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Dec 16, 2018

Sunday December 16th, 2018 Joe Kidd

Theme:  "In Other Words" - Each word highlighted in red is an anagram of the clue. The other word in the theme entry is an indicator of the anagram gimmick.
23A. EARTH: HEART BROKEN. We've seen BROKEN HEART clued as "Earth" before. Or "Hater".







When I spot the first theme clue, I thought this might be a definition type, which often has clues in caps.

This is a classic Sunday grid, with 8 entries totally 90 theme squares. Very manageable themage.


1. Pole, e.g.: SLAV.

5. Old toon feline with an alley gang: TOP CAT. Never heard of it.

11. Pro Football Hall of Fame state: OHIO. Canton, Ohio.

15. Moonwalker Shepard: ALAN.

19. Pad starter: HELI.

20. Stir up: AROUSE.

21. Early sci-fi captain: NEMO. Captain Nemo (Jules Verne).

22. Travels randomly: GADS.

27. Muss up, as hair: TOUSLE.

28. Soup kitchen service: FREE MEAL.

30. Leave slack-jawed: STUN.

32. Shrub with a purple fruit: SLOE. Looks like blueberries.

34. Lab dish eponym: PETRI.

38. Workout aftermath, often: SORENESS.

42. Grizzled seafarers: OLD SALTS.

47. Harmless cyst: WEN.

48. Eastern path: TAO. Literally "way". Same character as the "do" in Judo, which means "Gentle way".

51. You take them at your own risk: TIPS.

52. Kwik-E-Mart owner: APU.

53. Belief system: CREDO.

54. Bar assn. member: ATTY.

55. "Strange __ may seem ... ": AS IT.

56. Impediment: RUB.

57. Sugar portions: CUBES. Someone noticed the Snickers wrapper in my VA picture. So observant.

58. Bookstore adjuncts: CAFES.

60. Inscription on a spine: TITLE.

61. Tickled pink: PLEASED.

63. Tijuana toast: SALUD. SALUT in French.

64. Nursery rhyme girl: BO PEEP.

65. "Snowy" sight in Florida: EGRET.

66. Edible pockets: PITAS. Xi'an style. Best sandwich ever. The pork meat is slow-cooked for hours, with a few spices.

67. Carried on: WAGED.

68. Starts over: RE-DOES. Dupe: 116. No longer fastened: UNDONE.

70. Fixed looks: GAZES.

71. Vague discomfort: MALAISE. Low blood pressure people know how this feels.

73. They aren't pros: ANTIS.

74. More fetching: CUTER.

75. Some court pleas, for short: NOLOS. Nolo contendere.

76. Forbes rival: INC.

78. Hindu titles of respect: SRIS.

79. Party or movie ending: GOER.

80. City on the Ruhr: ESSEN.

81. Weekly talk with a msg.: SER. Sermon.

82. "Mad Men" actor Jon: HAMM.

87. La-la lead-in: TRA.

88. Clothing dept. size: LGE.

89. Like many an injured arm: IN A SLING.

90. Fail big-time: LAY AN EGG. I enjoyed the continued boiled egg thread in our blog. TTP is a serious foodie now.

92. Simple type of question: YES/NO.

94. La., once: TERR. OK, Louisiana Territory.

96. Less than hardly: NARY.

97. Like much FM radio: IN STEREO.

102. Keats and Shelley: ODISTS.

114. Aviation-related prefix: AERO.

115. Troll's cousin: OGRE. There's a lady in our flea market who sells these ugly trolls. Some are quite pricey.

117. Region: AREA.

118. Like positive outlooks: ROSY

119. Heckles: BOOS.

120. Tennis wear: SKORTS.

121. Oz. and lb.: QTYS.


1. Hospital reminder, perhaps: SHH. And 108. Hosp. personnel: DRS.

2. Protected side: LEE.

3. In the way of: A LA.

4. Patience, they say: VIRTUE.

5. House of Dana fragrance: TABU.

6. Rink star and a "Catch-22" pilot: ORRS.

7. Backyard party centerpiece: POOL.

8. Pickled veggies: CUKES. Graybar hosted the annual retiree Christmas luncheon on Thursday. I had some chicken noodle dish. Can you see the yellow flower decoration on the upper left? What's it called?

Boomer's Steak

9. Enzyme suffix: ASE. And 17. Soothing suffix for a hot day: ADE.

10. Like an increase from six to sixty: TENFOLD.

11. At some former time: ONCE.

12. "__ we go": HERE.

13. Mosque leader: IMAM.

14. Move like molasses: OOZE. Spitzboov eats oatmeal with molasses every morning.

15. Deft: AGILE.

16. Bloke: LAD.

18. Code-breaking org.: NSA.

24. Metric weight: TONNE.

26. Sounds at pounds: YAPS. Rhymes.

29. Hawthorne cover image: RED A.

30. Get all sudsy: SOAP UP.

33. El Pollo __: southwestern restaurant chain: LOCO.

36. Stack again: RE-PILE.

37. Boot part: INSTEP.

38. Take the main part: STAR.

39. They may be lame: EXCUSES.

40. Between-courses serving: SORBET. This looks refreshing.

41. Silver, for one: STEED.

43. Goof-ups: SNAFUS.

44. Made a scene?: ACTED. Great clue.

45. "Why don't we?": LET'S.

46. Crack: TRY.

50. Some entrance requirements: IDS.

51. Asian island capital: TAIPEI. Below are Chinese characters. The top is how Taipei is written in Taiwan. The bottom is how it's written in Mainland China.

57. Gives a hoot: CARES. Boomer loved the email from Janet (Prairie Woman on our blog). Fighting cancer is indeed very much a mental game.

58. Do wedding work: CATER.

59. Word said with a sigh: ALAS.

60. Senate wear: TOGAS. Roman Senate.

62. Conceit: EGOISM.

63. Concern for a tailor: SIZE.

64. "Horsefeathers!": BALONEY. Another great fill.

66. Security guard's duty: PATROL.

67. Solidarity leader Lech: WALESA. Won Nobel Peace in 1983. 

68. Without thinking: RASHLY.

69. Cause to turn red, maybe: ENRAGE.

70. Stab: GUESS.

71. Iraqi city on the Tigris: MOSUL.

72. "E" in a classic equation: ENERGY.

74. Extended time out?: COMA. We normally see the "Food ___" clue angle.

75. Abbr. on a bounced check: NSF.

77. Rocky outcropping: CRAG.

79. Collins ingredient: GIN.

80. Software pro, in want ads: ENGR.

84. Name in a footnote: CITE.

85. A trusted friend: ONE OF US.

86. "Inferno" poet: DANTE.

89. New Rochelle college: IONA.

91. Tech-heavy exchange: NASDAQ. Still up for the year.

93. "In Search of..." host: NIMOY. Unaware of the series.

95. Lively movement: RONDO.

98. Pretentious sort: SNOB.

99. Like drive-thru orders: TOGO.

100. Mark's replacement: EURO. German Mark.

101. Fwys., e.g.: RTES.

103. Couture giant: DIOR.

104. "It __ my fault": ISN'T.

105. Hens and heifers: SHES.

106. Galley need: OAR.

107. __ volente: DEO.

110. Press agent's goal: INK.

111. Scrap for Rover: ORT.

112. "30 Rock" creator: FEY (Tina)

113. B-flats in an F major scale: FAS.

Boomer Updates:

We met Dr. Thomas Downs on Wednesday. Boomer's PSA is now 3.29. It was 11.25 on Nov 14, 2018. We're very happy with the progress.

Boomer will have another blood draw on Dec 27th and every month in 2019. They need to closely monitor his liver and kidney due to Zytiga (chemo drug), which Boomer will continue to take every day.

The radiation is still working. Boomer's back continues to feel better. He'll be back to his beloved bowling lane tomorrow morning.


Oct 26, 2018

Friday October 26, 2018, Joe Kidd

Title: There may be no I in "team", but the must be added!

After being confronted with a 4 letter addition last week, we only have one little letter and some very amusing clue/fill combinations. This is my first exposure to Joe Kidd, perhaps a Nom de Plume of a shy constructor who likes Clint Eastwood. It is also his 6th LAT to go with a single NYT, for which no picture was run. He sticks in some nice fill like  HOGTIED, I MADE IT, NATALIE and TURN OFF but shines with two that are new to the Corner since the change to the LAT - CREATE A STIR and INCOME TAXES. I do not think I have had a puzzle with 5 eleven space theme fill before. Overall, it seemed easy, with many toeholds, but YMMV.

17A. Cheeky server?: FRESH WAITER (11). The base phrase - FRESH WATER -  I like the cheeky server.

26A. Bro on the go?: MOBILE HOMI(11).  The base phrase - MOBILE HOME - I love mobile homie!

37A. European auto left out in the rain?: SATURATED FIAT (13). The base phrase - SATURATED FAT -Cute.

49A. Food for thought? : BRAIN MUFFIN (11). The base phrase - BRAN MUFFIN - A RECIPE. Or THIS.

58A. Result of a yank prank?: WEDGIE ISSUE (11). The base phrase - WEDGE ISSUE - a divisive political issue, especially one that is raised by a candidate for public office in hopes of attracting or alienating an opponent's supporters. I have seen nothing but attack ads, with no attempt to put forth a platform. If you have never had your underwear tugged, this would be obscure.


1. Decision-making tool: COIN. I flip you for it.

5. Slips in pots: CHITS. A chit is a tab or an IOU, a record of money owed. Your neighborhood deli might give you a chit the end of each week, letting you know how much you owe for your daily bagels.

10. Assure, as victory: ICE.

13. One of four on a keyboard: ARROW. Just to the right of the letters.

15. Comics unit: PANEL.

16. Nice handle?: NOM. The French city misdirection.

19. Call from a cote: COO.  I think they mean the birdhouses built for doves (pigeons) but I would prefer this cooing.

20. Former Rocket Ming: YAO. My Oo is actually named Thongyao.

21. Hanoi holiday: TET. More Asian information.

22. "NBC Nightly News" anchor Lester: HOLT.

23. Sgt.'s underling: PFC.

29. Alienate: TURN OFF. Extreme.

31. Creator of many word lists: ROGET. Mr. Thesauras.

32. Sailing: ASEA.

33. Stately shaders: ELMS. "The stately Elm spreads its arms, rejoicing in its strength."

36. '40s Giant manager: OTT. Melvin Thomas Ott, nicknamed "Master Melvin", was an American professional baseball player who played in Major League Baseball as a right fielder for the New York Giants, from 1926 through 1947. He was a very successful PLAYER as well.  His puzzle counterpart is 2D. Nine-time NHL All-Star: ORR.

41. Draw at a pub: TAP. Beer is back on Friday.

42. Weight adjustment factor: TARE. Tare weight is accounted for in kitchen, analytical (scientific), and other weighing scales which include a button that resets the zero of the scale display when an empty container is placed on the weighing platform, in order to subsequently display only the weight of the contents of the container. Dict.

43. One no longer serving: EX-GI.

45. Prove to be untrue: BELIE.

47. Late arriver's cry: I MADE IT.

52. Airport near OAK: SFO. Oakland and San Francisco are easy MSY is hard.

53. Outwit, as a tail: LOSE.

54. Taker of ppm measurements: EPA. Parts Per Million. Environmental Protection Agency.

55. Dorm room, perhaps: STY. I am so tired of this FEBREZE commercial.

57. Bad picnic omen: ANT. That seems harsh; you go sit where they live.

63. B.S. part: Abbr.: SCIence.

64. Oven setting: BROIL. I wondered why when you wanted to roast the turkey you set the oven to broil.

65. Put an end to: CEASE. And desist.

66. Rocky outcropping: TOR. A word I learned from puzzles, which is also known by geomorphologists as either a castle koppie or kopje, is a large, free-standing rock outcrop that rises abruptly from the surrounding smooth and gentle slopes of a rounded hill summit or ridge crest. Wiki.

67. AAA and NRA: ASSNS.

68. Bar shelf lineup: RYES. I have never seen an array of rye whiskey in any bar.


1. Half-__: coffee choice: CAF. Half-assed?

3. Aran Islands country: Abbr.: IREland. The Aran Islands are located just off Galway and Doolin. A true Irish experience awaits, locals, speak Irish as well as English in a setting of Celtic churches of historical significance including World Heritage site Dun Aonghasa which is set on a dramatic 300 ft cliff edge.

4. Prone to prying: NOSY.

5. Many an IRS e-file user: CPA.

6. 1492 landing site, now: HAITI. The HISTORY of this island called AYTI by the natives is more complex than most know.

7. Gathering of spies: INTEL. Not where but what.

8. Show instability: TEETER. Totter.

9. Hasselblad product: SLR. Single Lens Reflex.

10. 5-Down's concern: INCOME TAXES.

11. "Chillax!": COOL IT.

12. Act to excess: EMOTE. I have never liked this clue/fill.

14. Hula Hoop manufacturer: WHAMO.
18. Sound system component: WOOFER. Tweeter before the twits took control.

22. Rendered immobile: HOGTIED. The hogtie when used on pigs and cattle has it where three of the four limbs are tied together, as tying all four together is difficult and can result in harm to the animal. More rodeo, see 45D.

23. Student advocacy gp.: PTA.

24. Ruckus: FUSS. Next to

25. Shake things up: CREATE A STIR. Quite a nice phrase, though all I can find online is Cause a Stir.

27. Key of Beethoven's Second Piano Concerto: B-FLAT.

28. Horseshoe holder: HOOF. I nailed this answer.

30. Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs: NATALIE. And much more. LINK.

34. Kingston Trio hit with the lyric "Fight the fare increase!": MTA. Poor Charlie.

35. Letter enhancement: SERIF. Serifs are semi-structural details or small decorative flourishes on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. An example would be the Times New Roman font. Sans serif does not have these details or flourishes. An example would be the Arial font.

38. Go __ smoke: UP IN.

39. End that may be untimely: DEMISE. An odd clecho with...

40. End-of-week exclamation: TGIF.

44. Midori on the ice: ITO.

45. Bouncy ride, to say the least: BRONCO. It is kind of fun when the horse wins.

46. Arab bigwigs: EMEERS.

48. Bit of tomfoolery: ANTIC. If you give in to your wild side, you will often have a ...

49. Rollicking good time: BLAST.

50. Prom night coifs: UPDOS.

51. Dickens bad guy: FAGIN.  This fictional character is one of the villains in Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist (1837–39) and one of the most notorious anti-Semitic portraits in English literature.

56. River in western Belgium: YSER. Made famous in World War I. LINK.

58. Org. for pugilists: WBA. The World Boxing Association is the oldest and one of four major organizations which sanction world championship boxing bouts, alongside the IBF, WBC, and WBO. wiki.

59. They, in Tours: ILS. Just some more French.

60. "Suppose ... ": SAY.  These three letter fill are not simple/

61. Play for a fool: USE.

Joe Kidd was back and no Kidding around. Like I said, I went pretty fast for a Friday but had a good time. Maybe Mr. Kidd will overcome his shyness and come to the Corner to say hi. If not, we will soldier on. Thank you all and until next time- Lemonade out.

Jul 15, 2018

Sunday Jul 15, 2018 Joe Kidd

Theme: "Watt's Happening"- W is added to each theme entry.

24A. Unsteady walk while using social media?: TWEETER TOTTER. Teeter-totter.

38A. Lowly short-order cook?: FRYING PAWN. Frying pan.

58A. Bawdier Bavarian britches?: LEWDER HOSEN. Lederhosen.

79A. Beefcake's breakfast: BRAWN FLAKES. Bran flakes.

98A. Return from a salamander farm?: NEWT PROFIT. Net profit.

116A. Drawback of the best place to watch the fight?: RINGSIDE SWEAT. Ringside seat.

3D. Dessert for a large legal firm?: TRIPLE-LAWYER CAKE. Triple-layer cake.

42D. Number for the weight-conscious?: LOW-CAL ANESTHETIC. Local anesthetic.

Can anyone explain the title to me? I don't get it.

We have a relative theme-heavy grid again. Total 100 theme squares. Themage under 95 probably won't cut it for Rich these days.

40 three-letter entries is a bit high. Rich prefers them to be in the low 30s.


1. Beginning: OUTSET. Apt start.

7. Arnold's Terminator, e.g.: CYBORG.

13. Arboretum feature: SHADE.

18. Some ski lodges: A-FRAMES.

20. Longhorn rivals: SOONERS.

22. __ Island: CONEY.

23. Pratt & Whitney helicopter engine with two power sections: TWIN-PAC. Learning moment for me.

26. Fuel for a lorry: PETROL.

28. Leslie Caron title role: LILI.

29. "Count me in!": I'M THERE.

30. Field in acting: SALLY.  Sally Field.

32. Detroit labor org.: UAW. United Automobile Workers. We also have 2D. Agric. labor group: UFW. United Farm Workers.

34. Prefix meaning "billionth": NANO.

36. In reserve, with "on": ICE.

37. It tops a deuce: TREY.

41. 24 minutes, in the NBA: HALF.

44. Tommy's kid brother on "Rugrats": DIL. Wiki says "The show focuses on a group of toddlers, most prominently Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica, and their day-to-day lives..."

45. Marquis __: DE SADE.

46. Enjoy courses: EAT.

48. 1840s Rhode Island rebellion leader Thomas: DORR. Unknown to me.

50. In short order: ANON.

52. Nasty storm: NOR'EASTER.

56. Popeye's __'Pea: SWEE.

57. Victorious shout: I WON.

60. X x XXX: CCC. Fun clue.

61. Storage compartments: BAYS. New meaning to me.

62. Sandburg's "little cat feet" arrival: FOG.

63. Mauna __: KEA.

64. Trembling: ASHAKE. Not a word I use.

66. Intellectual: IDEAMONGER. Not a word I use.

70. Deficiencies: SHORTFALLS.

73. Words with a gift: FOR YOU. So in love with this cleansing balm.

74. Lambaste: RIP.

76. Yield as a return: PAY.

77. Fannie __: securities: MAES.

78. Frodo pursuer: ORC.

84. Ilsa __: "Casablanca" heroine: LUND. Such a sweet movie.

85. "... giant __ for mankind": LEAP.

87. Like top Michelin ratings: THREE-STAR. Never been to a Michelin-rated place. You?

88. Toondom's Le Pew: PEPE.

89. Flood barrier: DIKE.

90. "Ahem" relative: HEY.

91. Spoke: ORATED.

93. Maple extract: SAP. Santa loved their locally produced maple syrup.

96. Big top, for one: TENT.

102. Work unit: Abbr.: FT LB.

103. __ Bo: TAE.

105. Stadium reaction: ROAR.

106. PC hookup: LAN.

107. Thai currency: BAHTS. They don't pluralize Baht in Bangkok. Ask Oo.

108. Easily bent: PLIABLE.

112. Kristen of "Bridesmaids": WIIG. She will be in the next "Wonder Woman".

114. Nullify: NEGATE. Also 125. Contradictory word: WASN'T.

119. Dispute decider: ARBITER.

122. En pointe, in ballet: ON TOE.

123. Give an oath to: SWEAR IN.

124. Enlarging, as a hole: REAMING.

126. Some Dadaist paintings: ERNSTS.

127. Brings honor to: GRACES.


1. Bit in a horse's mouth?: OAT. Spitzboov has oatmeal every morning.

4. In a reasonable manner: SANELY.

5. What "E" may mean: EMPTY.

6. Get emotional, with "up": TEAR.

7. Wisconsin winter hrs.: CST. D-Otto grew up in Marion, WI.

8. Distressed cry: YOWL.

9. Enola Gay manufacturer: BOEING.

10. Track circuit: ONE LAP.

11. Eye layer: RETINA.

12. M.A. seeker's hurdle: GRE.

13. Ben Nevis, e.g.: SCOTCH. Not familiar with the brand. 


14. Easily riled types: HOTHEADS. Boomer is one.

15. It's tossed into a pot: ANTE.

16. Road sign ruminant: DEER. We spot a deer roaming in Springbrook trails a few times. Haven't been there after Boomer tripped on a tree root and fell down a few weeks ago. Too many tree roots there.

17. Thornfield Hall governess: EYRE.

19. Searches carefully: SCOURS.

21. Indian term of respect: SRI.

25. "Didn't wanna know that!": TMI.

27. Bomb big-time: LAY AN EGG.

30. Like A/C in most cars: STD.

31. Radio host Shapiro: ARI. "All Things Considered" co-host.

33. Heiress, perhaps: WIDOW.

35. Have credit from: OWE TO.

38. Marshland: FEN.

39. Uncool one who lately is sort of cool: NERD. GEEK too.

40. Scot's nots: NAES. Also 51. Lack of influence: NO SAY.

43. Like Howdy Doody's face: FRECKLED.

45. Crime boss: DON. We also have 67. Crowd around: MOB.

47. Accord: TREATY.

49. Judge's announcement: RECESS.

53. Comics scream: EEK.

54. Warring son of Zeus: ARES. God of war.

55. Bygone Persian title: SHAH. Abejo worked in Iran for some time. Was the Amazon job too stressful, Abejo?

57. "Don't change anything!": I ADORE IT.

58. Actor Chaney: LON.

59. Disturbing bank msg.: NSF.

61. Like some closet doors: BI-FOLD. OK, like this.

62. Last down: FOURTH.

65. Exaggerate on stage: HAM UP.

68. Coastal raptor: ERNE.

69. Overflowing: RIFE.

71. Met regular: OPERA FAN. We have different kinds of operas in China. The most famous is Beijing opera. We also have local operas in Guangzhou and Xi'an. They sing in Cantonese and local Xi'an dialect.

72. Dorm VIPs: RAS.

75. Polite online letters: PLS.

80. "Two owls and __": Lear limerick line: A HEN.

81. More twisted: WRYER.

82. Suffix for fabric: ATOR. Just fabricator. Not a suffix that meaning "fabric".

83. Pope John Paul II's given name: KAROL. Forgot.

84. Went before: LED.

86. Big brass container?: PENTAGON. Another great clue.

88. Favored one: PET.

92. Karaoke performer's problem: TIN EAR.

94. PC key under Z: ALT.

95. "Masterpiece" airer: PBS.

97. Word processing function: TAB SET.

99. Humdinger: WOWSER. Same letter count as DOOZIE.

100. Formosa, now: TAIWAN. Jayce's old haunt. Taiwan has the best snacks. Guangzhou has the best food.

101. Buttinskies: PRIERS.

102. Bluebeard's last wife: FATIMA. Did not know the name. Read the story here. Quite scary.

104. Rooter for the Bulldogs: ELI.

107. Picture book pachyderm: BABAR.

108. Figurehead spot: PROW.

109. Director Wertmüller: LINA.

110. QBs' stats: INTS. Intersections. (Correction: Interceptions.)

111. Mag honchos: EDS.

113. Walk or trot: GAIT.

115. Norman on the links: GREG. "The Shark".

117. Girl in the pasture: EWE.

118. Shipping wts.: TNS.

120. Vegas-to-Denver dir.: ENE.

121. Some NFL linemen: RGS. Right guards.

Here is a selfie of Big Easy's grandson Joshua with the new Wimbledon Singles champion Angelique Kerber. The picture was taken a few months ago when Joshua met Kerber in Miami.

Does anyone have a tip on how to get rid of a small yellow food stain on white pants? I tried baking soda, vinegar, even spray on with WD 40, the stain is still there. I don't even know how I got the stain. I don't eat curry or use turmeric in cooking.


Jun 14, 2018

Thursday June 14th 2018 Joe Kidd

Theme: Fight On! Up! No USC cheers here.

4D. Cobalt in the human body, e.g.: TRACE ELEMENT. Mêlée

Here's a cobalt atom - plenty of protons, neutrons and electrons to cause quite a mêlée!

8D. Promotion criteria: MERIT SYSTEMS. Stir. You can stir up some discontent if you don't fairly apply the criteria.

21D. Certain 19th-century history specialist: CIVIL WAR BUFF. Brawl. I guess the Civil War might be described a big brawl?

25D. Smallish, as an apartment: TWO-ROOM. Row. Do small apartments cause rows?  Might have something to do with it.

23D. Cause commotion ... or what the circled letters do?: RAISE A RUCKUS

The theme entries run north-south today, as the reveal requires that the "ruckuses" are found running upwards. This puzzle is a really nice construction - there are four long non-theme entries in the downs, and some entertaining 7's in the crosses. This isn't easy to pull off, so kudos to Joe. The rest of the fill is non too shabby either. Let's see what jumps out:


1. Common borrowing result: DEBT. Common? Isn't it always the result?

5. Add one's two cents, with "in": CHIME

10. "So that's what that means!": A-HA!  Good excuse for some 80's pop. If you're familiar with the song, you might like the awesome Literal Video version.

13. Novelist John le ___: CARRÉ. And the third diacritical mark of the blog so far. There quite a few today.

15. Resort near Vail: ASPEN

16. "Hansel and Gretel" figure: HAG

17. Pigmented eye parts: UVEAS

18. Devour, with "down": SNARF. I knew "scarf" from the "Peanuts" strip. Snarf is new to me - maybe?

19. Outback bird: EMU

20. Longtime network symbol: PEACOCK. NBC, now part of Comcast NBCUniversal. The name gets longer with each acquisition.

22. Historical display: DIORAMA

24. Lucy's co-star: DESI

25. Sandal features: T-STRAPS. I used to wear these as a kid. I never liked them, too uncool for school. Here's me rocking a pair with my big brother.

26. Hardly helpless: ABLE

28. Solemn oath: VOW

30. Subj. that may include a lab: SCIence

31. Potting need: SOIL

32. Skater who lit the Olympic cauldron in Nagano: ITO. Midori Ito. She was the first female figure skater to land a triple axel in competition.

33. Responses from a sycophant: YESES

36. Refine: HONE

37. House of __: LORDS. I had "CARDS" first. Was wrong. Fixed it.

39. Student stressor: EXAM

41. Cut even shorter, as a green: RE-MOW

43. Loophole: OUT

44. Times in classifieds: AFTS. Afternoons.

45. "Bambi" doe: ENA

46. A: ONE

47. Small deer: ROES. By the Steve Law of Things, you can have deers/roes or deer/roe, but not both. In the same fashion, you can be an actor named Seen Bean, or Sean Borne, but you can't have both.

48. Not a good fit: TANTRUM

51. Heavy hammer: MAUL

53. They're run in taverns: BAR TABS. I picked up one last night. Someone had dropped it.

54. Standoffish: ASOCIAL

57. Cracker lacking pop: DUD

58. Producer Scott with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony wins: RUDIN Grammy for "No Country for Old Men", ditto Oscar, Emmy for "He makes me feel like dancin" and six Tony awards.

60. Tsar's decree: UKASE. I don't think I knew this. Thank you, crosses.

61. Mimic: APE

62. Poker declaration: I FOLD

63. Private student: TUTEE. Private teacher = tutor, hence tutee.

64. Strong desire: YEN

65. Spot __: OF TEA? Nice Cuppa knows the answer to this one.

66. Scorch: SEAR


1. Bra spec: D CUP. What do you call a "breaking news" item about an adult movie actress? A Stormy in a D-cup.

2. Holiday lights may be under one: EAVE

3. Depression Era sight: BREAD LINE

5. Wine container: CASK

6. TV buying channel: HSN Home Shopping Network.

7. Apple Store buys: IPADS

9. Carry out, as laws: ENFORCE

10. Lots: A HEAP

11. Actor Jon and others: HAMMS. Mia Hamm, the soccer play, I know. Jon Hamm, not so much. Thank you crosses. Now all together - the World Cup starts today - "Goooooooooooooooooooaaal"!

12. Rio contents: AGUA. "The water in the river flows down and down, down and down, down and down". Earworm alert!

14. Those, in Tijuana: ESOS. Spanish lesson #2.

26. Tapped-off remnant: ASH. As in tapping  a cigarette to remove the ash. I find it hard to believe that I did this thousands of times before I quit.

27. Uncouth sort: BOOR

29. Oklahoma people: OTO
34. Use a microdermabrasion agent, say: EXFOLIATE. Great word, especially next to a long themer. c.f. 3D also.

35. Make fully content: SATE

38. Hound for payment: DUN

40. Submissions to eds.: MS'S. Manuscripts.

42. Quebec neighbor: ONTARIO. O Canada. Eh.

48. Brownish gray: TAUPE

49. Elizabeth of beauty products: ARDEN

50. FAA overseer: US DOT I didn't know that the Department of Transport oversees the Federal Aviation Authority, I thought they were two separate departments.

52. Été month: AÔUT. Here we go with the French lesson (and the diacritical marks!). August, in summer.

53. Gift-giving occasion, for short: B-DAY

54. Shave-haircut link: AND A

55. No longer in port: ASEA

56. Not a good look: LEER. But on one hand, you are having a good look, just not in a "good look" kind of way.

59. Land in la mer: ÎLE. And the last circumflex of the day. Island, in the sea.

On a totally unrelated note, I want to take Line 6 northbound when I leave the office and change to the E Train at 51st and Lexington just so I can say I've done a "Manhattan Transfer".

I'm easily amused.

That's a wrap!