Jun 30, 2009

Tuesday June 30, 2009 Timothy L. Meaker

Theme: Spelling Bee

20A: February greeting card request!: BE MY VALENTINE

30A: Utah's nickname: BEEHIVE STATE

39A: "Petticoat junction" star: BEA BENADERET

51A: Sue Grafton's second Kinsey Millhone novel: "B" IS FOR BURGLAR

Nice homophone. "C, SEE, SEA" & "I, AYE, EYE" popped into my mind, but I could not think of a 4th entry.

I have never heard of BEA BENADERET. The only BEA I know is BEA Arthur. Love BE MY VALENTINE. So sweet! Chocolate, roses & Paris. Actually, a hike in Appalachia Trail sounds romantic too. So does a 7-day stay in ARG (47A: Braz. neighbor).

Why "Mamma Mia!" trio? for EMS (25A)? The clue should be quartet, correct? There are four letter M in "Mamma Mia!".


1A: Tout's topic: ODDS. Alliteration.

5A: Broad tie: ASCOT. Named after the Royal ASCOT race.

10A: Left the launch pad: ROSE. And GOES (56A: Leaves) & STAY (64A: Hang around). Plenty of actions.

14A: Slightest concern: HOOT

15A: Juniper fruit: BERRY. I've never used juniper BERRY in cooking.

16A: Black, to Byron: EBON. Another alliteration.

17A: Cath. prelate: MSGR. Monsignor. Not a familiar abbreviation to me.

18A: Come apart: BREAK

19A: Keycard receiver: SLOT. Crossing ENTER, which is clued as "Key in".

23A: Baker or Bryant: ANITA. Only knew ANITA Baker.

26A: Bernese Alps peak: EIGER. I forgot. Someone mentioned Clint Eastwood's "The EIGER Sanction" last time when EIGER appeared.

27A: "You __!": "Sure thing!": BETCHA. First Minnesotan phrase I learned.

29A: Four-time Wimbledon champ Rod: LAVER

34A: Super Bowl highlights?: ADS. Nice clue.

35A: "Hedda Gablar" dramatist: IBSEN. And GYNT (53D: 35-Across's "Peer __"). Love cross reference.

36A: Bauxite, to aluminum: ORE. Did not know bauxite is the principal ORE of aluminum.

43A: Unrefined: CRASS. Wrote down CRUDE first.

45A: Tell to enter, as a prospective job applicant: SEND IN

46A: Kitchen bigwigs: CHEFS. Bam! Emeril is out of Food Network.

54A: First name in daredevilry: EVEL. EVEL Knievel.

55A: "Yippee!": OH BOY

60A: Strikeout king Ryan: NOLAN. Total Ryan with 5,714 strikeouts. Johan Santana now has 1,676. Nobody is going to catch NOLAN Ryan. Randy Johnson has tried his very best.

62A: Grounded fleets, briefly: SSTS

63A: "Looks __ everything": AREN'T. But very important.


1D: Resistance unit: OHM. The "Conductance unit" is MHO.

2D: MS-__: DOS. Windows preceder.

3D: Animal control officer's concerns: DOG BITES

4D: Yawn accompanier, often: STRETCH

5D: "Dear" columnist: ABBY. Our paper has dropped her column.

6D: Dish up: SERVE. Not "Dish out"?

7D: Dairy aisle buy: CREAM

8D: Think-on-your-feet tests: ORALS. I got the answer. Don't under the logic.

9D: Wee one: TYKE

10D: Nervous: RESTIVE

11D: Accommodate: OBLIGE

12D: At an earlier time: SOONER

21D: When doubled, a fish: MAHI. Mahi-mahi is very tasty. It means "strong-strong" in Hawaiian.

22D: In apple-pie order: NEAT

23D: Palindromic pop group: ABBA. "Mamma Mia!"

28D: Alternatives to Reeboks: AVIAS. Avia is Latin for "to fly". One more blank, the answer would be ADIDAS.

33D: Common news hour: TEN. TEN PM, to be exact.

36D: Have pizza delivered, say: ORDER OUT

37D: Bridle strap: REIN. Misread the clue as "Bridal strap". GOWN came to my mind.

38D: Frequent Italian erupter: ETNA. Literally "I burn".

39D: Perplexes: BAFFLES

41D: Start a new hand: DEAL

42D: Angers: ENRAGES. And RESENT (44D: React indignantly to) & ABHOR (47D: Despise). Not a happy puzzle.

43D: Leek cousins: CHIVES. Onions too.

46D: Turnpike "breakers": CB'ERS. Argyle mentioned the other day that the professional truck driver is called "Road Scholar", a take-off on Rhodes Scholar.

48D: Kirov cash: RUBLE. Easy guess. I don't know where Kirov is, but it sounds Russian. And I like the alliteration.

49D: Corny joke reaction: GROAN

52D: Novelist Jaffe: RONA. Have you read any of her books? I learned her name from doing Xword. Sometimes RONA is clued as "Gossipy Barrett".

Answer grid.



Dennis said...


And many, many more! Whatcha doing special today?

Dennis said...

And good morning, gang - is it me, or have these two days both been a step up in difficulty from past Monday/Tuesday puzzles? I'm not used to having unknowns with them, and I didn't know the 'Petticoat Junction star' or 'Sue Grafton's second Kinsey Millhone novel'. Otherwise, pretty straightforward without any deception.

I liked seeing 'Avias' in the puzzle; they make great sneakers. (I have a weakness for new sneakers, and have an obscene number.) I thought 'Turnpike breakers' was a clever clue. Nice, but obviously unintentional tie-in with 23D and FF#1.

JoJo, welcome, and thanks for joining us; good to hear that you're gonna start adding to the daily conversation.

Today is Meteor Watch Day. Hey, it's a good excuse for a romantic evening.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Age seldom arrives smoothly or quickly. It's more often a succession of jerks." -- Writer Jean Rhys

Fun Facts for today:

- The Swedish pop group ABBA once turned down an offer of one billion dollars to reunite. They're certifiably insane.

- Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner auctioned off his address book containing the phone numbers of some of the most beautiful women in the world - along with memorabilia including portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Brigitte Bardot - to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the men's magazine. My bid of $100 fell a bit short.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Aww, that's so sweet. Will meteor-watch tonight then. Maybe stars will grant my dreams. I hope
Hugh Hefner got the approval from those whose numbers he auctioned off. I'm appalled that the media leaked the private emails between Governor Sanford and his lover. Aren't you?

Happy Birthday to Brady too. Millions of Iraqis will be celebrating June 30 from now on. Their prime minister just declared today as "National Sovereignty Day".

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for the French plural nouns & adjectives agreement lessons. Very educating.

You are a woman of great strength.

Good thinking. But it's Café au lait. Caffè is Italian for coffee. The clue is correct.

Great point @1:08pm. Your posts often make me laugh. Thanks.

Dennis said...

C.C., 25A in my puzzle is 'Mamma Mia quartet' - yours says 'trio'?

C.C., you're not realy surprised that the media leaked those letters, are you?

And a very Happy Birthday to Brady.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The clue is "trio" in LA Times website. No. I was shocked by the leak. Those are extremely personal letters.

Clear Ayes,
I'll get a better idea by next Monday. There are still hundreds of regular readers who google "Star Tribune Crossword Corner" every day rather than bookmark the page.

I've added Samantha Wine into Rich Norris' alias name list. Thanks. I loved your BATH and dirt link idea yesterday.

Andy & JoJo,

Martin said...

"C, SEE, SEA" & "I, AYE, EYE" popped into my mind, but I could not think of a 4th entry.

C, SEE, SEA, SI (Spanish for yes)
I, AYE, EYE, AI (As in "Wo ai ni")

Tough puzzle today but then so was yesterday's. I take it Mr. Norris isn't going easy on us anymore. I imagine some of you are happy about that.

I got off to a bad start when I filled in MS-NBC and then thought "What else could it be?" when it didn't look right. I originally wrote BROKE for BREAK because I wasn't sure if the clue was "Come apart" or "Came apart". I guessed ANNIE for ANITA but that was wrong and I wrote BE THERE instead of BEEHIVE because, frankly, I didn't know any state nicknames. I also had NIKES for AVIAS.

My biggest confusion was at the bottom: I wrote YAHOO instead of OH BOY. Somehow OH BOY doesn't seem synonymous with "Yippee". OH BOY sounds a bit sarcastic to me. Did the constructor ever watch Quantum Leap? Oh and I guessed SCREECH for STRETCH and I tried to imagine someone bored and horrified at the same time. Maybe if you went to see Transformers 2.


Hahtoolah said...

Thanks, for the explanation on 25A ~ Mamma Mia quartet and the 4 "M"s. I got the answer by default. Glad to see ABBA as the answer to another clue.

Anita Bryant? Go see the movie "Milk." Bryant was a big anti-gay rights advocate in the 1970s. She also pushed Florida orange juice.

Argyle said...


Checked my paper - it has 'Mamma Mia' quartet...and that would be ABBA, right?

KittyB said...

Happy Birthday, C.C., and many more!

I see that the blog name has now officially changed. I bookmarked long ago rather than go to Google each day.

I finished the puzzle without any assistance, but had to come here to figure out what EMS meant. The LA Times on-line clue was confusing. Luckily the answer came from the perps.

I am familiar with the 'Peer Gynt Suites' by Edvard Grieg, but I didn't know that they were composed for a play by Ibsen.

I doubt I would have gotten EIGER had I not seen 'The Eiger Sanction.' NOLAN came from the perps.

C.C., oral exams are frequently a part of the finals for advanced degrees. The candidate for a doctoral degree might have to stand before a panel of experts in his subject matter and answer whatever questions they throw at him. He would not have access to any reference material, so you could say he has to 'think on his feet.'

I wonder how our little 'SOONER" is doing? Has Oklahoma lived through the return of Lois?? *G*

Dennis, who offered that one billion to ABBA to reunite?

Doreen, I hope your recuperation is swift, and that you are comfortable as you wait it out.

tarrajo, happy birthday to LGJ!

Dennis said...

KittyB, a group of 'Japanese interests' made that offer.

Photofoot said...

36D -Have pizza delivered, say ... ORDER OUT. This must be a regional thing. In the midwest we would ORDER IN. We also don't STAND ON LINE.

SandbridgeKaren said...

Dennis - absolutely no apologies needed - I'm still laughing. And the last thing you are is an idiot. Off doing errands - the xword can wait until I can give it proper attention.

HAPPY B-DAY CC! Agree with Dennis et all, definitely one of the very BEST. Hope it's the best b-day ever for you!!!!

tfrank said...


This was a breeze for me today. I did not know Bea's first name but guessed the a for it and the perp avias which I was not sure of.

Jean and I are Sue Grafton fans, so I knew the answer to 51A would begin with "B is for.." and the perps made the rest obvious. It had been so long since I read the book, I had forgotten the title. Grafton has been through the alphabet already. I guess the next one will begin "AA is for...".

My time was 20 with P&P.

Happy birthday to Brady, Tarrajo. Does this make him nine?

Maureen Dowd has a devastating piece in the NYT today about Sanford. I hope in the hereafter that she will receive more mercy than she has ever shown any of her victims. If I had a bird cage, I would line it with her op-ed page face up. (That's not very merciful, is it?)

Heat continues.

lois said...

Happy birthday, CC! I wish you many, many more and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday to Brady as well. I wish him a super day too.

Short on time, but luckily the puzzle was not that hard for me. Knew the downs better and the next thing I know the puzzle's done. Hardly read the acrosses, which was weird. Have read almost all of Sue Grafton's books, so that was fun to see her here. LOVED seeing 'Sooner' here and Anita Bryant is from OK. 3 of my kids went on a 12 state, 5 wk bike ride and went thru Utah. Their big surprise was that even tho' it is the Beehive state, there is very little honey there. They were questioning the reason for the name. Maybe somebody here knows.

Today is the shopping trip to OKC for the 'mother of the bride' outfit. #1 daughter is getting married Aug 2.

Busy playing w/the tykes (nephews),
'rein'ing in those handsome cowboys (saving horses) and playing pool and playing in the pool. I'll catch up on the previous days' comments eventually.

Dennis: I enjoy new
'sneakers' too. Oddly, mine are worn out quickly. Go figure!

Enjoy this gorgeous day.

kazie said...

Hi everyone, and a big Happy Birthday and many more to c.c.! Also to Brady!

Yesterday I got back to check in too late to post, so now I'll wish SB Karen a very belated Happy Birthday, since it's a month old! and one to Barry G for yesterday too. Hope they were great.

Also, over the weekend, I'd missed what was going on with Doreen, so I do hope that she is feeling much better every day now.

And thanks, Doreen and Linda, for the appreciation of the French yesterday. I sometimes get a bit carried away.

The discussion of the mud houses in Iran remended me of South Australia's Coober Pedy, an opal mining town where all the houses are underground. The video quotes summer heat at 45 degrees celsius--113 F., so the reason for living underground is obvious. It probably helps in Iran too.

Now to today: I got through with little trouble, except for DOS. I couldn't think what it was other than NBC, and for some reason ODDS didn't occur to me either, and I didn't know how to abbreviate monsignor and my efforts (MNSR) were ruining DOG. Unknowns that came from guesses/perp help: B is for Burglar and Bea Benaderet

The EIGER is the hardest climb of all the mountains in that region near Interlaken. The name means MISER, so it seems like he wants to hold onto his secrets.

danabw said...

Happy birthday to CC and Brady!

CC, you are absolutely the best blog host and I enjoy reading it as much as I do working the crosswords. You deserve to have all your dreams granted.

I've enjoyed the level of difficulty this week. No real 'aha' moments today, but I did enjoy seeing some new answers. Turnpike breakers was my favorite.

My paper had "Mamma Mia" quartet for 25A and 45A was Submit, as a manuscript.

Dennis: I can't think of anything I wouldn't do for a billion dollars!!

Tarrajo: Congrats on the fishing tournament! I think that you have taught Brady another great life lesson. You don't have to have the best equipment in order to compete and it is ok to be different. Most people would have been too embarrassed to do what you did because they are too concerned with appearances.

I think you are an incredible person and a fantastic mom! Brady is indeed a lucky little guy. I would love to see a post from him!!

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all. First a very Happy Birthday to C.C. and I hope you have many many more. Just returned from a very long weekend in Myrtle Beach SC that included a lot of golf. I am not used to the heat and humidity and was very happy to reach for the beer after the rounds.

This puzzle was a walk in the park for me today and a good one to return to to reenergize the mind. Any unknowns were obtainable by the perps.

BTW I printed out Sunday's LAT puzzle and it was different than the one here. It was dated June 28, 2009 theme "But That's a" by Meri Reagle and Sylvia Burszlyn. I can't figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

Hi C.C. et al

I enjoy your blog every day. Thank you for the fine effort you put into it.

The answer grid for today's puzzle appears to be from the 30th of last month.

Dick said...

C.C. I thought I bookmarked the new link for your blog, but I cannot find it. Would you please list it again.

Anonymous said...

Bea Benaderet was also Cousin Pearl on the Beverly Hillbillies and the voice of Betty on the Flintstones.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anonymous @ 9:11am,
Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I was not fully awake earlier.

You went to the wrong website. You clicked the LA magazine puzzle. Try here for the Sunday puzzle we solved. See the lower left 30-day archive? The blog site is the same as before. I only changed the name.

Danabw et al,
Thank you for the nice birthday messages.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to you C.C. What time of the day were you born? Brady was born at 2:20pm and yes he is 9 today. Where have the years gone?? Thanks everyone for his birthday wishes.

Okay, now to the puzzle…I had to hit the g-spot for Bea Benaderet the Petticoat Junction star. The show was before my time but I vaguely recall seeing a rerun and the girls all in the big water tank right? Also weren’t all their middle names Jo?

I got Eiger, Rona and Ore from the perps. I have never heard of bauxite. I am not sure I have ever heard the word “neat” described as in apple pie order. My favorite clues today were “slightest concern” – hoot and “turnpike breaker”- CB’ers.

Lois it sounds like you are having a wonderful much needed vacation after a long school year. Tear up the town!

Danabw, and Jeannie from last night, thanks for the compliment, that means a lot to me. He really is a good boy so that makes it a little easier.

Crockett1947 said...


Happy birthday to Brady as well.

@lois Sounds like you are having a ball (or two).

@danabw I much prefer your paper clue for 45A. The online clue is very awkward.

treefrog said...

Hi gang,
Been busy with the granddaughte and haven't had time to check in. She's still sleeping.

I printed the puzzle out last night and did it on the spot. I actually found it pretty easy.'
Hated Petticoat Junction. Stupid show. Right up there with Beverly Hillbillies.

Martin-Quantum Leap-OH BOY! Loved that show. Watch the reruns occasionally.

Temps in the mid 90's today. Supposed to break 100 tomorrow.

Will be glad when we get these windows trimmed and I can put the blinds back up. The sun is shining in my left eye!!

Am I the only one totally sick of hearing about Michael Jackson?? Who the heck cares. It's not like he was a head of state. Now the family can fight over the kids and his estate. OK, rant over.

Guess I will make noise and wake the kid up. Lots to do today.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & all, I didn't know it was your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My wife has read all of the A-Z books from Sue Grafton so she knew the answer for 39A.

I found out that Bea Benaderet "(April 4, 1906 – October 13, 1968) was an American actress, born in New York City and raised in San Francisco, California. Sometimes credited as Bea Benadaret, she is best remembered for starring in the hit 1960s television series Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies as Jed Clampett's cousin Pearl Bodine (Jethro's mother), and as the original voice of Granny of Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes media franchise and Betty Rubble on The Flintstones. Benaderet reached stardom in her late 50s after over 20 years of active work as a supporting player on radio and early television, as well as a career doing voice work for 1940s and 1950s Warner Bros. cartoons."

Linda said...

CC: Many more happy returns. The ne corner threw me slightly..."ebon" was the one that wouldn`t fall. Also, if it`s salacious...papers can`t wait to print it...and readers to read`s a sad commentary on our national interests.

Brady Jo: Happy birthday...Mom is fortunate to have you as her "man of the house."

Jimbo: Wonderful story...God is good (even when we`re not...)

Jeannie: I think I`m the wus who wears gloves to bait my hook AND take the fish off the hooK..Tarajo is braver than that...I can tell by the events she shares!

Doreen: All healing, physical, emotional or other wise comes with God and Time. Please don`t rush it.

Dennis: Reminder: my "29th" birthday is Sunday, July 5th! Going out of town for the day. I am now accepting donations toward my plastic surgery fund. I`m going to have the works! When I`m through, my belly button will be the new dimple in my chin!

Jazzbumpa said...

Happy birthday C.C., Brady, and my DIL Dana.

interesting puzzle today, with a lot of retro references. Has anyone worn an ASCOT in this century? CB fad was in the 70's. It took me forever to remember MS-DOS (as I type this on my Mac.) Right out of the shoot, I encountered a word i don't know: tout! Got the ans. eventually, but still don't understand it. The NW corner was the last to fall, along with AVIAS, which was a guess.

Didn't really get the theme till i came here.

In the Sunday Boston Globe puzzle, BETCHA was clued as a Sarah Palin word.

House full of granddaughters today, and rehearsal tonight. Might not be back until tomorrow.


Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Happy Birthday to C.C. and to Tarrajo's Brady.

I was one of those who could only think of MS-NBC. It really blanked me out. That along with MSGR made the NW corner the last section to be filled in.

I knew that Sue Grafton wrote "?" IS FOR "?" books, but it I had to get ABHOR before I knew it was a B.

Why was it that BEA BENADERET was a gimmee? Her name just popped into my brain without an effort.

Stuart @7:49, interesting comment about ORDER OUT or ORDER IN. I've used both terms. I guess I am geographically confused.

Did anyone mention the online clue for EMS was "trio"?

windhover said...

Quick post for me as I try to finish my
May work before June ends.
Have a great birthday CC. Is birthday a big deal in China.
Mine is. I consider it a holiday. When I had a job, I did not go to work on my birthday. I hope you have a special day.

Same to your guy, Tarrajo. Enjoy him now. He'll be wrecking your car before you know it. I did, all my children did. BTW, like every guy here, I did the math. You must have been a track star when you were young.

I haven't given up, but I see now that it won't be easy. I thought sure you'd give something up on that Hillbillies clue. BTW, I didn't think it was a stupid show. If we had all gotten the central message of the show, which was that the average hillbilly dirt farmer is not only smarter but wiser than the big city banker, maybe the economy wouldn't be in the tank right now. There was a lot of philosophy between the lines in that show.
About Petticoat Junction, I agree. Just a stupid show, or in xword language, inane.

that drink offer in Lexington still stands. You up for it?
(There's a big softball for you to take a crack at. Damn, there's another one. )

kazie said...

I forgot to welcome Martin back in the blue!

Bauxite mining was the cause of many a big stink in Oz years ago over Aboriginal land rights in the north west. They strip mine it and there's a lot of it in the beach sand along the Western Australian coastline too.

Kelev said...

Thank you, treefrog. I am entirely sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. I'm sorry he died so young, but surely there are other things happening in the world that merit out attention. Even public radio and tv are innundating us with Michael Jackson. Enough already.

eddyB said...

Good morning all, The Merc has guartet and submit. I download the grid every night so that I don't need a magnifying glass to read the print in the paper. Memorial
Day was a Tuesday the year I was born. The parade had just passed the house.
The neighbor was watering the dirt in in his front yard yesterday. Guess he was trying to grow mud.

Elissa said...

Happy birthday, C.C.

I agree, Dennis. This Monday and Tuesday seem harder to me. My 'Waterloo" (ABBA) was the NE corner. I first had 'flew' instead of ROSE and it took awhile to straighten that out. Got the theme and three of the theme answers easily (BEA BENADERET was not a name I knew, but came with the perps.) I did the on-line puzzle, so I also had a problem with the Mamma Mia trio - I put in AAA.

Martin@6:31 - I came up with the same fourth for C and I, but with an different meaning for AI (sloth).

WoW - 'succession of jerks' - that describes my mid-twenties dating life, which may explain why it took me so long to find my wonderful husband (who I married at age 38).

The only thing I know that is made with Juniper berries is gin - one liquor I don't drink - don't like the taste.

I knew Anita Byrant. She is mentioned in the Jimmy Buffet song 'Mañana' - "I hope Anita Bryant never ever does one of my songs." Jimmy Buffet is my all time favorite singer. He is also a very funny writer.

Hurray for Iraqi National Sovereignty Day - the beginning of the end of a terrible time.

carol said...

A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you C.C.!!
You are a special lady and I hope you truly enjoy your day (and evening too)!
Thanks for all the work you do each day, it makes my day all the more fun, educational and look at all the e-friends I have made!

Happy Birthday to Brady! Hope your Mom lets you post something for us.

The puzzle was easy for me today. I got the 'TOUT'S TOPIC': Odds right away because of seeing 'Tout' in a puzzle some time back. I did stumble a bit on 14A (HOOT) but it was cute.

Got to get on my bike - busy day ahead.

Glad to see a post from Lois, at least she is still with us. I takes a lot to get a good woman down...well in her case, not so much. LOL

eddyB said...

Hello again, How does every one have so much room to comment? I am very limitted in what I can say.
It is the same thing with e-mail.
What does LMAO mean? Weird thought, would we be speaking Southernese if Lee had taken the high ground at Gettsburg when he had the chance?


JIMBO said...

Hi everyone,
Pretty hard puzzle for a
Tuesday, but managed to complete with perps and a lot of guesses. Luckily, they were right.
Couldn't make sense out of "Bisforburglar" til I came here. DUH.
Happy Birthday C.C.,Brady Jo and Linda (since you won't be here tomorrow).
I think I was nine years old once, but it was so long ago its hard to remember that far back.
anyway ya'll have a fabulous special day.
God is good and go with him.

IRISH JIM said...

Many happy returns to CC and Brady..Hoping Y'all have many more.

Mostly easy go of it today. Unknown Bea Benaderet. Came easily with the Perps.

Would guess that the members of Abba are pretty well set money wise.

They were speculating on radio today that all the Michael Jackson concert tickets would be kept as mementos. Nice windfall for the promoters without too much work.

Dick hope you enjoyed your golf on my home turf. Where did you play ?

Jimmy, S. Carolina

Warren said...

For @eddyB


"Laughing My Ass Off. Used online only."

Here's a online tip I learned from my wife. Type into Google: define myword

replace 'myword' with the question you have and see what pops up!

JD said...

Good morning CC and all,
CC, many of us start and end our days with you which makes you a big part of our lives; you are very special.Have a HAPPY HAPPY day!

Brady, I hope your mom makes you your favorite cake. Have a fun day!

The puzzle was an easy one for me today;for some strange reason everything clicked, but I paused at rose, hoot,ssts, and Bea B.Didn't understand MM trio, but perps filled it. I disliked Petticoat Junction too, not my type of humor.I've read all of Sue Grafton's books, love Rene Russo, and still marvel at the size of Rod Laver's left arm.

Fav. clue was "when doubled, a fish"

eddyB,LMAO means laughing my a__ off.

JD said...

reliving history

1936- Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was published

1966-Beatles were in Tokyo for a concert tour

1970- 1st baseball game played at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium

1975- Cher married Greg Allmam 4 days after divorcing Sonny Bono

1978- Willie Mc Covey becomes the 12th to hit 500 HRs

Linda said...

Windhover; here`s another clue that will probably do you no good either...I have a recent pic of Donna Douglas and me...she is all in pink (including pink orthopedic shoes...I broke my heart, too) with the same hair-do ...just thinner.. :( She says Buddy Ebsen was just as wise, if not more so, in real life (and an excellent dancer), the "banker" was a little pouty that he didn`t get the fan adulation some of the others did and that Irene Ryan wasn`t nearly as old as the "Granny" she portrayed (like Sophia on Golden Girls.)
Douglas was told the standard "things" you had to do to succeed in Hollywood (which she refused to do) and had the ironic "pleasure" to sit next to a producer she had refused at the Emmy awards, where she either was nominated for one or won..details escape me.

The show is used in some study groups to teach life lessons just as "The Andy Griffith Show" is.

WM said...

Morning all...This puzzle was actually easier than yesterday...printed it out last night from LAT website and had trio? with the Mamma Mia had no clue even after it filled in. Had enough letters that BEA BENADERET popped into my head. I didn't know the abbr. for Monsegnior(which I probably just spelled incorrectly...Kazie?) so it hung me up with DOG...Like JD, I liked "when doubled, a fish".

C.C. HBDTY, HBDTY, HBD dear C.C., HBDTY! And many more. I hope you have some fun plans for today and let Dennis and Argyle pick up the slack.

Happy birthday to Brady and for tomorrow for Linda.

Just one back comment on the coffee with milk...My bad on the spelling, but in Frenc, Café au Lait is milk with coffee, Latte in Italian is just milk and Caffe Latte would be milk and coffee and what we call a latte here would be Caffe Espresso(expressed coffee) Latte in, actually...Italian milk would be a more accurate clue. I find that in France at least, you have to be specific...if you ordered Latte/ would just get steamed milk or cold milk. Just like in the U.K....they ask if you want coffee black or white(with milk)...sorry to be so picky.

Lots to do today so have to get busy.

Linda said...

Attention all "Who you gonna call?" s. "Ghost Busters" is on tonight!

Jimbo: BD is Sunday....As I told (the other sleuth) CA, my Mom had too much 4th and I arrived on the 5th! If I remember correctly, hers is the 6th or thereabout.


windhover said...

you must have been to Branson, or maybe Rolla, but neither of those is "Suthin' ", so I'm lookin' for that porchlight around the Missouri/Arkansas border. If you see an old guy roll by real slow on an old BMW K-bike, blink
that porch light and pour some sweet tea and put on your Bible arguing face. Soon as I find a turn around I'll be up.

JIMBO said...

My bad Linda. Just start early and celebrate all week!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the answer to 40 down Tues
June 30 2009?

SandbridgeKaren said...

Easier puzzle for me than yesterday's but had more time to focus - when I'm rushing I tend to make them harder than they are. Got it without help but needed fills. Helped that I've read Sue Grafton's books, am old enough to actually remember MS-DOS - it all fell into place pretty quickly. Favorite clue was 'when doubled, a fish' - when I got it that was a 'doh' moment for sure.

Linda - early Happy Birthday but sorry you missed the 4th. My youngest son was born on the 4th and for years he thought all those fireworks and celebrations were for him. He and his g.f. are coming to the beach for a long weekend so we'll party on the 4th for him, on the 3rd for my squeeze - this is the biggest party weekend of the summer for us (and we party for almost all of them.

Happy B-Day also to Brady - 9 is a great age for a young man!

Hot again here - good day for the pool or beach, you betcha!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is one of those blondie moments for me Windhover, but why in doing the calculation of my age and Brady’s make me a track star in my youth?

Dennis said...

anon@12:32, 40D, in additon to being an outstanding figure, is 'Esso'.

Argyle said...

Anon Re:L.A.Times, "Tuesday June 30, 2009 Timothy L. Meaker" Whats the answer to 40 down?

from the on-line puzzle: Standard Oil name - ESSO

Standard Oil formed in 1870 in Ohio. By 1911, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Standard Oil dissolve and it split into 34 companies. Two of these companies were Jersey Standard ("Standard Oil Company of New Jersey"), which eventually became Esso(S.O.), then Exxon, and Socony ("Standard Oil Company of New York"), which eventually became Mobil. And now we have Exxon/Mobil.

KQ said...

Happy Birthday CC and Brady. Hope you both have a good day.

I agree that the Monday, Tuesday puzzles have gotten a little harder, but I kind of like that. I hope it doesn't bring negative comments.

Thought it was a good puzzle. Also didn't know Bea Benaderet but as soon as I saw her picture I recognized her from Petticoat Junction. Lots of alliteration today I see.

We went to the top of the Eiger while traveling in Switzerland. Well worth the trip. I would highly recommend it, and I loved the movie.

My favorite was how SEND IN and ORDER OUT crossed.

Out to get new cellphones.

To all who well wished my son in his escapades last week, he was checked by the doctor today. He thinks it is parasomnia. He is the type of person that, when he falls asleep doesn't jerk awake (i.e., when you are driving) but rather falls immediately into a deep sleep. It is common with people who talk and/or walk in their sleep. Good to know we could rule out other more significant causes. Thanks for everyone's concern.

Linda said...

WH and CA: I do love Branson...(Tabuchi`s bthrm. is prettier than most theater lobbies,The Landing and discount malls for shopping, the Chateau is excellent, Table Rock Lake is beautiful) but I have relatives who live 6 miles south of Springfield and we stay with them when in Branson. We also do the Bass Pro thingy and the Grizzly Tool thingy (for hubby), the Battlefield and Battlefield Mall thingy (have yet to tour the underground Kraft facilities) and have enjoyed the James River Church`s Fourth of July Celebration where over 50,000 attend with tent pavillions, pic nic`s, and concerts complete with armatrons and the best fire works I`ve ever seen (the pastor usually skydives in...), have eaten at two of the three Lambert`s (one in in Alabama) but I actually saw Donna at a small country church not eight miles from home!


eddyB said...

It's me again. Thanks Warren for LMAO and for the tip on how to extend comment space. I'm a tyro and will screw it up but, I'll try it. I hate MS, Vista and IE8 and am ready to buy a MAC. Nice beard
by the way. Also have to go to FireFox to watch full episodes of ABC reruns. May I call you if I have a problem?


carol said...

Tarrajo - Thank you for asking Windhover that track star question...I would like to know too....and I am also blonde.

Linda: I think Jimbo is on to something, start your birthday party now and just keep going, who says it has to be 1 day? I think it SHOULD be for a week, esp if you are of a certain age.

Eddy b, how come you don't have room to write a long message here or on e-mail. I am a member of Densa when it comes to computers, and I can write as long a message as I want (exception may be here as there are rules on really long posts).

Crockett1947 said...

@argle So, is Exxon/Mobil a sibling marriage or just kissing first cousins?

Barb B said...

Hey! Thanks Dennis, for reminding us that it’s the blog’s birthday, I agree, it’s the best blog ever.

Belated birthday wishes to BarryG, and Sandbridgekaren, belated UNbirthday wishes to you.

Easier than yesterday for me. I knew Sue Grafton’s novels are alphabetical, and used to be a fan of Petticoat Junction. Only one trouble spot; couldn’t think of AVIAS, - wanted Adidas -- so I spelled BEA BENADERET WRONG. BEE looked fine to me, like MelissaBee.
And I agree with Stuart – I order IN. But it didn’t fit.

I’ve used juniper berries in cooking, and in herbal medicine, but I like it best in Gin, with tonic, V8, or grapefruit juice.

And welcome Jojo, Andy, eddyB and all the new people who came in out of the rain. It’s so nice to hear from you.

Happy 9th birthday to Brady.

Treefrog and Kelev, I agree. MJ was a tragic person, and I’m sad to hear of his death. But c’mon. He shouldn’t me made into a saint for kids to emulate.

Dennis said...

BarbB, just an FYI, it's C.C.'s birthday, not the blog's. As I recall, the blog started sometime in Jan/08.

eddyB said...

WOW! 4 today. Carol, I'm still bookmarked @Star Trib and there
is a very small block when I come to the Site to enter comments. It is non-expandable. I'll try Warren's tip which involves trading
space in the C and D drives if I can download ALL of the steps first. The XP machine is somewhere
in the garage. I hope I can find it.

Barb B said...

Ohhhh, Thanks Dennis. I was confused. I missed the 'host' in your birthday song.

Sorry CC. Happy birthday to YOU! Only you could have created such a unique blog. Your intelligence and grace make it a very special place.

Anonymous said...


C.C. I chuckled when I read you enthusiasm about learning your first Minnesota phrase, "You Betcha." Your enthusiasm is adorable.

I'm with you on the Michael Jackson publicity. Since the Jacksons are the most litigeous group on the planet, I'm afraid we're in for a few years of news about law suits.

WM: You can't get too picky for me. Pick away.

I'm off to rehearsal.


Jerome said...

KQ- Good catch noticing SEND IN crosses ORDER OUT. We have others, too. For tennis players there's BREAK crossing SERVE and for cooks we have CHEFS crossing CHIVES and BERRY crossing CREAM. Other fun stuff- STRETCH (only 1 vowel), BAFFLES, BETCHA, OH BOY, and DOG BITES.

And we also have EVEL knievel. How many people know he had a twin brother named Awful Knofful?

Mainiac said...


Did the grid this morning but no time get here. Across was no good but the downs got me going. Didn't know BEA and the BURGLAR so the South took some work. Got stuck with RONA and GYNT so I went on line to see red. Definitely more difficult Monday/Tuesday but enjoyable.

Happiest of Birthdays CC. We'll be tipping one tonight in your honor.

And.....Happy Birthday to Brady.

Glad your having fun Lois.

The sun came out today!!!!!!

embien said...

7:05 today. Much easier than Monday's puzzle.

I've never seen Petticoat Junction, so BEA whatshername was filled in by the crosses. I initially filled in ONIONS for the leek relatives (I solve downs first), so that made a mess of the southwest until CHEFS came to my rescue when I hit the across clues.

I've read the Sue Grafton books up until about "M" (when I started finding them boring), so that entry was easily filled in.

Happy birthday, @c.c.!

Gotta go put my foot up--toenail surgery this AM.

Clear Ayes said...


My mother was having a fine 4th of July in the year I was born. I was a little more stubborn than Linda and waited an extra day to make an appearance.

Linda and WM, Donna Douglas is from Baton Rouge (Google is a wondrous device. She says she goes back to visit family often). Louisiana is another state that has quite a bit of west coast. Vicksburg is right on the border, so isn't too far from anywhere in the state.

BTW, Linda, if you would prefer that we stop the "Where's Linda" game, I will certainly respect your privacy....LOL that you would ever fess up if we came too close!

About Michael Jackson, I was sorry to hear about his death, but my 47 year old daughter was genuinely upset. She and her generation really grew up listening and watching his triumphs and unfortunate escapades.

For myself I was more upset to read that Gale Storm died a couple of days ago. She sang, danced and had a hit TV show My Little Margie.

And then there was Billy Mays. Ya either loved him or hated him, no in betweens. GAH and I would pounce on the Mute button whenever one of his infomercial came on.

Warren said...

for @eddyB?

How do you access the blog if you don't have a PC?
I'd suggest that you email me with questions but without a computer I'm stumped on how to help.
Send email to Warren

@Jerome, re: Awful Knofful? I couldn't find any name like that on the web.

luxor said...

There are two mistakes in todays puzzle. I spent many, many days at the racetrack where I ran into touts all the time. A tout is a guy who tells you who is going to win, hoping you'll bet on it and give hime a piece of what you win.

The only quartet that ever sang 'mamma mia' is ABBA.

Someone should advise Tim of this.

Dennis said...

Warren, I believe "Awful Knofful" was just a joke on Jerome's part. A groaner, for sure, but I liked it.

Also, the clue/answer for 25A is correct; there are 4 'm's in Mamma Mia. Additionally, Webster defines a tout as "one who gives tips or solicits bets on a racehorse"; seems to me 'odds' would be a pertinent topic for one.

carol said...

Dennis: My on-line version of the puzzle is what I print out each day and today's 25A does say Mamma Mia Trio. I only got the answer from the perps, otherwise my head would still be in the neighborhood of my prat.

Embien: you have my sympathy on your upcoming foot surgery! Anything to do with toes and I just cringe!

CA: I remember (with distaste) Gail Storm. For some reason, I could not watch her; tooooooo much mugging!!! She could not sing well either, but since she was such a star at the time, she tried it. Ouch!
Since she was an alcoholic, I am surprised she lasted as long as she did.

Chickie said...

Hello All--first, Happy B-day to C.C. and to Brady, too.

If I remember correctly when Anita Bryant let it be known that she was a gay right advocate, she lost her orange juice endorsement. Sad.

I haven't read Sue Grafton novels so had a hard time finishing the title to 51A. Got it finally by the perps.

I found this puzzle a little easier than yesterday, but still more difficult than most Tuesday puzzles have been recently. Still very enjoyable.

Dennis said...

Carol, evidently the online version says 'trio', while the print version says 'quartet'. Good quality control, huh?

Chickie said...

Oh forgot to tell Jerome: Awful Knofful--Groan!

For the Mamma Mia quartet,Luxor, I didn't consider emm's a mistake as the constructor didn't ask who sang "Mamma Mia", but the clue was simply "Mamma Mia" quartet. To me that asks for something different than the group doing the singing.

JD said...

Chickie, Anita Bryant was ANTI gay, and she deserved to lose her orange juice contract. Go online and read some of her quotes, not a nice yady - Truman's new word :)

Jerome, I really appreciate your incite about the unique things in the c/w's that we don't catch.
BTW, awful awful knofful.

Embien, we should all write a book about the dangers of aging..oops, Nora Ephron already did, but I don't recall a chapter on gnarly toenails.Ouch! Follow your doctor's orders.

Vern said...

Jerome, Carol & WM--Had to look up LMAO to see if you liked or disliked the lutefiske story. It's one of my two favorate. With apologies to everyone else, here's the second:
Sven, a Swede, was strolling along an ocean dock when he saw a sign on a dilapidated building: "Ocean cruises--$25"). Not wanting to pass up a bargain he entered, paid the $25 and was told to go into the next room for instructions. Upon entering the totally dark room, he was struck on the head and when he awoke, he found himself bobbing up and down in a barrel in the ocean. Ole, a Norwegian went through the same process and when he saw Sven he asked "Do they serve meals on this voyage." Sven replied, "They didn't last year."
On another issue, I'm just getting my hearing back from attending my grandchild's wedding (1st of 14). Fortunately, I was able to dance with the kids cause all I had to do was wave my arms and legs and pretend I was having a fit. Great fun.

Dennis said...

Vern, just an outstanding post - made me laugh out loud twice.

WM said...


Clear Ayes said...

Wow, I'd never heard of Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson before. Live and learn....Ladies Restroom. Gentlemen can play a game of pool in the Lounge Area while waiting for a convenience. Is that ice???

OK Carol, I was going to link Gale Storm's Dark Moon or Ivory Tower to show that she was a pretty good singer. After I listened to them, I bow to your better memory. Maybe I just liked the way Charles Farrell, who played her father, would say, "Oh Maaa-jie". Oh yeah, I really liked her haircut too.

Vern, As Dennis said - laughing twice. I bet you were the hit of the wedding party.

JD, Good for you mentioning Anita Bryant's political background.

Dick said...

C.C. thanks for your response, but that is the site I accessed and got the wrong puzzle. When I used your link I got the correct puzzle. I guess some things in life have no explanation.

brady joe said...

thankyou people for the happy birthdays and happy birthday Mrs. C.C. Today I am nine years old. I got my own tent and some fishing stuff from my mom. I also got a Vikings shirt wich is my favorite team. I like football. My Grandma and Papa sent me some
money in a card. No cloths this time. I did not get my pressent from Aunt Tashajo yet. her and my mom are twins but I can tell them apart. we had pizza and mom made a cake to. My mom is cool and man that fish was big.

Crockett1947 said...

@brady joe Thanks for the post. Your mom is a nice addition to this site. Was the cake good? Don't forget to thank your grandparents and your aunt for the gifts!

WM said...

Brady...what a nice post. Sounds like you had a great birthday. You are a really lucky guy to have such a cool mom and she is very lucky to have such a great son! :o)

Did you get any pictures of your fish?


lois said...

Carol: LMAO. you are a 'hoot'!.. and so right!

Vern: like the others LOL twice. I will not feel self-conscious about dancing at our upcoming wedding.

Windhover: you're on....I'm up! or vice versa. email me and I'll give you my #...just don't advertise it as "for a good time call"...

carol said...

JD...good for you on the old cow Anita Bryant. Her intolerant attitude turned a lot of people off.

Vern: (5:19) LMAO too...Loved it. Also glad had a ball at the ball.

Brady Joe, what a great post you did. Your Mom really is cool and I am glad she made you a cake. Sounds like you got a lot of really good stuff - as Crockett said, be sure you say thanks.

Lois(6:47) LOL. Over or under, it's all good. Yee Haw! Yippee yi KY!

RichShif said...

Happy Birthday C.C.

BTW, Luxor, I was born and raised in a horseracing area. The board in the middle of the field is called a "tout board" and it gives you odds, line-up and scratch info.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Bea Benaderet clue. The old joke about the 'Beverly Hillbillies' series on CBS comes to mind:

--One joke, nine years.

danabw said...

Brady - Thanks for posting on your birthday! Sounds like you had a great day.

Even though I live in the South, I like the Vikings too. I can't wait to see how Percy Harvin does.

Is Favre still talking about coming back and playing for MN?

Anonymous said...

C.C. By now, you're probably busy celebrating & won't see this, but I want to add my wishes for a "Happy Birthday".

Brady, enjoyed your post. Happy birthday.

Linda, Early happy birthday" to you.

I should have been able to figure out the "B Is For..."But I did not divide the words up & didn't get the 'r'. Nor did I get the 'a' in Bea. Managed to fill in the rest.

We had a high temp of 64 today. After being in the 90's last week that is quite a change. Too much so. Dot

windhover said...

Normally I would wait till tomorrow, but you Minnesota blondes (Hi, Jeannie ) seem to be night owls, so here is my (lame) explanation.
I was trying to say that with your looks, and the fact that Brady Jo wasn't born till you were about 25, you must have been able to outrun all those amorous Oles and Olafs.

Speaking of which, here's my Norwegian joke.
Olaf says to Ole, " Hey, Ole, I was peeking in your window last night and saw you making love to your wife."
Ole says, "The jokes' on you, Olaf, I wasn't home last night."

Linda, What ClearAyes said. We're just having fun, but if it's not funny to you, I'll quit immediately. Or at least I'll quit gradually.

Lois :
I ain't touching those straight lines. But those curvy ones .........

WM said...

Dot...I'll trade your 64 for an 84 with a touch of fog, mild humidity and a very slight sea breeze...If you could throw in some rain it would much appreciated.

It is hard to type with a kitten sleeping on your fingers...
v e r y s l o w l y... always...great appreciation and laughter


windhover said...

not sure what horse racing area you grew up in, but at Keeneland in the self-proclaimed "horse capital of the world" Lexington, Kentucky, and at Churchill Downs (home of the Kentucky Derby), in Louisville, Kentucky, at Latonia Raceway in Florence, Ky, and at River Downs near Cincinnati, Ohio, that big board in the infield with the odds and the payouts is called the "tote" board, not the tout board. A tout is a person who gives you
a tip on a horse to bet on. They are often not to be trusted.
Here's a tip: Don't bet the rent money.

Lemonade714 said...


I thought the puzzle was easier as well, and my best Bea Benadaret memories comes from the years she played Blanche Morton on the Burns & Allen show. That show was such classic theater, with George watching the other characters on his television, while we watched him on our televisions. It has "one of the greatest moments ever in TV and certainly one of the best examples of breaking the fourth wall.

Fred Clark and Bea Benaderet were doing a scene as Blanche and Harry Morton in the Morton kitchen. They finish the scene and George comes in, walks up the camera, and tells the audience that Clark is leaving the show to work on other projects, but is being replaced by Larry Keating. Clark gets up, Keating enters, and they shake hands. Clark exits, Keating sits, George exits, and Keating and Benaderet repeat the scene she'd just done with Clark.."

This quotation is taken from Ken Levine Blog an interesting place to visit.

I don't know if I posted today or nor, so you can imagine...

Still busy trying to catch up with life, but many happy returns of the day to ur fearless leader, dear C.C., and to our youngest contributor Brady.

Lemonade714 said...

BTW, WM I love how you were able to project singing the birthday song in a written medium, like all caps for shouting; well done.

hmm, where is Lo-li-ta to wish the little one his birthday wish? TJ, do you still spank with one to grow on? Only time I ever spanked my boys....

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you that acknowledged LGJ. He felt very grown up and I didn't even correct his grammar today. One gift he failed to mention was Sierra made him a bracelet that he wasn't so sure he would wear. I, of course told him he has to wear it a time or two.

Windhover, the one I should have out run I didn't; but on the other hand I wouldn't have Brady so all is well.

I had to chuckle at the no clothes remark and C.C. he really didn't know how to address you properly so he asked if Mrs. was okay and I assured him it was.

Jeannie said...

Tarrajo, what an insightful boy you have. I cracked up when he mentioned for once Grandma didn't buy him clothes. I also think it's funnier than heck he threw the fish in there.

Lemonade, I hope you are coping better now with time. You are still not far from my thoughts.

Hey Windhover, I am the biggest track star you ever saw...


kazie said...

I just popped in to wish LGJ a Happy Birthday too. I hope he has lots of fun with the gifts and enjoys the fish. Who gets to clean it? Or are the fish not kept in contests like that?

I'll be glad when they throw Brett Favre out of the game, I'm sick of seeing his ugly cud-chewing mug on our Wi State Journal front page every other week.

Good to see you again Jeannie/Lolita!

I've had less energy for the blog lately because I have a friend who has needed a lot of TLC. She's heading for a probable divorce, has been married for 40 years, totally dependent on her hubby, who now has turned against her. For reasons unknown, he prefers to support thir son who has harrassed and abused her several times. It makes me exhausted, can't imagine what it feels like for her.

Good night all!

Jeannie said...

Kazie, I am sure you are a great resource for your friend. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are a very strong, independent woman and I suspect your friend is not. From my experience, and believe it or not, I am going to lump myself in there with you as being somewhat, what the hell am I saying...a VERY independent woman the best thing you can do right now is listen. I have been through a few of these albeit not with people being married THAT long. Hang in there and don't let it get you too down.

Being somewhat a lurker and absorber of information, I believe Tarrajo said they had to release the fish and LGJ was the guy that got to do it much to his chagrin I am thinking.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured folks, LGJ much to his angst is taught to hand write thank you's to all his "gift" givers. A phone call is not sufficient. I don't correct that grammar either. I started to but my mom said that ruins the authenticity of his thank you card.

He started out sleeping in his tent tonight. We'll see how long that goes...I just checked on him and his camp light was on and so was his little transister radio. It's cool here in MN tonight with temps in the mid 50's but I think I've got him dressed enough and he has his key if he needs to get in.

Lizlee said...

Lizlee here - new to posting. I never get around to "favoriting" this blog so I always Google "crossword corner cc". Works every time! My newspaper started carrying this crossword, replacing the old one - if you see what I mean. Many people got in such a dither about it that the paper now carries two crosswords!!
L.A. Times and another, much easier one.

CC, I enjoy reading comments
from your non-native-English-speaking perspective - whew! The fact that you can tackle this "project" fills me with admiration!

Anonymous said...

What the heck am I know I will be checking on him in a matter of a couple of hours. LOL, but I am trying...

Chickie said...

JD: Thank you for correcting me on Anita Bryant. I should have previewed my entry and edited to put in the Anti before Gay. Yes she did deserve to lose her Orange Juice endorsement.