Jun 22, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 Gail Grabowski

Theme: Let's Go Shopping - Before you know it, the school supplies sales will start and you might visit these four entries. Unusual two-part unifier.

20A. Information disparity in a social system: KNOWLEDGE GAP.

32A. Ready-made graphics for frames: CLIP ART BORDERS.

40A. Standard cooking supplies: KITCHEN STAPLES.

56A. Skeet challenge: MOVING TARGET.

45A. With 66-Across, each of this puzzle's four longest answers ends in one: RETAIL. and 66A. See 45-Across: STORE.

Argyle here.

The NE may have caused some problems but, all-in-all, a good continuation from Monday.


1A. Smoocher's smoochers: LIPS. More than alliteration, eh?

5A. Course with fractions: MATH.

9A. Russian country home: DACHA. Also spelled datcha. It is a second home or summer home, not just a home in the country.

14A. Short race distance, for short: ONE K.

15A. Peek or bug ending: -A-BOO.

16A. Moral principle: ETHIC.

17A. Birthday treat: CAKE.

18A. Mannerly man: GENT.

19A. "Here Come the __": 1945 college comedy: CO-EDS. Starring the comedy team of Abbott and Costello. The main attraction is seeing Lou Costello in drag.

23A. Greets and seats: SEES IN.

24A. Piggy bank opening: SLOT.

25A. Calif.'s second-busiest airport: SFO. San Francisco International Airport.

28A. Office conf.: MTG.. Used in texting?

30A. Clapton's strings: GUITAR. Eric Clapton, is a rock guitarist.

37A. Small songbird: WREN.

38A. Actress Lupino: IDA.

39A. Substitute spread: OLEO.

46A. NBC weekend revue: SNL.

47A. Ltr. afterthoughts: PSS.

48A. Docs prescribe them: MEDS. Docs and MEDS are both shortened versions: doctors, medications.

51A. Coffee orders: DECAF.

58A. Can't stomach: ABHOR.

61A. Wordsmith Webster: NOAH. Weak alliteration.

62A. Field of expertise: AREA.

63A. Mouthed on-field greeting: "HI, MOM".

64A. Gardner of mysteries: ERLE.

65A. Painful skin ridge: WELT.

67A. College leader: DEAN.

68A. Not as much: LESS.


1D. Security devices: LOCKS.

2D. Absurd: INANE.

3D. Orange __ tea: PEKOE.

4D. Distorts, as data: SKEWS.

5D. Purplish hue: MAGENTA. Interesting etymology: The brilliant crimson aniline dye was discovered in 1860 shortly after the Battle of Magenta, in Italy. The French and Sardinians defeated the Austrians in 1859, which advanced the cause of Italian independence and fired the imagination of European liberals. The dye magenta (commonly called fuchsine) signified the color of the land all covered by blood after the battle.

6D. Still in the sack: ABED.

7D. Salad servers: TONGS.

8D. The Waldorf, e.g.: HOTEL.

9D. Central Illinois city: DECATUR. "The Soybean Capital of the World".

10D. Situated on: ATOP.

11D. Revolutionary Guevara: CHE. We haven't seen Castro's buddy in a while.

12D. Stayed out of sight: HID.

13D. Their capacity is measured in BTUs: ACs.

21D. Flaccid: LIMP.

22D. Like disco dancers: GO-GO.

25D. Inscribed pillar: STELE. Image of a new STELE and not on the grand scale of this one.

26D. Taxi charges: FARES.

27D. Estimate phrase: OR SO.

29D. Broad smile: GRIN.

31D. Pop star: IDOL.

32D. Reacts to a tearjerker: CRIES.

33D. Baltic natives: LETTS. Archaic word for Latvians. Map

34D. Cuzco empire builder: INCA. Cusco, often spelled Cuzco, is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. It is the historic capital of the Inca Empire. From Wikipedia.

35D. NFL six-pointers: TDs. Football TouchDowns.

36D. Dugout equipment: BATS. I got stuck on thinking dugout canoe.

37D. Sitcom radio station: "WKRP". Echo from Monday: the song that was playing "on air" when thee station made the switch from adult contemporary to Rock was "Having My Baby" (written by Paul Anka).

41D. Boyfriend-to-girlfriend "You have to choose!": "HIM OR ME!".

42D. Mountain ht.: ELEV..

43D. "Here's what happened next ...": "AND THEN...".

44D. Courtroom response: PLEA.

49D. Ate a formal meal: DINED.

50D. Sleeper's sound: SNORE.

52D. Move on all fours: CRAWL.

53D. See eye to eye: AGREE.

54D. Has a hunch: FEELS.

55D. ERA and RBI: STATS. Baseball.

56D. Drop anchor: MOOR.

57D. Red-carpet event: GALA.

58D. Satisfied sounds: AHs.

59D. Small piece: BIT.

60D. Patient care gp.: HMO.

Answer grid.

Congratulations to JD and Bob those third grandson Cameron Joseph was born yesterday! Congratulations to Shelby and Joe (front two) as well!



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - I thought this was a very simple puzzle today, appropriate for a Tuesday. No perps needed, but I didn't have a hint as to the theme until the unifying clues. You'd think I would've caught on, being in retail myself.
Speaking of retail, thanks for the heads-up about Costco and the meats -- they're pretty damn good. Plus, they feed you while you're shopping, which is always a happy thing.

I've got nothing else really comment-worthy about the puzzle itself, other than that seeing 'flaccid' on top of 'like disco dancers' didn't jive for me.
Argyle, I didn't remember "Here Come the Co-eds" until you mentioned Lou Costello in drag, then it came back.

Today is a wonderful, wonderful day. It's Chocolate Eclair Day!

Did you know:

- Your hair is as strong as aluminum.

- A bowl of Wheaties contains twice as much sodium as a bowl of potato chips.

- There were no ponies in the Pony Express.

Hahtoolah said...

An easy puzzle that did not create much buzz for comment.

Lemonade714 said...

Good morning:

I am not sure why, but after I put in KNOWLEDGE GAP, I knew the theme was retail stores, which made this the fastes ouzzle for me in a while. DACHA and MAGENTA were creative, and ABHOR, WELT and NOAH Webster are not everyday fill. Nice to see the reference to WKRP which was a contempory of Welcome Back Kotter .

Summer is here, enjoy. You packed Lo-li-ta?

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning everyone. Congratulations to JD and Bob. Nice picture.

Very easy puzzle today. One pass across, one pass down; all done. As usual did not get the theme until the end. HIMOM was a WAG.


Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and All, another stroll in the park today. Today I hardly needed the perps to complete the puzzle. There is really not much to comment about on today’s puzzle other than “Dacha” is the name of the house we rented on the Oregon coast for vacation this summer.

From yesterday, I want to congratulate JD and her family on the new baby.

Looks like rain here most of today.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

I needed perp help for Dacha and Coeds. Also had to erase Ushers to write Sees In. Much easier then yesterday's.

Congrats JD and Family!!

We've had a great couple of days. Definitely summer here.

I can't believe Wheaties has more sodium than chips. If I ate breakfast, I would have to change things up.

Have a great day!

Paolo said...

Good morning all,

A quick and easy 18 minutes.

Argyle: Enjoyed the write up more than the puzzle (again). Especially the background on magenta!

No favorite clues, no aha's. Don't think I've had enough of a puzzle fix today...

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning, C.C., Dennis, Dick, and others. Just stopping by to see who is still here that I remember.

Did the Xword online and it was pretty easy.

Hope everyone has a great summer.

Dick said...

Great to hear from you Dr. Dad. How are things in your part of the world?

Jeannie said...

I filled this one in as fast as I could type. I got dacha and stele via the perps otherwise it was almost too simple for a LAT puzzle.

JD, congratulations on your new addition to your family tree.

Dr Dad, always good to see you stop by. You are missed!

Lemonade, not packed yet, but it’s 2 and a wake up for me.

Anonymous said...

FYI: NYT has a clue for "eres tu." today. Collaboration?

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Great write-up.
That KNOWLEDGE GAP I had of MAGENTA has now been filled.

This felt more like another Monday.
HI MOM! Got the GRIN.

I've been solving during the World Cup and now fear that I can't think without the vuvuzelas buzz in my head.

Dennis said...

I, personally, am coming back as a vuvuzela.

(Yes, I'm pre-ashamed)

Bob said...

Not much harder than yesterday's puzzle. 13 minutes to complete. Peggy Ryan's clowning and dancing also make "Here Come the Co-Eds" a film to see.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Piece of cake. Remembered DACHA from so many Tom Clancy novels. LETT and STELE got perped in.

Now for some coffee.

carol said...

Hi all -

Easy one today, easier than yesterday for me.

Dick - I had to chuckle at DACHA, I knew you would recognize it right away. When we saw the outside and grounds last month I know we all will enjoy our stay....very close to the beach too and that beach is so beautiful!

19A was a mystery, I had COIDS because I put CHI in for 11D. I left it and wondered what a 'COID' was. I don't remember the film, too young..gee it is fun to say that :)

ARBAON said...

No probs. today except putting two efs in "decaf" and thereby messing up "stats," "feels," "welt," and "area" in the process. (SE corner.)
Favorite fill; "aboo"...something JD and family will probably be saying before long. Isn`t it funny how babies turn grown-ups into cooing and baby-talking entities. :)
On "magenta". It is considered a shade of red. Pink is a tint of red. Shades are made by adding black and tints are made by adding white...just to add to Argyles excellent info.
Dr. Dad: Your avatar reminds me of the long fills in a rival puzzle today...which also had a clue from a recent LAT puzzle.
Anyone know an effective rain dance (perhaps to vuvuzela "music?")

Argyle said...

More info on STELE. It is pronounced stee-lee or steel: the plural is STELAI, stee-lahy, or STELES, stee-leez or steelz.

Also, it can be spelled STELA, pronounced stee-luh and its plural is STELAE, stee-lee.

The adjective form is STELAR, stee-lar.

The letters make it perfect for an right edge or bottom of the puzzle word, in any of its forms, but usually later in the week.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and all,

Thanks for the many many nice words from all of you. Eddy, I got the gist of your comment. Shelby and Joe deserved ALL the credit, and this grandma just waited and worried.They are over the moon! I am content with my 3 grandsons. Grady will be 11 mo, so he and Cameron will be buds.

I liked yesterday's word play better than today's.Having just returned from the Black Hills of So Dakota, that brought a smile. And, Truman LOVES Dora (she's even on his underpants!). I've collected several "Dora the Explorers" at garage sales.

Eddy, I read those novels too. Do you watch Bones?

Loved Hatool's joke @ 6:54 yesterday.

No laughs or a-ha's this morning, although I don't recall dacha. Stele was a gimme from ancient Egypt studies.Sure glad I don't eat Wheaties, and yes, Dennis, you should be ashamed, LOL!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, No problems with this Tuesday puzzle. I did manage to get it done and really enjoyed the theme entries. I don't do much office supply shopping at STAPLES, but the others are definitely "go to" stores.

My head is rather fuzzy this morning. My husband had some stomach cramps yesterday afternoon and it got progressively worse, until we decided to make a trip to the local emergency room at 10 PM. Of course "local" around here means a 45 minute drive to Sonora. After a blood test, urine test and a CT scan, it turns out he has a kidney stone. That's a first for him. He's feeling OK now and just has to drink lots of water and "catch" the stone for analysis when it comes out. (I won't go into details.) So we didn't get home until after 3 AM. We'll both be doing some napping today.

Jeopardy coincidence...MAGENTA was an answer on yesterday's show.

Happy New Baby to Shelby, Joe and grandma and grandpa JD and Bob!

Nice seeing you again, Dr. Dad.

I thought for a minute that Dennis was throwing us a curve with the Pony Express "DYK?". Of course he's correct. Horse Express? Somehow Horse Express doesn't have the same cachet.

GarlicGal said...

Woo-Hoo. Welcome to me. I've been one of the lurkers for awhile! 9 minutes today, easier than the Monday puzzle. Love the blog.

Dennis said...

Welcome, GarlicGal; good of you to join us.

What's the significance of your name?

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle and puzzle folk.

Nice walk in the park today.

Dacha came easily from Frederick Forsyth novels.

And I believe I've encountered all those forms of STELE at one time or another. Stele was one of those long ago learning moments.

Clever theme from Gail Grabowski.

It's so nice to see all your family; what a lovely photo and again, congratulations!

Argyle, thank you for the info on magenta and ARBAON for the further explanation. I love any shade/tint of red or pink.

You all have a lovely Tuesday!

Jerome said...

Dennis- You got a buzz on?

GarlicGal- You take my breath away!

ARBAON said...

Back to black again...grrrrr!

Lucina; To further "muddy the waters," colors and skin tones can be blue-based or yellow based. (Works for men, too.) Think stark white (blue based) and winter white (yellow based.) Think pea-green (yellow based) and leaf green (blue based). Whatever the "base" determines if it a "good" color for a person. If winter white looks better than stark would probably look better in yellow-based colors. Turquoise is an looks good on everyone. Black is the other: if the iris of your eye has a black rim around would usually look good on you...and on most women with auburn (or any shade thereof) hair.
It has been my experience that, if a woman wears black when it`s not a "good" color for her...she looks tired and washed out. That`s why I wear a vibrant blouse or scarf or stark white next to my face when I wear black.
I advise brides who insist that their maids wear black to consider
this info.
Colors and fabrics are one of my "things."
PS: The blue my name should be is blue-based, at least on my screen.

Tinbeni said...

That's where I heard it. Magenta was a clue/answer last night on Jeopardy. Thanks!
Also for GAF some cranberry juice works wonders in the K.S. dept.

Nice family photo and congrats on the new family addition.

Time for some more World Cup games.
(I think some avatar will clear, or at least combat, the buzz ringing in my ears.)

eddyB said...

Hello all.

One for two isn't bad. 14:44 yesterday and today.

Happy to see some have gotten it.
Congratulations to Shelby and Joe.

The puzzle was fast, fun and easy.
No problems. Never been in a Gap store.

Have read all of KR's books and watch Bones reruns on TNT.

New motto: Fay ce que joudras.


Lucina said...

Thank you! That explains why pea green or any shade thereof makes me look sick! The same for my sisters. Live and learn.

Clear Ayes:
What a painful experience for your GAH! Everyone I've known with that problem describes it as horrendous.

Anonymous said...

Eddyb, perhaps you meant "Fais ce que voudras" = Do what you will

Tinbeni said...

Clear Ayes
Of course I meant your Golf Addicted Husband (GAH).
Years ago I was a GAF, Golf Addicted Fanatic (GAF).

I have suffered from K.S. for the last twenty or so years. They do pop off at the most unpredictable times.
My doc say there is something in cranberry juice that pisses the buggars off.
As such, I drink 1 or 2 gallons each week.

Lucina, I wish they were only horrendous.

eddyB said...


Chuckle for today. Federal judge
blocks Obamma's band on off shore drilling. Love it!


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Easy puzzle, but I caused myself some problems, with SLIT for SLOT, KITCHEN SUPPLIES for KITCHEN STAPLES,and WART for WELT.

Did yesterday' puzzle, but never made it here. Into a very very busy season now, with the only down time in the week after July 4. I'll probably be in and out here.

Concerts every Thus, ex 7/08, rehearsals on Mon and Tue, and a few extras thrown in.

Gotta run.


eddyB said...

Anon. Thanks for the correction.

What ever! Couldn't read my hand writting.


WM said...

Quick stop in and I will try to make it short...I love Gail Grabowski can you not like a puzzle with things like "him or me", "hi mom" and...."and then"? I do have one minor bone to pick with the clip art clue...Pre-made and frame are not good qualifiers...a more accurate description would be pre-drawn edging designs. A lot of Clip Art borders are/were just design strips that were mostly used for quick add ons for ads, business cards...etc...There used to be peel and stick ones by Letraset and there are still books available with all kinds of clip art which is basically just uncopyrighted art for general use. There are pieces of clip art that constitute 4 sided complete borders that can frame a piece of art...but graphics for frames just makes very little sense. I know TMI...:oP

Caught JD and Congrats on FB, Jeannie have a wonderful time with your folks and CA...hope GAH is doing better...we went through 3 middle of the night episodes with our oldest daughter after the birth of of our granddaughter...a bit scary and unnerving...

A blog fan from the Gulf said...

Eddy B, "Chuckle for today. Federal judge blocks Obamma's band on off shore drilling. Love it!"

Maybe you meant Obama (the correct spelling of the name of President of the United States) and you meant "ban" rather than Jazzbumpa's combo. Your chuckle isn't everyone else's joke for the day.

If you have only seen videos or photos of the damage you have no real idea of the scope of devastation. Making fun of it is disrespectful and uninformed.

You chastised Hahtool last week for her concern but you are bringing up the same topic almost every day. At least Hahtool's is concerned with the ecological damage. Your comments are obviously political and anti-Obama.

JD said...

couldn't have said it better!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Blog Fan from the Gulf,
Wonderfully said! I was very upset over EddyB's response to Hahltool, whose daily update/link gave us a unique perspective from the locals. Her posts have also become shorter since then. I enjoyed more her previous information-laden comments.

windhover said...

Moi aussi

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I'll add my 2 cents here to say pretty much what has been said already, that it was a relatively easy, fun, and smile-producing puzzle today. I liked the retail store theme. I've shopped at Borders, Target, and Staples but have never been inside a Gap store. I don't think my wife has, either.

Favorite fill was DACHA.

Also liked the fills I have not already seen a zillion times, such as MAGENTA, DECATUR, GUITAR, STELE, SNORE, and HIMORME.

Lots of 4-letter words! Better'n tons of 3-letter words, though.

Congratulations JD. Best wishes for a successful and minimally painful stone passing, Mr. ClearAyes. Good you're keeping busy, JazzBumpa. Dennis, thank you for your wit, humor, did-you-knows, and reminders of what is celebrated each day. And thanks to everyone for the interesting inputs.

Best wishes to you all.

lois said...

Good afternoon Argyle, CC, et al., Love the shopping theme. Cute puzzle. Couldn't figure out what perps gave as a 'onek'. Thanks Argyle and for the magenta info. Great job as always.

Thought I had died and gone to heaven lately. Have been listening to some great 'guitar' bands w/some outrageous fiddlin' in these here parts but w/no horns. However, 'letts' rethink this. What's missing is a vuvuzela. If I had one in my hands there would be a 'bit' less screaming and a lot 'moor' blowing. 'Limp' would not be a concern. 'Elev' might be though. No 'meds' would be necessary but ACs would be a must. Maybe in my next life. Dennis?

JD & family: congratulations on the new addition.

DrDad: good to see you here. Hope all is well w/you. Miss you.

OK Cowboys rock! Enjoy your day.

Dennis said...

A blog fan, you should go blue and join us.

lois said...

Jeannie have a great time and safe travels.

CA: Hope GAH feels better soon. I hope they find out what caused it.

A blog: bravo

eddyB said...

What ever. Just my opinion. Yes,
meant Ban. Yes, am anti Obamma. Guess you all need some one to send you links every day to news stories you can read for yourselves.


Jayce said...

I forgot to say, I'm sure glad I don't eat Wheaties! Wow!

Thanks for the link to Horse Express. Very interesting information.

Super interesting about colors, shades, tints, etc. One sure can learn neat stuff from yawl.

Dennis said...

EddyB, enough. Keep your political opinions to yourself.

And we all do just fine staying abreast of the 'real' news.

windhover said...

Yep, just like we need race results, including mid-race updates,( who's leading), and sports scores. If you just do your own thing and not worry to much about what other people post, you'll be better off and we will too.
Take your happy pills or STFU.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I don't have enough free time as you do and surf around various websites in the middle of the night. However, I read and study each blog comment and I pay attention to how locals react to Tony Hayward and BP oil spill only because Haltool linked it.

By the way, always spell-check your comments before your post. A basic blog courtesy to others.

Dennis said...

Lest anyone else be tempted to comment, let's not pile on. I think the point's been made, and we'll see what happens.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Check your emails, OK?

I was not surprised (I bet Annette neither) by your Sunday SNAFU answer.

I like pink color. Am I a yellow person or blue person then? How about magenta/fuchsia? I like the color too.

ARBAON said...

(Who can`t figure out what my blog, sign-in box time it`s one thing, next time it`s another...)

CC: I like black, too...that doesn`t mean I look my best in it. Never having seen your lovely face in person, I can`t really say what your skin tone is. If it has bluish undertones, you would look good in a true, blue-toned pink. If your skin has yellow under tones, you`d probably look better in a more yellowish pink...(possibly approaching coral/salmon.) Might take note when someone says, "You look `mah-vel-lus, dahling`", and remember what color you were wearing and if it has blue or yellow undertones. If I could see you face to face, it would be much easier to answer your question.

Clear Ayes said...

Thanks to all for the good wishes for GAH. He is drinking lots of water and will see his own doctor in a couple of days, hopefully with kidney stone on display in its little jar and ready for analysis. The internet is a trove of information. Who knew K.S. could have so many causes?

Thanks for the caution, Dennis. Sometimes too many comments and the point gets lost. (Darn it comment was sensational!! LOL)

Time for that nap now.

GOP Oldtimer said...

I'm a Republican, but purposely misspelling the name of the President seems rather childish and trite.

Annette said...

28A Office conf.: MTG.. Used in texting? - I’m not sure if this is where you question lies, but I’ve used mtg as an abbreviation for meeting since long before texting came into play.

Chocolate Éclair Day – so that’s how they wound up in my grocery cart the other day! I still have one left to celebrate with tonight too.

The perps took care of the couple answers I didn’t know, and prevented me from erring with KITCHEN UTENSIL.

There were some fun clues and fill today. My favorites were HI MOM, HIM OR ME, AND THEN, and GRIN.

ARBAON: I’d just say C.C. looks good in pink, period. In 2 pictures she’s posted, C.C. is wearing pink tops that look GREAT on her! I couldn't say what undertones they had though.

Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone. Great write up Argyle, as usual.

I didn't grok the theme, even tho I had all the required long answers. Also missed Hi Mom and Him or Me. Which maybe because I missed the theme answer. Sigh.

Congratulations JD on your new grandson. The old grandsons look pretty good too.

Dr. Dad: good to have you back. Hope it's not a one-time return. We miss you.

Eddy: just finished one of those books and watch "Bones" whenever I can.

The English teacher in me cannot help but point out that jive and jibe mean two different things, and are often misused on this blog.
Jibe: verb: “be in accord, agree”; noun: “an insulting or mocking remark , a taunt”
Jive: noun: “ a lively type of dance”; (also jive talk) a form of slang associated with black American jazz musicians.
“informal taunt or sneer at, talk nonsense”
Origin 1920s (originally U.S. denoting meaningless or misleading speech): the later musical sense [jazz} gave rise to {dance performed to jazz} (1940s)

If my lecture offends, sorry.


Bill G. said...

Sallie, I heard Flout and Flaunt confused on a TV show the other day. What with educated writers, directors, editors, actors, etc., you'd think somebody would have noticed. I think they also messed up using I vs. me. What's this world coming to? :>)

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent book on color related to skin tone. Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson. I read it years ago, still have it and still adher to all I learned in it. You can check it out at Amazon. K

ARBAON said...

Since we`re talking about pet (English/Language) peeves, what about "So-sull" for social and "reinterate" for reiterate and "Chicargo" for Chicago and "herb" for (h)erb and "Massatuchits" for Massachusetts and
"MONroe" for MonROE...enough for one rant.

Anon @6:27: That book and the attendant color swatches set me on my avocation path.

CC: Something else we do: In very good lighting, hold different, solid colors up to your face/chin.
If you can`t see a difference (due to personal preference ), have a friend there to advise you. SO`s don`t work so well. Most of them think it`s silly and "I`ll wear what I want." But colors worn can even affect (and some people use either "affect" or "effect" for all instances...) your mood. I feel downright "blitchy" when I wear orangy-yellow :) "She must have it on today!" a lot of you might be thinking!

Jerome said...

I'm writing this late. Hoping most of you will never read it.

Question for Kierkegaard-


For colorful rich people-

John Cook, a great cook on the pro golf tour is known by all as a
PGA WOK LEGEND. Does that fill in your KNOWLEDGE GAP?

carol said...

Wow, another 'dust-up'...figures, seeing who started it. Oh well, I'll honor Dennis' request and not say any more (like CA, I would love to)

To: A blog fan from the gulf (2:08) a second 'amen' from me!

CA: geez, I hope GAH is ok, that is a very, VERY painful thing to endure. I am fortunate that I don't know it personally.

Marge said...

Hi all,
I have to admit this was harder for me than yesterdsys, fun tho.
Our daughter from Georgia is here for a few days,without the rest of her family. Its been a long time since we have had just her here and kind of nice for a change. Miss the grandkids tho.
We went to Wis. Dells and rode the ducks today. Hadn't done that for awhile either.
Have a good evening!

Marge said...

What did I do wrong that my name comes up in black?

MJ said...

Good evening, all. Argyle, great Mon./Tues. blogs.

Late to the party again, but that will end soon. Yeah! School's over, let summer begin!

I do like Gail Grabowski's puzzles. She often uses interesting fill words/phrases, which make the solving experience enjoyable for all (DACHA, ABHOR, DECATUR, HIMOM, HIMORME). Yes, her puzzles are often easy to many of us who post here regularly, but her type of puzzles are the ones that I first solved successfully and said to myself, "Yes, I can do this!" And now I'm hooked.

I sometimes share puzzles like Gail's with non-solvers who say, "I can't do crosswords." So I read them some clues, they get them right, and they say "WOW!", and they are encouraged to try again. The last time I did this, the woman said, "I guess I always looked at the Saturday puzzle and thought I wasn't smart enough." (A registered nurse,with a BA)

BTW, Gail also constructed today's Newsday puzzle. She also scored this same "double run" with LATimes and Newsday on June 7th.

Enjoy the evening!

Clear Ayes said...

Sallie, I thought that the use of the word "jive" in connection with the clue "like disco dancers" for GOGO wasn't a misused word, but a clever play on words, as in "a lively type of dance".

ARBAON, About regional pronunciation and word usage, I've never heard "So-sull", but
Bostonians charmingly pronounce park, fork, church and others as if there were no letter "r" in the alphabet. I don't know who uses Chicargo, but maybe they are just ecologically recycling all those dropped Boston "r's".

Jerome, It's not THAT late!

Carol, LOL, by not commenting, you already did.

carol said...

CA (7:50) I couldn't 'hep' it.
Oh, oh...I hope I don't get trouble with the grammar police over that one! :)

JD said...

Are u guys jivin' wid us?

Argyle, I forgot to thank you for the great job.Liked magenta info, and all the little tid bits that you add on for us so we get it.

eddyB said...

OK dennis. I'll stop even though I have more to say.
The name is eddyB and not EddyB.

Don't worry Hahtool, I don't post comments on the other blog.

The e-mail address is: eddyB688@ if any want to discuss
anything. Or take your pot shots.

What ever.


Dennis said...

eddyB, the name is Dennis, not dennis.

windhover said...

On the other hand, I am a democrat but not a Democrat.
It do make a difference.

Jeannie said...

We are looking for some nasty weather over here tonight and it seems I missed some nasty posts this afternoon while diligently working to get my stuff done before my visit to family. Let's all remember that this is first and foremost a crossword blog and C.C. has asked that we not discuss religion or politics on it. I know I have been guilty of posting a recipe or two and we go "off topic" a time or two as well. It just seems to me that we should refrain from attacking anyone here unless they cross those lines aforementioned.

In my opinion eddyB, you did just that today and a few days ago with Hahtool. I personally don't GAS about racing but if you remember I did wish you a great trip.

Jeannie, excited to see Thelma and Nick in the flesh; not to mention my brother, sisters and neices and nephews. Big GRIN on my face and can't wait to mouth HIMOM from the boat!

Lois, I am assuming you are in Cowboy heaven. Thank goodness they are "well seasoned".

C.C. I am also told I look good in pink.

Jeannie said...

Well, look at that...Lo-li-ta managed to make her coveted posted number.

Tinbeni said...

Hmmm, 2D Absurd, was INANE.

I guess in a way that is where the comment section has digressed.
This after both C.C. and Dennis asked for civility 8 hours ago.

Now I realize the buzzing in my head is from being a World Cup fan.
The vuvuzelas are getting to me, a bit, but now I'm in fear of the grammar police. (Please tell me they are on a break and checking on the theft of donut holes).

Jeannie, I hope you have a wonderful trip. I'd give anything to say HI MOM and HI DAD one more time. It would make my day ...

Jeannie said...

Tinbeni, I too wish you had that ability to say that in person. I am sure you have "toasted" them many a times though. I am never going to let it go this long again for not visiting them. They are getting up there 75-77, and I missed them way too much, not to mention my sibs and their offspring.

BTW, I don't worry about the grammar police. We all make typos. They should let them go in my opinion. Dennis, Windhover and eddyB were having a little pissing match and it snowballed from there.

No worries. I toast you with my Iced Tea as it is a work night and I have much to accomplish between tomorrow and Thursday. Cheers!

Clear Ayes said...

WM, Sorry I didn't say "Hi" earlier. It's always nice to see you.

Jeannie, best wishes for a wonderful family reunion. How long has it been since you've all been together?

GAH seems to be resting comfortably. I'm turning in early myself. Have a good evening, everyone.

dodo said...

CA, Could be the people who say "Chicargo" are the same ones who say 'Warshington"

Seems more and more speakers say
"for him and I". I suppose one of these days it'll be accepted. I hate it! And how about 'IN-surance' for 'inSURance'?

ARBOAN, if you fill in the two blanks just under "Google Account"
see if that makes you come up blue.

Jeannie said...

WM, I am remiss at acknowledging you too. Thanks for the well wishes for safe and fun travel.

CA, all four of us sibs haven't been together in about 3-4 years. My two sisses live near my Mom and Dad and I have "shamed" my brother to drive the 4 hours north to get together Saturday night at one of my sisters house for a sibling shindig. He has to provide the fireworks and we will provide the food and libations. Sunday is my Dad's 75th birthday celebration. A good time should be had by all.

windhover said...

Maybe you should reread the comments. If eddyB was pissing it was in his pants. Dennis was filling his role as a responsible blog administrator, and I was reacting in anger because it was 97 degrees in the hay field and I was tired of the inane, reactionary, and banal comments of an old man who won't stay on his meds.
Hope you have a nice visit with Thelma.

erieruth said...

Today's was fun, easy enough to make you feel a bit *smart*! Someone in the coffee shop asked me about it!!! Interesting, tho, the LAST word I filled in was LIPS - couldn't figure it til it worked out!!!
Can't wait for Wednesday's challenge!!!

erieruth said...

I'm new to this blog, in fact I'm new to ANY blog. So, I have one question: the use of *perp*!!! What exactly is it!!

Lucina said...

Out West it's still early, Jerome.

Thanks, I miss Hahtool's links, too; being so close to the action, she has a differernt perspective. I hope she continues to bring us news.

Lucina said...

"Perps" are the perpendicular fills as opposed to horizontal.

Bill G. said...

Erie, perp stands for perpendicular. Other crossword users often use crossing words or crossers instead, a letter obtained from a crossing word.

Lemonade714 said...

I think Garlic Gal, is realy Gail Grabowski!

If you use your gmail username(without typing the and your gmail password, you will be logged into your profile and will be blue.

Always great to see you WM, did you ever read Lawrence Block?

erieruth said...

Bill G and Lucina - THANKS!!!
Now I know that *perp* is for perpendicular. Maybe tomorrow I'll get help from a *HORI*!!!

It's really informative and such fun to read the blog knowing others love Xwords like I do!

Annette said...

Hi, erieruth.

A perp is a word that is perpedicular to the word you're thinking of at the moment.

So the perps for your final fill - LIPS - are: LOCKS, INANE, PEKOE, and SKEW.

And I used the term "fill" instead of word since it could consist of multiple words, partial words, abbreviations, acronymns, etc.


Annette said...

Oops! Sorry about the multiple answers to erieruth's "perp" question. I guess I don't type fast enough to get it in first!

Annette said...

I think the term "perp" is used for any word/fill that crosses the one you're trying to solve, whether it be vertical or horizontal...

And, yum - the Chocolate Eclair was delicious!

erieruth said...

Annette - Thanks!!! I'm totally impressed that I got even ONE answer!!!

Gunghy said...

10:59 PDT and I just finished reading the blog for the first time in 3 days. I did get Gunghy's Den into the lake, even if I can't put the keel down yet. But mainly I cleaned the cabin for friends that are using it over the Fourth.

Retired, own a cabin in the mountains, and I haven't been able to get there since March. What's wrong with this picture? Of course, 8 days to Montana and back aren't too shabby, and I'm following it up with a cruise to San Antonio on the cycle next week. (since someone asked about vacation plans last week.)

Color folks: Do you think black leathers in Arizona next week will make me look good, or just hot??

Hey, anyone want to help me warsh some squarsh??

Last month I asked several of my friends to stop sending me political emails. These were all friends that are conservative. It's not that I disagree with their politics, in fact, I don't disagree. However, much of what is going around is personal assaults on our properly elected president or actually insults on the office of the presidency. Even though I don't agree with the man, I'm bothered that so many of our countrymen (I'm not PC enough to use countrypersons) think this stuff is amusing or in any way acceptable adult behavior.

Enough ranting, I have to take my Dad into the hospital at 7:30 to get a tuneup on his pacemaker. Hopefully I'll see you earlier tomorrow.

DCannon said...

Did this work?