Jun 6, 2010

Sunday June 6, 2010 Jim Page

Theme: Taketh Away - TH is dropped (taken away) from common phrases.

27A. Reason for a burglar to take aspirin?: (TH)ROBBING HEADACHE. Throbbing Headache. Fun clue/answer.

35A. Display a casual shirt?: SHOW ONE'S TEE (TH). Show One's Teeth.

53A. One who sings during meals?: MUSICAL (TH)EATER. Musical Theater. The answer feels a bit strained to me.

60A. Where to buy "Splitting Up For Dummies"?: (TH) RIFT STORE. Thrift Store.

74A. Reaction to a New Year's Day birth?: JANUARY (TH) AW. January Thaw.

85A. Salamander coverage?: (TH) EFT INSURANCE. Theft Insurance. Very unexpected TH drop. Loved the answer.

97A. Defy a parent?: CROSS ONE'S PA (TH). Cross One's Path. I don't know cross can mean "defy". Not fond of two ONE'S in the theme answers (see 35A).

109A. Corn that may or may not be eaten?: EAR (TH) IN THE BALANCE. Does the base phrase refer to Al Gore's "Earth in the Balance"?

Some TH are dropped from the beginning of the phrase, some from the end, some from the middle (though still the beginning/end of a word). Good variety. Nice puzzle title too.

Must be a bear to construct a Sunday puzzle. 144 words (362 letters) are a lot to grid. Our average weekday puzzles normally have no more than 78 words.

Favorite clue today is COAT (113D. You might wear it out). Brilliant. Did the puzzle wear you out?


1. GM line until 2004: OLDS

5. "You're making __ mistake!": A BIG. Several partials today.

9. Coming-out parties: DEBS

13. Value: ESTEEM. The answer is never REGARD, which has the same number of letters.

19. Mariner or Mountaineer, briefly: MERC. Mercury SUVs. Stumper.

20. Moon over Milano: LUNA. Italian for "moon". Luna = Roman moon goddess. Alliteration.

21. Jazz giant, familiarly: ELLA (Fitzgerald). Not Utah Jazz.

22. Annoyingly small: MEASLY

23. Lago filler: AGUA. Spanish for water.

24. Animated bug film: ANTZ. 1998 move. This has become a gimme to me.

25. Cyberseller's site: EBAY

26. Like some champagne glasses: FLUTED. Cheers!

31. Joe Louis, e.g.: ARENA. Home of the Detroit Red Wings (NHL). Unknown to me. I could only think of BOXER.

32. "Gigi" author: COLETTE. Dennis quoted her a few times.

33. Cassis cocktail: KIR. Named after the Canon Felix Kir, the guy who created the drink.

34. "Bummer": SO SAD

39. Checkup responses: AHS

41. What Forum addresses were in: LATIN. The ancient Forum in Rome.

42. Mr. __!: old detective game: REE. No idea. Some Ebay seller claims it's a board game that inspired Clue.

43. Log opening.: EPI. Epilog. The spelling checks wants epilogue.

46. Prepare pupils for an exam?: DILATE. Without the question mark, the clue works fine too.

51. Israeli arms: UZIS

52. Mama bear: Span.: OSA. Would prefer "Spanish". "Span." suggested an abbreviated answer.

56. "Me, __ & Irene": 2000 film: MYSELF

58. Noshed: SNACKED

59. "Take __ face value": IT AT

63. Legal precedent: TEST CASE. A joyful fill for Hahtool & Lemonade.

66. Texter's "Lordy!": OMG

69. Cagney's "Yankee Doodle Dandy" role: COHAN. The movie is about George M. Cohan.

70. '60s activist Bobby: SEALE. Black Panthers co-founder.

71. Hi-__ graphics: RES

72. Trip acquisition: SOUVENIR

78. "Assuming that ..." IF SO

79. Net income earner?: ETAILER. Internet. Nice clue.

81. With hands on hips: AKIMBO. Like her posture.

88. OED entries: WDS. Words.

90. Arrow groove: NOCK. No idea. It refers to the top notch at the end of the arrow.

91. Got a little hoarse at the race, maybe: ROOTED. True!

92. Seaside bird: ERN

93. Moo goo __ pan: GAI. Gai = Chicken in Chinese. Wild Gai is slang for prostitute.

94. Take place: OCCUR

95. Buckeyes' sch.: OSU. Hello Buckeye!

100.Seat belt, e.g. : STRAP

104.Shakespeare contemporary: KYD (Thomas). No idea. Maybe Clear Ayes knows this guy.

107.Funny DVD feature: OUTTAKE

108."Love Story" author Segal: ERICH. I did not know that Al Gore inspired "Love Story" until his recent break-up with his wife.

115.Sailor with "muskles": POPEYE. Yeah, why didn't he say "I sweet potato what I sweet potato"?

117.Jay's home: NEST. The real bird. Thought it might refer to Toronto Blue Jays.

118.__ to one's neck: IN UP

119.Textile machine: LOOM

120.Fends off: AVERTS

121.Disney lioness: NALA. In "The Lion King".

122."__ fan tutte": COSI. Mozart opera. Literally "Thus do all (women"). "Women are like that".

123.Coventry carriage: PRAM. British for baby stroller. Coventry is a city in England. Unknown to me.

124.Microscope parts: LENSES

125.Computer since 1998: IMAC

126.Some Fr. martyrs: STES. Saintes.

127.Like some feed: OATY. Not enough space for VIDEO/AUDIO.


1. Actor Epps: OMAR

2. Versatile block: LEGO

3. Clobber: DRUB

4. Healing sign: SCAB. No SCAB/SCAR hesitation today.

5. Family support group: AL-ANON. What does AL stand for?

6. They botch jobs: BUNGLERS. Ah, OK.

7. Where there are too many fish, as per a 1964 hit: IN THE SEA. "Too Many Fish in the Sea" by The Marvelettes. Not in my radar. Here is the clip.

8. Newspaper name: GAZETTE

9. One of The Ramones: DEE DEE. Nailed it.

10. Island off Tuscany: ELBA

11. __ belt: BLACK

12. Acknowledge a passerby: SAY HI

13. "Unbelievable" band: EMF. Indie band from the UK. Another stranger to me.

14. Ethiopian messiah: SELASSIE. Haile Selassie.

15. Bullish start?: TAURO. Prefix for "bull". Rooted in Taurus.

16. __ Park, Colorado: ESTES

17. "The Mask of Zorro" heroine: ELENA. Nope. Maybe Bill G knows. He loves Catherine Zeta-Jones.

18. 1962 Paul Petersen hit: MY DAD. Here is the song. I was clueless.

28. Screen picture: ICON

29. Scarfed down: ATE

30. Horse and buggy __ : ERA. Refers to the 19th and early 20th centuries. Before the advent of the automobile.

35. Run-down area: SLUM

36. Lacking clarity: HAZY

37. Bluesman Redding: OTIS. Hello Otis the Bear!

38. More erudite: WISER

40. "Good" cholesterol, briefly: HDL

43. Opal finish?: ESCE. Opalesce. Verb. I only know opalescent.

44. Water__: dental gadget: PIK. Not a familiar gadget to me.

45. Picnic pitcherful: ICE TEA. Alas, another D-less Iced Tea.

47. Nonclerical: LAIC

48. Floral perfume: ATTAR. Rose oil.

49. Pull one's leg: TEASE

50. Some Deco works: ERTES

52. Go __ a tangent: OFF ON

53. 6 on a handset: MNO

54. Former Mideast org.: UAR (United Arab Republic). Old Egypt-Syr. alliance (1958-1961).

55. "Be __ ...": A DEAR

57. Tiny parasites: LICE

58. D.C.'s Union, e.g.: STN

61. Exiled South Vietnamese president: THIEU (Tyoo). I can never remember his name.

62. ''Nausea'' novelist: SARTRE

64. __ a fox: SLY AS

65. Weather-resistant wood: TEAK

66. Basketmaking branch: OSIER. Here are some red osier.

67. Diva Anna: MOFFO. Nope. Have never heard of this lady. Strange name.

68. Keen enjoyment: GUSTO

70. California's Big __: SUR

73. Soccer ball brand: VOIT. No idea. Named after the founder William J Voit.

74. Islamic spirit: JINN. Quite a few variant spellings of this spirit.

75. Still product: Abbr. : ALC. Gee, alcohol.

76. Bridal page word: NEE

77. React to a shot, say: WINCE

80. Swiss river: AAR

82. Soft shoes: MOCS

83. Victoria's Secret spec: B-CUP. I am sure Dennis wants D-CUP. How about you, Argyle?

84. Cajun staple: OKRA

86. One starting out: NEOPHYTE. Awesome fill.

87. Radical campus gp.: SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)

88. Start of an adage about economy: WASTE NOT. Want not. I like the answer.

89. Rid, as of false ideas: DISABUSE

93. Some Hawthorne works: GOTHICS

94. Like the lama, but not the llama, in a Nash poem: ONE L

96. Lei wearer's strings: UKE. Not the string I have in mind

97. Cold relief caplet: CONTAC. Not enough space for DayQuil.

98. Bad place to be stuck: RUT

99. Giraffe cousins: OKAPIS. Barb B used to like this picture.

100.Usually green flower part: SEPAL

101.Treasure hoard: TROVE

102.Go from green to red, often: RIPEN. Lovely clue. Echo the "green" in 100D.

103.Their service is impeccable: ACERS. Tennis.

105.One-named Greek singer: YANNI

106.Hope: DREAM

110.Mallorca, for one: ISLA. Not familiar with Majorca (Mallorca in Spanish), the largest island of Spain.

111.Kal Kan rival: ALPO

112.Director Ephron: NORA. I liked her "Sleepless in Seattle".

114.Award for Tina Fey: EMMY

116.Basic center?: ESS. The center S in the word Basic.

Answer grid.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

This puzzle didn't wear me out, but it did beat me down a bit.

I did get the theme relatively early on, but the fact that the missing "TH" wasn't removed consistently from the same part of the phrases didn't help much.

The hardest section, and the last part I finished, was the NE corner. I did not know EMF (I wanted ELO), MY DAD or ELENA, and I was only vaguely aware that Joe Louis was the name of an ARENA somewhere. The fact that I did finally remember the ARENA is the only thing that let me finish that corner.

The other challenging spot was just a few squares to the left of the NE corner, where I didn't know DEEDEE and refused to believe that DEBS referred to parties and not the people attending the parties. Plus, SAY HI is such a random phrase that really could have been just about anything.

I think the only other complete unknown for me today was COLETTE, but fortunately I was able to get it entirely via the perps.

And that's it for me. Have a great one!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC. This was a really good Sunday puzzle, but I struggled a bit with the theme clues, especially since the missing TH was sometimes at the beginning of a word and sometimes at the end. I didn't make A BIG mistake, thought, in completing this puzzle.

I wanted Bible Belt instead of BLACK BELT.

My favorite clue was Prepare a Pupil for an Exam = DILATE.

I really liked the Ramones. So sad that so many of the band members have died.

I don't really think of wearing out a COAT. Shoes, yes, but rarely do I wear a coat so much that it wears out. Of course, when one lives in a warm climate, one doesn't wear a coat often.

Thanks, for the shout out on TEST CASE.

AL ANON is a support group for family members of alcoholics.

QOD: Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

windhover said...

Re 83 D:
It's the B for me, for both form and function.

BTW, it's a beautiful, breezy, cloudy, and quiet Sunday morning in the Outer Bluegrass. Hope that's true where you are, too.

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - only have a minute for this, but I agree with C.C. -- this was a very well-done puzzle, which I did at about 2am. Even once the theme became apparent, the remaining theme answers still provided a challenge. I hope to add some comments about the other clues later.

C.C., thanks for the picture from 83D; I actually love all sizes, 'cause as my grandmother said, "anything more.......well, I'm sure we all know the rest.

Hahtool, 113D, 'You might wear it out' means you might wear it outSIDE. Great clue, as C.C. pointed out.

Jerome, thanks for the post last night; means a lot, coming from you. And Clear Ayes, you're right - I've been an Indy for many, many years.

Have a great Sunday, do something fun; I've got a bike calling me, and heavy storms a couple hours off.

Hahtoolah said...

Dennis: Thanks for the explanation of wearing a COAT outside. D'uh! Well, as I said, living in an extremely HOT climate, I rarely have the need to wear a coat. So that part of my statement still holds true!.

Lemonade714 said...

There are so many good, legitimate clues for DEBS, in POLITICS , also in ACCOUNTING , of course (warning if you do not like ) SOFT CORE PORN to say nothing of the young women making their way into society, why this clue, which I cannot find support for?

Overall an interesting Sunday, must off to work after I stop laughing about my 75 year old Italian neighbor, who does not speak good English, who is determined to kill the iguanas who come to visit our pool, chasing them with the metal skimmer “Dey poopa da pool, I’ma gonna kill dem sumbitches, and the ladies in the east building too, dey witches, I tella dem, drop dead witches.” Started the day at the ocean with the SUNRISE .

Splynter said...

It was Thieu that led me here - I punched in the clue because I was clueless, and discovered the blog. I agree with most, and did a 77D filling in the answer to 9A - and I also thought it was a 5A to drop the D in ICE TEA. Glad to find a new outlet for my crossword thoughts, see you next time - by the way, I grew up with English parents, who would get "cross" with me, and it was not good....

fermatprime said...

Hi CC! Great job.

Jim Page: Really intricate and enjoyable puzzle!
But would like to see explanation of DEBS!

I get the feeling that the same questions get answered over and over because some people do not bother to read the blog before blogging. (Dennis, you and I blogged simultaneosly yesterday.)

DODO: I do not know whether the TV show about H. Macbeth was a flop. However, just about everything charming about the character was changed. Imagine a short, dark-haired Macbeth without the accent! BTW, I really think that you would enjoy the Agatha Raisin books!

Hahtoolah said...

Welcome, Splynter. We are a fun group and have lots of interesting discussions, first about the crossword puzzle itself, then off on tangents that are generally free-association thoughts stemming from the puzzle.

Crockett1947 said...

My take on DEBS is that "party " is used in a legal sense -- party of the first part and party of the second part, etc. It's a stretch, but I think it can be made to work, just not very elegantly.

Dennis said...

Debutantes have 'coming-out' parties, and they are in fact the parties involved in the parties. At least, that's how I took it.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, The NE corner was my sticking place, for sure. I didn't know EMF, ELENA, or MY DAD. For 22A I tried TINIER and PUNIER and TEENEY. MEASLY just wasn't on my radar. If anybody has ever heard of TAURO as a prefix for bull (TAURObull?), please let me know. I finally filled in the area with lots of perp back and forth, but it wasn't pretty.

I caught the theme right away with (TH)ROBBING HEADACHE and liked most of the connections.

SHOW ONE'S TEE(TH) was not a phrase I've ever heard. Is it the same as BARE ONE'S TEETH, as in "snarl"? I have heard that one before.

Thanks to C.C. for the explanation of EAR(TH)IN THE BALANCE. I just couldn't figure out where the TH went. Somehow I missed Mr. Gore's 1993 book.

MUSICAL (TH)EATER is a very common way of referring to...well, musical theater. A "musical" is the individual production and "musical theater" is the genre.

C.C., I've heard the name Thomas KYD, although that didn't help much with 104A fill. I g'd him and although he was a well known playwright, he was not known for poetry.

Barry G., I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had problems with Joe Louis ARENA.

I think Crockett/Dennis is right with his take on DEBS. The party of the first part etc. is a DEB.

Hi, Splynter. An anon from last night mentioned that this blog is addicting. He/she was right!

Lucina said...

Good day, C.C. and all puzzlers.

Jim Page, I am in love with you! You gave us a fantastic xwd with NOT ONE sports clue. It's almost unbelievable.

This in fact, was for me easier than yesterday's. I clipped right along without even noticing the theme until later, here actually.

Yes, Dennis, thank you for the "coat" explanation. As one who has three of them but hardly ever wears them until I visit a really cold area, I wondered about the clue, "wears out."

New word for me: NOCK. I guess that is where the phrase "top notch" originated, from an arrow. Love it.

Great clues:
Prepare pupils for an esam: DILATE
Net income earner: ETAILER
Some deco works: ERTES

About the islands of Mallorca and Minorca (ll is pronounced like y; that one means large and the other small refers to the root words "mayor" large or major, minor, small.

You all have a wonderful Sunday!

Jerome said...

Ah, The Ramones. All three founding members, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, are dead.
Ramone is only a stage name. No band members were related.

Tinbeni said...

Barry G covered my NE corner to a tee.
Dennis that was my take on the DEBS "coming-out" parties also.

The take out some letters, add some letters, are examples of themes I've grown tired of.
Today's take out "TH" were easy to spot and solve. Most got a groan.

Hahtool: AL ANON, is for families of alcoholics?
Damn, I guess I should contact mine then.
Did like that Sill product, abbr. ALC.

GOTHICS plural?
IF SO, IT AT, IN UP = yuck!

MNO, 6 on a dial, now this is how an alphabet series shoulf be clued.

MOFFO & KYD were complete unknowns.

Mary said...

Welcome Splynter. I found the blog the same way, googling for an answer one day. Is that how everyone else found it? It's a fun group, meandering way beyond crosswordese as the day goes on.

I got today's theme right away with ROBBING HEADACHE, but the wandering TH made some of the others tricky.

My favorite clue was 46A, 'prepare pupils for an exam'. My son's finals just finished so I followed the misdirection with 'review' which doesn't have even one letter in common with DILATE. The perps fixed that. NE was the last to fall, but I don't see any write overs there. Guess I just needed time.

Chickie, best wishes to your grandson with the Peace Corps.

Bill G. said...

CC, how did you remember about my appreciation for Catherine Zeta-Jones? She's one of the finest 40-year-old women I can think of. I enjoyed her in Zorro but couldn't remember the name of her character until I got some of the crosses.

Re. nock, my father and I did some archery. The bowstring would be wound with additional thread at the nocking point to retard abrasion. Also, there would be a little bump or two so that the arrow would always be nocked at the same place.

Jerome said...

And by the way, Jim Page is quite an accomplished constructor. Don't know the LA Times stats, but he's authored 66 NY Times puzzles, including 10 Sunday puzzles.

Argyle said...

Like what Dennis said about 83D, it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I was prepared to write about wearing a coat out and coming out parties. But you early birds beat me to it. The meaning of d├ębutante (that's what my spell check writes)is one who is coming out to society. I guess deb doesn't any longer need to indicate it's an abbr.

Fave is, like many others, dilute. I felt clever when I figured that out.

Congratulations and best wishes for your grandson, Chickie, on going to Senegal for two years in the Peace Corps.

Hope all of you have a great Sunday.


dodo said...

Hi, everybody! Crockett and Dennis, I agree with your take on 'parties' referring to persons and even considered that the fill might by 'gays' but decided to go for 'debs'. Had an old landlord once years ago who referred to his wife as "that old party!" Being newlyweds at the time, we got a big chuckle out of it.

Chickie said...

Hello All--I haven't done the puzzle yet. It isn't publised in our paper on Sunday, so I have to do it online.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes for my Grandson's stint in the Peace Corp. He'll be leaving sometime this summer.

Also welcome to Splynter. I,too, was Googling an answer when this site came up. I've been here ever since. I know that you'll enjoy the banter.

Argyle said...

93. Moo goo __ pan: GAI. Gai = Chicken in Chinese. Wild Gai is slang for prostitute.

Oh C.C., is this an image of "wild gai"?

Anonymous said...

don't get 42 across? old detective game: Mr. Ree. Try saying the game name out loud.

Jerome said...

Clear Ayes- I'm surprised that TAURO wasn't clued in reference to the writers Scott Tauro and Henry David Tauro. It could also have been clued as the answer to a flick about Japanese matadors, Tauro, Tauro, Tauro!

Dennis said...

Jerome, get some rest. Lots of rest.

eddyB said...


Puzzle was ok. Did it last night
after the Texas 550.

Maybe the Danica haters will be quiet for awhile. She had a battle with Briscoe untill the end. Samona sat trapped in the middle
of an oil fire for some time. She is ok. Next race Iowa.

61 Hours is great. Almost finished.
It's like a season of 24. You know something is going to happen just not what.

Maybe I can get some work done out side when it cools off some and I take enough Tylenol.


eddyB said...

Sorry about that. I double tapped


Clear Ayes said...

Jerome, I agree with Dennis. That was tauro-bull.

eddyB said...

Surprised that no one mentioned that today was the anniversary of


Gunghy said...

I hate it when I have to google. So I kept a list: S. V. Pres., Epps, Ramones, Cagney role, Nausea author and Diva Anna (which directed me here.) Lucina, I'll see and raise you on your dislike of sports terms with how I feel about Proper names. Although I might have gotten the Cagney role, except I had STA for 58D.

Just to show my age, I tried SANSA belt. Also DEF for RES and NOD TO for 12D. I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the Seattle Mariners and West Virginia Mountaineers had in common.

EMF? No kidding that's an unbelievable band! My first reaction was WTF, then I heard the song and it was LOL. Yes, I really wanted ELO, to the point of removing FLUTED for a while.

I googled 'tauro prefix' and found this: A blog about the NYT x-word. Scroll down to the picture of the bull.

We have a local band called the Mofo Party Band. The Mofo stands for the same thing as MF in EMF, but I like their music. I instantly thought of them when MOFFO showed up.

Overall, I really enjoyed it until I got down to nothing but names. My favorite AHA was EFT INSURANCE. It's a great new way to use a tiresome term.

Splynter, Welcome. You're on the wrong coast. I couldn't figure out what you meant about the "D" until I actually looked at a can. Never use it. Arizona Ice'D' tea is produced by Allied Beverages of Woodbury, NY.

Merry June 6th to all and to all a good night.

Bill G. said...

Barbara and I just got back from "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It was a very good production I thought but alas, I have never managed to develop an understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare. Too much of the dialogue goes by me without it sinking in. My loss.

~ Bill

Annette said...

Wasn't there a scene in "Jeremiah Johnson" about SHOWing ONES TEEth to indicate you were friendly to a stranger?

Maybe it's like "grinning down a bear" ala Davey Crockett.

I was rushing to finish the puzzle before being picked up for dinner. Luckily, the perps were on my side for most of it, even EMF. But the U in thEFT INSURANCE totally had me stymied! I had to resort to random letter guesses, just so I could finish getting ready in time...

Mainiac said...

Hey All!

Haven't done the puzzle. Working on getting our older guys to keep coming!

Dennis, Tougue (Lake Trout), brook trout and White Fish. All naturals on the third biggest lake the state. Chamberlain...26 miles long!!

See you in a week!!!

JD said...

Hi CC and all,

Thought this c/w was challenging, doable and clever, although I had big problems in the middle.You'd think I'd rememmber about beginnings and endings by now;epi andasce slowed me down.Lots of new things for me. Loved your picture of the osiers.Akimbo and nosh are not new , but my brain thought they were. D'oh.

Loved eft insurance, and from green to red. You don't see neophyte in a c/w very often!Thanks for explanation about the coat. Jeez..V-8 time!

Well, we just cleaned out our P trap under the sink...garbage disposal yuk...all gone now.

Does anyone else read Nora Ephron's blog entries in the Huffington Post? She hasn't had one since Nov., but they are all hilarious, just like her book, I Feel Bad About my Neck

Fog rolled in tonight. That's an aaaahhhhhh for us.

Lucina said...

I feel your pain!

Good night all.

Crockett1947 said...

Jazzbumpa. you OK? Hope the nasties stayed away from you and yours!