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Apr 9, 2010

Friday April 9, 2010 Jack McInturff

Theme: PO' BOY (63A. N'awlins sandwich, and this puzzle's title) - PO is inserted into the start of the second word of a two-word common phrase.

21A. Criticize a small town?: SLAM (PO)DUNK. Slam Dunk. Podunk = Small town.

26A. Checking for doneness at the grill?: BURGER (PO)KING. Burger King, our cream cheese contest-winning Jeannie's client.

42A. Certain pork thief?: BELLY (PO)ACHER. Ah, OK, bellyacher is actually one word. Poacher = Thief.

49A. Spelling contest notice?: BEE (PO)STING. Bee Sting.

As the clue says, PO' BOY is a just a title, not the exact theme tie-in word we are accustomed to. So you won't find BOY anywhere.

All the above inserted POs are pronounced with long O sound in the new phrases, very consistent. I've never had Po' Boy. Looks delicious. It always has fried seafood in the middle, right?

As the norm with the late week puzzle, I went straight to the bottom for the unifier, then worked my way up. Not really a proper course order. The constructors/editor place the unifying "Aha" at the very end for a reason. It's served as a dessert.


1. Large swallows: GULPS. Large amount swallowed. I was thinking that there might be a large bird swallow I was not aware of.

6. Loosen (up): WARM. Wanted EASE.

10. Joseph who brought Shakespeare to Central Park: PAPP. He founded the New York Shakespeare Festival. Unknown to me.

14. Director Kurosawa: AKIRA. Must be a happy fill for Annette.

15. Plant with thick, fleshy leaves: ALOE

16. Morlock prey: ELOI. The race in "The Time Machine".

17. Elementary particle: MESON. From Greek "mesos", meaning "middle". I simply forgot. It appeared in our puzzle before.

18. Neeson of "Nell": LIAM. Have never seen "Nell". Liked his Oskar in "Schindler's List".

19. Undecided: TORN. Between decisions.

20. Abbr. followed by a year: ESTD (Established)

23. Old Ford: PINTO. Must be named after the horse then. We also have EL CAMINO (38D. 1950s-'80s Chevy utility vehicle). Literally "the road" in Spanish.

25. Bad luck: HOODOO. Voodoo too.

30. Jackie Chan and others: ASIANS. Chinese, to be exact.

31. Magic 8-Ball response: YES. And NO, I presume.

32. Rug feature: NAP

35. Giving word?: UNCLE. Giving up. Nailed it.

36. Fertilization targets: OVA. Was in the soil direction. Fertility would be an easier clue.

37. Priestess in Bizet's "The Pearl Fishers": LEILA. Total blind spot for me.

39. West famous for "Come up sometime and see me": MAE. Mae West. Lois would love this clue.

41. Scarecrow portrayer: BOLGER (Ray). And BAUM (26D. Munchkin creator). "The Wizard of Oz".

45. St. Clare's town: ASSISI. Saint Clare of Assisi. I've only heard of St. Francis of Assisi.

48. Finish by: END AT

52. Name on some Kmart shoes: MCAN. The Thom McAn shoe brand. Learned from doing Xword.

55. Subordinate: AIDE

56. Mountain lake: TARN. The glacier-formed lake.

57. Op artist Bridget: RILEY. Easy guess. Not not familiar with this English painter.

58. List of games, briefly: SKED (Schedule)

59. Presque Isle's lake: ERIE

60. Bury: INURN. You wanted INTER, don't you?

61. __ d'oeuvre: HORS

62. Opposite of bleak: ROSY


1. Hunter's quarry: GAME

2. Some are made from koa wood: UKES

3. Amount rarely paid: LIST PRICE. True.

4. Spendthrift: PRODIGAL. Nice entry.

5. __ Bernardino: SAN

6. Belt or sock: WALLOP. Great clue.

7. Et __: ALIA. Neutral plural of et al; et alii is masculine plural, et aliae is feminine plural.

8. Knock around: ROAM

9. Tennessee's largest city: MEMPHIS. And IRIS (51D. Tennessee state flower).

10. Eddie of "Frasier," for one: PET DOG. Thought Eddie is just a person, as I've never watched "Frasier".

11. Orally: ALOUD

12. Blue books?: PORNO. "Blue" can mean off-color.

13. Cold War put-down: PINKO. Slang for "communist", isn't it? Why pink instead of red?

21. Narrow waterways: Abbr.: STRS (Straits)

22. Bass attachment?: OON. Bassoon. I wanted IST.

24. Endangered state bird: NENE. Hawaii state bird.

27. Annapolis sch.: USNA

28. Kvetch's words: OY VEY. Tell me you thought of Barry G. I did.

29. Mauna __: KEA. Mauna Kea (white mountain), Hawaii's highest peak. Kea = White. Loa = Long. Mauna Loa (long mountain).

32. Bouncer employer: NIGHTCLUB. Awesome strings of consonants.

33. Opposite of aweather: ALEE

34. Henry VIII's sixth: PARR (Catherine). The last wife of Henry VIII. I often confuse PARR with PAAR (Jack)

36. Olive __: OYL. The BYE in the crossing 40A. Tournament pass (BYE) prevents me from penning in OIL.

37. Burden: LOAD. Fell into the ONUS trap.

40. Runner's problem: BLISTER

41. Big bell sound: BONG

42. Two-footers: BIPEDS. Of course, I was picturing those two-footers on the green.

43. Spanish pronoun: ESO

44. Retailer whose middle name was Cash: PENNEY. J.C. Penney.

45. Put to shame: ABASH

46. Watch handle: SEIKO. D'oh, the watch brand "handle".

47. Feast that includes the Cup of Elijah: SEDER. Can a non-Jew join a Seder feast?

50. Tropical tuber: TARO

53. Nautical leader?: AERO. Aeronautical. We've got three ex-Navy guys in our blog: Spitzboov, Frank & EddyB. Who else?

54. Big Apple ltrs.: NY NY

57. Tear: RIP

Answer grid.



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. This was not too difficult for a Friday. I’m not sure I am too keen on the theme, however. I knew Po’Boy, of course, but couldn’t figure out how it related to the theme clues until after I had completed the puzzle and really stated at the long responses. Then it came to me ~ “PO” added to the middle of a familiar phrase. (HOODOO is another New Orleans reference.)

There was a mini Hawaiian theme going as well with UKES, NENE, TARO and Mauna KEA.

I got off to a bit of a rough start, thinking that Big Swallows pertained to birds instead of being the act of drinking.

Congratulations to Jeannie, our famous world chef, on preparing the best dish in a recent cooking contest.

Sunday is Yom HaShoah ~ Holocaust Memorial Day. If your community is having a memorial, please consider participating. My local newspaper sponsors an essay contest to commemorate the day. Local school children can submit essays on topics related to the Holocaust and/or human rights issues. We have also added art submissions this year. The awards are given out at an ecumenical service. Our keynote speaker this year is a Holocaust survivor.

In honor of 14A, here is today’s QOD: In a mad world, only the mad are sane. ~ Akira Kurosawa

Mainiac said...

Good morning CC and All,

I had a rough go of it this AM. Seder, Assisi and Riley were unknowns. I also never considered an El Camino a utility vehicle. We rebuilt a couple in HS. With the bored out 327s you could burn the rear tires off in no time.

Congrats on your win Jeannie. Don't spend it all in one place.

5 & a w/up

TGIF! Have a good one.

Dick said...

Good morning CC and All, not a real difficult puzzle today, but one that had me scratching my head a bit. One of my biggest problems was inserting Loa in lieu of Kea and being too bull headed to see the change. Hahtool, I also saw the Hawaiian mini theme.

I have been very busy since I got back from Myrtle Beach. Two of my best friends have had health related problems and I have been busy getting them to therapy and to the doctors for their appointments.

While in Myrtle Beach I met with Irish Jim from our blog. What a delightful person he is with his slight Irish accent. I look forward to playing a round of golf with him the next I am in MB.

Jeannie, congrats on your award.

I have much to do today so I will wish you all a great week end.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning C.C. and all:

Well we have not heard from any of our Hawaiian contingent in a while, with IPO, Keannu (I know I am teasing) and Robin all awol.

Lo-li-ta, you star! We are all proud, why don't you takes us all out to eat?

Oh, the puzzle, yes it was fun, some new clues, some old clues, I liked the juxtaposition of Blue books?: PORNO and Blue books?: PORNO, very colorful. It was PINK rather than RED, because people were sympathizers without actually being communists. Like light beer, not really all the way there.

You ask, "Can a non-Jew join a Seder feast?" The answer is an emphatic yes, we open our doors to feed others for this festive holiday. Six of the sixteen at the seder my son and I put, on were not Jewish, at least not when the evening started. Let me know if you all want to come next year so I can buy more brisket, you are invited.

Finally, Eddie, the clear star of Frazier is a Jack Russell like my grand puppy.

Enjoy all, Tator Top? Tater Tot's regional pal?

31 major championships represented on the first page of the leaderboard in Augusta, wow. 50 year old Freddie Couples, 60 year old Tom Watson...

Barry G. said...

Hey -- even I thought of me when I saw OY VEY... ^_^

fermatprime said...

Hello to all of you nice people. Puzzle today doable without "cheats" but time consuming. Or maybe it's just me causing myself difficulties by not getting taxes ready for CPA.

From yesterday's blog, one comment:
The Soviet news agency used to be just TASS (I am way older than thee)! Since the split it is now IVAR-TASS

stever said...

Unique clues made for a tough slog. Anyone else think 46d needed a question mark? I can't get my arms around "sked" for list of games, either. A typical Friday frustrator for me!

kazie said...

I loved the SEIKO clue, maybe because I nailed it almost immediately, but Stever's right, it could have done with a ?

I g'ed way too much to get this one done. Of the names I only knew LIAM, ASSISSI and MAE without thinking too much. Got POBOY quickly because I had one in Little Rock a few weeks ago, but never really got the theme. Didn't get WALLOP, had ALII, so SLAMpodunk never came out right either, it was SKIMpodunk and burger NOking. Also misspelled OIL, and never noticed that BIE didn't make sense. BYE isn't much better to a non-sport fan.

Congrats on your win! You should probably spend it on something you've been waiting for a long time to get for yourself!

Best wishes for a successful and comfortable eye surgery.

On reading your QOD I thought of Catch 22.

My wishes for a saner world go out to all who commemorate the Holocaust this weekend too. Having been through several of the KZ-Lager in Germany (Dachau, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen), I can attest to the insanity of man's inhumanity to man in those places. Anyone denying the truth of it should get out of their own little valleys and go see for themselves!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning C.C. and all.Typical tougher Friday. Got the bottom half fairly quickly, but then got bogged down in the NE. Had to google PAPP and ELOI.
Wanted Edsel for PINTO until LISTPRICE and PRODIGAL loomed. Thought SEIKO and WALLOP were cleverly clued.

Enjoy the day.

Bob said...

This one took patience and thought, but I managed to get them all in 30 minutes. A bunch of tricky clues, but a fun mental exercise.

Al said...

PODUNK: Originally the name of a small group of Indians who lived around the Podunk River in Connecticut; the tribe name is in colonial records from 1656 (as Potunck), from southern New England Algonquian Potunk, perhaps an alteration of ptukohke "neck, corner of land;" or from pautaunke, from pot- "to sink" + locative suffix -unk, thus "a boggy place."

Its popularity as the name of a typical (supposedly mythical, but Massachusetts claims to have one) U.S. small town dates from a series of witty "Letters from Podunk" which ran in the "Buffalo Daily National Pilot" newspaper beginning Jan. 5, 1846.

Hatool or L714, would challah be served at a Seder meal? I seem to recall having eaten that at my brother and sister in law's home once. They requested that I wear a yarmulke for that meal, but perhaps that was just for the Sabbath...

Hahtoolah said...

Al: Challah would never be served at any time during Passover. During Passover we do not eat any foods with a leavening agent. We eat matzoh during the Passover Seder and during the duration of the holiday.

Challah is eaten on Shabbot, or at any other time of year except Passover.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, all.

C.C., you can always have dessert first! Hand up for EASE and ONUS. Had to G-spot PAPP, AKIRA, Morlock, LEILA, PARR. Couldn't remember BOLGER, but I could certainly see him in my mind's eye. Did not know HOODOO, RILEY, and took a guess at ASSISI. Wanted LOA instead of KEA.Was surprised to get the congratulations screen when I did. I expected to have to go through and revise. Didn't care for SKED -- always thought SCED would be an appropriate abbreviation. As a genealogist, I object to Bury=INURN. One can store ashes in an urn is many locations without actually burying. Maybe "bury, at times" would work, but I'm not sure about that either.The Magic 8-ball response could also be "Maybe," and I think there were others as well. 44D is PENNEY, not PENNY.

All at welcome to come to the seder. If you have the opportunity, do attend one. The Catholic parish where my wife works has a seder dinner every year as an ecumenical gesture. The Hebrew is interesting, and there's not as much singing, but it's a good experience. They don't drink enough wine, though -- just sip instead of having full glasses. Lemonade, what can I bring?

Hahtool, thank you for the announcement of Yom HaShoah ~ Holocaust Memorial Day.

Dick, so nice that you had a face-to-face with Irish Jim!

Barry G, LOL!!

Stever, a question mark on 46D would have helped, but this IS Friday.

Kazie, funny and serious post. Vsiitng a camp is a very intense sobering experience. Never Again!

Al, can always rely on you for the word origins and backgrounds. Always learn a lot. No challah at the seder. Can't have any leavening. Must have been a shabbat meal. I see Hahtool already commented as well.

Have an outrageous Friday, everyone.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Being a movie and theater fan gave me a foothold today with AKIRA, PAPP, BOLGER and even LIAM.

LIAM Neeson is an excellent actor, but he is in danger of becoming a movie trailer joke with his tag line "Realease the Kraken!" from "Clash Of The Titans". The trailer may be funny, but I will pass on the movie itself.

The puzzle theme resolved itself early on with SLAM(PO)DUNK. I thought of Po'Boy immediately and was able to fill in the remaining theme answers without a problem.

I wasn't familiar with MESON, LEILA or RILEY, but with helpful perps, they weren't a problem.

Dudley said...

Happy Friday, Puzzlers!

Had a tough slog on this one, but then it was being done in the wee small hours of the morning (insomnia again). Was truly annoyed at INURN, and still don't understand BYE...and did you notice that SUBURBAN has the same letter count as ELCAMINO? That brought the production line to a stop! SKED still feels unnatural, thought of UKES but rejected it 'cause of no hint of abbrev. Couldn't grab BASSOON even though I played one in high school.

Probably should have waited until sunup...

Clear Ayes said...

Congratulations to Jeannie. Enjoy your prize and don't spend it too wisely.

Hahtool, your QOD reminded me of the 2002 Russian language film "House of Fools", which was about the confrontations between a group of mental hospital patients and soldiers during the first Chechen War. If you are looking for a "different" anti-war film (I use the fancier sounding term "film" for foreign language movies ;o) and you don't mind subtitles, this is a good one.

Dick, I hope you asked Irish Jim to drop by the blog more often. I always enjoy seeing his posts.

A fun afternoon yesterday with daughter and grand daughter. It turns out they are both pretty cheap dates. After lunch we went to a second hand consignment mall and picked up some fun decorator items for Rachael's new Paris themed bedroom.

BYE (Golf term) - "A term used in tournaments. The player who draws a "bye" is allowed to advance to the next round without playing an opponent. In match play, it is the hole or holes still left to play if the match is won before the 18th hole."

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, I had a hard slog of it after my wife left today for work. We had several mistakes e.g. didn't remember how to spell Akira and had an a for i so 3D was last vs. list. After that my wife wanted last penny for 3D but I told her that conflicted with 39A Mae and we didn't get any further after that.
Eddie on Frasier was a Jack Russel Terrier and I kept trying to fit that in for 'pet dog' doh!

Congrats go to Jeannie for winning the contest, I printed out your recipe again for future reference.

Dudley said...

Clear Ayes: Oh, THAT'S what bye means! Thanks, I was at a complete loss, as I tend to be with all things sporting. They're all sand traps to me.

Al said...

@Dudley, a bye is even more general than that and doesn't have to be about golf specifically, or even "sports". You could have a series of byes in a cribbage tournament if the total number of participants is not a power of two. If there were 17 starters, there would be 8 matches with one person left over. That person would get an automatic "win" for the first round. Then there would be 9 remaining players, and with only 4 pairings possible, once again, someone would not have an opponent. Then there would be 5, then 3, then finally two would play for the win.

Every time the "odd person out" would get a default win. There are other ways to handle a situation like that, like everyone has to play everyone else and count the wins and losses, but that would take more games and the tournament would last longer. Not a big deal with a small initial number of people, but in a large event that could take days. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if you have the time and the budget for, um, refreshments...

Dudley said...

Al - Flummoxed again, had no idea that bye was used that way. Here's hoping I can remember that the next time it shows up in the puzzle.

Refreshments. MMMMMM.

Good Bye for now

Jeannie said...

I had a little trouble with this one today. I had to hit the g-spot for Papp, Akira, and Leila. I got eloi and messon only with perp help. I have never had a po’boy sandwhich. Are they good? I just looked it up on the net and it seems there are many variations to it. I’ve heard of “voodoo” but “hoodoo”? It was fun seeing Burger King in the puzzle though. Thanks to all of you for your kudo’s on my contest win. It was fun.. Now what kind shoes should I buy….

Lemonade714 said...

Guys, we have had ELOI three times already this year; go rent the movie, either the new one with Guy Pearce, or the original with Rod Taylor; C.C. has run the pic of Yvette Mimieux and the ELOI at least twice.

I am not sure I would do well touring the camps, Kazie, but thank you for your comments. I have enough problem with the names engraved on the memorial in Miami Beach next tot he Botanical Gardens.

Crockett, bring the sweet potatoes and the carrots, and I will make you some tzimmes .

Jerome said...

C.C.- Think of a "Pinko" as not a full-blown "Red". A Pinko is more of a "Fellow Traveler", or a sympathizer.

Loved BELLYPOACHER. And in the spirit of today's theme, which some grumps might be PO'd about...
Would a soldier on latrine duty be on a SPECIAL POOPS team?

kazie said...

Jerome, LOL!

Crockett and Lemonade,
the first time I was at Dachau in 1970, I swore I never wanted to return, but in 1982, '84 and '90, I was stuck with taking my students through it whilst in Munich. Each time it was a bit better, but I avoided the photo displays and the film those times.

In '98, I took the long train ride from Berlin to Sachsenhausen with another group of students. We had to find our own way to it because people in the town didn't want to tell us where it was, out on the outskirts. It also has graphic displays that are very disturbing, as well as a huge Russian monument to the victims--all Russian monuments are huge.

In 2008, on our trip for our son's wedding, the family took us to Buchenwald en route to Weimar. There things are pretty much sanitized and most buildings razed, but you can still sense the death everywhere.

Certainly not fun, but a necessary experience, which is why these sites have been preserved.

Anonymous said...

Clare was the sister of St. Francis of Assisi.

ARBAON said...

May we never forget...May I suggest to my gentile friends that you watch the movie, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?" For my Jewish friends, please don`t.

tfrank said...

Good afternoon, C.C. and friends,

This was a hard puzzle for me, but doable. I, too, had trouble in the NE corner, and had to G. Papp and eloi, as I am not a Frazier watcher and had no idea who or what Eddie was. I have finally learned to go bottom fishing for the theme clue and found poboy helpful in sussing out the theme.

I have never heard of hoodoo or inurn, Leila was a good guess, and was sucked in by the loa/kea clue.

Favorite clue was Scarecrow portrayer.

C.C., re your Seder question, I corresponded last week offline with Hahtool about a Seder meal which my protestant church held last Thursday to educate our younger people about this Jewish tradition. We had about a hundred participants, and experienced no thunder, lightning or other signs of displeasure from the Almighty, so I believe he was not displeased.

Jeannie, way to go! Please model those shoes for us if that is what you decide to buy. (I am a secret foot fetishist.)

Clear Ayes said...

tfrank, it's not a secret anymore.

For those of you who have never heard of hoodoo, you aren't of an age to have been a CCR fan. That's Creedence Clearwater Revival and the song "Born On the Bayou" (I do miss John Fogarty!) had a line "I can hear my old hound dog barkin', chasin' down a Hoodoo there. Hoodoo is folk magic and a Hoodoo man or Hoodoo woman is a practitioner.

Chickie said...

Hello All--A little harder today so I had to Google a few--Papp, Meson, Leila, and Riley.

Persistence is my mantra, so after leaving the puzzle, then coming back to it at lunch time I finally managed to finish it all. The SE corner was the last to fall as I wanted intur for Inurn, and was thinking of a person for Nautical leader? I should have known that the ? was the main clue to that answer. DOH.

My favorite clues today were Watch handle, and Fertilization targets.

Fermatprime, Thank you for the info on Ivar-Tass.

Jeannie, Congratulations on your recipe win! Shoes by all means! They are MY weakness.

CA, I had forgotten Hoodoo. Voodoo, yes, but not Hoodoo. Your
info will help put that into my memory bank--I hope!

A busy week coming up as I'm in charge of a college reunion and late reservations, restaurant last minute changes and getting a silent auction going will keep me hopping. All for a good cause, as the money raised will go toward our annual scholarship.

Anonymous said...

Blue book and prono-don't get that one?

kazie said...

Blue as in blue jokes = porno.

Clear Ayes said...

I think there is a little bit of shoe fetish in all of us. Men love the way a woman's legs look when she wears high heels and women love both the shoes and the way their legs look. Good luck finding those Jimmy Choo stilettos on super sale, Jeannie.


when you're young
a pair of
high-heeled shoes
just sitting
in the closet
can fire your
when you're old
it's just
a pair of shoes
in them
just as

- Charles Bukowski

dodo said...

Jeannie, I'm a little late with my congratulations; no one deserves them more than you,judging from your recipe! Not to mention all your recent hard work. Enjoy your victory and your spoils! dodo

What more can be said about today's puzzle? I raise my hand on onus and inter. Googled morlock and Shakespear in the park, and never heard of meson and Leila.
God Friday cw. Wasn't it Itar-Tass?

dodo said...

Oops, typo==Good Friday puzzle! Sorry

Bill G. said...

Jeannie asked: "Now what kind shoes should I buy…?"

As they called them on The View, "Take me home and do me" shoes.

Connell said...

You mentioned the navy. I retired in 1975 off the USS Hunley in Charleston SC.

Annette said...

14A - Yes, C.C.. It was a happy fill for me since I know it now! Although it reminded me that I'd missed seeing "Ran" at the end of the series last month.

12D Blue books? PORNO I was stuck on the little blue essay books, so this was my last fill and gave me the Ta-Da! Close, but not quite the same...

JD said...

Good evening CC and all,

Had no computer access as I sat in a classroom in Santa Clara this morning wondering about Assisi.Clare got around! The NE corner looked like swiss cheese, so thanks for the burgerpoking, the oy vey,Mr. Papp,and hoodoo/voodoo...that you do so well.I put in hoagy for poboy and never got the theme.I wanted terrier for Eddie, but knew it wouldn't fit.And, I put in both kea and loa until "yes" gave me the answer.

Loved these clues:
giving word?
belt or sock
two footers- LOL!
watch handle

My dad had an El Camino and I remember him being somewhat irate because he had to pay a truck fee going over the GG Bridge. That was NO truck!!

Jeannie, congrats on your win. Maybe you could keep yourself in daisies all year.

Annette said...

I changed my avatar to a photo of some Hoodoo rock formations in the Canadian Rockies.

Jeannie said...

Chickie, I can readily relate to your attention to detail. I just went through that two weeks ago. To tell the truth it takes me about 2 to 3 months to put that Foodshow together.

JD, thanks to Wolfmom I do have daisies all year long. I think I will spend my money on shoes . Will these do TFrank and BillG?

Lo-li-ta (today is name yourself day and it's my one year anniversary of my alter-ego).

Annette said...

Jeannie, my feet hurt just looking at them! Although I'm sure the guys will fell no pain while looking at the model...well maybe they will, but I don't think they'll mind!

Bill G. said...

Annette, those hoodoo formations are favorites of mine like the ones in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Jeannie, those shoes look just perfect for long, romantic walks. Well, maybe not long walks. Maybe short stands while looking good. Then lying down... :>)

tfrank said...


I vote for the red ones. Is she wearing stockings or tattoos?

I bet you would make even the tennis shoes look good!

Good night, all.

kazie said...

For those prices they should be scientifically designed to feel as good as they look. Is that a possibility?

Jeannie said...

Let's all remember folks that I won $100.00. If I could, I would, but can't. I am more of a Clark or Naturalizer fan.

To be more honest, sorry TFrank and BillG to ruin your fantasies right away, I have always wanted one of these . They say the way to someone's heart is through his stomach...

Bill G. said...

Jeannie, makes sense. More of a Betty Crocker choice than a "Do Me" shoes choice. Women's shoes and the prices for the fancy ones have always flummoxed me. (That's one of my favorite words of all time.)

The Dodgers and the Lakers won. That's something good.

Did any of you do today's CrosSynergy puzzle? Was the last theme word an alteration of Morning Coat?