Jun 14, 2021

Monday June 14, 2021 Catherine Cetta

Theme: SNOW JOBS (60. Persuasive efforts using insincere flattery ... and a hint to the last words of the answers to starred clues) - The last words can follow "snow".

17. *Emulate Bonnie and Clyde: ROB A BANK. Snowbank.

22. *Highly aware and ready to act: ON THE BALL. Snowball.

37. *Grasps an underlying meaning: CATCHES THE DRIFT. Snowdrift.

52. *Kellogg's cereal morsel: CORN FLAKE. Snowflake.

Boomer here again.  

Ha Ha, I live in Minnesota. I am not able to print the words I use to follow snow.  However I cannot remember the white stuff right now. We have had about 9 days in a row over 90 degrees, and my newspaper tells me that most of the United States is being treated the same way.  I hope you all stay cool!


1. Rigatoni or ziti: PASTA.  Creamette rigatoni is my favorite.  Add a little hamburger, onion and spaghetti sauce and you have a meal.   

6. Poker stake: ANTE.  So many nickel ANTE games I remember in the Caddy Shack at Oak Ridge Country Club.

10. Sandwich known by its initials: BLT.  Delicious!

13. Odysseus' journey, for example: ORDEAL.

14. Sulk: POUT.  There's a strange fish in Minnesota called an EelPOUT.  Not too good to eat. 

15. "Now I __ me down ... ": LAY.  Down to sleep.  Wait, I am  not finished yet!

16. Least wild: TAMEST.  Last Monday on the 5th hole of the course I play we all saw a deer near the edge of bushes.  It seemed pretty tame but the green is only about 50 yards from the Interstate so we hope it stayed safe.

19. Birdbrains: TWITS.

20. Fab competitor: TIDE.  I heard that transit has slowed everything sold in the grocery store.  Time to stock up on soap and toilet paper again.

21. Fairy tale start: ONCE.

24. Does some programming: CODES.  I have started to use eBay a bit again.  I used to sell many baseball cards out there.  But it seems that maybe programmers have too much to drink and not enough sleep.

25. Airline to Israel: EL AL.

26. Dutch cheese town: EDAM.

28. Before now: AGO.  "A long, long time AGO, I can still remember how the music used to make me smile."  "American Pie" - Don McLean.

31. Poe's "Annabel __": LEE.

33. Threat-ending words: OR ELSE.

41. Take for granted: ASSUME.  They say it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

42. Part of GPS: Abbr.: SYS.

43. Carrot chomper's "What's up, __?": DOC.  I have a bowling buddy named "Don".  His job was at the U of M Medical Center Preparing patients for surgery.  So we call him a Gas Passer or sometimes just "DOC" 

44. Rice-A-__: RONI. The San Francisco Treat!

46. Goes kaput, as an engine: DIES.  I imagine a large number of air conditioners met their fate this past week.

49. University VIPs: PROFS.  Some are just "DOCs"

57. D.C. helper: AIDE.

58. Nevada gambling mecca: RENO.  It's also a bowling mecca with a huge bowling stadium.  I used to go each year there was an ABC tournament there.  A nice place to visit but I could not afford to live there.

59. Senseless endeavor: FOLLY.

62. Hairpiece: TOUPEE.  I still have my real hair.  Many of my friends close to my age do not.

63. Pre-1991 map letters: SSR.  This is a Russian thing.  For me, I am now a Super Senior at bowling tournaments.

64. Slender woodwind: OBOE.

65. Prom corsage: ORCHID.  I don't see them much anymore.  In our garden we are growing perennial  Asian Lilies but a rabbit ate all the leaves.  Looks like we will still have flowers soon.

66. Wide shoe sizes: EES.

67. "OMG" or "TTYL": TEXT.  Not sure how the world survived before cell phones.

68. Hawke of "Boyhood": ETHAN.


1. Shrimp relative: PRAWN.

2. Fess up: ADMIT.  It seems the Majors are admitting more and more fans to the ball games.

3. Simmer with anger: SEETHE.

4. Fez feature: TASSEL.  I never was a Shriner but they do good deeds.

5. PC key used in combinations: ALT.

6. Month that may start with a gag: APRIL.  One sister and one son and his wife all have birthdays in April.  Sometime after the 1st.

7. Noggin: NOODLE.

8. You__: online video site: TUBE.  Years ago we used to bring inner tubes to the lake and pretend we were swimming.

9. Zeta-theta link: ETA.

10. Tasteless: BLAND.  Popcorn without salt.

11. Jousting weapon: LANCE.

12. Little ones: TYKES.

13. "The Simpsons" bus driver: OTTO.

18. Many a Gen Xer parent: BOOMER.  I expect half of you will go to comments and complain how hard it was to answer this clue.  I am not a Gen Xer, I am a Baby BOOMER.  We all know that.

20. Yarns: TALES.

23. Whale's food-filtering system: BALEEN.  I wonder how much those things eat each day.  I remember one munched on a boat in "JAWS".

24. Check the ID of: CARD.  My license expires in 2023.  I wonder if I will still look like my picture.

27. Wears out: DOES IN.

28. Here, in Havana: ACA.

29. Oxygen, e.g.: GAS.  I get my oxygen from the air.  I get gas from a pump for about $2.75 per gallon.

30. NFL tiebreakers: OTS.  Overtimes.  OTs can also be Offensive Tackles.

32. Mars residents, in sci-fi: ETS.

34. It may be flipped: LID.  PANCAKE did not fit.

35. Bay Area hub inits.: SFO.  I have two sisters living there.  They like it, I have visited.  I remember once we had a meal out side overlooking the Pacific and Alcatraz. 

36. And so on, briefly: ETC.

38. Teen's witching hour: CURFEW.

39. Med. care plans: HMOS.  I get my plan at the VA.  It is far better than an HMO.

40. Electric starter?: HYDRO.

45. Fridge of yore: ICEBOX.  Some still refer to their fridge as their ICEBOX.

47. Serious attempt: EFFORT.  Okay, as you read this I am out on the course making a serious EFFORT at Par.  I have given up on birdies.

48. Posture issue: SLOUCH.  I have one of those Copper Fit Waistbands but I still SLOUCH when I putt. 

49. So last year: PASSE.  Hmm!  Last year almost everything was closed.

50. Washer cycle: RINSE.

51. Air freshener targets: ODORS.  I don't want to talk about him.

53. Initial stage: ONSET.  I really don't want to talk about this.

54. Top dog: ALPHA.

55. Fashion's Anne or Calvin: KLEIN.  Calvin Klein is most famous, but there is a company named Klein Tools that makes pretty good stuff.

56. Looked over: EYED.

58. Spa cover-up: ROBE.

61. Write quickly: JOT.  Whenever I JOT, I have trouble reading it later.

62. Digital water tester?: TOE.  I think a finger might be easier but it did not fit in the grid.


Happy Flag Day, thank you, Spitzboov & Agnes!

Boomer, 6/14/2021


OwenKL said...

(I'd recommend you read this first l'ick aloud the first time.)

Would Adam have enjoyed the cheese from EDAM?
Would he give some to Eve, and call her Madam?
Would they sprinkle it on PASTA
Like an epicurean oughta?
Or would they have even eaten Eden Edam?

They'd be polite, and say, "We thank
You for this pelf!
Now give, OR ELSE,
'Cause this tommy gun don't shoot no blank!"

{A+, A-.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornerites.

Thank you Catherine Cetta for your enjoyable Monday CW.

Carol's foot hurts so she stayed in her room and I FIR in 17:53 min.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


Anonymous said...

I shoveled this one away in 4:49.

Nothing remarkable, so I won't remark.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, with no gotchas. I saw the SNOW in the themers, maybe because I was a snowbird for about 15 years. Now I’m just a Floridian.

unclefred said...

FIR in 15. A very enjoyable CW with a nice theme. Two W/Os, ERE:AGO which probably added a minute to my time as I tried to get the brain in gear after OTS filled, and DEANS:PROFS ate up another minute. ODORS finally got the brain going there. All-in-all, a very good Monday CW, thanx, Catherine! And another excellent write-up, thanx, Boomer.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

MOPEd before I POUTed, but that was the only Wite-Out moment on this speed run. I noticed BOOMER right next to OTTO. Qwinky-dink. Thanx for an easy start to the week, Catherine. Enjoy your golf game, Boomer.

CODES: Boomer wrote, "But it seems that maybe programmers have too much to drink and not enough sleep." I remember a marathon coding session one weekend. Our division had split from the "mother ship," and the CEO wanted the same monthly report format that he previously got from the corporate mainframe. I came up with an elaborate memory-matrix, so the financials could be grouped in various ways -- by rig, rig-type, area, continent, etc. I emerged from the beer-fog at the end of the weekend with an inspired solution. Couldn't figure out how it worked, thereafter. The logic section looked like jibberish. I hoped it wouldn't break, because I couldn't fix it if it did.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun & fast Monday, thanks Catherine. Boomer you always make me smile.

Only unknown was ACA. Liked the theme, the snow helped cool things off. Well, probably just mentally.

ATLGranny said...

Happy MONDAY FIR! Off to a good start. To increase the challenge, I started off only doing the across clues. Ultimately that led to deans/PROFS and bran/CORN FLAKE. Showing my age there? Anyway, looking at the perps later fixed those.

A couple of other WOs were due to careless verb tense issues. Paying better attention would stop that. Got the theme after the reveal, although SNOW wasn't part of my winter, staying home in Atlanta, other than a few random FLAKES in the air. Thanks, Catherine, for the Monday fun. Thanks too BOOMER for a review with smiles. Hope you enjoy golfing today.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy one today. CSO to Boomer @ BOOMER. Got the theme fill without worrying about the theme. Nice fresh puzzle to start the week.
EDAM - Bought some a couple weeks ago. Like Gouda better.
ICE BOX - We had on for several years until electricity came down our road. ICE came from the Hudson River and was stored under sawdust in our ice house. When that ran out, the Ice man would come on a regular basis to resupply. Same source was used to keep the MILK CANS cold as was mentioned the other day.

Have a great day.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Was no first-day-of-the-week SLOUCH and FIR... yet still a cupla surprises... the theme: at first I thought it was BANK-JOBS but I ASSUMED wrong, it's SNOW ❄

I can't remember. Was "F Troop" stationed at EFFORT? ๐Ÿค”

GPS part: I must inSYST, last week, was not SYS.. PASTA/(RONI): when I was a kid everyone I knew called it "macaroni" (like Yankee Doodle) and only covered with Mom's tomato meat sauce. ๐Ÿ

Today PROFS, not "deans" are the university VIPs and a DC helper is NOT a "page" but a cool Aide ...frequent flyer slender reed OBOE is back but today played in a ROBE ๐Ÿ˜‰. BALEEN (It. balena (bah-LAY-nah) "whale"). Mars residents would consider Earthlings as ETS ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

We lived in Auburn NY for a couple years, home of William Henry Seward, of "The Alaskan Purchase", ("I can see Russia from my house") known at the time as Seward's ICEBOX ๐ŸงŠ and Seward's FOLLY

ETA: when the plane _____ LANCE.
Rhinovirus infections....CODES.
You can pay full price ______ ORDEAL.
Known as building annexes _____ ORELSE.
Time _____ the piper...TOUPEE.

great job Boomer both with write up your cameo appearance in the puzzle ๐Ÿ˜„

Happy ๐ŸŒœday.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but DNK LEE x BALEEN. Fun puzzle.

Anyone else enjoy "The Food that Built America"? IIRC, the elder Kellogg brother invented a forerunner of corn flakes to feed the inpatients in what we would call a health spa. His younger brother expanded the principle to something that actually tasted good, which is the Corn Flakes we know today. The elder bro poo-pooed the idea, and thought his brother was mentally disabled. Things turned out OK for the younger brother.

Its nice that they named a keyboard key for supermodel Carol ALT. John Sandford invented a character named Del Capslock, so I guess that's how those keys wee named.

FLN - Jayce, most announcers remind me of the old Don Henley song "Dirty Laundry":

We can do the innuendo, we can dance and sing
When it's said and done, we haven't told you a thing
We all know that crap is king, give us dirty laundry

Hope everyone stays cool today. When I moved to Phoenix I was surprised to learn that Arizona has a monsoon season.

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Catherine and Boomer.
This Canadian knows her SNOW and got the theme early. But officially a FIW (on a Monday๐Ÿ˜ฎ!) due to same problem as unclefred (except I did not correct).
I had ESO (changed to Esa with ASSUME and Eca with CATCH) and Ere; Ras did not make sense for oxygen and I did not review those ETS at the football game.
IHand up for changing Deans to PROFS (the clue did have a short form, VIPs.

Plenty of CSOs today - BOOMER, ICE(BOX) for Tin, Fez TASSEL to remind us of Abejo RIP, OTTO for d’o, HYDRO for Spitzboov.

I am envious of AnonT who has tomatoes from his garden for BLTs. I have to wait until late July or August, as my tomatoes are just getting their first set of blossoms. BLTs made with any other tomatoes are BLAND (interesting cross).

I noted ETA and ALPHA, ETA and ETC, DIES and DOES IN.

Granddaughter in Grade 1 was telling us about CODEs in her math class. Start’em young!

With the increase in the price of real estate here, it could be a House that is flipped, not a LID.

Good to hear from you D4. Hope Carol’s foot is better soon.
Happy Flag Day to my American friends; we don’t have an equivalent holiday.

Bob Lee said...

Nice easy Monday. Thank you!

My grandmother always called the fridge the ICE BOX. Probably her first one was literally that.

desper-otto: LOL! I am glad my coding days are long over!

CanadianEh! said...

Ray’o- I saw your ETS reference and realized that I had ETS twice in my finished grid. What a TWIT I was!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun solve with a bit of a crunch for a Monday. Am I the only one who was unfamiliar with Baleen? That needed perps, as did Aca. My w/os were identical to uncle Fred’s. We had a hat trick with ETA/ETs/Etc and several CSOs: Boomer (Boomer), Ray O and Inanehiker (Doc), Misty and OMK (Profs), IT whiz kids (Codes) and DO (Otto).

Thanks, Catherine, for a smooth start to the week and thanks, Boomer, for a happy start to the day. Good luck on the links. Great picture of you and Old Glory.

Happy Flag Day, everyone. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Yellowrocks said...

No unknowns. SN perps and the starred clues indicated the reveal and the theme.
No unfamiliar fill. BOOMER filled itself before I got there. Hi Boomer. I am wondering how you got that nickname.
Did you hear about the lobsterman who was taken fully inside a humpback whale's mouth. Thankfully humpbacks have baleen instead of teeth and their throat is too small to swallow an adult human. The man thrashing about with his scuba gear inside the whale's mouth was uncomfortable so the whale surfaced and spit the him out.
Baleen was familiar to this reader of whaling novels.
When I was very young many of my grandmother's neighbors had actual ice boxes. The ice man would come around in a horse drawn wagon to deliver ice. We kids would follow him to beg for ice chips. In the 40's many people who had electric fridges still called them ice boxes.

Yellowrocks said...

We use the word macaroni only for elbows and just call the rest pasta. I have heard many Italians call it all macaroni. Alan loves homemade beefaroni which he never gets where he lives. I make it with elbow macaroni, tomato sauce, onion, and plenty of garlic topped with grated Parmesan cheese. I just made some for him this weekend. He kept commenting how good it was.

oc4beach said...

A nice Monday speed run from Catherine. Boomer, as usual, provided a fine tour of the grid and showed me what the theme was.

Like others I had to swap DEANS for PROFS. Here in this college town, the Profs are becoming more vocal and are speaking out against what many of the Deans are doing. It's interesting to watch.

I agree with CanadianEH about fresh tomatoes from the garden. I no longer have a garden, but there is a good Amish farm market that will have fresh local tomatoes soon. I'm looking forward to fresh tomato sandwiches on fresh homemade bread with a little bit of mayo.(actually Kraft salad dressing) Plus I have some friends who have gardens and will be supplying the beautiful red orbs.

It's National Strawberry Shortcake day. Enjoy.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Monday crossword was a nice way to start the week.

No write-overs today.

ACA was new to me, had to wait for cross fill. But I knew ICI is “here” in French, so I wasn’t surprised.

See you tomorrow.

AnonymousPVX said...

Oh, yeah…my mom used to make homemade Beefaroni…we also had the canned variety…they called it American Chop Suey (I swear!) on the school lunch menu.

Either way, I still like it.

Lizza said...

Very clever puzzle. Liked the snow theme very much. Didn’t know Ava or baleen. Other than that all good.

Hey Boomer very nice picture of you in front of the Flag. Happy Flag Day. Ours flies every day.

Have a great day.

waseeley said...

Thank you Catherine for a delightful respite from our weekend WOES. And thank you BOOMER for another LACONIC review. And we still LOVE you despite the big NOISE you made about the answer to 18D.

1A Ah PASTA, that PERQUISITE of PUZZLERS everywhere. Looks like RIGATONI or ZITI can be eaten without need for both a fork AND a spoon.

17A, 22A, 37A, and 52A. The mid-east coast didn't get a lot of it this past Winter. Only used the SNOW BLOWER once. They say the INUIT have 52 different names for SNOW. We've been getting a lot of RAIN here in the EAST the past week or so. But we have only DRIZZLE, SOFT, HARD and CATS and DOGS.

46A When my engines go KAPUT I take them to Eldersburg Lawnmower Service. They have a special on new CARBURETORS. If you let them go unused for too long they become irremediably GUMMED UP. Like SNOW BLOWERS, e.g.

9D Wanted ZETA-JONES but Michael Douglas got to her first.

10D TASTELESS. My previous comment?

11D JOUSTING and LACROSSE are the the two state sports of MARYLAND. The annual jousting Tournament is held at the Anne Arundel County Fairground.

20D Spun a few of those in my time.

32D ETS - the Gummint' is still denying that "they're out there".

55D Bought a pair of KLEIN wire strippers to install an electrical outlet in my son's new studio last week.

58D Now what would a SPA have to hide? Should we call in the FBI?


Lizza said...

Aca not Ava. Oh well

Yellowrocks said...

This is the earliest I have ever had home grown tomatoes. I usually have to wait until the late July. I bought patio tomatoes for Mother's Day with many blossoms and young fruit, which started to ripen a few days ago. I love BLTs. I must go get some bacon. I didn't expect to need it this soon.

Misty said...

Great Monday puzzle, easy and doable but with a bit of crunch here and there--many thanks, Catherine. And always enjoy your write-ups, Boomer. And what a cool Flag Day picture of you!

Loved the SNOW set up, and fun to see SNOW BALL, and SNOW FLAKE, and others emerge.
Irish Miss, I too have never heard of BALEEN--a real mystery. And thank you for the kind PROFS shout-out--like others, I too first put DEANS before PROFS.

Have a great week coming up, everybody!

unclefred said...

YR @ 10:41 Good for you with your tomatoes. I have the blackest thumbs possible. I have tried growing tomatoes every which way: in the ground, in pots, the hanging kind …. if the white flies didn’t get them (in spite of me trying to wrap the tomato plants in netting) nematodes ate the roots. Finally decided store-bought for me, and gained a lot of respect for farmers. I lived in Jacksonville before moving to FLL, and there put a greenhouse on the back of my house. The ONLY time I was successful with tomatoes, and THERE was TOO successful. The plants got huge and I tied them to the greenhouse walls. They continues to grow and I tied them to the greenhouse ceiling. More tomatoes than I knew what to do with hung from the ceiling!! Then one day the whole tomato tangle let loose from the ceiling and the whole thing crashed to the floor. Tomato sauce everywhere!! What a mess!! Anyway, good for you for successfully growing your own tomatoes!

Lucina said...


An easy start to the week with Catherine Cetta's puzzle. Besides the CSOs already mentioned, there is PROFS for Misty and OMKeith. Also a CSO to my niece's husband, LANCE.

Luckily sun does not require shoveling so no SNOW here but plenty of heat.

Yes, I saw that episode on Food and how CORNFLAKES was developed. And we have PASTA and NOODLE, too. Food is a subtheme, too.

The ICEBOX we had in the '50s required 25 cents to use every time we opened it so of course my brother, John, rigged it to disable that feature.

I will be landing in SFO in the near future.

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!

Malodorous Manatee said...

A nice Monday puzzle for this BOOMER. No x's generated, puzzle-wise, that is.
Happy flag day.

staili said...

I would be so tickled if we found out that BOOMER on the day that Boomer does the commenting was NOT a coincidence, but deliberate! I feel like I want to construct a crossword just to put MANATEE in a Thursday one and LEMONADE in a Friday one!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Canada that I think of it Martians would refer to Earthling visitors to their planet as EMs extra-martial and if they had illicit trysts they would be extra-martial extra marital affairs


Ok I'll leave quietly no need to shove

Jayce said...

A nice way to spend time today, solving this fun puzzle. I like the word BALEEN. I also likw the word TASSEL; it always makes me think of the character Katrina van Tassel in The Tale of Sleepy Hollow. Hand up for DEANS before PROFS.

I didn't know former Senator Jeff FLAKE of Arizona has a brother named Corn and another brother named Snow.

Jinx, thank you for that lyric from Dirty Laundry.

Owen, thank you for the verses today. And yesterday.

News: For those of you who might have an hour to spend and the inclination to do so, there is an hour-long presentation about the process of trying to find a way to forecast earthquakes on YouTube. It is very well presented and gives a clear and understandable explanation of the work I have been involved in for the last 17 years. If you wish to see it, click on the link below. It's a safe link! I recommend viewing it on a big-screen "Smart" TV if you have one rather than on an iPad or computer screen.

Good wishes to you all.

Husker Gary said...

-My day started with seeing the house of my high school and college days torn down and followed by a round of golf where I shot par on the front nine thanks to my third hole-in-one (160 yds with a 7 iron)
-My group of retired teachers have noon tee times for Thursday when the temp is going to be 102F. Uh, I will not be attending.
-College freshman daughter chafed when she had a CURFEW while returning home for the summer. I told her I didn’t care what happened in Lincoln.
-I’ve seen pictures of ICE BLOCKS being sawn out of the lakes and rivers for summer use
-After that hole-in-one, I’m looking for a lottery ticket!

Anonymous said...

Husker, congrats on the hole-in-one.

waseeley said...

Ray - O @12:35 "The rapper that melts in mouth, not in your hands ... EMINEM"

The Curmudgeon said...


F TROOP, of course, was stationed at Fort Courage.

>> Roy

sasses said...

Thank you for posting. This is an excellent presentation. FYI I also use Quake Finder.

waseeley said...

HG @2:50 WOW! An ACE in the hole. Congrats Gary.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Congrats on the hole in one, Gary. Let us know how the lottery ticket works out. . . probability theory be damned!

oc4beach said...

HG: Congrats on the hole in one.

HG: A few years ago the house that I grew up in was taken by the state so that they could relocate a highway that went past it. The living room is now a left turn lane and the kitchen is the Thru lane. The only thing that is constant is change.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Rant ahead ~
I am logging on despite the lack of diagonals today--
"Rice-a-RONI" is NOT a genuine San Francisco treat.
Never heard of it in my youth.
One day, well after I left home at age 21, the company bought ads on our Cable Cars.
Talk about BUYING your way into favor!

There are but two genuine San Francisco food & drink items, treats that originated on or near the City:
1. Sour Dough Bread (Crusty on the outside, soft & yielding interior)
2. The Martini - (Cool as an icy whisper, created in the old Occidental Hotel for the miners, who appreciated a soothing beverage)
-End of Rant-

Malodorous Manatee said...

FLN, Lucina, as a matter of fact I did happen to catch that piece on TV about the decline in the manatee population.

Jayce said...

sasses, I didn't know you use QuakeFinder. Very cool. Would you tell me more? In private email if you prefer.

Gary, congratulations on the hole in one.

Keith, I hear you.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

I FIR but got my French and Spanish mixed up when I put ICI into 28-down before the perps corrected it to ACA. Fortunately, changing both “I’s” to “A’s” made it look as if I’d had no W/O’s, but I know better!!

CSO to our blogger du jour

I changed things up and filled from bottom to top, leaving the “reveal” for later. No SNOW JOB, “ACA”.

BOOMER, my partner is in Wisconsin, just across the border from the Twin Cities. She has been lamenting the hot weather there as she was hoping to escape the desert heat for a spell. It’ll be 117 here in the day she returns, later this week …

HG —> congrats on ace #3! 7 iron 160? You’re not showing your age, sir! That would’ve been my “weapon of choice” several decades ago, but my distance with my irons has become much less. 145 is about all I can squeeze out of a 7 nowadays

Fun comments today …

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Curmudge..I admit I couldn't remember the name of the "F Troop" fort and when I looked it up I read this about Chief Wild Eagle's tribe......

"The Hekawi tribe was originally called the Fugawi. The name of the local tribe is a silly pun, The Hakawi, based on the punchline to a joke, "Where the heck are we?" Originally, the writers used a moniker a little more blue, and tried to push "Fugawi" past the censors. The censors got the joke."

no surprise ๐Ÿ˜„

waseeley said...

Jayce @2:22 PM Very FAULTfull of you Jayce. I've bookmarked the quake doc and will SLIP it into my busy streaming schedule. Review to follow.

TXMs said...

This Houstonian has additional respect for those who get snow every year and lots of it! Brother lives in NW IA, near the MN border. Once every several years or so some areas down here might receive less than an 1" but it melts in a few hours. Uri stayed with us for over four days, so the snow didn't go away - it was kinda neat the 2nd day, but after that...

Lucina, a simple explanation please re "aca" vs "aqui". I learned "aqui" for "here" in the only Spanish class I took. LIU just now re difference, and my eyes and brain glazed over. Muchas gracias!

YR, thanks for the "Whale" link - a lot more informative than other articles I've read.

FLN, Puzzled: It's as easy as A-B-C. Old phrase popularized by (I think) the Jackson Five (kid band; Michael was the youngest).

Lucina said...

Not a big difference, mostly regional use. Ven aqui. Ven ACA. Come here. Both are the same. In our home, AQUI was favored.

Lemonade714 said...


How appropiate that you go flag hunting on Flag Day and get a hole in one! I agree with Moe, 160 with a 7 iron is impressive for our age group. A perfect day to have FUN WITH FLAGS

Maybe we can all pitch in for some Powerball tickets which you can get for us

TXMs said...

Lucina, thanks. I started questioning my memory when ACA appeared. What little I did get from the online article was that the difference was regional. Maybe it's used more in Cuba, i.e. the clue - "Havana." Again, thanks for clarifying!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Catherine for a quick grid that thawed in short-order.

Wonderful expo and Flag Day pic, BOOMER.

WOs: N/A
ESPs: ACA (as clued - 'Obama Care ltrs,' I know ;-)), BALEEN is new to me
Fav: PASTA xing PRAWNs and the TUBE NOODLE, aka, riga-me.

{A+, B+} Nice to see you again D4.

Congrats on the hole-in-one, HG! Some guys go all their golfing-life w/o one.

LOL extra-martial extra-marital, Ray-O.

IM - Hand up for not knowing baleen.

Grands call'd it an ICE BOX. Pop sometimes calls it that too.
Anyone say something other than 'fridge' nowadays?

TXMs - enjoyed the February 2021 SNOW? You musta had power :-)

If the stars align, I'll meet Lucina in SFO.
OMK - what about chioppino and the Fortune Cookie. We always go to the cookie factory in Chinatown (I can never find it until we stumble over it) for a fresh treat.

D-O: I've had those CODE-a-thons. About a month after one, a buddy (my mentee at the time) was going through my source (so he could see how I solved the problem) and started laughing his butt off; I had put in the comments:
"I'm 6 or 7 Coronas in and I won't remember how I did the above without this comment."
I then put in 6 or 7 lines of psudo-CODE -- which was just as convoluted :-)

Hope everyone had a great day!

Cheers, -T

NaomiZ said...

Fun puzzle this morning, fun review this evening. All of your comments are priceless. What an interesting group of people!

Michael said...

Dear Naomi ... Takes one to know one!

Lucina said...

A few years ago our newspaper featured a Chinese-American young woman who worked in her father's fortune cookie factory. Her job during break times from college was writing notes for the fortune cookies. Ever since then I've been skeptical when reading them!

Lucina said...

We should meet at the Buena Vista coffee shop. It's an iconic place across from the Embarcadero. I'll check on the address. I would suggest Ghirardelli Square but it's so large.

Anonymous T said...

NaimiZ - I'll echo Michael :-)

Lucina - re: college girl writing fortune cookies...
Think she was responsible for Options #7 & #8? :-)

DW and I purchased some of the 'risque' cookies - the broken English made them less than R-Rated ("In Bed"*).

I'll email you where we're staying and we can map out a meet-up after in-laws leave. Warning: DW is not particularly focused on my mission; Stars must align.

Cheers, -T
*Fortune cookie game.

TXMs said...

Anon-T @ 11:04, I stand corrected - "it was kinda neat the *2nd* day, but after that..." Computer/lights/heat went down @2:15am on 2/15/21 (weird, right?), but all came up luckily 15 hours later. Not a good way to clean out my "ice box" freezer and other perishables. Then no water for two days, but by then I had already filled a 5-gal bucket to tend to the toilets and two Dutch ovens for drinking water, brushing teeth, etc. So with my water supplies and power on, I guess I appreciated the beauty of icicles and the frozen snow on the THIRD day. My Spring friend lost power for FOUR hours and my mechanic in Cypress for TWO hours - both 25 miles from me - no justice.

Now our trusty ERCOT has issued a heat advisory warning to power down due to high temps to prevent an overload on its system. As some nondescript actor proudly says in TV ads for Chevrolet/Ford? pickups, "only in Texas." [end of rant]

Anonymous T said...

TXMs - Oy! ERCOT. And now Texas wants it's own CDC.
What could possibly go wrong?

We lost power the same Monday at 8a and it wasn't restored until Wed eve. Decorative gas fireplace kept us warm(ish) [living room temp was ~42F the whole time - rest of the house, not so much]. Lost water for two days (broken pipe, thankfully, outside) and used the pool for buckets of toilet flushing.
//I also filled every container in the house with potable water before the busted pipe thawed - so we were good there too.

We never opened the freezers so that food was still good. Fridge? Not so much.
//Fridge in the garage still kept the beer cold ;-)

Back to the power issue now...
I heard that on NPR today - put A/C at 78 they say (DW complains if it's over 72F inside).
Power grid being over worked, they say.
Producers still off-line, they say...

WTF?!? ERCOT didn't know June is HOT!?! Every Houston gardener knows that.

Yeah - "Only in Texas" usedta be a Good Thing(TM) :-)

Cheers, -T

TXMs said...

Anon-T @12:56am - Your brain truly works in strange and mysterious (but hilarious) ways! That "in bed" gotcha was before the internet IIRC.

TXMs said...

Anon-T @12:57am - I hear ya! (but will say more in an e-mail so as not to break the Corner rules). "Fridge in the garage still kept the beer cold ;-)" A duh! moment for an article post-Uri where an ingenious Houstonian just transferred his fridge/freezer contents to his car parked outside. Check-list for the next one: big plastic storage bin.

Comments must be real head-scratchers for other Cornerites...? I apologize.