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Apr 26, 2010

Monday April 26, 2010 Jeff Chen

Theme: Theme? What Theme? - Phrases we have to use because people are talking softer more and more these days.

20A. "What?": "DIDN'T CATCH THAT?".

32A. "What?": "EXCUSE ME?".

45A. "What?": "SAY AGAIN?".

58A. "What?": "I BEG YOUR PARDON?".

Argyle here...I said "ARGYLE HERE!" Another fine offering from Jeff Chen. Very few three letter or abbreviation entries. No THWACK this time but, in keeping with hard of hearing, there is 19A. Corrective eye surgery: LASIK. (A type of refractive surgery, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, for correcting myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.)


1A. Life histories, briefly: BIOS.

5A. Atkins diet concern: CARB. (carbohydrates)

9A. Bogus: FALSE.

14A. Drub in a game: ROUT. It can be said "to own" the other team; beat soundly.

15A. Exploitative type: USER.

16A. Author Zola: ÉMILE. Émile Zola (1840 – 1902) was an influential French writer; he is used enough in crosswords to be a considered a Monday entry.

17A. Not in favor: ANTI.

18A. Italian tower site: PISA. (leaning tower of ...)

23A. Nova __: SCOTIA. The Canadian Maritimes, is a region of Eastern Canada consisting of three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

24A. Gentleman's offering on a crowded train, perhaps: SEAT.

25A. Scratch (out), as a living: EKE.

27A. Reason to grab a tissue: SNIFFLE.

37A. Lost color: PALED.

38A. Watered-down: WEAK.

39A. Hangs ten, say: SURFS.

42A. Actress Campbell: NEVE. See here.

43A. Finished: ENDED. Ironically, my last fill.

47A. Back-talking: SASSING.

50A. Big bang producer: TNT.

51A. One running in a pusher, for short: NARC. A DEA agent arresting a perpetrator.

53A. Circles the Earth: ORBITS.

62A. Toothbrush company: ORAL-B.

63A. Metallurgist's raw materials: ORES.

64. Choir voice: ALTO.

65. Modeling wood: BALSA.

66A. CC ÷ XXV: VIII. 200 ÷ 25 = 8 (took some time to find the ÷ symbol.)

67A. Swerve: VEER.

68A. Shoreline irregularity: INLET.

69A. Hankerings: YENS.

70A. Salinger heroine: ESMÉ. "For Esmé – with Love and Squalor" She is used enough in crosswords to be a considered a Monday entry.


1D. Thin nails: BRADS. Small heads so as to not be noticeable. In this picture, the top item is nails that can be loaded into an automatic nailer.

2D. Architectural order: IONIC. Pic.

3D. One-up: OUTDO.

4D. Stretch in the service: STINT.

5D. Hostess offerings: CUPCAKES. Not on an Atkins diet, for sure. Yum!

6D. Continent crossed by Marco Polo: ASIA.

7D. Score silence symbols: RESTS. (musical score)

8D. Sources of teen angst, dentally: BRACES. And more angst: 57D. Source of spousal angst, nocturnally: SNORE.

9D. Sharpie feature: FELT TIP. Magic marker.

10D. Asian nurse: AMAH.

11D. Edelstein of "House": LISA. Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy. Cuddy's role in House is that of Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator.

12D. Use a letter opener on: SLIT.

13D. Scared comics cry: EEK.

21D. Connections: TIES.

22D. Solo of "Star Wars": HAN. Space Cowboy

26D. Cousin of an ostrich: EMU.

28D. Vampire tooth: FANG.

29D. Insect in a circus: FLEA.

30D. First name in jeans: LEVI. (Levi Strauss & Co.)

31D. First family's home?: EDEN. Did anybody get caught by this?

32D. Rams' ma'ams: EWES. Rhyme (WH, have you got a final count on your ram's ma'ams.)

33D. TV warrior princess: XENA.

34D. No-goodniks: CADS.

35D. Hawaiian strings: UKES.

36D. Hosp. areas: ERS.

40D. Sprat's taboo: FAT.

41D. Book report, e.g.: SYNOPSIS.

44D. Edith, to Archie: DINGBAT. From the Norman Lear's TV show, All in the Family.

46D. Gillette razor brand: ATRA.

48D. Aye's opposite: NAY.

49D. Old-fashioned "Cool!": GROOVY. Old-fashioned indeed!

52D. Radium co-discoverer: CURIE. Marie or Pierre.

54D. Atlanta athlete: BRAVE. Baseball player.

55D. Dawdles: IDLES.

56D. Symbol on a pole: TOTEM.

58D. Persia, nowadays: IRAN.

59D. Formal dance: BALL.

60D. Apart from this: ELSE.

61D. Jockey strap: REIN.

62D. Kimono sash: OBI.

Answer grid.

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Barry G!



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - this was a fun Monday puzzle; it went very quickly, but I liked both the cluing and the theme.

A nice crossing in the SW that I'll leave alone. I particularly liked 51A, 'One running in a pusher', and 4D, 'Stretch in the service'.

Today is another big day in the holiday world; it's Executive Admin's Day, Hug an Australian Day, National Pretzel Day, and Richter Scale Day. If I were still single, I'd go hug an Australian Executive Admin, twist her into a pretzel, and try to move the Richter scale...

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Start off every day with a smile and get it over with." -- W.C. Fields

Hope it's a great day where you are; cold and rainy here.

Lemonade714 said...

Hi CC, Argyle and remaining Monday mob,

I really wanted HOSTESS offering to be a fond memory from childhood TWINKIE which reminds me, did you all read about the new character in the Archie comics, KEVIN KELLER ?
It is Monday, we have ATRA, OBI and Roman Numerals; all good.
Enjoy the rest of April, it is slipping away

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Argyle. We won't be in London as planned, but hopefully we can at least have a nice dinner out somewhere tonight. Oh - and I will most likely have my new car this evening as well! I put a deposit down on a nice 2006 Chrysler 300C AWD with only 21K miles yesterday. The Chrysler 300C is essentially the same car as the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Magnum, but with a slightly different body shape and different interior features. I actually prefer the Charger since it's a bit sportier looking, but I can live with the 300C. Besides, with a 5.7 liter v8 Hemi-powered engine that produces 340HP, I suppose it doesn't really matter how sporty it looks...

Oh -- and as for the puzzle today, it was easy peasy all the way. No glitches, no stumbling blocks. I did wonder briefly about CARBS, since the answer is an abbreviation and the clue didn't indicate that, but that's a minor carp.

Have a great one!

Bob said...

Easy puzzle, as usual for Monday. Took me 11 minutes to complete (no errors or surprises).

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Wicked fun puzzle to reenter the work world again. I did the the across clues then downs, filled in the themes and had a half a dozen to fill in. The NE fell last with Emile and Amah cross. I also paused with carbs. Nice job Jeff!

Happy Anniversary Barry G! Nice choice on the vehicle also.

Unfortunately I have to get the youngest to a doctor this morning. After a week of either being in the ocean or pool water, the inevitable ear infection has set in.

Have a great Monday!

tfrank said...

Good morning, C.C., Argyle and all,

Smooth sailing this morning. My only unknown was Lisa as I don't watch "House", and only "couldn't remember" was Xena. The theme answers sounded like a conversation between Jean and me, as we are both hard of hearing and often don't bother with putting in our "ears".

My hearing loss probably started with too many shotgun blasts hunting quail as a teenager in Mississippi. It progressed during my Navy days, with many gunnery exercises. Ear protection was not required, and a 16 inch gun blast is really loud!

Good blog job, Argyle. Happy anniversary, Barry G.

Have a good day and week.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. This was a good puzzled to start off the work week. There were some fun clues for a Monday.

I knew Hostess Offering referred to the brand, but like Lemonade, wanted Twinkie instead of CUPCAKES. I also wanted Faded in lieu of PALED for Lost Color.

I had to laugh for an Old-Fashioned way to say "Cool." I thought something was old-fashioned if it occurred long before I was born. Maybe it's old-fashioned to our constructor, but not to me. Passe maybe, but not old-fashioned! GROOVY, man.

Happy Anniversary, Barry. I'm sure you and your wife will have a lovely albeit belated trip to London this summer. Be sure to take your wife to a nice High Tea while you are there.

QOD: The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life. ~ Oscar Wilde.

koufaxmaravich said...

Top of the morning, C.C., Argyle, and fellow cruciverbalists,

A fun, typical Monday morning to lead the week.

I particularly liked sources of teen angst = braces. I remember my girls' angst that they would never be rid of those things.

Hahtool, I'm with you. I know I'm getting old when Groovy is old-fashioned. I guess I'll be dead when PHAT is old-fashioned. ;)

Cold, rainy and dreary here in the Big Apple. Make it a sunny Monday where you are.

Dennis said...

A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kazie, who turned 29 yesterday.

Barry, I hope it's a Happy Anniversary, even if it is on the wrong side of the pond.

Mainiac, welcome back; always good to see you.

Lemonade, several of the fairs around here feature deep-fried Twinkies, just in case you want to take the nutritional level of the basic Twinkie to new heights.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - What a pleasant puzzle to kick off the week!

Dennis - Sorry, the Richter scale is going the way of Groovy.

Barry - Next time you're at my end of the Pike, I'll expect a ride in that hotrod!

Tfrank - I have a good buddy who was a Navy Seabee. He used a lot of dynamite in addition to firing everything that used ammo. Doesn't hear so good now...

Happy Monday!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all. Happy anniversary Barry G. and Happy 29th Birthday, Kazie.

Eh? What? SAY AGAIN. I use that a lot when talking to a poor phone connection. Easy puzzle but nice theme. No unknowns. Had to sit on ERS until EXCUSE ME was clear. Haven't seen BALSA in a while.

Enjoy the day.

kazie said...

Dennis and Spitzboov,
Thanks for remembering and also for the euphemistic age. i had a wonderful "birthday weekend" at my son and d-i-l's. They really know how to beef up a celebration.

Barry G,
At least in July, it's not so likely to be rainy all the time in London. Happy Anniversary!

Lovely easy Monday puzzle, many clues filled themselves in, so I had to look and see where some of the clues were on reading the blog.

On reading of "Hug an Australian Day" I wondered if it was because of the commemorating of Anzac Day yesterday. April 25th is when the Australian and NZ Army Corps disastrously landed on the beach at Gallipoli in 1915. See a good take on this by Bob Ellis. He succeeds in encapsulating the truth of it all.

Argyle said...

CrosSynergy has a nice Donna Levin puzzle today.

Hahtoolah said...

Happy Birthday, Kazie! Hope the celebration continues.

Andrea said...

Good Morning, all.

Pretty straightforward this morning, although it wasn't a speed run for me by any means. But I did finish unassisted. Knew Lasik right away, as I had it done 8 1/2 years ago, and need an adjustment. Have to wear my glasses again all the time now for distance, but not close up, which is a pain in the #$@. If I have the adjustment, then I will lose my up close vision, so will have to wear readers. Given the option, I think I'd rather go for the readers.

Didn't connect with the brand Hostess until coming here - ironic since I loved Twinkies growing up. I got cupcake from the perps, and thought that was an odd choice for a hostess offering, unless you're entertaining children. I'll be baking Princess cupcakes for a 4 year old bday party in three weeks!

Happy Anniversary, Barry. That's a nice family pic.

Happy belated Birthday, Kazie. Kazie, kind of a crummy day around here yesterday weatherwise, but sounds like you had a great time nonetheless.

Enjoy the day!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Barry G, happy anniversary wishes to you and your bride! Hope you can do something nice to celebrate. Enjoy your new ride!

Puzzle flowed very nicely. Only had to amend my Roman numeral answer to get the final congratulations.

Kazie, wish you were near so I could give you a hug! And Happy Birthday to you as well!!

Lemonade, April is flowing away -- time flies.

Mainiac, nice to see you back. Get that ear infection under control quickly. Don't want any long term negative impact.

Spitzboov, when I had _ALSA, I thought it was headed to Mexico for SALSA. Not so.

Have a great last Monday of April.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I'll take the "Bob-no-frills-route" today. I don't time myself, but it was an easy as usual Monday puzzle with no errors or surprises.

Belated Happy Birthday, Kazie. I'm glad to hear that your weekend was a good one. Bob Ellis' article was excellent. Thanks. Hope you get a lot of hugs today.

In case I don't remember (I'm like that), Happy Anniversary to Barry G and his wife.

Maniac, I hope your son responds quickly to medication for his ear infection. That hurts!

I've got two appointments in town today, so I'd better get going. Have a good day, everyone.

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang, after we finished today's puzzle my wife just said it was too easy, a typical Monday puzzle. I still haven't had time to finish the Sunday LAT because we went to tour the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga CA.

Here's a song that I still remember from Peter Paul & Mary with groovy in the lyrics.

ARBAON said...

Good day (and job) Argyl.

Would have had trouble with wanting to put "whitehouse" into four squares had I not already seen it in the "Universal" puzzle clued as "first family residence". Can`t be coincidental that that happens so often. All the theme phrases are getting all too common around "hear!" Unusual (and clever) use of "stent." Could have been a Th. clue. One little complaint, a totem is the symbol...the symbol is not "on" the totem per se. "Carved status symbol" for "totem" would have been a good clue had I not just written it for God and the whole world to see! "Amah" is fastly becoming crosswordese as is "emu" "atra" "narc" "ante" (and anti) "eek" "eke" "han" "esme" and "er" "or" "emt." (but if you ever construct a puzzle, you`ll understand why!)

Dennis: How did you fare during your storms?

Was having a grapefruit tree pruned this AM but it`s too wet after the storms...It is much taller than the house and even with a long-handled picker, they are too tall to harvest. I offer them to everyone but they either are taking cholesterol medicine or are too lazy to come pick them...and I`ll be #$$@&*! if
I`ll do the picking for them!
(But I would share with Barry G. and Kazie in honor of their special days!)

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

It's a good day for celebrations. Belated happy birthday, Kazie. And happy anniversary Barry G and your wife. This way you'll get two celebrations.

As I am extremely hard of hearing, today's theme answers were pretty easy. I had to work a bit on the 20A What? The one I use most frequently (only to DH) is umm?


Jerome said...

What a bitchin' puzzle! GROOVY is far-out fill, SNIFFLE is outta sight, and CUPCAKES is boss. I'm hip to the theme and there's lots of cool clues. In sum, a pretty cherry crossword. Right on, Jeff!

Argle- I'm asking you to leave the job site until you swear you'll never again call a nail gun an "automatic nailer"

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Pretty much a plug and chug today. My fault, not the puzzles. Last night it was my turn in the insomnia barrel, and now I got nothin'. Playing a concert tonight, so a nap today will be a necessity, not a luxury. I'm just about ready.

I notice that I have some hearing loss, since I need the TV louder than the LW does. I attribute this to sitting in front of the trumpets.

Would a brief review of neuronal function be a SYNOPSIS of synapses?


That, EXCUSE ME, is an IONIC column.

JzB the getting ready to SNORE trombonist

carol said...

Happy Monday to all -

Easy puzzle and that is how it should be today. Laughed at 19A (CORRECTIVE EYE SURGERY) since I am having the cataract procedure tomorrow.

I too thought of FADED instead of PALED. I have never said 'oh, my blouse paled!"

I am with the rest of the hipsters, flipsters and finger poppin' daddies here: 'GROOVY' is old-fashioned? Maybe out of date would be the better description. Now 'cats pajamas' or 'the bees knees' is old-fashioned to me, but it's all relative isn't it??

Dennis, you are wise to let that SW corner just lie there...Lois will take care of it I am sure. LOL

Kazie, a very happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoyed it and 29 is such a fun age ;) Hope you got and will get lots of hugs today!

Barry G, happy anniversary to you and your wife..I am sorry about your trip being canceled but you will get there and as Kazie said, the weather should be much nicer. Also, congrats on getting your car! You were very smart to get a 'previously owned' one...saves a ton of money.

Lemonade714 said...


YOu missed Waltzing Matilda and it missed you.

Enjoy your anniversary, Barry. My oldest boy will spend his 1st anniversary in Gabii while his wife will be in Buffalo. He warned her he was a digger.

I think CARB gets a pass as "in the language."

Crockett1947 said...

Warren, Thanks for the great PP&M clip. We've had a couple of those the last few days, and I really appreciate the memories. I once ushered for one of their concerts at Cornell and got to sit tin the second row.

eddyB said...

Hi all.

Hand up for another old sailor with
hearding problems. Used to stand on a weather deck during a missile launch and 8in gunnery practice.
Speaking of London trips, Brian has
49er tickets for the Oct 31st game at Wembly.
Gallipoli sounds like what the 1ST
Marine Div went through on Peleliu.
Another example of piss poor planning and bad intell. The HBO series is very graphic.
Have been watching On The Beach and hearing Waltzing Matilda for a few days.
Rain forcast for the next few days.


Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, C.C. and all the rest.

It took no fangs to sink into this one; it was quick and easy, thank you, Jeff Chen. Nice theme and no need for a synopsis here.

If any of you have been to Pisa, you know that the trick there when taking a photo is to pose oneself in front of the tower to make it appear that one is "holding" the tower in the hand. It's fun to show afterwards.

I agree with previous comments and frankly I'm too exhausted by the weekend's activites to add more.

Belated happy birthday, Kazie, may you remain 29 forever!

Happy anniversary Barry G.!

It's sunny and warm here; I'm sending you warm, sunny thoughts.

I hope you are having a great Monday!

dodo said...

Argyle, do you just KNOW all that stuff, or do you google it as you go? I always learn new things from you blog.

Argyle said...

Jerome, the comment wasn't meant for those that would recognize the nail clip.

And the name is Argyle.

Jeff Chen said...

Hi all:

Thanks for the nice comments. What a supportive group of people that follow this blog! Glad that it was generally a nice start to people's puzzling weeks. It was fun for me to create. The idea popped into my head as my girlfriend and I were traveling along Lake Atitlan in January on a small boat, and she kept on asking "I beg your pardon?" over the loud grind of the motor. Funny how inspiration comes about.


Argyle said...

dodo, I pretty much Google the stuff I DON'T know and want to learn more about mrself.

dodo said...

Argyle, do you just KNOW all that stuff?

Dennis said...

Jeff, thanks for checking in; it's nice to know the constructors read the blog.

dodo said...

Good wishes for Kazie on becoming 29 and Barry and wife for a happy anniversary!

My hearing problem, even with aids, is not that people are speaking more softly, but that they are speaking so FAST! My transmission system isn't fast enough to keep up! Actually, where I live, though there are some people who speak almost in a whisper, there are many more who speak quite loudly, probably because of not hearing well!

Jerome said...

Sorry for the jest, Argyle, and the incredibly stupid spelling error.

Lemonade714 said...


Yes we really appreciate you stopping by. IMHAO, because of the many wonderful interviews from C.C., frequent advice from Jerome, the continuing interest from Fred, the pleasure we get when we hear from all the constructors, as well as sharing in Dan Naddor's life and death, have made us all very appreciative of the puzzles and the people who make them. We do try and emphasize the positives, and have learned some idea of the difficulty in creating any puzzle, Monday through Saturday, and try to express our views in the proper context. We do not enjoy every clue, but we do enjoy all of the effort from you and Rich and all the rest. Hopefully over time, this will be supportive, knowledgeable and a help to both solvers and constructors.

ARBAON said...

Not wanting to be "incredibly stupid", I too apologize, Argyle.

Anonymous said...

Too many tired crosswordese.

kazie said...

Ditto what Lemonade and Dennis said.

Thanks to all the additional birthday wishers. I only wish I felt like 29, without being so young again!

Gallipoli was planned in England to be a diversion so the English could more easily succeed in another battle front elsewhere. Sadly, they didn't much care that it was the "colonials" who would be sacrificed, and that's one reason for the aussie hatred of English authority. Another is Churchill's having said the Japanese (WWII) could have Australia, and that the Allies could always win it back later. The Australian general ignored the British order to remain in the Middle East and sent his troops home to fight in New Guinea. One result was the Kokoda Trail referenced in the Ellis article.

Argyle said...

Oh, a jest...all is and all are forgiven.

Argyle said...

Our local provider pneumatic fasteners is called "Guns n' Hoses".

Clear Ayes said...

Kazie, interesting stuff about Gallipoli and how it compares to 21st century war. I saw the movie "Gallipoli" quite a few years ago, when Mel Gibson was still young and adorable (as opposed to the current old and weird :o)

I may be mistaken, but I don't think anybody linked The 59th Street Bridge Song, aka "Feelin' GROOVY", by Simon & Garfunkel. There are a lot of old-time rock n' rollers and folkies here and I think everybody liked S & G.

carol said...

Hey CA...thanks for the S&G clip. Good stuff - love everything they (and Simon alone) did. What exceptional talent they have. So many talented people and groups from those wonderful days.

Mainiac: sure hope your son's ear infection heals in a hurry, as Ca mentioned those things hurt!!

Chickie said...

Hello All--A fast and rather easy Monday puzzle. My ego is back in place today and all is well.

My one error was to put in a Z instead of an X for Xena. I know better, but I have a friend named Zena and I put it in without thinking.

I watched a sitcom on PBS last evening and the hard of hearing brother kept asking "sorry"? when he couldn't hear the statement. His brother finally got a recorder out and played back the answer each time so he wouldn't have to repeat himself. Not too funny if you truly are hard of hearing.

Jeff, we always like to hear from the constructors.

Arabon, We've just gone off our cholesterol medication and so are enjoying grapefruit again after several years without. I wish we could come over to help pick. They are expensive in the store, even here in the West.

Crockett1947 said...

Clear Ayes, thanks for the link. That's a favorite as well.

Chickie said...

Barry G. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your night out.

HBTY, HBTY, HB dear Kazie, HBTY. Even if it is a day late. I've been 29 for some time now and it is a GOOD age.

I don't think of Groovy as being too old fashioned--There are several of us out there with the same thinking. Now, Swell is one that my FIL used in High School and his letters to my MIL before they were married were puctuated with the word. Everything from his car to the music he listened to, to his new job were all Swell.
He was in high school from 1917 to 1921.

Warren said...

For another oldie but goodie here's I beg your pardon by Lynne Anderson

Spitzboov said...

Kazie re : ANZAC - I have been visiting an Australian website The Chief's Log for several years. It is mainly geared to ex-Australian submariners and is hosted by Norm Williams. I was drawn to it by much of the 1st person naval history included as well as notes on what the US Navy is doing. There is occasional salty humor as well.
In the April log, he has pictures of ANZAC Day marches.
You might find it interesting.

seen, not heard said...

don't get me wrong, i love me some s&g. but art's hair reminded me of that chia pet i gave my ex years ago!

seen, not heard said...

p.s. i think that clip was from the concert in central park which is a great dvd/cd to have. it is a good choice for background music for a party no matter who is on the guestlist.

Argyle said...

Speaking of background, what were the two strange instruments in the background?

Annette said...

I had no trouble with the Roman numeral math, but misread the numbered square and couldn’t find a way to fit VIII into 65A’s 5 spaces. So I re-did the math twice (once on a calculator), then googled the translation, and did the math again! I finally realized I was trying to fit it into the wrong location… Now I see why the puzzles have to be easier on Mondays - some of us need to work up to the more difficult ones. I kept waiting for “Huh?” as an answer in keeping with the theme.

Barry G: Happy anniversary! Enjoy your nice dinner out and new car. You may not be in London for it, but you have a story to re-tell every anniversary from now on “about the volcano that caused you to postpone your big anniversary trip.” You better brush up on the details of the volcano, and learn its spelling for your memoirs!

Kazie: Happy birthday - Hugs to you!

Carol: Good luck with your procedure tomorrow! When you saw a ghost though, you hadn’t FADED, you PALED (or fainted)!

Bill G. said...

I asked the pharmacist a while back about grapefruit juice and statins. She said that drinking big glasses of grapefruit juice would counteract the effects of the medication but that a half grapefruit once in a while wouldn't hurt anything, especially if you take the medicine at night at eat the grapefruit in the morning. Not meant to be taken as medical advice; just what the pharmacist told me.

carol said...

Anette, thanks. I know what you mean about paled and faded...I think paled is a term not heard too much today. As is something that is really beautiful and another thing that isn't, one could say the less beautiful thing 'paled in comparison'.

Clear Ayes said...

Seen, not heard, "art's hair reminded me of that chia pet i gave my ex years ago!" Thanks for that. I was starting to worry that we were going to be so polite that the blog fizz might go flat.

I tried to get a discussion going yesterday about Jim Morrison, but with the exception of a "if you can't say anything nice" comment, there were no takers. No interest in poor old Jim? That's fine, but I do enjoy hearing all the blogger opinions on a variety of topics, even if I don't always agree.

carol said...

Seen,not heard (4:40) LMAO - thanks! I have a cousin that has fine hair and he has always permed it so it resembles a happy brillo pad...he thinks it makes him look like he has more hair, well, yes I guess it does but is that good?

CA (6:27) on your remark to the above, you really hit the mark. I'm hoping we are not all THAT polite, a few choice fun words have always been the mark of this's what gave it (as you said) that wonderful 'fizz'. I'd hate to lose that.

ARBAON said...

Chickie: Did you get your Choles. under control with diet and exercise? If so, groovy for you!
If my arms were a bit longer, I`d get some grapefruit to you. They are about dried up though.
I`m "afeered" all citrus will be cost prohibitive after the freezes we`ve had this year.

CA: I had a friend who always said, "No one can offend you without your permission." I have worn my own hair like Art and still would, chia pet not withstanding, but it requires too many perms too often. And since you haven`t graced us with a poem today, I`ll do it.

Candy is dandy
But liquor is quicker.

My friend also said, "Just because it rhymes doesn`t make it poetry."

Bill G. said...

Jerome, you said yesterday that it was a 'crossword rule' that a partial couldn't be more than five letters long. I am working on a Boston Globe Henry Hook puzzle from 4/18 that had a clue, "Within an ___ one's life" and the answer was INCH OF. What's up with that?

Lucina said...

Here in AZ the local Food Bank organizes volunteers to collect citrus of all kinds, lemons, oranges and grapefruit from various neighborhoods, then bags them and gives them to their "customers." Just a thought; don't know if that helps you.

I can't remember if the debate was about The Doors or The Who, but I liked them both, at least most of their music.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Bill G,
Partials are generally limited to 5 letters or less. But exceptions happen. Merl Reagle uses 6 letters or more occasionally too.

A belated Happy Birthday!

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

Lemonade et al,
Patrick Merrel's Crossword Rules. As Jerome mentioned last night, those rules are outlined in nearly every crossword construction book, website, etc. I have a Crossword Rules link on the right side of the blog (under Crossword Links).

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., What a fun puzzle! I even got the theme for once. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. 14A -Drub in a game- was the only thing that threw me. Never heard that before in any way shape or form but 'rout' fit. so I let it be.

Loved the SW corner...Holy Hotwick! Yeah, I can't say I 'didn't catch that'. I did. I'll never look at my toothbrush the same way again and pardon is hardly on my list of things to be begging for. Made my knees 'weak' just thinking about it. And in the same puzzle as 'brads'...brad pitt, brad paisely, brad cooper. Those are all 'felt tip's that the garden of 'eden' em'braces' and I'd be in a 'seat' right there saying, 'Surf's'up, 'cupcakes'.
"Come to m'amah'." What a puzzle!

Kazie: Happy, Happy Belated birthday. I wish you many, many more.

Barry G: Happy anniversary and happy new car day! Hope it's a fun night for you even if it isn't across the pond.

Update and on a serious note: They found a blood clot in Brooke's chest today and they rushed her to surgery yet again. She's hanging in there. No new heart yet. Thank you very much for all the prayers and support. She knows about you and is very grateful. She's # 1 in the hospital for a new heart and still #3 in the state. It could happen any time. I just hope it's soon.

Jerome said...

Bill- Crossword 'rules' aren't written in stone. Golf, chess, monopoly, baseball and a thousand other games have clearly defined written rules. Crossword 'rules' are more established tradition and convention. Rather than "rules", "guidelines" would be a more appropriate word.

You rarely see partials longer than five letters. However, the Globe puzzle editor believed Henry's crossword was of such high quality overall that a small breech of convention was justified. And it probably is.

It is convention that a weekday puzzle have no more than 38 black squares. But you might see 40, 42, if the puzzle warrants it.

I think it's great that constructors and editors have the chance now and then to experiment and step outside the box and push the boundries a tad broader. This is what has made today's crossword far superior to those of even a few years ago.

Jeannie said...

No time to do the puzzle today as one of my jobs is to buy the school of MN's commodities. It seems I have leftovers and finally got the State's reconciliation report. It's daunting as it's like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

Just a quick few sound outs...Kazie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY although it's belated.

BarryG, may you and your wife enjoy many more years together. As Kazie and others pointed out, although the trip might cost you more, perhaps the weather will be better in the summer.

I am excited as I just booked passsage on the Badger (car ferry) and celebrate Nick and Thelma's 50th. over Memorial weekend. I can't wait to hug my mom and "hang out" in the kitchen again. She is doing well after her surgery. Thanks once again for all your well wishes.

Jeannie said...

Oh Lois, your Brooke is in my thoughts. She is much too young...crying now...

seen, not heard said...

i watched the s&g video again looking to the background. first, it is not the central park concert as it is in some arena. second, in the central park videos it seems as art has lost some of his foliage. third, i have no idea what the weird instruments are. maybe a didgeridoo and some sort of accordion.

oh, and clear ayes, i read yesterdays blog and YOU ARE WRONG. i love jim and the doors! hows that for some disagreement? lol

Clear Ayes said...

ARBAON, "Just because it rhymes doesn`t make it poetry". Your friend said it better than I could. That's what I was thinking about Jim Morrison's lyrics.

seen,not heard, Rock on!. As soon as I heard the lines, "Into this world we're born, like a dog without a bone, like an actor out on loan", that pretty much did it for J.M. lyrics for me. I did like the leather pants though.

Lucina, LOL, who would have guessed that you were a hard-rock mama?

Lois, Brooke is obviously a fighter. My best wishes are for her to continue her battle until she is victorious.

Jeannie, we'll be thinking of you and your Mom in the kitchen, talking over a good cup of coffee and enjoying the coffee cake.

Bill G. said...

Speaking of rock music, I liked the Beatles best, then the Stones, not the Doors or the Who. I like Creedence Clearwater 'cause of their old-fashioned, hard rock sound. I tended to listen to the music and harmony more than pay attention to the lyrics. When a good song 'hooks' me, I can sing, whistle or hum it. That's not true of most modern rock or popular music. I like Mozart, Scott Joplin, and old-time country music like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and others of their ilk. Margaritaville is a favorite too, both because of the tune, the background and the lyrics.

Lois, best wishes for Brooke and all of you.

Lucina said...

I'm doubling my prayers for Brooke. She must be a strong girl.

Oh yes, I love those 60s rockers; it's all I listened to back and forth from work in that era, the Golden Age of rock!

I love classical as well; in some ways they are not so far removed, perhaps in tempo, lyrics and of course, ambience. But rythym is rythym in any era.

seen, not heard said...

"indians scatered on dawn's highway bleeding

ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind"

lyrics from "peace frog". i read "no one here gets out alive". apparantly jim's air force brat youth found him driving through the southwest with his family. they came across a fatal car accident involving native americans. he believed that a soul entered his being. years later he penned these lyrics.

my point? you are correct, clear ayes, i found it difficult finding such lyrics with substance. but, they do exist. and the music with ray manczarek, robbie krieger and john densmore is very unique and identifiable. no cookie cutter, pop-oriented, for the masses music at all.

seen, not heard said...

i might have to take the "not heard" out of my moniker due to my many comments today.

but, bill g., i couldn't agree more. i almost always enjoy a song first for it's music(tempo, beat, harmony, whatever) first. i later listen and appreciate the lyrics.

i'm out

Lucina said...

meant 60s and 70s, mostly 70s.

kazie said...

Thanks C.C. and everyone else too. No problem being a day late--I had announced I would be gone all weekend, so today's greetings were perfect.

I love your tulip avatar.

Barry G,
Have fun with the new car!

Bob said...

The main purpose of the Gallipoli campaign (1915) was to open the Dardanelles from the Aegean to the Black Sea, making it possible to bring assistance to the Russians, perhaps even to keep the Russians in the war, despite the drubbing they were taking on the Eastern Front from the Central Powers. It was certainly ill-planned. The British and Dominion troops never got off the beach. Their most spectacular success was their textbook evacuation in the dead of night, once the operation was officially declared hopeless.

Chickie said...

Arabon--No. I wasn't on the medication. My husband had problems with the medication for Choles. and the Dr. took him off. Diet is always in the forefront and we are careful. We are enjoying having grapefruit again, even more because we were deprived for such a long time. I didn't even buy it because he likes it so much and I didn't want to tempt him.

Carol, I'm wishing you all the best with your surgery tomorrow.

Lois, a special thought for your friend, Brooke.