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Apr 27, 2010

Tuesday April 27, 2010 Pete Muller and Sue Keefer

Theme: Rhyme Time - Two word colloquial expressions that rhyme. Tinbeni note: and contain a part of the body. Also noted, the constuctor's first names were worked into the puzzle fills.

20A. Blondness: FAIR HAIR.

22A. There may not be one "in the house" during a tearjerker: DRY EYE.

32A. Cat's pajamas: BEE'S KNEES.

37A. Like some stockings: THIGH-HIGH.

47A. Captain Ahab feature: PEG LEG.

50A. Fan of Jerry Garcia's band: DEADHEAD.

3D. Flight of scientists to another nation, e.g.: BRAIN DRAIN.

27D. "The original gourmet" candy bean: JELLY BELLY.

Argyle here. Easy peasy theme but some of the fill...oomph! And a high DF quotient; I can hardly wait to see some of the comments today!

Also, many of the entries have a groovy feel to them but, of course, that is no problem for our groovy solvers.


1A. Subway alternative: CAB.

4A. Floppy storage media: DISKS. A floppy disk is a data storage medium that is composed of a disk of thin, flexible ("floppy") magnetic storage medium encased in a square or rectangular plastic shell. (Wikipedia)

9A. Stop by unexpectedly: POP IN.

14A. Bruin legend Bobby: ORR. (Boston hockey)

15A. Apples since 1998: iMACS.

16A. Ivory neighbor?: EBONY.
Ebony and Ivory - Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder video.

17A. "Michael Collins" org.: IRA. Sinn Féin member and early leader of the Irish Republican Army.

18A. Honda Accord, for one: SEDAN.

19A. Has a proclivity (to): TENDS. Proclivity comes from Latin(loosely) down slope.

23A. Neural impulse junction: SYNAPSE.

24A. Big hairdos, for short: FROS. And 1D. Elaborate dos: COIFS.

25A. Cart for heavy loads: DRAY. Interesting that most
pics involve breweries.

26A. Coalition: BLOC.

27A. Boeing product: JET. (airplanes)

30A. County on San Francisco Bay: MARIN.

34A. "__ See for Miles": The Who hit: I CAN.
YouTube video.

35A. Houdini's family name: WEISS. Houdini's father and mother were Rabbi Mayer and Cecilia Weiss and he was named Ehrich. He began calling himself "Harry Houdini" because he was heavily influenced by the French magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, and his friend erroneously told him that in French, adding an "i" to Houdin would mean "like Houdin" (Wikipedia)

36A. Promise in the dairy aisle: OLEO.
Promise margarine.

39A. Van Gogh setting: ARLES.
"The Garden at Arles". (in the south of France)

40A. Word with Big or top: TEN. Big Ten (athletic conference) or top ten(best of a list, from songs to Letterman's)

41A. "Great" dog: DANE.
Big dog, too.

42A. "It's __!": bargain hunter's words: A BUY.

43A. Coffee holders: URNS.

44A. "Flying" toy: FRISBEE.

51A. Author Jong: ERICA.

52A. "What are you gonna do about it?!": "SUE ME!".

53A. Shirt size: Abbr.: LGE.

54A. Laid vinyl on, as a floor: TILED.

55A. Speak off the cuff: AD LIB.

56A. Quarterback Dawson: LEN. his

57A. Ingress: ENTRY.

58A. Befitting a slob: MESSY.

59A. Soph and jr.: YRS.


2D. Striking spread: ARRAY.

4D. Old-style kitchen washing receptacle: DISH PAN.

5D. "No argument from me": "I'M EASY".

6D. __ Hawkins Day: SADIE.

7D. 1980s Chrysler product: K-CAR. Most common were the Dodge Aries and the Plymouth Reliant sedans.

8D. Tax form ID: SSN.

9D. Faddish '70s toy that came in a box with air holes: PET ROCK.

10D. Does as told: OBEYS. Also, 39D. Follow, as rules: ABIDE BY.

11D. Fried Dixie bread: PONE.

12D. __ 500: INDY. The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race is held annually over the Memorial Day weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana.

13D. Big Board letters: NYSE. (The New York Stock Exchange)

21D. __ to go: psyched: RARING.

22D. Metallic refuse: DROSS.

24D. Shylock's pound: FLESH.

26D. Light brown: BEIGE. Both 24D and 26D can be shades of 37A.

28D. Very wide, shoewise: EEEE.

29D. General __ chicken: Chinese dish: TSO'S. I ate one of the peppers while watching TV(instead of what I was eating). Wowser!

30D. Catcher's glove: MITT.

31D. Throb: ACHE.

32D. Some '60s war protests: BE-INS. The Human Be-In was a Happening in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the afternoon and evening of January 14, 1967.If you were there and don't remember it, it's ok, we understand.

33D. "You can get it to me later": "NO RUSH".

35D. Cymbal sound: WHANG.

38D. Like many large-screen TVs: HD READY. Bet you can't find one now that isn't HD(high-definition) Ready.

42D. A Musketeer: ARAMIS. (Athos, Porthos, and Aramis)

43D. Stomach woe: ULCER.

44D. Senses: FEELS.

45D. Ready for action: EAGER.

46D. Paradises: EDENS.

47D. Tennis's Sampras: PETE.

48D. Common name for an Irish lass: ERIN.

49D. Gold-plated: GILT.

50D. Bro: DUDE.

52D. Uncle on a poster: SAM. From the Committee to Help Unsell the War, 1971,

Answer grid.



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. This was a fun Tuesday puzzle. Unfortunately, I started off on the wrong foot. I wanted Bus for Sub Alternative. I figured that cost-wise a bus was closer than a CAB to a subway ride.

Just yesterday we were lamenting the fact that Groovy was deemed an old-fashioned phrase. Today we got two phrases that better fit that category ~ Cat’s Pajamas and its counterpart BEES’ KNEES.

I remember the Pet Rock fad. My sister used to make her own.

Carol: In case you check in today, I hope your eye surgery went well.

QOD: A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships. ~ Helen Keller

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - today certainly seemed even easier than yesterday, especially with a theme that was apparent quickly. Still a fun solve.

Not a lot on which to comment, but I did think the puzzle had a lot of fresh clues; my favorite was 'Promise in the dairy aisle'. Argyle, maybe I'm just tired from lack of sleep, but I didn't see a lot of DF stuff.

Today is Babe Ruth Day, National Prime Rib Day and Tell a Story Day.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer." -- A.N. Whitehead

Bob said...

Easy puzzle today. 14 minutes. No real challenges.

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and All, a nice easy puzzle this morning and not a lot to comment on. Argyle, I guess my DF mind is awake and well this morning. I saw 35D whang, 2D striking spread and then a couple of other not so obvious DFs.

I also ate one of the peppers on a General Tso’s dinner and I agree wowsers. I could not get the rice into my mouth fast enough as the sweat was dripping from my nose.

Having been gone for a few days, and with all the rain that fell, I must get out and cut the grass and do the trimming.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning all:

A very nice theme, who does not love rhymes (or alliteration) to start the day. Great write up Argyle, you milked all there was out of this puzzle, though you could have just called it EASY PEASY.

Speaking of memories, I had a lady friend who loved Thigh-High stockings.

I had completely forgotten the K-Car, which I guess is what happened to cause the 80 pounds gained by K-FAT .

I hope sunshine and good health follows you all.

tfrank said...

Good morning, early risers,

I agree that this was an easy, fun puzzle, with one of the theme answers sounding like a Geico commercial. 19 minutes online.

I question whang for cymbal sound; wanted chang. Did not know oleo as Promise is not carried in my area, nor do we eat it. Otherwise, not much to comment on. Good job, Argyle.

Be well, be kind today.

Dennis said...

Dick, I sure as hell hope the rain's stopped there, because we're still getting a ton of it. My lawn is starting to give me flashbacks.

koufaxmaravich said...

Hi CC, Argyle and all,

Enjoyed this easy puzzle. Seems like some constructors and/or editors are eavesdropping on us with cat's pajamas = bees' knees. Would never have known these terms without yesterday's blog.

I must comment on the joy I get with terrific 60's and 70's references. I Can See For Miles was a great tune. And doesn't DEADHEAD simply evoke a vivid image?

Bobby ORR and LENny Dawson were standouts -- combined with PETE Sampras and the INDY 500, we have here a discerner of sports excellence!

Any x-word with Harry Houdini (and his real name of WEISS) is simply magical.

Best wishes for speedy and full recovery to all those with health challenges.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Dick said...

@ Dennis, I drove home from Baltimore yesterday and the weather was nasty. However the further west we went the better the weather. All of the rain is out of here now and will be gone until Sat or Sun. so you should be out of the rain today.

kazie said...

Like you others, I thought this was fun and easy. I didn't get caught by BUS or CHRISTMAS (THIGH HIGH) though, despite thinking of those possibilities first, because I always wait for perp confirmation before filling those I'm doubtful about.

The theme concept came to me early too, and that made it a lot more fun. BEES KNEES was new to me until the Geiko commercial guy's suggestion of it to the gecko. I think it and some of its contemporaries (like Cat's PJ's)were a bit before American jargon began to be used in Oz.

Have a great day!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Fun puzzle and good write-up, Santa.

Totally off topic, but I want to share this video of Chinese pianist Lang Lang playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" as an encore on an iPad! Pretty amazing.

Have a great Tuesday!!

AmieeAya said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to say good morning. I've been avoiding checking the comments on this blog because it's addicting! I wasn't getting anything done around here! Hope everyone is doing okay, enjoying the warmer weather, for the most part. Liked the puzzle today. Nothing really too tricky for Tuesday. Liked PETROCK and BEESKNEES. and DEADHEAD too. It was a pretty satisfying puzzle in fact! Love that.

JimmyB said...

I guess I'm in the minority that thought this was a tough puzzle for a Tuesday. Seemed more like a Thursday for me. Nearly bottomed out my eraser. Especially with WEISS, WHANG, and DROSS all connecting: the center was the last to go.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Fun puzzle, and a fine write up, Argyle. "Rhyme time" is the perfect title.

Very rich thematically, and it's a good thing the theme was transparent, and the only reason this puzzle can say "I'M EASY."

Anyone who thinks cymbals "whang" has never sat anywhere near them.

Slept for over 9 hour last night, making up for the previous night, I guess. Otherwise I'd be a total DEAD HEAD or dumb as a PET ROCK. Hey - is that a rock that's been PETrified?

Speaking of nostalgia, does anyone remember DISH PAN hands?

Sunny, windy and cold here today - only 46 now. I, too have grass to cut. Seems like i just did it last week . . .

JzB the not quite RARING to go trombonist

Jazzbumpa said...

I'm with Jimmy. WEISS is a reasonable family name, but who knew? WHANG seems so whrong, I couldn't make myself fill in that "W."

JzB still not EAGER to get mowing

Dot said...

We've been without the Internet for almost a week. I feel lost. I'm on someone else's computer now. I wanted to send Carol my best wishes yesterday and let her know I'm praying for her. Maybe tomorrow she will look back at today's messages. I am so pleased with the result of my cataract surgeries.

I don't have the puzzle here so I can't comment on it.

Hopefully, we will be back to normal by tomorrow.


Tinbeni said...

Arygle, Great job, liked the tie in with the puzzles BE INS, DEADHEADS and the Uncle SAM poster embed in your write-up.

8 body things paired in the themes. This was great.

Knew Houdini's name was WEISS but that WHANG, well I wanted Clang.

Also clever, PETE Sampras and SUE Me. Both of the constructors first name.

Nice ARRAY of fresh clues. Fave was Shylock's pound (of) FLESH.

This puzzle was not BEIGE.

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang, a fun puzzle today. My wife groaned when I got the oleo answer for 36A: Promise in the dairy aisle.

Here's a hit from 1984 'Boys of Summer' that had a line in it 'I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac'. Back then I was still living in MN and had never heard of Jerry Garcia's band and that line mystified me until I moved to CA and discovered what a deadhead was. Wasn't there also was a 'cherries Garcia' ice cream?
I also remember buying some ties designed by him also...

Al said...

Today's word that nobody probably thinks much about, CAB, has an interesting history:

From 1826, meaning A light, horse-drawn carriage. Shortened form of French "cabriolet", diminished form of cabrioler, meaning to leap or caper. In turn from Italian capriolare, to jump in the air, from Latin capreolus, a wild goat, or roebuck.

Carriages had springy suspensions. The name was extended to hansoms and other types of public horse carriages, then to automobiles-for-hire when these replaced them.

Taxi is a shortening of "taximeter cab" from the automatic meter used to record the distance and fare. An earlier English form was taxameter used in horse-drawn cabs. It comes from French taximètre, from German Taxameter coined from Medieval Latin taxa, a tax or charge.

koufaxmaravich said...

Crockett 1947

Great clip. But that's no Flight of the Bumblebee -- it's the Theme from the Green Hornet!

Jeannie said...

I thought this was a fun puzzle to complete today. The only hang up I had was with Weiss and dross but took a WAG and it all worked out. My favorite clue was “Promise in the dairy aisle” – oleo, which I never use BTW. There were some fun 60-70’s answers such as bees knees, Deadhead, fros, pet rock, and Be-ins. I actually learned to drive a stick shift in a K-car., and I would have clued “whang” differently….

Enjoy this beautiful spring day.

kazie said...

Interesting etymology of CAB.

I was commenting this morning about fads like the petrock--can't understand wasting money like that.

Good to hear from AmieeAya again.

I feel for your withdrawal symptoms. I think all computers are addictive!

Argyle said...

Tinbeni, good catch on the body parts. I had the feeling I was missing something.

Dennis said...

Argyle, just which body parts are you missing??

Argyle said...

Nope, not going there.

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, C.C. and solving heads.

Yes, I thought this was the "bees knees" today. Fun and easy with a nice rhyme scheme.

Al, fascinating info; I love to know or at least read about those etymologies. Thank you.

I knew Weiss from the movie of Houdini's life, but couldn't wrap my head around "whang", thank you JZB for the clarification

Nice catch of "Sue" and "Pete" Tinbeni.

I'm slowly learning sports names; thanks for the card, Argyle. The husband of one of my nieces works for Topps and he visits with each new player while they sign their respective cards, 4,000 at a time. He travels to wherever they play. I used to think that the signatures were copies, but that is not the case.

Here's hoping you have a tremendous Tuesday!

Tinbeni said...

I said body 'things' because fairHAIR is something you can "part" but if the body does lose it, all you get is more head. lol

re: CAB & Taxi, thanks for the info.
Always enjoy a learning moment.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, all.

Deadhead reminded me of what my grandson, when he was 10, said. "It's been a sad year. First Fledermaus (my dog) died, then my grandpa, and then Gerry Garcia." I think my son must have played many tapes when Gerry Garcia died. But I thought it was an interesting take on a ten-year-old's ideas about death.


JD said...

good morning Argyle, CC and all,

Nifty puzzle today, but ended up with a few erarures, such as braintrain for brain drain, tray for dray, chang for whang, but came to the library to look up the family name.The perps helped me with k-car and the be(ins)-wanted sit.Dross was a new word, so looked it up..a waste product taken off molten metal, and ingress was new.

Good thoughts go out to Carol who got up at 4 am this morning to have breakfast 6-8 hrs before surgery.

I'm subbing all week so I may be later than usual. Looks like rain, but that's great. It makes the kids very calm if there is no wind.

kazie said...

I remember how wind affects kids in school--almost as bad as the drivers on the road!


Anonymous said... a teacher, it`s the change in air pressure which affects my students the most...especially a drop in said...

Lucina said...

It's Teacher Appreciation Week so THANKS to all you teachers out there! Your job is incomparable.

Annette said...

Tinbeni: Talk about turning a negative into a positive! ;-)

Again, I couldn't sleep last night and got up to do the puzzle online at 1 am, so I don't remember much about it to comment on. It does help put me to sleep, but there's a different type of "crossword puzzle" I'd much rather be doing that's just as effective against insomnia!

Actually, looking back, the theme words were fun phrases, as well as many other clues/fill!

windhover said...

Amen to that! I slept like a (pet) rock last night.

Dudley said...

JimmyB 9:52 - Me too, had trouble getting on the wavelength today. Those diagonal walls of black squares limited the perp confirmations.

Overall, though, it was nice to have a Thursday-ish effort so early in the week! Amazing that the cat's PJ's and the bee's knees showed up today. I assume it's coincidence, since rumor has it there's a lot of time between construction and publication.

Adding to Dennis' Whitehead quotation (sorry, don't know whom to credit): "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

Jerome said...

One definition of Whang is a sharp, resonant sound. The clue fits. However, dear Lucina, be careful when you use it in a sentence again.

Anonymous said...

...Jerome: When my SO thinks the taste of a dish is "strange", often it is said, "That has a whang to it."

lois said...

Good Afternoon, Argyle, CC, et al., I'm with the minority of JimmyB and Dudley today. Must've had a 'synapse' 'bloc' giving 'dead head' a new slant. Could not get a toehold anywhere. Maybe there's too much air in the 'coif(s)' of my 'fair hair' or not enough in my 'dead head'. So, need somebody to blow in my ear to fill it up again. What I thought was a good answer would 'pop in' and it would 'jet' right out of there w/my eraser. It was 'messy'
nope, not pretty. 54A caught me by surprise. I'd put down vinyl, but I'd lay anything else-ceramic, slate, marble, porcelin or mosaic.

But on the up side, Holy Hotwick!
'Brain drain' intersecting
'synapse' took me straight to what happens to men and their 'floppy storage media' when they see black 'thigh high' hose -'flesh' 'feels' 'ache' 'whang'
which crossed 'aramis' (one of my fav. men's colognes of yore) and ending w/'no rush' 'dead head''peg leg'. That 'dude' is now 'H D ready' and 'raring' to go. Show time!

I keep thinking about Carol and hope her surgery went well today. Anxious to see her here.

Tenbeni 11:24: LMAO very funny!

Dennis: how's your friend in crisis doing?

Chickie said...

Hello All--I had the rhyming theme answers but the short answers were what tripped me up today. I put in Ell for subway alternatiave, and had the wrong Michael Collins in mind, so the NW corner sat with empty squares until the very last. I finally looked up Collins and things fell into place. I wanted some type of party for Elaborate do's. I'm with Jimmy B. in that I thought this was a bit harder than yesterday.

Did anyone else have trouble with Tiled for laying vinyl? I always think of vinyl as a sheet of vinyl, not squares like tile. Also, not knowing Weiss, I put in Chang and didn't get the correct answer until coming here. Thanks Argyle for the great writeup. My doh moments came when I read the blog.

Chickie said...

Carol, I've been thinking about you. Let us know how your are getting along.

Good to see you AmieeAya. Do check in every once in a while.

I went up to check on our Pet Rock. It is in the den with several other "pet" gifts that our daughters gave to their Dad over the years. Wonder if it is worth anything any more? The fellow that started that craze lived in our area and made a bundle.

Rainy and gloomy and cold here today. It is supposed to last through tomorrow and the mountains have another two feet of snow. It is almost May so maybe this is the last of the storms for a while.

Hahtoolah said...

Chickie: For some reason, your comment about your daughters giving their father pet rocks reminded me of Stone Soup.

carol said...

Hi all - Thanks so much for all the well wishes and good thoughts, must have worked cause here I am!! Surgery well so well I really was amazed! In at 10:30 surgery at 12:30 and back home at 2:30. No pain and the 'light show' I got to see as they worked on the eye was really something, just like a kaleidoscope - gorgeous colors (maybe it was the drugs - LOL) Anyway, I won't be dreading the procedure on the other eye.
JD: the very early breakfast helped a lot! They fed me lunch after I got back to my no problem.

Dennis said...

Carol, wonderful news - thanks for lettting us know. How much time before the other eye?

Lois, his operation is 5/7; thanks for asking.

Buckeye said...

Howdy, all. No real problems today.

@Carol: Glad things went well. Will be following in your footsteps soon. When I had my angiogram Friday a week, I could not eat nor drink after 12 am. My procedure was 2:30 pm the following day. By the time I was allowed to dine, I could have eaten the ass-end out of a hobby-horse. Stay well, Carol - and everyone else.

I must be off!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Afternoon All, Poor Dot, without internet service for a week. I had a 12 hour lapse today and was getting jittery.

I got the puzzle done and liked it a lot. Pretty simple? Yes, but I enjoyed the neato (how's that for old fashioned?)theme phrases.

I have heard cymbals CRASH, never WHANG. I have only heard the word WHANG in one context and cymbals ain't it.

I was a Grateful Dead fan, although I couldn't (and didn't want to) tag along after them, like so many of the Dead Heads did. They just seemed like the epitome of a laid-back cool band, with nine-fingered Hairy Jerry Garcia singing lead. Do we need a Dead tune today? Sure, how about Casey Jones? I'm not advocating their mind-expanding philosophy, but it was the 60's and 70's, a different time and different place.

Bill G. and seen, not heard, from last night. I can see that the difference in our musical tastes is that you listen to the music first and I listen to the lyrics. Different strokes and totally understandable. Keep rockin'

Carol, I'm so glad that you came through the surgery well and enjoyed the psychedelic light show. I had forgotten about that.

Buckeye, thank you Dear, for checking in and letting us know how you are doing and what your dining preferences are.

Lucina said...

Jerome, you funny man!

carol said...

Buckeye - hey, if it weren't for my 4:00am breakfast I would have joined you in your choice of entree. I am used to eating several small meals during the day instead of 3 biggies. Going 18 hours without food or drink will NOT work for me.

CA: I too was wondering about the cymbal sound...whang has another connotation for me as well. I don't think it goes with cymbals...unless you put the emphasis on that latter syllable. ;)

Jazzbumpa said...

Carol -
Good for you!

Hatool -
Stone soup is one of my all-time favorite stories.

Buckeye -
Always good to hear form you. Glad you're OK.

I'm judging a science fair tomorrow. the LW will be with Karen's kids while she is in T-Town for the funeral of her mother's late husband.

Pretty unusual kind of a day.

A few years ago, Gloria went to the funeral for a sibling of her Ex. I wrote this poem about it.

Sometimes life aint easy. But it goes on.


kazie said...

Very glad about your surgery!

I would have preferred CLANG for WHANG. For that matter, if a WHANG got in the way of cymbals it could be disastrous, couldn't it?

The JVN said...

Hi, All,

An entertaining puzzle! I'm old enough to remember many of the rhyming expressions, so I moved along nicely, one of the easier ones I've done. Too, my brain seemed to be working better than usual, as I flashed on many of the fills.

(By Wednesday I'm skipping the X-word and doing the saved-from-Monday Sudoku instead; the sports and TV show references are lost on me.)

I'm very surprised to read that many people found this one difficult.

I had no trouble with 1A "Subway alternative". I work across and down together, so my first take ELL didn't fit with 1D. I first read 1D as "Elaborate DOS" as in the old computer operating system, but at the second look, I flashed on COIFS. A glance at 3D instantly gave me BRAINDRAIN, and with that, 1A hadda be CAB.

I agree with Hahtool; a CAB is a very different "ride" than is mass transit; I'd rather have 1A clued differently, such as "Engine Driver's workplace". That would have been easy for me, as I lived near a train track as a boy. I recall that one of the engines started moving with nobody on board! Fortunately, it was stopped without incident. The next day's newspaper reported "Locomotive goes loco without motive". Too long for today's puzzle, but the word play is excellent.

I did not like 35D WHANG. It seems utterly un-cymbal-like. I had put in CHANG, as the perps dictated the -HANG part; but when my X-word dictionary gave me Houdini's name, I was forced to WHANG. I did't like WHANGing.

Chickie --

You are right; the creator of the Pet Rock made lots of rocks of the kind that glitter. I saw a very fine Mercedes parked in Los Gatos, with the license plate PET ROCK.

I had no trouble with 54A "Laid vinyl on" = TILED, as I've laid plenty of vinyl tiles.

carol --

Glad to read that your eye is seeing well. I had my second one done a year after the first, but only because it took that long to get the necessary block of time.

I'd rather have had it done after two to three months. When I did call to make the appointment, the surgery date worked out to four months later, due to electrocardiogram, blood work, eye measurement, pre-op, etc. etc. etc.

Lemonade714 said...

Great news Carol, I do remember ever moment of each my three cornea transplant operations, and it is weird to have people mess with your eyes, even when you cannot see well.

AimeeAya, yes do come see us now and then. We like to know everyone is doing fine; it does not take a post every day or week to be part of the band, now and then is good like gracie, Jeanne, g8rmomx2, Dr. Dad, Elissa, Vern, KittyB and others. We just want to know stuff like is little Brady Jo is ok, and Robin’s dad and our friends from Hawaii, KeaauRich and IPO. I could go on, but you all know who you are. Even our ex from Chicago, a goodbye would be nice if you decide to leave.

carol said...

JVN: Wow, I never had to have all that prep work done. Electrocardiogram? Blood work? All they did was eye measurement and ask me what meds I was taking. Maybe yours was done years back, I am so glad things are so much improved - lasers are wonderful tools.

Bill G. said...

I agree, cymbals do not whang. (I notice the the blogger spellchecker doesn't even recognize whang.)

Speaking of cymbals, do you remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Man Who Knew Too Much with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day? Cymbals played a very important role in the climax and the tension building up to the climax. Great movie! Put it on your NetFlix cue if you haven't seen it lately. It's definitely worth seeing more than once.

CA, Margaritaville is a song with the best of everything; melody, accompaniment, rhythm and lyrics. Do you agree? Other examples?

Go Lakers!

Jeannie said...

Carol, here is love from MN Jeannie. Thought about you all day. No kidding, I am glad to hear your surgery went so well. AARRGGH...wear the thigh-high stockings, and the rest of the gear and let us know how that pans out for you.

WH, I am glad you slept well last night.

Annette, I hope you do tonight.

Dennis said...

BillG, you probably missed it last night, but Jerome gave you a great answer to your question to him regarding partials.

AimeeAya, great to see you back; hopefully you'll stay with us.

Chickie, I read in Fortune magazine many years ago that the Pet Rock 'inventor' netted $20M for that one gimmick. All you need is that one idea. There's a new craze among kids here now, Silly Bands. These are colored rubber bands that have different shapes, like animals, cars, etc., that kids are wearing on their wrists, and which return to their original shape when taken off. Can't keep them in stock, and several stores around me are selling them as well. Stupid idea, but no doubt someone will become a millionaire because of it.

Bill G. said...

Thigh-high stockings? Very sexy. Old-fashioned stockings with a garter belt? Sexy too. Pantyhose? What's their appeal? Convenience?

Clear Ayes said...

Bill G., Margaritaville is a really good example. Jimmy Buffett has a great way with catchy songs. Not only do the lyrics (usually) carry you away to a lush Caribbean island, the melodies and accompaniments keep you asking for more. One of my favorite Buffett stories is The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful. Funny, great story and a terrific sing-along when lounging around...after the third Boat Drink. Hmmm, is it possible to be a Dead Head Parrot Head?

AimeeAya, don't stay away so long.

Anonymous said...

53a. LGE ??????? What happened to LRG?????

Chickie said...

Carol, I'm so glad that your surgery went well. It was good to see you on the blog this evening.

Hatool, I re-read the Stone Soup fable. It is one of my favorites and I've had my first graders make stone soup in the classroom after we had read the story and decided that we had to wash the stone before we put it in the soup pot. Yes, we actually put in one small stone and the children always thought it made the soup better!

Buckeye, keep us posted and stay well.