Oct 21, 2019

Monday October 21, 2019 Kevin Salat

Theme: MIXED SIGNALS (62. Communication confusion ... or what's literally found in this puzzle's three sets of circles) - SIGNAL is scrambled in the middle of each theme entry.

17. Vessel for Bond: MARTINI GLASS.

28. "... for the remainder of my days": AS LONG AS I LIVE.
47. Places to get bronzed skin: TANNING SALONS.

Boomer here. 

I am pretty sure that I have played my last round of golf for 2019 last Thursday.  We had a nice weekend but the weatherman says that the future is not looking too warm or dry. Well, our Gophers remained undefeated on the football field while Wisconsin took one on the chin from Lovee's crew.  The door is open to Pasadena. The last time the Gophers were in the Rose Bowl, I watched it on our 19" black and white TV.

In 1961, Calvin Griffith moved the Washington Senators to Minnesota and they became the Twins.  Washington was without Major League Baseball until the Montreal Expos moved to the nations Capital in 2005.  D.C. has not seen a World Series since before I was born and I am pretty old.  It was pretty impressive the way the Nats took care of the Dodgers and Cardinals. Houston has their hands full and it should be fun to watch.


1. Thespian's platform: STAGE.  The last one out of town ??

6. English Derby site: EPSOM.  I believe the salt is named after this site.

11. Earlier: AGO.  "A long, long time AGO, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile. Don McLean - American Pie.

14. Handsome god: APOLLO.  APOLLO CREED, a Heavyweight champ that ran into Rocky.

15. "Me too!": DITTO.  One of the Flagston kids.

16. Coffee hour vessel: URN.  I have heard of this, but I get my coffee from a pot.

19. Sigma follower: TAU.

20. Golf tournament kickoff: PRO-AM.  I have bowled many PRO AMs as a bowler.  Recently bowled with Parker Bohn III at Treasure Island (in MN).  Parker was the PRO, I was the AM.

21. Clairvoyant: SEER.

22. B-ball: HOOPS.  We have Timberwolves in Minnesota.  They are not too good with HOOPS.

24. Spanish "month": MES. See 31. Twelve 24-Acrosses: ANO.

25. Money in the middle of a poker table: POT.  This used to describe my belly, but then I thinned up.

27. Smoke for Sherlock: PIPE.  I tried this after I quit cigarettes in 2001.  It did not last long.

34. No-holds-__: BARRED.  A lot of Viking opponents get "BARRED" by Anthony.

Anthony Barr

37. "Like it __ ... ": OR NOT.

38. 2020 Super Bowl number: LIV.  We had LII in Minneapolis.

39. Lemony Snicket's evil count: OLAF.  We have a St. Olaf College in Northfield, south of Minneapolis. You may have heard of it.  Jesse James wishes he had not.

40. Celestial shower component: METEOR.

42. Ice cream holder: CONE.  David was a great pitcher for the Mets.

David Cone

43. "The Greatest" boxer: ALI.  This guy only pitched his greatest to the media, but he was pretty good.

44. Painter of café scenes: MANET.

45. John of "Three's Company": RITTER.  The son of country singer Tex Ritter.  He had a great career on the sit-com but passed away early at the age of 55.

50. Adolescent: TEEN.  "Well, I'm just eighTEEN got a ruptured spleen and I always carry a purse."  Draft Dodger Blues - The Chad Mitchell Trio.

51. Cuteness reactions: AWS.

52. State-of-the-__: ART.  Mr. Garfunkel.

55. "Me too!": SO DO I.

56. Give off: EMIT.

59. Debate topic: ISSUE.

61. Game with Draw Two cards: UNO.  I think everyone had one of these games when I was a kid.

65. Quito's country, to the IOC: ECU.  That would be Ecuador, down by the Equator.

66. "Time is money," e.g.: ADAGE.

67. Texting devices: PHONES.  It's odd. I mentioned to three of my bowling coach buddies that I mentioned them in "My Nickel's Worth" column on  All three took out their phones and read the column.

68. Filming site: SET.  Six wins in a tennis match or another name for a TV.

69. Tibetan priests: LAMAS.  Okay a man became a monk in Tibet in an order that allowed only two words after five years. So after the first five years he visited the monk superior and said "I'm Hungry".  "No problem brother, we'll see that you receive more food".  After another five years he said "I'm cold."  Once again the head monk said "No problem, we will get you more blankets."  After the third five year period he proclaimed "I Quit".  The head monk said "Brother, I am not surprised,  You have done nothing but complain ever since you got here."

70. Engaged in battle: AT WAR.


1. Fifth tire: SPARE.  No, everyone knows that it's when you leave a ten pin and pick it up on your next ball.

2. Pamplona runners: TOROS.  We have a TORO company in Northern Minnesota that makes lawn mowers and great snow throwers.

3. Utah ski resort: ALTA.  One letter off from a vaping product called ALTO.  I could not help but notice that since the Medicare season is upon us, it seems as though there are a dozen health care commercials on TV every hour.  One of them was followed by one of these ads for ALTO.  I could not help but think if you buy one, you better have the other paid up also.

4. Quick look: GLIMPSE.

5. Ages and ages: EON.

6. Beat by a bit: EDGE.  A smaller Ford SUV.  I once owned an Explorer, but they are really huge now.

7. Paperwork accumulation: PILE.  Not Gomer, his name was PYLE.

8. "A __ Is Born": STAR.  "When you wish upon a STAR, makes no difference who you are."

9. Tense NBA periods: OTS.  It takes a tie game to get there and the Timberwolves seldom squeak out a tie.

10. Slam-dancing area: MOSH PIT.

11. Tesla self-driving car system: AUTOPILOT.  Reminds me of the movie Airplane and the blow up doll named OTTO.

12. Fruity metaphor for a rumor mill: GRAPEVINE.

13. Burden: ONUS.

14. Clock radio toggle: AM PM.

18. "No one __ blame": IS TO.  That's what Rocco said when the Yankees kicked our Twins butts.

23. Crude in a tanker: OIL.

26. 2018 Best Actor Gary: OLDMAN.  Now this puzzle is getting personal.

28. Dog's bark: ARF.  Dennis the Menace says his dog goes "RUFF".

29. What students take at lectures: NOTES.

30. Legendary Garbo: GRETA.

32. Melancholy: SORROW.  "Only one thing that money can't buy, True Love will never die. All my sorrows, soon forgotten." Kingston Trio.

33. Of all time: EVER.  "If you're ever in a jam, here I am." I don't know who sang that one.

34. Yacht or ferry: BOAT.  I once owned a boat, and took my son fishing a lot in the summer.  Now he owns a boat and lives by a lake.  C.C. and I used to go for pan fish off a fishing dock in a small town called Annandale, MN.  Now we go to Cub and buy walleye from the freezer.

35. Suddenly: ALL AT ONCE.  It's a strike if you knock the pins down ALL AT ONCE

36. Postponed, as a ball game: RAINED OUT.  Sometimes it's also a golf game.

41. U.K. language: ENG.

42. Dime's 10: Abbr.: CTS.  Jeopardy's James Holzhauer called a dime, $1,000.00.  Must be Las Vegas talk.

44. Barely enough: MINIMAL.

46. Acumen: INSIGHT.  A Honda Hybrid car.

48. Prefix with liberal: NEO.

49. Pull-up muscles, briefly: LATS.

52. Yoga posture: ASANA.

53. Measuring stick: RULER.

54. Hardy's "__ of the D'Urbervilles": TESS.

55. Takes to court: SUES.  Johnny Cash once touted, "My Name is Sue, How do you do".  Then Elaine Benes of Seinfeld said "Don't call him SUES."

56. More than a quiz: EXAM.

57. Prefix between kilo- and giga-: MEGA.  There's a lottery game called "Mega Millions".  C.C. and I do not play. Once in awhile we might buy a $2.00 ticket and we would be happy to double our money.

58. March 15, notably: IDES.

60. Skiing surface: SNOW.  I think I have heard of this.  I think it was Chrissy's surname in "Three's Company."

63. Wash. neighbor: IDA.  I have a cousin that lives in Twin Falls.  He told me his golf season is not yet over.  I'm not sure if he hits golf balls or potatoes.

64. Hoppy brew, for short: IPA.



OwenKL said...

The STAGE is a magnet for a towering ego,
So no surprise it beckoned APOLLO.
But a panning review
Can humiliate, too,
Appall-o last acted long, long AGO!

Stem once meant a MARTINI GLASS,
Now it's science and technology class,
Students who don't veg
Will have an EDGE
When the future decides who to pass.

You don't need a PIPE to smoke POT.
You can use a hookah OR NOT.
Or you can bake
A brownie cake,
To use whatever you've got!

I wonder, in Pamplona, do they care?
Do TOROS brag, "I got a SPARE!
Down the alley I bowled
My horn did enfold
A pinhead that was running there!"

I'll remember AS LONG AS I LIVE,
That horn, as sharp as a shiv!
I say that TORO
Caused me to SORROW,
But the excitement I'd like to relive!

{B+, B, B, B+, A-.}

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but had to change AM/fM to AM/PM. I also had to wait on M(a or o)NET, but then had to WAG when the cross was OLDM(a or o)N. CSO to Keith.

College HOOPS starts soon. My Kentucky Wildcats are ranked second in the meaningless preseason poll. Michigan State is ranked number one. Some other school from Kentucky is ranked fourth.

For "what students take at lectures" I wanted "naps", but needed more letters.

BOAT could have been clued "submarine or yacht, but not destroyer", but probably not until Thursday.

FLN, my favorite weather ADAGE is "mare's tails and mackerel scales make tall ships carry small sails." Describes the appearance of the clouds overhead. Runner up: Dry decks wet day, wet decks dry day. (Not rain-wet, dew-wet. High dew points mean dry decks in the morning and increased chances of afternoon thunderstorms.)

Thanks to Kevin for the fun, easy Monday grid. My favorite was MARTINI GLASS for "vessel for Bond". And thanks to Boomer for all the Monday groans, er I mean fun.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

BTW, BOAT is an acronym for "Break Out Another Thousand".

desper-otto said...

Good morning.

Had the circles. Forgot to look at 'em. No problem. Oh, no! I just noticed a problem. My radio toggle was AM/FM, my ski resort was ALTI, and that made my golf tournament kickoff a FROIM -- never looked at it. Bzzzzzzt! DNF. And on a Monday. Unheard of. Absurd. Thanx, Keven and Boomer.

URN: I have to replace our coffeemaker at least annually. We use it every day, and the heating element always burns out. Maybe, if I were willing to spend more than $30, I could find one that'd last.

SPARE: I guess SPARE tires are a thing of the past in this day of run-flat tires.

SNOW: I got transferred to Houston after the great snows of '78-'79. Three years later the company tried to transfer me back to Chicago. I quit.

SORROW: I don't see "melancholy" as SORROW -- sadness, maybe.

GRAPEVINE: It's a notorious hill to the Tejon Pass on I-5 north of L.A.

Howie said...

I came across 18 down early on in my solve. And thanks for that as it allowed me to hum along the rest of the solve with this tune that I'm sure AnonT is very familiar with.

No One IS TO Blame

I'm with Boomer as to the anticipation of an entertaining World Series. The pitching matchups of Max Scherzer v. Garrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg v. Justin Verlander are worth the price of admission. And who doesn't enjoy watching a 5'6", 165lb superstar show that baseball isn't all about physical size like the other major sports. A smaller guy with a big heart and immense talent can be the Most Valuable Player.

Howie said...

Oops. I talked about Jose Altuve in my previous post but I forgot to mention his name. I'm sure most baseball fans have seen these images but they are worth linking so others here on The Corner may enjoy them.

Aaron Judge towers over Jose Altuve

I love that the giants of Gotham lost to the scrappy little team from Mutt City.

Lucina said...


I am sleepless in Scottsdale so luckily my newspaper arrived with Kevin Salat's (the Sultan of Circles) puzzle and Boomer's commentary. Sometimes I think he is still at the sports site.

First CSO goes to OMKeith at STAGE. I'll take one at ASANA.

I really wanted Ascot for the derby site but waited patiently until EPSOM emerged.

Actually, I believe Adonis was more handsome than APOLLO but who is to say since they are both fictional gods.

ALL AT ONCE I was done but nooooooooooooooo, I had ALMA in Utah and failed to see the MARTINIGLASS!!! DNF on a Monday! Maybe I'm not quite awake.

Have a GREAT day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Strasburg & Verlander are both 6'5", Sherzer is 6'3", Gerrit Cole is 6'4", but I see your point.

Yellowrocks said...

A Monday puzzle with a little bite to it. OLDMAN was the only unknown, all perps.
My favorite was MARTINI GLASS, which I sussed quickly.
As adults we play UNO sometimes. It's a game Alan can play with us.
I pondered MANET vs. MONET. Many choices, Renoir, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec, but I had the initial M. MONET is one of my favorite painters.
AM/FM before AM/PM. My clock is also a radio.
I thought of ADONIS first, but I already had the P. I may be mistaken, but I don't associate APOLLO with being handsome. Adonis (lower case )has been adopted into English meaning a very handsome young man.
Alan and I spent the weekend in north central PA in the Endless Mountains. Lovely leaf peeping on Saturday. The oranges and yellows were great, but very little red this year. We visited my sister who moved back there to our childhood hometown years ago.
The fall foliage here seems a little early this year.
Owen, the PIPE poem was my favorite today.
Yes, I have a PILE of paperwork to do today, my least favorite chore. When I get too bored, I will be back.

jfromvt said...

A run of the mill easy Monday. Not even going to get upset about the circles.

I’m looking forward to the World Series also. Should be relatively low scoring by today’s standards, both teams have good starting pitching. And apparently the balls aren’t as juiced up for postseason. Just hope the games aren’t three and half hours plus. I’m rooting for the Nats.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Enjoyed Boomer's intro and the Minn. take on things
No problems with the solve. DNK OLDMAN, LATS, OLAF or ASANA, but perps were ample. Had RAIN delay before RAINED OUT.
RITTER - Is a Low German borrowing into standard German. It means "knight'. Ritterkreuz is the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. Arme Ritter (poor knight) is French Toast. RITTER is a cognate of ENG. 'ride'.

Husker Gary said...

-I filled in the reveal without so much as a glance at the clue
-I had ANO but struggled with it because I did not see the rest of the cluing on the second line to pair with MES
-AM/FM or AM/PM, ASCOT or EPSOM, and MINIMUM or MINIMAL. How do you ink people deal with that? :-)
-Why would ASTON MARTIN have MARTIN first for Bond vessel? Oh…
-“You should be on the STAGE.” “Really?” “Yeah, there’s one leaving in 10 minutes!”
-“Time is money” - during a rain, idle detasseling kids on the bus cost me $250/hr anyway
-These days, getting to a SPARE tire is very complicated
-Mixed blessing – My SNOW blower started on the first pull yesterday
-Boomer, those Cole Porter lyrics were in the song Freiendship from his then risqué 1939 show DuBarry Was a Lady
-My golf membership was expensive this year because so many rounds got RAINED (FLOODED) OUT

Montana said...

Can anyone advise me about how to get the puzzle? I use an iPad.
I liked using and Across Lite to solve puzzles.
When I upgraded to iOS 13.1.3, I can no longer get the puzzle.
I’ve downloaded the puzzle, but have no idea where that goes.
Last night I came across directions on how to work around the new operating system and I tried to follow the instructions but to no avail.
Now, I’ve lost the link to instructions so I can’t start fresh today.

I tried the latimes site today but I cannot get a keyboard.
So, I resorted to the newspaper but my eyesight is poor enough I can’t see well enough on that type of paper.

Thanks in advance for any help,


TTP said...

Well nuts !

I had the same exact errors as Desper-otto, and didn't notice them until reading his comments.

Had another one with an ongoing mental block. I know it's EPSON (or ASCOT as Lucina noted) but for the umpteenth time since I started doing crosswords I managed to enter EPSON.

That made for NOSH PIT. Is a nosh pit where you slop the pigs ?

Whitey said...

Boomer, there was baseball in DC from 1961-71. I remember the baseball cards. An expansion team filled the vacated spot when the Twins were born. The 61-71 Senators left to become the Texas Rangers.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, some chewy fill for a Monday.

HG beat me to a response to Boomer,
but I add a link here because
it also ties in with mixed signals...

CrossEyedDave said...

in the spirit of the upcoming season...

Misty said...

Delightful Monday puzzle--many thanks for getting our week off to a great start, Kevin. I breezed right through this one, and got the MIXED SIGNALs after the second one. Nice to get both AUTOPILOT and GRAPEVINE right away. Not familiar with Lemony Snicket but I still got OLAF. I don't play golf, so I had a moment of anxiety with PRO_M. But fortunately went with PRO AM and it turned out to be right, thank goodness. So thank you again, Kevin, and I always love your pictures and jokes, Boomer.

Have a great week, everybody.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

This was a pretty straightforward Monday with an easy to suss theme and reveal. I, too, thought of Adonis at first, but perps said no. (My HVAC service company is Apolo, sans one L.) There were no unknowns but Monet or Manet had to wait for perps. I knew Olaf, as clued, but have no idea why I knew it. Osmosis, I guess.

Thanks, Kevin, for a pleasant start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for the humor and tasty tidbits of trivia.

Anonymous T ~ Congrats on your Astros win, which was well-deserved.


CED, I can personally relate to the picture of Snoopy lamenting his allergy to mornings!

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Good job on the write-up. Golf is a "Year-round" sport here in Florida.

Fave today, of course, was 64-d, IPA. Booze is always a fave!

Anon T Good luck in the Series.


CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Kevin and Boomer.
Hand up for finding this CW crunchy for a Monday, but I saw the MIXED SIGNALS (although really it was SIGNAL that was mixed, but I will admit that there was a plural amount of Signals,.)

Multiple inkblots, a personal Natick and FIWed.
I was looking for a boat for Bond and had ____ING CLASS before MARTINI GLASS provided an Aha moment (plus gave me EDGE).
Hand up for AM FM and never correcting for PRO AM.
Rain delay before RAINED OUT held up the SW corner.
But my personal Natick was the cross of MANET and OLDMAN. Of course, I had the O instead of the A.

It took me a while to parse ALL AT ONCE.
When I had ___OI for "Me too", I started to fill in Et Moi until I realized the clue had no indication of French; I parsed SO DO I.
I did smile at U.K. Language=ENG thinking of those U's and RE instead of ER.😀🇨🇦
One L LAMA today..

Canadian federal election today. I voted this morning and was thankful for the freedom to do so.
Wishing you all a great day.

Bill G said...

Unusually hot and dry here today; not your typical southern California coastal weather. Watch out Lucina, it's headed your way.

Jayce said...

A nice puzzle. I put in ADONIS but quickly realized he wasn't the one. Like Gary, when I filled MARTIN I began to wonder, so I expected the letters in the circles to be jumbles of ASTIN, but of course that couldn't be. Even after I filled the whole answer, my brain clung to MARTIN and I couldn't figure out what MARTIN IGLASS was.

Some nice stacked long fill, such as AUTOPILOT parallel to GRAPEVINE. Especially nice on a Monday. I love the song "I Heard It On the Grapevine" with the Fresno raisons dancing along; my wife has a T-shirt with those raisin guys on it. Cute. We have driven the I-5 Grapevine many times, in both directions; it is quite a steep grade.

Hand up for having AMFM and FROAM before fixing it. Then, on top of that, when trying to solve 31 down, my eyes looked at the wrong row and I couldn't figure out what 12 FROAMs were.

As Lucina said, "Maybe I'm not quite awake." Yeah, that's it.

Here's wishing you all a good day.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I'm with you, Jayce, and I bet Mr. Salat expected to trip us up, even if only temporarily, with that AM-FM vs. AM-PM trick.
AM-FM has become such a standard Xwd "repeater" that it took a second and third look to set it straight today.

But Ta ~ DA! nevertheless!

Off to the dentist this afternoon. It would have been just a regular cleaning, but I chipped a front tooth last week, so that will require some attention.
(I had too good a time with a deliciously crusty sourdough baguette.)
None today. An asymmetrical grid.

Lucina said...

Today I received two newspapers, besides the regular AZ Republic, USA Today also arrived and lo, a puzzle from C.C! To quote Misty, "Woohoo!"

Here it was 5:16 A.M. when I posted but I'm glad to know you slept in. LOL!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle & expo, Kevin & Boomer!

I was all MIXED up about the word being SIGNAL. Took the reveal to straighten me out. I thought LASING was going on. Duh!

Still having moldy smell in my office. Can't be in here unless it is warm enough to have the window open and then only a short while. Supposed to have help on that today, but too windy for ladder work here. Maybe tomorrow. Eyes are affected & especially on the Corner -- get all blurry. First day in a week to read it. Miss "youse guys".

SwampCat said...

Just enough crunch to make this puzzle fun. I’m not sure why, but I got APOLLO and AMPM on the first pass. Thanks Kevon and Boomer for the fun.

Jinx, I love all those cloud-ADAGES, too. I’ve always heard BOAT is a hole in the water into which you pour money. I also thought those students would take Naps in class instead of NOTES.

D-O, I had trouble reconciling Melancholy with SORROW.

Owen, you continue to outdo yourself!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

When I do the puzzle "I vant to be alone" like Greta.

Overconfidence, coming off a busy work day and rushing through the puzzle in a jacket outside in 50 degree weather trying to get some fresh air.

So. I was so sure 14 down was "AMFM" instead of "PM" filling the NW corner was delayed. Then I too quickly put "tanning booth" instead of "salon." Breaking my rule of perp checking first.

Finally finished.

Spitzboov said...

Thesauri give SORROW as a synonym for melancholy. I questioned the clue, too, but SORROW had 6 for 6 solid perps. So I guess it's a learning.

Wilbur Charles said...

Boomer , you've forgotten the expansion Senators coached by none other than Ted Williams. They moved to Texas. I see Whitey remembered.

And, is that Lovee Smith? I did see the Badgers had lost. Minnesota beat them, eh?. Minnesota had a powerhouse circa 1960- was that Sandy Stevens?

Great WS in store with both teams having crackerjack pitching duos. Will DH/No DH be a factor? I picked Houston from the gitgo.

But I'll root for DC.

A pre-Google search engine was developed for Vax/Vms called AltaVista. I've always said that DEC management should have bought a chicken and a bunch of corn- half red,half green. All big decisions would be made by the chicken.

They'd be flourishing today. They got everything wrong.

The GRAPEVINE is a magazine for an eponymous 12 Step organization.

No, to borrow from today's Jumble, a dime is MOB vernacular.

Owen, I really liked #4. Root for the bull. I astonished myself when I found that I was rooting for the Yankees.

D-O, DITTO on never noticing PM/PROAM. I enjoy finding answers on the write-up so I don't cross-check. That Skins game/PRO-AM in Japan features Tiger and three nobodies*. And four actual nobodies get to putt for big bucks.

And, I created this around two and never posted.


** Of course they're not actual "nobodies"(McIlroy,Day, Matsayama), just that wherever there's Tiger, everyone else is "who dat?"

Haiku Harry said...

Gardener struggled
With her pea plants trellising.
Need POT-ty training ...

Nat’s versus the ‘stro’s;
Scherzer against Gerrit Cole.
Hope it’s not RAINED OUT


Jinx in Norfolk said...

WC, loved the chicken decision making method. We modified this Far Side cartoon so that the podium read "GTE Annual Meeting", and gave out copies to like-minded subversives.

I have to cheer for our hometown boy Justin Verlander, but seems everyone else around here is for the Nats. I still can't think of the Astros being in the DH league. I'm good with the Dodgers being on the left coast, though.

Anonymous said...


Lovie Smith is the coach at the University of Illinois. The big, surprising upset of those Badgers came at the hands of the Fighting Illini.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

FIW w/ the same AM/FM as others. At least I'm in good company.

Thanks Kevin for the fine puzzle. You SIGNAL'd your intentions with circles making Salons the only choice.

Fun Expo [baseball - see what I did there :-)] Boomer. LOL'd at the LAMA joke.

WO: started "No one ELSE TO blame" before I saw the 'to' wasn't provided.
ESPs: FROAM [sic], MES, OLDMAN (hi Keith!)
Fav: I'll go w/ RITTER - Pop, Bro, and I were discussing Three's Company last night and how watching it in 2000's is quite cringy.

{B+, A, A, B+, A}
Fun HH - Games will NOT be RAINED OUT in Houston 'cuz we have a roof. That roof will be closed [Tweet-thread] (even if it is Red Skies* like tonight) to increase the volume of the fans' screaming. MLB made us open the roof in our 1st World Series EVER ruining one advantage of home field.

Howie - yep, I know that song. Boomer's Cole Porter reference, however, I had to look up. The S.O.S in the lyrics triggered ABBA which has been playing in my head all day. //funny I Love Lucy, CED.

Jinx - Pop told me, "If you want a boat, get a friend with one and make sure you pay for all the bait & beer. He'll be thankful and invite you often; you'll get off a hell of a lot cheaper." Pop also says, "POOL is a four-letter-word." //Pop never had either - wise man. I have a pool :-(

D-O: iIRC, Easter '79 we had that big ice-storm downstate in SPI, IL. My new Step Mom had just planted a tree 3 weeks earlier so went out beat the ice off the tree with my baseball bat; she wasn't going to let that tree, planted when she found out she was pregnant my 1st sister, die. ;-)

PK - I thought you didn't post 'cuz you said you were traveling (I musta misread something). I'm so sorry to hear your computer room is giving you headaches and keeping you away from The Corner. Good luck with the mold.

C, Eh! I'm not going to ask how you voted, but, Who do you want to win? :-) //don't answer.
In Figline (Italy), we met a couple from Montreal (actually they'd moved there a few years ago from Quebec which explained why they struggled with ENGlish) at a wine tasting. I asked the host if there were tariffs involved if we purchased wine there to go back to the states. The Canadian husband (boyfriend?) laughed cuz, "Even here we encounter politics." He then wondered if I knew Canadian politics.. I knew Trudeau; and then added the 'black-face' ado. He was surprised that I knew that. I said I know of Rob Ford too; 'cuz "we get all the scandals." ;-) O, Canada! This election, please stay sane.

Cheers, -T
*anyone read the FLN Chapter from Munroe's book in the NYT link?

CanadianEh! said...

AnonT - sometimes I wish we had a box to check that said "None of the Above"!
It can be hard to decide between the lesser of the evils. Then there is the dilemma of whether you vote based on the party or on your local candidate. But at least we get to vote and I exercised my democratic right. I'm not waiting up for the results because it will probably be close and might take all night to get final tally.

Lucina said...

Re: melancholy = SORROW
I agree with Sptiz. Roget's Thesaurus provides many examples of deep sorrow as meaning melancholy which is sometimes interpreted as simply an air of sadness.

Abejo said...

Good Tuesday morning, folks. Thank you, Kevin Salat, for a fine puzzle. Thank you Boomer, for a fine review.

Worked this late Monday night. Had to print it from the newspaper. Cruciverb was out to lunch again.

Puzzle went through easily. No big problems. Theme was fine. I did have the circles.

Figured out LIV with two perps, L and V. The I was then obvious.

ASANA was unknown, perps.

Anyhow, I have to go guard the crossing. It is cold and very windy today. Biggest problem with wind is trying to hold the stop sign straight up in the wind. it is pretty big.

See you later today with the Tuesday puzzle.


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