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Jan 10, 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014, John Verel and Jeff Chen

Theme: Time for our typing lesson. LINK.

What a fabulous Friday from Jeff Chen and John Verel, who we first saw as a team back in April for John's debut. First, for those who do not know the term Pangram, it means containing all 26 letters. In addition to the theme, the puzzle itself is a pangram. The use of the old typing sentence is presented with a beautiful visual of the fox jumping as shown in the circled letters from bottom left to bottom right making an arc of the QUICK BROWN FOX with JUMPED OVER and LAZY DOG under the arc of the fox. Some of you may not like this form of puzzle, but it is awesome to me. In order to pull this off and still create a doable puzzle, the fill is pretty easy. For CED, MANAC and you truly visual people I offer:

20A. Only woman to win the top prize on "The $64,000 Question" : JOYCE BROTHERS. (13)Her category was boxing. 
23A. Like many a Magic Johnson pass :            NO LOOK. (6)
24A. Improvise :                                                                                                     WING IT. (6)
27A. Lee side: Abbr. :                                                                           CSA. (3) Confederate State of America.
29A. Actor Max __ Sydow :                                                                                      VON. (3)  A fine ACTOR. (1:19).
33A. Parts 1 and 4 of this puzzle's theme : THE. (3) Goes before both Quick and Lazy.
                                                                             37A. Objector : ANTI. (4)
                                                                                                                    40A. Some narcs : FEDS. (4)
41A. Puzzle theme, part 3 : JUMPS OVER. (9) This what revealed the theme to me when I saw this from perps.
                                            49A. First name in Disney villains : CRUELLA. (7). 101 times.
                                                                                           51A. Doo-wop staple :          ARMONY(7).
                                                                         66A. Mensa stats : IQS (3).
67A. End of this puzzle's theme : LAZY DOG (7).
                                                                                     68A. Quartet in a George Strait title :  EXS (3).

Reveal entry:

58A. This puzzle's theme is one : PANGRAM.

15 entries, 82 letters involved in the fill with a symmetrical picture. Wow. The grid has a left to right symmetry, by the way.


1. Word choice : EDIT. Okay so maybe not easy but a nice clue.

5. Singer with bandleader Xavier Cugat : CHARO. She was his much younger second wife replacing the adorable Abbe Lane.

10. City in Czechoslovakia? : OSLO. Really tricky...

14. Pro __ : BONO. Literally for good, in Latin. but it means for free in the legal world.

15. Macho guys : HE MEN. We also have  HU MAN below.

16. The whole kit and kaboodle : A TO Z. Would love to see this reversed in a puzzle one day.

17. Take delight (in) : BASK. He basked in the glory of scoring the winning touchdown.

18. Break down over time : ERODE.

19. Night music : TAPS. Dennis, SB is this an accurate HISTORY?

26. Homer's father : ABE. The Simpsons.

30. Brouhaha : ADO.

31. O. Henry quality? : LONG O. So tricky since the answer is always IRONY.

35. Astounds : DAZES. Jeff Chen who works as mentor to so many always astounds.

38. Blood line : AORTA. Cute clue.

44. Ersatz : PHONY.

46. Modern Persian : IRANI.

53. Sewer's bottoms : HEMS. With a needle, not where poop goes.

54. "The Murders in the __ Morgue" : RUE. Edgar Allan Poe's work credited with being the first mystery.

56. Brother of Jacob : ESAU. CW staple.

57. Plan for the future, briefly : IRA. Individual Retirement Account.

62. Kenya's cont. : AFRica.

63. Kansas City football analyst Dawson : LEN. A star in the AFL for the Chiefs.

64. Mother-of-pearl source : ABALONE. A nice new word.  All you wanted to know and MORE.

65. Wasted : LIT. So many ways to get there so many ways to describe it.


1. Recede : EBB. His hairline was ebbing? Buddy Ebsen?

2. Snow : DO A JOB ON

3. Mouthing off : INSOLENT.

4. Izu Islands locale : TOKYO. Is this where JOE (0:39) lives?

5. Rear view : CHEEKS. Shocking! 22D. Rear : HIND. Splynter?

6. Trumpeter Alpert : HERB. And the Tijuana Brass. LISTEN. (2:44)

7. Latin lover's word : AMOR. Just Latin.

8. Second effort : REDO.

9. Ring combo : ONE TWO. Another form of 2nd effort. More boxing.

10. Like Cheerios : OATEN. My meh word.

11. Daydream : STARGAZE. Two great long fill, this with

12. Asymmetric : LOPSIDED. What is the opposite of this word?

13. Wt. units : OZS. Ounces.

21. Chanel No. 1? : COCO. The designer, who died on January 10, 1971. Her STORY.

23. "The Lion King" queen : NALA. The name is used in ancient Hindu lore; she is the deuteragonist in the story (now there is a CW word!). Also the initials of the National Association of Legal Assistants.

25. Mix in a bowl : TOSS.

28. Upon : ATOP. Not A to P.

29. No : VETO.

32. Classic action figures : GI JOES.

34. They may be game winners: Abbr. : HRS. Home Runs.

36. Slopeside sight : A-FRAME.  Popular in ski country.

38. Kind of nitrite or nitrate : AMYL. A cousin of ethyl and methyl?

39. Nike competitor : AVIA. Talk about RUNNING around.

42. Not in the bk. : UNListed. Phone book.

43. Mess up : ERR. I am extra human these days.

44. Trig, for calc, often : PREREQuisite.

45. 43-Downers? : HUMANS. To forgive?

47. "Deal's off'' : NO SALE.

48. Up the creek : IN A FIX.

49. Dog topper : CHILI. Or perhaps a fox? Not on my frank...

50. Dino, Desi & Billy drummer : ARNAZ. They were cute.

51. Judean king : HEROD. There many using that name.

52. Mongol tents : YURTS. A piece of knowledge solely derived from doing CW puzzles.

55. "This could get __" : UGLY.

58. Bud : PAL.

59. "Law News Now" journal publisher: Abbr. : ABA. American Bar Association.

60. Year abroad : ANO.  Without the tilde it is Portuguese, with =Spanish for year.

61. Storage unit : MEG.abyte.

This was a very enjoyable outing for me, especially when I saw the "BRO" to make the theme.  Jeff is amazing, with his mentoring, his work on the XWord website, writing puzzles and books. Kudos. Until next time,  stay warm: Lemonade, Thanks Jeff and John.

Apr 23, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 John Verel and Jeff Chen

Theme: Perfect dramas to play in the Ed Sullivan Theater - because the theater is known for being chilly, it would put you in the mood to watch these dramas or listen to the revealer.

17A. O'Neill drama set in Harry Hope's saloon : THE ICEMAN COMETH

28A. With 30-Across, drama based on '70s presidential interviews : FROST. 30A. See 28-Across : NIXON

40A. Drama about Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine : THE LION IN WINTER

52A. With 54-Across, "Viva La Vida" rock group, and what 17-, 28-/30- and 40-Across each is? : COLD. 54A. See 52-Across : PLAY

Argyle here. Meet John Verel (not an anagram for our editor), teamed up with one of my favorites, Jeff Chen. They have giving us a unique Tuesday, a puzzle with mirror crossword symmetry, left/right. Two grid spanners and two 2-parters. I found some clues were a little ragged but doable. Change can be good and I liked the presentation. A lot of alliteration, also.


1. Pink drink, briefly : COSMO. (cosmopolitan cocktail) One I've never had. The color comes from cranberry juice.

6. Arson aftermath : ASH

9. Hutt crime lord of sci-fi : JABBA. Over-weight baddie from "Star Wars".

14. According to : AS PER

15. Grazing area : LEA

16. Light purple : LILAC. we are into spring when the lilacs bloom. Wish I could link the smell.

20. Tailor's target : TEAR (great alliteration)

21. Many a Beethoven sonata ender : RONDO. Honestly, doesn't Rondo sound like it should be an action figure?

22. Popeye's __' Pea : SWEE

23. Jabber on and on : YAK. Jabber/Jabba seems a little too close.

24. __ in November : 'N' AS

25. Likable prez : IKE. Dwight D. Eisenhower, our 34th President.

27. More than feasts (on) : OD's

32. Aspiring doc's course : PRE-MED

33. Walked alongside one's master : HEELED. Good clue.

35. On the Pacific : ASEA

36. Fertilizable cells : OVA

38. "Just __!": "Be right there!" : A SEC

45. "Friendly skies" co. : UAL. (United Air Lines)

46. Greatly feared : DREADED

47. Comstock Lode find : ORE. (silver ore)

48. Fred of "My Cousin Vinny" : GWYNNE. Gotta see it again.

50. Oozed : SEEPED

55. Pottery "pet" : CHIA. More alliteration.

58. Smooth transition : SEGUE

60. Pastoral poem : IDYL

64. Invisible vibes : AURA

65. More than most : EVERY

66. Wine tasting criterion : NOSE

67. Quilting parties : BEEs

68. Corrida cheer : ¡Olé!

69. Neuter, horsewise : GELD


1. Slyly spiteful : CATTY

2. Irish actor Milo : O'SHEA. He passed away earlier this month.

3. Say what you will : SPEAK FREELY

4. Golda of Israel : MEIR

5. "The Lord of the Rings" baddie : ORC

6. Answering the penultimate exam question, say : ALMOST DONE

7. Actor Connery : SEAN

8. How lovers walk : HAND-IN-HAND

9. "Jersey Girl" actress, to fans : J-LO. (Jennifer Lopez) Her character dies within the first 15 minutes of the film.

10. Goals : AIMS

11. Emulated Mt. St. Helens? : BLEW ONE'S TOP

12. With __ breath: expectantly : BATED

13. Pains' partner : ACHES

18. Answering machine button : ERASE

19. Journalist Roberts : COKIE

24. Name, in Nîmes : NOM. In southern France.

26. Program file suffix : EXE

29. Not counterfeit : REAL

31. "The Good Earth" mother : OLAN. The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S. Buck.

32. "Nonsense!" : "PSHAW!"

34. Tractor manufacturer : DEERE. First name, John.

35. Give __: yank : A TUG

37. By way of : VIA

39. Believability on the street, slangily : CRED. (short for "credibility")

41. Driver's license fig. : ID NO. (identification number)

42. Threat words : OR ELSE

43. Actor Snipes : WESLEY. Maybe he could play Rondo.

44. Thought : IDEA

49. "March Madness" games, informally : NCAA's. (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

51. Sizing up : EYING

53. "Whip It" band : DEVO. Whip it good. "When a problem comes along, You must whip it; Before the cream sets out too long, You must whip it; When something's goin' wrong, You must whip it."

54. Like the driven snow : PURE. Like in Grandma's snow globe.

55. Red wine choice, for short : CAB. (cabernet sauvignon)

56. Tint : HUE

57. Wrath : IRE

59. Salon goop : GEL

61. Mommy deer : DOE

62. Initials on L'Homme fragrance : YSL. (Yves Saint Laurent)

63. Took the reins : LED


Note from C.C.:

1) Puzzazz has started their Year of Puzzles. The first puzzle is a "very cool double spiral" made by Parker Lewis. Click here for details.

2) Here are two sweet photos of JD's grandsons. The pictures were taken the day before yesterday.
Left to Right: Cameron, Truman & Grady

Two years ago, they were this big:

Left to Right: Grady (11 months), Truman (3 years old) & Cameron (2 weeks)