Jun 2, 2019

Sunday June 2, 2019 Gary Larson

Theme: "Getting Along" - A-long. Short A sound becomes long A sound, changing spellings as needed.

22A. Bash in a boxcar?: FREIGHT PARTY. Frat party.

24A. Capillary?: MINI VEIN. Minivan.

45A. Senior taking lessons?: GRAYED STUDENT. Grad student.

68A. Minor combat injuries?: BATTLE ACHES. Battle axes.

92A. Endure a Moscow heat wave?: BAKE IN THE USSR. Back in the USSR.

119A. Poorly executed karate move?: LAME CHOP. Lamb chop.

121A. Pretend a true story is made-up?: FEIGN FICTION. Fan fiction.

38D. Pancake cookbook photo session?: CREPE SHOOT. Crapshoot.

47D. Source of elegance?: GRACE ROOTS. Grassroots.

So consistent. All the key words change spellings. I'm always amazed at the creativity of constructors for this type of them with extra spelling change layer.

The six black squares at this grid were added later in the filling process. This grid started with 72 or even 68 black squires.


1. Observing Yom Kippur, say: ON A FAST. Never fasted. Takes discipline.

8. Gumbo pod: OKRA.

12. Location tools: RADARS.

18. Fiction genre: ROMANCE. And 2. 18-Across writer Roberts: NORA.

19. Complain: MOAN.

20. Radioactive element: URANIUM.

26. __ Mae: FANNIE.

27. Till fill: ONES.

28. Auditing pros: CPAS.

29. Back in the day, back in the day: ERST.

30. Some research aids: TOMES.

32. "My Way" lyricist: ANKA.

34. Tourist trap trinkets: KITSCH. Consonant-rich.

36. "I need a few __": SECS.

39. Continuously: EVER.

41. Entered carefully: EASED IN.

44. White wine apéritif: KIR.

47. Dubious "gift": GAB.

50. Goodnight woman of song: IRENE.

52. Marsh plant: CATTAIL.

53. California town whose name means "the river": EL RIO. Helpful clue. It's in Ventura County.

55. Stops: DEPOTS.

57. Field with many partners: LAW. Nice clue.

58. Golfer Trevino: LEE. He was in Minnesota every year for the 3M Championship (senior tour). Always in the same group as Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Now it's called 3M Open. Regular PGA Tour stop.

59. Understands, as a radio message: READS.

60. Gas supplied in Canada by Imperial Oil: ESSO.

61. Provide money for: ENDOW.

64. Cat food source: TUNA CAN. Any of you allergic to canned tuna?

66. Bind with a line: LASH.

72. Hideouts: DENS.

73. Aboveboard: ETHICAL.

75. Fluff or flub: ERROR.

76. Dubai dignitary: EMIR.

78. Birch of "American Beauty": THORA. The girl on the left.

79. __ result: AS A.

82. Title for Robinson: MRS.

83. Heavy rain aftermath: RUNOFF.

86. Riots: HOOTS.

87. Some discriminators: SEXISTS.

90. Capri, locally: ISOLA.

91. N.C. winter hours: EST.

97. Browning result: TAN. What's your favorite sunscreen?  Here's mine. No white cast.

98. How some desserts are served: A LA MODE.

99. Gait between walk and canter: TROT.

100. Invites: ASKS.

101. Longtime Indian leader: GANDHI. Featured in their banknotes.

105. May honorees: MOMS.

107. Tailgating fare: BRATS.

109. Biblical birthright seller: ESAU.

110. Transcript stats: GPAS.

113. Plant for a pet?: CHIA. Cute.

115. __ d'hôtel: MAITRE.

123. Small sizes: PETITES.

124. First name in scat: ELLA. Fitzgerald.

125. Like the darkest night: INKIEST.

126. In order that one might: SO AS TO.

127. Wings you can't eat: ELLS.

128. Refuses: NAYSAYS.


1. "Carmina Burana" composer: ORFF (Carl)

3. "Absolutely!": AMEN.

4. Passes out: FAINTS.

5. Cardio procedure: ANGIO.

6. One creating plots: SCHEMER.

7. Asian holiday: TET. Traditional Tet food.

8. Land on its own gulf: OMAN.

9. Divided land: KOREA. Traditional Korean Lunar New Year food (same day as Tet).

10. Disorderly place: RAT'S NEST.

11. Vague number: ANY.

12. Beef cut: RUMP.

13. Song for a diva: ARIA.

14. Women's workout wear brand: DANSKIN. You can get them at Walmart.

15. Young Skywalker's nickname: ANI.

16. Fix firmly: RIVET.

17. Court figures: SUERS.

21. Catchall category: Abbr.: MISC.

23. "Best in Show" actress Parker __: POSEY.

25. Maximum: NTH.

28. Invitation notation: CASUAL.

31. Sister of Zsa Zsa: EVA.

33. William of "Carrie": KATT. Unknown figure to me.

35. Supervised hospital resident: INTERN.

36. Cause of a road mark: SKID.

37. The Auld Sod: EIRE.

40. Take back: RECANT.

42. Falco of "The Sopranos": EDIE.

43. Computer key: DELETE.

45. Comes down with: GETS.

46. Opposite of rush: DAWDLE.

48. Actor Quinn: AIDAN.

49. Petty officers, briefly: BOSNS.

51. First line of a three-line eatery sign: NO  SHIRT. "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service".

54. Introductions: LEAD-INS.

56. Japanese noodle: SOBA. Japanese for "buckwheat". Cold soba is very popular in Japan/Korea in summer months.

Soba noodles, Japanese style
Soba noodles, Korean Style

57. Tennis call: LET.

62. Done, to Donne: OER.

63. Hospitality: WARMTH.

65. Geek Squad client: USER.

66. Underworld river: LETHE. River of forgetfulness.

67. One of a Dumas trio: ATHOS.

69. Denali National Park state: ALASKA.

70. Victoria's Secret purchase: CORSET. Kim Kardashian wore one under her Met Gala gown. This is not a doctored picture, guys!

71. Store posting: Abbr.: HRS.

74. Algiers citadel: CASBAH.

77. "Our National Parks" author: MUIR (John)

80. Look: SEEM.

81. Geometry basics: AXIOMS.

84. Criticism: FLAK.

85. They're often for the home team: FANS.

88. __-European: INDO.

89. Recent medical research subject: STEM CELL. Great fill.

93. Sets down: ALIGHTS.

94. __ sprawl: URBAN.

95. Frat. counterpart: SOR.

96. Marathoner's need: STAMINA. Here is the amazing Iceman Wim Hof. He ran a marathon barefoot on ice and snow.

100. If nothing changes: AS IT IS.

101. Salon supply: GEL.

102. Stat relative: ASAP.

103. Directory entries: NAMES.

104. Because of: DUE TO.

106. Con man's partner: SHILL.

108. Tasteless: TACKY.

111. "Every great architect is ... a great __": Wright: POET.

112. Lhasa __: APSO. Lhasa  is Tibetan for "place of gods", Apso is "bearded".

114. Some groceries: IGAS.

116. "__ yellow ribbon ... ": TIE A.

117. Promising: ROSY.

118. Tolkien creatures: ENTS.

120. "Argo" spy gp.: CIA.

121. Doctor's charge: FEE.

122. Omen in "Jaws" (besides the music): FIN.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Wow, Gary, thanks for a Sunday challenge! Thank you, C.C., for making sense of it all.

We got ORFF to a puzzling start! I'd heard of him but took ESP.

NE was last to fill. "Loin" before RUMP. After several tries I had URANIUM, CPAS, ERST, ARIA & ANI but the rest wouldn't come to mind with those clues. Finally, gave up and red-lettered until I could guess at the rest.

Managed to stumble around and fill the rest of the puzzle. Even chuckled at BATTLE ACHES. The theme title "Getting ALONG" took some concentrated mulling over after I was done. I finally figured it out, but didn't think I was right. Came to C.C. to make sure. Very tricky, Gary!

Not "Styxx" but LETHE. New one to me.

DNK: KATT or THORA. said...


Thanks to Ary and C.C1



Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got the theme at MINI VEIN, and it helped a lot with the solve. Thought that "dubious gift" was ESP. Not! SO THAT warped into SO AS TO. Minor nit with BOSNS; yes they're enlisted petty officers, but so are a lot of other naval rates. Thanx for the challenge, Gary and for the tour, C.C. (Are you sure that isn't June Kardashian? She's bustin' out all over.)

TREVINO -- I remember seeing a Lee Trevino Drive in Lordsburg, N.M.

THORA -- She played Sally Ryan (Jack Ryan's daughter) in Patriot Games.

ORFF -- There's not a lot of classical on my music server, but I do have a recording of Carmen Burana.

URBAN sprawl -- That's a major concern around here. Our secluded enclave is being surrounded by urban sprawl. It's going to get worse when the next section of the Grand Parkway is completed. There'll be an exit to the road at the back of our town.

Nip Tuck said...

That picture posted for 70d may not be doctored but the subject sure is!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I caught the theme early on, so that helped with the solve. Surprisingly, for a Sunday grid, there were only two unknowns, Orff and Katt, as I can never remember Orff's name and, while I've heard of William Katt, I barely remember who was in "Carrie" besides Sissy Spacek.. And, there were only two w/os, Atoning/On a fast and Seek/Seem. I liked Ella crossing Ells, the CIA/Chia duo, and, best of all, seeing Aidan Quinn as I love his name.

Thanks, Gary, for a Sunday challenge and thanks, CC, for the informative expo, particularly the photos of the delicious looking food. My favorite photo, however, was the one of the Lhasa Apsos. (I think Thora Birch is the girl on the right in that picture.)


Lucina, I will repeating your baby shower experience at 12:00 noon today as there is one for my niece, Mary Elizabeth. There will be another one next month for my great niece, Alyssa. (I sat down the other day and listed all of the great nieces and nephews and came up with 62.)

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

Hmmmm...let's try that again.

IM, nope, Thora's the one on the left. The one on the right is Mena Suvari, per IMDB

Jerome said...

As I'm aging and getting closer to the exit door my greatest wish is that I never have to see or hear the name Kardashian again.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks for the challenge, Gary. I didn't see the theme until Waaaay too late, but I enjoyed the puzzle, nonetheless.

Thanks for the tour, C.C. I, too, am impressed by this type of construction.

Is that yonder sun today?! Nice. My youngest grand daughter has a ballet recital today. Mom said rehearsal went swimmingly. I watched the class when she was with us a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, The Good Lord provided teachers with a passion for each age. I thought six year-old class looked like a seminar in cat herding. Gotta love dedicated teachers!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. thank you, Gary Larson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Started the puzzle last night via cruciverb. Finished this morning. It was tough. Took me about 2 hours or so, total.

The theme eluded me for a while. Then I caught on with FREIGHT PARTY.

I had a real tough tome in the NE corner. Could not think of RUMP for the cut of beef. Tried CHOP. KITSCH took me forever. Had ET AL for 21D. Had TANSKIN for 14D. URANIUM got me started on the correct path. That gave me RUMP and MISC. Then it all came together.

Did not know NORA or ORFF. Being right next to each other caused me some angst. With four perps I got them both.


Tried ANGLES for 81D. AXIOMS finally worked. SEXISTS helped with that.

Anyhow. Off to church. Then more yard work. Looks like a beautiful day.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-What fun! FAN FICTION was the root that was new to me
-I keep getting KIR without having any idea what it is
-LEE Trevino was once asked how he handled the pressure of knowing that tens of thousands of prize money were riding on a single putt. He answered: "That's not pressure, pressure is having a $100.00 bet on a putt when you don't have any money in your pocket
-AS A result of heavy RUN OFF from still frozen or saturated ground, Nebraska had horrible spring flooding
-I know this ISOLA
-VB eliminated calling LET/NET serves to speed up the game
-Gotta run!

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks to Gary Larson for a challenging Sunday puzzle and CC for explaining the theme. I caught that puns were involved but I didn’t see how ‘Getting Along’ applied. Hence, FREIGHT PARTY made no sense to me.

I also kept trying to think of a Grande Ol’ Opry entertainer named - - NNIE MAE. When it finally filled as FANNIE MAE I realized it was a government mortgage department or something.

Needless to say, I used red letters abundantly to find many of the fills.

I had a rough morning already because the Puzzle Society LA Times puzzle wouldn’t run properly. It runs the title and stops. I even reinstalled my Flash Player and it was a no go.

I had to go to the MENSA puzzle. The MENSA program seems to run the exact same program so I think it is the Puzzle Society site, not my computer.

It’s raining in Cleveland, Ohio but not in Dublin, near Columbus, so I hope Tiger Woods does well in the Memorial Golf tour.

Live Well and Prosper,

Lucina said...


Thanks so much, Gary Larson for another challenge today and thank you, our gracious hostess, C.C. for enlightening us on the them which I only vaguely understood.

Knowing ORFF started me right off and then NORA though I don't read her books. I love the music from Carmina Burana.

GRAYED STUDENT is brilliant!

It has been almost 50 years since I went to Morocco and visited the CASBAH. I recall it as a sadly impoverished place with no running water and no electricity.

ATHOS brings good memories of The Three Musketeers and PETITE size is what I wear so I'll take a CSO there.

AIDAN is also my step-grandson's name. Seeing the photo of William KATT jolted my memory of who he is and of his mother, Della Street (Barbara Hale) on Perry Mason. He had his own TV show for a while though right now I don't recall the name.

I could not spell KITSCH so finally left it at KITSCT which I knew was wrong.

Wow! I thought I had a big family but it seems yours surpasses mine. Later today I'll have to list them all.

Have a very special day, everyone!

inanehiker said...

Enjoyed the creativity of constructor changing the vowel sound but also the spelling- impressive!

I got GANDHI, but also thought of Indira GANDHI - the second longest serving prime minister of India after her father G. Nehru! Sadly both of the GANDHIs were assasinated.

Thanks CC and Gary!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Afternoon, C.C., and friends. I didn't have my thinking cap on this morning. I completely missed the vowel changes. My first theme entry was GRAYED SCHOOL, but I interpreted this to be a variation on Grade School, so never quite caught the connection with the other theme answers.

Carl ORFF was a complete unknown.

William KATT and Thora BIRCH were too obscure for me as well.

We recently binged on The Sopranos. EDIE Falco was great in that series.

Husker, you must have missed my recent blog when I provide a description and history of KIR.

QOD: Happiness lies neither in vice nor in virtue; but in the manner we appreciate the one and the other, and the choice we make pursuant to our individual organization. ~ Marquis de Sade (né Donatien Alphonse François de Sade; June 2, 1740 ~ Dec. 2, 1814)

Yuman said...

William Kitt and his co-star Robert Culp, were in the TV show “Greatest American Hero” until it was cancelled in 1983. The theme song “Believe It Or Not” was a major hit.

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Gary and C.C.
P& P required today (plus I had a little red letter help).
But I saw the theme, although like Hahtoolah, I was confused by Grade school instead of Grad school. Even more confusing for this Canadian who spells it as Grey!😀

Unknowns included KATT, THORA, and ORFF.
Hand up for So That before SO AS TO, and Et al before MISC.
I wanted Racists before SEXISTS.

We had a kitty who ran to the kitchen on hearing the can opener opening the TUNA CAN . Vet instructed not to feed said cat straight tuna from the can due to kidney issues. (But no allergies in this household.). I always wondered how that cat could differentiate the cans that were being opened!

I smiled at workout wear DANSKIN just over from RUMP.
And in the same MINI VEIN , I don't think even the greatest Victoria Secret CORSET could make me look like that photo. Then again, would I want to look like that??

FLN, I thought of YR with MISO. Where is she? Did I miss her saying that she would be away?

Wishing you all a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

DNF, surrendering at The Battle of Bangor. Got URANIUM, CPAS, ERST, ARIA, SUERS and MISC, but couldn't dig out the rest. I have been to EL RIO several times on telco business.

SHILLs (AKA "house players") are frequently used at high stakes baccarat tables because the casinos have found that people are reluctant to be the first players at an idle table. They are usually beautiful women in evening dresses.

I was very disappointed in the Ocala Geek Squad when my laptop's hard drive died. First, they REALLY don't like walk-ins (without an appointment), and B) they saw that my battery was swollen and handed it back to me like it was a baby with a full diaper and asked that I immediately remove it from the store. I took it to an independent shop down the street and they fixed it with no fuss.

FINs is Jimmy Buffett's great audience participation song. The drunks (excuse me, the fans) in the audience make a shark's fin with their hand and lean left when Jimmy sings "fins to the left" then the other way when he sings "fins to the right".

I'll take a CSO at "tasteless". I like the song NO SHIRT, No Shoes, No Problem by Buffett's pal Kenny Chesney.

Thanks for the puxel and revue. Gotta go - dw waits for no man.

Jayce said...

What a neato puzzle this is. I guessed from the title that somehow something, most likely a short A, would be changed to a long A, and turned out to be right. I was very wrong in many other areas, though. Like Abejo I tried CHOP and like PK I tried LOIN before seeing that RUMP it had to be because of all that URANIUM. I guessed FANNIE but waited, just in case it might be SALLIE or her sister GINNIE. I had the same discomfort with BOSNS that desper-otto had. Got a kick out of the CHIA clue/answer and chuckled at BAKE IN THE USSR. For some silly reason, thinking that John Donne was French, I filled FIN as "done." Later, the "Jaws" FIN forced me to go back and revisit Mr. Donne. Then I remembered that (of course!) he was English and OER replaced FIN. And then the second nickel dropped and I smiled with appreciation at the "Donne's done" clue as I mentally replayed the Jaws theme "dun dun ... dun dun ..."

I'm not allergic to canned tuna, which we had often as kids. I didn't realize anybody would be allergic to it.

My favorite sunscreen is a long sleeved shirt and wide brimmed hat.

Good wishes to you all.

Jayce said...

Hmm, are "cheese", "choose", and "chops" alliterative?

Wilbur Charles said...

I had ESP for that"dubious gift". I see D-O had it too

All the Staff NCOs in Chu-lai said they were good buddies with former Marine Trevino. Another one was Steve McQueen, the hell hound of jville*

The KATT I'm familiar with is Bucky. TBTimes unforgivably dropped it. Only the xword keeps it on my doorstep. Horrible Sports page.

Then again there's RUMP and a picture, albeit frontal, of KK. Yes, if they ever remake Bride of Frankenstein she'd be perfect. "Igor are you done making that ass?"

I did this at Dunkin until Betsy had better use for my time. As I got into it I really appreciated the clever cluing…


According to legend he graced the establishments in Jacksonville outside Camp Lejeune

OwenKL said...

DNF. NW was entirely either white or red when I gave up. Also had a bad WAG in the East at ISaLA+GRACE ROaTS. The theme was no help either. Every one I had to look at for a long time after solving to guess what the base phrase might be, and a couple of those were WAGs, too!

Wrote this early this morning before posting time, but then slept thru till afternoon, and had a bad case of the blues, so not posting until now, after I've done Monday's puzzle to get my confidence built back up a bit. See you later.

Kirk said...

I guess I need help. How is "ELLS" wings you can't eat? Is it referring to an L-shaped wing of a building or something else?

TTP said...

Kirk, yes, as in an addition to a building.