Jun 1, 2021

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 Alina Abidi and Gary Larson

Two Truths and a Lie.  A classic Ice Breaker.

17-Across. Machine Gun Kelly or Pretty Boy Floyd: PUBLIC ENEMY.

George Kelly Barnes aka Machine Gun Kelly (July 18, 1895 ~ July 18, 1954)         

Charles Arthur Floyd aka Pretty Boy Floyd (Feb. 3, 1904 ~ Oct. 22, 1934)

25-Across. Former name of Denver's Ball Arena: PEPSI CENTER.

34-Across. Breathtaking regimen?: AEROBIC EXERCISE.

49-Across. Underwater shocker: ELECTRIC EEL.

And the unifier:

56-Across. Get a delicate dialogue started ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 34- and 49-Across: BREAK THE ICE.  The word Ice is "broken" up in each theme answer.  One Hundred of the Best Ice Breakers.  Hi, Tinbini.  We miss you.  Don't let today's theme keep you away!

Another way to get rid of ice is 32-Down. Melt: THAW.

White Rabbit!  As we enter a new month, some of us are also entering into hurricane season.

1. Object from a much earlier time: RELIC.

6. Wild guesses: STABS.  Also the name of a steak restaurant.

11. "__ Blinded Me With Science": 1983 hit: SHE.  This song came is at number 20 on the list of One-Hit Wonders.

14. Barn-raising sect: AMISH.  I think they are known for more than just barn-raising.

15. 14-inch paper size: LEGAL.

16. Triumphed: WON.

19. JFK posting: ETD.  Estimated Time of Departure.

20. Slipped up: ERRED.

21. Bit of staircase babyproofing: GATE.

22. Musician's asset: EAR.

29. Pests whose name means "fly" in a Bantu language: TSETSEs.  These flies are the vector for African Sleeping Disease.

31. "Bottomless" brunch drinks: MIMOSAS.  Yummers!  Mimosas are made with equal parts of champagne or sparkling wine and orange juice.  If you use cranberry juice instead of orange juice, the drink is called a Poinsettia.

33. Wildly excited: MANIC.

41. Strand at the airport, say: FOG IN.

42. Worked the soil: HOED.  *

43. Very few: NOT ALOT.

46. Like some decorative glass: STAINED.  The Rose Windows in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris were largely spared in the fire.

51. One with a code name: SPY.

52. Bordeaux, say: WINE.  Everything you wanted to know about Bordeaux wines, but didn't know to ask.

53. Loads: HEAPS.

55. Longoria of "Desperate Housewives": EVA.   Eva Longoria (née Eva Jacqueline Longoria; b. Mar. 15, 1975) was on the day-time soap opera The Young and the Restless before getting the role of Gabrielle Solis on Desparate Housewives.

62. Transgression: SIN.  Seven of them are deadly.

63. Flat contract: LEASE.

64. Quell: ALLAY.

65. Bit of ink: TAT.   No pin to the skin for me.

66. Spud: TATER.  Yummers!

67. Soothing balm: SALVE.  Aloe, our crossword staple, was not enough letters.

1. Missy Elliott genre: RAP.  As you can infer from the clue, Missy Elliott (née Melissa Arnette Elliott; b. July 1, 1979) is a rapper.

2. Big Aussie bird: EMU.  Everything you wanted to know about Emus, but didn't know to ask.

3. Women's __: LIB.

4. Key in the water: ISLE.  Visiting the Florida Keys is on my bucket list.  The word key is a corruption of the Spanish word Cayo, which means a small island.

5. Tweets: CHIRPS.  The logo over the years.

6. Goes into low-power mode: SLEEPS.

7. Cares for, as a garden: TENDS.

8. Mature: AGE.

9. Loud comics sound: BAM.

10. Foxy: SLY.

11. Jogging wear: SWEATS.

12. Soothing cuppa: HOT TEA.

13. See 24-Down: ENDERS.  //  And: 24-Down. With 13-Down, collisions from behind: REAR.

18. Manitoba tribe: CREE.

21. Italian dumplings: GNOCCHI.  Yummers!  I am making a basil pesto gnocchi later this week.

22. R&B great James: ETTA.  Etta James (née Jamesetta Hawkins; Jan. 25, 1938 ~ Jan. 20, 2012) makes frequent guest appearances in the crossword puzzles.

23. Activist and tennis legend Arthur: ASHE.  Arthur Ashe (né Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.; July 10, 1043 ~ Feb. 6, 1993) also makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

26. Big-screen format: IMAX.

27. Cannes subject: CINE.  Home of a film festival.

28. Qatari leader: EMIR.

30. Batman villain who carries a double-headed coin: TWO 

33. R&B's Boyz II __: MEN.

35. Hightail it: BOLT.

Usain Bolt (b. Aug. 21, 1986)

36. Horror movie helper: IGOR.

37. Big name in banking: CITI.

38. + or - particles: IONS.

39. Slip slowly through the cracks: SEEP.
40. Whirlpool: EDDY.

43. State-of-the-art: NEWEST.

44. "Booksmart" director Wilde: OLIVIA.  Olivia Wilde (née Olivia Jane Cockburn; b. Mar. 10, 1984) holds both American and Irish citizenship.

45. Renter: TENANT.

46. Explorer: SEEKER.

47. Suckling spot: TEAT.

48. Top dogs: ALPHAS.

50. Run after: CHASE.

54. "Sisters" star Ward: SELA.  We have lots of names in today's puzzle.

Sela Ann Ward (b. July 11, 1956)

56. Sandwich letters: BLT.  As in a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.

57. Stephen of "V for Vendetta": REA.  Stephen Rea (b. Oct. 31, 1946) always looks so sad.

58. Put away: EAT.

59. Under the weather: ILL.

60. LeBron until 2010, for short: CAV.  LeBron James (né LeBron Raymone James; b. Dec. 30, 1984) has played professional basketball for a number of teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers twice, from 2003 - 2010 and again from 2014 - 2018.  Inbetween, he played for the Miami Heat.  He currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

61. Private __: EYE.

Here's the Grid:

*  The Ramones.



OwenKL said...

White rabbit 🐰, White rabbit 🐇.

We've a commenter named Tinbeni
Who, rocks in his drink, wants not any!
ICE gives a chill,
Makes him feel ILL--
Who suggests it, he deems PUBLIC ENEMY!

Orange juice and champagne make MIMOSAS.
At a BRUNCH, they may tickle our noses.
But just one is enough,
If you're driving, that's tough.
You'll have to do with PEPSI, one supposes!

A furor, is it ICE or iced TEA?
Some like it as HOT as can be!
Dilution may be caused
By the ice, as it THAWS.
That's why cubes, in WINE, you'll ne'er see!

Will cause your pores to SEEP SWEAT.
Like milk from a TEAT
If the babe will not EAT,
It may leave your blouse STAINED and wet!

{A, A, B+, B-.}

Hahtoolah said...

Good morning, crossword friends. White Rabbit! I hope our friend Tinbini is doing well and this theme isn't keeping him away!

QOD: The moments that make life worth living are when things are at their worst, and you find a way to laugh. ~ Amy Schumer (née Amy Beth Schumer; b. June 1, 1981), American comedian and actress

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy and enjoyable solve which kept me guessing until I read the reveal clue. After reading it, I glanced back at the themers and Ice jumped off the screen and the lightbulb went on, Aha, and I just threw in Break the Ice! and thought of Tin. Lots of duos today. Sly/Spy, Rea/Ear, Seep/Sleeps, Eat/Teat, Tenant/Lease, and Eye/Ear. Lots of CSOs, also: Hahtoolah and Lemony (Legal), Pepsi (Boome and Moi), Gnocchi (Ray O and Anon T), C Moe (Wine) and OMK (Cine).

Thanks, Alina and Gary, for a fun Tuesday and thanks, Hatoolah, for another excellent expo and visual spectacular. That electric eel is one of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever seen, but seeing Gene Wilder made me smile. Loved all the cartoons, as well. My bottomless brunch choice, though, would be a Bloody Mary! 🍹Yummers. Interestingly, if I try to type Booody Mary in the message function of WWF, it comes out B l ** d y Mary. Talk about unwarranted censorship!


Anon T, sorry, I can’t claim credit for remembering your MIL’s name; the CSO to you and Ray O was only for Ora being Italian for hour. 😉

The calendar says June 1 but the weather says April 1. It’s so gloomy and chilly I don’t even want to step outside my door, but I have to later so woe is I! ☔️

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

As IM Said, "This was an easy and enjoyable solve which kept me guessing." I think I could've gotten the theme if I'd read the full reveal clue. D'oh. Tried LESSEE before TENANT became obvious. Then LEASE appeared further down. Thanx, Alina, Gary, and Hahtoolah. (We've got some "cat scientists" at our house.)

Key - ISLE: We took a driving vacation through the Florida Keys several years ago for one of dw's birthdays. The reefs were already in sad shape. I'm sure they're worse now.

EYE: That retired Private Eye must be watching reruns of Hardball. Chris Matthews "retired" last year.

Supposed to rain again today, for the umpteenth day in a row. I have a fill-in M-o-W route at 10:30, so I imagine the rain will hold off until then.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Good easy puzzle. Only wite-out was I had 'film' before CINE. Theme fill came easily.

Agree w/ IM about the weather.

Lemonade714 said...

You really work very hard to entertain us Susan. thank you.

I see Gary has enlisted the help of ALINA ABIDI in his quest to control the crossword world. My only knowledge of Alina is from her comments at THE FACE BOOK COLLABORATION DIECTORY whi Chairman Moe has referenced and one of her prior publications which led to this USA TODAY BLOG . She has a few published there solo and with Brooke Husic.

The puzzle was fun but as Hahtoolah pointed out was full of names, which no doubt did not please part of our audience.

Welcome Alina.

Wilbur Charles said...

I had maitais/MIMOSAS. And erie/CREE

EVAn Longoria hit a homerun in 2010? that simultaneously knocked the Redsox out and put the Ray's into AL playoffs.

AA is appearing about 3 out of 4 these days

Or….Man bites dog

IM you missed TAT and TATER not to speak of Arthur's bungalow NOTALOT

Spelling GNOCCHI was a challenge.

Thanks hahtoolah for the write-up. What was Ramones reference?


inanehiker said...

Quicker solve than yesterday - I actually got the theme before the reveal clue! Funny poem from OKL about Tinbeni!

I'm not looking forward to getting back to the office today!

Thanks Susan and Alina/Gary!

ATLGranny said...

FIR Tuesday with a delightful puzzle. Thanks, Alina and Gary. I too needed the reveal to see the theme, IM. Had a few WOs, as in wEeDS the garden (too specific) and IMAc (embarrassing to admit). Three times, unrelated to the theme, I had to change vowels to "i" which brought the phrase "The ayes have it" to mind. Liked your humorous and informative review too, Hahtoolah. Thanks!

Rabbit, rabbit to all. Hope the new month brings better weather for you. Atlanta could use some of your rain.

Hahtoolah said...

Wilbur: 42-Across. The picture was hey hoe, let’s go. Similar the Ramones song, hey oh, let’s go.

desper-otto said...

That was hay? I thought it was a brick.

Lucina said...


Ironic to see RELIC over AMISH. Also SHE over WON. ALLAY over SALVE. ETD over GATE. You never want to hear about a GATE change in a foreign language! IMAX next to CINE. EAT crossing TATER.

Luckily I am familiar with some of the names: REA, EVA, ASHE, ETTA, SELA, IGOR, but not OLIVIA as clued. I really like the name, OLIVIA.

Interesting about poinsettia drink. I only know MIMOSAS.

Key in the water is a fresh clue for ISLE.

I am sorry to see May go. June brings the prospect of very HOT weather and a glassful of ICE in every water glass.

What a lot of fun in this puzzle! Thank you, Alina and Gary! And thank you, Susan, for the very amusing narrative.

Enjoy a pleasant day, everyone!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Quick FIR Tuesday, ICE frozen inside all the klewes. (Although the gangsters had LICE too) Plus ICE in PEPSI keeps it nICE 'n' cold. Kept reading it as stand at the airport! ("kiosk" wouldn't fit).

Reliable standbys: EEL and dear old Arthur ASHE. The other proper names were also mostly frequent flyers or at least easily perpwalked. (Who's Missy Eliot?)

As Jerry Seinfeld says...Why don't they just keep the gangsters after they take their mugshots? The side/profile view is them walking away! 😬

Purchased two well-built solid local AMISH Adirondack chairs for our camp last week to replace broken cheapo plastic ones.

H2LH...I LOVE gnocchi with pesto.😋.(If SLOTH was a deadly sin Ida been dead a long time ago.) Plus a SIN always sounds worse than a transgression. Great write up and illustrations.😄


Inkovers: newish/NEWEST

Was on the tube....ERRED
How "Get Smart" secret agent 86 identifies....IMAX
Started a hole...TEAT

Bouncing ball temps from 40's yesterday to 70's today. 🙄

Irish Miss said...

WC @ 7:53 ~ I listed Tat/Tater in my notes but missed including it. I love your Arthur’s Notalot but that word connection is more in Ray O’s bailiwick. I’m not that observant, or witty! 🙃

Sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office and it is packed with people. Something tells me I won’t be in and out quickly today! 😟

TokenCreek said...

Easy Tuesday. Worked top to bottom which gave me the seven perps I needed for GNOCCHI. SPITZ:I get notifications via cell phone for ISS viewing. Last night was a real beauty. Directly over the house for 7 minutes. WNW to SE. Warm enough out side to go out and see the whole transit. TC

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Alina & Gary, and Hahtoolah.
I FIRed in good time but forgot to go back and look for the theme. D'uh!
Extra Easter Egg (to join THAW) with ICE in the middle of the PEPSI CENTER arena. (And a sad reminder that our Maple Leafs lost last night and our hopes for a Stanley Cup are dashed again!)

I smiled at NOT A LOT and HEAPS, and LEASE/TENANT as already noted. IM and Lucina found lots of duos.
There were plenty of names, but most were common crossword usage or perped.
Yes, WC, I struggled with GNOCCHI too.
Perps decided ETA or ETD. FOG IN will change both.

That tea bag (with a string) illustration for HOT TEA makes this Canadian cringe. The best tea is brewed in a pot not a cup, and the boiling HOT water is poured over the tea bag(s) in the pot. No strings needed on my Red Rose tea bags. When I can travel to the USA again, I will never order hot tea; I will either stick to ICE tea or ask for boiling water poured over tea bag in a pot (if available) or cup.

HOED again. I must go out now and TEND my garden. Beautiful weather here.

Wishing you all a great day.

NaomiZ said...

Fast, fresh and fun. Thanks, Alina and Gary! Hahtoolah, I love the cartoons, and count me in for pesto GNOCCHI. OwenKL, you rate a WOW.

CanadianEh!, is there really any difference between boiling water poured over a tea bag in a pot versus boiling water poured over a tea bag in a cup? It's not like we're talking loose tea versus tea bags .... The distinction seems ceremonial.

AnonymousPVX said...

No issues with this first of June Tuesday go.

Write-overs….ICEIN/FOGIN, GNOCCIS/GNOCCHI….and I’m a Pisano. Plus now I want some.

CanadianEh!….I worked with a Brit for years. One day he walks by and asks “What kind of tea are you brewing? It smells great and I haven’t had a decent cuppa for some time.” So I gave him a couple of Tetley British Blend teabags. He came back in a bit and stated the tea was as good as any he ever had. I gave him a whole bunch to tide him over til he got to the store.

Yeah, I know…what’s a Brit know about tea? Hahaha.

Stay safe.

unclefred said...

As others have commented, this is a very nice, fun Tuesday level CW. FIR in 16. Only one W/O, ELITES:ALPHAS. Thanx, AA & GL for this sparking CW! Hahtoolah, this was a wonderful write-up, except I found so many things in it of interest it took me forever to look at all the links. The Hurricane animation was especially interesting, me living in FLL. We are overdue to get clobbered. I’ve lost track of the number of hurricanes I’ve endured, lost track at twelve or thirteen. Worst (for me) was Wilma, October 24, 2005. I remember the date because it’s my birthday, and my name is Fred, so it was like the Flintstones: Wilma coming to visit Fred on his BD! Anyway, between that and the other links, excellent and entertaining write-up, thanx, Hahtoolah! I’m still working on trying to hide the holes in my floor. Learning as I go along. Hope everyone is doing well.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Anonymous PVX @ 11:06

...from Pisa? in Tuscany? (Etruscan descendant?) or... did you misspell a word? 😃

A teenage waitress in an Italian restaurant once suggested I order the Ga-NOCKY

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun puzzle, thanks, Alina & Gary. Not easy, but doable without red runs. A LOT OF chuckles, thanks, Hahtoolah.

This cold damp weather had me so miserable I finally brought my winter SWEATS back to my main closet from summer storage. Snuggling into SWEATS improved my mood.

Women's___ wasn't bra" but LIB. Been awhile since that term became popular.

Like D-O I thought that picture was a brick. Because it was green, I thought maybe a brick of hashish which would make you high -- like in High Hoe. Okay, DUH! Hay grows on one of my farms.


Misty said...

Delightful and doable Tuesday puzzle, which made it a special pleasure. Many thanks, Alina and Gary. And Susan, your pictures and commentary are always a treat--thanks for those too. My favorite, by the way, was your Amy Schumer quote.

I loved the fact that I got nearly all the many names in the puzzle. Was going to list them, but Lucina beat me to it--they were fun to get, weren't they. I think puzzle constructors should just be required to add Arthur ASHE to whatever they construct. I love seeing him here nearly every day.

Owen, your verses today were a special delight. Many thanks.

Have a great day, everybody.

Lucina said...

Today the names in the puzzle were well known except, as noted, OLIVIA. Very often unknown names really give me fits. But I have learned of many famous people through puzzles so it's not all bad.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thx hahtoolah. I should have used Webmode I missed that picture. A guy I worked with at DEC c79-83 , quite MANIC btw, was a Ramones fanatic. The epitome of the guys going "BUMP, BUM,BAH" during Sweet Caroline at Fenway

C-eh, and you blew a 3-1 Series lead to boot. I saw where the Bruins have been in 24 Game 7s and won 15. Did you see where Jeopardy contestants didn't know Gordy Howe?


Misty said...

I feel the same way, Lucina. I sometimes look up unknown puzzle names, just out of curiosity--always interesting or illuminating. But it still makes me even happier when I know them.

Lemonade714 said...

I forgot to meantion the CSO to a past poster NICE CUPPA , Susan , TINBENI is our almost regular poster's last name spelled backwards. He has been commenting for 12 years or so.

Also, this is Pride Month and the Universal will publish only puzzles from LGTBQ constructors, and USA for the first 10 days of the month. I have learned not to make 'funny' coments about this topic.

Uncle Fred, WILMA was a terrifying experience and my worst Florida Hurricane, but the back to back 1955 hurricanes which flooded away 2/3 of my home town is still my strongest memory.

CrossEyedDave said...

if breaking the ice were a sport...

Spitzboov said...

Token @ 0947 - - I've seen several passes in the last 8 weeks. It helps to have a clear sky. Our weather guessers usually give a heads-up if the skies are clear enough. We've got one tonight @

Tue Jun 1, 9:46 PM 5 min 31° 10° above WNW → 15° above SSE

Ol' Man Keith said...

A neat Tues PZL from the Abidi/Larson team. Thanks for the write-up, Hahtoolah.

Here we are in June. Happily, this morning's "June gloom" has already worn off.
Soon it will be summer. I look forward to the heat. As I have mentioned before, my internal heating system is nearly kaput. I function much like a lizard, requiring direct sunlight to maintain a normal body temp.

Sometimes I wonder where these etymologists get off.
I mean why do they claim that "Key is a corruption of the Spanish word Cayo"?
Why isn't it the other way around?
I mean the English were sailing around those ISLEs quite as often as the Spanish. Maybe they were calling them "Keys" because they served as multiple landmarks--visual keys--on their nautical maps.
And then the Spanish might have overheard them.
I dunno, but it makes sense to me...
Just one diagonal--on the far side.
The oversupply of vowels makes this a weak candidate for an anagram. But we'll do our best.
Lets see... Hm.
Today's best shot (only 9 of 15 letters) is the proper technical term for a Jewish or Cockney musical composition that is to be played with feverish intensity.
Yes, I mean...


Husker Gary said...

-A fun puzzle even after 27 holes today!
-Loud CHIRPS – Mama robin doesn’t like us near the babies in her nest just outside our front door
-SWEATS – My official COVID outfit
-Read ya later, gotta go mow.

Emile O'Touri said...

I liked it. I didn't notice the theme but I enjoyed solving. Better than yesterday.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Alina and Gary for the Tuesday puzzle; HEAPS of fun - as is Hahtoolah's excellent expo. Loved SPY v SPY image - Thanks Hahtoolah! //I love Amy Schumer!

WOs: TEET, started writing ALOES @67a b/f checking perps.
ESPs: [see: names], GNOCCHI (for spelling)
Runner-up: NOT A LOT

{A+ & LOL, A, B+, B}
Well, you used what you were given, OMK. LOL!

LOL IM. I thought you really did recall MIL's name (which she hates! so she goes by her middle-name).

inanehiker - today everyone went back to the office but me. It's quite lonely working at home now. I go back 6/7.

Unclefred (and all us Gulf Coasters) - what worries me re: hurricanes is the recent rise of "rapid-intensification" ones. I don't leave unless it's a CAT 4 (I'm 50+ miles inland but DW insists) but if it's a TS coming in but a Cat3 w/in 24 hours...

Everyone is about to head home soon. Maybe I'll sneak a nap :-)

I almost forgot -- The Ramones. //You did have to explain the Hay to me, Hahtoolah. Like D-O, I thought a brick :-)

Cheers, -T

TokenCreek said...

SPITZ @ 227. NASA will only send out alerts if max hight is over 40 degrees. TC

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and Hahtoolah's write-up. An enjoyable 12 minutes of solving and an enjoyable 100 minutes of following up Hahtoolah's links.

Late today because I drove my dear wife to the dentist to get "measured" for a crown. Apparently the receptionist put her in the wrong room. She sat in there unattended for half an hour before speaking up loudly. Meanwhile the dentist was waiting in his room for his next patient to be brought in. Finally he heard her calling "Hello?" and they got sorted out. That added a half hour to my waiting in the car in the parking lot. At least I used the time to research to pros and cons of OLED TV sets. Two weeks from now she'll go back to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one installed. That'll make it easier for her to chew me out, ha ha.

Owen, I like your verses.

Good wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...


I +'d the; it goes to Do not click American News' link even out of curiosity unless you want to enrich him/her with affiliate $$.

WC - Watching the Astros/ Bo-Sox game? Pretty close into the bottom of the 7th.

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

NaomiZ - re tea brewed in a cup vs.a pot: I can find a difference and I don’t think it is ceremonial😁. It might be that the tea is hotter with the steamy brew inside the pot. It may also have something to do with the China or ceramic teapot; I never wash the pot in dishwater/soap, just rinse it well and occasionally use some baking soda to remove stains on the outside. The inside of the pot is brown (not noticeable if you have a Brown Betty pot) which may add to the flavour also. (I rinse the pot interior with a small amount of boiling water before brewing the tea so the inside is clean and warm).

AnonPVX- I’m sure that Brit appreciated your generosity!

WC- yes we are very disappointed in our Maple Leafs. They seem to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory😒👎

OMK- I always see your diagonals later in the day and don’t think to comment. Loved today’s! and marvel at how you can find something interesting from a strange assortment of letters😊👍

Wilbur Charles said...

-T, I watched the demise of the Celtics at the hands of the NBA Super Team, the Nets.

And then the Ray's same at the hands of the Yankees Walkoff


PK said...

Wilbur Charles: I watched the Nets beat the Celtics and was cheering them on. Steve Nash, their first year coach, is my all-time favorite NBA player from back in his Phoenix Suns days. And several of his players Durant, Green, Harden were on the OKC Thunder team when I was a big fan. I have kids in OKC.

Anonymous T said...

WC - 'Stros took it in the 7th knocking in 3 more runs.

PK - I miss The Beard (Harden). Played for the Rockets after Thunder. End of an era here.

Did I tell y'all what my (CEO) Bro got me for my upcoming birthday? I'm not only going to the Home Run Derby, but he scored All Star tickets!

I'm thinking of buying a box of Official Baseballs and signing half of them.

Then, I'll trade with the players that sign one for me.

I told my master-plan to Eldest...
"Dad? Are you 12 years old?"
"When it comes to baseball, why yes, yes I am." :-)
//I'll have my glove* with me too ;-)

Cheers, -T
*got it when I was 8yrs old.