Jun 22, 2009

Monday June 22, 2009 Donna S. Levin

Theme: WIMBLEDON (55A: Annual English sports event that begins today, and a hint to this puzzle's theme)

18A: Grand Theft Auto, e.g.: VIDEO GAME

27A: Sterling afternoon serving pieces: SILVER TEA SET

44A: Ideal mate: PERFECT MATCH

I don't know why Grand Theft Auto is so popular. Orgy of violence. I've never had tea in a silver cup. I like my Twins' mug. Many beautiful things are often imperfect, including your mate.

Nice timely theme. I hope Roger Federer gets his 15th Grand Slam title. Must be painful for LENDL (41D: Tennis great Ivan) to see his name crosses WIMBLEDON. He never won there.

I am not fond of the clue for OBAMA (14A: McCain beater). It brought to mind an unpleasant image of Senator McCain being beaten and tortured in Vietnam.

Smooth sailing today. Rich Norris said this eased-up phase will last at least a few months.


1A: Humped beast: CAMEL. Some has two humps. The Arabian CAMEL has only one.

21A: General __ chicken: Chinese dish: TSO'S. I think I mentioned this before, TSO or its Mandarin spelling Cao is also the Chinese F word. Intonation can totally change the word meaning.

23A: Stateroom: CABIN. On Cruise ship.

25A: Nine-to-five grind: RAT RACE. The movie "Nine to Five" is very silly.

31A: Tense: ON EDGE

33A: A/C capacity meas.: BTU

36A: Best poker pair: ACES. Too bad it's not clued as tennis related.

37A: Dew's chilly cousin: FROST

39A: Rachel's sister: LEAH. Two other Biblical figures: ABEL (60A: 52D-Down son) & ADAM (52D: Sixth-day creation).

40A: Golfing standard: PAR. Ricky Barnes is going to win the US Open today!

42A: Actor Danny: AIELLO. I liked him in "Léon: The Professional". Can never remember his surname.

52A: Highest-ranking USN officer: ADM (Admiral)

62A: Bucky Beaver's toothpaste: IPANA. Wiki says IPANA is a leading toothpaste in Turkey. I learned this brand from doing Xword.

64A: Toy dog, briefly: PEKE


1D: Chilly: COOL. Wanted COLD.

5D: Final race segment: LAST LEG

6D: Frolic: CAVORT. FROLIC will be a great fill, with C at the end.

7D: Hertz competitor: AVIS. Named after its founder Warren AVIS.

10D: "The African Queen" costar: BOGART. He drank/smoked too much.

13D: New Hampshire city: KEENE. Got the answer from Across fills. What is KEENE famous for?

22D: Foolproof: SURE-FIRE

24D: Some men's underwear: BVDS. Just learned that it stands for Bradley, Voorhees & Day, the original three founders.

25D: Actress Charlotte and explorer John: RAES. The other RAE is Actress RAE Dawn Chong. "The Crying Game" actor is Stephen REA.

26D: Per what was previously mentioned: AS STATED

27D: Suds source: SOAP. S, s & S.

33D: Suspenders alternative: BELT. Do you like the decorative BELTS on her skirt?

38D: Gridiron zebras: REFS

43D: Put in danger: IMPERIL

44D: Zuni or Hopi home: PUEBLO. Spanish for "people", or "town"/"village", according to dictionary.

47D: "Survivor" unit: TRIBE. "Zuni or Hopi" would be a great clue too, right?

45D: Recoil in fear: CRINGE

53D: "Flintstone" pet: DINO

54D: Ghostly sound: MOAN. "Ecstatic sound" too.

Answer grid.

I'm going to change my blog title into "LA Times Crossword Corner" soon. To those who find me every day by googling "Star Tribune Crossword Corner", please simply bookmark the blog site ( and put it into your Favorites list.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a pretty simple, but fun, puzzle this morning. A bit over 4 minutes, with no perp help and only a couple pauses. I can't even find anything on which to comment - all the clues were very straightforward, with no twists or deception.

Actually hurts to type this morning - spent about 30 minutes in a batting cage yesterday, and in addition to several healthy blisters, my fingers ache. First time swinging a bat this year, and I'm not enjoying the 'side benefits' of old age.

Today is Go Skate Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Life is full of miracles, but they're not always the ones we pray for." -- Actress Eve Arden

Couple Fun Facts for Monday:

- Atilla the Hun bled to death from a nosebleed on his wedding night. (I'd dearly love to know how he got the nosebleed...)

- Pope Johann XII was beaten to death in AD 963, at age eighteen, by the husband of a woman with whom he was having an affair.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yeah, today's puzzle is a BLUR. What prompted you to go to a batting cage? Fascinating FF today. I was drunk on my wedding night. You? Used to think all popes were/are single men.

Clear Ayes & Elissa & WM,
Thanks for the excellent "face the facts" explanation. I initially thought it's an ostrich's way of burying the head in the sand approach. You know, try to avoid the harsh reality.

Thanks for the interesting calf connection. How do you think of the new puzzles?

C.C. Burnikel said...

You are right. The NULL SET link last Saturday is just for fun.

Dot & Chris & KittyB,
Thanks for apple butter & Rice-A-RONI. Dot, I enjoy your posts very much. Hope you stop by often.

Eddy & Cecil,

Ha ha, I'm sure A-Rod will be well "rested". I can see you follow the Damn Yankees closely. Hope they win for you when you go to the game next week. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

Dennis said...

C.C., we usually play baseball in the spring/summer, but with all the rain, we could never get enough guys on the few good days. And you can face all different types of pitching in batting cages.

Yeah, I was pretty far gone on our wedding night.

Off to the gym.

Martin said...

Yeah, pretty easy. The only unknowns (ABABA, KEENE, RAES and IPANA) were sorted by the perps. (I have heard of Addis ABABA but I originally wrote ADIBA.) My only pauses were having to choose between COOL and COLD and ABEL and CAIN.

21A: General __ chicken: Chinese dish: TSO'S. I think I mentioned this before, TSO or its Mandarin spelling Cao is also the Chinese F word. Intonation can totally change the word meaning.

Hmm. Cao, first two tones, are both Chinese family names and the third tone means "grass" so that leaves 慥 as a possible F-word.

In Taiwan they use the word 幹 for the F word. According to my dictionary it can also mean kill. Funny thing is, I heard the phrase 幹什麼 on a dubbed Powerpuff cartoon (and I know they said it because there were Chinese subtitles) and apparently that just means "What do we do?" or "What are you doing?"

I've actually been studying a lot of Chinese this past week, reading books, magazines and newspapers, watching movies, listening to music, singing karaoke and looking up words in the dictionary. It's getting a bit boring so I might do a few more puzzles this week ke a break from it all.


Hahtoolah said...

You never heard of Keene, New Hampshire? What is it known for? Well, it is the home of both Keene State College and the Antioch University of New England. And don't forget the famous Pumpkin Festival, held each October. Where else can you find oodles and oodles of Jack-o-lanterns?

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all,..nice easy walk in the park today. This is a far cry from yesterday's puzzle. I did not finish Sunday's puzzle until late last night so I will make only two comments. I struggled and I did not like the theme or the puzzle, but I did manage to complete it.

As to today's puzzle there is not much to comment on. The two I did not know, "New Hampshire City" and "Actress Charlotte and Explorer John" came from the perps.

I liked the clue for dews cousin. For some reason the answer took awhile to reveal itself and then the DUH moment.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Pretty straight forward today and I actually got the theme before I had finished. Favorite clue was Dew's cousin.

More rain today and it doesn't look like its going to change until the end of the week. I'm going to have to visit the gym rather than bike.

Have a great day!

danabw said...

'Skated' through the puzzle today. Finished it before my first cup of coffee.

TJ: Your 9:39 post last night, BTW, LGJ's name is all you know the middle name.

My vote is the same as Kazie's, Terry Joe.

CC: I agree about the clue for McCain beater, it struck me as insensitive. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive.

KittyB said...

Good morning, all.

This was a quickie. As Dennis said, not much to comment on.

I didn't know KEENE, but it came from the perps.

I have an insurance audit later this morning, and want to exercise first, so I'd better scram.

Have a good day!

Linda said...

Good morning CC and all:

Charlotte Rae was the housemother on the all-girls school show with Jo and the spoiled, rich girl...the name escapes me...NYT and LAT were a always on Mondays...both had reference to "British Thermal Units."

Going to try out my new fishing license and swim suit today...finally got the hole in the knee mended!

RosedaleCottage said...

Stumped on 57 D. What does that mean? Tie one on?

Dennis said...

RosedaleCottage, 57D is 'conk out'/'die'.

Dick said...

Linda, please show us a picture of your swim suite with the hole in the knee. It must be one of the new and modern suites.

kazie said...

Hi all,
My only slow spots were LAST LAP instead of LEG, until I figured I needed an "e" where the "a" was, and CATCH for MATCH in 44A. But IMPERIL made that error obvious too.

The silver tea sets have the teapot, sugar basin, strainer and milk jug, often with a serving tray, not the cups.

I remember IPANA from years ago--not sure when it went away here, or was it only in Oz?

I didn't see the theme until it was too late to help.

Amazing that a pope could be only 18. How times have changed!

Dennis said...

Kaz, Ipana was here too - I remember their jingle started 'Brusha, brusha, brusha'.

So strange the things that stay with you. Can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but that I remember.

carol said...

Hi all, Easy, easy...only ones I stumbled on were 42A Actor Danny (I wanted Glover)and 25A Rat race..they appeared soon though and all was well. I have never heard of Danny Aiello.

I also put 'last lap' in for 5D. 'leg' doesn't sound right.

Dennis, I remember Ipana too..terrible soapy taste!! I was able to talk my Dad into buying Colgate powder - do you remember that? Sure tasted better!

The sun is finally out rain in sight-yea!!! This will last until the 4th of July and it will rain on that day but be nice from the 5th on. I have my tongue sort of in my cheek when saying that, but it has happened on many more than 1 occasion here.

Anonymous said...

Super easy puzzle today as I just wrote in one answer after another. The only one I probably wouldn’t have gotten without the perps was Aiella. My favorite clue today was “gridiron zebras” - refs.

Not that I don’t enjoy your posts C.C. but was expecting the write up to be from Argyle as it is a Monday.

Dennis, now I remember that commercial; Brusha, brusha, brusha…didn’t Jan in Grease mimic that at the girl’s sleepover?

Brady Joe.

kazie said...

I guess I thought it had to be here too, it's just that I don't remember if it was from here that I remembered it, or only earlier when I was still in Oz--pre 1974. I checked Wiki but they're vague about when it ceased to be marketed here.

How about McCain outdoer? for the 14A clue?

I actually LOL'ed over Linda's swimsuit.

Elissa said...

No trouble with the puzzle. Missteps (cold/COOL lap/LEG) were cleared up with the perps. I had Danny DeVito, but quickly realized it was AIELLO.

Also didn't like McCain beater clue.

One quibble: highest ranking USN officer is actually CNO - Chief of Naval Operations who is an ADM. (I put the right letters in the puzzle but . . . The clue more accuratly should be 'highest USN officer rank'.) There is also a rank of Fleet Admiral reserved for war time use only. The last Fleet Admirals were in World War II. Fleet Admirals during that war were Chester W. Nimitz, William D. Leahy, Ernest J. King, and William F. Halsey - each of which has a ship named for him.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

A real cakewalk last night. Did not know AIELLO, wanted LASTLAP, couldn't remember TRIBE, but they all came easily via the perps.

Nice to see the nod to Wimbledon on opening day. A better clue for 14A: Winner over Biden. In a SILVER TEA SET the serving pieces are silver. The cups are undoubtedly fine bone china. Do you know what you call a camel without a hump?* Sounds like you need to be careful ordering a certain chicken dish in China! To my eyes, the belt link is very unattractive -- slutty, even.

@danabw Clever.

@kittyb Isn't that usually the case with quickies? Will the exercising help the audit go better?

@carol Talking about our weather again, I see. I just want to have good weather over the 4th of July weekend so I can get good pictures/videos of "our" 4449 steam engine heading east for Michigan.


BRADY JOE? Yikes! That's cute.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All. I really enjoy the easier Monday and Tuesday puzzles. I know that I won't have to spend too much time on them and I can get on to stuff like the laundry or vacuuming. On second thought, I opt for Friday and Saturday puzzles. :o)

Sorry Hahtoolah, but my only unknown fill was KEENE. But now that I know how famous it is, I won't forget.

BVD is a brand name, but it has been around so long that it is like Levis or Kleenex and the brand has become the thing itself. These BVDS are a great match for Linda's bathing suit

tarrajo, very nice name. If he wants to be cool when he is a little older he can go by his initials, B.J. My grandson's middle name is Joseph and when he decided at about 10 years old that his first name, Lindsey, was "too girly", he started to use his initials, L.J. and now just goes by Joe or Joey.

Jazzbumpa said...

Buckey Beaver takes me back to grade school. Every bit of 50 years.

Wanted to get the grass cut before it turns hot, but it's still too wet. Dang that FROST's warm cousin!

Despite the good theme, this is a disappointing puzzle. Not just easy, but simple-minded. I didn't feel any brain cells dying, so it's not as bad as the Commuter puzzle.

14A should be clued:"His grand-daddy's daddy came from Moneygall

I like Brady Joe.. Has a Natey-Joe ring to it . . .

I've been married twice, and didn't get drunk either time. Must have had other priorities.


Crockett1947 said...

@clearayes That's some bathing suit, but I don't see where there could be a hole in the knee.

Clear Ayes said...

Crockett, LOL, you are right. I guess I was being a little too risque. For this suit, Linda would have to watch those knees.

If Atilla the Hun was married to a gal who ressembled the Boris Vallejo painting that Jazzbumpa's linked yesterday, I can understand why he might have bled to death. She doesn't look like a lady you'd want to mess with.

She could be the poster girl for why it is a good idea to stay sober for your wedding.

KQ said...

Whizzed through this puzzle. As Dennis said, there isn't much to comment on as it wasn't particularly clever. I didn't have to get the theme to fill in the clue answers, so that wasn't a problem. Once I got Wimbledon I saw it right away though. The only unknowns for me were Aiello and Keene, which came easily through the perps.

I too dislike Grand Theft Auto - extraordinarily violent. Don't know why people would enjoy this, even if it is pretend.

I don't think anyone is looking at the belts in your picture CC.

Good luck on the batting practice Dennis. Even my kids were sore when the season started, so age isn't the only factor.

My son was playing the other day and had 2 triples, a single and a ground rule double. He had an exceptional day at the plate. The ground rule was at a park with no fence, and carried into the woods. Had it stayed two feet short, he could have gotten an in the park homer. He was rounding second before the ball landed. Someone told us to bring our own fence along next time. One mom was so mad about the rule she insisted that our team could never play at that park again.

I am awaiting Linda' explanation. I was wondering if she meant a hole in her knee, not the suits, but it is fun to surmise the intent anyway isn't it.

Dick said...

jazzbumpa, I liked your Obama clip. Cute!

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, I'll admit the sword brandishing horse woman is not everyone's SILVER TEA SET. She's a bit too ON EDGE, and a KEENE one, to boot. If a COOL MAID is more to your liking, LEER at this VIDEO.
, if you're GAME to CAVORT. They're all ACES. Not a LEMON in the bunch. Maybe you'll find your PERFECT MATCH, and take her BACK to HIDE in your CABIN. Or maybe just REST to ABBA ATTUNES on the RADIO. Don't forget the IPANA.

You might think this is sub-PAR, but I TRIED my best.


maria said...

Good morning c.c. and all - i' m glad to see i wasn' t the only one to finish late the Sunday puzzle,
it was touch and go all day in between other activities and while watching Merlin on TV, but i did finish, and while i was not crazy about the theme, i thought it was very clever . My fav was Queenannex.

c.c. you are always good, but today in particular it hit me, how spot on, on all your comments you are, from Lendl to McCain. Sometimes you are wise beyond your years.

BTW , i will be in N. Carolina for the next 3 weeks
would you know what paper carries the LAT ?

Dennis, your 4 minutes. is my half an hour, but i round my oo' s and straighten my ell's, lol, my puzzle is very legible, is yours ?
I' m just saying. . .

later alligater

maria said...

JazzBumpa, very cute, i liked the clip too.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, all. Agree with all that's been written. Loved the "mend the knee in the bathing suit" joke. Especially agree that it was a bad clue:"McCain's beater". C.C. nailed the reason it's so objectionable. I misspelled Wimbledon (Wimbleton) so I couldn't figure out conk out: tie. I still don't like the clue. A car can conk out, but I don't like die for the meaning.

I was going to go into the lack of silver cup in a silver tea set, but I see it's been covered. My tea set is all Spode, the only sterling is the teaspoons. Haven't used the teapot for years. Make it in a mug in the microwave.

KittyB said...

Come on, Linda....SHOW US THE SUIT! lol

Elissa, thanks for the info on naval ranks.

Crockett, yes, absolutely, on your question about quickies. ;-) Unfortunately, I didn't get to find out if exercise would help the audit go faster. The auditor never showed up, never called. I think there might be a letter sent off to the company later today. I put in time yesterday and very early this morning to be ready for her, and I should have received a phone call at the very least, if she couldn't make it.

Groannnnnnnn... I just got it. Humphrey. Soooooo bad! lol Just what grade did you teach, Crockett?

Sorry, Hahtoola, I'm another who didn't know Keene. Thanks for bringing me up to snuff. As I was typing your name my brain did one of those goofy things, and I heard "HAH-too-lah, HAH-too-la, She take me money and run Venezuela!" (I's MA-til-da, but it just popped into my brain, and I thought I'd share it and make you all crazy, too.)

Jeeze, Jazz...that was terrible! lol

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All-Dennis, I can't read or write fast enough to finish a CW in 4 minutes--Even a bit over 4. You did that even with your achy fingers from batting practice? I'm glad we have you on our team.

Both my hubby and I loved "Merlin" last night. Other than Harry Potter we don't usually watch TV Movies with a "Magic" theme. This was very enjoyable, though.

KittyB said...

Sallie, I bet your Spode tea set is gorgeous! I have several sets of family china that I bring out for large family gatherings. I set up tables in three rooms and each table has a different set of china. There's nothing quite like drinking from a bone china cup.

But, like you, I make my tea in a mug in the microwave. It's a shame that our lives are so casual now (or so busy) that we no longer use those beautiful tea sets.

This link from Reed and Barton shows a five piece tea set (coffee and tea pots, creamer, sugar bowl and tray), selling for a mere $900.

Anonymous said...

No offense Clearayes but I think we’ll just stick with Brady. Somehow I think being called BJ might cause some ribbing down the line.

KQ, your son hit two triples, a single and a ground rule double? That’s fantastic. How old is he.

Jazz, Lois you aren’t! Speaking of Lois has anyone heard about any mayhem taking place in OK?

Melissabee, we haven’t heard what your countdown to GGW weekend is at.

Crockett1947 said...

@kittyb 7th

Clear Ayes said...

tarrajo...LOL...oops....I think I might not have gotten enough sleep last night. Sorry about that!!

WM said...

Morning...Monday easy and agree with Obama clue...Jazz, loved the video. Has anyone seen the new JibJab Super Obama was shown for the first time Friday night at the Press/TV reporter dinner where Obama gave another very funny speech.

Did anyone notice that the word ACE is in RatRace which becomes another sort of unofficial Wimbledon answer?

Nothing was really a hang up is Monday after all.

C.C. Loved the TSO'S you think that the servers at a Chinese restaurant go in the kitchen and have a laugh at incorrect pronounciation? We had a terrific meal with the girls, their husbands and one set of inlaws, and our granddaughter at this fabulous Chinese restaurant that is tucked away in a strip mall...the food is just terrific.

Hahtoolah...Thanks for the info, had never heard of KEENE before. Here in the SF Bay Area the biggest Pumpkin Festival is in Half Moon Bay and people truck in Monster pumpkins from all over for judging. They also grow pumpkins all over the area. The only hangup is that you have to take a winding 2-lane road to the coast and it can take over an hour to get there on October weekends...otherwise it is about a 20 min drive from the freeway.


Jazz...good try and a silver star.

CA...loved the swimsuit links...most of those were also made of wool fabrics(according to grandmother who wore them) and I can't imagine how much the fabric itched and stretched when wet...I remember my grandmother saying they were hugely uncomfortable.

Great Day to you all!

KQ said...

JazzBumpa, loved the post today. Great job. The Obama clip was cute too.

Tarrajo, he is 15, and the ground rule double was really a homer that he was robbed of. However, I would be deeming him to be playing "down" a level, as he is young for his grade and just makes it into this league. We tried to get him on an older team, but it didn't work out. He does sub with the older kids though, and they play him often there also. He absolutely loves baseball, and I guess you can see why. Being a younger sibling helps too.

Jerome said...

I couldn't disagree more with those who think this puzzle is simple-minded or not clever. Easy...yes, but well done and very clever. Donna's an outstanding constructor. Not only does the theme show this but the fill is superb. RAT RACE, TRIBE, PUEBLO, INCA, COMIC, LAST LEG, SURE FIRE, CAVORT, CRINGE and BOGART are all examples of a puzzle maker that knows what she's doing.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says that Ipana is still a popular toothpaste--In Turkey. Ipana was hot here in the U.S. during the 50's but by early 70's it was gone from our markets. A gel version was developed and is popular in Turkey.
I don't know how to make a link, but a You-tube of the jingle is also in Google. Just put in Ipana Toothpaste and it should come up.

Carol--I agree that Colgate powder tasted better than Ipana--but it was soooo gritty!

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

I made the simple-minded comment. What I was referring to is the relationship between the clues and the answers. Constructing a puzzle can never be a simple minded activity.

But -- it has occurred to me repeatedly that difficulty level, and the inherent interest level of a puzzle are strongly dependent on the clues. Look at the first several Across clues. They are dull and insipid.

The upshot is that this really feels like a dumbed-down puzzle, and the Commuter is the right bench-mark.

My alternate 14A clue was given in jest, but something along the same line would give the puzzle some pizazz.

Or these:
1A it can be Bactrian.
36A Best shots at 55A
50A Failed, perhaps.
51A Pelt
58A National Lampoon's ___________ Dinner.


Mainiac said...

Man what a Monday! The weekend's rain did all kinds of damage. The county may have enough total damage to declare a disaster. Out of the first 22 days of June, 17 have had rain. I'm starting to mold!

I jinxed myself about it being awhile since making an ER trip. My youngest attended an Red Sox old timers game with a buddy. Apparently he was chasing down a foul ball that went into the bleachers and a loose stair railing somehow flung back and wacked him in the eye leaving a cut just under the eyebrow. Bled all over the place and the paramedics patched him up so I could get him to the ER. Of course they stayed until the end of the game. I didn't get out of the ER until midnight. I teased him that if he's going to keep me up that late, the next time it better be at least six stitches not three. I also gave him shit for being second in the race after the ball. I love parenting!!

Jerome said...

Jazzbumpa- Bactrian might fly as a clue for a Saturday puzzle, but never a Monday. There's probably 1 out of 1000 people that know the word. Besides, that's hardly a clever, jazzed up clue either.

But you're absolutely right about the cluing being way too simple and I'm going to guess that Rich Norris doesn't enjoy doing this. It's obvious that a group of loud whiners who resent having to think beyond the level of a nincompoop have attained the attention of too many local puzzle page editors. Unfortunately the LAT can't ignore the negative feedback.

It's pathetic that adults who have been solving for years can't get their lazy ass brains to move beyond gimme clues. To make it even more agitating, those of us who enjoy a challenge have to reap what idiots sew.

It makes one want to pop open a beer... or a knucklehead's dull mug. Cheers!

carol said...

Crockett, I hope I haven't jinxed your 4th! I missed the 4449 Steam Engine story, what is that about?

Mainiac - sorry to hear about your son's eye!!
Also sorry about you molding:)...In Oregon we rust with mold around the edges.

embien said...

8:05 today. I admit I was distracted by watching the hummingbirds cavort outside my window (especially active today), but still I couldn't get on this puzzle's wavelength (second time in a week for that to happen).

I didn't get the theme until WIMBLEDON showed up, but that's hardly unusual since I solve "downs" first and hence don't get to see the theme entries until later on in the solving experience.

My wife is a big fan of "high tea" so we go to a lot of tea rooms around Oregon. I think my wife has at least two antique SILVER TEA SETS stuck in the cupboards.

For those in the area, the best tea we've had so far is La Tea Da in Tillamook, OR. Much better than the tea rooms we went to in Virginia and North Carolina two years ago.

Crockett1947 said...

@carol Check out this page and links from there. She is a very impressive engine with a full head of steam barreling down the tracks at 60 mph!

maria said...

Jerome - very good post, couldn' t agree with you more. I sometime do the Miami Herald puzzle, and don't know who does their puzzle, but if i find it too hard i don't waste my time on it because it's no fun. Where as, with the LAT, i'll go all day if i have to, to finish it.
Well, i meant to send this an hour ago, but i got interrupted, sorry about that.

I love the Lat !

Have a nice evening and we' ll see u later

carol said...

Crockett, thank you for the link to the 4449 train. Are you going on the trip or just taking pics as she pulls out of town? That looks like it would be a fun excursion,but I have never been on a train. We are going to go to Seattle via train sometime this summer. I doubt I could get Joe to go on a longer trip. I was watching a train trip on the travel channel-it went all across Canada and the scenery was beautiful but in viewing the interior areas of the train, it looks like trains can be a bit confining, especially if you are used to exercise every day. I don't think we could just sit all day. Maybe some of you that are experienced in this type of travel and can enlighten me.

Jerome said...

Maria- The day will come when puzzles are a snap... Except when you come across the Saturday monsters. Just keep solving and enjoy it. Remember, difficulty is not in the words (You'll always know the words) it's in the cluing.

Crockett1947 said...

@carol We will be following the train from Portland to Whitefish MT, taking video and photos at every opportunity. Do take the Talgo to Seattle. It's a very modern train and gets you to places you don't see on I-5. Depending upon when you go, moving around in the train is no problem.

That's 5 for me.


windhover said...

Hey Jerome @4:11,
That's a really harsh comment, and I couldn't agree more. :)

Do people have to finish every puzzle they start or else? I often find I can't finish a puzzle, even after going back to it a time or two. So what? I'll get the next one. But I have stopped doing the Commuter puzzle in the Lexington Herald-Leader, it was killing brain cells.
I enjoy reading your comments.

WM said...

Jerome...what WH thought the puzzle was fun and I enjoy knowing that at least 2-3 of puzzles will be faster solves. I can post and get going. Then, I can gear up for the rest of week. If I have to set it down and come problem.

Crockett thanks for the link to the is really great. You'll have to post photos.

Anonymous said...

Windhover, I am with you about the harsh comments. I haven't been solving crossword puzzles for years.

Jerome, if you read my profile I am approaching middle 30's something and can't quite grasp some of the cluing in the latter weekday puzzles. I just do them as a brain "tickler" to expand my knowledge. You kind of made me feel insignificant, which I am not and sounded kind of pompous.

Mainiac, I am sorry about your son's stitches, but as you stated you did jinx yourself. Good to hear he held out for the rest of the game before you had to hit the emergency room. THREE STITCHES...
LGJ got eleven in and eleven out and is healing very nicely. Your thoughts on Brady Joe?

Dennis said...

Regarding 14A, 'McCain beater', I think I'm as sensitive as anyone to the treatment of John McCain while he was a POW, but that thought never crossed my mind when I read the clue. Thought it was totally innocuous.

tarrajo, Brady Joe is a great name. And I think you're right about Grease. Also, I agree with what Jerome said, and by no means should you have taken it the way you did - it wasn't meant that way.

Did we ever get an explanation for the hole in Linda's knee?

maria, yeah, you'd be able to read my writing.

Jerome, you're on the money, as usual. As I said this morning, simple, but fun.

Carol, jeez, I'd forgotten the Colgate powder; that was some nasty stuff. Also, we take the AutoTrain to Florida several times a year, and I'm not one to sit still for long periods. You can do as much or as little walking around as you like on most trains.

Mainiac, I can empathize regarding the rain - it's just been relentless here for weeks.

Crockett, that train looks awesome; how long a run does it make? Does it have sleepers?

carol said...

Dennis, the Colgate powder was pretty gritty BUT it was soooo much tastier than the soapy Ipana!!!
Also, thanks for the info on the train and being able to walk around as much as you wanted. We will try the Talgo as Crockett suggested and maybe I can talk Joe into another ride in the future (train ride, train ride-don't need to talk him into the other ride :))

Tarrajo, love your son's name! Brady is a very strong sounding name and of course, I love the Joe part. :)

Linda said...

All: I don`t know how CA got my picture in the swim suit...but she did...We`re home, red-skinned, full and caught no fish. They had the good sense to go into deeper water than I could fish in from the bank. Used some of the biggest night-crawlers I`ve ever seen and ,yes, I bait my own hook...I just wear gloves! No boat today...just food, folks and fun.

Dennis: those holes in my knees are called dimples.

WM said...

Just a random comment...We got the AARP mag today and so, of course, I had to do the xword...Clue: Mordvinia's capital...answer: Saransk...WTF???

I had to google after I finished the puzzle to make sure it wasn't something from a Disney move. :o(

Of, course, my hubby refused to even look at the answers until I got down to about 3 squares that had no letters and then he would only confirm that I had guessed correctly...he has a wicked sense of humor...

A good evening to you all...

Anonymous said...

Kitty B. I wonder if you have Canadian relatives. All mine are, and it was the custom when I turned 16 to get a bone china cup and saucer from all of them. So I have quite an array of different ones. I've only set the whole thing up for a real tea party twice. Almost no one drinks tea around here (Florida)except as iced tea. I have a couple of mugs of tea in the late afternoon.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Kitty B. It was fun to see the tea sets in your link. Thanks.

Jerome said...

tarrajo- You're hardly "insignificant" and I'm far from "pompous". You said in your post that you're trying to expand your knowledge. That's a wonderful thing and I admire that endeavor. I'm right there with you, trying to learn a little all the time. My rant was obviously not aimed at those, like yourself, who in their heart of hearts know and feel that knowledge makes us a more interesting person. I directed my thoughts to those who choose to stay at a level of ignorance because it's comfortable and easy to never be challenged... about anything. In sum, if a long-time solver can complain that a Monday LAT puzzle is too difficult, they'll also complain that the story line of the Young and Restless is too hard to grasp and write the network demanding they resume broadcasting the Dukes of Hazard.

Anonymous said...

I guess I owe you an apology Jerome. Just realize that there are younger peeps attempting the puzzles that are part of the blog too. With that I am going to tend to my night-time ritual of packing a lunch for Brady, AKA LGJ. This is Tarrajo time and I take all I can get.

Anonymous said...

Jerome, you did sound kind of pompous there....some people attempt the puzzles for therapy for dyslexia. Me being one of meht. era uoy a rotcurtsnoc? I have to try really hard to change sdrow around. It's a challenge.

Clear Ayes said...

Linda, "I don`t know how CA got my picture in the swim suit." forget....I know where you live. ;o)

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, if I remember right none of us know where Linda lives. Oh that's right somewhere north or south of the Mason-Dixon line. Tarrajo, I like the name you gave LGJ...Brady Joe. Mainiac, I am sorry to hear about your guy's eye meeting a pole. Jerome I agree with everyone else today; nice puzzle, but missed some clever cluing that makes me say "Hhm" I don't want too much of a struggle on Monday.

What the hell has Lois done in OK? Nothing is on the news as yet.

Melissabee...what is your countdown?