Jun 1, 2009

Monday June 1, 2009 Gary Steinmeh

Theme: "Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them"

20A: "Hands up!": REACH FOR THE SKY

39A: "Hands down!": NO MORE QUESTIONS

55A: "Hands off!": LEAVE THAT ALONE

Argyle blogging.

I'm sorry but my computer/ISP is very slow this morning so my comments are abbreviated. I can count on the rest of you to put in their favorite links, can't I? I should say I didn't look at all the video links I used, so I hope they're all right.


6A: Deer little one: FAWN. And 10A: Little cow: CALF.

14A: __ Litella: Gilda Radner's "Never mind!" character: EMILY.

17A: "The Thinker" sculptor: RODIN. Pic. Was he thinking, "This is one uncomfortable pose"?

19A: Payroll tax that funds Soc. Sec.: FICA. Federal Insurance Contributions Act

23A: Fit for the military: ONE A.

24A: Do a slow burn: SEETHE.

27A: Backside: DUFF. It's not just a beer on the "Simpsons" Here are four other meanings derived from different roots.

31A: Like a childhood stage, to Freud : ORAL. Is the term fixation used anywhere else?

33A: Like fantastic tales: TALL.

35A: Do-__: desperate : OR DIE. DO-OR-DIE. The quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem is Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die. "Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda.

43A: Right triangle ratio: SINE.

44A: Razor-billed birds: AUKS. Their eyes are hard to make out.

47A: Doofus: DOLT.

49A: Fed. auditing agency: GAO. The Government Accountability Office

50A: "Pet" sources of irritation: PEEVES.

53A: Speed-of-sound word: MACH.

60A: Two-thirds of Santa's laugh: HO HO. A gimme for me!

61A: Old-time drummer Gene: KRUPA. Gene Krupa, 1909 – 1973, was born in Chicago. clip

63A: Refreshing rapper/actor?: ICE-T. and 9D: Summer refresher with a three-leaf logo: NESTEA. pic

65A: Pentium maker: INTEL.

68A: Letters before tees: ESSES.


3D: Purchase for your Xbox: VIDEO GAME.

4D: Gonzalez in 2000 news: ELIAN.

5D: Matched, as dubbed dialogue to mouth movements: SYNCED.

6D: Feudal estate: FIEF.

10D: Food fight site: CAFETERIA.

11D: Make-__ Foundation: A-WISH.

12D: English philosopher John: LOCKE.

13D: Chef Bobby: FLAY.

21D: Terre __, Indiana: HAUTE.

22D: Serf of ancient Sparta: HELOT.

26D: Camaro __-Z: muscle car: IROC. International Race of Champions. They have their own web site.

28D: Web pages with basic site info: FAQS. Frequently asked questions. Constructors get to use a Q without a U.

29D: Lighter __: Zippo filler: FLUID.

32D: Years on the job : LONGEVITY.

36D: Dunked snacks: DOUGHNUTS.

37D: Durante's "__ Dinka Doo": INKA. clip

38D: "Happy motoring" gas: ESSO.

40D: Christopher who played Superman: REEVE.

41D: Alabama march city: SELMA. Integration and civil rights march.

48D: Nonsilent film: TALKIE.

50D: London change: PENCE.

54D: Preserves, as beef: CORNS. Corned beef; one of those things where I like the cheaper cut better.

55D: Let go, with "off': LAID.

57D: Corrida critter: TORO. Is the editor putting in all these alliterations just for you, C.C,?

62D: Capp and Gore: ALS. A cartoonist and a subject of cartoons.

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - nice way to start a Monday. I had a couple pauses, but all-in-all, this one went very smoothly. The only real unknown for me was John Locke, and I realized we'd just had that one not long ago.

I liked seeing two of my favorite words, 'dolt' and 'mach' side-by-side. Also, Gene Krupa was my role model many, many years ago when I was taking drum lessons. And I haven't seen Zippo lighters referenced in a long time. I have a very soft spot for them; when I got shot, my Zippo actually deflected a bullet, making my wound a very small one, and probably saved my femur. And people said smoking was bad for you...

Just a quick note: Thanks to everyone who sent emails yesterday after my little rant. Some of the nicest mail I've ever received and I truly appreciate all of them. I'm also saving them so that the next time I start to lose it with somebody, I'll have those to draw on.

Today is Dare Day, and Flip a Coin Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Old age and the wear of time teach many things." -- Playwright Sophocles

Fun Facts for today:

- If a person passed gas consistently for six years and nine months, enough gas would be produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

- During Bill Clinton's entire eight-year presidency, he only sent two emails. One was to John Glenn when he was aboard the space shuttle, and the other was a test of the email system.

C.C. Burnikel said...

John Locke said "What worries you, masters you". I echoed what Geri said last night. Great post.

Isn't strange that all the alliterations happen with foreign words? As for "The Thinker", I don't know. There is always a longing in Rodin's work, including his "The Kiss". Funny how I have never connected golfer's DUFF with prat. Pudding? Yuck! Thought of you when I filled in HOHO. I liked ICE-T and NESTEA in one grid. Also loved the positions of CAFETERIA and DOUGHNUTS. Thanks for the write-up.

Lola and Kazie,
Cary Grant was always described as SOIGNE, that's how I learned the word. Kazie, how about "Decide to be the best" for SEE FIT?

C.C. Burnikel said...

I've mentioned several times on the blog, I have very limited computer access. I've been trying very hard to get this blog published every day. Act like an adult and be understanding. It's impossible for me or others to thank/acknowledge your every post, esp given the late hours you used to post. Yep! I remember the last time you complained about the lack of response to your posts and I remember clearly how Crockett reached out to you.

I liked Jeannie's "Today in history..." posts, and I told her so. I disliked her ball play posts, and I asked her to stop. The way she mangled golf terms pained me and her "69" posts brought quite a few private complaints.

Anyone who dislikes my decision should just leave. As simple as that. I owe nobody an apology.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Go ahead. Be more conceited. I've been enjoying your posts tremendously. Very clever "Vermilion plow puller" for REDOX.

No, I did not watch the 25-inning game. That's awfully long. As for your other questions, I will address some other time.

Clear Ayes,
Those Chinese links are just annoying spams. As for your poems or other comments/links, I don't always respond, but I treasure and appreciate every ounce of effort you put into. I know clearly how much time it takes to find that perfect link or word/phrase.

Argyle said...

C.C., You're the best, hands down.

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

great write-up, as usual, argyle. usual monday smooth sailing - got most filled in with acrosses, needed perps to get all the theme answers. didn't know locke or gao. wasn't clear about the theme until i saw it here - 'put your hands where i can see them.' ohh, hands up, hands down, hands off.

appropriate to have the santa reference for argyle today. also timely to see leno in the middle, since today starts conan o'brien's reign on the tonight show. anyone see leno's last show?

C.C. Burnikel said...

I love when you wax philosophical on various issues.

I like Soleil Moon better. It's lyrical. Moon Unit is such a strange name.

I kind of like "Chou". Nice potential misdirection.

Re: Blog Dynamic. Another sharp observation. I am convinced that you are the blog thing Dennis is curious about. No?

Jerome, KQ et al,
Thanks for the answers yesterday.

John said...

Thought this might be of interest to you:

QUESTION: I have the Free Press mailed to me four days each week as well as home delivery in part because of the crossword puzzle. However, I do not like the new format. Clues to the puzzle are too obscure and unrelated to common knowledge, very often referencing foreign languages.

Margaret Schubel, Harrison Township

ANSWER: You aren't alone, Margaret. So starting today on Page 22A, we have a new crossword puzzle.

You may recall that a few months ago, the creator of the Tribune crossword retired, so we replaced it with the Los Angeles Times daily crossword.

The overall reader reception has been mixed, many saying it contained obscure clues and answers. So, today we are introducing the Daily Commuter Puzzle by Jacqueline E. Matthews. For more on the puzzle change, turn to Life, Page 17A.

Martin said...

A bit tough for a Monday: took me a few hours today, starting with luncg time, at the bus stop, on the bus and then sitting in front of a computer ready to google but then being able to just figure things out barely.

I wasn't sure how to spell ELIAN and RODIN and I thought it was a tough cross for a Monday puzzle. Likewise ONE A and HAUTE was tough ("Terre Haute" would mean "high ground" and I used my knowledge of French to fill in that unknown). FLAY and FICA were unknowns but I guessed that A in FICA stood for ACT so that was another educated guess. INKA and AUKS were guesses too: I think C.C. would have been tempted to complain about the clue "____ Dinka Doo" containing the answer!

Oh and I was surprised to learn by googling that the extinct bird the Great Auk was native to the Atlantic and not to Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland was named after Lord Auckland who was in turn named after the county of West Auckland in the County of Durham. Maybe they had auks there at one time.

Thomas, I'm sorry to say I don't have time to read all the comments on this blog. (I used to read all the comments but then it becomes very difficult not to reply especially when people are asking questions and then you can exceed the five posts a day limit very easily.) I never read the comments that C.C. directed at Jeannie. I have, however, learned the hard way that C.C. draws the line at DF comments that specifically refer to genetals. Who knew? Well, now you know. It's too bad really because there's probably a million jokes you could make about golf balls or badminton birds. Alas not a single one of them would be considered appropriate for this blog. Got it? (Oh, Hell, he's probably left already but it's a good thing for newbies to know anyway.)


Dennis said...

John, isn't it a shame that the people who liked the LAT puzzles are just now making themselves heard?

Kazie, before i forget yet again, the pancakes were just outstanding! Had some overnight guests recently and they left with your recipe after eating their fill. Thanks again.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Looks like I missed something over the weekend. Hopefully wireless will be coming my direction soon.

Nice puzzle. A few hang ups in the middle that fell with the perps and a bit of head scratching. I sent the clip of Gene Kruppa to my youngest. He's taking drum lessons and is always surfing drum solos.

We're about to leave for our annual fishing trip up north. This tradition started 30 years ago for some in the group. The dads took us youngsters early on and now we take care of the "old timers". Ages range from 40s into the 80s. Unfortunately my father won't be able to go this year due to my mother's knee replacement but we're saving his spot for next year. It's a great time and I'm wicked excited!

Three days and a wake up.

kazie said...

Good Morning all,
Nice Monday puzzle, easy but with some thinking. I paused at GAO, not knowing INKA wasn't INKI, but otherwise it all came together nicely.

Even at Rodin's museum in Paris, where the Thinker is a huge marble in his garden, I can't remember the arm being off the knee like that, so when you said it looked uncomfortable, I had to see your link to see why. So many of those famous pieces are in all the European museums in copy form, that I never knew where the real original was when I was traveling all over.

I think "decide to be best" works well as an infinitive form of the expression. If I were using it though, I would probably say "I think it is best" to ...

kazie said...

Dennis and JD,
Glad the recipe was a hit for both of you!

Argyle said...

kazie, that crossing of the right elbow over to the left leg is probably what gave the muscle detail Rodin was looking for. I can't even to it myself.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hey, gang -

Good puzzle for a Monday. I had SENIORITY (the better ans, IMHO) for LONGEVITY, which made the SW corner harder than it should have been.

Like the pairings - fawn/calf; iceT/Nestea. It's especially cool if they can be crossed or symmetric.

One of my PEEVES is product placement. IROC and FLUID could certainly have been clued differently. Though, on this, of all days, I'll give GM a pass on the IROC.

Per John's link, looks like my opposition to foreign words is a Motown thing.

Learned stuff today - this meaning of CORN and that AUKS have razor bills.

Many good clues today, but from my perspactive, 14A s/b "Three-year-old with an attitude."

Off to the Chiro-cracker.


SandbridgeKaren said...

Enjoyed this puzzle but it took me longer than the usual Monday - for some reason things I knew didn't fall easily from my brain to the paper. Wanted Butt for Duff so got hung up there and I never can remember OneA. Any thoughts on how Leno will do with the change? I usually hit the bed by 11 so now I'll have more opportunity to watch him.

Dennis - I've heard of those zippo lighters saving people but always thought most were urban legend. Thanks for sharing. I'm still processing those two fun facts; interesting choices.

tfrank said...

Good Morning, C.C. and All,

Good blogging this morning, Argyle, keeping up the C.C. standard.

I found the puzzle to be pretty easy, just filling in obvious answers. I question the clueing for cafeteria; does not make a lot of sense to me, or am I missing something? I have eaten in a lot of them and have yet to see a fight.

Dennis, I agree with all the comments of others yesterday, and with your philosophy about the blog. Unfortunately, we are all human- ego driven and prone to error. This blog is like a very large family, and you know what usually happens at a family reunion, at last in my family: old resentments rise to the surface, scores have to be settled, etc. I think someone quoted the serenity prayer recently; it can be a useful tool if said often.

I have been a member of AA for 25 years and have learned that most of our problems are of our own making.

Hope everyone has a good week.

danabw said...

Good morning all,
Great way to start the new week and a new month.

CC & Argyle - thanks again for all your efforts! A great blog and I look forward to reading all the diverse comments.

All - I appreciate each of you and have a tremendous respect for your knowledge, wit and ability to "see" the value of others.

Melissa Bee - I've never been a Leno fan, but I did watch the final show. I loved his comment to his wife at the end of the show, "One of the things I'm proud of, I'm leaving this dance with the same girl I came in with."

Do you still carry the zippo? Amazing story!

Congratulations on the 25 years! Also amazing.

Bill said...

Not bad today. Certainly better than Fri and Sat!!!
DO---ORDIE Had a problem parsing _RDIE 'cause I had no idea what Serf of ancient Sparta was! Everything else was filled and I stared at the clues for quite some time, until a DUH moment came while I went thru the alphabet for the right letter. I felt like a real dimwit when I got to the "O"!!!!!
OK, I've stayed out of the melee long enough. If ANY ONE of you are offended by the written words on this blog , you ALL have choices.
You can suck it up and know that what you read was, most likely, not written the the way it would have been spoken.
Or you can sulk, like a five year old whose favorite toy has been taken away.
Or (in most cases), if you have a gripe, you can send off a PM and settle it out of the eyes of the regular commentors.
OR, my personal favorite, ignore it!!!
If whatever the comment was offends you greatly, do what I do with the TV. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!
Let's stop airing our dirty laundry in the view of who knows how many visitors a day.
'Nuff said.
CY'all Later

Linda said...

Good morning all: At the risk of repeating myself, any day I can do LAT and NYT in less than 30 mins. is a GOOD day (waxing, full moon wakened me early!. My NYT was no.0427, but it and LAT had :deny" and "epee" in common. Attempting both helps with each.

CC: Looking forward to your "interview" answers.
The 25 inning game was a bush league game and went on until the wee hours. Is there a time limit for major league games?

Raised garden which grandson did "man-work" on needs weeding...but is coming along. Thought tomatoes weren`t going to make it but all but one are growing! They are so small that they will be bearing about the time we go back to FL (don`t have a choice, Mom`s cataract surgery already scheduled.)
This is a "pea-helper" (my son`s term) recipe made with dead ripe tomatoes.
Chop finely equal parts of bell pepper, white or red onion and dead ripe tomatoes. Dress with 1:2 ratio red-wine vinegar and water seasoned with salt and pepper, sugar, and garlic powder (optional) to taste. Allow to chill and "meld" at least two hours. (It will froth...doesn`t hurt a thing.) Good on all legumes, fresh and dried.

I had a friend tell me once that no one could offend me without my permission. Good advice which I have often, but not always, followed.

Argyl :
You are getting as sharp as a pair of your name-sake socks with a sweater of the same persuasion! (so "in" now.") Excellent job!

Anonymous said...

Took longer than normal for a Monday. Had trouble with HELOT,mostly because I kept misreading the clue. Eyes aren't focusing today.

My kids used to do the NESTEA plunge into the swimming pool.

My eldest granddaughter was a recipient of the Make A Wish Foundation. I released 4 red balloons in memory of her birthday yesterday. Luckily, before the storm came in!

Hmm,my hubby has definitely let off enough gas over the years for that atomic bomb:}

Had one heck of a thunderstorm come through Southern Oregon last night. Power was out for about 45 minutes. That meant a scramble to turn off the A/C, fridges and TV's etc. Don't want to lose any equipment if the power comes on slowly or not fully.
Apparently,a McDonald's employee was struck by a bolt of lightning that came through a roof pipe to the dishwasher he was unloading.Just about 1 1/2 miles away. Yiikes!!

More fun weather today. Dont't think we need another inch of rain though.

Will check back later to catch up on more posts.


lois said...

Good morning CC et al., fun puzzle but a little longer than Dennis time, but reasonable for Monday. Argyle, great job, of course. You are amazing! I like your theme. I thought about, "what? no hands on?" That's how I learn best! Touchy, touchy, touchy or is it touche? May have 'fixated' at the oral stage...and phallic...and.. well, at what I call the 'party' stage! Oh well.

Melissa: Saw Leno's last show Fri. He was so welcoming and supportive of Conan. I was impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing Leno at the earlier slot, but I'll have to cut my party time short to do it. On second thought...dare me? My kind of flipping coins is my kind of betting... w/heads and tails. Can't lose with either of those the way I flip ya for it!

Will go back and read the last few days I missed b/c of a 'relapse'. Wonder how papajim's doing.

Enjoy your day.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all, easy walk in the park today except for two stubs of the toe. Got most of the across fills on the way through the first time. This allowed most of the down fills to be entered.

This seemed to be a typical Monday puzzle, easy, but with a few tricky points.

Gene Krupa was very popular back in the day and I still have some of his LP's and 45's which I listen to occasionally.

My favorite clue was London change.

Hope you ll have a great Monday.

Oh, poor Pens!!!! Maybe tomorrow.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, This morning's puzzle did seem a little more difficult than the Monday puzzles we've been getting for the past month or so. LOCKE, HELOT, IROC, AUKS and ICE T all had to come with perp help.

I liked seeing EMILY Litella. I believe it was just last week I posted a YouTube link. Gilda Radnor was a charming and talented comedienne.

It seemed happily coincidental that Gene Krupa and a Zippo lighter showed up this morning. GAH and I saw Stomp yesterday. The show is all about rhythm and percussion. One bit even includes lighting and snapping Zippo lighters.

C.C. Thanks for the heads up on the Chinese spam. We can just ignore them in the future. Thank you also for the kind words. I'm sure you know, I wasn't fishing for a compliment.

tfrank, There was a very famous cafeteria food fight scene in the movie Animal House. I tried to find a link, but was unable to find anything other than an Italian dubbed version (it loses something in the translation). At any rate, I'm sure that is where the inspiration for the clue came from.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable easy puzzle this morning. I love Monday’s puzzles as I feel really smart! The one I wouldn’t have gotten without the perps was drummer Krupa. My favorite clue today was “deer little one”- fawn.

That is an amazing fact regarding Clinton and his e-mail. I wonder how many e-mails sat in his inbox. I know if I take one day off in my job, I come back to at least 100.

Treefrog, send some of your rain towards Minnesota. I think I read somewhere that we are about 4” shy of our normal levels.

Anonymous said... do you italcize a word?

Vern said...

Hi All:

To Jazzbumpa: In my case, objections to foreign words is not only a "motown" thing but also a "Chitown" thing. To tfrank: High school teachers (1955 -1967) readily connect food fights with cafeteria because that's where they typically occur. To Bill: I couldn't agree more with the pleasure of Monday's puzzle compared to Fri. & Sat. which could really cause an inferiority complex. I'm on the "up" again!

KQ said...


This one took me a little longer for the usual Monday puzzle. The only letter that I missed was the R that crossed CORN and KRUPA. Not knowing the drummer at all, and not getting the corn. Nice explanation Argyle. I wouldn't have figured that one out.

I liked SEETHE, DUFF and PEEVES, and I agree that it is always fun to have a Q with no U. FAQS is such a fun abbreviation anyway.

Linda, Major league games have no limit. I think there was a game or two that went so long they had to finish the next day. I don't know how they do not run out of pitchers eventually.

tFrank - Wow, 25 years. That is amazing. I am so impressed with those who stick with AA. I cannot imagine the dedication that takes.

As for cafeteria, I have seen food fights in my kids high school cafeteria. The seniors like to do it as an end of the year prank. The classic is from Animal House, where John Belushi gets really disgusting. I tried to find it on YouTube, but they only had it in a foreign language. Doesn't do the same thing for me as when he screams "FOOD FIGHT".

Dennis, I am keeping my nose plugged all day thinking of your fun fact.

Have a good day. Treefrog, can you send some of that rain our way. We desperately need it!!!

Dennis said...

tarrajo, like this.

Clear Ayes said...


Type <
No space type i
No space type >
No space next to > type the word(s) you want italicized
No space type <
No space type /i
No space type >

It looks silly to write it out this way, but if I actually type it out properly, it wouldn't show the instructions, it would look like this type the word(s) you want italicized

KQ said...

Ah Tarrajo I think we were posting at the same time. I don't think email was as prevalent during Clinton's tenure. While we used it then, there were still lots of people that completely shied away from it.

Hopefully ClearAyes explanation for italics worked. You can do the same for bold, just use a b rather than an i. There is a link on the main page for adding links if you want to try that also. Good luck.

Dennis said...

Lol, I liked mine better.

Crockett1947 said...

@tarrajo To italicize: Do a left caret <; type an "i"; do a right caret> Type the word you want to make italic. Do a left caret <; do a slash "/"; do an "i"; do a eight caret>. Preview. Your word should be in italics. Substitute a "b" for the "i" and you get bold. Got it?Looks like you got lots of help on this one, LOL!

Clear Ayes said...

A poem to mark Hurricane Season, although it really isn't about hurricanes, except in an metaphorical sense.


When I become accustomed at last to lying in bed alone,
    sheets finely wrinkled as curtains blown across the windows

of dreams, and the crane-necked streetlight fills the room
    with its electric-nerved, luminous vision, what I had

seen for my future (the restless flowering of his arms in sleep
    around my shoulder, the soiled pillows in their matching cases

where our faces, breaths apart, turned toward and away) recedes
    like the hurricane that never hit land the night we met,

when the beach was evacuated, the buildings shuttered in plywood,
    and the news crews stood dry amid the whipping palms,

in the margins of their own story. Later, we saw a photograph shot
    high in the clouds: the storm's eye turning above the ocean,

as we swam at midnight in the pool naked, waiting to be swept up
    in a chlorine shudder, a geyser of winds, into the rapture

of our lives. And though we almost brought it together, we didn't.
    Somewhere, framed in its calm bay of glass, that storm is hanging—

on the gallery's wall at the pinpoint end of this land, or in a room
    like the one where even now he is lying beside her, sleep's

aperture narrowing around them, and all the years when we almost
    loved each other forever, at last, blown far off the shore of this life.

- Alexandra Teague

Jazzbumpa said...

The conceit continues. Anyone interested in my rant over Saturday's puzzle can find it here.

Feel free to slice, dice, marinate, and salt to taste.


Jeanne said...

@Dennis,lol at your 10:31 comment. But thanks CA for your useful instructions. I have them copied.

Try 500-700 high school students in one lunch period and yes food fights do occur. Never was splattered, but I did have to duck a few times.

About hurricanes-when my son first moved to Houston, Texas I was always calling and warning him of storms in the Gulf and reminding him to have a hurricane plan. I got a lot of "yes, Mom". One day he was in a meeting and others asked if the current storm was heading their way. He answered no-they thought he had been watching the weather channel but he told them no, he knew because his mother hadn't called. Good laugh at my expense.
Have a good day, all.

Anonymous said...

@Dennis, you are a funny guy.

Luxor said...

I thought duff was a brand of beer?

Luxor said...

Thanks for the instructions to embolden & italicsize.

KQ said...

Good job Luxor

Dennis said...

Mustang Mel, C.C. called you a 'blog thing'. You gonna take that?

Mainiac, where do you go, and for how long? What do you catch? That's a great tradition to maintain, and there's sure as hell nothing more relaxing than fishing.

SandbridgeKaren, it'll be interesting to see how Leno does; 10:00 variety shows don't have a very glorious track record.

tfrank, congratulations on 25 years; helluva great accomplishment.

danabw, I actually sent the lighter to Zippo; evidently quite a few servicemen had a similar tale. They published several accounts as part of an advertising campaign, but I have no idea if they ever used mine. Wish I still had it.

treefrog, made me laugh out loud talking about your husband. A walking nuclear device, huh?

Lois,'re simply the best.

KQ, having been in a few food fights in high school, I was always amazed at how quickly they'd escalate from maybe a pea or two to entire grocery loads smacking heads. Good times.

tarrajo, I see my help worked.

Dennis said...

Almost forgot - Happy Birthday to Dr. G - and many, many more.

JD said...

Good morning to all fellow GM owners,

Argyle, great job once more, thanks

Dennis,"Fortis fortuna adiuvat."

Love Monday c/w, and this one was a little more challenging thn the last 2 Mondays.. just my speed..learn a little, look a little, but mostly , the perps helped me with unknowns.I have heard of 4F, but not one A. Had to ask Bob for Iroc.. no car memory. Corn def was new, hadn't thought of corned beef, CC.Had paid off for laid off for a second.

Melissa, I also enjoyed Jay Leno's last show. His wife certainly looked very proud of her guy.He chose old clips which kept it light and funny. I have no idea what his new format will look like.

Mainiac- your trip sounds wonderful, my type of fun.Our family is heading up to Lake Tahoe on Friday for golf, gambling, and good food, but mostly, I just like the sweet smell of the forest, and catching a glimpse of a Bambi.

Jazz, I think we are on the same chiro-cracker schedule. Bob used to call him the chiro-quack until he decided to join me. Pain all gone. :-)

Jeannie, I enjoyed your very honest heartfelt blog last night.

WM said...

A good morning...foggy and overcast here and we are promised
a whole week of this with some drizzle...great painting weather! Hoping the T-storms on tap for the Sierras don't set off a bunch of fires like last year...smokey
skies for over a month! :oP

Fairly easy puzzle, though, like others I thought it a tougher Monday than usual. Remembered CA EMILY Litella link and aced that. Liked FAWN/CALF and knew KRUPA but has no idea on GAO, but left it alone. Again, the theme answers just filled themselves in...I know I will hit a wall soon on those...just bound to happen. always, a stellar is getting difficult to tell you and C.C. apart these days.

CA...I like the way the poem moved between stanzas...very evocative. are awesome. One
of my friends just passed her 20 year anniversary and even chairs meetings when she is back in Scotland. She calls me a "wimp" drinker for my 1-2 small glasses
of wine of an evening...small joke between us...I have great admiration for you.

Good day to all and hoping that rain actually materializes as California is desparately dry and the Governator is firing firefighters due to budget constraints...makes no sense at all.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: i guess it's better than 'blog thang.'

tfrank said...

Thanks, all:

for your clarification of food fights. I went to a small school in a small town, and we all went home for lunch;

for your kind words about my sobriety. I take no credit, it all goes to my wonderful friends in AA and a loving God who took away my desire to drink when I asked Him to.

Argyle said...

Re: corns: It is preserving meat by imersion in a salt brine. Grains of coarse salts were known as corns. "The word "corned" actually refers to the pickling process here, not the cereal grain. How is that? Because up until about 1900, "corn" simply referred to a small piece of something. Today we say a "grain" of sand or a "grain" of wheat. In days gone by, English speakers would have called them "corns". So, "corned" beef was cheap meat that had "salt corns" applied to it, either whole or more typically dissolved in a brine. There are other cuts of meat out there, bacon and ham among them, that are immersed in brine, only when meats are treated in this way they're usually said to be "cured" and not "pickled". " from a site called
"Joe Pastry"

Bobby Flay is a featured Iron Chef ...I wonder if he knows about where corned beef got its name. I would think so.

Al said...

Hmmm, I don't have any trouble typing <i>italic</i> or <b>bold</b> examples. Nothing to it...

KQ said...

Argyle, Thanks for that detailed explanation. It makes so much more sense now, but I wonder how many people would really know that obscure clue (or at least I think it is obscure being that we no longer use it, and haven't for quite some time).

Tarrajo - sorry, I missed that you got it too. Nice.

Okay Al, be a smart alec. Must be some other HTML code to negate the code hey?

Argyle said...

KQ, I always wondered why it was called corned beef and had looked it up before. Since the clue mentioned beef, and we still call it "corned beef", I think it's ok.

Barry G gave us the code to enter those bold and italic HTML but I don't remember it just now.

Anonymous said...

True story, talk about a dah moment.
I had cure for 54D, messed up the whole corner.
I also had a corned beef sandwich for lunch, even then it took a while..geez.

Melissa bee:
I very much like Jay Leno. He is more down to earth than some of his peers. I do hope his new show will be a success.

Have a great day everyone,

Jazzbumpa said...

Dennis -

Smoking is still bad for you.

Carrying random pieces of hard metal in your pockets - that is TEH AWESOME.

CA -

Hurrican Season - Wow - love the interleafed texture.
Very poignant, too.

Long ago, I lost my one true love, then - years later - found her again. Now she is the LW.


Al said...

@KQ, yup, you just have to escape the > and < signs like this:

&gt; for the greater than sign
&lt; for the less than sign

Of course, to type that just now, I had to also escape the ampersand itself like this:


And then to type that, I had to do this:


And then... but you get the point, right?

Argyle said...

and the semi-colon is part of it. I remembered that! We would try to do it without it(;) and it wouldn't work.

Mainiac said...

Weighing in.......As you have seen I am an inconsistent contributor to the blog. Unfortunately work usually gets in the way and since we only have dial up access at home (and I have little or no patience in front of a screen), I've never gotten close to the 5 blog limit. Additionally, I've never had anyone complain that I haven't commented on a post, even if it was directed at me. I throw stuff out there on occasion and if a comment comes back or not, I'm fine with it. My younger years I usually went right to the parking lot with the argument. I changed my ways to stay out of jail but still tire of turning the other cheek because that one usually gets slapped too. The internet has the safety of space so the conflict never escalates beyond the mouth stage (or fingers). This has a tendency to drag the argument out. What lured me into this blog was the opinionated crowd. To this end, there will always be disagreements which at times are interesting reading. If I don't like what I'm reading, I just stop. Maybe a limit to the number of back and forth blogs could be implemented, then go to e-mail. Just a thought....a tough one for me at this point because my head is already in northern Maine.

CC, thanks again for the blog. Dennis thanks for your contributions as well as thanks to everyone else.

I saw clips of Leno's last show and thought he was a real class act. I especially liked his tribute to his crew with all of the kids that were created during his 17 years. Comedy is good medicine for lots of stuff!!

Argyle, Thanks for the blog, nice job.

Dennis, We go to Chamberlain Lake which is just north of Mount Katahdin. Its the third largest lake in the state and is part of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. We stay at these cabins called Nugent's that were built in the late 30's. A couple of the guys in the group went up to help build new cabins and refurbish some of the older ones. Lake Trout (Tougue), Brook Trout and White Fish are mostly caught and released. One year my brother-in-law kept a 33 inch, 14 pound togue. Big Fish!!! Last year we caught and released 129 fish. We haul up six boats and gear. 12 spots that are coveted positions. Fifty miles of dirt roads to navigate to get to the landing then a 12 mile boat ride to the camps. Cell phones don't work past Millinocket. No TV, no electricity etc, etc. Bloodies in the morning and whiskeys at night. I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it. We head in early on Wednesday and come out the following Wednesday. I know for a fact that I definitely won't be finishing that Thursday puzzle.

Off to a meeting. Have a great night.

Sorry for the long post. I am usually a man of few words. Ask my wife!

Lemonade714 said...

Well the day is almost done, and I am busy, but I have read the comments and agree with everyone about everything (how is that for being lazy on a Monday). Oops, except JD, I believe it is FORTES.

Dennis will you put up a link to the bloggers birthday wall?

Must go back to it...

Luxor said...

There is a limit on posts, 5,000 words or less .So you're okay.

Luxor said...

I've owned Cadillacs most of my adult life. Now what do I buy?

maria said...

Hi, c.c. and everybody,
easy enough today, i had " favs " for Faqs and Helos for Helot so that gave me "nomorevuessions" until the light bulb lit up. Doh !
Was very happy i did not have to gg or use the dictionary.

Lola & Sallie, i am with you in : " Yawwnn !

TFrank, said : " have learned that most of our problems are of our own making". You know it !

ClearAyes - you have a way with words, i always enjoy you posts.
Stump, i saw it years ago in NYC, i found it very entertaining and so different from the norm, hope you enjoyed it too.

p.s. thanks for the italic too.

Dennis - your ffs today reminded me of the new word i learned the other day, "blowhard" and it' s good on both counts, he,he

Oh, and since i am a slow reader i appreciated your
response yesterday, yep, indeed, lol.

Argyle, last but not least, i loved Jimmy Durante, thanks for the clip.

Dennis said...

JD, Lemonade, it must be spelled both ways; I have that motto hanging in my office (fortune favors the bold), and the plaque is spelled "fortis". I googled it and it seems to be pretty common with either spelling. No idea which is correct, or if they both are.

Also, Lemonade, right now the bday list is just on a sheet of paper - I'll get it on the computer and make it available to all, shortly.

Mainiac, sounds like a great time; hope it's even better than you expect.

maria said...

Luxor - get the a beamer of your choice, mine is a 325IS, 2dr. love it !

embien said...

6:35 today. No special reason for taking so long as the only unknown was HELOT. I guess I'm just a slow typer. Other than that, the puzzle was just so-so for me (I prefer lively themes in my puzzle).

I'm staying far, far away from the fray...

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, everyone. Great job, Argyle.
I misspelled doughnut, used the usual lazy current one: "donut. Still didn't get "or die". That misspelling messed up the whole east side. Had to get videogame from many of the horizontal answers because I don't know what an Xbox is. But the rest was fun. I thought the clue for FAQs was wonderful. Had to ponder for a while.

The method for italicizing and making bold doesn't apparently work for a Mac. At least I have not been successful.

tfrank, I admire you greatly. It took me 11 years to stop wanting a cigarette.

Dennis said...

embien, the fray's over.

sallie, i quit smoking in 1971, and i still occasionally will get a craving for a cigarette after meals.

maria said...

i use a mac. and it worked for me. Try ClearAyes intructions to the letter, it works.
Do it on your post, then preview your post and you should see it

WM said...

italic and bold

This is just a test...only a test.

WOOT! Msybe some day I will take the time to figure out a link...Okay, I think that is enough excitement for the day. Actually Al's visual worked the best...simple and to the point. I do best with visual...

Yeah! :o)

WM said...

I was so excited I misspelled MAYBE...and Maria...thanks for the PREVIEW idea...that way I didn't just look foolish! ;o)


maria said...

WM, you are the old Wolfmom aren't you ?
Both you and Sallie , changed your names when i wasn't around , it took me a while , but i came around. Lol.
Anyway glad i could help for a change !

WM said...

Yes, Maria...its me. I changed it to WM because everyone was using it anyway and it's just easier...It does get confusing occasionally because of, I keep changing my avatar. And, again, thanks. Now that my computer is running well again I try to preview my posts because it seems to easier to spot typos...LOL


KittyB said...

Good evening, all!

It's great to touch base after being away for a while. I can see I have some back reading to do. I spent Friday through Sunday on a road trip with my mother. I took her to see her youngest grandchild graduate from high school. The trip went amazingly well. I hope it won't be her last.

I finished the Sunday puzzle last night, all but three words in the farthest SW corner. I needed sleep more than I needed to know the answers. It sounds like I missed some toughies on Friday and Saturday.

C.C., SOIGNÉ is a word I would recognize in context, but I'd have a hard time getting it as an answer to a C/W clue.

ELIAN, GAO (which I can never remember), AUK and HELOT slowed me down today, but I finished without assistance.

Dennis, how lucky that you were carrying a Zippo. I remember the sound of the Zippo that Dad always carried. Too bad Zippo didn't return yours.

Argyle, you've done a smashing job, once again!

Martin, good advice.

tfrank, way to go! One day at a time, eh? The Serenity Prayer has led me through troubles many a time. You can't be part of a huge family and not need it now and then.

Mainiac, I love your posts, but I shudder at the thought of a week 50 miles up a dirt road and 12 miles across a lake! Have a good time!

treefrog, I love your tradition of releasing four balloons in memory of your granddaughter. My husband has lost his oldest son. There's a memorial golf tournament, but I'd like to find something more personal that we might do in his memory.

Bill, WELL SPOKEN! (Or written, as the case may be.)

Linda, I returned to the raised veggie boxes this year. Tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, dill, cucumbers and zucchini are going great guns, but it's early yet. If we have a traditional Illinois summer, I'll have to water or loose them. One of our favorite uses for tomato is "Summer Salad:" Ripe tomatoes cut in bite sized pieces, cucumbers, onions, dill and the vinaigrette of your choice. The more dill the better!

tarrajo, thanks for asking about italics. I keep forgetting how it's done. Thanks to the rest of you for the explanations, except for Dennis. :-)

Clear Ayes, I'd like to hear someone read Hurricane Season. We've talked about the fact that poetry is not one of my strengths. I like the words, but I don't understand why the physical layout of the stanzas is used to interrupt the line of thought. I can do "interleafed texture" (thank you, Jazzbumpa) in music, but miss it visually. Hmmm...separation is the point, right?

KQ and Jeanne, I frequently had 100 students in class at a time, and I'm truly thankful I never had to deal with a food fight. However, if the members of this blog are planning to get together, and are going to have a food fight, count me in. I've never been in one.

Dr. G. Happy Birthday, and many, many more!

Al, you make my head ache! lol

I hope you all have a good evening.

maria said...

Dr. G ,
my goodness, better late than never, Happy
Happy B'Day.

Lemonade714 said...

Where is Dr. G?

Luxor said...


thanx for the tip. I'll look for a dealer. Probably find one on the net.

kazie said...

I'm just back after a day in Madison giving my d-i-l's German grandparents the tour I give to all foreign visitors. We were sitting on the Union Terrace eating Babcock icecreams when a guy two tables over called out to me and asked "Do you know Elvis Presley's middle name?" I replied, "Me?" pointing to myself. I mean, I didn't want to assume a perfect stranger would ask me such a question. "Yes," he said, "I thought you looked like you might know". I looked more closely and saw he was doing a XW in the State Journal. I said: "It's ARON. But that's not today's puzzle, is it?" He said, "No, last Tuesday's". So I finished eating, excused myself from the GPs and went over and told him about our blogsite. So maybe we'll have a new convert or lurker.

I thought it was funny.

On the discussion about CORN, it was interesting to see the explanation of it meaning small grains of anything. In German the word KORN refers to all grains. Corn is MAIS, in French it's maize, both of which are derived from the Spanish maiz, which in turn comes from the Taino term.

Crockett1947 said...

@kazie What a fun story! Do you get asked for directions too?