Apr 12, 2010

Monday April 12, 2010 John Lampkin

Theme: Vowel Progression - Orderly vowel (before GGY) change in the first 5-letter word of each two-word common phrase.

17A. Loose-hanging trousers: BAGGY PANTS

25A. 1957 hit for Buddy Holly and the Crickets: "PEGGY SUE"

36A. Coin collector?: PIGGY BANK

53A. Gershwin song set in London, with "A": FOGGY DAY

62A. Carriage outings: BUGGY RIDES

Argyle here. Mundane Monday.
PEGGY SUE (Rare footage) and A FOGGY DAY by the Velvet Fog.


1A. A dog may pull on one during a walk: LEASH

6A. __ Hari: MATA. WWI spy

10A. Engrave with acid: ETCH

14A. Navel type: INNIE. This begs for a picture.

15A. Medical suffix: OSIS. As in halitOSIS - bad breath.

16A. Rise sky-high: SOAR

19A. Soaks (up): SOPS

20A. Coiled hair style: BUN. The famous sidewheel

21A. Slanted type style: Abbr.: ITAL

22A. Buddies: PALS

23A. Most sickly: ILLEST

28A. Sharpshooter: DEADEYE

30A. Painting props: EASELS. I did think of stage props for a sec.

31A. Tight as __: A DRUM. See 20A.

32A. Hired thug: GOON

35A. 4:00 London social: TEA

40A. Not prem., as gas: REG.

43A. Chewy Hershey's candy: ROLO. Most of us must recognize
this candy by now.

44A. "__ my case": I REST

48A. Beethoven symphony originally dedicated to Napoleon: EROICA. Italian for "heroic" crossed by 41D. Art of a sexual nature: EROTICA which may require "heroics".

51A. Erode gradually, as savings: EAT INTO

56A. Coast Guard operation: RESCUE

57A. Do bar duty: TEND. Making drinks.

58A. Wander: ROAM

60A. Like two peas in a __: POD

61A. Cylindrical pasta: ZITI

65A. Grammy co-winner for the rap song "Back on the Block": ICE-T

66A. Theater award: OBIE

67A. "__ evil ...": SEE NO.
SEE NO Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

68A. Super Bowl, e.g.: GAME

69A. Avoid flunking: PASS

70A. Admin. aides: ASSTS.


1D. Ad-__: improvise: LIB

2D. Made possible: ENABLED

3D. Lean and bony: ANGULAR

4D. Enrolled: SIGNED UP

5D. Attention-getter: HEY

6D. Castle protector: MOAT

7D. "Easy!": "A SNAP!"

8D. Lancelot's was "Sir": TITLE

9D. Barnyard brayer: ASS

10D. Some exam answers: ESSAYS

11D. Handyman's must-have: TOOL SET. A nail SET might be part of a tool KIT

12D. Word after time or timed-release: CAPSULE

13D. Time measures: Abbr.: HRS.. Hours.

18D. Feel sorry for: PITY

22D. Links org.: PGA

23D. Snake River st.: IDA.. In the state of Idaho.

24D. Big road rig: SEMI

26D. Actress Rowlands: GENA

27D. That, in Tijuana: ESA. Spanish.

29D. "Leggo my ___!": EGGO

33D. Popeye's Olive: OYL

34D. Woodwind quintet member: OBOE

37D. Alum: GRAD

38D. Evening, commercially: NITE. Adspeak.

39D. Crunchy cereal brand word: KRISPIES

40D. Foul caller: REF Wanted ump.

42D. Rah-rah encouragement: "GO GET 'EM!"

45D. Scrambles to keep secret: ENCODES

46D. Pupil: STUDENT

47D. Corn site: TOE. Corn - a local hardening and thickening of epidermis (as on a toe).

49D. Set ablaze: IGNITE

50D. Charisse of "Singin' in the Rain": CYD. What

52D. Military force: ARMY

54D. Vacation isle near Venezuela: ARUBA

55D. Bear and Berra: YOGIS

59D. Ripens, as cheese: AGES

61D. Sharp turn: ZIG

62D. Jazz style: BOP

63D. Pretoria's nation: Abbr.: RSA. Republic of South Africa. South Africa has three capital cities: Cape Town, the largest of the three, is the legislative capital; Pretoria is the administrative capital; and Bloemfontein is the judicial capital. I wonder why.

64D. "H-E-L-P!": "S-O-S!"

Answer grid.

Happy Anniversary to Kazie, who met her husband 39 years ago today.



Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Yeah, ROLO finally became a gimme for me. I adore the theme, simple & creative. Perfect for a Monday. Love the ?GGY vowel change idea. The clue for PIGGY BANK & EROTICA typify John's cluing style, entertaining & original. Quite a few partials in the grid.

tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C., Argyle and all,

A walk in the park Monday puzzle, with a fun theme. 14 minutes for me, which is my record to date. Bob and Dennis will probably do it in 5 or less.

Not much to comment on, so I won't. Good job, Argyle.

Have a goo day and week.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Very easy Monday. I wrote everything in taking less than 12 minutes. Some sort of record for me I think. Erotica on a Monday?? This is going to be one hell of a week!!

3 and a w/up

Have a great day!

Mainiac said...

I am definitely having a Monday.....

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband Kazie and many more!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. I loved this Monday puzzle. We haven't seen an A-E-I-O-U puzzle in a long time. Lately, I have been finding Monday puzzles a bit of a challenge, and this was no exception. Not complaining, though.

I thought of Warren when I filled in TOOL SET (raise a hand for having first filling in Tool KIT.)

I smiled when I filled in TOE instead of Ear for Corn Site.

Mata Hari is a crossword staple.

I, too, thought of the Velvet Fog when I filled in FOGGY DAY. You beat me to the punchline, Argyle!

My favorite clue today was Coin Saver = PIGGY BANK.

QOD: There are some who only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts ~ Voltaire

Anonymous said...

Seems like forever since I have been around. I wasn't thinking I would take such a hiatus but we have had a two week spring break here, and even the time I was home I was so busy I could barely do the puzzle, much less comment on it.

This was a great Monday theme. I thought it a little harder than usual. I timed myself at about 12 minutes which would be unusually long for a Monday. That almost makes it more enjoyable for me as I like at least a little challenge when I am doing my puzzles.

The city is pretty excited about the Twins home opener today. Hope the weather holds out. We have tickets for Sunday's game and I cannot wait to see them play in the new stadium. They are starting out great this year.

Back to the grind. I fear the busyness will not stop until after graduation, with baseball starting, parties to plan, college to sign up for and the normal spring activities. Hope everyone has a great day.

Bob said...

Usual easy Monday puzzle. 11 minutes. I guess "illest" is a word, although I can't say I've ever seen or heard it used.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Great to see you back.

Very clever EOS and NASCENCE crossing, esp since I am not fond of the HOS clue.

Sorry I can't ask Rich whether the HOS clue is his or the constructor's. He's extremely busy and I try to be respectful of his time. Let's just enjoy his work.

Argyle & Irish Jim,
I sure love Geherty's Irish accent and sense of humor.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Bill G,
Hey, a right moment for the Lefty and the whole country! As for Tiger's interview, he was just being his old self, cold & dismissive, no more, no less, esp if you pay attention to his previous pre or post game interviews.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all. Had trouble with 7D "Easy!". Thought it was a command until I realized it was a description of today's puzzle; A SNAP.

INNIE - had to check whether mine was.

Not much else to comment on, a fast solve with no unknowns.

Argyle, our early Tel. # was MYrtle 5 (695) -****; a couple exchanges SW of you.

Have a good start to the week, everyone.

Hahtoolah said...

Good to see you back, KQ. I'm with you ~ I thought this puzzle provided a bit of a challenge for a Monday, but not so much so that I didn't enjoy it.

Happy Anniversary, Kazie. Many, Many more happy years together.

Argyle said...

Bill MacAtee, David Feherty, Peter Kostis.

Maybe there were three interviews? My paper said it was Kostis; IRISH JIM said it was MacAtee; I saw a cheesy mustache and goatee and that would have been Feherty.

Lemonade714 said...

A perfect Monday puzzle; fresh clues, 5 theme answers, and more Gs than an old episode of Leave It To Beaver . I also had to grin at DEADEYE which was another wonderful book, and a cartoon character from my childhood.

Tax day looms, but hey it is spring.

tfrank said...


The interview I was referring to was the one with Peter Kostis. My rant was prompted by the fact that Tiger not once thanked the Masters hosts for inviting him (it is an invitational, after all) or showed much interest in anything but himself. It would have been polite to comment on the great condition of the course, the pleasure of playing with his many friends, appreciation for his pairing mate, Choi, etc., etc.

kazie said...

Good morning and thanks for all the anniversary wishes and for repeating our recent photo!

The amazing thing about that train ride 39 years ago is that he had been trying to hitch-hike out of Granada for three days before that, and that was the fourth day when I was leaving and he gave up and took the train to Alicante. So it was meant to be.

As all have said it was an easy Monday. But that didn't stop me from being unable to parse A SNAP. I wondered what AS NAP was but let it be. Due to perp fills, I also didn't even notice either STUDENT or SOPS.

I started with KIT for SET too. Set sounds like a child's toy rather than a tool kit. I missed the vowel progression, just thinking it was a different -ggy word each time. I nailed ARUBA this time, unlike its last appearance.

Thanks again for remembering, C.C!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, A nice Monday with a fun theme. I got the GGY after PEGGY SUE and was then on the lookout for it. I didn't get the vowel progression until PIGGY BANK.

Lots of good words for a Monday. ENABLED, ANGULAR, CAPSULES, ENCODES and the neat cross of EROTICA and EROICA.

Happy Anniversary Kazie

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and all,

After filling in leash, mata and etch, I decided to do all the "downs" 1st which was fun for a change.When I got to Aruba I kept thinking of that poor family whose daughter was killed there, and nobody has been arrested.

Fav clues: coin collector?, and corn site. I read Snake River state as Snake River street which confused me. d'oh!

When we drove thru Pretoria last fall (their spring) all the Jacaranda trees were in bloom, just like this. Beautiful!

a very happy anniversary to you, Kazie!

carol said...

Hi all....easy puzzle as a Monday one should be. I don't time myself, but this went fast. I never did get the vowel progression but it didn't matter.

I wondered about ILLEST too. I don't think I would say "That is the illest I've ever been". Sounds strange. "I was very ill" would be more like it, but hey, that is crosswordese for you:)

JD...what beautiful trees!! I just love the color.

Kazie, a very happy anniversary to you both. I think you are right about it being 'meant to be'.

eddyB said...

Hi. Nice Monday puzzle.

Didn't see the Tiger interview but,
wouldn't have been surprised.

They wisely stayed away from Marco
after the IRL race. What rotten luck.

We are having some nasty Spring rain around here.


Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, C.C. and fellow solvers.

A snap! But then a Monday xwd should be; the -ggy theme was fun, especially recalling those nice oldies tunes. Thanks for the links Argyle; very nostalgic.

Tool set also tricked me, I tried tool kit and tool box at first. But London social at 4:00 (tea) straightened me.

I also liked the crossing of Eroica and erotica. Originally I had "zag" until I noticed the clue answer had to be "Ice T".

Congratulations, Kazie! Such a nice pic, too.

You all have a magnificent Monday!

bobbi said...

And let's not forget Maybe Baby by Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning everyone.

Got my computer back from the shop and in fine working order.

Kazie, Happy Anniversary. Many more to you!

Lucina, I went through the same tool progression and had TEA set me straight as well.

Have a great Monday!

dodo said...

Nice work, Argyle, as usual.
I put 'toolbox' for 'toolkit' and also didn't cotton onto 'a snap' until a last check. Caught the 'gg' theme with 'PeggySue' but I never got the vowel progression until your blog. I'm lucky to get the theme without all the clever inner workings! In fact, most days, I'm lucky to get all the words! But I'm improving!

Happy, happy, Kazie. Heading toward the 'golden one'! Only ten to go! Doesn't time whiz by?

Jerome said...

Fairly open grid for a Monday. Nice. Really liked DEADEYE, KRISPIES, and the crossing of EROTICA and EROICA. That must have given John a smile.

C.C. I thought of your "Pinko" question when I noticed BIG RED GUYS in BUGGY RIDES. I also see Jeff's brother, GUY BRIDGES.

But, I've no idea why I see NUDE PIGS in SIGNED UP.

Liz said...

Good morning everyone, and happy anniversary to Kazie.
I just got caught up on Sunday's comments. Enjoyed the Neil Young discussion. Put me in the Neil Young fan club. Windhover, a concert film, "Neil Young Trunk Show," directed by Jonathan Demme, is out in limited release, and is supposed to be on DVD by the end of the year. Demme also directed "Heart of Gold," and supposedly will be doing a third Young film.
Oh, enjoyed the crossword too!

Jeannie said...

This was a pretty straight forward puzzle today. I caught onto the theme with Peggy Sue so knew the next theme answer would be “iggy” something, which coincidentally was my favorite clue. I didn’t care for “most sickly” – illest either, Carol. I also wouldn’t have gotten Cyd Charrisse without the perps filling it in. Kazie, happy anniversary on the day you two met. Now I am curious how things progressed from there.

Today’s riddle: A word I know, six letters it contains…..subtract just one and twelve remains.

Anonymous said...

I never got the vowel progression either. Thanks.

Lemonade714 said...

Dance? LEGS .

kazie said...

Twelve hour train ride (Spanish trains took a lot of side trips in those days), arrived at the coast around midnight. Got a pension room (only one left, or so they said), one bed with bad springs, spent the night clinging to the sides. Oranges on the beach next morning, explored the fort, and then continued traveling together up the east coast via Valencia and Barcelona to Arenis de Mar, where he had some friends he wanted me to meet. I continued on to Montpellier where I worked as English assistant, he joined me there a couple of weeks later. The magic survived, and after he went on to Italy and I finished up the school year, we met again in Munich, then spent two weeks hitching through the Black Forest before splitting to head home. I split my intended time on each US coast to fit a week in Wisconsin and meet his family. He followed me to Oz five months later and we married in September '72.

Thanks for all the additional congratulations, everyone. Now you all know most of the story.

Al said...

@Jeannie, an answer to your riddle probably numbers in the dozens...

Lucina said...

I forgot to mention that "ignite" paralleling "go get 'em" and "erotica" was interesting.

And thank you, C.C. I enjoyed playing around with those words; surely a sign of my crosswordese mentality!

Also, my daughter became enamored of Princess Leia in "Return of the Jedi" when it premiered, so for the next two years she insisted on wearing her long hair in the ring buns and for Halloween that year I made her the costume as well. Nice memories.

Lucina said...

dozens, dozen

John Lampkin said...

Hello to all from the jungles of Costa Rica where I'm photographing rare birds and butterflies.

Finally found a wi-fi joint in a small town where we stopped for lunch and had time to quickly read through these kind comments.
So glad you all enjoyed the puzzle.

I'm glad Rich allowed my PIGGY BANK clue. Generally Mondays are straight ahead with no tricky stuff.

Thanks again for all the kind comments!

The JVN said...

14A -- a superb innie!

23A ILLEST - I've heard sickest, but illest?

11D - I wanted TOOLBOX or TOOLKIT.

23D Snake River st -- there are rivers of that name in several states, including Idaho, Minnesota, Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska. I drove the length of Nebraska on my way to visit my sister, then living in Omaha. The I-80 crosses the Snake several times.

50D -- What gams, indeed! She made superb use of them in "Singing in the Rain", my favorite movie.

to JD: I find the down words easier than the across words. I work cross and down together, so they provide a check on each other.

JD said...

JVN, I usually do that too, but rarely do I get the 1st 3 answers right away, giving me the 1st letter of the next 13 answers.

Mr. Lampkin, I am soo jealous. I would love to be in Costa Rica taking pictures. Thanks for your puzzle.

dodo said...

THE JVN? Please go blue!

eddyB said...

Hi. Say hello to San Jose's newest falcons.


Clear Ayes said...

WH, Liz, Argyle and any other Youngies, No problem with Neil Young's political or charitable views....if he just wouldn't sing about them! :o) It's his quavery, strained, slightly off-key tenor that is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

Frenchie said...

Hi C.C., Argyle and folk,

First of all, for a Monday, I did way too much erasing.
Initially, I skittered around and didn't follow any particular pattern.
My 'illest' connection, or lack thereof, was 'coin collector.' I was working in fills and passed 'coin collector' a few times. I caught myself entertaining the possibility of 'philatelist, which is wrong anyway, as that refers to stamp collecting.' I looked at that p and lots of spaces and must admit, I was humbled by 'piggy bank!' John Lampkin, you pulled a fast one on me! Good job!
Here is a coin and a stamp, too. Coin gave me the mental segue to stamp so I will share this. My husband and I inherited a stamp collection and it is really fascinating. I recall that many of the stamps were dated from WWII years.

@tfrank, 'A walk in the park Monday puzzle,' or a 'carriage outing?' (62A)...ha ha, you have a good day and week, too! Everybody else too,K?


windhover said...

Have to give you that one. Maybe I identify because I can't sing worth a damn, either.

Lemonade714 said...


No one can deny the talent of Bob Dylan, but not for singing. You can here the bad singing or the wonderful words. Like these puzzles, you have to listen.

It reminds me of the husband who seeking to get closer to his wife and enhance his love life, listened to the instructor declare, "it is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other."

The instructor then addressed the men, 'Can you name and describe your wife's favorite flower?'

He leaned over, touched his wife's arm tenderly , and

'Gold Medal-All-Purpose, isn't it?'

And thus began his life of celibacy..........


Good to see you, we are so quiet, we cannot even sustain a good argument

Chickie said...

Hello All--A great Monday puzzle. I enjoyed the vowel progression and got the theme after the first two answers. I hardly slowed down until everything was written in.

JD I do the across and downs together as that gives me a check or the beginning letter of the next word, especially if there is a possibility of two answers that will fit.

My one problem today was with tool kit. I put in tool box and that wouldn't fit. I see others had the same problem. Sometimes I think that I'm really off, then find that others did the same thing. That validates my thinking.

I had to leave rather early today, so didn't get to read the blog until this evening. The rain has been falling here--very hard at times for the better part of two days. It is also COLD for April.
I'm ready for some warm spring weather.

Chickie said...

Kazie, Happy Anniversay of the day you met. May the next 38 years be as memorable.

The news just commented on our Peregrine falcon chicks. There are three and this is the third year that Clara has raised chicks on a ledge of our San Jose City Hall. She has had two different mates during that time. The cam keeps an eye on the chicks and our local College/City library has a telescope set up on the 6th or 7th floor to observe up close.

MR ED said...

It seems like there is much less tension here lately.

Chickie said...

OOPS, Kazie, 39 years. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

MrEd, why do you think so? There's hardly ever tension here; it's why I read it.

ARBAON said...

Spent the entire day with a retinologist. Prognosis, guarded. Shots in the actual eye, quite unpleasant.

Mr. Lampkin: Do you need some one to carry your tri-pod? (No cracks, anybody!)

As frequently happens with certain fills, "ICET" was also in the NYT puzzle today. Does he have a new CD (and I use the term loosely) coming out? Don`t fault me because I`m not a "rap" fan. :)

CC: I`m reading a book set in Minn.
Have you been to the SPAM museum?

Kazie: You could write one of those romance novels!

About the Tiger...a personality, good or bad, is not a pre-requisite to playing golf well...and aren`t we all glad!

Has anyone heard from the guy whose avatar wears a mask?

Jeannie said...

Kazie, thank you for sharing the "rest of the story". I am thinking you left off some parts that is your decision. Very romantic story and well told. In the late 60's early 70's I don't think it was as chaste as you posted. None the less, Kudos to you.

Clear Ayes said...

Lemonade, I guess my personal preference is for the gravelly baritone, rather than the quavery tenor. Dylan did have the courtesy to speak-sing a lot of his earlier songs. I was a huge Dylan fan from 1963 to the late 70's, less so as time went on. My musical taste changed and his music lost its relevance for me.

Dylan has had a demonstrable impact on history that Neil Young has not. The music, poetry and singibility(sp?) of "Blowin' In The Wind" and "The Times They Are a-Changin'" marshaled a generation of Americans and gave voice to their concerns about the policies of their government in Vietnam.

Maybe it is just N.Y.'s bad luck that he was a few years later and spent too much time with Buffalo Springfield and CSN&Y, so there was no timely anthem for the youth of America.

But then art is subjective. There are people out there who think Kanye West is the most talented singer ever. Auto-Tune, anyone?

Clear Ayes said...

ARBAON, I'm sorry to hear about your vision problem. I hope the prognosis changes to optimistic very quickly.

Pretty astute observation about Tiger.

I too wonder, where is Buckeye?

Frenchie said...


Good to see you, we are so quiet, we cannot even sustain a good argument

April 12, 2010 8:19 PM

and it's such a waste as we French do love a good argument with the right person...R U Mr. Right?

Anonymous said...

I think a good way to sum up the theme is A-E-I-O-U and always Y