Jun 3, 2010

Thursday June 3, 2010 Mark Bickham

Theme: Yakety-Yak - Common phrases ending in verbal expressions are humorously interpreted and clued as if they were of a certain occupation.

18A. Musician's parlance?: KEY WORDS. Musical key. C Minor/Major, etc.

24A. Billiards player's parlance?: ENGLISH LANGUAGE. English is a "spinning motion imparted to a ball, esp. in billiards". Maybe Lois can educate us more about this term.

38A Mechanic's parlance? IDLE CHATTER. With engines running. I noticed the dreaded Utah shape, Jerome!

55A. Remodeler's parlance?: PANEL DISCUSSION. Two grid-spanning theme entries.

61A. Chiropractor's parlance? BACK TALK. I bet Jazzbumpa & Mainiac love this answer.

This puzzle scheme reminds me of Robert W Harris' "Imaginary Places" Melissa Bee blogged last January. Familiar two-word phrases ending in "locations" are punnily reinterpreted in correspondence to their clues. For example: ANNUAL PLANT is clued as "Where yearbooks are made?"

Interesting triple stacks of 6's in top left and bottom right corners. Across & Down. Should delight Dennis.


1. Cook, as Swiss steak: BRAISE. Brown & simmer.

7. "There never was a good" one, according to Franklin: WAR. So true.

10. Like many a head-turner: SEXY. Like Jessica Hart.

14. Imposed, as a tax: LEVIED

15. Fertility clinic cells: OVA

16. Colored: HUED

17. Getting on: AGEING. Oh, I simply use AGING. I also use "cluing", but I noticed Spitzboov uses "clueing".

20. Buddhist discipline: ZEN

21. 1773 jetsam: TEA. "Jetsam" in Boston Harbor.

23. Wall alternative, perhaps: MOAT. In Medieval time then.

30. Draft holder: STEIN

31. Make known: AIR

32. Spread out: SPLAY. New word to me. Related to "display". "Spread out" sounds very DF.

33. For time eterne: E'ER. We also have ERE (45. Bard's "before").

35. Mole user: Abbr. CIA. Spy mole.

37. Sailor's "Agreed": AYE

42. Fella: MAC

44. West of Hollywood: MAE. Mae West.

46. Hello or goodbye: ALOHA

49. Crime lab subject: DNA

51. Beginning: ALPHA. Oh, I did not know this extended meaning of alpha.

58. Heating device: COIL. Didn't come to me readily.

59. Sudan neighbor: Abbr.: ETH. Ethiopia. This abbr. answer stumps me all the time.

60. Dust remover: RAG

65. Arctic exploration tool: ICE AXE. Here is an image. Oh, Argyle, there is that ADZE!

67. Long-running reality show, familiarly: IDOL. "American Idol".

68. __-tzu: LAO. Literally "old master". Father of Taoism. Lao = Old in Chinese.

69. Syndicate: CARTEL

70. Court defense?: ZONE. Tennis or Basket court?

71. Bot. or chem.: SCI

72. Ticks off: ANGERS


1. Conflagrations: BLAZES

2. Temporary ruler: REGENT

3. Right, in a way: AVENGE. Right the wrong.

4. Junior's junior: III

5. Orlando newspaper: SENTINEL. Does it carry LAT puzzle?

6. Barely beats: EDGES. Alliteration.

7. Moo goo gai pan pan: WOK. The pan in "moo goo gai pan" means "slice".

8. Rosary recital: AVE MARIA. "Hail Mary". Catholic prayer.

9. Lustrous fabric: RAYON. Synthetic silk. Thought of SATIN first. We also have YDS (13. Fabric meas.). Fabric echo.

10. Fired wildly into, as an oater town: SHOT UP. Needed crossing help.

11. Where It.'s at: EUR. It. = Italy.

12. Marked with two lines: X'ED. Crossed out.

19. Some friendly greetings: WAGS. Dog.

22. "Bingo!" : AHA

25. Covered for a crony, perhaps: LIED. Alliteration. Could not fit in ABETTED.

26. Fungus-alga unions: LICHENS (LAHY-kuh n). The brownish mossy stuff? Have never heard of the word.

27. Onetime apple spray: ALAR

28. In high spirits: GAY

29. Inspect: EYE

34. Dream state acronym: REM. Rapid Eye Movement. A bit of eye duplication. Would've preferred the musical band clue here.

36. Absorbed, as a cost: ATE. Eat the cost.

38. Desktop image: ICON

39. Detroit's founder: CADILLAC. No idea. I just learned that the car Cadillac is named after this guy.

40. Garbage site: TRASH CAN. Awesome fill.

41. Congers, e.g. : EELS

42. Google Earth image: MAP

43. According to: A LA

47. Badger at the park: HECKLE. D'oh, ballpark. Tricky!

48. "Thanks __!" : A LOT

50. Adept type: ACE

52. Hook, for one: PIRATE. Captain Hook.

53. One who pulls a scam: HOAXER

54. Pinhead dancers?: ANGELS. Why? I don't get the clue.

56. Antique phone features: DIALS

57. City near Syracuse: UTICA. Spitzboov's hometown.

61. Profession, casually: BIZ

62. Flap: ADO. Noun.

63. Voting "nay": CON. Pro & Con.

64. Ornamental carp: KOI

66. Centimeter-gram-second unit: ERG. Only know it as "unit of work".

Answer grid.

On a personal note, I am excited to tell you that I became an American citizen yesterday afternoon after a very emotional swearing-in ceremony. When "Proud to be an American" was played right after the "Congratulations, new citizens" message from President Obama, my eyes welled up, tear fell.

It's been a long way. I enjoyed studying American Civics (history and government) and had a perfect score in my final test. I am proud to say that I now know who wrote the Federalist Papers. Do you?



Dennis said...

Good morning, Citizen C.C. and gang - what an outstanding, well-deserved accomplishment by our leader! Congratulations, C.C. - what was your first act as a new citizen?

As far as the puzzle, I bounced all over the place on the first pass, then managed to go back and fill in the blanks. I refused to believe that 17A could possibly be 'ageing', as I've not seen it spelled like that before. Didn't like 'hoaxer' either, but other than those two, I thought the puzzle had a lot of fresh cluing and an excellent theme. I particularly liked '1773 jetsam', which I needed perp help for; bet I don't forget that date again. Out-clevered myself by putting 'hector' for 'Badger at the park', thinking of a kid being a bully at a playground. As with C.C., 'splay' sent me down the DF path. Also, C.C., in this case, 'zone defense' pertains to basketball.

Today is Repeat Day. Do something fun today, then do it again. C.C., again, congratulations! If we all lived near each other, we'd throw you one hell of a party.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The first act? I filled in and submitted my Voter Registration Form immediately, as now I can vote and RUN for federal offices. Which position should I target?

I got most of my baseball autographs at TwinsFest or card shows or Ebay. But I obtained almost all of my political autographs via mails. Sorry for the late reply, but I am a few days behind in reading Comments.

Hahtoolah said...

Congratulations, CC on becoming an American. I am very proud of you for that wonderful accomplishment!

I found this puzzle an easy one for a Thursday. We saw Junior's Junior recently, so I could confidently enter III.

My favorite clues were Wall Alternative = MOAT and Some Friendly Greetings = WAGS.

I also liked seeing the TRASH CAN.

When I think of Lustrous Fabrics, RAYON is not the first thing that comes to mine.

Unfortunately, the oil spill is about to reach the beautiful Emerald Coast later this week.

In keeping with Benjamin Franklin's quote's, here is something that is not WAR related:

QOD: A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats. ~ Benjamin Franklin

A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave. ~ Benjamin Franklin

A small leak can sink a great ship. ~ Benjamin Franklin

windhover said...

Good Morning CC,
And my sincere congratulations. It turns out that my second guess yesterday (after the first was shot down by Dennis) was correct.
The Federalist Papers were written by John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. When I returned to college in 1991 at the advanced age of 46, I became a political science major with an interest in Constitutional Law. The FP not only helped convinced the states to ratify the Constitution, but became a primary source for it's interpretation. My favorite is #10, although there are several others that make strong arguments that stand up well in the modern era.
I and others hope that attaining this goal will allow you to spend more time with us.

Dick said...

Good morning CC and All, CC please add my heartiest congratulations on your accomplishment. You must have been a very busy lady to be able to keep up with your blog and study for your citizenship exam. Welcome!!

As to the puzzle I had a lot of trouble getting started today and had to move about the puzzle for a long while before I really go going. I finally got English language and then things started to fall into place. Like others I did stumble on ageing.

I liked the clue/answer mole user/CIA. For 70A I thought of zone defense as in football defense.

Severe thunderstorms here last night with a fair amount of damage. Hope it cools down today so we don’t experience the same thing tonight.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

John Lampkin said...

Congratulations C.C. Dennis said it well--you deserve one hell of a party!

Which political office should you target? It's appointed, but how about Secretary of Education? Your creative approach to learning English is a role model for any immigrant. Through this blog, not only did you yourself grow, but you continue to help many others develop a love of language in a fun and entertaining way as you yourself develop your skills.

Hey you all, remember this Federalism discussion. I created the upcoming Sunday July 4th puzzle, and you will need to know that stuff!

Jeanne said...

Morning all,

C.C., you got me out of my hibernation and I just had to comment. Congratulations C.C. on a major accomplishment. I’m sure it was a long road and cheers to your success. I’m raising my coffee cup to you in a toast. Later today, I will raise a gin and tonic to your wonderful achievement. I always wanted to attend a citizenship swearing-in ceremony to sense the pride of the new citizens. Most be very moving.

The first go round of this puzzle was a huge failure. Had the second cup of coffee, ate breakfast, read the paper and then went back to the puzzle and wondered why I had so much difficulty the first time around. Still need a little help but felt much better.

Have a great day--especially our C.C.

Spitzboov said...

Congratulations C.C. I am proud of you and even prouder to participate in this group. Do you have pictures to share?

Loved this puzzle. What a rich trove of clever clues. Even one of the theme words in a cw would be special, but this many? Also liked CIA, STEIN, III, and especially TEA. Also liked the definition-like clues for ERG and LICHEN. No look-ups were needed. In 11d, did not notice the period at first referring to Italy. Then EUR was obvious.


lois said...

Good Morning CC, et al., Congratulations, CC. I am so excited for and proud of you for your remarkable accomplishment. I love your first act as a new citizen. How so perfect! You are a true inspiration to us all. I too wish we lived closer together b/c that party we'd throw you would be a standard setter. Congratulations again, CC.

The puzzle is a slog for me today. I love the billiard reference tho. I'll be back later.

Spitzboov said...

C.C. Re. 'clueing'.

Merriam-Webster says either clueing or cluing are correct.

mariposa said...

Congratulations C.C. on your accomplishment. America was built by many poeple like your self. They came here to make a better life for themselves and others around them. You certainly have enriched our lives with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming a citizen. You are amazing - smarter than the average American!

Best of luck

Linda P

eddyB said...

Hi there new citizen.

Well Done!


Chris in LA said...


Congratulations & welcome aboard!

Tip O'Neil said it best - "all politics is local". Run for school board - you're a terrific educator!

Mainiac said...

Good Morning CC and All,

Congratulations CC!! I've got to agree with John considering your intellectual prowess. You are truly a mentor.

I was all over the place with this one, struggling to get the theme answers. I didn't like Hoaxer either and my favorite was Court Defense.

Thanks for the heads up John. Looks like I have some studying to do.

Have a great day!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Congrats on your citizenship, C. C.! I got so tired of people wearing "Citizen by birth" designs at various anti-immigration rallies that I made my wife a shirt that says "Citizen by Choice" when she became a U.S. Citizen a couple of years ago. You really have to respect people who work so hard to attain what so many people just take for granted, you know?

Anyway, on to the puzzle...

Overall, it was pretty straightforward. Certainly much easier than yesterday's puzzle, and much more enjoyable. The only area that gave m problems was the NE corner, where I initially had DYED instead of HUED. That kept SHOTUP a complete mystery, which in turn hid KEYWORDS and MOAT. Once I realized that 11D had to be EUR, though, I was able to give up DYED and everything fell into place pretty quickly after that.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Congrats on your citizenship, C. C.! I got so tired of people wearing "Citizen by birth" designs at various anti-immigration rallies that I made my wife a shirt that says "Citizen by Choice" when she became a U.S. Citizen a couple of years ago. You really have to respect people who work so hard to attain what so many people just take for granted, you know?

Anyway, on to the puzzle...

Overall, it was pretty straightforward. Certainly much easier than yesterday's puzzle, and much more enjoyable. The only area that gave m problems was the NE corner, where I initially had DYED instead of HUED. That kept SHOTUP a complete mystery, which in turn hid KEYWORDS and MOAT. Once I realized that 11D had to be EUR, though, I was able to give up DYED and everything fell into place pretty quickly after that.

[Today is "Repeat Day" after all...]

Annette said...

Congratulations C.C., I'm very happy for you! I have no doubt that you will have as much impact on this country as you've had with this blog. I feel very secure putting our future in your hands.

Windhover, thanks for the history lesson.

John, thanks for the warning! :-)

It looks like I've got a challenging puzzle to look forward to today...

Boomer said...

Congratulations to my teammate in life, my wife CC, who became a United States citizen on June 2. The ceremony was very impressive. A great speech and oath administration by US Judge Patrick Schiltz, A congratulatory video by President Obama, and the Lee Greenwood video "Proud to be an American", that we have all memorized since 2001.

There were a total of 502 new citizens from over 70 different countries naturalized at Bethel University's Great Hall. They all looked like new Democrats to me, and the League of Women Voters was there, registering every one. God Bless America!

Connie said...

Yay..Congratulations to Chin Chin. Now please always vote make that left!!!!!!

MJ said...

Congratulations, C.C. Absolutely awesome! I agree with those who have suggested that your public service involve education.

You are an incredible role model to all of us at The Corner, and I imagine to all others who know you.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Just checking in to add my sincere Congratulations to you, C.C. on your superb accomplishment. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at your swearing in ceremony.

I'll have to leave the puzzle for later as I have a busy day ahead. Again, C.C., Congratulations, Wahoo, Wowza, and Woohoo! There aren't enough superlatives!

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone.

C.C., super congratulations on making the decision to become a citizen and following through. I'm sure you know more about the inner workings of our country than a majority of the populance. As BarryG pointed out, so many of us take what we have for granted.

Boomer, thank you for the support of "our" C.C. I'll bet you have a deeper appreciation for how this country works as well.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, LOL, I thought the theme for this puzzle should have been "A Day at Crossword Corner". IDLE CHATTER, PANEL DISCUSSION and BACK TALK and sometimes all it takes is a KEY WORD to set us off. We are usually in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, especially since Kazie has been on vacation.

I liked this one a lot, particularly eight letter SENTINEL and CADILLAC. Although I got it, HOAXER seemed like a stretch to me.

Congratulations, C.C. It is nice to know that the United States is a better place than it was on June 1st.

We've seen this before, but today seems to be a good one to repost Emma Lazarus' poem, which is inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty. No "wretched refuse" with C.C., but the sentiment of what this country stands for is still strong and valid.

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame,
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

- Emma Lazarus, 1883

Not much time this morning. I have to go to Mariposa for election official training for the primary on June 8th. Responsible dedicated citizens are always needed. Want to sign up C.C.?

Bob said...

Fun puzzle. 20 minutes. Most of the clues were pretty straightforward.

Anonymous said...

A big congrats to CC. What an inspiration. I had no idea who wrote the Federalist papers. I hear that the citizenship exam is a bear to take, so I know that it is well earned. We all knew it was well deserved long ago.

Nice puzzle today. Good challenge, but not so hard as to be undoable. Would love to stay and chat, but me thinks I better get back to business. Wouldn't have done it at all but for Dennis's comments yesterday that we must visit today. What a great surprise.

Bob said...

Forgot to add....Congratulations, C.C. Almost all of us are immigrants, if several generations removed. My grandfather arrived from Sweden in 1902, became a citizen in 1918, and was promptly drafted and sent to France, but he never had any second thoughts about becoming an American. My sister-in-law recently became a citizen, but I still haven't managed to get my wife to go through with the process, although she's thoroughly Americanized (from Germany). I applaud your achievement.

Linda said...

My dear Chou Chin: I`m very proud to have you as a fellow-citizen. I`m just as proud that you saw your voting duty as so important as to register the same day you became an American. Will you keep dual citizenship or is that even possible? My warmest congratulations on such a momentous occasion. Boomer sounds proud, too and rightly so!

~philothea said...

Congrats, CC!! Love this site, but rarely comment. I'm still such a novice. But many congrats to you on your accomplishment!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Congratulations, C.C., well done!

Over the years I've wondered how I would do if taking the exam. Probably not so well, but at least I'd have known about the Federalist Papers, 'cause they were rolled up and stuffed into my head by Mr. Wickman in the 8th grade.

Hand up for an America-sized party to honor our intelligent leader!

About the puzzle - only got stumped in the north, 'cause I couldn't see WOK and didn't think of RAYON once satin was ruled out. Another fun theme.

Welcome, Citizen Cruciverbalist, you are America's gain!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

C.C. - I am proud and delighted to have you as a fellow citizen. Don't run for office. You are too good for politics.

Great puzzle today, but it seems I always zig when others zag. I thought this was a very tough Thursday. Terrific theme, and I needed the help it gave me.

I started this one before and finished after my chiropractor appointment. Yup - liked "BACK TALK" A LOT.

Fallen ANGELS went to BLAZES.
If the REGENT became pretender to the throne, would he be a HOAXER?
Any time before the end of time is ERE E'ER.
If you WOK KOI, are they good eatin'?
A happy dog WAGS A LOT
Jessica Hart is in the SEXY ZONE.

One quibble - MOAT is most assuredly not a wall alternative. Have you ever seen a moat that did not surround a wall? Wall first, moat second. It's an enhancement, never a stand-alone.

I watched the Tigers-Indians game on TV last night. There was certainly badgering in the Detroit park last night when 1st base umpire (and my Toledo home boy) Jim Joyce blew a routine ground out call, and ruined Armando Galarraga's perfect game.

This was not just a bad call - it was inexplicable. A replay view looking past first base into the Indians- dug out shows they couldn't believe it ether. And, in context - what would have been the 3rd out of the 9th inning of the 21st perfect game in major league history, and first ever by a Tiger - a career sullying blunder for Joyce, who has always been a stand-out umpire, and a stand up guy. Very sad for all concerned, but I have no sympathy for Joyce, who clearly did not have his head in the game.

Galarraga just smiled, walked back to the mound, and got the next batter to ground out, ending the game. Meanwhile, 1st baseman Miguel Cabrera gave Joyce A LOT of well deserved BACK TALK. Tiger's manager Jim Leyland had some KEY WORDS for Joyce after the game was over, but was very classy and gracious in the post game interview, as was Galarraga. Joyce, too, after he saw the replay.


ALOHA and Cheers!

Lucina said...

Congratulations, C.C.! What a great effort on your part to become a citizen. I am sending you a warm hug and shall toast you tonight.

And thank you, Boomer, for joining us to congratulate your wife. It warms my heart to see that.

Good morning, puzzlers.

What a happy coincidence to see English language all across the grid on this, C.C.'s official entrance. I agree, she is an educator.

The puzzle at first seemed daunting, but once I saw "ave Maria" I plunged right into it. It clipped right along until I tripped on It.; took a long time until I noticed the period and then "eur" was clear. Maybe i should wear my glasses!

i don't much like ageing (in fact or in spelling); and my first fill for "lustrous fabric" was satin. I also had "onset" for beginning but soon realized the error. "Tea" was clever, 1773 jetsam as was court defense, "zone."

What a nice puzzle from Mark Bickham.

Thank you, John Lampkin, for the advance warning.

Aloha, and have a great Thursday!

JD said...

WooWee and congtratulations! As if we were not proud enough of you already,C.C.! Now you have gleaned even more knowledge than all of us.Too bad you don't live in Chicago;you could make a run for Obama's senatorial seat.

Jeannie said...

Hello fellow citizen C.C.!! What an awesome accomplishment and one that you should be extremely proud of. I know I am as proud as a peacock!! When I read your personal note I must admit that my eyes welled up and a tear or two fell too.

As far as the puzzle goes, although I was able to finish it unaided, I never did catch onto the theme until coming here. It looks like I followed down the same path as several of you with hued instead of dyed. I thought there were several clever clues today such as draft holder – stein, mole user – CIA. I don’t get pinhead dancers – Angels either.

It’s a beautiful day here in MN and I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Bill G. said...

C.C., that is wonderful news. You worked to accomplish something that many of us take for granted. What did you do to celebrate?

I enjoyed the puzzle but I had a hard time concentrating, wanting to skip ahead to find out your news. Just wonderful!

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, a toughie puzzle for Thursday again. We (my wife and I) only managed to finish ~1/3 of it before she left for work.

I agree with all so far on C.C.'s accomplishment. To become a US citizen as an immigrant requires great dedication. Congratulations C.C!

However there's a backdoor that many others choose, they illegally come here and have a child. The child automatically becomes a US citizen at birth.

Jut my 2 cents.


Argyle said...

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Wikipedia article

Tinbeni said...

Greetings to our newest Citizen C.C., has a nice ring to it.

A LOT of AHA and groan moments.

WAR got me AVE MARIA (AHA!) and RAYON (groan).

30 three letter fills. Way too many.

Jazz: Well said.
This is why the Manager needs a red flag to request one replay (Not on "Balls & Strikes) per game. Kind of like they have in the NFL.
We have the technology but they refuse to use it.
In the Tampa Bay game the Ump. negated a Run that would have tied the game. Said the Runner missed Third. Re-Plays showed he didn't.
Not a good night for Umpires.

Susan said...

Congratulations C.C. I used to teach ESL and was honored to attend several swearing in ceremonies for new citizens. Yes, it was emotional. How sad so many of us take our citizenship for granted.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

First, let me add my congratulations to you c.c. what a wonderful accomplishment. I am so happy for you!

I loved the theme, which helped me out a lot in solving some of the perps. I originally had spray instead of splay, dyed instead of hued, and like Dennis although I thought of aging right away I never saw it spelled with an "e" before. Some great innovative cluing!

Have a wonderful day everyone and again congrats c.c.!!!

MR ED said...

CONGRATULATIONS CC, you are a tribute to your heritage. How long were you actively working on citizenship? Were you married when you came to the U.S.? You would make a great envoy to China. Maybe if we all petition Obama, he may consider such an appointment. What do you think bloggers? Are you interested C.C.?

Al said...

Zhouqin, let me add my congrats to all the others, and the many more to come. I'm sort of ashamed that I didn't know right off who the authors of the Federalist papers were (but I do know how to look it up in a hurry!).

I wonder how many USAns would still be able to vote if we made passing the citizenship test a requirement. I'm guessing the percentage of naturalized ones would be much higher than the ones fortunate enough (and unappreciative enough) to have been born here.

At the very least, graduating high school students should be made to take and pass it as well.

Oh, the puzzle... I found it kind of slow going, and tricky, even for a Thursday, but that's probably because I wouldn't give up HUGS for friendly greetings instead of WAGS soon enough, and really wanted SATIN instead of RAYON. I found it quite enjoyable because of that.

Seldom Seen said...

congratulations, CC, on your accomplishment!! you are now a part of the greatest country in the world.

just you wait for election day! when they give you that "I Voted Today" sticker, wear it and wear it proudly. i wear mine all day and then stick it on my computer tower. they are all lined up like the stickers on a OSU football players helmet!

JimmyB said...

Congratulations, C.C.! As you can easily see, we are all quite proud of you. For me, I think John Lampkin @ 6:25 am summed it up best: you have definitely helped me develop a "love of language in a fun and entertaining way". Tonight I will open a special bottle of wine and raise a toast to you.

As for the Federalist Papers, I guessed Madison. Do I get partial credit?

koufaxmaravich said...

Congratulations CC. A great accomplishment of which you should be very proud. I'll echo others: too many of our citizens take it for granted.

Puzzle had a nice theme and some terrific clues.

I also wanted DYED, HUGS, and something ending in CHORDS for musician's parlance.

My only peeve was agEing -- I thought it was some s t r e t c h.

1773 jetsam = TEA was brilliant, but given the state of technology then, and where the tea ended up, I might have used FLOTSAM.

ENGLISH was a great spin on billiards, and loved mole lover = CIA. Here's Johnny Rivers singing Secret Agent Man.

Mark, thanks for a good workout on a Thursday, and John, we're getting ready for you.

Have a great Thursday all.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon C.C. and bloggers.
C.C., what great news! Obviously we are all proud and pleased that you have become a citizen. And I know it takes study, having tutored one whose English was not anywhere near as good as yours.
And thank you, Boomer, for letting us know the details of the ceremony. That was good to know.
And ClearAyes, good choice for today's poem.

As to the puzzle, as usual I missed the trick about all the parlances. And missed 11D's it being It with period. And read 1D as configuration and had shapes. Guess I need my glasses checked again. I was pleased at some clever ones I did get: angels (I was going to explain but Argyle beat me to it), moat, hued, and sexy for instance.

Have a great Thursday celebrating C.C.'s accomplishment.


Carlos del Oeste said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray for C.C.!! My quick guess was Thomas Paine, but as I am sure C.C. knows, he wrote Common Sense.

Tough go for me today. I seemed to easily fill in some of the words others had trouble with, but with the theme answers, I got the second words of a couple, but couldn't put the rest of it together.

We often mention not being on the same wave link/length with the constructor . . . that was me today!

C del O

dodo said...

C.C., how wonderful!My sincere Congratulations. No, I don't know who signed the Federalist papers; I don't even remember learning them, more's the shame! You certainly have my deepest admiration! I'm very proud to know you for many many reasons!

Jayce said...

Greetings everybody, and a hearty congratulations to you, C.C. I agree you should not become a politician. You are a terrific teacher.

Altogether a big struggle to fill in this puzzle, and some head scratching as I thought "Huh?" to some of the fills. For example, I didn't understand WAGS until I came here. I also don't like HOAXER and thought AGEING looked strange. Loved the language fills, though! STEIN, ALOHA, WAR, OVA, EEL, and LAO came easily. The clue for AVENGE was clever. I too had DF thoughts at SPLAY; made me chuckle.

Thanks for the photo of an ice axe.

Thanks for the Benjamin Franklin quotes.

Thanks for the Emma Lazarus poem.

Knew Hamilton wrote many of the Federalist Papers, and thought maybe John Adams did too. Well, I was partly right :) Man, those guys were hard-working and smart.

Let's throw one hell of a party and then do it again!

Best wishes to you all.

WM said...

C.C. Had to stop in to congratulate you...hugely impressive and you probably now know more about our history than most people on the blog...I knew you were awesome but make that times 10 or 100!!!!...Kudos and massive congratultions...:o)

Mike said...

Congratulations on your citizenship! I'm sure you will take your duties and responsibilities seriously ( many native born don't).

James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
John Jay

Again, congrats!

An old geezer

eddyB said...


BTW google and download the "Survey
Questionaire on the Amer Revol and Its Enduring Legacy". Let's hear how you did. It's a good test for
ALL citizens.


Tinbeni said...

The clue "1773 jetsam" for TEA is correct.

Flotsam and Jetsam:
Jetsam has been voluntarily cast into the sea (jettisoned) by the crew of a ship, or in this case Bostonians dressed as indians, usually in order to lighten it in an emergency. The emergency being they didn't like the LEVIED tax.

Flotsam describes goods that are floating on the water without having been thrown in deliberately, often after a shipwreck.

JIMBO said...

It took something special to bring me out of hibernation and C.C. You're IT. (But only this once!).
What wonderful news--You have always been an inspiration to me and now doubly so. Welcome to the fold. I am so very,very proud of you!!!!!!

Vaya con Dios

Tinbeni said...

Eddy B

Took the survey, got all 30 ...
but those 3 questions that had nothing to do with the American Revolution were STUPE as yesterdays puzzle revealed.

dodo said...

Now that I've read all the comments so far, I'm ready to make mine, FWTW. Just had to get my congratulations in as soon as I logged in and read the news!

Mark's puzzle was one of the most enjoyable I've solved! I loved the theme and all the theme phrases, since, like everybody here, words are "my thing!" And for me it was a walk in the park: lots of interesting and clever clues, lots of fun fill. I wondered about the 'ageing' spelling but I'm glad to know that both ways are acceptable, as is 'clueing'. Actually I think both words look better with the 'e'. I first entered 'Hail, Mary' but quickly changed it when it wouldn't work. Had to work at 'lichen' but got it from perps and a bit of memory. The one real problem for me was 'zone'. I kept thinking of tennis and had put 'bag' in for the down, so I finally left that one square blank!

It's a coincidence that 'koi' was one of the fills. I picked up the local newspaper and was stunned by this headline:"Anger after koi killed"! It seems that two 17-year-old boys attacked and killed about a dozen koi "whose tenure at Delta (local community college) spans more years than most of their human admirers." Fortunately the boys were caught by the college's security camera and identified, so will be charged, probably with felony vandalism! What is wrong with people who would do such a thing? Apparently the koi were worth about $1000 apiece. I had no idea how valuable they are. We have a koi pool here where I live and they are such a beautiful sight and lend a serene atmosphere to our gardens! Why would anyone take pleasure in bludgeoning and stabbing such lovely harmless creatures? That is what was done at the college!

Sorry to report such dreadul news. It's just so disspiriting!

Anonymous said...

Had Conman for 53 DOWN instead of Hoaxer. Messed me up until the cross clues helped me.

Crockett1947 said...

Eddyb, interesting survey. Sad to report I missed a good number. However, I don't think the one about the kids of the celebs is a valid indicator. Who cares?

Glad you had a good Indy experience. As I was watching I thought of you numerous times.

Tinbeni, congrats on your score. Maybe I need to take up the scotch bottle again -- naw, it's been too many years!

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan (1934-2010)

She died of a stroke in NY she was 76.

Rue McClanahan

Congrats CC on becoming a citizen! As far as running for office you should run for U.S. Congress Minnesota's 6th district. :-)~

I struggled with the theme thankful for the blog!

Tinbeni said...

American History is more than a hobby of mine.
I emailed eddy B thanking him for the post.
But those 3 B/S questions? WTF!
I suspect they were thrown in as a way of making a statement that for many the trite is more important than our roots.

Almost fell for the 'whiskey,' probably due to my love of Scotch.
O'Shay can we see? LOL

Andrea said...

Citizen C.C. - congratulations! I have known a few others over the years who have become citizens, and always enjoy hearing the stories of the ceremonies and celebrations. I love that the League of Women Voters is there to get everyone registered right away! I doubt that I could pass the test today, but know that I will have plenty of opportunities to refresh my knowledge when Zoe starts learning American history. Still a few years off, but I am looking forward to it. Won't be helpful for John's upcoming puzzle...

Enjoyed today's puzzle, and was able to complete online with only a little red letter help. I could only think of Bucky Badger the UW Mascot, so needs perps for that one.

Off for a bike ride on a beautiful afternoon.

Gunghy said...

Wow!!! If anyone doubts the impact that C. C. and this blog have on us, there were 55 entries before I got on this AM. Several came from lurkers (a first cousin of a hoaxer.) I've never seen comment before.

Congratulations, CC. I, too, wish I could have been there. Stay out of politics, I want to retain my respect for you.

I'm going to claim that my inability to name the authors of 'The Federalists Papers' is due to my prosopagnosia. It's so much better than saying I forgot.

Loved the theme and longer fills in this one. I enjoyed it much more than yesterday's. I've actually used hoaxer, admittedly only on rare occasions. OTOH, my first attempt at a fill was A-G-I-WTF.

Hand up for HUGS, HECTOR, SPRAY and DYED. I also had MOP for dust remover, SHI-tzu, SNOCAT for arctic tool. And I'll let someone else explain how I got SRA for 'mole user.'

1D: FLAMED. Just couldn't let it go. I finally concluded that Fraise was a foreign cooking term I hadn't heard before and that Men was a really small obscure Buddhist sect.

The penalty of the the great large fills was putting up with the small stuff.

Yesterday, I got a friend's boat ready to trail to Montana for Nationals. Today, I will repeat it on GUNGHY'S DEN. This will be easier, we rewired his trailer, packed his bearings and replaced several blocks (pulleys). I only need to check bolt-tightness and clean out cruising stuff to lighten the load. Is it JETSAM if I toss it overboard into the garage?

Congratulations again, C. C.

DCannon said...

Heartfelt congratulations, CC! I know you must be very proud. I know you will do well as a citizen of our country.

A friend of ours from Albania became a citizen last fall. He was so proud and we were proud of him. We wanted to go to his ceremony, but it was in El Paso and I'm unable to travel.

The puzzle was medium hard. I saw the theme right away, which made it easier. I did have to resort to red letter, but it was because I had two typos that I just couldn't see.

Jerome said...

C.C.- As if I needed another reason to admire you!

With great affection,


Gunghy said...

EddyB, 25 right, 5 of which were WAGS. Wish I could say most of my misses were the 'pop culture' 3, but we are too saturated with garbage.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations CC. Love your pink bag.


carol said...

C.C.(our new American!) my heartfelt congratulations to you for your accomplishment and for applying yourself so well. You are truly an inspiration to others coming here the right way. I hope you do something wonderful to celebrate...we all would be with you if we could.

It took me a long time to get a toe-hold with this one but I managed to finish with some help.

I didn't like the word AGEING either and like Dennis, refused to put it in at first...but there was nothing else that would work there.

24A had me thinking of our billiards champ, Lois and when I got the word 'English', I wanted to put something like 'spin' but there were too many spaces for that to work. However, the answer gave me the key to the long clue answers.

Pinhead dancers has me completely fooled...cute clue!

Nice to see some of the absentee bloggers back to congratulate C.C. too.

I hope Buckeye is ok...his absence sort of worries me.

Belle 412 said...

I usually lurk here, but had to come out of hiding long enought to congratulate CC on her wonderful accomplishment!!

Jazzbumpa said...

the Federalist Papers were a propaganda campaign designed to encourage people to support ratification of the Constitution, which was no sure thing.

Madison was up to his eyeballs in the Constitution. He arrived at the Constitutional Convention 3 months early, with a draft in his pocket.

Coincidentally, earlier today I ran across this in Johnathon Bernstein's blog A PLAIN BLOG ABOUT POLITICS, which I won't link to, since, well - it's about politics.

Here, for my "quote of the day" I will quote Bernstein quoting "Adrienne Koch (quoted in William Lee Miller's wonderful The Business of May Next):

'Madison specifically requested Jefferson to purchase for him "Treatises on the ancient and modern Federal Republics, on the law of Nations, and the History, natural and political, of the new World," adding to these subjects "such of the Greek and Roman authors, where they will be got very cheap, as are worth having, and are not on the common list of school classics...Jefferson's thoughtful provision of books for Madison, including some thirty-seven volumes of the coveted Encyclopedie methodique, which Madison called "a complete scientific library," treatises on morality, and histories of European countries, surely made Madison the most cosmopolitan statesman never to have quit American shore.' "

Jefferson was in France, serving as Minister during the time the Constitution was framed. So, though he had everything to do with the Declaration of Independence, his contributions to the Constitution were indirect.

JzB the Constitution loving trombonist

eddyB said...

Hi all.

Sorry to say that the three questions were added to the
survey to prove a point. Did it ever! More people got those three correct than any other question.

Survey results are discussed at
Amer.Revol.Center Survey.

Will tilt the bottle of Macallan
tonight for CC.

Added two more books to the growing
stack. 61 Hours and The Spy came in the mail this morning.

Next IRL race Sat night from Texas.
Starting in 2012 engines from different manufactures will be allowed. Just like the old roadster

Beautiful day. Shorts and T weather.


Clear Ayes said...

I am not surprised that so many people have checked in to congratulate C.C. She has a huge number of fans.

I disagree with some of our posters who think she shouldn't run for office. C.C. is a shiny new American idealist. That is exactly what we need. The things we might think are wrong with the United States can only be changed if someone steps up to do the job.

Running for office is discouraging, terribly expensive and it's nearly impossible to succeed, but it can be done. That is the promise of America. One person can succeed. One person can make a difference.

Another QOD by Robert Kennedy, "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not."

C.C. you may not be eligible to be President (yet), but everything else is out there. Go for it.

Dennis said...

Just got back from an all-day, private event put on by the Phillies, and WOW - 73 posts already! What a great testimony to C.C.C.'s celebrity!

As to running for office, I say no. Think about it - all the skeletons come out of the closet and sooner or later, it'll come out that she knows us. Is there any more compelling argument for not running?

ARBAON said...

CC: I want to add my congratulations for a job well done. A perfect score! Welcome to citizenship!

Dot said...

After Dennis' tantalizing hints yesterday, I had to read the blog before I had time to do the puzzle. Congratulations C.C. on a major accomplishment. And I'm sure you were pleased to have Boomer there to proudly support you.
There is no original way to express my thoughts since so many others have already spoken so I will just say, "Congratulations" again.


Clear Ayes said...

Dennis, LOL. Even if the only skeletons in her closet are us.... point well taken....never mind, C.C. (But if anybody could do it, C.C. could!)

carol said...

CA - I was going to agree with said it so well, a shiny new American, full of idealism. It IS what we need but then Dennis threw that bucket of cold water (named us) and I had to agree. Skeletons are, after all, BONES. We know all about BONES here and don't forget FUNGUY, MORELS and the ONE MAN WIND SOCK.

Dennis said...

We know all about BONES here and don't forget FUNGUY, MORELS and the ONE MAN WIND SOCK.

Jeez, Carol, it sounds so dirty when you say it.

carol said...

I know you little wind sock, isn't it fun???

carol said...

Oh wait, you were the big guy in the green thong, right??? I stand corrected...BIG wind sock

Buckeye said...

Congratulations c.c.! The world is now your oyster, if they're not too oily. Welcome as a citizen; you have always been our mentor and friend.

The Federalist Papers were named after and written by George Federalist. I helped him compose it, especially the part about how "All men are conceived in the same manner".

I must be off!

Lemonade714 said...

Well it seems I picked a bad day to be in the courthouse without my computer all day, but trials do not wait, and I was helping an old friend who was accused of legal malpractice, but that is a story for another time.

GREAT NEWS C.C., welcome to the rights and privileges and responsibilities of citzenship; my only disappointment is the message level is not at 200 by now. Where are all of you? I do not want to have to start naming names! This is a great day which transcends the puzzle.

My only link today is to the Honorable PATRICK SCHILTZ . Bet you all did not know there was a JUDGEPEDIA; how many like me keep seeing a can of SCHLITZ?

I know you will make us proud as a citizen, and I hope the country makes you proud as well.

Lemonade714 said...


Hope your health is good, you are in my thoughts and secret incantations, as are all of you who need to be.

Gunghy said...

Don't start '61 hours' unless you have the time to finish it. I was disappointed in the last one, but this one makes up for it completely.

HUTCH said...

Argyle- When I was taking Philosophy/poly-sci at ST. Martins at Lacey, the Profs mentioned the angels on the head of a pin only as a foolish, archaic pedantry. However. it sure helped me with this crossword!!

Mary said...

Citizen C.C.
Congratulations on your accomplishment. The ceremony sounds very emotional. I'm glad to hear that you registered to vote right away.

I enjoyed today's theme and was able to finish the puzzle in the few minutes available to me this morning. I think it was easier than most Thursdays.

Bill G. said...

Go CC! Go Lakers! Please?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you already got this, but for 72 across, there's the old argument about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin...

Jazzbumpa said...

To dispel all doubt, the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin is 21. The point of a needle can only accommodate 13. For a #11 knitting needle it is 34. Other sizes are roughly proportional.

Of course, this is for dances like the frug or the bugaloo. For the electric slide or expansice ball room dances, divide by pi squared.

In case you were wondering, angels are REALLY GOOD dancers.

But devils are more fun at a party.

JzB the angelic trombonist

Anonymous said...

C.C. Let me be the last one to honor you and all that you have accomplished. You have always been nothing but amazing to me and my young son. Now, I will use you and your astonishing wherewithall to help Bradyjoe to learn!!

Circumnavigators said...

Hearty Congratulations to C. C.!
Over forty years ago, also in Minnesota, my parents, my sister, and I became citizens. Tears were shed, even by my stoic father.

It's a day I'll never forget and and a date which I reliably celebrate each year, unlike my birthday.

Mother sewed my sister and I special dresses for the occasion: rose for my sister, lilac for me. We even had matching hats and gloves! The test has no doubt changed through the years, but I remember it being terribly difficult.

I vote in every single election and I'm quite sure you will too.

A mug of coffee, a cup of tea, and a glass of juice were raised in your honor this morning. If we had wine on hand, we'd be toasting you with that, as well, just now.
Karin P., Lucas-J. P., and P.J.B.

MJ said...

jazzB@10:23-You have surpassed yourself. You never cease to amaze me.

And Karin and PJB? Nice to hear from you.


Jeannie said...

Buckeye darlin' I was so hoping you would chime in. It seems a lot of you "old timers" did today. Don't be strangers.

Linda, I was extra glad to see you here today. Don't be a stranger, and thank you.

Moon, where are you? Embien? BarbBEE? Promiseme?

Good to see you Tarrajo!

Otis said...

Congratulations on citizenship, CC! Well done on the perfect score; kudos for registering to vote.

Seen, not heard: I used to wear the sticker all day, then put it on the fridge, a mirror, etc. Now, they are hard to come by. In an aggressive push for the vote-by-mail option, our local brainiacs have consolidated 36 voting locations into 5, and some local elections are VBM only. Sure, I understand the issues of monetary savings and increased voter turnout, but it ticks me off nevertheless. Both options should be a viable choice, in my (not very humble) opinion. I prefer to vote in person, when possible.

Rant over. I hope you exercise your new right to vote one way or another, CC! (That would be a choice between "voting 'nay'" or "AYE".) I sure as heck wish more people did!!!

Crossword comments: I found it harder than Wednesday, but mostly doable (I misspelled sentinEl, not knowing the perp). SE corner was the last to go because of ONSET for 51A, ANNOYS for 72A, and a very stupid mistaking clue for 64D with 54D).

SPLAY for spread was fine (was thinking of fingers, so it fit), but had a problem with RAYON as lustrous fabric. I actually went and checked my closet, but all my rayon is black, so I'll just trust the colored varieties are lustrous.

Enough for today.

Congrats again, CC, and thanks for the wonderful (and informative, and entertaining, and amusing, and...) blog. I've learned more here than in many a class.


mgobluelinda said...

The answer: Angels. This comes from the ancient philosophers' question: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?