Jun 24, 2009

Wednesday June 24, 2009 Sharon Petersen

Theme: LET'S DANCE (58A: Ball offer, and a hint to this puzzle's theme)

18A: Good horse for a kid: WELSH PONY

23A: Fiery chip dip: RED HOT SALSA

37A: Pete Rose nickname: CHARLIE HUSTLE

51A: Dickens orphan: OLIVER TWIST

Not familiar with HUSTLE dance. But CHARLIE HUSTLE was a gimme. I probably have over 100 Pete Rose baseball cards.

This puzzle really dances, rhythmic in each word, none feels forced or made-up. Scrabbly too. One more letter Z, we would have had a pangram.

I was confused by the clue for WORD (44D: Sponsor's offering?). Then a big V-8 moment: "And now, a WORD from our sponsor".


6A: Doorway part: JAMB. I wonder if letter B is just like K (knife/knock), which was pronounced 500 years ago.

14A: Not quite a liter: QUART. Oh, I did not know a QUART is only 0.946 liters.

15A: Most draftable: ONE A

20A: Land in la mer: ILE

21A: 35mm camera type: SLR

22A: From Buffalo to Boston: EAST. French for EAST is EST. Spanish is ESTE.

27A: Where Mork and Mindy honeymooned: ORK. Learned from doing Xword. Old TV shows are definitely my weakest link in solving Xword. What's yours?

30A: Online investing service: E*TRADE. They offer savings/checking account as well.

32A: Org. in the 2008 film "Burn After Reading": CIA. I've yet to see this Coen brother film.

33A: Big name in yellow journalism: HEARST. Wiki says the term "yellow journalism" originated during the American Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century with the circulation battles (peaked from 1895 to about 1898) between Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and William Randoph HEART's New York Journal.

41A: Monk monikers: FRAS

44A: WWII female: WAC (Women's Army Corps). Our fellow solver Southern Belle was one during the Korean War.

50A: Tree toppler: AXE

54A: Lobbying group for 50-and-over folks: AARPS. Who is the most powerful lobbying group in the US? NRA?

56A: Helpful contacts: INS

57A: Title Pontiac of song: GTO. "Little GTO".

63A: Rara __: AVIS. Sade is one.

64A: "Mask" actress: CHER. She looks amazing in the video. I also like her "Believe".

65A: Achilles, for one: GREEK. Brad Pitt played Achilles in "Troy".

68A: Howard Hughes's phobia: GERMS. Donald Trump's too.


1D: Escort: SQUIRE

2D: Young hen: PULLET. Wish EGG (61D: Fabergé treasure) clued as "Hen product" to pair up with PULLET.

3D: Like many violent films: RATED R

4D: Bobble the ball, e.g.: ERR. Baseball & alliteration. Lovely ERR clue.

5D: O'Hare approx.: ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

6D: Prominent bulldog features: JOWLS

7D: End of __: AN ERA

10D: "Klutzy me": OOPS

11D: Diplomatic etiquette: PROTOCOL. No such thing for the mad man Kim Jong-il. About 21% of Koreans have Kim as their surname.

12D: Salon offering: TAN

19D: Lukas of "Mars Attacks!": HAAS. Got his name from Across fills. Not familiar with the movie neither.

25D: Poland-Germany border river: ODER. Same pronunciation as odor. Here is the map. It begins in Czech Republic and flows into the Baltic Sea.

34D: Christina of "Black Snake Moan": RICCI. Know her name. Have never heard of the movie. Looks awful.

35D: Neptune's realm: SEA. Neptune is the Roman god of sea. The Greek equivalent is Poseidon.

37D: Heart: CRUX. As in "The CRUX/heart of the matter...".

38D: "Dig in": HAVE AT IT. Here we go again, AT IT.

41D: Hialeah's home Abb.: FLA. Wiki says Hialeah is literally "pretty prairie". And it has the second highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the US. After Miami I suppose.

45D: Poncho wool: ALPACA. LLAMA can be clued as "Poncho wool" too.

47D: Pooh Corner cat: TIGGER. Again, I obtained the answer from Across fills. I think I am going to confuse him with the "Buster Brown dog" TIGE. Are these two both playing on the word "tiger"?

49D: Baby birds?: STORK

52D: Immoral practices: VICES

53D: Month in el invierno: ENERO. Easy guess. I don't know "invierno" is "winter" in Spanish.

55D: Man Fri.: ASST. "Robinson Cruso". Man Friday. Nice clue.

59D: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" girl: EVA

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a most enjoyable puzzle today with, again, lots of fresh cluing.

Needed perp help for 'welsh pony' and 'Lukas Haas'. I didn't get the theme until 'let's dance'; Chubby Checker made the pony popular in the 60s with 'Pony Time'. The 'hustle' brought back memories of polyester overload; I think I saved one pair of the, uh, snug poly pants just to laugh at in later years. Did anybody else really get into the disco era? I'd love to hear stories of the clothing.

Cleverest clue, I thought, was 'baby birds'. And 'at it' again??

Today is National Pink Day (yes!) and Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Learning and sex until rigor mortis." -- Activist Maggie Kuhn's motto

Some more Fun Facts:

- Jimmy Carter was the first president born in a hospital.

- More than 8,100 U.S. troops are still listed as missing in action from the Korean War.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Was WORD a gimme to you? I could picture you dancing wildly, with BRIO and oomph. I think Maggie Kuhn's Words of Wisdom sum up Dennis pretty well. What a MOREL guy you are!

There were no special college prep courses when I attended school. China was not that westernized then and Chinese government paid all my college education. I was once good.

Clear Ayes,
Thanks for the Brutus answer. Thought of you a lot when I worked on this puzzle. And yeah, those who failed to get CHARLIE HUSTLE should eat worms.

C.C. Burnikel said...

KittyB et al,
In case you wonder, Argyle has been having problems with his computer. He shall return!

Dennis said...

C.C., you were "once good"?? I think anybody who knows your history finds you amazing. No one who's been here for as short a period of time as you, should know the language as well as you do. Don't sell yourself short; we certainly don't.

Off to the gym.

KittyB said...

Actually, C.C. there are times when you know the language better than we do. You are just astonishing!

Sorry, Dennis. I didn't have anything of the disco era worth saving other than goofy memories.

I don't have to eat wo-ooormmmms! (I needed a little help from the perps to get it, but I got it! Actually, that's pretty amazing considering that I don't follow any sports at all.)

I gotta go. Dick and his early morning mowing earlier this week put me to shame. I'm going to go pull weeds for an hour and then go to exercise.

I hope you all have a great day!

KittyB said...

Oh, and thanks for the heads up on Argyle. I miss his additions to the blog, and hope he gets the computer under control soon.

Maybe we need to send him a whip and some black leather....

hahtoolah said...

The Hustle was big back in the disco era. Check out this site to hear the annoying song "Do the Hustle", along with instructions for how to do this dance.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning,

Worked this one into the SW corner and got stuck with LETS DANCE because I've never heard of the PONY. I think its cruel and unusual punishment making these prisoners do the Hustle. LAM finally came and I filled the rest. I enjoyed this one and finished without online help. 3 for 3 this week.

I was in Jr High when disco hit. Never really got into and then dissed it it High School for Rock. I do remember polyester reverse able clothing from Sears that I hated. Mom bought us that because it was cheap and you got two or three different looks out of it. I destroyed mine playing football at recess.

I like that WoW!

Al said...

C.C., you asked about the biggest lobbyists?

A decade of lobbying dollars, by industry, 1998 to 2008:

1. Pharmaceuticals/Health Products - $1.5 billion
2. Insurance - $1.1 billion
3. Electric Utilities - $1 billion
4. Computers/Internet - $820 million
5. Business Associations - $745 million
6. Education - $727 million (excludes money from teachers' unions)
7. Real Estate - $696 million
8. Oil and Gas - $687 million
9. Hospitals/Nursing Homes - $649 million
10. Miscellaneous Manufacturing and Distributing - $613 million

As you should be able to see by the first two on the list, the drug and the insurance companies are out to control our lives, and not to our benefit. It's just for the bottom line. And why should hospitals need to lobby for anything? Aren't they supposed to be there just to help us? Don't believe it for a minute...

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

fun theme today. didn't see the connection of theme answers right away since i don't know PONY as a dance ... anyone?

AT IT again!?

did not know donald trump was also phobic about germs. only knew the two howies, hughes and mandel.

dennis, i remember a mile-high claim also .. if that was on a train it must've been quite memorable.

i was in high school during the disco craze. memories of a strapless satin getup and a dance contest or two.

happy happy birthday barb b :).

Al said...

I'd bet Dennis has been to Denver, where anyone could make that claim without leaving the ground...

Dennis said...

A very happy birthday to Barb B. Thirty comes around quickly, no?

Melissa, for you: Pony Time

Just to put this to bed, so to speak, yes there was a mile-high incident, but not with a stew. These incidents were all back in my wayward youth days and are entirely attributable to the uniform.

Regarding potential visitors this summer, due to heightened security, in addition to the x-ray machine, there will be, uh, patdowns. Possibly repeatedly.

kazie said...

Hi all,
My only pause today was a HAVE AT IT. I wanted LAST DANCE for LET"S, but no outside help again. It feels good.

I think I missed the disco era because I was in Europe at the beginning (70-71) then was busy getting married, moving to here and starting a family. Not too many discos where I was.

I also liked the STORKS clue.

Interesting fun facts today.

Happy B'day, Barb B!

I echo the others in saying you are still the best!

Barry G. said...

Hey, all!

Had a chance to do today's pu8zzle on-line. Generally easy and enjoyable, although I got bogged down at the end in the SW corner. I wasn't sure if 59D was AVA or EVA and stared at L__SDANCE for quite awhile. I finally figured out it was probably LETS DANCE, but that would give me HAVE A TIT for 38D and that couldn't possibly be right...

Linda said...

Hey all ya`ll: (No need to hide my "southeren" ((sic)) anymore. Got all this without peeking except Rose`s nickname...having "oden" for the river...

We rescued a welch pony which was existing on peajammiesammies in a 12x14 backyard, once. We put her to pasture and she the point that she would take our children under a limb or scrub them against the barn to "unseat them." A 5 ft., 100 lb. (soaking wet) aunt came down and "bridle-trained" problems after that...they really can sense fear and "who`s the boss."

CC: My Okinawan aunt was a translator-clerk for the Army before she married my uncle in the 50`s.
When she came to the States, "No one would give me a chance," were her words just last summer. Lots of pathos there. The city finally adopted a "sister city" in Japan and made her the ambassador when the delegation came to visit.
Have you considered such a role for yourself? It is such a shame to waste so much talent/ability.

Barry Think "Have at it" but then something tells me you already knew that :)

Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable puzzle today with just one little snag….not being a big baseball fan I had to hit the g-spot for Pete Rose’s nickname. I had hustle and ch. How did he get the nickname Charlie? So, I guess I have to eat worms today. Can they be gummy worms? I had never heard of Black Snake Moan but got Ricci from the perps. The clever clues for me today were “baby birds” – stork and “heart” – crux.

C.C. you mentioned old TV shows were your downfall in puzzles. Mine is anything Greek. Mythology, alphabet, etc.

Dennis great WOW today and thankfully disco was way before my time. My dad is as Korean war vet. I had no idea there are still over 8000 soldiers still listed as missing in action. That’s an astonishing figure.
Also I have a hard time picturing you in pink.

Barb B, Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your day.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

Fun puzzle today.

Dennis: I did wear the minis, hot pants, bell bottoms, tunics with flared pants, and yes polyester!

Barb b: A very happy birthday to you!

c.c.: I ditto what everyone else said!

Barry G. said...

Barry Think "Have at it" but then something tells me you already knew that :)

Yeah, I did eventually figure that out all on my own. Seriously, though, I originally had HAVE A BIT for 39D, so that was in my mind when I replaced the B with a T. I honestly couldn't believe it when I got the TADA! at the end.

Elissa said...

I had a rough start because I put in RRATED for RATEDR. Once I got that fixed the rest was smooth sailing, except for a pause at Sponsor's offering/WORD (followed by an "ah"). Baby birds?/STORK was also my favorite clue.

When I was in Peru I learned that llamas have long necks and short hair and alpacas have short necks and long hair.

The Disco Era covered my prime dating years, so I did a lot of disco dancing, which was really fun. It had more unfortunate impact on men's attire than on women's. Platform shoes for men and those big collars on the polyester shirts! Ugh.

I have the worst time with clues related to newer TV sitcoms (never watched Friends or Seinfeld or the current stuff) and more recent popular music references.

The list of lobbying groups (Pharma, Health, Insurance) doesn't bode well for the pending Healthcare legislation. I've been sending letters to my representatives asking them to hang tough on the public option. The idea of limiting the ability of the government to negotiate prices for drugs or to "level" the playing field with insurance companies (and then complaining about the costs) just makes my blood boil.

treefrog said...

Zipped right through it today.
Did anyone here but me see Mars Attacks? A truly lame movie. It was on TV awhile back. I had to watch it. Why? Because I wanted to see if it was really that bad!

Dennis-planes or trains. What the heck. How about an ice cave? Leftover from the Boys Scouts a couple of weeks earlier. Hmm, brings to mind ................

Waiting for the garage door guy, window installer, window fixer. Going to be a very long and noisy day.

Dennis-can you find me a take your cat to work day? I'd pay to see my husband do that one!!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I was so proud of myself when I actually understood the theme after PONY and SALSA. I'm usually still scratching my head when the puzzle is complete and I have to come here to have it explained to me.

I thought it was very appropriate that MEL (Gibson) and BASEST were side by side.

C.C., Thanks for Little GTO. Those were the days of Saturday nights at the local drag strip. We even spent some time at the Winternationals in Pomona (mentioned in the song). The Winternationals were, and I think still are, the biggest drag car racing championships. Fun times.

I was a little too old for the disco dance craze in the 70's and 80's, so I never got into the Hustle. BTW, Mainiac, that was a real eye-opener of a video. I wonder what would happen if we made our prison population learn to do pop dances?

I didn't like Black Snake Moan. I don't mind movies with a high sex quotient, but this one was just weird. I didn't pay "theater" money, but saw it on TV, so I didn't feel ripped off. Same thing with Mars Attacks. I figured that since Jack Nicholson was in it, it couldn't be THAT bad. I was wrong. Treefrog, I gave up on that one about halfway through.

Happy BarbB Day!

melissa bee said...

@dennis: thanks for the pony.

@c.c.: your talents and abilities are remarkable, and very much appreciated here.

Barb B said...

Pretty easy today. I enjoyed the theme words; very clever. I’m beginning to remember words like CRUX and LAM, words that defeated me a few months ago, so perhaps I’m making progress.

I was taught to pronounce the ‘B’ in (door) JAMB as a child. I’m not sure why. My dad even substituted a B for the I in family. I still have a letter from him where he wrote ‘fambly.’ It seems to be a cultural thing, but I don’t know which culture to attribute it to. He was born in north central Texas and never ventured further than Louisiana to go cat fishing. Or I should say fishing for catfish. When he caught a really big one, we would have a fish fry and invite the whole ‘fambly’ – 20 or 30 people.

Thanks everyone for birthday wishes. And Dennis -- 30? That’s what I love most about you. Your chivalry.

FF. -- The easiest way to get the perfect rhythm when performing CPR (100 beats per minute,) is to time it to the music of Staying Alive, by the Bee Gees.
Heard it on NPR.

Mainiac said...

Dennis from yesterday, Zivah is a Bernese. Her blaze on her nose isn't perfect and she has a droopy eye which apparently is why she wasn't picked up. Hank is an English Golden Retriever. He was the runt of the litter which is why he was left behind. Doesn't make much difference to me. I'm not a Westminster Kennel Club kind of guy, more of a mutt myself. They are 10 weeks old now.

Clearayes, That was a hoot of a video. I was actually looking and found some old American stuff but liked that one better. Our prison systems should be stricter. I'll stop there.

Happy Birthday BarB!

Linda said...

All ya`ll: Had this interesting info (couldn`t verify it) E`d to me on where products come from indicated by the beginning numbers on the bar code. Use it or flush it...Sam is dead anyway...

690-692: China
00-09 : USA/Canada
30-37 : France
40-44: Germany
47 : Tiawan
49 : Japan
50 : UK

maria said...

Saved from yesterday.

By George i think i've got it ! Dennis - what i meant to say this morning was , you are a wild and crazy guy !
The old SNL catch phrase.
It was lots of fun puzzling this morning because my neighbor came over, and we went at it together , what i didn't get he would and vice-versa. he is a terrible speller .

Sally, Anthony's plea was a gimme (for me), but i didn't get she either, and i have gone thru 30 plus hurricane seasons.

c.c. Thank you.

p.s. Unable to post this yesterday , as much as i tried , i thought it was the miserable weather we had all day long !
Come to find out it was a tag i entered in error.

Dr.G said...

Hi all. Fairly easy, but my man Friday failed to asst me so I had to lam to Google.
C.C., Southern Belle, to have been a Korean War WAC, must be reincarnated if her age, as stated, is 1989!

Dennis said...

Mainiac, that prison 'hustle' video is disturbing on many levels. I have to admit, I loved the line dances back then, especially if you were in the second or third row - the view was just wonderful.

tarrajo, I also have a hard time picturing me in pink, but I think perhaps you missed it.

g8rmomx2, Elissa, you guys were disco queens!! Have any pictures? Elissa, I remember having those huge collars - if you drove a convertible, those things would smack the hell outta you.

treefrog, in an ice cave???? Did you ever see the Sienfeld episode on 'shrinkage'? And I can make a "Take Your Cat to Work Day" one day if you like - then just let your husband read the blog.

ClearAyes, great memories - I always wanted to go to the Winternationals but never made it.

BarbB, I was just guessing based on the picture.

KQ said...

AT IT again are we? Nice puzzle. I didn't get the theme until I filled in LETS DANCE. Not familiar with the PONY as it is pre my dancing era, but knew the others. Liked the Baby bird? clue. TIGGER was my sons favorite character, and he always loved the color orange because of him (still does). Rent Burn After Reading just to see Brad Pitt as the campy fitness trainer. He is so unlike any other character he has played. Fun to watch.

Dennis, my daughter will be happy it is National Pink Day, my husband not so much.

CC - WORD was not a gimme to me, but I figured it out once the perps filled part of it in.

I only just got up after having an incredible scare last night. We got a call at 3:30am from the police saying our son, who had gone to the midnight showing of Transformers was found slumped over the wheel of his car. He was incoherent, and they took him to the hospital via ambulance. Every parent's nightmare. What were we thinking letting him go. Thankfully he is fine. They deemed it Syncope - a fainting episode. Fortunately, no drugs or alcohol involved. We think he was probably just completely exhausted. I am still trembling from the incident. We have never been a fan of all night stuff, but you have to let go at some point. Lesson learned I guess for all of us.

Needed to come here to chill out a little and get a grip!!!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Took yesterday to run to the beach to take advantage of the negative 2.5 foot tide and explore terra incognito. 'Twas a marvelous day.

@dennis The 4449 train does not have sleepers. Each night on it's nine day journey from Portland to MI, people are housed in hotels/motels. The trip has interruptions as well, for maintenance, etc.

Today's puzzle went together very nicely. Interesting to see ATIT as part of an answer today.

@lois Glad you made it to OK safely. Sounds like it was no fun, even with the beverage cart open.

@barbb Many Happy Returns!!

@barryg Good to see you once again.

KQ said...

Happy Birthday Barb B. Hope it is a good one.

Maniac - loved your dog photos. Cannot show my kids or they will be very jealous. Interesting prison dance Hustle you posted. I agree with Dennis that it is disturbing on many levels.

Al, interesting list on lobbyists. Having audited hospitals in my day, I would say there are lots of sides to the issue. Hospitals need to remain solvent to "be there" for people. That said, I am not looking forward to the bill for my sons escapades yesterday.

Anonymous said...

tarrajo, I also have a hard time picturing me in pink, but I think perhaps you missed it.

Ah now I get it----but why do you have a hard time picturing yourself in it?

KQ, every parents nightmare! At least he is okay.

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,

Happy birthday BarbB!Hope you get cake.

CC, you are gooder now, and a lot gooder than most!

Al, thanks for that list. I was surprised that the NRA is not there...not even in the top 100. mmmm, wonder why, or rather how?It's a pretty powerful group.

KQ, I cannot imagine what you went thru. We're all so glad he (and you) are fine. Is he still sleeping? It's makes letting go even harder when something like that happens.

Dennis, loved all your extras today. I too was surprised at the amt. of MIAs.

Does anyone really save clothes from the past? I have things, like my uniform from high school and a long peasant dress from the 60's, that my kids wore for Halloween.I saved Bob's "sailor " blues too. Did anyone else wear a wig in the 60's? LMAO! Geez, we thought they were sooooo cool.I loved the mini skirts after being trapped in those ugly pastel polyester pant suits.The older teachers at school thought we(younger teachers @1967) were sinful! Such fuddy-duddies!

weakest link? acronyms and abbrev. spellings

new word? rife, and did not understand yellow journalism

fav. clue-baby birds?

VICES, no chatter?

maria said...

Good morning, c.c. and all - i sailed thru today's puzzled also, and allthough i got it from the perps unknowns were Bobble the ball and Charlie Hustle.
Do i have to eat worms ?

I smiled when i saw atit again, the constructors must be all in cahoots with that one, lol

Fav clue, dig in.

Happy B' day Barb B

Have a nice rest of the day and i'll see u in 3 weeks!
Ciao for now

JD said...

Reliving history:

1441-Eton College founded by Henry VI

1939- Pan Am's 1st US to England flight

1947- flying saucers sighted over Mt. Ranier by pilot

1949- Hopalong Cassidy was the 1st network western (NBC)

1968- deadline for redeeming silver certificate dollars for silver buillon.

Dennis said...

KQ, those middle of the night phone calls are always scary - you know it can't be anything good, kids or no kids. I'm glad he's ok. Is his blood pressure normally good?

Crockett, I'm curious about the train trip - what's something like that cost?

Ah now I get it----but why do you have a hard time picturing yourself in it?

Tarrajo, just review that sentence. You're quite blonde, aren't you?

JD, I'd forgotten all about the wigs you all used to wear back then; at least in that era, that was the only significant thing fake.

windhover said...

Interesting info on bar codes. And if your theological leanings are correct (and mine are not), Sam is not only dead, he's in Hell.

The original, once a year national drag race competition was held at Indianapolis Raceway Park. As the sport of drag racing outgrew the amateur weekend warriors like myself, more national meets were added to fill the schedule and spread the cash around. Also, here in the frosty East, most tracks shut down for the winter, while in the Promised Land (California) they kept on racing. When the Winternationals was inaugurated, the meet at IRP became the Summernationals. There were other big regional qualifying races at Englishtown in New Jersey and the York US 30 Raceway in Pa. I spent so much money drag racing in the sixties (to win plastic trophies) that it was actually cheaper when I got married and had a child. That '56 Chevy was a very expensive mistress. Like to have her back, though.
You gave Melissa Bee a pony???

WM said...

Morning all...terrific puzzle. Thanks to C.C. on Pete Rose I don't have to eat worms! Woot!

Got WELSH PONY right off but didn't see the theme until LETS DANCE...knew all the dances partly because as a fitness move I once took 2 years of dance through a Jr. College and really worked my a** off. The teacher had 2 big performances a year that you had to try out for and we did a number in the one I was in that included most of those dances. Plus I remember how shocking the TWIST was to our parents...dancing separatly and wiggling all around...WOW, those were the days!

Was pregnant during the end of the Disco craze (around '79) with our second and so I have no clothes from then...We did indulge in platform shoes and polyester get-ups and my husband still has some of those big collar shirts because they don't have a "use by" date on them.

I did have a wig that I often wore during my waitress years as I had very long hair and it was often easier just to hide. I also once bought a Tina Turner wig for a Halloween costume...

Some clever clues and I also liked Baby birds and Margarita option.

KQ... so glad your son is ok, definitely scary. Even when they are grown up and married you still worry about them. Glad it was good news, eventually.

BarryG and DrG...good to see you both.

BarbB HBDTY, HBDTY, HBD dear Barb, HBDTY...

C.C. you are, as always, awesome and I espcially love your sense of humor. ;o)

Have trouble with recent movies and TV show names and titles as I don't pay attention much anymore. Some of the Greek/Latin hangs me up also.

Another warm day and still lots do finish. Cheers

Dennis said...

Windhover, I used to go to Englishtown a lot and York a few times. Do you have any pictures of the Chevy? Hell, I might've even seen you run. Pretty neat. What kind of times did you turn?

You gave Melissa Bee a pony???

Well, I offered her a goose, but she preferred the pony.

WM said...

Also...Mainiac, your puppies are absolutely adorable...Is the Zivah name from the N.C.I.S is such a lovely name.

windhover said...

My hardest clues are any TV reference after 1973. Haven't watched much TV since then.
Back in the day (late sixties, early seventies) I had a pair of wool bell bottoms, purple and silver vertical stripes, and a purple shirt. Also part of that ensemble, a matching tobacco leaf tie and black and white wing-tipped shoes. One thing I'm proud of: I have never knowingly had a polyester garment on my body. Of course, there were several alcohol induced comas, where you wake up and both of you are thinking how did I get here and who the hell is she/he?
Weren't we talking about drag racing a minute ago? This has taken an ugly turn, and no, I have never been in drag, that I recall.
A pony ??????How can I top that?
BTW, I guess you know you're on thin ice with the blond jokes. Damn good thing you're infallible. Better lock the doors on the Popemobile. :)

Jeannie said...

@Dennis, don't pick on the's not nice and they won't play with you anymore.

BTW, your preference for pink was my first chuckle of the day.

carol said...

Hi C.C. and all, great puzzle, absolutely no trouble until the very SW corner. I did have LAM but couldn't figure out the L...Dance. Wanted 'last' but it wouldn't work with the now over popular "Have at it".

C.C. I have quite a list of what are my weakest links: Roman numerals (even with help I cannot figure them out), Newer songs/singers, actors/actresses to name a few. :) You are very special and I am amazed by your intellect!

Barb b, a very happy birthday!! Not only do I hope you get cake, I hope it is delivered by a big hunk!

Mainiac, thanks for the clip of the reminds me of the infamous 'line dance': the Macarena (sp). Also Hank is a doll! Good for you for taking them in.

KQ, I am so glad your son is ok. I hope you will research this episode a little as it seems strange that a young person would have that happen.

Maria, (11:50) LOL - Happy to hear you and your neighbor went 'at it' this morning, who cares if he can spell! :) Great way to start the day!

Anonymous said...


KQ said...

Thanks all for your well wishes.

Dennis, he is on ADHD meds and gets checked frequently for blood pressure. Still, scary news sometimes on "sudden" deaths of those on meds. He has an annual physical scheduled for next Tuesday so we will talk about it more than. Good timing on that I guess.

Carol, I have already been online researching. It is very common in teens. He had an incredibly busy day - 6:15-8:45am swim practice, practice again from 1-3pm and an evening baseball game in brutally hot temps. In retrospect, we should not have let him go. We were looking ahead to tomorrow vs. looking to what he had already done. Slap our hands, but we are usually so strict, and we are trying to balance with letting him have fun too. Seemed innocent enough. However, he went to a different theater much further away than we were told. Shame on him too!!! Parenting is so INCREDIBLY hard most days. They don't tell you that when you are having the fun trying to have those kids. God has some interesting ways of doing things doesn't he.

Linda said...

KQ: Glad your son is mother-in-love (a term I prefer), my husband and my daughter have sudden drops in blood sugar levels and passout if they haven`t eaten for 5 or six hours...they aren`t diabetic and we have never found out what causes it...but it seems to be hereditary...

WO: One thing is for certain...we will find out who is theologically correct sooner or later...and as for matter who/what he was...if he repented, he inherited eternal life...if I`m right. Let`s face it...none of us deserve mercy but we can all receive it if we ask.
(BTW, I sold my WallyWorld stock years ago...on general principles.)

Dennis: I`ve never known you to be intentionally insulting.
Signed: A Blond

Dennis said...

linda, tarrajo, jeannie, it was meant to be funny, not insulting. My apologies if it offended; wasn't meant to.

I'm gonna go off and self-flaggelate for a while...

carol said...

Oh Dennis, Windhover was kinda stepped in it with the blonde thingy. Being blond too, I was surprised at your remark, but also knowing that you are a morel, straight-up kinda guy, I'll not take offense. (this time) :)

Mainiac said...

Windhover, So that was you dude I saw on a class trip to NYC. I seen you down in the Village. No?

KQ, glad to hear you son is okay. My scary midnight calls have been about my parents lately. Mom's having a difficult recovery with her second knee replacement but she's tougher n nails. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that a full night's sleep will continue to be a rarity. Puppies, cats and then my oldest reminded me on his birthday this year that in three years he plans to be driving. OMG!! Some days he can't find his ass with both hands!! His mom says its because of his artistic abilities. Hoo boy! Nough said.

Karate Night!

Its all good!

Anonymous said...

@Dennis, perhaps you'd prefer us to flaggelate you??

We've all typed something one time or another thinking it was witty and wise and it's taken way out of context. You are forgiven if I can be the first one to administer the flaggelation:)

Mainiac said...

One more.....

Dennis, I hate the feeling of it when it squishes up between your toes. Don't you?

My wife would add that I don't need to be walking around to step in it. My mouth does a fine job. Of course she's a very smart gal as I remind her that she married me. Did you see her eyes roll!? She's blond as well! I'm leaving now!! May not be available tomorrow, I think we're seeing a councilor!!

Elissa said...

Dear God, no, there are no pictures of me in disco mode. Beaten by collar wings - LMAO.

Speaking of wigs, I had something we used to call a 'fall' - it was basically a ponytail of hair used to make up-do's and buns. What were we thinking?!?

KQ: Glad your son is fine, but it definitely warrants looking into why he fainted.

BarbB: Happy Bday.

Linda said...

Dennis: When you lumped :) this grandmother in with those young, lovely women...all was forgiven...and leave the flagellation to the albino monk!


Crockett1947 said...

@kq Glad to hear your son is OK. Hope there are no further episodes.

@dennis Tres cher! For an overnight package, which is in a luxury observation car that does have bedrooms, on $5099, but they're sold out. The day rider segments are only $499 per person.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, my wife and I managed to finish today's puzzle without online help. She knew "welsh pony" and I knew Charlie Hustle.

Here's a different thought for today from

"There is a way to look at the past. Don't hide from it. It will not catch you if you don't repeat it." — Pearl Bailey, American singer and actress (1918-1990).

KQ said...

Tarrajo, I am sure Dennis would prefer his flagellation come from one of us, but blonds only.

embien said...

9:25 today. Blogger and I are not friends. Erased my post again today.

Just wanted to disagree with @clear ayes to the extent that I liked Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan and enjoyed the movie as well.

Dennis said...

Ok, I feel better now. (Hope that doesn't leave a stain)

Thank you all for your forgiveness. Mainaic, yeah, but it's so nice and warm.

5099???? DOLLARS?? Does the bedroom come with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?? Or vice-versa?

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon All--Fun puzzle today. I knew the dances, especially the hustle and twist. We chaperoned many High School dances during that era. The twist was a real shocker to the "grownups",(we weren't quite 10years older than the students) but we got over it.

Windover: Do you have a picture of that fantastic ensemble? I hope so.

KQ: I'm glad to hear that your son is ok., but it is always scary getting a call at anytime from the police. Blood sugar was my first thought, but I'm sure they checked that first thing.

CC: My worst CW problems come with the newer popular singers and music, as well as the latest movies. I usually have to Google those.

windhover said...

Just got off the rake tractor, headed to the baler. If I had known one could get flagellated (is that the kids call it these days?) I would have offered a team of horses against that pony. Mine aren't working much these days anyway.
The '56 Chevy was a mostly stock (I say mostly because drag racing was like college sports today, if you didn't chest you were going to lose, everybody had a big cam and more cubic inches than they claimed) 265 bored .030 over with an Iskendarian solid lifter cam, a cheap set of Hedman Headers from JC Whitney, and 4.56 rear end gears. It ran low 14's most of the time with a best ever of 13.90. My love affair with it ended on a Saturday night at Mointain Park Dragway in Clay City, Ky. when I blew a clutch and a big chunk cut the frame rail almost through. If it had come up I would be walking with a limp if at all. The best thing about this car is I had $1600 total in it. A high school buddy (sort of, not really) whose parents had very deep pockets had a nearly identical car with over 6K invested; he never beat me in two years of trying, on the strip or on the street.
My fastest trip ever was in an older coworkers 413 Dodge. When it was stock he drove it himself, but after he retired it from the street and had it "built", he found he didn't really like 10.50's at 135, so he put me in it. I thought he was old; he was 36. But at 20, I didn't know enough to be afraid.
Did you know the funny cars are doing low/mid 4's now? It boggles my mind and seems to violate everything I know about space and time (or thought I knew).

There were some pictures; the reason I'm poor now is because of what it cost to have the owner/blackmailer "removed". Just kidding, I was stupid but not that stupid. No pictures survive. :)

kazie said...

I'm not so strong on modern music (anything after 1969), or most TV shows of the last two years, and hopeless on sports figures and jargon. But mostly they fall in with perp help because once I get a few letters, they start to look like words I've heard somewhere.

I hope the annual physical clears up the mystery of your son's fainting spell, but also I'm very glad he's ok. He must have had the foresight to pull over when he felt a bit weird.

I had one of those wigs in 1969. Had washed it and hung it out to dry the day before I was leaving for Europe. Someone stole it off the line and I was devastated to have to go without it. It was such a cute short style, contrast to my long lanky straight hair. I bought a replacement in Munich, and still have it somewhere, but it was never as cute as the first one.

Warren said...

I had to look this one up:

Tarrajo: note that it has 2 L's. ;-)

  /v. ˈflædʒəˌleɪt; adj., n. ˈflædʒəlɪt, -ˌleɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [v. flaj-uh-leyt; adj., n. flaj-uh-lit, -leyt] Show IPA verb, -lat⋅ed, -lat⋅ing, adjective, noun
Use flagellate in a Sentence
–verb (used with object)
1. to whip; scourge; flog; lash.
2. Also, flag⋅el⋅lat⋅ed. Biology. having flagella.
3. Botany. producing filiform runners or runnerlike branches, as the strawberry.
4. pertaining to or caused by flagellates.
5. any protozoan of the phylum (or class) Mastigophora, having one or more flagella.

windhover said...

As Linda noted, flagellation is what the monk in The Davinci Code did to himself, and what the Bible, in describing the Crucifixion, called "scourging".
The rest of us here, were, I believe (I can only speak for the inner workings of my own twisted psyche), using the word to represent another word or action which we (I) probably felt was inappropriate. As they say at the ballpark, you can't tell the players without a program. A dictionary will do you no good in this DF group. Sad, but true. (apologies to James Hetfield).

I'll be looking for that porch light. And my hat is off to you on the stock divestiture. Whatever the fate of Sam, the company is an evil Leviathon.

JIMBO said...

Just to say I finished all but the southwest corner.
I didn't know all the answers but give me a few letters and like she said the word just pops up.
And to wish BarbB a very happy birthday. The later years have their advantages Barb. You would be surprised how many hugs I get just being a "warm and fuzzy" old harmless man.
Also Linda,
Let me make a wild guess.
Are you,by any chance, associated with Hospitals??? Yes or no.
C.C. I still love you.
Vaya con Dios

Clear Ayes said...

I think I shared this late 60's photo with you all a while back, so there is no point in pretending that it doesn't exist. Are there bees in that beehive wig? It seems to me I had some really wide bellbottoms to set off the ensemble.

Linda, I hope you have stock in the local electric company. Your porch light may be on for a lonnng time. If WH and I don't find you in 50 years, I quit!

WH, Thanks for the drags history. I was just a pits groupie and hung around with my eventual ex and a bunch of his friends and their soon-to-be-exes. They all tinkered with cars and raced them when they could afford to keep them running. They did love those plastic trophies! It was a lot of fun. Everyone should have a young and stupid time in their lives.

What guy didn't aspire to be Tony Manero... that shirt, those pants (Angel Flights, of course) and that hair Dennis, strike a pose.

BTW, I'm of the opinion that we all deserve mercy...particularly after I went out in public in that wig!

Linda said...

Jimbo: Why would you ask that? I had three babies and several surgeries, waited on loved ones to get well, said my final "good bye" and have visited in hospitals...but no associations with one.

5th and out.

JD said...

CA and Kazie, isn't it a hoot that we actually did wear those wigs? Since my hair is curly(that was the worst thing in the 60's), I had a very cute short pixie-ish one. I took it with me to FLA when I first met Bob's parents in 1968. Probably wore it a lot because of the humidity.What they must have thought!!

I've never been to drag races. I grew up going to quarter midget races with my oldest sister & her husband, who built them.Later on we got involved in sports car races. I was a terrible navigator.

windhover said...

I have three things to say about that picture.
Hot. Hot. Hot.
And for the first time in a while, that's five and out.
Off to build another tricycle motor.

JIMBO said...

I asked because I thought you just may be a relative of mine, but I guessed wrong apparently. My loss.
Vaya con Dios

Anonymous said...

What is a more innocent thing in the summertime to do but put on one owns sprinkler and let the kids run through it? Well, until bully kid Josh shows up and ruins the fun. Brady Joes little girl friend (Sierra) was here in a little cute two piece BTW (and yes Dennis she is blonde.) Anyway I witnessed Josh the bully push her as she jumped through the sprinkler and pulled her bottom down while she was on the ground. I was making dinner at the time and before I could get out the door, LGJ was there pulling her pants up and shouted at the top of his lungs "Get out here you little Sh*t bag, and don't ever step foot in my yard again!!" Sierra ran home mortified and I marched the douche bag home. Who answers the door but his Mom, who BTW won't ever believe her little angel can cause any trouble.

No fists, no fury this time, but I came close. I can't even bring myself to scold Brady for swearing. I'm still pissed. I talked to Sierra's mom and tried to talk to Sierra but she wouldn't come out of her room.

KittyB said...

KQ, I'm so glad to know that your son is okay. I hate those middle of the night phone calls. They're never good news.

Barb B, I hope you've had a wonderful day, celebrating that "30th" birthday. *G* May there be many, many more!

I recall the wigs from the late 60s and early 70s. I had a very bouffant "do" with a flip.

One of my sisters raced stock cars, and won consistently.

Good night, all.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Good puzzle today. Had the most trouble with Welsh Pony and Let's Dance - the latter was especially galling since it was Benny Goodman's theme song.

TJ -
Wow, do I like Brady Joe. Josh is a seriously troubled little kid, and I'm beginning to guess why. Sierra is no doubt mortified, but I doubt she'll be scared for life.

Other Random Responses:
KQ. Glad your son is OK. Very scary. Somebody mentioned a blood pressure check. I second.

38D (Good Lord - 38D)should have been clued: Invitation to a suckling pig.

Al - only if they're feeling in the pink.

Kazie - you might not have experience the disco era, but you didn't miss a thing.

The poster for Black Snake Moan is an embarrassment. The movie, however, is extraordinary - Very moving and powerful, with great, flawed human characters and fabulous acting. Samuel L. Jackson does his own singing, too. Christi Ricca was awesome. Different strokes, I guess.

OTOH, Mars Attack was ghastly. I think it was supposed to be an over-the-top parody, but wound up a massive fail.

Elissa -
My granddaughters are dancers, and they wear falls for recitals and competitions.

Odd thought: Before the Doors went on tour, did they have a JAMB session?


Al said...

Has anyone else been having problems getting to around this time of day lately? This isn't the first time I haven't been able to connect. Maybe it's just me...

Jeannie said...

Tarrajo, it sounds like your Brady is a stand up little man to rush over to his friend to help cover her embarrassment instead of clocking him first. I think you handled the situation brilliantly and I wouldn't let that Josh kid come one more step into your yard. I am also glad you didn't come to fisticuffs with the neighbor lady. I'm with Jazz. There is a reason the kid, to put it in your eloquent term, is a "douche bag" is obvious. He is getting no punishment or direction at home and I hope it's not too late.

Another note; I just reread this numerous times and am now second guessing my spelling of embarrassment. Some of us are getting too picky about spelling IMHO.

Dennis, thanks for the apology but it wasn't necessary as I vodka you anyway:)

kazie said...

And Linda keeps "apologizing" to me for her possible errors. I'm not sure why. The only thing that really bugs me is redundant apostrophes. I put the rest down to typos.

I agree, Josh will suffer in the long run if he continues unchecked. I've seen it over and over in students--the ones whose parents think the sun rises and sets in their kids are the biggest trouble makers, and they are the ones who end up in the court system. Maybe next time, you could suggest to douche mom that she is condemning her son to that kind of future if she fails to discipline his bad behavior.

Someone discussed the silent "b" in JAMB earlier. I can't be sure about all the other words like that, but I found in Webster's: thumb [middle English: thoumbe] and dumb [old high German: tumb = mute]. JAMB is related, according to Webster, to the French word for leg: jambe. I suppose a door jamb supports the door in the same way legs support us.

So it seems those silent endings are not all from the same origin.