Jun 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10, 2009 Donna S. Levin

Theme: KNIT ONE, PURL ONE (57A: Directions appropriate for the activity suggested by the last words of 20-, 33- and 42-Across)

20A: Tingly feeling: PINS AND NEEDLES

33A: Through and through: DYED-IN-THE-WOOL

42A: Control tower concern: FLIGHT PATTERN

NEEDLES, WOOL & PATTERN simple suggests knitting, right? I am not a knitter. I don't know what kind of directions KNIT ONE, PURL ONE really are.

I am, however, a DYED-IN-THE-WOOL paper puzzle solver. I like having all the clues in front of me, writing, erasing, re-writing, sipping tea, snacking on nuts, etc. Working the on-line puzzle is just not relaxing. How about you?

Also, are you left-handed or right-handed? Kazie mentioned yesterday that "Lefties always look for connections and the "big picture", whereas righties seem to think more lineally, step by step". I am right-handed, but I think randomly, not "lineally".

Anyway, come to the Comments section and let me know which your dominant hand is. I am curious to know if we actually have more left-handed solvers than right-handed ones. Lefties are supposed to be good at solving problems.

My solving path today is rather jagged. But I got the job done. Favorite clues are TEAL and GYMNAST.


1A: SFPD alerts: APBS (All Points Bulletins)

10A: Term referring to a prev. citation: IBID. Short for Ibidem, meaning "in the aforementioned place". I forgot how it differs from OP. CIT. (in the work cited).

14A: Crux: MEAT. Wrote down GIST first.

15A: Greek market: AGORA

16A: Two-fifths of one quarter: DIME. I calculated 2/5 of 1/4 and got 1/10, so I wrote down DECI. Was not thinking of coin.

18A: Pricey mushroom: MOREL. Made me think of Dennis and his incredible moral sinew. I imagine he has a gruff voice.

19A: Educ. catchall: ELHI. EL(mentary) + HI(high school). I wrote down ET AL. I fall victim to this answer all the time.

23A: H.S. equivalency test: GED

25A: Monitor, briefly: CRT. For old computers.

29A: W.C.'s "My Little Chickadee" costar: MAE. Easy guess. Have never seen "My Little Chickadee". Was MAE West considered a sex symbol? She does not look hot to me.

37A: Proofing mark: DELE. And UNDO (59D: Backwards-arrow command)

38A: "Stroke" shouter, for short: COX (Coxswain). Stymied. "Stroke" is not a familiar command to me.

47A: Strange thing: ODDITY

51A: __Lingus: AER. Headquartered in Dublin. I like their three-leafed shamrock logo, green & leafy, very Irish.

52A: Canyon and Sierra: GMCS. Got the answer from Down fills.

62A: Surface magma: LAVA. Holy hot wick flow-er! Magma is beneath the earth's crust.

63A: Flared dress: A-LINE

64A: Tree of Knowledge site: EDEN. I am glad Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

67A: They may be pulled by teams: SLEDS. I thought team refers to horses & oxen only. I wrote down YOKES first.

69A: Masculine principle: YANG. Yin and YANG.

70A: Fusses: TO-DOS

71A: Big top: TENT. I like this clue.


1D: Rock booster: AMP. Kept thinking of "Rocket booster".

2D: Tiny sound: PEEP. More familiar with the "Look curiously" meaning of PEEP.

3D: Adriatic port: BARI. Unknown to me. See this map. It's a seaport in southeast of Italy.

4D: Smarted: STUNG

5D: Fast time in Fallujah: RAMADAN. The ninth month in Muslim calendar. I don't think I have the will to fast. Nice alliteration in the clue.

6D: Ray and Peter's co-Ghostbuster: EGON. No idea. Obtained the answer from Across fills.

7D: Parliament members: LORDS. House of Lords. And House of Commons. And houses of troubles for Gordon Brown. Man, he is toast, done!

9D: Alito and Thomas are graduates of it: YALE LAW. Gimme. So is the future Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

10D: Fingered, as a perp: IDED

11D: Original host of "The Price is Right": BILL CULLEN. Had trouble getting his given name as I screwed up the upper right corner.

12D: Words upon arriving: I'M HERE

13D: Many Founding Fathers, philosophically: DEISTS. Oh, I just learned that there is a difference between deism and theism. I wonder if ever America will elect an atheist as president.

21D: Big rig: SEMI

28D: Like many high achievers: SELF-DRIVEN

30D: Cut with acid: ETCH

32D: Mohair source: GOAT. Angora GOAT, to be exact.

35D: Fenced, perhaps: HOT. I did not know HOT is a slang for stolen goods.

36D: __ 67: Montreal fair: EXPO

40D: "Dude": BRO. Is BRO an African American saying?

43D: Let __: stop obsessing: IT GO

44D: One dismounting from a horse, maybe: GYMNAST. Pommel horse. Excellent clue.

45D: URL, e.g.: ADDRESS. Nice clue too.

46D: Ducky color?: TEAL. Another great clue. Interesting name, cinnamon TEAL duck.

47D: Subject of "Annie Get Your Gun": OAKLEY

48D: Reply to "Gracias": DE NADA

53D: Rostropovich's instrument: CELLO. Thought of PIANO first. His name Rostropovich sounds like a pianist.

58D: Spacecraft beverage: TANG. The first time I had TANG is around 1987, some 30 years after its invention.

61D: Hibernia: ERIN. You should eat worm if you failed to get this one. I've mentioned on the blog several times that Hibernia is Latin for Ireland. And those who love everything Irish are called hibernophiles.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - this seemed very easy to me for a Wednesday puzzle. Had one unknown with 'Rostropovich's instrument' and the perps quickly got that. I did screw up the last theme entry; I always thought it was 'knit one, purl two' even though I don't know the first thing about knitting.

Bill Cullen's name brought back memories. In the third grade, I was on local TV on a spelling bee hosted by Mr. Cullen. Came in third, misspelled 'arithmetic' as 'arithmitic', got a set of the World Book encyclopedia. I still have a picture of him with our group; we all had these stupid name placards hanging around our neck and mine said 'Denny', a name I've always hated. I remember wanting to ask if no one knew how to spell 'Dennis'.

Coincidental that we were just talking about 'dude' and 'bro'. Favorite clue was 'one dismounting from a horse, maybe'. And there's several answers in this one that Lois will have a lot of fun with, including a blog favorite, 'morel'.

Today is Iced Tea Day. I suggest Long Island.

Today's Words of Wisdom, and I can attest to this: "Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment -- the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he really is." -- Writer Jorge Luis Borges

Fun Facts for today:

Seven percent of Americans claim they never bathe at all.

Each day, there are more than 120 million acts of intercourse taking place around the world. Hopefully they all bathed.

C.C. Burnikel said...

How surprising, a spelling bee!

WM & Kazie,
Thanks for the history lessons on Henry V & the two Harold's.

Embien & Clear Ayes & WM,
Great points on OLLA. The constructor and editor were probably thinking of OLLA podrida, some kind of stew.

I was not aware of the archive.

Dennis said...

C.C., right-handed. I agree, my favorite time of morning is sitting on the dock, glass of orange juice and the paper. When I do it online, I'm constantly aware of the timer.

No gruff voice - I'm always told I sound very young on the phone. Shows how deceiving a voice can be...

Argyle said...

Good Morning,

Right handed.

Dennis, turn off the timer. I sometimes print out what I have got done, put it on a clip board and take with me when I go for coffee.

Bro: I think it started with bikers.

Argyle said...

Whoa! I just googled Egon...must have been a little insider joke on "Ghostbusters". Don't google in front of the kids.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning:

This seemed easy for a Wednesday, or maybe I was just lucky.

You need to look more closely at MAE WEST , who was the original big busted bleached blonde. (Enough alliteration for you?) She was actually an intelligent woman with a great sense of humor, who wrote her own dialogue and many memorable quips, and had huge breasts, at a time when you were either born with them or not.

Still hate ELHI, but it comes easily. IBID, is even further abbreviated in most legal writing into ID. The desire to miniaturize words started long before LOL.

Ghostbusters remains a very fun movie that is on TV often. I am really curious what you found that is XXX rated.

BRO I believe is the white version of the black BROTHER (brotha), an example of trying to be cool like our African American friends. There was a time I had to outlaw the use of DUDE, BRO and MAN in my house as my then teenagers and their friends were driving me crazy.

GYMNAST was very well clued, and I am not sure but I put CELLO in without knowing why.

I am left-handed and very proud to be so blessed.

windhover said...

I am right handed, and more of a confused thinker. I want nothing to do with a puzzle I can't hold in my hand and write on.
Also, I suppose I am a hibernophile, since my nickname here for my wife is "the Irish".

Finished 2nd in the Mason County Spelling Bee in 1958. I spelled "license" with 2 esses (more xwordese). Every time I've ever said or read the word since, I remembered.

Fun fact
Yesterday, the number was 120 million and one. Without bathing, it would not have been.

Tarra Jo :
Happy Belated Birthday.
And like all the others, I'm very pleasantly (maybe a little too pleasantly) surprised to learn that there are "two" of you.
Haymaking caught up for now, time to catch up on all the stuff neglected while it was going on, including padding WoW statistics and xwords.

Irish will bring LAT puzzle home this afternoon.

Bill said...

Right handed.
A better x word than most. Just the right amount of head scratching and wondering. I kinda disagree with "Backwards-arrow command" answer. There is a backspace key and a left arrow key that could be considered a "back" arrow. But, they do different things. I think, to get the correct answer, the clue should have been "Backspace key results".
CY'all later

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all,..a nice puzzle today. It flowed very smoothly and held my interest. Some of the cluing was creative, ie 16A "Two-fifths of one quarter" and 44D "gymnast". I immediately wanted to put in pint for 16A
which did not work with the down clues. The NE corner was the last to fall today, but the overall puzzle was easy.

I am right handed and would guess I think "lineally", if for no other reason, because I have an engineering background. Also, I hate doing the puzzle on line and will do that only on Saturday when I do not get a paper version.

Sure hope I do not meet up with the 7% of unbathed Americans.

Got to go do some weed wacking before it get too hot. Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Way to go Pens!

hahtoolah said...

Ducky color was my favorite clue today. This puzzle was, for me, the easiest one so far this week.

tfrank said...

Good morning, all:

I am a right handed, confirmed, paper and pencil puzzle solver. My favorite time is right after breakfast with coffee in hand. 26 minutes for me this morning. The few clues I did not know, such as for egon, cello, yang, and Bari, I got from the perps. I agree with Dennis, C.C. and others about best clues.

God have mercy on this country if we ever elect a confessed atheist as president. I suspect we have elected some undercover ones from time to time.

Dennis, where in the world do you get those statistics? Do they include homosexual pairings?

I had to bite my tongue yesterday as I read the laudatory comments about Jimmy Carter. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and mine differs from those expressed yesterday. 'Nuff said.

Enjoyed the interview yesterday, C.C. I was surprised that there are software programs to do the fills.

Summer is full blown in South Texas. Expect 95 and windy today.

Stay cool, or warm, as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

42 across=flight pattern not flying

Andrea said...

Good morning, all.

I'm eating worms. Read Hibernia as Hernia, so couldn't figure it out. Fortunately, got Erin from the fills. Also, had ELHS, so couldn't figure out what Dessts was... Did get the theme and all the clues, though. Was a knitter in grade school 4H - won 75 cents and a red ribbon for a pair slippers.

I am right handed, but generally considered a Big Picture person. However, my mom is a lefty, so maybe I picked that up from her. She taught me how to shoot pool, so I still shoot lefty to this day.

I missed the word "marriage" in the fifth grade spelling bee. Forgot the i. Ironic, given that I didn't end up getting married until I was 41...

Enjoy the day!


SandbridgeKaren said...

Shockingly easy puzzle for me today - fastest this week. The only answer I didn't know was Adriatic port and got that from the fills. Of course got the theme immediately so the long answers were easy which always helps. Liked the new cluing for Mae West but agree with gymnast as my fav.

Right handed but about 50/50 literal and random - pretty ambidextrous actually. My WiiFit shows even weight and strength distribution between both hands.

Agree CC that crosswords are better on paper, savoring whatever beverage you prefer - I'm big into savoring. It's a morel thing. My beverage of preference in the a.m. is tea with tang.

Hope to never meet that 7% or at least for 2 nonbathers to be part of the 120 million (is there a census for this sort of stuff - I mean who's counting?)

Dennis - LOL at your spelling bee story/seems quite in character.

Dick - your boys held on nicely - Friday should be interesting. Always enjoy those game 7's.

kazie said...

I had it all filled in, but had HOLE for WOOL and that screwed my East up good and properly. I had PROVES for ARGUES, and couldn't figure out what LPH stood for after YALE. Didn't know CULLEN--never watched it.

Knit one purl one produces a rib, like on the edge of a knitted garment. My mother was right-handed and tried unsuccessfully to teach me to knit left-handed. Her sister said no, just do it right-handed and that worked, so knitting is the only thing I do right-handed.

I'm a lefty, in my right mind!
My sons are both left handed and engineers. The mechanical one says he's an "ideas" person--again, big picture. As a kid he always was trying to invent things and see how things worked.

So far it looks like I'm outnumbered by righties here.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone.

For those who missed the final exchanges yesterday: The L.A. Times puzzle for the following day is available at 7:00 P.M. Pacific time at in the Archives section. You need the Across Lite application to solve these puzzles. It is available at the NY Times website (version 2.0). Have fun!

Like dennis, I wanted PURLTWO, but of course that wasn't correct. Lots of clever clues today. The GYMNAST clue really had me going.

@bill I agree with you on the clue for UNDO.

Right-handed here.

Leo continues to improve. He even wanted to play "fetch" yesterday, and he hasn't done that for a while. We're trying a different food, and he seems to enjoy it.

Have a great Wednesday.

3 of Four said...

Ambidextrous – but predominately a righty (although I throw lefty)

Favorite was dime for 2/5 of a ¼ . Wonder if we will ever have ½ of ¼ for bit.

I pray that we will never ever knowingly elect an atheist president.

In many applications there is a toolbar icon in the shape of a curved backwards pointing arrow that is labeled Undo and a curved forward pointing curved arrow labeled Redo

See y’all in the funny papers…

Lola said...


Nice puzzle for a Wednesday. My only "oops" was the crossing of self driven and yang. I had self driver which gave me yarg. I thought maybe it was some sort of pirate saying. Hee!!

c.c. I'm a righty and very much prefer pencil and paper to online solving.

tfrank: My tongue is still raw after the Carter discussion yesterday. Enough said.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Adios

Jeanne said...

Morning all,
Before I had anything else filled in I wanted Bob Barker for the host of "TPiR". But that didn't fit and then Bill Cullen fell into place. What other show was he on?

A Long Island ice tea sounds like a plan. We are getting a new pool filter installed today; so with some warmer weather, I am ready for summer. I don't think I had that "single moment" in discovering who I am. Seems like life events all help to define my strengths and weaknesses.

I am right-handed and usually do think things through on a step by step basis. Have difficulty seeing the big picture before I plan it out. Not artistic at all except for appreciation for those that are artistic. Good day all.

Karen said...

Hi all,
I'm a rightie.
I really enjoyed the puzzle today. Just enough to make me have to think some but not impossible. There were several I didn't know but they filled easily from the perps.

Crockett, SO glad to hear Leo is better. I have 2 cats (call them "My Boys") & I really hate when the little guys get sick. My oldest, Speedy, has to take thyroid med twice a day & my Midnite, who is now in Kitty Heaven, was diabetic & I had to give him insulin shots twice a day. So far my youngest, Dusty, is healthy. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Martin said...

I liked the 2/5 of a quarter clue: I thought 1/10 was DECI but it was DIME.

Other misdirections:

BIT or TAD for DAB




DELE for UNDO (so I was confused when DELE came up elsewhere)



Hibernia: ERIN. You should eat worm if you failed to get this one.

I had dinner with my students at a Japanese restaurant because they are graduating this month and, amongst other things, I had sashimi which is raw fish. Close enough? There was also something chewy in the soup that didn't quite taste like fish so you could say I got my just "dessert". Ha ha ha.

I'm probably not going to do many puzzles this summer: with my wife here this summer I don't have a monopoly on the computer; nor is she going to want me to spend all day working on a crossword puzzle on not help with Ian. It's okay because I want to spend time studying Chinese this summer: I've studied a lot of Chinese lately and I've got momentum that should get me through the next few months.


g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all,

Fun puzzle today and no googling. As soon as I saw Needles I knew it would be something with knitting and I quickly filled in 57A. My favorite clues today were: Two-fifths of one quarter; Ducky color; One dismounting from a horse and Fenced, perhaps. I didn't know Ramadan or Egon, but got them easily from the perps.

c.c.: I am a Lefty!

Barb B said...

I found today’s puzzle much easier than yesterday. Maybe I’m just more alert this morning. Once I was on to the theme things went faster; FLIGHT PATTERN didn’t quite flow, but it does fit.

I like solving puzzles online. I like doing everything online. I use a computer all day at work, and it’s more comfortable than pen and paper. I work the puzzle in an overstuffed chair with my laptop, coffee, and two dogs for company.

I’m right handed, and a right brain thinker. Linear thinking annoys me, probably because I can’t do it. I need people in my life who can, though, for balance.

Martin said...

I forgot: I had "Let IT BE" and not "Let IT GO". I guess I was thinking of the Beatles song.

I am right handed but, then again, I also have a science background so of course I look at things systematically. I don't know if left handed people are necessarily better problem solvers as sometimes a systematic approach is the best way to solve a problem, even if it takes longer sometimes.

I recall a story a professor once told me about when he was a student: a professor wrote a problem on the board and then immediately wrote the solution. A student asked "How did you get that?" and the teacher said "It's obvious". He then spent ten minutes just staring at the problem and working it out in his head before saying a second time "Yes, it's obvious". The moral of the story is that sometimes people want to see the intermediate steps. :)

I have heard that left handed people tend to be more artistic but creative problems are a different kind of problem and they don't require intermediate steps. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I blew right through this one today. Are we sure it isn’t Monday? The only one I wouldn’t have gotten was IBID and had no clue who Rostropovich was but with CE penned in I surmised it was CELLO. Although I penned in cox I didn’t understand the clue until I read C.C.’s comments. Very clever clues today. My favorites were “rock booster” – amp and “fenced perhaps” - hot. My mom taught me to knit when I was a little girl but the only thing I could ever make was a scarf. I never understood the “dropping” of stitches.

I took second place in a spelling bee at my school. My demise was accommodate which I spelled with just one “m” and I have never forgotten how to spell that word either.

Windhover, thank you for the compliment. Interestingly enough I am right handed and Tasha Jo is left handed. Also good for you on the 1,200,001.

@Dennis I wonder if that 7% just meant don’t take baths? Do you think showers were included in that figure? Sadly, I am not part of that 1,200,000 statistic unless something really interesting happens today.

Martin said...

There's an added complication with the right-handed / left-handed question: the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain and the left hand is controlled by the right side of the brain so lefties are right brained and righties are left brained. So left handed people are more artistic because the logic centers are in the left side of the brain as opposed to the right.

I think solving crossword puzzles requires creativity rather than problem solving skills because you have to think outside of the box sometimes with some of these clues. Ultimately I'm more of a Sudoku type of person: with Sudoku you can follow a procedure and work it out every time. This makes sense then because I'm right handed.


carol said...

Good morning C.C. and everyone,
Good puzzle, fun clues. I had trouble (again!) with IBID. For some reason, I can never remember that. I did not get 13D (DEISTS) or 16A (DIME) either so even having EL HI that small corner was a bust! I actually got the theme but like you Dennis, I wanted 'knit one purl two' but found the 'two' part did not fit with the answers for 60,61D. Since I don't knit either, I had never heard of the correct answer.

Loved seeing the 'pricey mushroom' again. That, along with MEAT, PEEP, COX, LAVA, and SELF DRIVEN should keep Lois occupied for quite a while!!

Argyle, I couldn't help googling EGON the way you described it...but I did not see anything a child should not look at. What did you see?

I am right handed, prefer to do the puzzle with pen and paper (and a good supply of 'DryLine').

treefrog said...

I prefer a paper puzzle. Much more comfy sitting in my recliner?

I'm right handed. I do many tasks like a lefty though. Does that mean I'm not in my right mind? When we set up our Wii I made 2 miis. One right handed and one left.I can actually bowl decently as a lefty. Golf may be another story!

No Long Island Ice Tea for me. I once had several at a show in Reno. I think I was sick for 3 days. We didn't even make it out of the parking lot of Circus Circus before I puked.

Bill Cullen was a gimme. Tells you how old I am. Used to watch the show as a kid. Didn't he host another show somewhere along the line? Can't remember the name of it.

Argyle-now I have to google egon to see what you're talking about.

Ok, gonna go pull some weeds for about an hour. Cloudy and cool out. Perfect!
I don't know about taking the grandsons swimming though. Even though the pool is heated.

Linda said...

Hi ya`ll! First chance I`ve had to post...fairly EZ puzzle...the knitting stuff was also EZ...I AM a GM, after all.

Big day yesterday! (almost too big for GM...) 80 mile round trip...picnic at lake ,TWO, count `em...TWO huge museums and a drive down "memory lane"...Whew!!!!

Dennis: about the "handed-ness". We Teachers have learned that if you are right-everything...or left everything (eye...foot etc.) you`re a better reader-linguist...if you have cross dominance (right handed but left eyed-footed) tend to have trouble with reading/linguistics. To judge which foot or eye you favor...kick a ball or look through a tube...which ever side you favor is your dominate side.

BTW: Left handed people are in their right mind!!!

KQ said...

Off to eat my worm today. I missed the discussion on Hibernia I guess. Didn't have a clue and got it from the perps. Liked the clues for GYMNAST (used to be one too) and RAMADAN best, also liked TEAL for ducky color. Never figured out HOT until I got here. Surprisingly easy today. Like Dennis, I wanted KNIT ONE PURL TWO. I am not a knitter but that is how I remember it being said. Our paper said today that 8 of the 9 justices graduated from either Yale or Harvard, so that answer was a gimme.

Argyle, couldn't figure out the insider joke on Egon. Tell us please which website you were on?

CC - Don't know much about Mae West, but she definitely was considered a sex symbol. Recently saw a program on old movies. She was banned for a while as her language was too suggestive at the time. If you watch old clips, it is interesting what she got away with that wouldn't have been kosher at all in those days (would be quite tame by modern standards though).

Missed the Jimmy Carter discussion yesterday. Have to go back and reread.

Righty here. I think I am quite lineal but I also look for those patterns too. However, I am considered quite adept at problem solving. As a former CPA, my favorite things to work on was a company with totally screwed up books and I could figure them out and correct the problems. Still like to do that in all sorts of activities. Prefer pen and paper, but do it online often to avoid printing.

Crockett - glad to hear Leo is better too. Hopefully each day brings more good news and healing.

maddid said...

25 A - I've been a teacher for many year and never seen High school abbreviated as HI, it is HS and elementary school is elem. Also, 10D IDED is actually spelled ID'd. These were silly mistakes and disconcerting.

Linda said...

tarrajo: Grandchildren will be here through Fri: PM...they want to be home by sundown...for the start of Sabaath...They are a hoot! The little one held up her pinkie and solemnly said, "GM, this is my Favowite finghur!"

KittyB said...


I got it...through the fills. I would have hated to have to eat worms! lol

C.C., I'm right handed, as you would guess. I rarely see the big picture. I no longer knit, but when I did, the needles were right up under my nose, where I could see one stitch at a time. I'm definitely a step-by-step person.
I prefer to do the crossword on-line, with or without red letter help. I find holes erased in the paper take all the fun out of it for me. *G* When I can...a mug of tea, the puzzle and some quiet wake-up time make for a great start to the day.

Argyle, thanks for the tip. I didn't realize I could print out a partially completed puzzle.

Most of this puzzle came easily. For 5A "Event with a baton," I wanted something having to do with conducting, or twirling a baton, but the answer finally came from the fills, as did BARI.

I don't mind the multi-word answers, but it throws me when one of the words is a contraction. IMHERE was one of the last words to fill.

YEA! Iced Tea! 7% don't bathe? Dennis, could that really be true?

I agree with Lemonade, I still hate ELHI. Jerome, couldn't we protest that term somewhere?

I've frittered away most of the morning. I'd best be off!

Dr.G said...

Hi all. I use the shot gun approach to solving. Wherever I find an answer I plug it in. Then I go back and see what's left for perps.
Like Kazie, I'm in my right mind and the mirror image of 3 of four, I play "flog" from the right side. (If you don't understand this just think high handicapper.)
Also, we lefties are all good looking and intelligent. If you don't believe this just ask any lefty.

Jazzbumpa said...

I'm right handed, and pretty linear most of the time. But I'm also left eyed (you also have a dominant eye and foot - usually same as the hand, but not always.) This is called cross-dominance. People with this affliction tend to be a little "out there" and do odd things like write demented sonnets and/or play the trombone.

I also have a tendency to see connections that others do not. whether this is a special insight, or a figment of my imagination is indeterminent.

Tarrajo - Happy belated birthday - 6/08 is my half birthday, sometimes known as "ha bir." Looks like I'm 6 mos older than you. (Plus an undisclosed number of years.)

Not much to complain about in today's puzzle, other than a missed opportunity. If only 50A had been clued as "Cannonball's Bro" then 40D would have been BRA, and the cross with ALBA would have been exquisite.

Speaking of missed opportunites, how about them EathelRedWings?!?


KQ said...

maddid and KittyB - we may not like ELHI, but it is in the dictionary - as a word not even an abbreviation. I appears to be common usage, although I have never heard anyone say it.

Jazzbumpa said...

I am praying for the day when we WILL have an atheist president.

The much-maligned Jimmy Carter, though not a great president, was far better than he is generally given credit for. His forthright honesty with the American people is a big part of what cost him re-election. For an unusually honest critique of America since WW II, I recommend "The Limits of Power" by Andrew Bacevich.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, all.
Martin, thanks for the explanation that right handers are mostly left brainers. I was going to go into that. Left handers are a more mixed bag. Some are right brainers, and some are not, and some are mixed. The ideal is to be both right brain and left brain dominant. My son, who is left handed, says that it's a great advantage for lefties to play right handed golf. The big problem for lefties is scissors.
I am right handed and very much left brained. Think in terms of outlines.

An additional fun fact, that appeared in the science section of the NY Times yesterday:
"Long-beaked Echidna:For reasons that remain mysterious, monotremes have multiple sets of sex chromosomes, four or more parading pairs of XXs and XYs, or something else altogether: a few of those extra sex chromosomes look suspiciously birdlike. Another avianlike feature is the cloaca, the single orifice through which an echidna or platypus voids waste, has sex and lays eggs, and by which the group gets its name. Yet through that uni-perforation, a male echnida can extrude a four-headed penis."

Take a bath or shower, and have a great day.

Dennis said...

Argyle, I'm with the others - I couldn't find anything onerous when I g-spotted 'Egon'.

Lemonade, great link to that Mae West site; thanks.

Isn't it funny, even after so many years, that a lot of us remember that one word that was our undoing in spelling bees?

Dick, just a great hockey game last night - congrats on the Pens. Game 7 should be a real barn-burner.

tarrajo, I took 'bathe' to mean either baths or showers.

treefrog, Bill Cullen also hosted The $25,000 Pyramid; prior to that, he was a long-time panelist on I've Got a Secret and To Tell the Truth.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, my wife and I are both right handed but my wife has the ability to read upside down and backwards - go figure.

It was a straightforward puzzle for us this morning, we finished it without any need for online help.

I liked the HOT clue.

windhover said...

Don't want to start another war, but give me an honest and intelligent atheist president over a lying and incompetent war criminal anytime.
As for Carter, he was the first president to claim to be "born again" and didn't back off when ridiculed for it. He may not have been the most effective president, but he beat the hell out of what came before and after. And his character has been affirmed by his activities as an ex-president. Sadly enough, I never voted for him, choosing the raven-haired, air-head, sleep-through-cabinet-meetings 'droid instead. I fully expect an extra year in purgatory for that offense.

Andrea said...

A companion Fun Fact to the 7% bathing stat: June is the most popular month for weddings, in part, because way back when people took their one bath a year in June when the weather warmed up... So glad times have changed!

kazie said...

You and Tasha must be mirror image twins. I've taught several sets of identical twins, and always looked for that in them after the first ones I noticed.

I am also left footed--left foot is also a half inch longer than my right. I wonder about training in footedness though. At school we were always made to step out on the right foot when marching.

I am lousy at spelling aloud, but can always look at a written word and tell if it's wrong.

I had an elementary teacher once who refused to take anything from a kid's left hand. She said it was rude and we had to offer things in the right hand (a throwback to the cacky-handed idea?)

Kicking a ball: which displays preference? The one you kick with, or the one you balance on while the other one kicks?

I prefer solving puzzles on paper because I can't see all the clues as well at the same time online. I also tend to look at downs as I go through the acrosses to doublecheck before writing answers in.

For the lefties among us who suffer from the challenges of living in a right-handed world, be consoled by this list of famous lefties.
In knitting, I mentioned the rib created by alternating plain and purl, but if they don't line up from row to row, you get a "moss" or "seed" stitch, where the purl and plain alternate vertically as well as across.

Very glad to read of Leo's progress. sound like he's well into his next "life".

Jazzbumpa and Windhover,
I agree about Carter. He is decent--very difficult for politicians, whose existence and political survival depend on compromise.

Does you wife also write upside down and backwards easily?

WM said...

Quick g'morning...have to get busy very soon...

Did the puzzle last night after all the great Crockett/Embien/Argyle info...Easy and fun and no real hangups, just had to think a little extra on CELLO and and GYMNAST. Finished quickly.

I am definitely a paper solver, with pencil, although I do look at surrounding clues if I am stuck to see if the letters I want will work. Am liking this evening solving with a decaf latte by my side.

Right handed and I can be very organized...I am a great one for lists, especially when working my way through prep for a party or family get together. I am also all over the place creatively and can definitely see the big picture and more often than not I am also very intuitive so I guess, like SBKaren, I am ambidextrous...I can also write with both hands and can also write backwards(mirror image) with no problem, a trick I taught myself as a child. So, I guess I am full brain...LOL

Faux-finisher daughter is coming over to work on the mural panel this am. The building is still about a month and a half away from completion.

Also...Dennis...thank you for the kind words about mom the other day...

Cool, overcast and just perfect today!

Lemonade714 said...

Wow, only one other southpaw! We have not discussed how discriminated against this select group has been, from the Latin word: SINISTER, hardly a complement, to the French: GAUCHE. It is true in my experience we lefties are quite irritating, and arrogant, but in a world where so many things are impossible, like IRONS and DOOR KNOBS, it might be self-preservation. Or it might be we are smarter, cuter an more lovable.

Speaking of BILL CULLEN he seemed to be always on TV when I was little. He was a polio victim, and a fighter pilot in WWII.

MAE WEST was still entertaining when she appeared in the movie version of GORE VIDAL'S MYRA BRECKENRIDGE , a truly shocking story when written in the 60's and filmed in the 70's.

I do not believe it is possible to be a good president, as too much is left in the confused hands of congress, the supreme court and the great bureaucracy (a nice spelling bee word) that has more power than any inividual. When I see anything truly reasonable being suggested and implemented, I will be shocked.

Crockett1947 said...

I wonder if lois has noticed the crossing in the middle of the puzzle today? I didn't really notice until a few minutes ago.

@sallie Interesting information about echidnas!

Where the heck is buckeye??


lois said...

Good morning CC et al., Holy 'Hot Cox'! and love how those two cross right smack 'dab' in the
middle too! What a fun puzzle! Had me sitting on P's and N's. It's a 'Denis' puzzle - with a great morel' & hot lava to 'boast' about: stroke/cox, a 'self driven''yang' with his 'meat' possibly from a 'deli'... or 'NOT'.
Then 51A lingus helped balance out everything w/the two Hot Shots of Oakley and Alba supporting Hot Cox on either side. What a 'flight pattern'...had me taking off!

Sallie: Holy Hotwick! Some females have all the luck!

Happy belated bday, Tarrajo. I wish you many many more.

Linda: never knew that cross-dom can interfere w/reading & linguistics since that is usually a left brain function.

I'm right handed as 90% of us are. Not withstanding individual differences, it's been shown that lefties suffer more headaches, allergies and knee/joint problems; have more accidents, reading disabilities and use more tobacco and alcohol. Also left-handedness is slowly disappearing. The question is why...don't know. Fascinating stuff!

Dick said...

@ Treefrog, I think Bill Collen was a panelist on "Whats My Line" hosted by Gary Moore.

Anonymous said...

@Dr. G my sister would agree with you on the attributes of left handed people. Especially the good looking part. :)

@Jazzbumpa, belated Ha Bir

@Crockett, I noticed the crossing of “fenced” and “stroke shouter” today but am not DF enough to type it out loud.

@Dennis, interesting you picked the 1,200,000 fun fact on what is known as “Hump Day.”

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone,
This right handed knitter could NEVER teach her left handed daughter to knit. She refused to do it right handed--so...

I had the same comments as everyone else on doing the puzzle today. It was much easier than yesterday's CW for me as I got all the long answers right off.

I prefer paper and pencil, but our paper no longer prints the LA Times puzzle, so am doing it on-line. I print out the puzzle when I haven't the time to finish on-line.

Have a good rest of the day.

Dick said...

OOps, I just saw that others have stated this Gary Moore connection.

kazie said...

Two others--Dr. G and I. I agree with your analysis of course. I think there are so many success stories among us because of having always to cope with righthanded equipment, hence the problem solving abilities and disproportionate number among the famous.

I always wondered if the leftie numbers were diminished by the burning at the stake of so many as witches in the past, but maybe there's a natural selection process going on.

Amazing monotreme facts! As an aussie I should have known more about them!

Crockett1947 said...

@tarrajo noticed the crossing of “fenced” and “stroke shouter” today but am not DF enough to type it out loud. Followed immediately by @Dennis, interesting you picked the 1,200,000 fun fact on what is known as “Hump Day.”

Methinks the lady doth protest too loudly!

Dennis said...

Dick, if memory serves me (a most tenuous caveat), Gary Moore hosted 'I've Got a Secret', and John Daly hosted 'What's My Line?'. I think Bill Cullen appeared on 'What's My Line', along with the other 'Secret' panelists, as guests once.

KQ said...


My daughter has cross-dominance. She is a righty, but has a severe astigmatism in her right eye, which makes her left eyed-footed. However, she is an excellent reader/linguist and student. We did have her analyzed and she had vision therapy when she was young. I don't know if that was the key or not. Her doc said she would have trouble around 3rd grade had she not had correction. It wreaks havoc with her putting though.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Nice puzzle today. I had a couple of nice "D'oh" moments with DIME and HOT.

I am a right hander. I took an online Right vs Left Brain test. The results were that I am slightly more right-brained (52%) than left-brained (48%). Here another interesting Brain Test. I saw a clock-wise rotation first, but it was easy for me to reverse it to counter-clockwise.

It is interesting that so many of us were spelling bee kids. I never went past the class level, but I always did well. GAH still asks me for the correct spelling of tricky words.

Dennis, When talking about nicknames yesterday, I wanted to ask if you had ever been a Dennie or Denny. I hesitated because I've never known a Dennis who liked Denny as a nickname. Now I'm very glad I didn't bring it up.

Argyle, Inquiring minds want to know. What's the link?

Windhover and Jazzbumpa, Thank you for your views on freedom of religion, or lack thereof, in politics....and anyplace else for that matter.

Jerome said...

Sorry, KittyB, KQ is right. ELHI is a legit word. Nope, it doesn't make us want to jump up and shout "WOW", but it is a real word.

Argyle said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention to use Google Images, not Google Web. I wanted to see what the Egon character in Ghostbusters" looked like. The actor was Harold Ramis and the joke might have been the passing resemblance of his character, Dr. Egon Spengler and Egon Schiele, the artist. Google Images starts out with a picture of the Dr. and then the esoteric nudes of the artist(and a picture of the artist, too)

Proceed at your own risk.

Dennis said...

My test said 55%.

Anonymous said...

I am neither "sinister" nor "gauche." I'm a righty. Am also a very left-brained, linear, visual learner.

As for "op. cit." and "ibid." -- I wrote and taught research papers back in the days of footnotes at the bottom of the page. If I remember correctly, "ibid." is used when referring to the reference cited immediately preceding it. "Op. cit." is used when there has been a previous citation from the same work somewhere in the paper. More information is needed with "op. cit.", which should include the author's last name and page number(s). This is probably much more information than you wanted, but I did say, I was a left-brained, linear, visual learner.

Have a great day. I'm going to go out to buy some new drapery panels for my den. Am almost afraid to do that because then I will see something else in the den that is old and needs replacing--the sofa, maybe. It all started by replacing the old, broken window air conditioner in the den in anticipation of summer.


Buckeye said...

Guday, all. Been lurking for weeks and thought I'd check in today. Been going through a lot of "Guy" tests and things like that, so I haven't been mentally up to conversing.

Easy puzzled the last three days, and I agree with most on the cleverest clues.

I'm still watching Crockett.

Dennis is right on Bill Cullen with Gary Moore on "I've Got A Secret," and appearing from time to time on "What's My Line," with John Daly.

I'm right handed, but one of my daughters is left handed and my Ol' Dad was amphibious. I look through BOTH eyes, and I kick with the foot which is closest to my fallen adversary's head.

I do the puzzle on paper. Our rag is now printing the answers THE SAME DAY, UPSIDE DOWN. I guess they don't think we're smart enough to walk around to the other side of the table to see the answers RIGHT-SIDE UP!! HAH! DUMMIES!

I lost out on a spelling bee in the third grade. I misspelled "banana" because I didn't know when to stop. Banananananana. The next kid went out when she only put one "z" in sizzors.

Good to see "morel" in today's puzzle. Just had some this weekend.

Windhover and Jazzbumpa, I agree with you 100%. AMEN! God bless you for joining me for praying for an atheist president. "W" said he talked to Jesus every morning. Either Jesus was mumbling or "W" wasn't a very good listener.

I must be off!

kazie said...

Clear Ayes,
Thanks for the fun tests.
I think that left/right brain test comes out differently for older people. When I was a student, I always had music going and was ready to tape anything good that came on too while I studied. Now I can't concentrate at all if there is music going. I was surprised to learn that I am 58% left brained, so I guess I'm not in my right mind after all!

The rotation was clockwise, but if I looked at the print to the left of it, it changed direction. Looking right at it, I couldn't get it to change from either direction.

Anonymous said...

@Dennis, I think I know where your other 45% is.

Clear Ayes said...

She wasn't a great beauty, but I think Mae West was sexy. She was smart and funny, which are two of the sexiest attributes I can think of. I am viewing "sexy" from the other side of the batters box, so maybe a lot of men think differently.

The first thing I notice about a man that makes him attractive is his intelligence. Following a close second is his sense of humor. Many will disagree with me, but until his creepiness with his Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, I thought Woody Allen was sexy.

Glad to see Buckeye stop by the blog. Not only do the ladies find him sexy, but he always leaves the guys wanting more too.

Hope you tests have all been assuring, Bro.

embien said...

8:36 today. I didn't find this as easy as some others, but I also didn't have any special problems. Didn't know BARI without the crosses; got BILL CULLEN with no crosses. Go figure.

Re: elhi and ided. A dictionary can be your friend.
elhi and ided

Re YANG. We had two cats (actually cats abandoned by the neighbors) that were Yin and Yang. Yang was a male, black with white patches; Yin a female, white with black splotches. Yang got "harvested" by the local coyote population; Yin is now our only cat (after the passing of Shadow, whom we had for 22 years a couple of weeks ago). Yin is in my wife's lap as I type this (she won't sit in my lap--she's a one-woman cat).

I'm in the right-handed, left-eyed camp.

I do the syndicated NY Times puzzle using my special "crossword" gel pen, that I love, in the newspaper every day while eating breakfast at a local greasy spoon.

The Oregonian no longer carries the LA Times puzzle, so I do that online from using Across Lite. I abhor the applet that is on the LA Times website, much preferring Across Lite. That's why I'm so late posting every day--I'm in the Pacific Time Zone and I don't come to the LA Times puzzle until the afternoon.

Buckeye said...

Clearayes. Just did the right-left brain test. WOW! I'm 53% right - 47% left. Dominant characteristics?
Right brain -Logic and left brain - Fantasy. My, my. Who'da thunk it.

As for the dancer, I first saw her clockwise, then, after looking away, counterclockwise. Then after staring at her longer, she jumped off my screen and started dancing, naked, in my computer room. We are now engaged to be married. (Her name is Darlin').


Al said...

Right-hand, right-eye, right-foot, right-brain (54%). Doesn't make sense. Apparently, like Buckeye, I am highly fantasy-oriented and not very based in reality.

The figure was spinning clockwise at first, but I can switch it by looking at the shadow. With a little effort, I can make her go back and forth without making a full revolution either way.

3 of Four said...

@ Clear Ayes - The first thing I notice about a man that makes him attractive is his intelligence. Following a close second is his sense of humor.
Seems I remember you checking out thumb lenghts the other day??? Surely not! LOL

KittyB said...

Clear Ayes, I took your Left Brain/Right Brain test, and the results were that I am 51% Left, 49% Right. None of these tests are perfect; there are always questions that can't be answered appropriately, but I'm rather surprised that I didn't score higher on the left.

Kazie, we weren't taught how to march in our classrooms when I was a child, but I learned to march in marching band. The schools that I attended all marched in a style similar to the army, rather than corps style. We were taught to start off with our left foot, and we took eight steps to five yards. I have no idea if I might have been right footed at one time, but I am certainly left footed (and right handed) now.

That cross-dominance explains some of my confusion, according to Jazzbumpa. What seems obvious to me, is occasionally off the beaten path for others. Or, I guess you could say that I dance to the beat of a different drummer.

KQ, it's depressing that ELHI is actually in the dictionary. SO WRONG! That's almost as bad as "enthused."

WM, I'm also a great one for lists. I usually have two, one for the order in which my errands need to be run, and a second for shopping. My sisters have teased me for years because I used to have a weekly meal list on the refrigerator. They wanted to know what music went with dinner, so when they were going to be present, the meal list also had music and wines for that night. Now, Dear Husband is lucky if he gets a grilled cheese sandwich some nights.

Karen said...

Where are you guys going to take this right brain/left brain test?? I'd like to try it.

Dennis said...

karen, ClearAyes provided a link in her 2:00 post.

Karen said...

Thanks Dennis, i'll go back & look for it. :)

Karen said...

Ah geeeze, I just did the right brain/left brain test. I'm totally right handed but the test results were 44% left brain & 56% right brain. That's backwards....must be something wrong with me that I don't know about. I thought I was relatively normal, just a little radical at times.
Oh well, I am what I am....too old to change now......LOL.

lois said...

CA: thank you for those links. I am 51% Right and 50% left...close to your numbers. Like Al, I can see the dancer go back and forth w/out completing a turn or go either way by looking away. It seems like everybody so far is pretty even keeled.

Embien: Are you good at batting w/your eye-hand cross dominance?

Buckeye: always good to see you. Hope the tests have good results and didn't hurt. You are hilarious. Darlin reminds me of the kid who thought he was dancin' until his dad nailed his other foot to the floor. If we don't hear from you in a while, I'll suspect you're busy chasing
'Darlin' around in circles.

Warren said...

Note for Kazi,

BTW, We named one of our cats Kazi short for Kamikaze...

RE: my wife's skills? As far as I know she can only read backwards and upside down - writing that way is another trick.


Karen said...

Lois, I took the test on the link that ClearAyes provided but there was no dancer.....did you take a different test??

Bill said...

47 left; 53 right.
Dancer spins both ways. She must be inebriated. Or, maybe it's me.

KittyB said...

Karen, go back to Clear Ayes post, and look for the second link.

KittyB said...

That dancer makes me crazy! Looking straight at her, she turns clockwise (right brain). If I look away, she reverses, and I can get her to go back and forth without completing a circuit.

I'm a blend of the attributes. I started out as a music teacher, moved on to learn bookkeeping, and in addition to the bookkeeping, I make quilts. So art and logic are combined. The patterns I choose to make are traditional patterns, sometimes updated, but the artistic part of the quilt making comes with fabric and color placement. I'd say the 51%L/49% R was just about right.

carol said...

Back from the dentist and errands.

Linda (11:18) I am right handed but always hold the phone in my left hand. Does that mean I make those cunninglinguistic (thanks Crockett) calls?

Crockett: So glad Leo is improving and actually wants to play. Give him a tummy rub for me!

Zazzbumpa (12:08) Good for you!

Not to add fuel but what would be wrong with an atheist president?

Warren: I can read upside down/backwards (mirror image) but my Mom could write (cursive) that way easily. I can to it too but NOT easily. I can print that way though.

Windhover: (12:26) Way to go!

Buckeye: Glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your post, you do make me laugh out loud. Thanks!!

Andrea said...

Must be incredibly right brained - can't get that dance to go counter clockwise to save my life... The description of right brainers does sound like me, though. I was 52/48 on the other test.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon all,
Ok, thanks for the info on Bill Culllen. I ended up using the G and read his biography.
Warren-my daughter used to get bored with the reading in first grade. So, she would turn her book upside down and read for fun. Good skill for a future teacher. One I don't have. Made teaching DISTAR Reading interesting.

I make lists all the time. Used to have master lists for groceries. Would mark what I needed. Hit Costco and what was left was bought at the grocery store. Used to keep a master camping list. After all was loaded I put the list in the tent trailer. That way I could make notes as I ran out of stuff. Yeah, I know I'm anal. My kids tell me that all the time.
But, I've made extensive grocery lists, left them home and still bought everything on the list.

I'm supposedly 53% left and 47% right brained. Dumb thing had my verbal score at 0. NOT.
I could make the dancer change direction with concentration. But, mostly counter clockwise worked best.

Catch ya all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Karen: remember that your left brain controls your right hand, so you are not screwed up at all. That's for most of right-handed people.

Crockett1947 said...

@andrea1263 Soul mate! 52 left, and 48 right. She only goes clockwise.

@treefrog I remember DISTAR!

Interesting discussions/revelations today.

Dennis said...

buckeye, tried to send you email, but it was kicked back.

carol said...

Well, I took the test and I am 51%Left to the dancer, she twirls clockwise but when I look away to read about it and look back, she is going the other I nuts? (don't answer that LOL)

Anonymous said...

Mae West was not the best looking woman but that's not what made her a "sex symbol" She was very risque and baudy for the times and made a name for herself as sort of a vamp. BTW W.C.Fields was born in Darby just outside of Philly.

Karen said...

OMG....I went to the "dancer site"....that is tooooo weird. I first saw her going clockwise...then blinked & looked away for a sec & saw her going counter-clockwise...then did again & she was back clockwise.........Kept going back & is that?

Jazzbumpa said...

Kitty - I always marched 8 to a 5 in band. I was surprised when you said starting with the left foot, but now I think you're right about left.

Coincidentally, I put some sinister music up on my blog this week.

Thanks to several for the support. After I posted, I was concerned about stirring up religio/political trouble, and had second thoughts.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I'm a congenital smart-ass.

I don't have problems with reading/linguistics, as such. But I'm a poor speller - never would have entered a spelling bee. Also, I'm a bit slow to process written information - like the scores of other games they put on the bottom of the TV screen. Frex: Was that Colts 14, Browns 12, or the other way around?

And I'm really bad at Sudoku.

Anyway, I just noticed that the last 6 across words form a sentence. Eden sleds skip Yang Todo's tent.

Not that it makes any sense . . .


Clear Ayes said...

Glad to see how many people enjoyed the right-left brain quiz.

Buckeye, I'm sure you and Darlin' will be very happy together. Her silhouette looks like she is very intelligent and has a great sense of humor.

Martin said...

The test told me I was 60% left brained and 40% right brained and that my most dominent feature is being linear.

I should tell you that I prefer to do puzzles on paper only because it is more relaxing. Besides, when I do puzzles online I cheat with red squares and feel guilty later.


luxor said...

What's with the right/left handed comments?

Clear Ayes said...

I almost forgot to mention that I prefer to do the puzzles online. Monday through Wednesday are the only days I don't usually need to make corrections and wouldn't mind using paper and pencil.

For Thursday through Sunday, I wouldn't want to use a pen because Wite-Out would be a necessity. A pencil is no good then either because the eraser digs holes in the paper. To top it off, our newspaper doesn't usually arrive until after 9 AM California time. I like to do the puzzle as soon as I get up with my first cup of coffee.

I am a huge list maker, organizer and sorter. All our CD's are arranged by genre and then by artist last name order. DVD's are organized by genre then title. Books are organized by genre then author.

Luxor, check my links at 2:00 PM

Crockett1947 said...

@luxor C.C. asked in her original post which handed we were. Check out clearayes 2:00 post et. seq. for information on left/right brain "tests." If you haven't read from there forward, you've missed a lot!

Over and out for the day.


WM said...

Busy day, but I took the test and I'm 43% Left Brain and 57% right Brain and I scanned through the info and it was pretty accurate.
The dancer was fun and I could get her to spin both ways...she looked vaguely like the Carol Doda image on the Condor sign. CA...thanks for the link. I also have fun with those goofy-a$$ "tests" on Facebook.

Buckeye so good to see of luck to you and Darlin'

KittyB...LOL at your list story. I have never been able to plan out meals other than by what looks good and is in season in the grocery store although I always have a list and never go into my favorite store when I am hungry. I keep a running list of things I need at the two grocery stores I shop at and one for Costco so that it doesn't get too long before we REALLY have to shop. I also have found that I have to keep lists lately of all that is going on with art entries, etc so that I get things where they need to be on time.

WH...glad the Haying is finished so that maybe we can see you a bit more often now...

Warren...I can also read upside down. I use cursive when writing backwards...I always figured that if Leonardo could do it...;o)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the discussions today and the right brain/left brain puzzles.
I'm left-handed eating/writing but right hand is dominant in other things, as are the female cousins on my mother's side. I do the puzzle in ink on paper; do not like the online versions. (maybe it's my age.) I consider myself a detail person, but I need to see where those details fit in the big picture. I saw the dancer go both directions; blinking seemed to change those directions. According to the test, I'm 56% left brain, 44% right brain. I'm the "go-to gal" for spelling wherever I've worked. I can see a word once and remember how to spell it and have always been very interested in the origins of words. So like others here have won spelling bees. It would be fun to compete in the AARP adult spelling bee in Wyoming sometime. (However, I cannot explain why I don't remember where I was yesterday.)
Jimmy Carter: a good man in an impossible position as president.
Wouldn't mind an atheist president, or how about someone who doesn't hear God talking to him or panders to the religious right while ignoring the majority of Americans who tread the middle ground? (Jefferson must spin in his grave sometimes!)

KQ said...

I tested 57 left/43 right. My highest attribute was sequential, and I had a big fat 0 for random.

Fun test. Thanks ClearAyes.

Always fun to see Buckeye appear.

KQ said...

Then when I watch the girl dancing, she is going clockwise. Go figure.

Forgot, I also read upside down. Handy for when you are helping teach something.

I went to a baseball game for my son and cannot believe how much I missed in a few hours.

Don't expect to sign on the next few days as I am heading to Iowa City to move my daughter back to the Twin Cities. I am so excited. So is she!!!

carol said...

If I did not have sticky notes, I would not be able to do much! They decorate my bathroom mirror. I am a member of Crockett's CRS club, big time! I make lists for family dinners (if I am doing them (LOL), shopping - I have several going at once, lists for gardening chores and one for odd household jobs. Vacuuming under the refrigerators comes to mind as does cleaning out the fireplace...those sort of things that can get lost in the ashes of my brain.

Buckeye, congrats on your upcoming (!) nuptials - nothing like a great dancer to make all your dreams come true. (ack, ack)

Jeannie said...

I can't help but Lois has a percentage that adds up to 101%...not that I don't believe it. Dennis just 55%? I think Tarrajo has the other 45% nailed.

BTW Buckeye, my hon...I took the test and am the same as you. You okay darlin'? Heading west this summer? We must be destined for one another...oh, I forgot you are engaged to "darlin" the naked dancer. So much for timing.

windhover said...

Hey Lux: RTFC

ClearAyes: Haying isn't finished, it's on hold for a stormy spell, will resume about Saturday, should be finished by end of next week. Second cutting alfalfa begins about June 22. Let's see, that gives me.......... A two day break. Second cutting doesn't last as long though. I get a break in July.

Had those guy tests in 2004, when I finally got health insurance. Good luck. No computer here except iPhone, so I seen the tiny dancer. Wouldn't matter anyway if she saw you first. Just looked at 33A, maybe she's a spinner. :)

lois said...

Jeannie: funny! and TRUE! my cup runneth every way!! I'm over the top! 51% and 49%..It's so hard being me - never knowing which way to turn -clockwise, counter clockwise, top bottom...yeah, I think I've figured it out actually.

windhover said...


Make that "haven't seen".
I proofread too, though not very well.
Also meant to say it's good to see you back.
I would donate to a Buckeye for President campaign. Hell, I'd start one.

kazie said...

Well, as a dyed in the wool leftie, I'm embarrassed to say I had the biggest left brain score of all at 58%. So disappointing! My extremes were left: 48% sequential, 17% Symbolic; right: 36% Fantasy, 0% nonverbal. But Darlin went mainly clockwise and would swing back and forth when I kept looking away. It was all fun though.