Jun 25, 2010

Friday June 25, 2010 Mark Feldman

Theme: Food Pun - The first word of each two-word familiar food item is substituted by a city, whose country is given in the corresponding clue.

20A. Swiss poultry dish?: BASEL CHICKEN. Basil Chicken. Basel is a city in Switzerland.

27A. Korean menu listing?: SEOUL FOOD. Soul Food. I do love Seoul food. Hot!

35A. Indian lunch fare?: DELHI SANDWICH. Deli Sandwich. Do Indians use naan as sandwich wrap?

43A. Moroccan hearty meal? RABAT STEW. Rabbit Stew. Rabat is the capital of Morocco.

52A. Meccan omelet ingredient? JEDDAH CHEESE. Cheddar Cheese. I've never heard of Jeddah, a port city in Saudi Arabia. Near Mecca indeed. The only theme entry with a city rather than a country as clue hint.

All of the theme answers are punning on the first word. I like the consistency.

Some more food/drink references:

17A. 2006 farce involving a drinking contest: BEER FEST. Total four 8-letter entries today.

48A. Fare that's filled and baked: MEAT PIE

63A. Fruitcake: NUT. OK, not really food.

49D. __ four: PETIT

50D. Bean products?: IDEAS. Nailed it. The question mark told me it's not sprouts. I have stir-fried bean sprouts every Tuesday.

We don't often see four clusters of four black squares in a puzzle. It sure increases the total black square count in a hurry (Total 42 in today's grid).

My favorite clue (I presume Seen's too) is RED (43D. Bench, once). Johnny Bench. Cincinnati Reds. Dennis told me about a card show near our home a few months ago and I was able to see Bench in person. Pete Rose was there too.


1. A.L. East team: BOS. Boston Red Sox. Quite a few abbr. in this grid.

4. 1960 Olimpiadi host: ROMA. The Italian clue suggests the answer will be in Italian.

8. Padlocked, perhaps: HASPED

14. Glob suffix: ULE

15. Receptive: OPEN

16. More gray: ASHIER

19. "Magic Hour" author": ISAACS (Susan). Don't know the author or the book. What's it about?

22. Memo abbr.: ATTN

23. Move beyond: OUTGROW

32. Frost: HOAR

33. Fast horse: ARAB

34. Frayed: TATTY

40. Certain Net user: AOLER. Net is capitalized.

41. '60s Mod staple: MINI

42. Letters that come at the end of the week: TGIF. We also have FRI (29D. It can be casual: Abbr.). Not fond of the two in the same grid.

51. Race: TEAR. Did not leap to me readily.

57. All one had: ESTATE. Great clue.

60. Transfers again, as computer files: RECOPIES

61. Hungary neighbor: SERBIA

62. Barrie Newfoundland: NANA. The dog in "Peter Pan".

64. Is out there: EXISTS

65. African antelope: ORYX. It has long, straight-horns, Lois!

66. Rte. finder: GPS


1. Good ol' boys: BUBBAS

2. Fatty acid salt: OLEATE. Ate is a suffix for "salt".

3. Handles: SEES TO

4. Texter's response to a hilarious joke: ROFL

5. Crude org. : OPEC. Crude oil.

6. Interlock: MESH

7. Boycotting, perhaps: ANTI

8. Basho's forte: HAIKU. Have never heard of Basho, a Japanese 17th century poet known for Haiku poems.

9. Black listing?: ASSET. Awesome clue.

10. City near the Yangtze River: SHANGHAI. No, not "near". It's at the mouth of the Yangtze River. I worked in Shanghai for some time.

11. Emmy-winning news anchor Lindström: PIA. No idea. She's Ingrid Bergman's daughter.

12. Common Mkt.: EEC

13. "ER" extras: DRS

18. Contact lens solution brand: RENU. The only brand I know.

21. Cape __ : COD

24. VMI program: ROTC. VMI = Virginia Military Institute. New to me.

25. Bit of irreverence: OATH

26. Twisted: WRY

28. Lionized actor?: LAHR (Bert). The Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz".

30. Treaty gp. since 1948: OAS

31. President with two Grammys: OBAMA. Loved Lemonade's Palin palindrome comment yesterday. John's SEXES clue is awesome too. I think I mentioned on the blog before. Japanese say "I am going" to mean "I am coming".

34. Fool: TWIT

35. Old Venetian judge: DOGE

36. "The Praise of Chimney-Sweepers" essayist: ELIA

37. Right crosses may follow them: LEFT JABS. Needed crossing help.

38. Point: NIB

39. Stranded material: DNA

40. 20s provider, for short: ATM

44. Dance move: STEP

45. Elevating, in a way: TEEING. Various balls.

46. Relax: EASE UP

47. Takes by force: WRESTS

53. Cartoonist Peter: ARNO. Total stranger to me.

54. When repeated, word of agreement: HEAR

55. Manhattan sch.: CCNY (City College of NY)

56. Piltdown man, e.g. : HOAX

57. Language suffix: ESE

58. Bio datum: SEX

59. Head of state?: TRI. I don't get this one. Wanted ESS, the starting letter of the word state.

Answer grid.

Welcome back Kazie! You were dearly missed.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - Friday-tough puzzle today; needed lots of perp help. I liked the theme, which was pretty obvious after the first theme clue, and thought 'Certain Net user' and '20s provider, for short' were deviously outstanding clues.

Outclevered myself with 'ess' for 'Head of state', which screwed up the SW. That was my only ink blot, but I really bounced around a lot without much continuity. Nice job by Mark. Now I'm starving.

C.C., I still don't understand your comment about the Japanese saying "I am going" and meaning "I am coming", but I'll get in a boatload of trouble if I ask the question I want to ask.

Today is Log Cabin Day and National Catfish Day.

Did you know:

- Singer Wayne Newton is a descendant of Pocahontas.

- Sir Isaac Newton invented the swinging door....for the convenience of his cats.

- In the 1700s, trappers could get a dollar for a buckskin. Hence the term buck.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Friday C.C. and the corner:

Now that was a challenge; if you remembered the dog from Peter Pan was Nana, you know much more trivia than I do. This was one of those rare puzzles where, if I had not sussed the theme immediately, I would have never been able to finish, but BUBBAS gave me SEOUL FOOD, and then with the help of the long theme words, it all fell.

I liked the tricky cross of ROMA (the Olympiadi clue was great) with CRUDE org.: OPEC; never heard of Matsuo Bashō, an Edo -period Japanese haiku poet, do not know Susan Isaacs or Magic Hour but HAIKU made sense and I remembered Ingrid Bergman’s daughter, PIA LINDSTROM well from when I was growing up.

I am not sure why ORYX came to mind, and loved both DEHLI SANDWICH and RABAT STEW, and enjoyed the original clue for an old crossword favorite, LAHR, as lionized actor. I finally used the old BEAN, had some ideas and finished/

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Definitely a challenge today, but not nearly the slog that yesterday's puzzle was. I liked the theme and figured it out pretty quickly, but was hampered by the fact that I've never heard of BASEL or JEDDAH.

The bottom center was the hardest spot for me. I initially put IBEX instead of ORYX for 65A, which got me off to a bad start. Then, I had no clue what the name of the Manhattan college was, who Peter ARNO was, or what word could possibly be repeated to mean "I agree." I finally guessed CCNY and figured out HEAR HEAR, which let me pull ORYX off the back burner of my brain. I still didn't know who the cartoonist was, but that was when the light bulb went off and I remembered the dog from Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie, was named NANA. I always thought it was an Old English Sheepdog, but maybe that was just in the Disney cartoon.

So, overall, a challenging yet fun puzzle. That's really all I ask! ^_^

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning C.C. and all

Good tough Friday but with a little red letter help, it came together. Got the theme by starting with SEOUL____. RABATSTEW was fun to fill. WAGS included HOAR and PIA. Thought TEEING and ASSET were clever. On 4D, wanted 'lmao' before the perps indicated ROFL. ISAACS was a guess based on the AA in the perps. Similarly ARNO/NANA were lucky guesses.

Tomorrow is our 45th wedding anniversary and Sunday we depart NYC for a week's cruise to Bermuda; hopefully to EASE UP a bit.

Anonymous said...

To C.C. ... Re: Naan as a sandwich wrap...

Indian food tends to be wetter than average, so the sandwich wrap concept is not very popular, but is lately coming into vogue.

Indians generally use only one hand to eat ( ... tend to be unidextrous as opposed to bi-dextrous .. or even ambidextrous ... I know, no such words ...) By culture, tradition and habit, the right hand is used for eating ( and other 'sterile' use ) and the left hand is used for cleaning. I pity the southpaws ... )... and to hold a sandwich wrap in one hand ... would require a multi-tasking dexterity.

How much easier would it be if one used an antiseptic, like Purell and washed both hands ... more often.

Paolo said...

A grumpy good morning all!

I should have known I was in trouble when the first pass through only yielded 4 fills: RENU, COD, DOGE, ROMA.

Despite copious red letter assistance, a 55 minute slog.

Really disliked: TEEING, OBAMA
Enjoyed: OPEC, ATM, LAHR, DNA, and especially ASSET.

Cannot believe that all my life I thought it was HERE HERE and not HEAR HEAR. Well, never too old to learn.

Sorry so grumpy. Perhaps it's the extremely high temps and humidity yesterday and last evening, or an especially long day at work on Thursday.

Perhaps another cup of espresso and a brioche...

If that doesn't work, I'm gonna re-view the photos of that cutie pie Cameron!

Paolo said...


Happy, happy anniversary! Have a wonderful cruise to Bermuda.

We spent our honeymoon in Bermuda. For our 25th anniversary, we decided to go back, even stay in the same hotel (Hamilton Princess). On the flight there, we got this idea of asking if we could stay in the original room that we spent our wedding night in (or at least see the room again).

So upon check in, we requested to see or perhaps stay in room such and such, to which the clerk very politely responded: "I'm so terribly sorry, sir, but that room, in fact that entire wing is presently undergoing extensive rennovations. Everything there has gotten rather old and run-down, in desperate need of some refreshing."

My wife and I turned to each other and smiled broadly, because we were thinking the same thing. "Kinda like us, huh?"

Lemonade714 said...


You okay?

Jeannie, you working or driving?

Ah well of to work...

Dennis said...

Spitzboov, Happy Anniversary, and many, many more.

What cruise line are you taking?

Paolo, funny line.

Spitzboov said...

@ Dennis: Holland America Lines; the MS Veendam

Anonymous said...

To C.C.: ... Coming and Going in Japanese...

Most Indian guests will say 'I am coming' at the end of a visit ... when they mean 'I am going (leaving )'.

This is because to say the obvious ( i.e. you are leaving ... ) is considered very inauspicious ( You may never ... be able ... to come back...).

More likely, they may say 'I will come again'... but never 'I am leaving,( or going away )'.

Splynter said...

HI all,

Yeah, me too, Paolo, I always thought it was Here! Here!...Tough puzzle, SW got me good - I was thinking ESS for TRI, but since I am living in one if the "tri-state" areas ( NY, NJ, CT ) I can accept it. I had TWO BY _ instead of PETIT, but I knew ESTATE had to be correct, so I had to let it go...
ARNO/NANA? Bzzzzt...
Lots of crafty fills today, and I liked the SE corner most. Not too thrilled about HASPED and EEC, but I got through in less than a half hour, and now it's off to my next project - make it a great day for someone else!


Anonymous said...

@Lemonade714, Haltool joined the other blog.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Strongly mixed feelings about this one. Really good, clever theme and lots of great fill: OLEATE, WRESTS, HAIKU, DOGE(!). I hope to never OUTGROW MEAT PIE.

But the dross. Oh, my: AOLER, ASHIER, HASPED, TATTY. If you ever see any of those "words" outside of a puzzle, call me and reverse the charges.

C.C -
TRI, as "head of State," refers to the phrase tri-state, an area where the borders of three states come together. Most often heard in weather reports: "It's hot and humid in the tri-state area today, with a chance of scattered showers."

That sort of dishonest prefix cluing really ruins a puzzle for me.

I didn't know (or perhaps didn't remember that I forgot) that Piltdown man was a hoax, so I entered HOMO, thinking an evolutionary sub-species. Also had JEDDER for JEDDAH. So, though I had CCNY, couldn't fill in that section.

To EASE UP and end on a happier note, I can't let mini go unlinked.

JzB the ANTI-"head of" trombonist

Dennis said...

Spitzboov, great cruise line; have a blast!

fermatprime said...

Hi all!

Thanks CC for the write-up today!

Mark Feldman: Thanks for the interesting puzzle. Loved the theme answers (escept JEDDAH). TEEING was trying too. A difficult puzzle! Lots of WAGs worked out!

Anyone: what does ROFL stand for?
I do not text and, fortunately, no one texts me. (Texting: Another portent of the Apocalypse.)

Yesterday I neglected to thank all of the previous write-up providers, Al in particular. Cool, interesting facts from all, and also from fellow bloggers. Was thrilled that some of you commented on my post!

Dennis: have forgotten most of the unanswered questions. (They were not aimed at you.) Happy belated anniversary!

Windover: Do not care about case of letters in name or spelling. (Definitely not NUTS like someone else.)
Also, not a middle child. Am essentially an only child. Younger brother got all the attention, did nothing to help with aged parents, rented a van and took away most of the good stuff after they died. Has not communicated over the years; however, his wife sends me a bunch of those "pass this on or die" gooey emails.

Where does the team get all of the money to pull all of those capers (and live the good life) on Leverage? (Same question about Burn Notice to a lesser extent.)

Carol: Sugar is indeed fattening, especially fructose. One is not supposed to consume more than 18 g of fructose per day. Here is an interesting article.

Lucina: Would love to try Creme Fraiche but suspect it is calorific! I have a weight problem, as you might have guessed. Fibromyalgia and arthritis are to blame mostly, I think. Also, I was given Cymbalta at one time. Gained 50 lbs.; however, antidepressant worked so well that I didn't care! It is almost impossible for me to lose weight. Pain makes it impossible for me to be physically active, but I force myself to swim when possible.

Spitzboov: Congratulations!

I stayed up all night getting my friends iMac's b-tree repaired and drive operational. It took two applications each of Tech ToolPro, Drive Genius 2 and, finally, OS X 10.5. (For some reason the computer kept asking for a name and password (which it never had). I am insisting that he use a peripheral drive as a Time Machine forthwith. (It would have been so easy to just erase the drive.)

Have a great weekend all!

Dennis said...

Fermatprime, thanks. And ROFL = rolling on the floor, laughing. One of the dumber ones.

JimmyB said...

I'm really feeling TATTY after this one. I had an especially HOARable time, mostly in the middle. I got about as far as D_LHI_ _AND_IC_ and thought it was something AND RICE and I was HASPED to that concept way too long. Plus I was sure the Manhattan school was IONA (since that's what it was last time). And BASHO and NANA were total unknowns. I did get PIA Lindstrom since I remembered her from her early broadcasting days in the SF Bay Area.

Jazzbumpa - Thanks for the link on MINI. That was "elevating, in a way" for my spirits.

JD said...

Good morning C.C. and all,

Any puzzle I can finish is enjoyable, but few answers came readily.Had to fish for Elia,Arno, and Isaacs, although I have read a few of her books. Compromising Positions was made into a movie with Susan Sarandon.She's a "beach read" mystery writer.Knew Basho from teaching Haiku to kids.

Got the theme with Delhi sandwich, but had to get Jeddah with the perps.Well, actually, perps did most everything for me. I did have to go thru the alphabet for Hear and niB.Frustrating when the brain doesn't work quickly.

A-has: tatty, AOLer

Thanks Splynter&JzB for tri explanation

Spitzboov, happy 45th! Have a great time in Bermuda. Isn't it amazing that for such a small group we have so many long-lasting marriages?

Paolo, cute story! Thanks. Cameron no longer wants to be wrapped like a burrito, and likes to be in a lounging position, not flat on his back.We'll see how he takes to garlic, as I made/delivered linguine in clam sauce last evening.

Hahtool, I bet that was you giving us your always interesting information.And...
"This is because to say the obvious ( i.e. you are leaving ... ) is considered very inauspicious ( You may never ... be able ... to come back...). " Yes, you can.

new words: hasped, oleate, doge

Bob said...

Missed 17A (BEERFEST) and 4D (ROFL), both unknowns to me. I knew I had a problem at 7D but didn't come up with the right solution. Otherwise, no problems. Interesting theme and some tricky clues made for a fun Friday puzzle. 32 minutes.

Barry G. said...


Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off So Hard I Fell Off My Chair And Scared The Cat

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Almost done in by three and four letter abbreviations and words....AGAIN!

The theme answers were the easiest entries for me. I had a problem with JEDDAH because it isn't pronounced CHEDDAR. After all, BASEL pronunciation is the same as BASIL, SEOUL is SOUL and DELHI is DELI. JEDDAH was the odd word out and just didn't fit for me.

BOS, PIA, EEC, OAS, ROTC, ELIA, RED (GAH would have known!), SEX, TRI, ARNO and CCNY were all temporary stoppers. No problem with NANA because I've read the book several times.

I also had a problem with 49D PETIT-four. There was no indication that it is a french term meaning "little oven". (Thanks Paolo for indicating foreign origin in your post today with "another cup of espresso and a brioche.)

What's the phone number Jazzbumpa? I have used the word TATTY to mean very worn and frayed, as in "this old jacket is really TATTY." GAH has a lot of TATTY shirts. It is almost impossible to get him to throw away an old favorite. I keep telling him, "When you can see through the fabric it is time to say au revoir."

Anonymous said...

CA, check your dictionary. Basel has different pronunciation.

carol said...

Hi all -

Well it certainly is Friday!

Barry G, I agree with you that today's was easier than yesterday.

Some of the clues were really tooooo vague for me.

I had most of the problems all of you had and then some. I tried to put MAP in for 66A...should have known better. I guess 'maps' are passe now.

Fermatprime: I meant that FRESH, RAW fruit is ok - and not fattening in the sense that the NATURAL sugars they contain are better for you than say, drinking a 'fruit juice'. You said that bowls of fruit were set out. We all should eat at least 2 pieces of real, fresh fruit each day. It provides the needed carbs and fiber.

Interesting info about coming and going....reminds me of an old limerick - :)

Anonymous said...

Windhover. I see that you are still
being childish and crass.

Hahtool might return from the other
blog if someone tells her that he has received the 'death curse'.


Argyle said...

Ah think the Cabot's up thar in Vermon't make that jeddah cheese.

JimmyB said...

I better correct myself before somebody else does. With a little research I found that IONA is not a Manhattan school. Not even the Bronx. It's in New Rochelle.

So I'll be CCNY'a later.

Gunghy said...

How did I err? Let me count the ways:
ROLF/LMAO (ROLF makes me ralph)
DOGE/MAGE (Too long since I've seen Doge)

Names (short pan: UGH) I had to google Basho, Magic Hour, Lindstrom, and cartoonist. Elia came from perps.

I twigged the theme immediately from the clues, but it only helped for the ends. I'm a bit weak on cities. I needed several perps for all but Delhi and Seoul. Then I spelled it SOUEL.

JAZZ, I need your number, too. I don't know about ashier, but ashy is definitely in my vocab. I recently hasped a gate for my future SIL, but that meant I added a hasp, not locked it.

Fermatprime, I've got to disagree with you. You can lose weight if you eat nothing but pure sugar. You just have to keep the amount of calories going in lower than the calories used. The problem is that sugar is so quickly digested and processed that you get hungry again within a half-hour. Sugar is 4 calories a gram. So is protein and fat is 9. The problem is not sugar, it's the amount consumed. The average soda has almost 50 grams. That's over 1 1/2 ounces. Check the calories in Fruit and compare it to the 175 in a Coke or the 271 in a Snickers. Also the first step in processing fructose in the cell is to convert it to glucose, so how can they be so different? But consider this: 1 cup soda = 135 calories, 1 cup cranberry juice cocktail = 137 calories. (Calories in Scotch = 82 per Jigger) Don't drink juice, EAT FRESH FRUIT. It takes time to digest, the fiber fills you up and the vitamins and minerals have got to be good for you. And it is not fattening!
Disclosure: My 3 best friends, my daughter and her fiancee all work in the Ag industry, and I live in California, the land of fruits and nuts.

Spitz, and all others, Have a great time

MJ said...

Good afternoon, all!

I thought this was a very sly theme, which I greatly enjoyed. The fact that two of the theme answers are pronounced the same as the intended word, and three are not, didn't bother me. I'm guessing that Mark Feldman was simply having fun with using major world cities as a play on words.

Favorite clues: Black listing?/ASSET, and Stranded material/DNA.

Spitsboov, congratulations to you and your bride on your 45th Anniversary.

Argyle, interesting article about the spa yesterday. Thanks for the reference.

Enjoy the day!

Clear Ayes said...

LOL, Gee, actually it is basil that has a different pronunciation. ˈbeɪzəl or ˈbaːzəl..."you say tomato", hey, wait a sec, here is Rosemary Clooney/Gene Puerling duet of the Gershwin classic. In the future I promise to pronounce them baa-zel and bay-zil (but not in any particular order ;o)

Gunghy, "California, the land of fruits and nuts" How true, but ain't it fun?

Tinbeni said...

Four of the theme puns got their well earned groan. JEDDAH CHEESE just got a smirk.

First pass through the clues pretty much got me the Midwest.
The coasts were a slog.

Had Map until TEEING showed me the err of my ways.
OATH, Bit of irreverence, got the award for a long way around the barn to get to the answer.
ASSET, Black listing, got the ROFL.
Nice to see ELIA not clued as Lamb moniker.

MINI rant:
The LOL and ROFL both leave me frustrated (even when I use them).
Are people really "Laughing out loud?" or
"Rolling On the Floor, Laughing?"

C'mon, that is B/S.

The only time I ever, ever, ever "Rolled on the floor, laughing" was at a Sam Kinison show.
He had me laughing, out loud, so much, I was crying.
Wiping the tears from my face with my hankerchief until I had no more tears.
And I fell out of my seat, clutching my sides.
I wish I could tell you the joke (yes, I remember it well) but this is a public forum with polite company.
All-in-all it was a GREAT SHOW, the BEST.

Dennis said...

Stanley said: Hahtool might return from the other
blog if someone tells her that he has received the 'death curse'.

What're you talking about, with the 'death curse'?

And when someone chooses to leave the blog, we say buh-bye and wish them well. Obviously, this blog didn't meet her needs and that's fine. We don't dwell on people that leave.

And I don't even see a post from Windhover today.

Dennis said...

Carol, not being part of the 'polite company', I NEED to know that limerick.

Chickie said...

Hello All--A difficult puzzle for me today. However, I did catch onto the theme words quickly and that helped with some of the three and four letter fills.

I didn't finish the SW Corner. I had left hook for left jab and that fouled up that area. I finally gave up and came here for the last answers.

Unknowns were Isaacs, Basho, Renu, and Oleate. Perps helped with some and some were pure guesses or lookups on Google.

I did like 20's provider/ATM and Certain Net user/AOLer.

Bean products eluded me--again. I should have gotten this one today, but I was trying to think of something that LL Bean produced that started with an i. Duh.

Spitzbov, have a wonderful anniversay cruise.

Clear Ayes said...

I have to agree with Tinbeni about LOL, ROFL and LMAO. I seldom truly laugh out loud at posts, but it is the mildest of the better known acroynyms and it is also used to indicate "I'm not taking this very seriously". I was ROFL when I saw "Young Frankenstein" for the first time but I've managed to stay in my chair since then. My ass is still intact, so obviously LMAO hasn't applied. Even LQTM (laughing quietly to myself) is too strong in most situations and it isn't very well known. What are we to use to indicate amusement, other than :o) or ^_^? How about MES for "Made Me Smile" Any other "bean products"? Be back this evening to check.

Dudley said...

Hand up for LOL and the others. These little shortcuts have become so lame they're not worth using any more.

Oh, and the puzzle: due to time limits I cheated and did more than half of it with red letters on. That removed all the challenge. Such a clever puzzle deserves the full Monty.

Dennis said...

CA, I agree, I think most people know that 'LOL' doesn't mean someone is literally laughing out loud, but rather is using it to indicate something's funny. I've used it a few times to indicate when I wasn't being serious about something, since it's pretty tough to convey tone on the internet.

Does anyone really think someone using 'ROFLMAO' is actually doing that?

Dudley said...

OOPS! Misinterpreted earlier post. Hand "down" for LOL and the others. I plum don't use them.

Gunghy said...

i forgot to mention, for Bean products, I immediately thought flatulence, and since I had nothing there yet seriously considered the plural of the other f-word.

I don't like ROFL, but I did see it happen once. One year, I taught 1 period of PE. At the end of the year we played Co-ed softball. On the day of the honor-roll picnic, the "brains" were scheduled to play the "losers." (We let them pick their own teams)
6 top students elected to skip the picnic, so it was 6 against 13. I joined in to help.
The opponents batted first and made 3 quick outs. We were up 15 runs in the first inningwhen one of them caught a pop-up and they all started running in cheering. Two of my team-mates both turned to me and said that they thought it was only 2 outs.
I replied, "I know it's only 2 outs, but there's only 10 minutes left. They'll never score enough so why fight it?"
A passing gang-banger said, "Fight?? Where's the fight?"
I couldn't pass it up: "Josie, its a battle of wits. You can't join in, we don't allow unarmed opponents."
The two students I was with had just about quit giggling when Josie goes, "Huuuuuuh?? I don't get it!!!"
The girl I was with went to her knees. One of the other teachers came running over because he was sure the boy was having a seizure.
He never stopped laughing enough to allow the other team to bat.

Lucina said...

Good day, C.C. and all puzzlers.

Yowza! Yowza! Yowza! This really cracked my bean, although IDEAS came quickly; not so the others.

I circled round like a lion searching for prey, finally with BUBBAS, SEESTO and COD I guessed SEOULFOOD and knew the theme would be food related with countries, cities.

Hand up for recalling PIA Lindstrom during the great scandal of the fifties when Ingrid and Rosselini(sp?) had their affair. Pia was but a tot.

So as I waited for my oil change at the dealership, I managed the top three fourths, but then i insisted on IBEX for waaaaaaaaaaay too long and then remembered it's from Arabia, so ORYX came to mind.

However JEDDAH seemed wrong and it took me another really long while to suss it out, came home looked up Peter ARNO whom I know we have seen before and then with SERBIA it all fell into place.


You may be right about the calories. I am so sorry about your fibromyalgia; one of my sisters suffers with it, too, and that is one reason we go to Spas as much as we do. It relieves her some. The mud baths followed by mineral baths at Glen Ivy seem to be especially helpful.

The party's almost over, but I hope you are all having a lovely Friday. 113 her today.

Lucina said...

I know you all understand I mean "here".

Anonymous said...

Ibex has curved horns. Oryx straight horns.

carol said...

Gunghy: thanks for a better explanation than I gave Fermatprime!

Tinbeni: Sam Kinison is one of my very favorite bad he is no longer with us. I have used up many a kleenex while watching his shows!! Rare (very rare sense of humor).

Dennis: now, you know THAT limerick (There was a young man from Kent.....) remember????
C.C. would have me removed from the blog if I wrote it all out.

Paolo said...

JD: Linguine con Vongole Yum! Yum!


Crockett1947 said...

Carol, there are many who know many limericks. Beware the silent ones.

Seldom Seen said...

i came across this interesting information in today's paper. i know that it has nothing to do with today's puzzle but i thought all you wordsmiths out there would enjoy this.

have you ever seen tattoo clued for this definition?

i checked wiki and a couple of dictionaries and none had this reference.

i could imagine the blog's reaction if John Lampkin or Jerome clued tattoo as "musical military display"! wtf comes to mind as barryg's reaction.

also worthy of note....are there other words that are identical in spelling yet so different in origin?

tattoo: origin polynesia
tattoo: origin dutch

Seldom Seen said... is the correct link

Dennis said...

seen, I think most people with a military background will recognize this 'other' tattoo. Actually, there were two types: one was a call to go to quarters shortly before taps, and the other was an outdoor function put on by the military for the military.

Fortunately, those are the only kinds of tattoos I'm familiar with. Came very close to getting one my first night in Japan, but drank too much sake and passed out in an alley before I was to get it.

Spitzboov said...

TATTOO - Visit this Site ,
HMKG 04 Norwegian Military Tattoo; just for Jerome. Be sure to watch the whole thing. It's all good. I love the exit movements when they play "The Old Hunter's March"

Seldom Seen said...

the next time i see the clue 'military tattoo' i am still thinking: USMC, USN, or ANCHOR not: DRILL, DRUMBEAT or DISPLAY.

but at least i'll know.

Jerome said...

Spitzboov- Wow! That was terrific!
Thanks for keeping me in mind.

Stanley said...

Dennis there certainly was. You forgot to delete firmaprime's reference to it. Don't play dumb.
Frenchies comments were also deleted when she said his name.

Real class.

Dennis said...

Stanley, all I can tell you is that I deleted NOTHING today.

C.C. gets a copy of every post in her email, and nothing was said about any offensive posts or deletions. When were these supposed posts?

Dennis said...

Now my curiosity's up - did anyone see a Windhover post today? Frenchie, was anything of yours deleted today?

No deletes said...

fermatprime was referring to a post that Windhover made yesterday, June 24th @ 9:05 am. It wasn't offensive at all.

It wasn't deleted and neither was Frenchie's post at 3:45am on June 23rd.

The poster who calls himself "Stanley" is more than likely the person who was recently banned and just can't stay away. He is just trying to keep things riled up and is getting confused in the process.

Lucina said...

Congratulations to you and your wife on your 25th Anniversary!

Have a wonderful time on your trip.

Barb B said...

I know I don’t make it over here much, but I haven’t forgotten, and I lurk occasionally. I could never forget this group. The only other networking I do is on facebook.

Thank you all so much for remembering my birthday yesterday, your good wishes made my day special.

Happy anniversary, Dennis and Spitsboov.

JD, congratulations! I agree with Annette. I think Cameron looks like you.

Friday puzzles are much too hard for me without my google-dy help, but I have a lot of fun with it in my own way. Loved Delhi Sandwich and Jeddah Cheese.

Fermaprime – your comment “his wife sends me a bunch of those "pass this on or die" gooey emails” had me ROFL – well, I definitely did LOL . I often laugh out loud, and I thought everybody did.

Carol – I thought of that same limerick – should have known you would too.

Annette said...

Dennis, I have no idea what Stanley is talking about either... And I understood Windhover would be makin' hay while the sun shines today - so I haven't seen any posts from him. However, Stanley's ramblings do have a familiar ring to them.

I should know better than to try a Friday puzzle on paper without red letters... I finished once I went online, but I'm still frustrated by my first attempt.

However, there were a lot of great clues and fill today!

I like LOL much better than HA HA or HEE HEE or TEE HEE...

I love the funky little ears on that ORYX!

Dennis said...

No deletes, thanks; just wanted to make sure we didn't have a blog software problem.

Annette said...

Barb B, your avatar is so sweet!

Spitzboov, in case either one of us gets caught up in stuff tomorrow, let me wish you an early Happy 45th Anniversary!

I have heard of a musical tattoo before. That doesn't mean I would have recognized a clue for it in a puzzle though!

windhover said...

Which is it ?
Childish or crass?
I'll do my best, but you can't have both.
I generally prefer being crass, and i'm damn good at it, but after a few beers, I can do childish, especially the drool part.
And this is my first post of the day. As the lovely Annette posited, I have been cutting hay all day. I didn't have time to tend (is that what they're calling it now?) any sheep, as our dear departed capitalization-challenged one referenced a couple of days ago but one more beer and I might mosey out to the pasture and see if any are receptive.
I still have four posts left, so as they say on the tube, there may be "details at eleven".
Stanley, bite me.

Anonymous said...

To Dennis:

This is another anon ... and I don't know enough about blogging to know what is going on here ... but I do feel sorry for you.( This is meant sincerely ...).

Being CC's CEO ( or some such position ) ... you have unfortunately become a lighting rod for all frustrations, real or imagined.

1. You don't have to respond to every charge ... that is not your ( unpaid ) job. Just think ... ' this too shall pass'...

2. You don't have to justify or protest innocence at every allegation of censorship. I'm sure most of the regulars on the blog realize what a wonderful ( though thankless ) job you are doing ... so there ... if somebody cowardly enough to be an anon, accuses you of murder ... just let it ride. Believe me, its not worth getting all hot under your collar ... just ignore them ... and pretend you never saw their post.

I for one, am least interested in criticism about the blog. A true democracy that this blog represents, is always a very raucous one... that unfortunately goes with the territory.

Hold the faith, and keep your head high.

Argyle said...

Ah, windhover, there you are. Have you ever had the haying drink called switchell? It is very good when you are out in the fields all day. Basically, it is water, molasses, vinegar and ginger. The water is to replace your fluids, molasses for energy, vinegar to cut your thirst, and ginger to keep you sweating because if you stop sweating, you're in big trouble(heat stroke).

Anonymous said...

Good night all.
I agree about LOL, etc. ClearAyes, what about "that was funny" or "that made me chuckle" or something real.
I surely agree with Dudley that they're so lame they're not worth using anymore.
But, Barry G., yours is funny, and I did laugh at it.

And I too could only think of posterior breezes as bean products.


JD said...

See? We all DO LOL! Hi Windhover!

Most comments just make me smile, especially from those who are confused.

BarbB, so good to hear from you.Being busy is good, but we miss you anyway. Love those dogs!

Gunghy @3:02 a smile..still have a**

Seen, how enlightening! Definitely a new meaning for me. Enjoyed your link,Spitzboov. Bon Voyage

strange random information:

Paul, the octopus, is making soccer predictions. He predicts Germany will win.

A couple tried to sell their 6 mo old baby at Wallmart in Salinas, CA. for $25!!

Dudley said...

Good Evening, Puzzlers - I've just returned from a performance by the Young At Heart Chorus. They're headquartered near here, and so they are well known locally, but I wonder if they are known out there in the wider world. Anybody?

The group admits only those aged 73 or more, and they put on a terrific show! Most of their selections are Rock, not at all the sort of music these folks grew up with, and that's part of the fun. BBC / PBS recently made a film about them.

Clear Ayes said...

OK, I guess LOL will have to stay as the "I am amused" acronym, but I do really LOL at WH's posts.

Spitzboov, the Norgwegian Tattoo was terrific.

More tattoo...GAH and I were in Edinburgh some years ago and saw the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It is a public show now and is probably the most famous tattoo in the world. Even if you aren't a bagpipe fan, there are other military bands that play too.

Lucky, lucky Dudley! I saw the "Young At Heart" movie a couple of years ago. What a great group they are.

Dudley said...

Sallie - I just noticed your avatar. Am I correct in connecting it to the Smothers Brothers' "Crabs Walk Sideways"?

Haven't heard that for years!

Dudley said...

CA - That's a good start! Since you've seen the movie, you know it's about impossible not to weep at times. The concert is much the same, especially when they send you off with a quiet rendition of "...may you stay forever young". Really lets the tears loose.

HUTCH said...

Two limericks I always mix up-- There was a young man from Kent,... There was a young man named Rex who had diminutive organs of ,,,

windhover said...

Anonymous @ 8:40,
Very sage advice and analysis, although we all, myself included, have been overdoing the raucous thing lately.

No I haven't heard of that drink, but it makes sense. I'm wondering if heat tolerance changes with age? Most of my life working out in the heat hasn't bothered me much, and I've often scoffed at those NOAA heat-index warnings. But the past three weeks of haying in mid-90's with high humidity has gotten to me at times. It may be time for this farmer to cut back a little.

ClearAyes, JD, et al,
Thanks dears.

It turns out there won't be any news at eleven. I didn't make it out to the pasture due to my huge fear of rejection. Those damn ewes are very choosy.
Market day early tomorrow. Off to bed, and see if the Irish........ Never mind.
Back tomorrow with another dose of crass. (You'll never believe what auto-correct changed that to.)

fermatprime said...

PS To anyone concerned. I DO eat fresh fruit (not any other kind) everyday, but go by the chart at the end of the article that I referenced. Otherwise I gain weight!!!

Bill G. said...

CA, Barbara and I saw the Edinburgh tattoo years ago along with Greyfriar's Bobby. We loved Scotland. I guess it's the Graham clan in me.

Bill G. said...

Also, the Edinburgh zoo. A mediocre zoo but noteworthy for the zookeepers taking the penguins out of their enclosure for a walk around the zoo. The penguins were lined up at the gate 15 early anticipating their walk. They seemed to really enjoy it. We did too!

Dennis said...

Barb B, great to see you again - it's been way too long. Do stop in more often.

Annette, good point about the 'familiar ring'.

Anon@8:40, ok.

JD, people will no doubt wait for the price rollback on the baby at Walmart.

Clear Ayes said...

fermatprime, I understand. When exercise is difficult, gaining weight is easy.

WH, you might suggest "Young At Heart" for a Chicken Bristle Film Society showing. Looks like "Dr. Strangelove" will be playing on the side of the barn in August. Don't miss that. One of the best, it is always worth a second or sixth look.

Bill G., Edinburgh is a wonderful city, isn't it?...and not a drop of "clan" in me or GAH.

Dennis, OK, another real LOL about the Walmart baby.

Spitzboov said...

Thanks to all who wished us well on our anniversary and who expressed warm wishes for an enjoyable cruise. That means a lot to us. You really are a good group.

Bill G. said...

Barbara and I just watched a transit of the International Space Station. Very impressive!

That's while I paused the Dodgers vs. the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

C.C., Kazie is back?

Dennis said...

anon, Kazie was due back, and I think C.C. was anticipating that.

She'll probably rejoin us Monday.

Lemonade714 said...

Well Spitz...Happy Anniversary and many more; always been superstitious and never do them early.

I once bought a travel agency because I like cruising so much; have a great time.

BarbB wheeee

Lucina said...

Is anyone still up? I just watched the military tattoo and I am greatly impressed. Wow!

Has everyone seen Blood Diamond? What an amazing but moving and sad
movie. I gave it five stars.

Good night all.