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Apr 16, 2010

Friday April 16, 2010 Dan Naddor

Theme: Losing (bat)TLE - TLE in a *TTLE ending common phrases are dropped.

17. Princeton jazzman?: JERSEY CAT(TLE). Jersey Cattle. Princeton = Jersey. Jazzman = Cat.

21. "Egg-laying for Dummies," etc.? : CHICKEN LIT(TLE). Chicken Little.

27. What a New York baseball owner would do to ensure player fitness?: TEST ONE'S MET(TLE). Test One's Mettle. Owner for the NY Mets.

42. Sign outside a boarded-up JFK?: AIRPORT SHUT(TLE). Dan also gave us ARR (37A. LAX datum) and TSA (31D. Airport safety gp.). TSA = Transportation Security Administration. Established after 9/11.

50. Little Londoner?: PEANUT BRIT(TLE). Peanut Brittle.

56. Carpet-cleaning android?: VACUUM BOT(TLE). Vacuum Bottle. Android = Bot. Short for Robot.

Besides battle, I could also think of mottle, scuttle, whittle. What else?

Today's Dan Naddor Index (non-theme entries with 6 or more letters) is 20. Pretty high, esp considering the 60 theme squares. And a themeless like 72 words.


1. Fire starter?: MIS. Start of the word Misfire. Awesome clue. We also have 5D. Fired (up): PSYCHED. Fire echos.

4. Squabble: SPAT. And 41D. Quarrels: DUST-UPS

8. Exorbitant: STEEP

13. Mo. in 1781 in which Cornwallis surrendered: OCT. Cornwallis was the British general who surrendered to George Washington on October 19, 1781. Unknown to me.

14. "__ Really Going Out With Him?": Joe Jackson hit: IS SHE. Easy guess.

16. Volcanic flowers?: LAVAS. Flow-ers = Things that flow. I can hear Lois utter "Holy hotwick!".

19. Retirement legislation acronym: ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

20. One way to run: AMOK. Run amok.

23. Disappear: VANISH

25. Par __: AVION

26. Subj. including grammar: ENG. Instinctively filled in ESL.

32. It's hard to cut through: RED TAPE. Thought of DIAMOND.

33. Company with toy trucks: HESS. Some old beat-up toys are worth quite some money.

34. Young hooter: OWLET

38. Its youngest British member, Elise Tan Roberts, was admitted at age 2: MENSA. This girl is smart indeed. I drew a blank.

39. Pres. Jefferson: THOS. Was unaware that it's short for Thomas.

40. Like Wiener schnitzel: BREADED. Have never had schnitzel.

44. Joker: WAG

47. Figure of speech: TROPE

48. Hard to endure: SEVERE

54. Rte. through Houston: I-TEN

55. Litmus reddeners: ACIDS

58. Indian royal: RANEE. So is RAJAH. Also 5 letters. (Update: Sorry for the error earlier.)

59. Parts of some support systems?: D-CUPS. Bras. We also have AREOLA (45D. Colored circle around the pupil). Are(a) + ola. So, A or B Cup?

60. 100%: ALL

61. Imitators: APERS

62. Latin infinitive: ESSE. To be.

63. Hope unit: RAY. Ray of hope.


1. Desert known for Joshua trees: MOJAVE. I forgot again.

2. Nickname for a player who performs under pressure: ICEMAN. Not familiar with this slang. Thought of CLUTCH player.

3. Like espresso: STRONG

4. Bonn pronoun: SIE. German "you".

6. Author Sholem: ASCH. Author of "The Nazarene". Pronounced like ASH, right?

7. Pad __: Asian noodle dish: THAI. Rice noodle.

8. Record holder: SLEEVE

9. Sullied: TARNISHED

10. Not a good sign: EVIL OMEN

11. Facility: EASINESS

12. Jr.'s exam: PSAT

15. Abbr. often following a comma: ETC.

18. Brew follower?: SKI. Brewski.

22. Classic Welles role: KANE. "Citizen Kaze". Rosebud.

24. "Let it stand": STET. For editors.

28. Genesis: START

29. Shipping container weights: TARES. The old shipping allowance is TRET.

30. Day star?: OPRAH. Daytime talk show star. Meh!

32. Squad car cop, often: RESPONDER

34. Taxonomic suffix: OTA. A plural suffix occurring in taxonomic name. The singular is OTE, according to the dictionary.

35. Choppy seas feature: WHITECAP

36. Nancy's region: LORRAINE. Here is a good map.

38. Dole: METE

40. Author Harte: BRET

43. Works: OPUSES. Plural can be opera too.

44. Bachelor pad amenity: WET BAR

46. One way to break the news: GENTLY. Nice clue.

49. Get-up-and-go: VIM

50. Legal hire: PARA. Need "for short".

51. Underwear initials: BVD. What's your brand? I like Etam's thongs.

52. Sprint: RACE

53. "ER" areas: ICUS

57. "What's the __?": USE

Answer grid.

Happy 82rd Birthday, Dot!



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a Friday, and one of Dan's puzzles; outstanding!

This was a tough one for me even though I got off to a good start. Amok (one of my favorite words), vanish and eng all fell quickly in the NW, which gave me Mojave, Iceman and strong, but I quickly lost traction and couldn't get a grip on the clue. I finally limped down to the second theme answer, then came the forehead smack. Great theme.

I got through the rest with some perp help, but it was definitely not easy for me. However, as with most of Dan's puzzles, I found myself smiling repeatedly as I worked my way through it. At least 'volcanic flowers?' didn't get me this time, but I had a few unknowns such as the month Cornwallis surrendered (really? the month??), Pad Thai and the Mensa clue, which I probably should've known.

And of course, my favorite clue/answer was 'Parts of some support systems'/'D cups'. Gotta love 'em.

Today is evidently a big day in Holiday Land. Today is: National Eggs Benedict Day, National High Five Day, National Librarian Day and National Stress Awareness Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Never trust a man who speaks well of everybody." -- John Churton Collins

Here's some Fun Facts about our bodies:

- The thickest skin on your body? It's the skin on your foot. It's three times thicker than the skin on your palms.

- The average person sheds 40 pounds of dead skin in their lifetime.

- Draw a one-inch by one-inch square on your forehead. That square is home to 8 million bacteria.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dot - many, many more!

Anonymous said...

58 across is ranee

Barry G. said...

Despite my respect for Dan Naddor as a person and a crossword constructor (and my sadness at his passing), I have to admit that his puzzles are usually a bit of a slog for me. I don't know if it's the overly cute clues, the strained attempts at clever themes, or what, but I'm usually just not on his wavelength.

Today, however, was the exception. I got his theme right at the start and blew through the puzzle in solid Tuesday time. The clue for LAVA ("Volcanic Flower") might have fooled me in the past, but I got it right away today because my mind has been much occupied since yesterday with the Iceland volcano. We're planning a family trip to London next Friday (our first vacation in seven years), and I'm afraid we might need to cancel it...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. I do miss Dan Naddor. I was more or less on his wave length today, My biggest hangup was in the NE corner. I couldn't for the life of me come up with STEEP. I figured out the missing "TLE" after completing JERSEY CAT and TEST ONE'S MET. From there, I knew how to fill in the rest of the theme clues.

He didn't catch me with Nancy's Region. I knew immediately we needed to explore France.

My favorite clues were:
One Way to Run = AMOK
Hard to Cut Through = RED TAPE.

A Very Happy Birthday to you, DOT! Glad your eye surgery is over with so you can enjoy your day.

QOD: Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Jeanne said...

Good morning all,
I usually have trouble with Dan’s puzzles that appear later in the week, but this one wasn’t too difficult. Really enjoyed the challenge and actually got the theme after the second entry. I guess we are all now familiar with “flowers” not always meaning flora. Bought many Hess trucks for youngest son and still have several that I’m saving for my grandson. Mensa member at 2 yrs. Old--amazing. We were thrilled when my grandson said ‘thank you” at the age of 16 mo. We have a great German restaurant nearby which makes delicious schnitzel and spaetzle. Great German meal. Thongs, CC! high rise hipsters for me.

I want to pass on prayers and good thoughts to all that have family and friends in poor health. We just went through some rough issues with a dear friend having heart valve surgery at Penn in Philadelphia and my bil with liver failure at Jefferson. Friend is doing well after surgery; however, my bil died after two weeks in ICU. So it has been really emotional around here but made me appreciate each day even more. This getting older thing is not easy. Take care all and have a great day.

Bob said...

Not too bad for a Friday. Took 35 minutes to complete (no errors or help). I didn't really catch the theme until I was done. The NE corner was the last to be completed, with EVIL OMEN the last fill. Some tricky clues, like "volcano flowers," "record holder," etc.

"There comes a time in the affairs of men, when we must take the bull by the tail....and face the situation." W.C. Fields

Argyle said...

Aw, gee! I rushed to 59Across to see a link but it wasn't there, so I'll link it myself DCUPS.

Barry G, we must remember that ofttimes the constructor has little control of the clues.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Happy Birthday Dot. Hoch soll SIE leben! (Long may she live!)

A special treat today. A slog, but a nice slog. Got everything except TROPE. No searches. Most clues were typically clever. Particularly liked RAY, THOS, BREADED and RED TAPE. Thinking of par 'three' before seeing the wisdom of par AVION.

AMOK - a Malay word

LORRAINE - Named after Lothar, one of Charlemagne's sons, when the empire was divided into 3 after his death.

Much Stürm u. Drang in Europe due to the LAVA problem in Iceland.


tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C. and all,

This was a typical Naddor puzzle - lots of good clues and a tricky theme which I did not get until I was almost through. I worked about 80% of it before going to my early Friday meeting, and finished the NW pretty quickly after I came home.

Thanks for the titillating links, C.C. Argyle, you dog, I fell for it! Someday i will learn.

Favorite clue was one way to run; wanted away, but fell back to amok when it didn't work.

Happy birthday, Dot! Enjoy your special day.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, It's always a fun solving experience with a Dan Naddor puzzle.

Dealing with lethologica: HESS, OTA, TROPE

I guess because it is a Friday, it is OK not to indicate that 25A "Par AVION" is a foreign language phrase (or is that what "Par" did?).

It didn't dawn on me that 38A was MENSA until the perps forced me to accept it. That's a very precocious little girl!

I had the beginning L and knew 36D "Nancy's region" was referring to France, but I mistakenly entered LAUSANNE, which is in Switzerland. It didn't take too long to correct it, but I should have known better.

My favorite clue was "Record holder" for SLEEVE. LP's are a thing of the past for me.

I hope Barry G. and his family don't have to cancel their travel plans.

Lemonade, that was a nice shout-out last night. Maybe some of the absent posters will check in to let us know what they have been doing lately.

Have a wonderful day, Dot.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Woke up with a massive - And totally undeserved headache. Epic fail on attempting to get the puzzle on the Mac. Resorted to the laptop, which blew up while I was attempting to comment. Not off to a great start. I'm going to take some more Tylenol and have a little lie down. Shame, with so much to be done.

Great Dan puzzle today. Lots of difficulty, but I did get the theme - eventually.

Drove I-TEN through the FLA panhandle just a few days ago

Happy BD, Dot.

Jeanne - my condolences on your loss. As one of my friends said during a senior moment, "This growing old is not for the faint hearted."

My answer to C.C's question is nowhere near B. Guessing at double A. Always interesting points to ponder.

JzB the aching trombonist

JimmyB said...

Today's puzzle just makes me miss Dan Naddor even more. I started off thinking I didn't know many of the answers and I'd have to Google a lot. But perseverance paid off and Dan's clever mind brought many a smile when the lightbulb went on. I even grasped the theme by the end.

Something tells me we'll be seeing a Quiche LORRAINE recipe by the end of the day. Jeannie?

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, Wow is all I can say. I think that we only got 25% of today's puzzle done before my wife left for work. I finished it online (again) and quickly found that we had misspelled Mojave with an H like it sounds. I remember one trip down to S. CA when we saw the Joshua trees which (I think)are really some form of overgrown cactus.

I didn't pick up on the TLE theme until I got here since all of the three letter words seemed to be OK. I thought that 16A LAVAS and 59A DCUPS were very clever.

Carlos del Oeste said...

OK, Clear Ayes- I've been getting ready for a big open studio tour, scanning slides, printing photos, and, of course, dealing with huge software problems through out it all.

Also, I had a medical emergency last week which, unfortunately, cannot be described in other than very graphic terms, so all I will say is that antibiotics seem to have solved it. A visit to my urologist next week should clear up the mystery.

A great puzzle today, but being so distracted with my studio tour, I was too antsy, and gave up about 3/4 of the way through it.

Happy Weekend to All,

Carlos del Oeste

Crockett1947 said...

C.C., great write up. Thanks for two days in a row of that lovely areola picture. Exquisite.

Put in EFF for MIS, thinking Dan might have been tricky. Don't think I've heard of HESS before. Got THOS easily because that's usually the way Jefferson signed items. Had RAJAH at first but the perps cured me of that notion. Agree with meh. Lots of chuckles on this one. Thank you to Dan for a fun fill. When we're finally out of his puzzles, it will be another sad day.

Happy birthday to you Dot. My father-in-law is 85 today and still going strong.

Barry G., hope everything clears up and you can travel. Mother Nature rules.

Argyle, nice link, Santa!

Jazzbumpa, heal quickly, our friend. No fun being not on top of things.

JimmyB, I hope Jeannie follows through on your excellent suggestion. I know she doesn't like to "bake," so I hope she has a good recipe in her repertoire.

Carlos, good to hear from you.

Buckeye, check in after your tests are done so we know they put everything back in the proper places. You did study for this one, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

Very clever puzzle. Got LAVA immediately which made me smile as well as catching on to the theme. Was able to finish with little help.

Happy b-day Dot.

Jeanne, so sorry to hear of your loss. You take care of yourself.

If everyone could say a few prayers or whatever you may to to well wish, my son had a seizure last night. Lots of time in ER. Didn't find any reason for it, but it was his second day on his job, which he was so ecstatic to get, and not the brightest way to make an impressions. He was at the hospital via ambulance before the message even got to me. Dang cell phones, you cannot hear them when you leave them in the car to go in and get the pizza!!!

We are reeling a little here. Looks like his past incident passing out in the car was likely a seizure also. We are in such limbo here, and now he cannot drive for 6 months. For a senior in HS this is quite devastating. Thankfully he picked a college nearby. And we are feeling blessed that this didn't happen when it could have been a far worse outcome.

Off to the pharmacy to pick up meds. Just adds a few extras to my schedule I guess, but mostly worried about his health.

Clear Ayes said...

Hi, CdO. I hope the medical issue resolves quickly. Good luck on the tour.

Before you all start yelling, "Enough, already!", this is the last of the “Nature’s diadem” poems (Phew!). This one is by John Nicholson (1790-1843),
who was known as The Airedale Poet….the place in England, not the dog. Hmmm, sounds quite a lot like Ms. Blanding‘s poem. I wonder if she was reading a book of English poetry one day and decided to compose one about the anemone?

The Snowdrop

Pretty little modest gem.
First in Nature's diadem;
Press'd with snow, the first to rise.
Pure as stars that deck the skies.

With thy crown of spotless white,
Like a fairy of the night.
Bending down thy modest head, —
Frost thy pillow, snow thy bed.

'Mid the hail, the sleet, the frost,
In the snow-storm sometimes lost;
But thy beauteous head appears
Lovelier with its icy tears.

- John Nicholson

kazie said...

Seems like several in our group are in need of consoling and best wishes for medical events. May I add mine to all those already expressed, and then some.

Jeanne, so sorry for your loss.

Congratulations! And as Spitzboov said, Hoch sollst du leben!

I had a similar reaction to Dick this morning, after drawing a few blanks, and noticing it was Dan, thought I would be in for a slog, but one by one, things fell into place, despite needing to look up a couple and use some WAGS. It never occurred to me even to look for the theme, I was so relieved to get through it mostly unscathed. Nice to see Dan's fun with language and hardly any names!

Sie is a funny German pronoun. It can mean 'she/her', 'you', or 'they/them', and even 'it' when referring to a common noun that is feminine. Meaning 'you' it is always capitalized, but has the same verb ending as for 'they'. Context takes care of that confusion. For the others, the verb ending, or the antecedent makes the distinction. It only means 'you' when it's formal, someone you don't know on first name terms.

Dennis said...

Jeanne, condolences on your loss. And you're right - Windhover said it best when he said, "getting old is not for cowards."

KQ, where do you go from here in determining what's causing your son's seizures, and hopefully controlling them?

lois said...

Good afternoon CC et al., Slogged thru this one and had to give up on the E side - no time to dwell today. Clever theme but I didn't get it until I came here. CC you made me LOL w/your holy hotwick comment and that's just what I was thinking too....yippee! I'm 'psyched' for the hot 'lavas' spewing forth tonight at the professional bachelor pad next door with his 'wet bar', brew'ski's, and game table set up, and I'm not talking c'hess'. We'll 'race' to see who gets down to their 'bvd's (or swim suits)first in a game of poker. I'm going to try not to be the first to go 'all' in. I'll keep some aces up my 'sleeve'just to avoid running 'amok' but even tho' I 'start' out 'strong', I usually lose my shirt. That's when I just take my double 'D cups' to the hot tub with my drink and relax. The 'ice man' cometh soon after with more drinks and poker is taken to a new level.We hash out the 'red tape' for our next c'apers' in Las Vegas where the professional bachelor shines and creates 'dust ups' wherever he goes by winning big money. - maybe he's a 'para'professional bachelor and a professional gambler. Either way, it's all good.

Argyle: LMAO I fell for it too. really funny.

Happy Birthday, Dot. I wish you many many more.

lois said...

Jeanne: I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies to you all.

KQ: heartfelt thoughts and prayers streaming your way. I am also thankful it wasn't any worse. Keep us posted.

Carlos: good luck w/the show. I'm sure it will be a great success. Hope your plumbing is back to full operation.

Jazz: hope you feel better quickly.

Hahtoolah said...

Jeanne: I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I know how difficult these times when we lose a loved one. My prayers go out to you and your family.

I wish you a speedy recovery, Carlos. And good luck with your studio tour.

Jerome said...

Dr. Squish rides again! 60 theme squares and a ton of long, fun fill. It's kind of like a smaller version of a Merl Reagle Sunday puzzle. But this is so Naddoresque and Dan at his best.

Serendipity- The shortened theme words contain all the vowels: cAt, mEt, lIt, bOt, shUt. With an extra I in brIt.

CHICKEN LIT makes me smile. A CHIN TICKLE, you might say.

Udderly ridiculous- Does a JERSEY CAT produce Tiger's Milk?

Not Dan's fault-
Clue- Fat, flying mammal?

Crockett1947 said...

KQ, please keep us posted. Too bad we don't come with ports for diagnosis so we could just plug in and find out what is wrong. Healing thoughts heading your way.

Hey lois, there's nothing wrong with chess!!

Condolences to all who have suffered loses of near and dear ones recently. Old age ain't fer sissies!


Hahtoolah said...

KQ: my prayers go out to you and your son, as well. I hope the drs can find and treat the underlying cause of the seizures.

I live off I-10 and our summer place is also not too far off on the Florida panhandle, so I know the route well.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody,

I just wish to add my sentiments to those already expressed.

Patting myself on the back for getting the entire puzzle done correctly without having to look anything up. It was a fun way to spend an hour.

What puzzle consumers we are! Gosh knows how long it takes to construct a puzzle, and here we knock one off in an hour or less. Fortunately, multiplying each of our individual times by how many solvers there are, it adds up to a huge amount of pleasure from each puzzle. Milions of us are also huge consumers of television; it must be very difficult for the writers to come up with new material over and over again.

Thanks to you all for making this such a pleasurable blog.

By the way, since I got MOJAVE right off the bat, the O left no other choice than OCT for the month Cornwallis surrendered. Hooray for perps! That's the only way I got HESS too.

Best regards.

Lucina said...

Good day, C.C. and blogging friends.

Whoopie! Another Dan Naddor xwd. This was tricky enough to be challenging, but on finishing, did not seem so difficult. Yes, I fell for "flowers" but enjoyed the deceit.

If you can believe it, I also had "Mohave" and how many times have I crossed it? I can't even count them, it's so many. For shame! The light came on when I saw "Jersey" and, too, "eff" seemed logical for fire starter.

Really liked:
parts of some support: bcup
(Argyle, you funny man.)
Day star: Oprah, which we've seen before.
Nancy's region: Lorraine (thought of my Aunt Lorraine)
record holder: sleeve
And many others; very nice; miss Dan.

Happy birthday, Dot, and many more!

Condolences, Jeanne, on the loss of your BIL. It's never easy, and I totally agree, old age is definitely not for sissies.

KQ, I hope that your son's problem can be remedied. That is so distressing.

CdeO: good to hear from you again. Good luck with the tour!

My dear friends, I have added you all to my prayer list as I have become so fond of you. That includes your trip, BarryG. I hope there might be a way you can still get there.

My condolences, Jeanne. The loss of a loved one is never easy.

Please have a fantastic Friday!

john28man said...

KQ: Our prayers are with you.
I have had two trance-like seizures and maybe my experiences afterward may be of help to you. There were an EEG and a CAT or MRI (i don't remember) and when no readily apparent cause was found I was put on an anti convulsive drug. After 4 years and a normal EEG (The first one wasn't) which are two of four criteria for stopping the drug I have been OK about four months. The biggest problem has been trouble with short term memory but I am told this depends on the area of the brain that was involved in the seizures.

Jeannie said...

I am going to mark this day down in my calendar, as it’s the first EVER Dan Naddor puzzle I finished unassisted! What a wonderful way to spend my lunch hour after a hellish morning of chasing down lost loads. My favorite theme question/answer was “little Londoner” – peanut brit. I also liked “one way to run” – amok and “hope unit” – ray. Very clever clueing. I have never heard of “trope” as a figure of speech so I thought that might be wrong. Dennis, I think Dan threw in 59 across just for you.

KQ, I hope they find out what is causing those seizures. If I remember right, they couldn’t find anything the last time. Yes, 6 months of not driving finishing out your senior year will suck for him.

Jeanne, I am sorry for your loss of your BIL. Tell your sister that folks from around the world are thinking about her.

Last and certainly not least…Dot happy happy birthday. I hope you get to go out and do something fun.

koufaxmaravich said...

Hi gang.

I must echo Jayce's remark - thanks for a great blog. In this hyper-competitive society with many nasty people out there, it's nice to see the unconditional support going around.

KQ, best wishes to you and your son.

Jeanne - condolences on the loss of your Bil. You have lots of friends and love here.

Dot, happy, happy birthday. Have a wonderful day and a year of good health, happiness and joy.

Barry - London always has overcast skies, so don't worry. Hope you can go and enjoy. If not, next time.

Lois, thanks for that marvelous little "ditty" with today's words. Pls send pictures of the party. ;)

Hahtool, enjoyed your quote. Mine is similar: "Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others." Otto von Bismarck

Argyle, your link was as clever as Dan's puzzle. Touche.

Best wishes for a great weekend, all.

Warren said...

I found the below URL for Jeannie and others, it's apt for those who are in time of need.

beautiful parable

dodo said...

After a first glance I, too, thought I'd have a slog today. Though it was pretty challenging, I still got it without looking anything up. The perps helped a lot and I had a noticeable 'aha' moment when I finally got 'lavas'.Unlike some of you, I don't remember seeing that in a cw before.

KQ, I know how you must feel having one of your children experiencing some unexplainable condition. My heart goes out to you and my hopes are for a successful outcome. Sometimes things have to 'come to a head' before they can get better!

Jeannie, my hopes for your Mom, who sounds like a real survivor, are for a successful resolution, too. Keep the faith!

Dot, a wonderful birthday to you!

Jeanne, my condolences on the loss of your brother-in law. Sometimes thing seem to come in bunches, don't they?

Carlos, all the best for your open studio. Hope you get lots of visitors and prospective commissions!

Oh, back to the puzzle. I never did get the theme. I realized I was dealing with omitting parts of words, but never thought about them all being the same till I read your blog, C.C. I guess there's just no hope for me, themewise!

Oberhasli said...

Whewwww Doggies - that was hard! I almost threw in the towel a few times and headed for the newspaper recycling bin. I have never heard of "trope" and I didn't catch on to the theme until way into the puzzle. Not too sharp today :-(

Dot said...

I just came here to take a break. I probably won't do the puzzle before Sunday. Tomorrow is the Twice Touched clinic, the community outreach with free medical & dental care plus haircuts, chiropractic, foot care, family photos. I've been slicing cheese for cheese trays and getting other foods together to send to the workers at the 10 dentist offices that are involved. Want to get everything done that I can this afternoon because we're going out for dinner tonight. Irv just came in with a dozen roses for me.

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes. I don't feel any older that I did yesterday!

Jeanne, you have my sympathy. And KQ I hope the doctors find out quickly the source of the problems.

Did anyone other than people in dane county see the meteor the other night? I haven't heard any official explanation yet but it was quite impressive, whatever it was.


JIMBO said...

Hi C.C. and all

Yes I still read the comments and work (at) the puzzles every day. I've had to play "catch-up" at times, because my son just underwent quadruple bypass surgery and that has taken quite a bit of my time; but he is recovering very nicely and on schedule.
Thanks for the pleasure I receive every day from all y'all and "Vaya con Dios"

kazie said...

I didn't see it, but we sure heard it! A loud boom, thought of thunder at first, but it wasn't quite like that, no rain afterwards either. My son and dil saw it from their back deck in Madison. It is supposed to have landed out here in SW WI somewhere, but I haven't heard if any pieces have been found, though scientists are asking people to bring in any they find.

May the stars be as bright for you on your celebration tonight!

JD said...

Good afternoon CC and all,

I loved yesterday's rants and the return of Dennis and Lois.Today however, many of you have brought us sad news. My thoughts are with all of you: Jeanne,KQ, Jimbo Jeannie, Lois and Dennis.
Better news! There will be cake today for Dot to go with her roses. Enjoy the pampering Dot.

The puzzle: it was! I was doing OK until the airport shut down.I was in a vacuum with no bot, and I-10 was no where to be seen.

Argyle, thx for throwing the V8 can my way...Santa.

pad thai-yum!
par avion..remembered from stamp collecting

Who is Nancy?

In honor of Latin infinitive:
"Noli simul flare sorbereque"

Don't whistle and drink at the same time.

Anonymous said...

JD Nancy is a town in the Lorraine region of France. We have travelled to Alsace Lorraine and it is fabulous wine country. Puts Napa to shame with its quaintness.

I would highly recommend a visit to the town of Ribeauvillé just north of Colmar. Interestingly, when I returned home from that trip in the 80's I found that my grandmother was from the area. It was German at the time her family lived there, (the border used to change a lot) so I never would have thought that my ancestry was from that area. Still a lot of German heritage in the region. On Bastille day, they had an outdoor festival ripe with beer, brats and leiderhausen, even though it was in France. Fun stuff.

Keep all those well wishes coming. We have no idea what is to come. They did MRI, blood work and other stuff at the ER with nothing definitive. He is scheduled for a sleep deprived (fun stuff for everyone) EEG on Tuesday am as well as a visit to the neurologist later in the day. Hopefully we will figure something out. Spent the data talking to docs, scheduling appointments and notifying people that need to know. For now he is on an anti-seizure medicine. Our pediatrician has been super helpful getting him in fast thankfully.

Ta Ta for now.

Chickie said...

Hello All--A challenge this was today, but I had to look up only one item. The Retirement Acronym. Once that was in place the rest of the NE corner FINALLY fell into place.

I fell for the Volcanic flowers today. I really should have known better. I won't make that mistake, again. (Maybe).

Hess was unknown, and even after I had it filled in, I wasn't sure it was correct. I had girls, so didn't buy many toy trucks. Tonka's were the norm for the grandsons.

I liked Parts of some support systems, and Hope Unit the best today. Argyle, funny, funny.

On Monday I attended our annual luncheon for all the people who work at our thrift shop. Our assistant manager always brings in items that are not things that we can sell. Some are damaged, like the purse she had with the duct tape handle. She opened the purse and took out a 56 DDD bra. It was HUGE. We all just about fell off our chairs. Next was an XXXXL t-shirt that would have covered my kitchen table. Everyone had a great laugh.

Chickie said...

KQ, my thoughts are with you and your family. Hopefully the Doctors can figure out what is going on with your son. Not knowing is the hardest part!

Jeanne, Condolences to you and your family.

Carols-d-O, It was good to hear from you today. Good luck with your show.

I agree with everyone that growing old is HARD work.

Barry, I heard that the weather is to clear up by the weekend, or early next week. Hopefully, for your upcoming trip that is true. The news today showed people asleep everywhere at the SF airport. No flights to Europe for now.

Dot, HBTY, HBTY, HBD Dear Dot, HBTY.

Clear Ayes said...

Jeanne, Condolences to you and your husband on the loss of your B-I-L.

KQ, Keep letting us know how your son is doing. All parents would be willing to change places with their child who is having medical problems. Hopefully, he will be diagnosed quickly and the problem can be controlled without too much disruption to his life. Until then, we are thinking of you and wishing you all well.

Jeannie, keep us informed about your uncle's condition, as well as your Mom. Lots of good thoughts going out there too.

I have a (practically) never-fail Quiche Lorraine recipe I've made it with the Jeannie-furnished vodka pie crust recipe. I'm digging through the recipe file and will post it soon.

Clear Ayes said...

Here's the Quiche Lorraine recipe and Jeannie's vodka pie crust Quiche Lorraine. Easy and delicious. Impress your friends.

ARBAON said...

CA: I didn`t know Lorraine could cook!

Jeannie said...

Clearayes, thank you for your quiche lorraine recipe. Mine is a little bit different yet somewhat the same.
Jeannie Quiche Lorraine:
Vodka pie crust (thank you CA for posting that as I will not have to).
Saute 4-5 strips of chopped up bacon in 1 tbspn of butter with a half onion and half green pepper finely chopped. Cook until translucent. Meanwhile blanch one nice "tree" of broccoli and cut it into florets. (Dennis, this can be omitted but I think you would actually eat this one) Mix 6 eggs with about 1/4 cup of milk or cream, salt and pepper. Shred one cup of swiss cheese and 1 cup of sharp cheddar. Line your pie dish with the crust, add the swiss cheese (it becomes the binder). Mix the egg mixture with the bacon, onion, grn pepper, and broccoli together. Here's my secret ingredient...I add about 1 cup of thawed cooked salad shrimp. Mix together and pour over the swiss cheese lined pie crust. Bake at 375 for about 45 min, take it out and add the shredded cheddar on top and bake for an additional 15 min. Let it cool about 10 minutes before cutting. Folks, this one is a winner.

JD said...

I forgot to mention on the "What's the use? puzzle" today that I could not read TESTONESMET. It's filled with stones, tones, on, one, ton.I guess it was important this time to grok the theme.mea culpa, Dan.

KQ, thanks for cluing me in about Nancy. Obviously we have not met. How fun for you to see where your relatives lived. You are like an episode of "Do you Know Who You Are?" BTW, I admire your courage and continual positive vibes.Your family is very lucky to have you.Hopefully the doctors will figure it out soon.

Chickie, I also do not know Hess. We are into Tonkas.

That darling mensa child reminded me of Truman...imagine that! Well, yesterday he was counting a little pile of paper clips, AND he did it in Spanish..much farther than I could go. LOL! This Gammaw can only go to 9.

Gunghy said...

Wee, I'm late today!!! My son is on last leave before deployment to Afghanistan and my soon-to-be-ex came down to share time with him. But my soon to be married daughter and my wife got in a fight over something trivial and I fled to the lake. Probably selfish of me, but the ice was thick, man. (Loved that one.)

Didn't get flow-ers 'til half way through the comments. I've never seen that one before.

Wanted stay, not stet. Guess I play too much 21.

I've seen Eloi too much lately. Got K_NE and was thinking HG not Orson so I went with KINE. Had to be cattle, Right?? With a French foreign exchange brother, I'm embarrassed.

My assorted condolences, sympathies and best wishes to all. Things seem to be really heavy right now. I hope all clears up quickly.

KQ, my daughter started grand mals at the age of 8. After a MRI to show we hadn't beaten her, and a tox-screen to be sure she hadn't been poisoned, they gave up searching for a cause. For most seizures, the cause is never identified. Don't be upset if they can't find the cause, just keep working to find the right mixture of meds to control the seizures. On the positive side, after about a year, the seizures went away and haven't returned since.

Jeanne, I'm sorry about your bil. That is an awful disease.

My sister is a 7 yr. cancer survivor of a type where 50% are dead in 5 years. (95% if it spread.) She had 2 surgeries for metastases, but is apparently clean. I mention this because she credits most of her recovery to attitude and the support of good friends. Bless you all.

Argyle said...

I'm not sure if it is clear about Hess.

Hess branded gasoline filling stations are in 16 states along the East Coast. Since 1964, they have sold toy trucks each year around Christmas time. Each year, the model changes to a new design. Older models are considered collectibles and typically sell for a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. Original.

Lemonade714 said...

Good evening:

Okay, first the happy, as in Birthday to Dot, and many more. KQ, as a parent I cannot imagine anything more awful, and I send you whatever you need; JIMBO, glad to see you back, and to know your son is on the mend; Jeanne, the longer we last the more times we get to say goodbye. My day was mostly a funeral and a farewell. As dan Naddor reminds us, you just never know.

I love the puzzle, but am worn out.

JD said...

"As dan Naddor reminds us, you just never know."
So true, that is why I decided to have a big bowl of ice cream.

Argyle, thanks for enlightening us about Hess. Do you have any info on plug ugly ;we have only used the butt ugly term in these here parts.

Jazzbumpa said...

Thanks to those who offered comfort on my mysterious, and now mysteriously disappeared headache. In the grand scheme of things it was little more than an annoyance, and quite trivial next to the real medical problems others are or have been experiencing Good luck to all of you.

Not sure if I'll check in tomorrow. Dance competition in Saline, involving 3 granddaughters, then a family get together in the evening.

My son just turned 40, but I have been informed that this is most definitely NOT a birthday party.

Time for the Red Wings, IMBO
JzB the hockey loving trombonist

Anonymous said...

Barry G,

I've followed this blog for two years and you're my favorite contributor. Intelligent, focused, poignant.

No vacation for 7 years?! You need time off. Considering all you've been through with the crash, moving, etc., you deserve it.

Hope the path clears for you...

Anonymous said...

It's late here. Been a busy day. But we started by going out for breakfast, which is always a treat.

I hope it's not too late for Dot to receive a happy birthday wish from FL. I trust you enjoyed your day. Lovely picture.

Got very little of the puzzle; it's too late for my brain.

Cheers, all.

Anonymous said...

KQ: I had a severe seizure in 1985 (age 55) and have been on medication ever since, with no further problems. Your son is lucky in one sense – I couldn't drive for a year. That was awful. My son also had one at age 6, and he was told he might outgrow it. Which he did when he was 22. Both of our seizures were from head injuries from falling off bikes, back before helmets were advised.
So best wishes to your and your son.

Tinbeni said...

Saw it was Dan Naddor and knew the puns were coming.
At least I didn't fall for the Volcanic Flowers? this time.
And after that show the other night "doing a crossword" for an hour seems kind of nice.

After the tears, remember the smiles.

You sly old dog! After that DCUPS I had to go back and check the C.C. areola embed.
Then I hit my WET BAR.
Ahhh, avatar, smooooth!

Anon 9:20
I agree, Barry G. has a style of erudition.
As do many others here.
Two years and you're still an anon?

Anonymous said...


Yes, I chose to remain anon.

Windhover's radical and incendiary political comments are why.

This is no place for that.

That is why I respect Barry G's contribution.

Anonymous said...

What a sensitive little flower.

Anonymous said...

anons, come out of the dark ages and realize that Windhover is a very well read man. Yes, he does have opinions due to his reading. Hell, what else does he do other than toil the earth and raise livestock. He has no electricity, lives off the land, and provides us with lamb. What could be wrong with that? I believe many of the great men that have formed this country did just that.

Clear Ayes said...

Jeannie, additional goodies in the quiche sound yummy. That is the wonderful thing about a egg and milk custard, all kinds of things can be added or subtracted, according to what you like and have on hand.

One of my best friends is having a big yard sale tomorrow and Sunday. I'll bring some stuff to sell (I no longer need martini glasses, three thermoses,or that extra set of sheets that are still in the plastic wrapper, among other things) and will also be helping her and her husband out. I'll check in if I can. If not, have a great weekend everyone.

Chickie said...

Argyle, Thank you for the info on the Hess trucks. I've never heard of the company. No wonder, it isn't out here on the West Coast. We learn something new every day on our Blog.

Anonymous said...


But Windover saying we don't understand what we are protesting is an insult to all of us that believe in limited government.

Being overtaxed (without representation) is the reason for the original Boston Tea Party.

A Julia Child fan said...

Add various extra ingredients and it is no longer Quiche Lorraine, which is basically, eggs, cream and spices to which bacon and onion are added. Swiss cheese is a modern addition, but is acceptable. Add cauliflower to the custard and you have Quiche Du Barry. Add broccoli and chicken and you have Quiche Divan. It may be very tasty, but Jeannie's recipe with green pepper, broccoli, cheddar cheese and shrimp makes a Savory Tart, not a Quiche Lorraine.

Annette said...

I didn't get the theme until coming here - thanks C.C.! A couple times at work today when I needed a break, I was sorely tempted to work on the puzzle, but once I saw the constructor, I held off. I wanted to save it for when I wouldn't have any distractions.

"RAY of hope" was a bittersweet fill for me. It had me wondering what treatment Dan was trying at the time. Or maybe he was referring to his wife.

KQ: Thanks for the explanation about Alsace-Lorraine. My grandmother's family was from there too, but I never knew much about it. I didn't even find out until after my father had passed away, and long after she'd been gone.

Tinbeni: Salute! ;-)

Annette said...

Dot: My wishes are so late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday today! Wow, talk about one-stop shopping... Do you sell kitchen sinks at this event tomorrow too?

Jeanne: I'm very sorry about your bil. It sounds like he was more 'brother' than 'in-law' to you.

KQ: Your poor son sure is starting out with a lot of tough breaks. Like that period in life doesn't have enough challenges!

Carlos: Glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the tour!

Tinbeni said...

Anon 9:20 & 10:07
Click the Name/URl and put in a fake name. Like "I" which will come out "I said..."

You don't have to go "Blue" it's just that when commenters see an "Anon" they tend to disregard.

You have an insight and ... well, I think the others want to "welcome (you) to the party, pal!"

Did your "solve of the crossword" take you an hour?

A Julia Child fan
Is there a recipe for a quiche that has Scotch in it?

Jeannie said...

A Julia fan, I realize my recipe isn't a "true french" rendition of the recipe. Mine is just "off the cuff" and one I wanted to share once asked. (I was asked) I have made it repeatedly and all I know like it. I originally made it for a vegetarian friend who loved it and added the shrimp as my own twist as that is my thang (mom talk).

I never ever follow a recipe to the tee unless baking. I tend to improvise. That doesn't make me a bad cook but an adventorous one.

Anon, C.C. decided no religious or political talk on the blog. Let it go. All the other anon was stating was that WH isn't some hillbilly and is probably well read and has his opinions just like everybody else.

Tinbeni said...

OK, you're the chef.

Is there any recipe (other than MY: pour Scotch, for 3 to 5 seconds into a snifter) that REQUIRES Scotch?

I could become a chef again.

I do make a great "Steak Diane."
My "Bananas Foster" makes solving a crossword a TWO hour affair ...

Annette said...

Tinbeni: Alas, after anticipating it all day long, I was so excited to finally be doing the puzzle that I finished in only 20 minutes... I'll be sure to take my time with it tomorrow. Good night!

Tinbeni said...

Doing a "puzzle" in 20 minutes, well that's OK.

But "doing a crossword" in under an hour ... would be a travesty!

Lucina said...

Yes, thank you for the information about Hess. No wonder I didn't know. My first fill was "TEKS" which aren't just trucks, but one of my grandnephews likes them, so it was familiar.

Jeannie, whatever you call your recipes, I really like them. Being a purist is often a burden, unless, of course, one is writing a cookbook, and then accuracy is paramount.

You all may have heard about what I consider embarrassing legislation for our state; just this week, the governor signed a bill that now makes it legal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. (sigh) As if there wasn't enough violence already.

I wouldn't so much mind the concealed weapon part, but at least with a permit, people might have instruction and identification might be important.

Have a good night!

Lucina said...

Very funny! And I agree.

Gunghy said...

Tinbeni - Dean Martin's recipe for cooking steak:

1 bottle whiskey
1 large steak
1 dog

Open whiskey, pour large tumbler.
Throw steak to dog.
Drink whiskey.
Repeat parts with whiskey.

Jeannie said...

Okay Tinbeni, for one I have never called myself a chef, just one who likes to cook. You have thrown down the gauntlet and now I am finding myself "on a mission" to go out tomorrow to buy some scotch and come up with a concoction. What brand do you recommend? Johnny Walker Red or Black comes to mind from my waitress/bartender daze.

Tinbeni said...

About that Dean Martin recipe.

Sounds fun ... but my current one has the bottle of Scotch.

No steak, no dog, nothing but the pour.

But a Gal Pal of mine has two dogs ... and it I learn how to throw the steaks, just right, maybe she and I could get together, doing a crossword.

Hmmmm, sounds like a perfect plan.

Frenchie said...

Good Evening to you, C.C., Argyle and folk,

I'm feeling quite bad as I received the call saying my uncle died. I've felt so sad all day and finally that I'd come on here to take my mind off it for a little while.

@Dot, so, birthday girl, I wish this to be your best year yet!

@Dennis, National Stress Awareness Day. So do you think now people are aware of my stress? It's sort of cathartic just thinking about it!

I liked the theme and I had my ups and downs as I followed our benevolent Swengoli through the volcanic flowers.

'Parts of some support systems
'D cups'...or in some cases, DDD like the eee shoe width talk yesterday. Remember you've gotta think big these days, people! Today's D cup is yesterday's training bra!

@ Crockett1944, thanks for the lovely comment and wise words! It means a lot to me!

@KQ, I have personal knowledge that medicine will control these events
so the impact on his life is minimal. The not driving for 6 months is the test! Email me and I can tell you more.

@Jeannie, so much sadness to have friends and family ill and dying...
Good Night, sleep well and tomorrow, my husband gets home from his rafting trip. YEAAA!!!

I'm out!