Sep 23, 2008

Tuesday September 23, 2008 Norma Steinberg

Theme: MIDDLEMAN (62A: Middle of 17A, 35A and 52A)

17A: Biblical injunctions: TEN COMMANDMENTS

35A: Did some questionable redistricting: GERRYMANDERED

52A: Charlemagne's domain: HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE

Very nice puzzle. I like this go-between MAN theme. But "behind every great MAN is a great WOMAN, and behind her is his wife." So I really hope Ms. Steinberg can offer us a "Pretty WOMAN" or "Scent of a WOMAN" themed puzzle soon. Wife is not necessary.

Quite a few lovely words with MAN in the middle: romantic, permanent, adamant, etc. Some celebrities also have MAN in their names: Giorgio Armani, Nicole Kidman, Gene Hackman, Hugh Jackman, etc. All beautiful people.

I dislike the clue for HMOS (51D: Med. care gps.) due to the answer MEDS (34D: Rx item). A simple "Doctors' grps" would be just fine.


15A: At large: LOOSE. What exactly is an "Editor-at-Large"? Is he/she always traveling on the road?

23A: Plays a banjo: STRUMS. As opposed to picks?

31A: Dry by rubbing: WIPE. The clue does not sound very fluid to me. "Rub dry" would be OK.

33A: Online bookseller: AMAZON. Or the "Mythical warrior" who "burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively."

39A: Hot, spicy drink: TODDY. No idea, only knew GROG.

40A: Dollar, slangily: CLAM. Thought of BUCK first.

45A: Shepard or Houston: SAM. Know Houston, not Shepard.

49A: Student of Socrates: PLATO. He is also the teacher of Aristotle.

58A: Home of BYU: PROVO. Know this because of Barry.


1D: Ramada chain: MOTEL. This word MOTEL always brings to mind the scary scene in "Psycho".

3D: Refusal to admit: DENIAL. I've never understood "DENIAL isn't just a river in Egypt". What does it mean?

8D: Kept inside: PENT- UP. Oh, that PENT -UP desire...

9D: Actor Lorenzo: LAMAS. I actually watched a few episodes of his "Are You Hot?" Rachel Hunter was another judge on the show.

11D: Runtish: PINT-SIZE. Is PINT-SIZE and PINT-SIZED the same? How about bone-head and bone-headed?

13D: Punner's duo?: ENS. I think the best ENS clue I've seen is "Dinner twosome?"

19D: Comic Deluise: DOM. I've never heard of him before. Got his name from across fills.

25D: Demonstrates connections: RELATES

33D: After-market item: ADD-ON. Why?

35D: Colorado tributary: GILA. Is this how GILA monster got its name?

42D: Gender bias: SEXISM

43D: __ del Fuego: TIERRA. Foreign to me. Obtained this name from the across fills. See this map.

44D: From the mountains of Peru: ANDEAN. Very nice picture. I wonder what those llamas are thinking.

46D: Bumps on a hog?: WARTS. No idea. How come?

55D: "..... __ gloom of night...": NOR. The postal motto: "Neither rain, nor sleet, NOR gloom of night...". I wonder why our editor did not clue NOR as "Neither rain, ___ sleet...". It would be more straightforward.



Dick said...

Good morning Cc and DFs. Todays puzzle was so easy it almost scared me. No reference help and no Mr. G help. I haven't done one like this in awhile and it is good for the ego.
Welcome back buck eye and I understand your pain as we got some flooding and severe wind damage here also. All the damage occurred the night before I was leaving for Canada so I had to bite the bullet and hire someone to clean up the mess.

Welcome to all of our newcomers. And, dennis how long do you think it will take you to introduce them to the world of DF?

Lois I have been gone a lot this summer but I noticed you have been missing a lot. Please hurry back as I miss your bantering s.

Dick said...

Cc I loved your photo of Rachel Hunter!

Dennis said...

Good morning, c.c. and fellow miscreants - I agree with Dick, this one was smooth sailing with hardly a pause. Wonder which day this week the hammer will fall.

c.c., you strum, as opposed to pick, a banjo. And denial = the Nile in your example. Great picture of Rachel Hunter; always good to get the blood flowing in the a.m.

dick, I'll be glad to take care of the introductions; the hard-core DFs will take it from there.

Welcome back, buckeye - glad you survived your ordeal.

Today is National Dog in Politics Day- someone else can figure out what the hell that means. Have a great day.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Lois was very vibrant and restless during the summer months. She got quiet only after school started. But you've been missing for a long time.

Are "DENIAL" and "The Nile" puns then? I still don't understand 33D & 46D.

I have no source to check my Sunday puzzle answers, so I can not be 100% sure of them.

Kittyb & Carl,
Thank you for the replies.

Chris in LA said...

My Sunday paper publishes answers upside down on the same page - if you ever get stuck, shoot me an email.

C.C. Burnikel said...

That's so surprising! How about the weekday puzzle? Is your roof fixed?

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning. C.C. - today I have a cut on my thumb. Result of getting bitten by an angry quahog. The shell broke when I was opening it last night and wham! Sliced me right on the end of the thumb. Oh, well. Then to come in and see the answer for 40A.

Not a bad puzzle today. Done in 8 minutes. A couple of money references (40A & 41A) and three software devices (6D, 27D, & 38D). You can also 'strum,' so to speak, a lyre (which is one of three Greek references (33A, 49A, and 50D). Lorenzo "Lamas" fits well with "Andean" (Lamas vs. llamas). Then you go to the medical field with HMO's, meds, and cc's. Finally, you can make a "toast" by taking a "sip" of a "pint size" "ale" or a hot "toddy."

Tierra del Fuego - Land of Fire.

The Holy Roman Empire was the First Reich, the German Empire (mostly under Hohenzollern rule) was the Second Reich, and we all know what the Third Reich was.

I should stop babbling before someone "evicts" me, "sweeps" me under the rug, or throws a "mud" pie in my face.

Today is Checkers Day (because of Nixon's dog of the same name)and, coincidentally, Dogs in Politics Day (would they be better than some of our representatives now?).

Have a great Tuesday.

Dennis said...

c.c. an aftermarket item is something you buy to 'add on' to something you already have, such as buying a external hard drive for your computer. And check out warthogs for your answer to 46d.

Chris in LA said...

Weekday answers appear next-day.

Roof is tarped - contractor is having a hard time finding shingles to match as they are fairly common gray architectural & are in short supply. Drywall is up in smashed hallway, but still needs mud & paint - I'm told I should be back to normal by the end of the week.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Dr. Dad,
Now CLAM is not a symbol of happiness to me any more. I am so sorry to hear about your cut.

Oh, I did not know the meaning of "after-market". I was thinking of after the bell stock market.

mariposa said...

Good morning C.C. and all. Easy puzzle for me, once I fiqured out man was in the middle everything else fell into place.
A warthog is a wild member of the pig family that lives in Africa. It gets its name from the 4 large wart like tusk found on its head.
buckeye glad you are back. I know you had a rough time of it. Our local news station says there are still 23,000 homes and business with out power in my area.
have a great day all

Anonymous said...


Do you watch crime dramas? The phrase "at large" is usually used in the sentence "The perpetrators are still at large" meaning they haven't been captured yet. "Editor-at-large" is a joke: it implies that the editor is dangerous and should be locked up somewhere. Ha ha ha.


Dennis said...

c.c., a clam will always be a symbol of happiness to me...

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Easy puzzle for me and, frankly, a bit on the boring side with regard to the theme. I can see how some people might have had trouble with GERRYMANDERED, but it was a gimme for me since the word is an eponym for a former Massachusetts governor named Elbridge Gerry. Or maybe it was a gimme for everybody as well. All I know is that I like seeing it in the puzzle!

And I think that Martin is pulling your leg, C. C., so beware! ^_^ According to Wikipedia:

An Editor-at-Large is a journalist who contributes content to a publication.

Unlike an editor who works on a publication from day-to-day and are hands on, an editor-at-large will contribute content on a regular or semi-regular basis and will have less of a say on a specific field such as layout, pictures or the publication’s direction.

However, unlike a writer they are allowed their own preferences in the content they have to generate and don’t have to pitch their ideas to the main editor. They also frequently come up with ideas for other writers to research and write.

Dr. Dad said...

Dennis, would you care to explain why a clam is a symbol of happiness to you? I know (it is for me as well) but I am not going there.

Dennis said...

drdad, because it always appears to be smiling, of course. Just what were YOU thinking??

KittyB said...

Good morning C.C. and early-birds.

The puzzle was easy. I agree with dick that it's scary. It makes me wonder what might be coming our way., I love you dearly, but ewwwwwwwww clams! Ya got what you deserved for eating those nasty things! *G* Now, go disinfect that thumb to be on the safe side!

dennis, your df-ness is showing...

chris in la, it sounds like you're moving right along, given how much damage must need to be repaired around you. Good luck with the shingles.

A good day to you all!

Bill said...

Dick, Welcome back.
Dennis; Am I to believe that the HAMMER will be soon?
This was even easy for me and that's EASY.
Clams??? Food, Money, crushed shells for landscaping and........
Well, I guess, like DrDad, I won't go there either.
Welcome to all the newcomers I've seen lately. Get in, fasten your belts and hang on to your valuables, 'cause sometimes the ride can be rough!!!
C'Yall a little later

BTW; Sallie, when you try to sign on are you typing your "Email address" in the user name spot?
That's what it requires and then the password in the P/W box.

Bill said...

Let's see..... clams, slot smiling, "man" (in the middle), loose, motels, prim (oh, wait, that doesn't fit!), sere (must be hot,[What a contradiction!] if it's dry), and overt examples of DFism.
I think we've got it all!!!

Bill said...

Oh, I forgot...Jessica yesterday and Rachel today! Be still my wildly beating heart!!!

Dick said...

drdad and dennis it really scares me when I understand you two so well and those clams do smile.

DoesItinInk said...

This was a very easy puzzle, no guessing or Google required.

cc: Domestic Hogs do not have warts. But how about these wart hogs?

cc: A true Chicago accent replaces 'the' with 'da' (or de) in Da Mayor Daley! So 'denial ain't just a river in Egypt' is really 'Da Nile ain't just a river in Egypt'. Where 'Da Nile' is pronounced as 'denial'.

flyingears said...

"There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad."
=Salvador Dali

One of his paintings is my choice photo. I really like his surrealism approach. Dalí was a real nuts!

Not that hard at all...

And to add an extra on the aftermarket products. Those products are usually from other companies that like to improve the functions and/or the looks of the original products. It's a fact in firearms, etc...

flyingears said...

I also did the puzzle. Easy too.

DoesItinInk said...

Kazie: Yes, I have seen La Vie en Rose. I was interested in the movie you mentioned because of the link to George Moustaki. While surfing for more information yesterday, I ran across this scene deleted from La Vie en Rose that features a visit at the hospital by George Moustaki.

DoesItinInk said...

cc: 34D in MEDicationS. MEDS is a short-hand term that I often use even in speech.

Ken said...

Good morning, C.C. and group. Pretty easy puzzle for the most part, but I "lapsed" on 12D. I got the clue right away, but put "nns" not "ens" so 9A eluded me. I didn't know 9D, so headed for google. Sigh

@Buckeye. I join the others in welcoming you back.

@C.C. On strumming versus picking a banjo, they have two different histories. Strumming is more of a jazz technique, popular in Dixieland jazz, typical of New Orleans jazz, using a 4 string or tenor banjo. There are two styles of picking, one with picks and one without. The three fingered style, originated by Earl Scruggs in the 1940s, is the bedrock of bluegrass music and is the style I play. Clawhammer or frailing is also termed "old-time". One of America's great Clawhammer players is Ralph Stanley of the Stanley Brothers. It has its roots Appalachia and the plantations of the antebellum South.

kazie said...

Very easy puzzle.

c.c., There's a firm near here, S&S Cycle in Viola, WI, that makes after-market parts for Harley Davidson motor cycles.

Buckeye, I'm glad to hear your rebuilding is off to a good start. Hope you get the shingles soon.

doesitinink, thanks for the link. As I see more of this new film, I'm realizing it's much more than the other one I referenced. It dramatizes scenes that were never possible in the one using only real footage. Moustaki seemed very diffident in that film, but perhaps a bit so here too. On my CD cover (un Métèque en liberté) he's wild and grizzly looking--very much more the métèque! Her predictiion for him certainly was unfounded, wasn't it? Check out his official website

Anonymous said...

46D: Bumps on a hog?: WARTS. No idea. How come?

MH said...

Easy one today - less than 20 minutes. Another great picture of a beautiful woman, thank you. I didn't get the theme until I finished the last word but I still got the entire puzzle without help. I suspect the Gila River got it's name from the gila monster, not vice versa, since there are plenty there.

Anonymous said...

DoesItinInk said...
A true Chicago accent replaces 'the' with 'da' (or de)..
I disagree that it is a "true Chicago accent." I realize that it has been many decades since I was a resident of Chicago, but it is too large a city to have just one accent be the "true" one. My friends and I did not use that pronunciation.

Jeannie said...

I thought it was a very easy puzzle this morning. I had to come here to check the answer gerrymandered after I had penciled it in as I have never heard of it before.

So Drdad, a clam jumped up and bit you. Did you deserve it?

C.C., it's time you give us girls some eye candy.

Oh, I forgot, I know how to link now. I would like to yank his hair. LORENZO

Jeannie said...

calef there was a classic Saturday Night Live skit called "da bears" depicting Chicago Bears fans. It was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barb B,JD,Ken,Bill, and Clear Ayes for trying to get me back. I believe Clear Ayes' suggestion has done it. It finally says,"You're currently posting as Sallie". We'll see.
This was a puzzle I could do easily, with just enough twists that it didn't feel like filling out a questionnaire. I too wanted buck rather than clam, and had to do some figuring to get pixies.

I think my picture of Macho Picchu is a better one of the Andes even tho I am not as pretty as the llamas.

Anonymous said...

Since today's puzzle was so easy, I thought this must be the time to join this interesting group of puzzle experts. After accidently finding this group, I've made it a daily activity--checking my answers and finding the missing words. Thank you for the help. This puzzle appears in the Detroit Free Press, but not on Sunday! I happen to be northwest of Detroit in Traverse City. The conversation about comic strips a few weeks ago was most interesting. My favorite is "Frazz" which is the creation of Jef Mallet, a Michigan resident. I am not the "Anonymous" of yesterday.
Smiles, Golf Gal

Dr. Dad said...

Au contraire, mh. The Gila monster takes its name from the Gila River basin where they are commonly found. See the last paragraph under animal description in this link: Gila Monster

Cokato - probably did deserve it. That was one angry clam!!! I was trying to penetrate it with a long sharp object and it didn't want to open up.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning everyone. This puzzle just flowed. No unknown names or obscure words. Love your theme, C.C. See you're in the puzzle once more.

@dennis at 6:55 Perhaps the elusive bearded clam? The tastiest one.

@sallie Yes, you're back!

Welcome, golf gal.

@drdad at 10:05 You gotta watch out for those snapping clams.

Have a great day, all.

Dr. Dad said...

I see that the well of sin is open and we are surely falling into its gaping chasm.

Anonymous said...

Ken, I forgot to say that your suggestion of going to google first and then to C.C.'s blog, it got me in also. Thank you.

And I appreciate Carl's offer to help me via email. You are all great people to be so helpful in your busy lives.

Jeannie said...

Golf gal, I think you posted here once before. I grew up a little south of you in a town called Whitehall, MI. My parents moved to Ludington about ten years ago. I now live in Mpls. When I go home to visit, I take the SS Badger over the lake from Manitowoc, WI. You live in a beautiful part of the state although I bet you get your share of snow with the lake effect. Speaking of comics and snow, calvin>

Drdad, I find with the right gentle pressure it will open right up for you.

Ken said...

@C.C. Btw, Bluegrass music is always played on a five string banjo.

@Drdad: Sorry about that cut. The day C.C. mentioned her cut, I cut my little finger on a piece of paper. It must be a virus going around.

@Anonymous-not-yesterday: Welcome to the blog. Help on the puzzle is sometimes sidlelined by the repartee.

DoesItinInk said...

Anonymous...aka Calef: While it is true that there are many accents to be heard in Chicago, the Chicago accent consider to be the 'true' one is a southside accent. It is marked by dem, dez and dose (for them these and those). Mayor Richard J Daley (the father, not the son M) spoke with a southside accent. Over time there are fewer people speaking with this accent, but it is considered to the the original Chicago accent.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I'm agreeing with everyone this morning. There weren't any words that stumped me and it all flowed smoothly from NW to SE.

Sallie, glad to hear that the somewhat convoluted instructions helped.

Scrub @8:18 who posted this morning on Monday's blog. Check out C.C.'s profile and you will be impressed by how many names and idioms she does understand. BTW, "living under a rock" isn't a nice thing to say. However, it is good that you didn't post as an "Aaron Stark Anon".

Note to DF's everywhere ...sigh...get ready. You know the questions are coming. I have an appointment for a much needed haircut, but I will be back this afternoon to see the comments.

C.C. Here is the silly poem I promised for today. It is about MEN and WOMEN. It may a little old-fashioned, but it much of it is still appropriate to modern marriage.

I Do, I Will, I Have

How wise I am to have instructed the butler to instruct the first footman to instruct the second footman to instruct the doorman to order my carriage;
I am about to volunteer a definition of marriage.

Just as I know that there are two Hagens, Walter and Copen,
I know that marriage is a legal and religious alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut and a woman who can't sleep with the window open.

Moreover, just as I am unsure of the difference between flora and fauna and flotsam and jetsam,
I am quite sure that marriage is the alliance of two people one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgetsam,

And he refuses to believe there is a leak in the water pipe or the gas pipe and she is convinced she is about to asphyxiate or drown,
And she says Quick get up and get my hairbrushes off the windowsill, it's raining in, and he replies Oh they're all right, it's only raining straight down.

That is why marriage is so much more interesting than divorce,
Because it's the only known example of the happy meeting of the immovable object and the irrestistible force.

So I hope husbands and wives will continue to debate and combat over everything debatable and combatable,
Because I believe a little incompatibility is the spice of life, particularly if he has income and she is pattable.

--Ogden Nash

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi to all!

Easy puzzle today, although I did have Hotels first, but "Hud pies" didn't make any sense so of course changed it. Did have Jerry mandered at first and then saw the light! Perps helped out in any questionable areas.

DrDad: Sorry about the cut! Hope it gets better soon.

Welcome all newcomers!

Kittyb: I told my daughter she could come to Port Charlotte FL for her residency! She said, "right, because they have a fabulous university teaching hospital", so picky that one!

Chris in la: Good luck with the roof.

Buckeye: Welcome back, how is your repairing to your home coming along?

Have a great day everyone!

melissa bee said...

golf gal 10:02: welcome. detroit free press??? as in .... DF press? hahahahaha!

Dr. Dad said...

That Scrub in Monday's blog is an ignorant jerk and a proud member of the galactically stupid.

Mama P said...

I had trouble signing in this morning.
The puzzle was an easy one today. I love the comments and explanations. Everyone can learn something new...or jog memories.
Please, an explanation of your terminology and abbreviations for the newcomers would helpful. They are so obvious once you know them!
I enjoyed checking out everyones links last night. Thanks for the welcome!!!

Mr. Ed said...

Good morning C.C. & all

@sallie... you did it... you did it! Glad to see the probs solved.

@all I screwed up in my tirade against the 6:03 anon yesterday naming "Bill" White in a quote. Oops! It was Ron White!!! I clarified it late last night for C.C. but... I screwed up!! Wasn't the first time and it sure-as-heck won't be the last!!!

I wasted the above space because this puzzle was very therapeutic for me. I kept waiting for the hammer to fall but it just kept flowing. My only miscues were minor: I wanted prig for 32A & that left me with clag for 40A... & I'm wondering 'how stupid' was that until the 'duh' sunk in. I also wanted hotel for 1D & wondered what the heck hud meant for 1A... Okay! Double 'duh' for that one.

@crockett - My friend, my statemate - I can see you headed for the woodshed.

I'm still chasing my tail so I'll be in an out. Y'all have a good day.


Crockett1947 said...

For those who are not familiar with the bearded clam, here is a reference page.

I've got the switches waiting in the shed.

Barb B said...

Clear sailing today; extremely easy. But no flowers;, only warthogs and gila monsters.

Always thought of banjos being strummed because of the song…
Someone’s in the kitchen with DI-nah,
Strumming on the ole banjo.

And hot toddies in my home were medicinal - for times when we had colds and felt yukky. Just hot water with lemon and honey with a little whiskey.

Pam Tillis had a silly song called ‘Just cal me Cleopatra, ‘cause I’m the Queen of Denial.

Welcome Golf gal

It’s good to see your picture again!

My sympathies for all those in Ike’s path. The aftermath isn’t in the news much, but I have heard of gas shortages and food shortages too. A poster on another blog I visit said the grocery store in her daughter’s Houston neighborhood allows only 20 people in at a time, all escorted by an employee, and there is a limit to the amount of food they can buy. The store accepts cash only. I can’t imagine!

Dr. Dad said...

mama p - first and foremost: you may ask yourself "what is a DF." It means dysfunctional and we use it as an affectionate description of ourselves. You can see from some of our posts that we fall into the "well of sin" quite often and the term was coined some time ago. We do not mean it as an insult but rather (surprisingly) as a compliment. To be a DF on this site is what I consider a high honor and I think others will agree.

Barb B said...

Mama P

You are welcome here. We are not all df's - some of us just aspire to be.

I see that you like Tony Hillerman - I do too. I'm so glad he's still writing; he must be about 80 now.

Crockett1947 said...

And you will find those who will protest long and loud about NOT being a DF -- just check out their posts -- the proof is in the pudding, LOL! (C.C., you don't think I'm talking about anyone you know, do you?){Of course, they also enjoy being tagged}

steve said...

crockett1947 @ 11:40
Now that's funny

Mr. Ed said...

@C.C. re: scrub 8:18 - There are always going to be snipers taking cheap shots from the shadows. To quote RON White again...
Ya can't fix stupid!!!

C.C., trust me! You have friends through this blog! You've brought us to a common point of appreciation for you and what you've accomplished. You have fans! Please, don't let the detractors get to you. Anyone who would write deliberately hurtful words aimed at you is not worth any care or concern.

So, scrub, come out and play nice-nice with the rest of us 'children' or crawl back under your rock & don't bother. But, regardless, Have A Nice Day!!!!!

I feel like I'm defending my little sister and I have no doubt she can take care of herself very well. But C.C., I wanted to reinforce that you are not alone.


C.C. Burnikel said...

Carl et al,
I've been very busy today and have not found time to read all of your comments yet. But pls do not waste any space on Scrub 8:18, no need to explain to an eunuch what "Kama Sutra" is.

flyingears said...


Checking back into yesterday's Jessica Alba's photo. Her husband PROBABLY did not like her posing in that extraordinaire blouse, BUT WE certainly LIKED IT a LOT!! Especially Barry that showed some nice comments that opened my interest...

Now, on Rachel Hunter's photo. I "somewhat" liked it, but WAS NOT as revealing. She needs some Jessica's advice...

BUT, I could play golf with either one aiming at the "flag"...

Crockett1947 said...


Jeannie said...

crockett and flyingears, you naughty boys, don't you yell "fore" when your aim isn't that good?

Crockett1947 said...

I think of as a warning that I'm coming through, so to speak. Naughty? Moi? or Ich?

Jeannie said...

Crockett do you always play through or spend a little time putting on the green?

Anonymous said...

I think the time lapse is the significant factor in my negative reaction to da, dese, and dose as being the primary Chicago accent. I grew up on the far south side, near 95th and Ashland. We did not consider that to be good English. But I'm talking sixty or seventy years ago. I went to my father's burial in 1994, and started to go see where I grew up, but turned away before I got there because the neighborhood had deteriorated so.

DoesItinInk said...

cc @12:27...Ooh! That was a great zinger! I will have to remember that one.

crockett1947 @11:53...Did you know that the actual phrase is "the proof of the pudding is in the eating"? That should give the DFs something to chew on!

KittyB said...

I keep waiting for C.C. to start with the questions....

crockett....that's some reference you've quoted!

Clear ayes, I LOVE the Ogden Nash poem! It was our anniversary yesterday, so I sent a copy of it off to Dear Husband. Thanks!

Welcome to all our new visitors. Don't worry if someone should classify you as's highly prized here.

g8rmom..close to home is always nice, so we don't have to worry about our chicks.

Ken, thanks for the information on banjos. It's good to know we have an expert on call.

embien said...

No time today While waiting to have the oil changed in my wife's car I read the paper, did they NY Times (syndicated) puzzle and had nothing left to do so I went ahead and did this xword. Sailed through it with no unknowns.

Perhaps the Gila River (and hence Gila Monster) names came from the indigenous Native Americans in the area--the Gila Indians?

Anonymous said...

Easy one today. Glad to see a long word like "gerrymandered" as opposed to those unloved so-called quips.
To continue drdad's boozy sub-theme: Dom (Perignon), (st)rums, Here's MUD in your eye, LOOSE as a goose, the NOSE of a wine.
Have a good evening, everyone.

carol said...

Crockett at 10:13, you realize you will have to explain that remark about Dennis? Also your 11:40 was hilarious but it sure sounds like the authors tongue was firmly planted in his cheek!

Kitty b, Dennis is one of the Kings of DF-ness here and also one of the infamous "3-D's"

Cokato at 9:14 Good one to drdad!! Also as to the "guy" picture, I can not think romantically about a man who has longer hair than I do.

Golf gal, Welcome and hang on for a great ride.

C.C. we all think the world of you so just ignore the idiots out there!

Jeannie said...

Carol, look at those abs he can always cut his hair!

carol said...

Cokato, you're right about the hair, but sorry, that "type" just does not appeal. They usually love themselves too much.

Dennis said...

cokato, all us men have six-packs; some are just buried a little deeper than others...

Boomer said...

Yup, even the vocabulary challenged Boomer was able to complete the puzzle today, so it rates very high on the "Easy scale". I usually get about one per month, so I guess I don't have to do a puzzle again until October. Golf tomorrow, but winter is coming. There's always jigsaws waiting for me if the crosswords get too tough.

KittyB said...

How about this? Hugh

carol said...

kittyb, that link shows up as an "attack site"

KittyB said...

Bill, thanks for the help learning to do links!

Cokato, thanks for the incentive to get those link instructions down pat! *G*

KittyB said...

A what???

Dennis said...

kittyb, after seeing that link, I have a new name for you, melissa bee, lois, carol, cokato, c.c., et al.

The DFettes.

Argyle said...

A couple of different warthogs...

A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog”
one and two

lois said...

Good afternoon CC & DF's: Loved this puzzle on many levels. 'Man in the middle?' Are you kidding me? Hello!!! My kind of theme! My kind of man! You know the type -the 'strap'ping 'one' who never 'tires', can 'toast' through 'cases' of 'ales', can take the 'reins' when necessary, yet gently 'wipe' away a tear, isn't 'pint size(d),knows how to 'strum' the 'slot' (machine?)and loves a 'clam'. That's the guy I want in the middle of my Holy Roman Empire....or 'Tom' who gives me 'pearls' and 'Dom' Perignon. Whoever 'comes' first.

drdad: You might try to sweet talk the clam next time. It's amazing how many things willingly open up that way. Works like PFM (pure freakin' magic!)Here's some kisses for your owie XXX (in Argyle's style). Hope it heals quickly.

Crockett 11:40: Holy Bearded Clam Bed! A tongue bath? I know what I'm coming back as in my next life! No, why wait? I'll cut and paste a wig and cement my smile. Surely, I'll blend!

Clear Ayes: love Ogden Nash! Great job!

doesitinink: I think I met those 2last night. They slipped in w/the elephants. Good trunks and great snorters!

kittyb: Happy Anniversary. Wish you many, many more.

Dennis: I'm an optimist to the extreme. I'll find those abs no matter what!

Enjoy your evening.

Buckeye said...

Yo, y'all!! First off, let me get to the puzzle. I, too, thought it was too good to be true. There has to be a "Zinger" coming up. (Congrats to Paul Azinger and his USA golfers on the Ryder Cup.) Almost a record time for me on this one; 15 minutes, and I never found a snag. Y'all must be fast writers. I write like I read - slowly and thoroughly, with deep concentration and penetration.

Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome back and the concern for life and property. I still have to replace some shingles on my roof and cut down some "hangers" from my trees and 8 days w/o elec. is no fun, but Dick and Chrisinla have it a lot tougher than I have it. God's speed, my friends.

@mamap, I use two codes that you will see. kh's - Knuckleheads, an endearing term for those of us not witty enough to be df's, and IMBO meaning "I must be off", a salutation and a comment on my mental condition.

My new approach to anon 6;whatever and Scrub is to totally ignore them. "No time to tiptoe upon the periphery...." Let c.c. handle those idiots.

c.c., Nobody answered your Sam Shepard inquiry. There are two Sam Shepard's. One's an actor and the other is a Doctor from the '50's from Cleveland, Ohio who was convicted of murdering his wife. He claimed a "one armed man" did it. The "Fugitive" T.V. show and movie was based on his case. Also, "bonehead" refers to one who is unwilling to change opinions about anything regardless of contrary evidence or one who does something that is stupid or without previous thought. "That bonehead is boneheaded about politics", or, "That shortstop just made the most boneheaded play I've ever seen".

We show our age!!! We know what worthogs are but what about HOGWARTS where Harry Potter went to school??? (Guess that shows the depth of my reading material. Most of you quote great poets - I quote J. K. Rowlings. Duh!!!)

Enough for now, my amoebas -

I must be off!!

carol said...

Dennis, why would "attack site" come up on kittyb's link but you could open it with no problem. I's ask Joe but he's not here right now. I have never seen that type of "site" response before.

Dennis said...

carol, I don't know - attack sites are usually wiki-related, but it doesn't appear that the picture came from there. Did you try it more than once?

Argyle said...

Man in the Middle

Lost Planet Airmen leader: Commander (Cody) (band that did a remake of Hot Rod Lincoln)

What's afloat?: ship's manifest (Detailed statement of the contents put on a ship.)

American bouzoukis: octave mandolins (identical to a mandolin but is slightly longer in scale and is tuned an octave lower.)

Bill, would you be ok with this clue?

Crockett1947 said...

@cokato If the greens are too fast I make sure to dampen them before taking my strokes. If there are many holes to play and time is short, playing through might become an option. I always consult my playing partner first, though.

@doesitinink Yes, that will give us something to nibble on, I'm sure!

@carol My 11:40 post was my explanation. I think the tongue was firmly planted somewhere else than in his cheek.

@lois, ROFLOL

Anonymous said...

mark - Buenos Aires

c.c. your words "an eunuch" look off, we say "a eunuch" BUT, in reality perhaps it is right. I know "an hotel" is right although I always say "a hotel". - its strange this language sometimes - we dont speak like we write.

What is defence - Defence is the barrier round the garden.
What is descent - Descent is what that lady smells of
What is desire - Desire is the father of that foal
What is debate - Debate is what we attract the fish with

lois said...

Carol: Is it kittyb's 'Hugh' that's coming up as an 'attack site'? Did I understand that correctly? If so, it ought to be labeled as a national female missle launch spontaneous detonation site ...holy hot wick extrodinare! I want to be that guy's caddy, ball cleaner and driver polisher! I think he deserves the bearded clam's treatment myself. Geeze! You have GOT to see this guy! Thank you, kittyb! Hugh is pronounced 'whew'

Mama P said...

Another cartoon reference that I have noticed in the puzzles is "Boondocks,
my nephew named his son Riley after one of the characters.
C.C., you mentioned that you thought it was from Lil' Abner.

Dick said...

drdad re your 10:05 am post, you are sick but I enjoy it.

lois said...

Dick: Personally I think drdad is right on target w/intent and technique. His aim might be a little off (thus the cut finger), but a little sweet talk ought to solve that problem.

I've missed you too. Glad you're back. I'll be 'in and out' as work is 'heating' up. Did you have any fun in Canada?

Dick said...

Lois you are a scream and I missed your comments.

Clear Ayes said...

I tried to sneak an innocent little peek at Kittyb's "Hugh", but I got the same result as Carol ...."Reported as an attack site". If it was a photo of Hugh Jackman, all I can say is Boo-Hugh-hoo. He's another "saucy Aussie". Hugh Jackman. And he can sing too! Kazie, the Australian scenery sure is attractive.

Kittyb, let the "attack site" people know what your link was about.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Ogden Nash poem. It was longer than so many others he wrote.

In tribute to all the DF-ness going on today, here is what is probably his most famous poem.

Reflections on Ice-Breaking
by Ogden Nash

Is Dandy
But liquor
Is quicker.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Besides CLAM, what are the other symbols of happiness to you?

I did not see any beard in your "bearded clam" link. Why is it elusive? What does "I've got the switches waiting in the shed." mean? Who are you referring to in "Of course, they also enjoy being tagged"?

Dr. Dad,
Wonderful comments @ 6:15am. I like this "galactically stupid" remark.

Barb B,
Your hot TODDY recipe sounds so simple, but no spice?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thank you for the clawhammer. Wow, I've got no idea that there is a difference between claw hammer and clawhammer. Have never heard of frailing in this picking sense before. Only knew frailing (or is it frail?) health. Sorry about your finger.

Read Dr. Dad 10:05am link. It says "The Gila Monster receives its name from the Gila River Basin in the United States where it may be commonly found".

I enjoyed your 3:01pm comment.

Anonymous said...

HI everyone !

C.C. Your 12:37 post was just about the funniest thing I have ever heard! Your wit, sense of humour, and grasp of the situation never fails to make me envious of you. Thank you once again for the work you put into this site.

everyone else: There are too many people here to say hi to, so, just let me say, I appreciate every one of you!

Agin c.c. thanks for this fantastic site


bellensav said...

Easy Monday puzzle! Almost finished at the stop lights on the way to work. Had to check in this evening with y'all for 30d and 35a
Y'all make the puzzle so much more fun! Glad I found the site!

C.C. Burnikel said...

The Whoo,
I am so happy to hear that you like my whimsy "Kama Sutra" comment. I received another belittling email last night and I was at no mood to explain my ignorance any more.

Nice MAN in the middle ideas. Are those planes really called Warthogs?

Clear Ayes,
"particularly if he has income and she is pattable." What does it mean? What is "pattable"? Is Mark (5:16pm) correct about my "an eunuch"?

Thanks for SAM. But what is "Adios amoebas"?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thank you for the Boondocks. I've never heard of it before. Oh by the way, you said "A warthog is a wild member of the pig family that lives in Africa. It gets its name from the 4 large wart like tusk found on its head." I found out that a warthog only has 2 tusks.

Thanks for MEDS. I still think the clue for HMOS should be reworded. It just looks very jarring to have MEDS as answer and "med." as clue, though the two MED's are different in meanings. Did you live in Europe before? What does "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" mean?

You've indeed changed the face of this blog by your HTML tags. You sound like a great guy to play 18 holes with.

C.C. Burnikel said...

"Ken, I was so busy getting that recipe written down I forgot to mention that we also think that Movie Madness is the greatest thing since; well, you know!". Are you talking about sliced bread or something DF?

What's so funny about yesterday's melon? "Then comes 'sterner' (less flexible) crossing 'ram' and 'elicit', ending with 'attentuate' and 'shortened'! Holy hot wick! I think this was a 'honey' of a 'review'!". Can you translate the above line for me? I don't grok it.

carol said...

Clear ayes, thanks for your comment about the "Attack site"...I wondered about my sanity there for a moment..since no one else seemed to have received that response. My Joe has put lots of security on my lap-top so maybe that is why I got that.
Thank you too for the Ogden Nash poem on marriage!! LOL and so true!

Dennis, yes I did try several times to open the link to HUGH - and thanks to Clear ayes, I now know "HUNKY HUGH". :)
I will just leave it at that or maybe go on a serious search for those hidden abs you more mature, experienced, morel gentlemen have. :)..I seem to be more attracted to those types.

Crockett1947 said...

C.C., let's see what we have here. So, the "beard" in the bearded clam is pubic hair. The clam is the female center of pleasure (right, lois?). They are elusive because they are usually covered with one or more layer of clothing. I stand by my tastiness statement.

Carl suggested that I was headed for the woodshed, so I went ahead and cut the switches for my punishment.

"Of course, they also enjoy being tagged." "They" are the DF's who protest that they are not same, but actually are, and enjoy the bantering back and forth protesting innocence.

I have certainly noticed more bolds and italics since my instructions the other day. But the enclosures around the commands are not carets. I guess they're left and right arrow heads in reality. Ready to play when you are!

JD said...

Hi C.C.,and all:
Before I read everyone's comments, and you all say how easy it was, I am feeling just so elated because for the 1st time I did not use any helps to finish the puzzle!!! I know others may find that dull, but I feel like Clear Ayes' poem about getting the right word!!
OK, now I'm ready to read what you all said.

I had an all round great day, subbing for a cute bunch of 6th graders. I learned about some prehistoric caves under the Mediterranean Sea. Now I've got to "G" and learn more.

Argyle said...

Yes ,C.C., the A-10 is really called a warthog; ugly but very efficient attack plane.

The warthog (animal) has two pairs of tusks (modified teeth) and its head is covered with hard fleshy protrusions, know as warts, hence the name.

Dennis said...

argyle, just and FYI, the A-10 is called the Thunderbolt II, in honor of the great fighter of WWII. Warthog is strictly a nickname because it is one ugly (albeit highly effective) warplane.

You probably already knew that, but just in case.

KittyB said...

Ladies, I have no idea what an "attack site" is, nor how to rrport it. I can see that we need to add a few more layers of security to this computer. For those who got to see Hugh, I hope you enjoyed the link. The one I sent, clear ayes, had his hips wrapped in a gold towel.

And, YES, he can sing. I have a copy of the all English cast of "Oklahoma," and he's wonderful!

One of the women at exercise shares my appreciation of Hugh Jackman, and I came to class the other day and took my usual place only to find a picture of Hugh taped to the mirror. Exercise was a LOT more fun that day!

JD said...

All was going well until Bellensau finished her x/w at the stoplights!
Just kidding

Lois: You crack me up!!!
Kittyb: Happy anniversary
Clear Ayes: Thanks for sharing Ogden Nash with us.

One last thing...even tho I have ens(13D), what does it mean?

Anonymous said...

C.C. and Mark: The American English rule for using "an" before a word beginning with a vowel is to use it if it's "an optimist", but to use "a" if the vowel is pronounced like a consonant. "A hotel", "a eunuch". If you huff on the "h", as hotel, or if you say eunuch as starting with "you", do not use "an".
All this is easier said than written. It's an easier task to say than to write.

Crockett1947 said...

@jd There are two letters "n" in "Punner's." Thus the duo are the ENS. That was an easier explanation than the last one!

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