Oct 14, 2019

Monday, Oct 14, 2019 Paul Coulter

Theme: ON THE MONEY (59. Exactly right ... and where parts of 17-, 24- and 47-Across appear)

17. Toy component of a miniature cabin ($5): LINCOLN LOG.

24. One applying for a financial gift ($50): GRANT WRITER.

47. Popular Wyoming mountain resort ($20): JACKSON HOLE.

Boomer here.  

What a week!!  Twins are history and I don't think it matters because Houston would not like to play in 30 degree weather.  Since this blog covers most of North America, I wish to mention sympathy to those in Southern California who were damaged by the fires. Also to those up north from Fargo to Theodore Roosevelt National Park who were pelted with an October blizzard. Finally prayers and good wishes to Dennis in Florida who is undergoing a serious medical procedure.  
Now on to the puzzle.  Our constructor seemed to leave out the George Washington bill, the one to which I am most familiar.


1. Livens (up): PEPS.  Add an "I" and I am drinking one.

5. River through the Lake of the Ozarks: OSAGE.  "Oh SAGE" Thanksgiving is only about six weeks away.  My favorite spice in the Turkey stuffing.

10. GPS diagrams: MAPS.  Spell it backwards and you have that military meat from Austin, MN.

14. Teen heartthrob: IDOL.  Singer Billy with funny hair.

15. Rocker Eddie Van __: HALEN.

16. Tennis great Arthur who wrote "A Hard Road to Glory": ASHE.

19. Actor Gosling: RYAN.  How about Nolan who had about 324 wins and over 5000 strikeouts?

20. "__ suggestions?": ANY.

21. Mindless repetition: ROTE.  Hope you are not tired of pro athletes yet, but Kyle Rote was a wide receiver for the New York Giants.  My claim to his fame is we share the same birthday, (However not the same year of course.)

22. "You __ grounded!": ARE SO.

23. Jack Sprat no-no: FAT.  His wife could eat no lean.

27. "What __ state of affairs!": A SAD.

29. Frosty coating: RIME.  I did not know what it was called. We had a bit of RIME on our deck yesterday.  Winter comes early in Minnesota,

30. Par __: via airmail, in Arles: AVION.

32. Intend to say: MEAN.  Jesse Ventura used to call Gene Okerlund (wrestling sports caster) MEAN GENE.

34. WWII turning point: D DAY.

38. Doozy: LULU.  "To sir, with Love."

39. High-tech eye surgery: LASIK.  Too high tech for me, I need glasses to read the paper and the internet.

40. Self-defense spray: MACE.  Get this in your eye and I don't think LASIK will help.

41. Roach or termite: PEST.

42. Stuntman Knievel: EVEL.  I remember 1974 when the world was watching him to jump a motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon somewhere in Idaho.  I don't remember if he made it but he must have because he performed many jumps after that.

43. Like Cheerios, grain-wise: OATEN.  General Mills offices are near our home. I used to eat Cheerios but I have changed my attention to CHEX.

44. Fine-tune, as skills: HONE.

46. Author Rice: ANNE.

52. Myrna of "The Thin Man": LOY.  The "Thin Man" became a TV series in the late 50s. with Peter Lawford. Lawford was a brother-in-law of JFK and also a member of the so called "Rat Pack" who hung out at The Sands in Las Vegas.

55. High hairdos: AFROS.  Not to be confused with the Houston Team that is taking on the Yanks in the ALCS.

56. Greek "i": IOTA.

57. Simpson trial judge: ITO.  Ah yes, The most famous judge of the O.J. Simpson era.

58. Unfocused image: BLUR.  Maybe they should try LASIK.

62. First, in "Who's on First?": BASE.  What's on second, I don't know's on third.

63. Worse, as excuses go: LAMER.

64. "I, Claudius" role: NERO.

65. "__ girl!": ATTA.

66. Accomplishments: DEEDS.  Get as many Monopoly cards as you can.  Collect rent and win the game.

67. "No warranties": AS IS.


1. Seasoned rice dish: PILAF.

2. Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal: EDINA.  This would be a southwest suburb of Minneapolis.

3. Hairstyles named for an equine feature: PONYTAILS.  My older sister had one for years.  A common style in the 50s and 60s but I still see a few around today.

4. Utah luggage tag initials: SLC.  Salt Lake City,  I've been through there a few times on I-80.  They sure have a big lake there.  Bigger than all Minnesota lakes except Superior I suppose.

5. "Dear God!": OH LORD.

6. Reindeer reins holder: SANTA.  My church had a priest named Father Santa.  He transferred to Michigan, but at Christmas he got lots of mail.

7. Filmmaker Woody: ALLEN.

8. Former Prizm maker: GEO.  Interesting history, the car was a joint venture with GM and some Japanese automakers.  I think Chevy took it over in the early 2000s but it did not last long.

9. London lang.: ENG.  When I was a young American, I thought "English" was a foreign language.

10. Guy wearing a ring, perhaps: MARRIED MAN.

11. Until now: AS YET.

12. New moon, e.g.: PHASE.  This word comes up in electricity all the time.  Your home is probably single phase, but three phase is for the bigger power users.

13. Mexican title: SENOR.

18. Church keyboard: ORGAN.  My church replaced ours with a piano.  Not my favorite.

22. Escort's offer: ARM.

25. Oregon or Chisholm: TRAIL.  I wonder how many "TRAILS" are in the U.S.

26. Bat one eye: WINK.

28. Place to eat Seoul food: SOUTH KOREA.  I get it, a play on words.  I know I am constantly guilty of it.  Sorry.

30. Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALP.

31. Saturn SUV: VUE.  This was replaced by the "Outlook", but now I think Saturn has been swallowed up by GM and you have to go to Chevy to get an SUV.

32. Expert: MAVEN.

33. Language suffix: ESE.  Minneapolis to Lake Superior compass direction.

35. Starts of many news stories: DATELINES.  Also known as "Breaking News" which is every report on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX (less Shepard Smith).

36. Expert: ACE.  A great start to the game of 21 aka Blackjack.

37. Strong desire: YEN.  Japanese money.  It takes a whole bunch to equal a U.S. dollar.

39. Jay of late-night TV: LENO.  Used to be on "Tonight", now his show is in a garage.

43. Late hr. to turn in: ONE AM.  This is when I get up to take pills, but I am back in the sack by 1:01 AM.

45. CIA forerunner: OSS.  WWII era, Office of Secret Services.

46. Changes: ALTERS.

47. __ the Hutt of "Star Wars": JABBA.  Star Wars of the future.  If this were in the stone age, Fred Flintstone might holler "Jabba Jabba Dooo".

48. Note after G: A FLAT.  I almost had "A FLAT" when my tire picked up a nail last Spring.

49. Pizza feature: CRUST.  I used to make and bake pizzas.  We called the base a crust but it was not crusty.  Not like the frozen kind you get at the Grocery store.

50. Blackjack request: HIT ME.  A dangerous move with 15 or 16.

51. __ and aahed: OOHED.

53. Comical Cheri: OTERI.

54. Up-and-down toys: YO-YOS.  Everyone had a "Duncan" when I was a kid.  We could make them sleep or go "around the world".

59. Ancient: OLD.  I am not there yet, but getting close.

60. Dumfries denial: NAE.

61. Words before roll or streak: ON A.  Could be a bowling term for XXXXXXX.



OwenKL said...

FIRight, but mis-guessed the theme, I saw LINCOLN and GRANT and thought the bottom would reveal their counterparts LEE and DAVIS, but (Stonewall) JACKSON didn't entirely derail that thread.

There was a strange fellow named RYAN
Who couldn't write poems with rhymin'.
So he made them so cold
A CRUST did enfold,
And that's how he got his RIME in!

If a torus a world defines
MAPS would need new designs
Would resemble snoods,
And there'd be two international DATE LINES!

A dexterous woman named LULU
Was known to make never a boo-boo.
She seemed so demure,
But could race like a BLUR,
And her YO-YO DEEDS made her a guru!

ON THE MONEY in Rome there was NERO,
To his rural-based adherents, a hero.
He burned down the city,
He said, "It's a pity,
Now my property tax will be zero!"

{A, A-, A-, A.}

Paul C. said...

Thanks, Boomer. You're right about Washington as the most common prez on a US currency denomination, but alas, he's just so long. I did consider WASHINGTONSTATE across the middle - and yes, I suppose if Manhattan could be bought for $24... but it was clogging everything, so I scrapped that one. Owen, great work today. I particularly like the Nero verse.
This was the rare puzzle that didn't wait long in the queue. I wrote it in September, then Rich approved it as an early-week grid with only minor tweaks. The average wait time across all publications is more like half a year.
Funny, the things you learn while researching crosswords. In a grid I was building yesterday, the only thing that would fit a tight slot was DENOMINATES. I learned it means "assign a name to," which makes sense once you notice the NOM part. But we think of denomination as a particular number value.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased LASIx, which is used in race horses. Off to New Bern, NC for a late-season camping trip. Maybe more later.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Paul, and thank you, Boomer.

Like a good piece of pie, this one didn't last long enough. The epitome of what a Monday puzzle should be. Fun and easy with a clear theme and perfect reveal.

"On the Money" is also a CNBC program hosted by Becky Quick.

Great job, Boomer. I love reading your reviews. Did you stay up for the game-winning home run ? I was switching back and forth between the Steelers/Chargers game and the baseball game. Missed some of key plays early in the baseball game, but saw them later on Sports Center.

Dennis said...

Hey gang, just wanted to check in and say thanks for all the good wishes yesterday. I wanted to post yesterday but as you can imagine, things are a bit hectic since I'll be out of commission for a month or two.
It's weird because I'm totally asymptomatic, but the heart's giving the doc a different message. To me, this is just another 'new experience', and I'm looking forward to having my odometer reset.
Again, thanks -- it truly means a lot. I'll check back in on the other side of this.

Boomer said...

Good Morning all. First I apologize to compasses everywhere. Lake Superior is NOT ESE from Minneapolis. Manitoba to Superior would be ESE. Hello TTP. I spent a few hours watching the Vikings take care of the Eagles but I left the Astros and Yankees tied at 2-2. I need my sleep since I bowl in the senior travelling league every Monday Morning.

TTP said...

Godspeed, Dennis.

Boomer, I wasn't going to say anything about that compass direction and Lake Superior. I knew you meant Lake Michigan.

Hit'em high and make them all fall down !

Yellowrocks said...

I loved this theme. After getting LINCOLN and GRANT easily, I wondered about the $5 and the $50. AHA! The theme was sussed and made an easy Monday puzzle even easier. But the fun redeemed the less than challenging puzzle. Thank you , Paul , and thanks for your input to the blog.
IMO, we need easy puzzles to get new puzzle fans started, and sometimes to hearten us seasoned puzzlers after a weekend fail. I also appreciate very difficult puzzles, whether or not I get them 100% right. We need to keep the skilled solvers challenged. If we don't solve these puzzles without help, they still increase our solving ability.
I needed all perps for VUE and EDINA. Edina, MN would have been easier.
There was rime one of my car windows three times so far. By the end of the month I will have to clear the garage and bring my car in at night.
I had a very good friend named MYRNA in elementary school. Once a week we watched TV shows at her aunt's house. IMO, the 50's sh9ws were the golden age of TV.
Ponytails are still popular and there are new creative ways to make them. I have a pixie cut, but I prefer ponytails to buns, messy or not.
Dennis, I wish you a successful surgery and thorough recovery. I admire your positive attitude.

Yellowrocks said...

I have been fascinated by the pioneer’s westward movement on trails like the Oregon and the Chisolm. I have read countless historical novels about this and then LIU. What a great way to learn history! I also have read much about the sad interaction of the settlers, the US Army and US government with the Native Americans. I also like stories about captured settler children who were accepted into Native American tribes and later won back by their families. Many of them had a difficult time adjusting to their original culture after they returned.
In my tutoring I often helped student prepare for tests. Rather than relying on mindless rote, I helped them learn about and take an interest in what they were repeating. Having a hook to hang their memory on helped them and furthered their education beyond rote learning.

Eggman said...

Cruciverb not up and running today *sigh*
So I headed over to my other stomping grounds and found our fearless leader at WSJ with a puzzle entitled “Food for Afterthought”

Anonymous said...

4:14 to finish. Didn't know "Patsy," "Ab Fab," or "Edina" - and I still don't.

The fifth line from the top gives us Fat Grantwriter.

Thanks for the nice sprint today, Mr. Coulter.

Husker Gary said...

-There’s RIME on the pumpkin this morning but it’ll be near 70F this afternoon!
-One GRANT WRITER friend of mine had money left over so she sprang for $50 steak dinners and free electronics for all participants on the last day
-I forget why, but my optometrist told me I’m not a good candidate for LASIK
-My dictionary calls OATEN archaic. I call it a necessary EVEL, er, evil.
-Wanna see PONYTAILS? Go to one of these Husker events. (Good luck getting one of the 8,000 tickets!)
-I drive on the former Mormon Trail to get to my golf course
-DW’s twin sister is always still up at ONE A.M. One of many ways they are so different
-Great to hear from Paul, Boomer and Dennis today!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Was a bit surprised when I didn't get any of the first line across clues on the initial pass. Is this a Monday puzzle?. Then everything fell into place.

Nearly crossout free but knew as I was entering "hoar" for 29 across I should check perps for "rime" but didn't so one crossout.

Poor Cheri. She was so funny as the SNL Spartan cheerleader partner of Will Ferrell. He's kind of a big deal and she's a crossword answer.

50ish sunny day in the Mohawk Valley. Foliage approaching peak colors.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I echo TTP's comments about this being the epitome of a Monday puzzle. I really enjoy Paul's fresh themes and word play with clues; Seoul food, indeed! I liked the clechos of the Expert clues, Maven and Ace. I also liked Jackson (Michael) over Afros, although my Afros started out as Updos. I needed perps for Edina and Osage, but everything else was a piece of cake. Always have poignant memories when Santa is in a grid. One AM hit home (no pun intended) as I was still up at that hour watching the Yankees and Astros do battle. It was a terrific game but I didn't care for the outcome.

Thanks, Paul, for a fun and smooth solve and for dropping by and thanks, Boomer, for the usual dose of chuckles and a sashay (Hi, Lucina) or two down memory lane. (I read your write up with a Pepsi in hand!)

Owen, you're on a roll!

Godspeed, Dennis.

Have a great day.

Jerome Gunderson said...

Really liked ORGAN and TRAIL as fill. Most people don't know that the Organ Trail is the main route for truckers delivering Wurlitzers to the Northwest Territories.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Misty from yesterday - I was at graduate school in Buffalo from 1964 - 1967,

Found the top a tad crunchy because of alternate choices, but the perps quickly set things on an even keel. Realized the full theme near the end. No Jefferson ($2)? When the Navy held payday in the late '50's, the cash payouts were in the smallest number of bills, so you would see $2 bills. We maintain a small supply to give to grandkids on special occasions.
No other problems with the solve. FIR.
ARM -Quite a few body parts names in English seem to be of Germanic origin, or have a cognate relation. German Arm, L. German Arm, Dutch arm. And they are pronounced the same too.

Yellowrocks said...

Jerome, is this a joke, the Organ Trail? I read, "The production of Wurlitzer organs ceased in 1942, the last organ to leave the factory being a style 165 organ in a 157 case."

SwampCat said...

Perfect Monday romp. Thanks Paul. And thanks for a bit more insight into puzzledom.

HG, I also was not a candidate for LASIK. In my case it was my astigmatism. I later had cataract surgery without any problems.

IM, I had Updos first too. I don’t think of AFROS as being high, just big all around . I guess that makes them high also.

Dennis, more prayers from here

Owen, all A+ ! Thanks!

Jerome Gunderson said...

Yellowrocks- No joke. The Organ Trail is also the route for delivering livers, kidneys and hearts to transplant patients.

Dennis- You're a bad ass Marine... tougher than what ails you!

Maverick said...

My answer to 59A didn't FIT THE BILL. While it was ON THE MONEY, it wasn't exactly right.

Misty said...

I love Monday Paul Coulter puzzles, and how cool that you stopped by this morning, Paul. Can't wait to see your DENOMINATE puzzle down the road. And Boomer, you always start our Mondays off great with your fun write-up. I loved sailing right through this puzzle and had only one bit of trouble when I wanted to put VAN for that Saturn (clearly I don't know cars). But it had to be LULU so I erased and let perps give me the VUE. Arthur ASHE shows up in puzzles so often--didn't he have a very sad end from a contaminated injection or something? Fun to see SANTA next to Woody ALLEN--I can't imagine they have anything in common. And I struggled with the money theme until it finally occurred to me that they had to be presidents on bills. I use cash so little these days with credit cards that I hardly remember what they look like. Anyway, wonderful way to start the week, thanks again Paul and Boomer.

Best wishes for a successful surgery and an easy recovery, Dennis.

Spitzboov, looks like we just barely missed being classmates at Buffalo.

Have a great week, everybody.

Lucina said...


Thanks, Paul Coulter, for a chuckle-inducing puzzle!

This was, in fact, a very quick sashay all the way with familiar names and presidential references.

Our church has both an ORGAN and a piano.

It's been seven years since I had a LASIK procedure and I'm glad of it and not having to wear glasses except for reading. When cataracts started to cover my eyes, everything was a BLUR. Now I see long distances sans glasses.

I believe Cheri O'TERI has done very well since she has appeared in many movies.

Is that really Myrna LOY in the photo? I have a different image of her in my mind.

Seoul food was a clever clue!

Hang in there, Dennis! We have your back.

Have a fine day, everyone!

Lucina said...

Boomer, it's always good to see you and enjoy your witty remarks on Mondays!

desper-otto said...

Lucina, that photo was from the TV show, not the original movies. Here's the Myrna Loy you remember, along with her Thin Man costars, William Powell and Asta (Skippy).

Alice said...

It's nice to hear from the constructor of the puzzle. Thanks for your comments and for a breezy puzzle with a very cute theme.

CrossEyedDave said...


I got this money thing all figured out...

To Sir With Love Hilite.

I was going to post a link to Evel jumping The Snake River,
but the entertainment value wasn't there...

Yellowrocks said...

Ya think the Yale Record, the campus humor magazine of Yale University, gets to alums in the NW via the Organ Trail, too?

To Sir with Love was one of my favorite movies.
DO, that's the picture of Myrna, Peter, and Asta that I remember.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Still in Norfolk. On the way to the motor home had a flat tire on our car. Got that fixed, then the motor home starting batteries were dead. Tried to charge them for a couple of hours with a car-type charger to no avail. Will try again tomorrow with jumper cables connected to the house batteries. The starting batteries are a pair of huge truck 12V batteries connected in parallel, and the house batteries are 4 6V golf cart batteries connected in a series-parallel arrangement to supply 12V to the living space.

I didn't get the dollar amounts connection to the featured president. Nice touch. And another great review, Boomer Hope you rolled 'em well today.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I remember my PONYTAIL fondly. I had it for nine years. Towards the end of its tenure I was feeling it more of a burden than I needed--too warm and itchy on my neck. I kept it for the last year because it seemed appropriate to free up my hair when I was playing King Lear. I kept telling myself, "As soon as Lear is over, I'll be free!"
But then I realized my next theater project was to direct a staging of Hair!
I couldn't very well get a haircut without risking a blow to the Hair company's morale...
Finally, all my assignments were over, and I went to my lady barber and said, "Cut it off!" She was loathe to do it. But I convinced her.
She sent it home with me in a bag.
It is still in a closet somewhere.

A pleasant pzl with a straightforward theme. It is nice to focus on oldtime presidents, those who've been dead long enough for us to forget the partisanship that once accompanied them.
A 3-way on the far side.
Today's anagram seems to be a tribute to messiahs who are hesitant, perhaps reluctant to rush to our aid. I mean...

Jayce said...

Alice, you said it so well and succinctly. "It's nice to hear from the constructor of the puzzle. Thanks for your comments and for a breezy puzzle with a very cute theme."

CrossEyedDave said...


I always dreamed having an RV would be an answer to
all my age related camping issues...

Reading your post is bursting my bubble...

1st, 2 12V's in parallel, that's 24 volts!
HOuse batteries in series @ 12 volts?

& you are going to tie them together expecting this
contraption to start? Research was in order...

well whattaya know, it is a thing...

Then I saw t his thingie!

Well, good luck!
& thanks for the info,
because, I think this would be me...

Wilbur Charles said...

Kyle was an outstanding Running back from Texas. Was it SMU? TCU? Or Texas U?

This started slow with AMPS>PEPS. As usual I had no idea what MONEY Paul was talking about. We bought this "Entourage" Bus/van and I'm en route to Ocala.

The xword moved quickly and I never even saw OTERI.

Prescience. The J was about Vegas and HIT ME appears.

Never had to deal with VUE either. Vague recollection. Then again I drove a Pinto and a Tempo.

Always enjoy a Coulter/Boomer matchup. CSO to our late SANTA.


Wilbur Charles said...

Yep, SMU

Lucina said...

Thank you, D-O!
Yes, that's exactly the way I remember Myrna LOY, Richard Powell and Asta, crossword puzzles' favorite dog.

Sandyanon said...

Honestly, I think that William Powell's ghost will be really hurt to hear himself called Peter or Richard.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

CED, ya got it backwards. Hook 'em up in series, the voltages add. Hook 'em up in parallel, the available current (amps) add. I DNK that I have to hold the emergency start button. Mine is labeled the "auxiliary start" rocker switch, but it does the same thing. I have two sets of two (6 volt) golf cart batteries. Two pairs, each hooked up in series for 12 volts each pair, then the two 12 volt pairs connected in parallel.

Both my battery banks output 12 volts. Only the very high end RVs have 24 volt systems. Those Prevost-based coaches start at million bucks and can go WAY up from there. Prevosts are built in Quebec. Their parent company is Volvo.

Anybody ever change out the keyboard on a laptop? My 'a' key is almost dead. Looks like the part is about $20, but the labor is about $150 unless I can do it myself.

TTP said...

Jinx, yes, about 3 weeks ago. The mouse buttons started acting up on my Thinkpad laptop. Took me longer to find the maintenance manual and part online (15 minutes) than to replace the keyboard (5 minutes). Just 3 screws and a plug once it got here from Amazon. Used a USB plugin keyboard in the meantime.

CrossEyedDave said...

JInx said:

CED, ya got it backwards...

(Oy, story of my life...)

I will have you know,
yesterday, I replaced two electrical outlets that had shorted in
my Daughters Apartment. (Actually her Iphone chargers caught fire)

(Don't leave chargers plugged in !)

Not only did I replace the outlets,
DW likes my new hairdo!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Quick, clean, no caffeine (needed) Monday puzzle. Thanks Paul for the grid and popping into The Corner. Thanks Boomer for the "play on words" expo sprinkled with Baseball.

WO: amPs b/f PEPS (hi WC!)
ESPs: EDINA (I could see her face but forgot here name), LOY
Fav: OH LORD put Janice Joplin [3:26] in my head all day.

{A, A, A, A++}
Funny DR.

Thanks DOW FLN for the heads-up on C.C.'s WSJ puzzle. Also quick fun (and got a lot more love than PaulC's on the Fiend blog! - don't read it Paul.)

Jinx - what TTP said. You will spend more time watching a how-to video (which I recommend -- Google your model + replace keyboard) than actually turning screws. If you need any assistance, shoot me an email.

CED - please tell me it was a knock-off Apple charger. We have those little wall-warts plugged in all over the place here.

Cheers, -T

Jinx in Norfolk said...

CED, I'm diggin' the 'do.

TTP. keyboard on order. Thanks. I have good backup expertise - the place where I teach project management also teaches a technician certification fundamentals course called CompTIA A+, where they practice taking apart and reassembling all kinds of hardware.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

-T, I'll watch the YouTubes. Thanks for the reminder.

D4E4H said...

Carol and I FIR in 53:32 min.

Good evening Cornerites.

Thank you Paul Coulter for your enjoyable Monday CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


Wilbur Charles said...

Jinx, my son has done it. Labor intensive and requires some skill.

Unscrew and disconnect all the connections to the motherboard, pull out old keyboard then reconnect. Phil says at that point you may need the nerd squad.

Or .. buy a separate keyboard, wireless Bluetooth.

Or ship it to Phil and he'll fix it.


jfromvt said...

Fun, easy Monday puzzle. I enjoy Paul’s puzzle, but I think including the denomination in the clues made solving the theme answers a tad too easy.

Lucina said...

Oops! WILIAM Powell!!!! I don't know why Richard occurred to me.