Jun 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 James Sajdak

Theme: Four Seasons - Common phrases ending in the plural form of four seasons, in chronological order. Notice I didn't use THE Four Seasons because I think that would indicate a singular result (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and the theme answers are plural. English teachers, do you agree?

17A. City near the base of Pikes Peak: COLORADO SPRINGS.

28A. National Economic Counsel director: LARRY SUMMERS. Like several names, I needed the perps to attain the answer but all doable.

47A. Where to board the Maid of the Mist tour boat: NIAGARA FALLS. On the Canadian side.

61A. 1999 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor: JONATHAN WINTERS. A short
clip of Jonathan Winters On Jack Paar (as a satyr, C.C.)(Oops, he is a faun.)

Argyle here. I hope you all took a moment of silence to honor are fallen men and women yesterday. Then we had a good barbecue.

An easy Tuesday where the perps should have taking care of any problems you may have incurred. 16 three-letter entries and 36 four-letter entries.


1A. Cry out loud: BAWL.

5A. Pain for a sitter: IMP.

8A. Presumed evolutionary link: APEMAN.

14A. Bee's grandnephew: OPIE. Back there in Mayberry where they say 69A. "Golly": "GEE".

15A. Brazilian-themed Vegas casino, with "The": RIO. Also, 45A. Indian-themed Atlantic City casino, with "The": TAJ.

16A. Like the sea: SALINE. Salty.

20A. Increase by: ADD TO.

21A. Floral greeting: LEI.

22A. Trial: TEST.

23A. Letters that get things moving: ASAP. As Soon As Possible.

26A. One with a brush: ARTIST.

32A. Saharan: ARID.

33A. Prefix with state or sect: TRI.

34A. Make eyes pop and jaws drop: AMAZE. And 57A. "Get a load of that!": "WOWIE!". Insert your favorite pic here.

38A. Producer's dream: HIT. As in a Broadway play producer.

39A. Rye bread seed: CARAWAY.

42A. Gentle bear: BEN. Gentle Ben is the name of a children's book by Walt Morey, later made into a film and television series, as well as made-for-TV movies.

43A. Barber's blade: RAZOR.

46A. Star's part: LEAD.

51A. Horse house: STABLE. Cute alliteration.

53A. Final, e.g.: EXAM.

54A. Nailed, as a 53-Across: ACED.

55A. NHL stat: PTS. Points(Goals and Assists). UPDATE: The total number of goals plus assists equals total points. (Thank you, Lemonade714)

65A. Tenor Bocelli: ANDREA From Wikipedia. He is the biggest-selling singer in the history of Classical music. In 1998, Bocelli was named one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people and in March of this year, he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his contribution to live theater.

66A. NASA thumbs-up: A-OK.

67A. New Mexico ski resort: TAOS.

68A. Puts back to zero: RESETS.

70A. A.D. part: ANNO.


1D. Lauderdale neighbor: BOCA.
Map. Cavil alert: Last name of Fort Lauderdale and the first name of Boca Raton.

2D. Like two peas in __: A POD.

3D. Untamed: WILD.

4D. Workout wear: LEOTARD.

5D. 401(k) alternative, briefly: IRA.

6D. Central: MID.

7D. It may be Olympic-size: POOL.

8D. Seek ambitiously: ASPIRE.

9D. Golf pros often break it: PAR.

10D. Upper-class rule: ELITISM.

11D. Goes for the gold: MINES. Good misdirection.

12D. Common Woody Allen theme: ANGST.

13D. Home in a tree: NEST.

18D. Like a bright future: ROSY.

19D. Clothing line?: SEAM.

24D. Nick and Nora's clue sniffer: ASTA. Movie dog from The Thin Man.

25D. Manx murmur: PURR.
Image They have genetic mutation that results in a short or non-existent tail.

27D. Busboy's aid: TRAY.

28D. Cowardly Lion player: LAHR.

29. Evidence of Sills' skills: ARIA. Beverly Sills

30. Nabisco cracker: RITZ.

31D. Mazda two-seater: MIATA. Zoom Zoom.

35D. Eve's second: ABEL.

36D. Fervor: ZEAL.

37D. Discontinues: ENDS.

39D. Nursery bed: CRIB.

40D. Soft or hard attachment: WARE.

41D. "Stronger than dirt!" cleanser: AJAX.

44D. How some hotdogging is done: ON A DARE.

46D. "Raging Bull" boxer Jake: LaMOTTA.
Movie. Regarded among the greatest boxing films made despite its violent content.

48D. Top dogs: ALPHAs.

49D. "__ move on!": GET A.

50D. Young deer: FAWN.

51D. Tea cart treat: SCONE.

52D. Watches over: TENDS.

54D. Close to closed: AJAR.

56D. Stocking problem: SNAG.

58D. Teach not to rely on, with "from": WEAN.

59D. Wrinkle remover: IRON.

60D. North-of-the-border gas: ESSO. Exxon in the states.

62D. Hanoi holiday: TET.

63D. Job's lot?: WOE. Biblical Job.

64D. '50s presidential moniker: IKE.

Answer grid.

Chris in LA mentioned yesterday that his local newspaper, the New Orleans Times Picayune, is running a crossword survey. Please vote for LAT so Chris and others in the area can solve and comment the same puzzle as we do. Thank you.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - wowie, this was a fun puzzle for me! Started right off with two of my favorite haunts, Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale, and the final theme answer was one of my favorite old comedians, Jonathan Winters. Lots of crosswordese in between, but the theme was a good one. By the way, Argyle, I understand the cavil regarding 'Lauderdale' and 'Boca', but that's how both are typically referred to in conversation, at least from my experience down there.

Never considered getting a leotard for 'workout wear'; wonder if I'd get funny looks at the gym.

Sunday morning, we drove down to the southern end of the Jersey shore (Wildwood) and planned to spend the day driving up along the ocean through the various shore towns. When we got to Wildwood, they were in day 2 of dedicating a brand new 1/2-scale replica of the Vietnam Wall, so I spent a good part of the day sharing 'war stories' with fellow VietVets who had gathered for the dedication. It was great, and it was tough, but I'm so glad I stumbled on the ceremony, even though Sunday night turned out to be a rough one for sleeping.

Didn't get to post yesterday, as I had two parades in the morning (spectator - no way I get in one, even though they want vets. Father of a Soldier, you're exactly right - the day is to honor those heroes who gave their lives for all of us), then a house-full for a barbeque all afternoon/evening. Argyle, yes, we had a moment of silence here at three o'clock; matter of fact, the whole town went quiet. I hope everyone else also had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Today is Dare Day and Flip a Coin Day. And recovery day for some of us...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and all. This was the easiest puzzle I've done in weeks. After getting LARRY SUMMERS, I knew that the other theme fills were the seasons, so filled in FALLS and WINTERS without even looking at the clues. Of course, NIAGRA and JONATHAN also popped into my head, but I waited to actually read the clue before making those fills.

I had to go back and read some clues to see what they were, as I had already filled in the blanks, the puzzle went so quickly.

We saw Clothing Line within the past few days, so SEAM was a gimme.

The only clue I found slightly misleading was Star's Part = LEAD.

I haven't said WOWIE since I was about 10!.

Speaking of Seasons, today is the official start of Hurricane season. The storm over the weekend, which was a Pacific storm, got a jump-start.

QOD: Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open. ~ Alexander Graham Bell.

Bob said...

Pretty easy puzzle. 13 minutes. Didn't really notice the seasonal theme until I was finished.

Lemonade714 said...

I agree with Hahtool, this was a quickee, but even though the fill was many 3 and 4 letter words, there were many interesting answers like SALINE ANGST and LEOTARD. ARGYLE, I believe in hockey PTS are the combination of GOALS and ASSISTS, leaving three different categories to measure scoring.

Having lived in So.Fla for 30 years now, Dennis is correct as to how LAUDERDALE and BOCA are used, but I agree, it violates the crossword puzzle cluing rule.

Back at em everyone....

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Blasted right through this one. The only one that made me scratch my head a bit was Saline. Maybe a clue like Contact Aid would have popped in more quickly for me since I stick my fingers in my eyes every morning. Getting the theme early on was the trick.

A busy weekend that had us trekking around the state. Went to camp to help Dad cut down a big tree, put in the dock and fire up the water pump put a good hole in Saturday. My wife's family picnic was a blast on Sunday. Four generations attended. Of the four, three have veterans. Yesterday we attended the ceremony on the Town pier. The kid's concert band played and it was one of the better ceremonies I've attended in the past years. A good crowd as well.

Since we did the picnic Sunday the wife and I gardened yesterday afternoon. I'm glad to be sitting today and so is she. Its her birthday and we've got Town meeting tonight. Grrrrrr! We'll celebrate her birthday on Friday when we can take our time, although the kids gave her breakfast in bed and I'll cook her a pasta dish tonight.

Have a great day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle, and all. Pretty easy today; even for a Tuesday. One pass horizontal, one pass vertical and 90% was done. No unknowns, Liked the theme fills but didn't think about what the theme was before coming here. WINTERS was one of my favorites, too.

Enjoy the 1st day of June.

Anonymous said...

That was an easy Tuesday. Great theme. Loved seeing Jonathon Winters. What a gem he was. I always love watching those Mark Twain honors shows on PBS every year. You cannot beat Andrea Boccelli either. We were fortunate to see him at the Hollywood Bowl one year. Wow!! What a show, and a great venue also. I didn't realize that they served appetizers and dinner also. It was something else.

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend. We did, despite graduation weekend coming up with lots to do.

Have a great Tuesday.

Argyle said...

Thank you, Lemonade714. I'm not a hockey fan. I've added a note to the blog.

Chris in LA said...


Thanks for the plug - seems one can only vote once, so if you haven't yet, please vote for the LAT puzzle. New Orleans solvers thank you.

PS - feel free to surf around the site to see local takes on the oil spill in the Gulf.

lois said...

Good morning Argyle, CC, et al., enjoyed this puzzle as well and, like Dennis, it started off w/two of my favorite places, Colorado Springs and Ajax in Aspen, CO, where I broke my leg once. Seeing Taos reminded me of Chuck of the West. Where is he?

The SE corner stumped me. Didn't know LaMotta and my thinking on
40A soft or hard attachment just would not let me get anywhere close to 'ware'. And being placed next to Ajax...the largest and hardest mtn to ski in Aspen...
really locked my box. Just couldn't make those 'ends' meet. I did catch the seasons theme and that did help...for once. And any ref to Jon.Winters is always a plus..hysterically funny guy. And lastly the final 'exams' will soon 'test' what the 'imp's have learned and that will 'end'(s)this 'anno'. How appropriate to have the 'artist' of perfecftion '
Bocelli' here. I love Bocelli and Sarah Brightman singing 'Time to say Goodby'. That is spine tingling 'amaze'ing and will stand the 'test' of many 'anno's and is so appropriate for this time of year.

Had to laugh, and for some reason think of Dennis, with 7D 'pool' crossing 21A 'Lei'.

Great job, Argyle, as usual.

Enjoy your day.

Hahtoolah said...

Chris in LA: are you Lieux Lieux? Thanks for noting both the LAT survey and the worrisome Gulf Coast oil spill.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Excellent write-up.

Thank You for the Jonathan Winters clip. He is my favorite improv comic.

Dennis, I think all Floridians refer to them as BOCA & Lauderdale. Maybe we should call the in-between area Fort Raton.

Didn't know LARRY Summers, but Bert LAHR made the first name an easy get.

ASTA stacked over ALPHAS, Top Dog, well he was a star.

Chris in LA: When I finished I counted 22 clues not crossed off. Ergo, an easy solve. Hope that makes for more positive votes.

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang, a wowie of an easy puzzle, we had no problems in finishing it before my wife left for work.

A few years ago my wife was in Canada on a business trip and had time to go on the Maid of the Mist

For Chris in L.A.? I looked at the voting page for you and since I'm from CA and not L.A. it wouldn't be fair to for me to vote but good luck anyway in keeping the LAT puzzle.

We had a similar on and off LAT experience here in San Jose and one of our bloggers contacted the San Jose Mercury News puzzle and told them to post a link to the crossword corner if they needed help to solve the puzzle and they actually ran the URL for a few days.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and all,

Fun theme, fun's good to be back.Enjoyed yesterday's too, but no time to comment. Great write ups, Argyle.One comment: never understood why Clint Eastwood was snubbed for his performance and fabulous script in Gran Torino.

Although we see angst often, I loved today's clue for it. Woody Allen appears to be a troubled man, kind of a twitchy fellow.Never understood why Mia was attracted to him.Woof!

The clue for lead did not click for me either; it is also a small town next to Deadwood, So. Dakota, which is where we've been hangin'. Working on that bucket list:saw Devil's Tower, Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument,the Badlands, and a rattle snake up close and personal.Also saw a fawn that couldn't have been a week old.

Taos is on our list.

We did the Maid of the Mist tour boat thing a few years back. It was kind of scary when we got close to the falls, but worth it.Went wine tasting immediately afterwards.Ever had "ice wine"?

Jerome said...

Chris in LA- It's fantastic to see the LA Times has such overwhelming support in the readers poll. However, I hope people realize that the Newsday puzzles are written by some of the finest constructors in the biz and Stan Newman is a great editor. The gripe about Newsday crosswords tend to be that they are too easy during the week and almost impossible to solve on Saturday. That's my view as well. But, they are top-notch, professionally made crosswords.

Your take?

Carlos del Oeste said...

G'morning CC and all.
Lois, I'm here, I've just been lurking. Still recovering from the Open Studio Tour. We had about 100 people through the place. Sold some stuff. There is a photo gallery of the "House as Gallery" on my face book page (Chuck West).

There have been some fun puzzles lately. This morning's was fun except for all the names. I don't especially like puzzles with a lot of names unless I know them ;-)

Cheers, Y'all

Warren said...

For JD, on our trip to Nova Scotia a few year back we visited a couple of wineries but once the learned that we were from CA they apologized for the quality of their wines. I think they had an ice wine there too. People will make wine out of almost anything, on a trip to FL they were making wine out of such things as carrots and such.


Anonymous said...

A young deer is a Faun, with a U, not a W

Dennis said...

anon, wrong. It's fawn. A faun is a creature from Greek Mythology.

Chris in LA said...

Hahtool - yes, I am "Lieux Lieux", she is my Boston Terrier: one of SIX - Stoli (Black Lab), Seven (Terrier mutt who is my 7th dog), Stella (my facebook pic, Hammond, & Monreaux.

Warren - I lived in the Bay area (Emeryville) for 3 years - vote anyway, please?

Jerome - Newsday puzzles are great during the week, but the Saturday jump in difficulty leaves a bad taste. If they were progressive, it would be OK (IMHO), but they aren't - Thursday/Friday are as easy as Monday/Tuesday then you get hit with Saturday obscurities/impossibilities. I've "hit" the "solve all" on occasion just for grins and still don't get half the clues/answers. Maybe I'm just dumb but...

Eavesdropper said...

Our paper has Newsday and NY Times. But I do LA Times because I love the camaraderie and banter here.

Chris in LA said...


Thanks for chiming in - set up a profile & hop in - the water's just fine! New comments are always welcomed - it's a fun family here.

Gunghy said...

Morning all,
As noted, an easy one. I even knew the names, except for Mr. Summers first name,which took perps. My 'biggest' problem was not knowing the casino names, I've got better ways to give away money.

I opened with 1D and popped in FORT, so I, for one, was glad to see BOCA emerge.

My cavil: Evolution theory teaches that the common ancestor occurred long before apes and man existed. Thus an apeman was not an evolutionary link, it was the person I had to deal with in the hardware store yesterday.

The weekend was so busy, I missed the holiday completely. I'm a bit ashamed of that, but my soldier is still alive. I do say a prayer about that daily.

My daughter and fiance bought a house as a short sale and both sets of parents helped them work on it this weekend. The previous owners took light fixtures, shower heads, outlet covers, etc.; kicked in doors; and probably hadn't cleaned since they moved in. Outside, the weeds were so high, you couldn't see the derelict boat they left in the yard. I traced most of the switches to the outlets they control and have the most important lights installed. Most doors now close and latch. The fence is dog-tight. Even though there is still a ton to do (Like the place needs a kitchen), they moved in. I woke up this morning to a quiet house. No barking, no early morning dressing for work; I miss them already.

Today I prep the boat for Nationals. We leave in a week.

Have a great day.

Dennis said...

Eavesdropper, welcome. I'll second what Chris said - we love all the new faces we're getting. Grabbing an identity is easy (see C.C.'s instructions on the first page, under "Posting a comment" for how to do it). What part of the country are you from?

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Nice blogging as usual, Argyle.

Like Hahtool and others, I got the theme early and filled in FALLS and WINTERS before I had reached those areas of the puzzle.

Sometimes when I expect "easy", I stonewall myself and make it more difficult than needs be. That was the problem with 5A IMP. I filled it via perps, but I couldn't get the image of a mythical mini-devil out of my mind, or of a literal "pain" in the sitter (prat?). It was only after I read Argyle's simple no-frills entry that I hit myself with Carol's V-8 can and understood "baby sitter" and "naughty child"...."D'oh!".

Niagara FALLS is a "don't miss it" destination. If you can't make it right now, how about a web cam view?

Kind of neat that 44D ON A DARE showed up on Dare Day.

Dennis, LOL, (for anon@10:47) sometimes a picture is all that will help. This is a faun and this is a FAWN

eddyB said...

Hello again.

Back from a wild and crazy weekend.
Still trying to catch up. Did read
last Sunday's comments. Thanks to all for your birthday wishes. There was a time last year when I didn't think I would see #71. Glad I did.
Sights and sounds at Indy were incredible! Second win for Dario under yellow flags.
Felt really bad for Pippa Mann
being taken out so early after winning the pole in the Ligths.

Great last minute of the hockey game yesterday.

Someone needs to check their dictionary.


Argyle said...

Faun: That is what Jonathan Winters was suppose to be in that skit with Paar. He said he was the voice of spring, right at the start. I'll have to change satyr to faun.

Jerome said...

Chris- Newsday's "Saturday Stumper" walks a line between wickedly difficult to damn near impossible. But, it fills a niche market for the nine people in the world that can complete one.

Carlos del Oeste said...


Thanks for thinking of me here in the High Desert.

I voted for the LATimes for the Nawlins people. Looked like LAT was waaaay ahead in the voting.

I'm still trying to reactivate my google access. No luck, yet.


Warren said...

OK JD, I voted for you, best of luck.

I agree that the Newsday Saturday stumper is almost impossible to solve, it's named 'stumper' for a reason. I can remember trying to do one with the answers printed on the back and when I got stuck the answer to the clue didn't make any sense anyway which makes it too frustrating a puzzle for me to solve.

JD said...

Warren, I live in CA too, and I have also voted.BTW, ice wine is a sweet wine that is made from grapes(not ice) that have been frozen while still on the vine; must be picked at night.Very tasty.

Happy belated b'day eddyB!!!!!

Ca, your fawn picture is so much better than the one I took...Pan is my favorite faun.

Clear Ayes said...

Aarrrghh! No, it isn't "Talk like a Pirate" day. This is totally "un-crossword", but I am seriously annoyed. I was expecting to get my new french door/bottom freezer refrigerator today. I had the old creaky one cleaned out and the meager contents moved to the "soda and beer" fridge in the laundry room. So...I just got a call from the delivery warehouse in Sacramento. When they un-boxed my new refrigerator to put it on the truck, they found a big dent in the front.

"Sorry, Ma'am. We don't have another one of that model here. I'll call you back later today with information about when we will be able to reschedule delivery."

I expect that they will have to ship from their main warehouse, wherever that is. Of course, we have no corner mini-mart to pick up a quart of milk, or a pint of ice cream. There are some very aggravating consequences of living 40 miles from anywhere!

Ah well, sorry to unload on you, but a little griping can help relieve the stress.

Moving on, welcome back, eddyB. Glad to hear you had a great weekend.

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, C.C. and puzzle people.

Nice write up, Argyle. "The" can apply to both singular and plural, therefore, the four seasons would be correct as well.

What a fun, breezy puzzle today. I finished so quickly that some answers filled themselves before I had looked at the clue.

No bawling, just purring over some lovely clues and is it one Q short of a pangram?

Good memories come flooding back of Jonathan Winters, riding the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls and being sprayed with water.

Warren and MJ (and anyone else who has experienced it), didn't you love the rainwear?

Colorado Springs was a treat to visit when I lived in Denver.

Thanks, James Sajdak, for the trip down memory lane.

However, it isn't a pleasure to look forward to summer here. The 100 degree temps have started and will soar to 110 by the weekend. You northern and eastern folk love the summer, we here love the mild winter.

I sincerely hope you are having a singularly special Tuesday!

Al said...

@Jerome, I have found that finishing the SS isn't the tough part; getting started is where the real problem lies. When all the clues are tricky, then there's no way to know if any opening guesses are right unless you cheat and check your answers. I've already had starts where I put in 10-12 answers, and found that only a few letters are accidentally correct. Doing it on paper would be impossible. After you get about half-way into it though (on-line, with cheats), finishing it isn't all that bad. I only do that puzzle now if I'm totally bored and there's nothing else more productive for me to do, like watching paint dry. Everyone should try to work one or two of them though, just to get a better appreciation for the LAT puzzles and Rich's work as an editor.

lois said...

CdelO: Was wonderin about you. Glad to hear you sold some stuff. That's gotta be good for the morale. Your website is fun to look over. You're such a good artist! Keep us posted.

CA: you vent here whenever you need to. Even in venting you're still very reserved and under control. I'm just glad you have another fridge to lean on. That's a blessing in itself living out where God lost his shoes. I know what would help reduce your stress besides pummelling those men w/your fists, stomping them with your high heeled shoes, ramming sticks in their eyes, and setting them on fire. Just think of Dennis in his gym leotard, slenderizing black of course, and maybe w/his gold chain necklace still on. Now if that ain't a vision! I can hear a choir of angels and got a tear in my eye over it.

Chris in LA: I voted for LAT for you. Good luck.

Hahtoolah said...

JD: we visited Canada near Niagra several years ago and visited several wineries. I had never heard of ice wine before, but absolutely fell in love with it.

Lucina: As Dudley said ... At least it's a DRY heat. LOL. I am experiencing a very HUMID heat.

Since Niagra is supposed to be a romantic spot, do you think Viagra is a play on words?

MJ said...

Good afternoon Argyle, C.C., and all.

Easy puzzle today, yet great theme and some clever clues. Favorite is 11D: Goes for the gold/MINES. Didn't get the theme until I got to NIAGARA FALLS, then jumped down and filled in JONATHAN WINTERS without even reading the clue.

With regard to the Newsday puzzles, I print them out and take them with me to do when I have a few minutes here and there. I like the easier ones as I learn alternative clues for frequent fill, and the more difficult puzzles are challenging when I have more time. Only once have I completed a Saturday Stumper without any help. I should have framed it, because it may never happen again.

Al-I agree that getting started on SS is the biggest problem. I usually work on them over a period of time, getting maybe just one or two answers at a time. The fill itself is often not particularly obscure, but the cluing is just so tricky.

Lucina-I didn't see a Q or a V.

Gunghy-Your apeman comment made me LOL! It's a good thing I wasn't eating or drinking at the moment.

Enjoy the day!

Dennis said...

I was thinking of maybe a very thick gold neck chain with coins for each sign of the zodiac. That'd be a nice look with a black leotard, right? Ladies?

By the way, anybody got a roll of quarters? Couple socks?

john28man said...

I was delighted to see Colorado Springs in the puzzle today as that's where we live now. Its a great place for weather, low humity and it rarely gets over 90 F in the summer. Winters are realatively mild for the location. One caution: If you come plan on a couple of days without a great deal of exertion. Its at above 6000 Ft above seal level.

Chris in LA said...


Go get the box, put it in your back yard (front yard if you're bold & know your neighbors) climb in, roll around & spend some time reliving your youth! Been there, done that and YES it is worth it, believe me! Also relieves a whole ton of frustration about the details of the delivery.

Jayce said...

Greetings everybody.

JD, that area of South Dakota is fabulous, glad you have been hanging out there. Of course, I'm biased, since I grew up in the Black Hills, Sturgis to be exact. Visited Mount Rushmore many times, long before it had a visitor's center and big parking lot. Back then the only road up to it was a two lane (one in each direction) mountain road with many hairpin curves. The name Gutson Borglum was well-known to us. Another one of my favorite spots was Devil's Tower, and the huge "prairie dog village" on the way to it. My brother and I used to (foolishly) leap from boulder to boulder that lie as rubble at the foot of the tower, to test our physical prowess I think. I imagine they don't allow such intimate access any more. Lead is (was) an interesting town, and at that time the gold mine was still active and producing the famous "Black Hills gold." I'm glad you are having the chance to hang out there and enjoy the sights.

Easy puzzle today, as you all have observed, but I thought it was fun anyway. As I was filling in LARRYSUMMERS, I kept thinking to myself, "Naw, that can't be right! It's too obvious." LOL

Bummer about the refrigerator, Clear Ayes. Good thing you have a "backup" fridge.

Oh, and the Jersey shore is great, too. I have fond memories of Forked River and Barnegat Bay. Shoot, now I want to hop into my car and travel across the USA and Canada for maybe six months.

Gotta go! Best wishes to you all!

Jayce said...

By the way, BarryG, how are you enjoying that Chrysler 300C? (I am addressing this question to the right person, aren't I?) Maybe some day we'll have a "muscle car" themed puzzle :)

Jerome said...

john28man- You know what the odd thing is if you think about it?
"6000 Ft above seal level" is still correct!

Tinbeni said...

Stop your worrying.
BP has taken over the task of delivering your new french door/bottom freezer refrigerator.

They are well known for solving problems on a timely basis.

You will have by August, September at the latest.

Clear Ayes said...

LOL, thanks to all of you for your "chill-out" refrigerator advice. I am still giggling, picturing Dennis in his leotard and chains. Sorry Dennis, no insult intended (snicker..snicker). A special thanks to Tinbeni for his reassuring words.

Warren said...

For Hahtool,

I looked but couldn't locate a reason why they called it Viagra but
Here's a link to a 2001 lawsuit filed by Pfizer against the beverage maker Lar Williams for selling a soda under the brand name "Niagara."

Seems suspicious?

Chickie said...

Hello All--A fun puzzle for me, especially since I got the four seasons right off. The unknown names fell as the rest of the CW was filled in around them.

I especially like seeing a dog and a cat next to each other in the puzzle--Asta and Purr.

My favorites today were Soft or hard attachment/ware, Goes for the gold/mines, and Made eyes pop and jaws drop/Amaze.

Dennis, I laughed at the image you drew with the leotard and the gold chains. We saw your image last weekend. A fellow came to our car window at a gas station to ask directions. He was wearing black leather pants, leather jacket and the biggest gold chain with a huge gold cross. The cross was studded with rhinestones (couldn't have been diamonds, but we weren't sure), and it was topped off with a rhinestone choker. Our jaws dropped and our eyes popped. He wasn't even riding a motorcycle, just driving a very big black SUV.

CA--Hang in there. I know your pain, as our new built in has been repaired three times, and each time, I've had to make do with the small beer and soda fridge in the garage. It is so hard to trek down to get things to fix a meal, then find you've forgotten something and have to trek again!
It will get better.

Fred said...

Jerome: The Newsday puzzles are some of the best in the business. They are excellently crafted. I enjoy solving the Wednesday thru Friday puzzles every week. They are about a day easier in difficulty level than The LA Times. That fact alone should appeal to some of the people on this blog. The Saturday Stumper is probably the hardest puzzle in existance. I highly recommend the Newsday puzzles to the people on this blog.

Lucina said...

Oh, this blog is so entertaining! I've been chuckling all the way down with an image of Dennis in his leotards, chains, and a sock? I would have thought it wasn't necessary.

Hahtool and Dudley:
You are so right. It is a dry heat and I much prefer it to humidity; having spent three summers in Ohio and visits to Charlotte, NC, I know where I'd rather live.

Besides, the mosquitoes would soon consume me. I read that they can sense O pos/neg type blood, and of course that's mine (O+). So in a crowd of any number of people, I'm the one who is attacked. I've even had fevers from the bites.

I, too, feel your pain. It is never fun or even faintly amusing to wait that long for such vital deliveries.

One more detail in this already too long post. I mentioned buying Rich Norris's puzzle book and it's wonderful. Each puzzle is a pangram, 26 in all, themed to a letter of the alphabet. It's amazing.

Yesterday, after finishing four, I actually felt some memory cells which have lain dormant, stirring to life.

I don't know why I hadn't done that before, but I shall continue.

Keep up the laughter.

carol said...

Hi gang -

Great job Argyle, and thanks so much for the Jonathan Winters clip(s) - I also watched the one about 'The Stick', one of my all time favorites.

Cute theme for this one.

I didn't know Bocelli (65A) or 28A but perps took care of all.

My V-8 can go a break today, didn't have to use it :)

Dennis: that leotard and your gold chain wouldn't get funny looks "in the forest" - LOL
(but you might have to stay in there)

CA: so sorry about your refrigerator! Love the way Lois was going to have you take care of the delivery guys. Thankfully you have the beer and soda one, but if it is like ours, it's full of the above. Still, it can be emptied and utilized for food. What a hassle though.

Hahtoolah said...

Chickie: good catch on the cat and dog together. I didn't see that when I was doing the puzzle this morning.

Warren: Funny story about a a soda company being sued by Pfizer because Pfizer thought people would confuse a soda product that promised a "special" effect with its "love herbs" could be confused with a little blue pill.

Dennis: You mean you don't wear a leotard and gold chains when you work out? LOL Gee, I pegged you for such a guy!

Dennis said...

Actually, Hahtool, I think the leotard would be too hot. We at the gym favor the combination loincloth/thong (loincloth in front, thong in back) for maximum comfort. Funny thing, though - everytime one of us bends over to pick up a weight, there's all this screaming in the background. Very strange.

Marge said...

I'm new at this and not sure how to proceed.I have been reading the blog for several months and finally got brave enough to try it. It's really fun.
I would like to start with a comment on a puzzle earlier this week. The word Velcro is a brand name for hook and loop fastner. Other companys use the hook and loop fastners but cannot say its Velcro. I know this because I worked at Lands'End for a number of years.
I liked todays puzzle a lot but I always like the easier ones.
I'm not sure how to get the rest of the info onto the site but I guess I'll learn.

Dennis said...

Marge, welcome, and you're off to a good start. As far as adding additional information, click on your name, then 'edit profile', and you can fill in as many or as few blanks as you like.

Thanks for joining us; look forward to your comments.

lois said...

Dennis: Holy loincloth Hotwick! What a vision! I feel a road trip to NJ coming on. We'll come loaded w/$1 and $10...oh wait, that's for the tolls that I hear are everywhere. Ok, then for your benefit/encouragement and for
our sheer enjoyment, we'll come loaded w/$20s and $50s. I'm sure the putzy Chipendales don't have anything on you, what with you being the morel character we know you to be. You'll have so much greenery hanging off your body, you'll give the state motto "Garden State" a whole dimension. Actually, you'll give that misnomer a reason for being.
Yeah, that's the ticket! It's an altruistic benefit drive...
literally. I love it when a plan comes together.

JD said...

Jayce, I loved your little corner of the world-the small towns, the spectacular geological formations, the wild life and the history. Sadly, Sturgis seemed to have many unopen businesses, esp. restaurants.Could they be seasonal? You are right, there are many beautiful places to visit in The U.S. and Canada.

CA, did they call back? That could be your 1st big problem.mmmm, sandwiches and red wine for dinner.

Dennis, are you telling us that you NEED some enhancements? Better get a tutu.

Lucina, thx for the heads up on Rich's puzzle book.

Welcome Marge!!!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Arriving late, again.

Pleasant puzzle. My four seasons are basil, thyme, rosemary and paprika.

Would you fawn over a faun on Satyrday?

Saline is on the way to Coldwater, of all places.

Checked for WOWIE images and came of with these. Rather a mixed bag.

Very nice here today. Storms forecast tomorrow.


Dennis said...

I can't believe someone had the audacity to snap a picture of me in the gym kitchen.

Annette said...

Can you imagine the view from the front?

Jazzbumpa said...

I sure hope you weren't frying bacon.


lois said...

Dennis: LMAO! Ohhhh, sweet cheeks! We're packing up now!

carol said...

OMG - Dennis, such a booty!

He sure needed to use the gym
He wasn't what you'd call slim,
but he claimed a hot-wick
that he called his love stick
and used it when he got a whim

Dennis said...


I do like wearing my thong,
even though I know it looks wrong,
it's affecting my voice,
so it's not a good choice,
but it does make my ass look like Kong.

Clear Ayes said...

Gee Dennis, I was sure that this would be closer to what you'd look like....just add a bling chain and you'd be stylin'. I wouldn't want to imagine you like this man in tights, just because I'm jealous. He has better legs than I've ever had!

I had to spend about an hour on the phone this afternoon trying to get a decent delivery date. So far the best they can do is in two weeks. I repeat...."Aarrrghh!"

JD said...

Welcome all lurkers to our poetry corner. This is your chance to speak up and not feel foolish.

C.C.'s Fan said...

Is something wrong, C.C.? Even when you do the main blog page, you hardly ever join in the comments anymore. I appreciate the 9 main blogs you've done in the past 2 weeks, but you have only made 4 other single comments. It seems like you are distancing yourself. I don't know about anybody else, but I miss your comments.

Dennis said...

C.C.'s fan, have no fear. Just wait.

windhover said...

The suspense builds. I knew I was missing something by working all the time.

lois said...

There once was a man from New Jersey
Whose thong at the gym was nervy,
The wedgy made him walk
As if he'd sat on a stalk
With a wiggle and all swirvy.

Sweet cheeks wanted to be thinner,
But wore a thong to make dinner,
His sausage got burned,
And that's how he learned,
Instead of a bass, he's now a tenor.

Dennis said...

On that 'note', I'm going to bed; early workout.

Fun stuff, guys; you all are amazingly clever.

lois said...

Sweet cheeks, we'll be there w/money in hand.

carol said...

Wow you guys are clever
& I don't think I can ever
see a thong again
without a big grin,
but hey, I'll never say never

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry I had to work, as I love limericking...

JAYCE, do you go to BLACKHILLS MOTORCYLCE RALLY at Sturgis? My friends BLAKFOOT have played there often; this year they have ZZ TOP . the DOOBIE BROTHERS and MOTLEY CRUE plAying.