionaries.
It was one of my first aha finds.
CC, a very happy birthday to you. Thanks for all your kindness and hard work on this blog.

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, Barry.
Pam, I enjoyed your puzzle. I do not understand the negativity.I found the unknowns quite accessible.

Wilbur Charles said...

The "Air" reference was to the perceived inability of the spin pitches to curve properly. In my experience as a former pitcher , hot and muggy meant a much better curve

Perhaps the slider, thrown harder, was not as sharp. I subscribe to Anon's theory that the Redsox were in la la Land. Another factor was short(385) CF. Betts in RF was out of position today.

Yes, the ball was flying but it's been flying stateside too.


Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Pam Amick Klawitter, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C, for a fine review.

First, Happy Birthday, C.C. Have a great day!

The puzzle for the most part was very doable. I liked it. However, there were a few sticky spots.

I liked the theme. Very clever. The first one I saw was FIVE.

Took me a while to get UNOS. Even though it started in Chicago, right across the street from Medinah Temple. I have eaten there.

Tried HILO before HANA worked better.

32A COL was tough for me. I tried CON for condiment. After a while I figured it out. Colonel Mustard from Clue.

NO MSG was easy. It does not bother me when I eat it.

GIGUE was unknown. Perps.

Tried XLG before XLS worked much better.

ONIONY for 87D was easy. They are my favorite bagels.

Have to walk the dog. See you tomorrow.


( )

D4E4H said...

Thank you Barry G. for the cue to wish C.C. a Happy Birthday. The same wish to you.

When I took the ride to HANA, the driver called it "Heavenly" HANA. I thought it was part of the name, but when I LIU, just HANA.

47 D -- Angelou's "And Still __": I RISE.

Ricky Bobby at 6:40 AM, Thanks for the link to "Maya Angelou herself and her beautiful poem And Still I RISE."
I had not heard of her, and watched several interviews. She certainly has a way with words.