Jun 23, 2010

Wednesday June 23, 2010 Dan Naddor

Theme: ESSES - The second word of each two-word phrase contains a pair of consecutive letter S.

20A. Confident: SELF- POSSESSED. Or maybe when a Demon invades his own body?

26A. Second-counter's opening: ONE MISSISSIPPI. My first thought was wondering who was the first counter.

41A. Evaluation by co-workers: PEER ASSESSMENT.

47A. Professional hitter?: HIRED ASSASSIN. Did anyone go for baseball? I thought of the wonderful series of books about Keller a hit man created by Lawrence Block, who has many series characters, all of which are quite flawed, but the books are fun.

And the unifier:

61A. Each of the four longest puzzle answers has two pairs of them: ESSES.

And as a little bonus, a half answer, 16A. Essence: SOUL.

Lemonade here, and getting to blog a Dan Naddor, I was so excited, but I found this to be an unusually easy puzzle from Dan, with flashes of brilliance but it went too quickly…well, let’s get right to work.


1A. "Stay" singer Lisa: LOEB Reality Bites she met Ethan Hawke, and gave him a demo, he then played the song for Ben Stiller, who was directing the film, and it ended up playing during the credits, and becoming a #1 hit, without ever being released anywhere else.

5A. DeMille with an Oscar: CECIL B., the original movie mogul.

10A. Short pans?: UGHS. This is classic Dan Naddor, not only do you have to recognize the pun (PANS – PANTS) but you have interpret PAN to mean to be critical of, then you can get the answer.

14A. The Dixie Chicks, e.g.: TRIO. There were three of them, but I think they broke up.

15A. Wet, in a way: RAINY.

17A. Bell sound: DONG. Well the bell is rung, and I bet this inspires our DF ladies to read this puzzle more carefully.

18A. Make a delivery?: ORATE.

19A. Salinger title girl: ESME. This is our fifth visit from this character this year.

23A. "In a sec": NOT YET. This took some perp work.

25A. Sierra Club founder John et al.: MUIRS. I guess this is better than the Ghost and Mrs._______.

31A. Inventor Howe: ELIAS. My grandfather was a tailor, so I had this one sewed up.

32A. Bonehead: IDIOT. This word is a favorite of baseball announcers when describing poor decisions by players.

33A. Fontanne of Broadway: LYNN. Along with her husband Alfred Lun she was a dominating force on Broadway for many years, still working into the 70’s.

34A. Mix: BLEND. My fist thought was TOM.

35A. High-quality cotton: PIMA. There, now you know everything.

39A. Son of Sarah: ISAAC. We had the discussion of ISHMAEL, and ISAAC, ABRAHAM’s first two sons.

40A. Cream dispensers: TUBES. I thought of coffee.

45A. Cut into slices: CARVE. Made me think of peanuts.

46A. Materialize: APPEAR.

52A. Ahmadinejad's land: IRAN. Not a nice man.

53A. Nut-yielding tree: BEECH. Ah the memories, Beech Nut.

54A. Perlman of "Cheers": RHEA. Married to Danny DeVito for many years.

57A. Telescope part: LENS.

58A. Carpenter's machine: LATHE.

59A. Rows: OARS. OAR, OAR your boat, gently down the stream…

60A. "__ Anything": "Oliver!" song: I’D DO. I like this one better.

62A. Fargo's st.: N. Dak.. To balance or SDAK.

Yay, let’s get down tonight, I did some work for KC in the 80’s.


1D. Inc., in London: LTD. Abbreviation for Limited, popular in many countries.

2D. What Pizarro sought: ORO. Gee, we just saw OAR; anyway, a double dipper, you have to know the explorer, that he sought gold, and the Spanish word for gold. This is not the old White Sox left hander, Juan Pizarro.

3D. Brain: EINSTEIN.

4D. Under-the-bed hider: BOGEY MAN. What plagued Tiger and Phil down the stretch at the Open.

5D. Partner of Seals: CROFTS. We had a beautiful Summer Breeze by my place tonight.

6D. Tombstone lawman: EARP. They were still in Kansas, Toto.

7D. "Later!": CIAO. Rhymes with HAO NAO BRAON CAO.

8D. QB's misthrows: INTS. Since QB is abbreviated, so is the answer.

9D. Cleaning compounds: LYES. You do not buy them in packs.

10D. Exhausts: USES UP. I thought of fumes.

11D. Dirt: GOSSIP. Makes sense when you are reading the Enquirer while you wait in line at the grocery store.

12D. Scapulae-to-ulnae bones: HUMERI. There must be punch line here somewhere.

13D. Mushers' vehicles: SLEDS.

21D. Luau souvenirs: LEIS. Ah, the good old days when we had a Hawaiian contingent.

22D. Discharge: EMIT. Honey, DISCHARGE on the VISA is way too much.

23D. Christmas air: NOEL. Air?

24D. Without siblings: ONLY. How many of our midst are only children? I am the third of three boys.

27D. Marner of fiction: SILAS, where were the Spark Notes in my day? A book by a woman named George; I was confused. He was a nasty miser, but he wasn’t, geeze.

28D. Think tank output: IDEAS.

29D. Subsequently: SINCE.

30D. Landscaper's supply: SOD. I love the British use, SOD ALL…

34D. Jamboree gp.: BSA. Boy Scouts of America.

35D. Lift weights: PUMPING IRON . I wonder what Arnold will do now.

36D. Sting victim's wail: I BEEN HAD. Sounds kinda Arabic.

37D. Actress Suvari: MENA. Cute, what did you all think of American Beauty?

38D. Galileo's sci.: ASTR. Astronomy.

39D. Burned up: IRED. I get the concept, of IRE, but I cannot find it in a dictionary.

40D. Recipe amts.: TSPS. Always this or TBSP.

41D. Like socks, hopefully: PAIRED.

42D. Trip to the bank, say: ERRAND.

43D. Nonetheless: EVEN SO.

44D. Pane holders: SASHES. Windows, the old kind you look through.

45D. Common cook-off dish: CHILI. CHILI today, Hot TAMALE.

48D. Skilled: ABLE.

49D. Neptune's realm: SEAS.

50D. Match makers?: SETS. very tricky, in honor of the Wimbledon Fortnight, Tennis matches.

51D. Hurt: ACHE.

55D. Procter & Gamble detergent: ERA. Well, at least it avoids any political discussion of equal rights.

56D. "Shoot!": ASK.

Answer grid.

That’s all folks. I wish you each a very happy and hurricane free summer.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Lemonade, C.C. and gang - what a nice treat, getting one of Dan's puzzles on hump day! However, I thought this one was a bit less clever than we've come to expect, but then we've been spoiled. Simple theme, which was apparent after the second theme answer.

I didn't care for just 'only' for 'Without siblings'. Needed perp help for 'Mena' Suvari and Lisa 'Loeb', even though we've seen both before. Not being a coffee drinker, I also needed perps for 'tube'. 'Match makers' was a great clue, as was 'Short pans', but I really felt they were the exceptions. Still a fun puzzle to do, but as I said, I think I've been spoiled.
Lemonade, nice, informative write-up. And to answer your question, I'm an only child.

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and......National Pink Day. Not sure exactly what's celebrated, but I've got a good idea how to honor the day...

Did you know:

- The first American magazine (1741) was called The American Magazine.

- Every four seconds, someone in the world opens a can of Spam. (Jeez, he must be enormous by now)

- The average lightning bolt is only an inch in diameter.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Indeed, we are expecting too much of Dan. Still a great, never tried-before theme. I am wearing a pink tank top to honor the day. Great addition of "Did you know" to your daily comment. Thanks for the fun.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Re: Jive & Jibe. I've also seen the two misused on the blog a few times. I am glad Sallie took time to explain them. Sometimes the misuse is not the result of typo or clever play on words. Just misuse, period!

This is a crossword blog after all. Proper grammar and correct use of words are very much valued and expected.

Tinbeni said...

Good Morning one and all.
Great write-up Lemonade.

Seeing that it was a Dan Naddor I was expecting a "pun-fest."
Oh well, a FUN puzzle anyway.
Also needed the perps for MENA Suvari and Lisa LOEB. And drinking my coffee, with cream & sugar, didn't help me get the cream TUBES, nice mis-direction.
Last to fall was the NE until the dirt, GOSSIP opened up ESME and SOUL.
UGHS is just a great answer.
I BEEN HAD, hmmmm? Have heard "I've been had" before. This probably should go to the grammar police.

Hahtoolah said...

C.C., I am truly horrified to think that I played any role in the nastiness that has appeared on your blog during the past week.

I enjoyed this Dan Naddor puzzle and was able to do it without any outside help, misleading clues notwithstanding.

windhover said...

Oldest of two brothers here,
You did not.

Dennis said...

Let's just put the past behind and move on, ok? Hopefully that particular problem child will stay on his meds.

Barry G. said...

Morning, folks!

Nice puzzle overall, with some clever cluing ("short pans" was my favorite).

I really could have done without I BEEN HAD, however. As Tinbeni mentioned, it's just poor grammar and not a phrase I have ever heard anybody actually use.

Mainiac said...

Good morning Lemonade, CC and All,

What a great way to start a Wednesday! A Naddor Grid, my favorite. I will agree it wasn't quite a challenge as I did finish in pencil, and usually don't. I worked this one from the south upwards with Idiot, Blend and Isaac being the last to fill in. I was quite clueless about Idiot for some reason. Getting the theme solved it for me. Fun puzzle.

Nice job on the write up Councilor! I'm the third of four, older brother and sister, and of course the perfect (yeah, right!) baby sister.

Jeannie, Have a great visit with your folks! I feel very fortunate to still live in the some Town as mine.

Work would not quite be the same if Hank and Zivah came in. Besides, the boys are home dog sitting. Not sure if that's going to be a good thing on this rainy day!??

Have a great Hump Day!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers = That was easy! Hand up for I BEEN HAD. I prefer "We wuz robbed!", but that would be controversial too, I guess. :-)

SASHES would cause a fuss in the window industry. I visited the Marvin plant at the very top of Minnesota, in Warroad; while there it was well reinforced that the plural of sash is sash. I gather from reading the blog that JazzB was in a similar line of work, perhaps he'll weigh in.

American Beauty didn't impress me, for a variety of reasons, but I did like Annette Benning's portrayal of a somewhat frantic real estate agent. Quite by chance I found myself having lunch with her on a later filming location, a few houses down from mine.

ONLY? Not me. Sounds like a luxury. I was the last of five. Bah.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning.
An easy puzzle today. I think about 10 minutes worth of solving and I was done.

Boy, this site has changed some. Reading some of the comments yesterday. Most are in the same vein as in the days of yesteryear but some are quite a bit different.

Someone mentioned C.C. in pink yesterday and that she looks good. Now today is Pink Day. Coincidence?

For those who asked, my world is fine. Miss the blog but haven't really had the time to stop by much. Job has changed quite a bit and involves a lot of traveling.

Trivia tidbit: The dog on Petticoat Junction that was Uncle Joe's companion was named Higgins in real life. He came out of retirement at the age of 14 years (dog years) to star in the first Benji movie. He died shortly after that. His owner also trained Arnold Ziffle (the pig on Green Acres). When the owner died, he had both animals ashes interred with him.

Paolo said...

Buon giorno!

Lemonade: Great write-up!

Enjoyed: HUMERI
Really disliked: IBEENHAD, IRED

New to me: PIMA

Still don't get: UGHS

(oldest of seven)

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning all. Nice write-up L714.

A treat to a Dan puzzle, but a relatively easy one. I agree with Lemonade's and Dennis' comments as to difficulty and cleverness. Perhaps it was one of Dan's earlier efforts whose talent Rich appreciated, but was put on the back burner.

Liked the theme; had my aha moment when ONE MISSISSIPPI fell, and a peek at 51A confirmed the theme. That gave me HIRED ASSASSIN. The rest was routine. Liked ORO and PIMA.

Windhover - Hope your hay doesn't get RAINed on and that it arrives in your mow bone-dry.


Dennis said...

Paolo, to pan something means to give it a negative review, hence the 'ugh', a very short 'pan'.

Tinbeni said...

Though I usually dislike cross cluing, you know the ones:
"26A opposite of 47D"
"47D opposite of 26A"

Today I was hoping for 32A Bonehead to just be simply clued as 52A Leader

That would have revealed IDIOT in

Anonymous said...

Pima cotton is extra long staple ( ELS ) cotton. Generally, the length of a single representative fibre of cotton is 1.5 inches or less.

ELS is near the top of that range. The longer the length of a single fibre, the finer you can twist the fibres (without unraveling ) while spinning to make yarn ... thus getting a finer or thinner resultant woven cloth.

Expensive shirt material is 120 to 140 count ( count is feet per pound of string ). Mens underwear is 40 to 60 count.

Synthetic fibres like Nylon, have a theoretically unlimited count , since it is one continuous fibre, hence it allows for a very very fine weave. Synthetic materials like Nylon and Rayon are measured in another system of measurement called Denier. ( Grams per 9000 meters of yarn ... an inverse of the count algorithm ).

On the lighter side,

I didn't know what a 'perp' was, but I was too ashamed to ask. I figured it was some sort of computer program. Yesterday, I found out.

If perpendiculars are called perps, are the horizontals called h-r-s ?

Bob said...

Missed one letter today (35A - 37D). Didn't know PIMA or MENA, so missed the M where they crossed. Also didn't know LOEB at 1A but could work it out from the others around it. 24 minutes.

Perp said...

Anon 8:56
Perpendiculars (perps) can be either vertical or horizontal.

Either way they cross the other word at a 90 degree angle

GarlicGal said...

I was all over the place this morning! Ugh! Can't tell you how long it took me to come up with Muir...I hate when my brain freezes. (Happens a lot lately.) 15 minutes.

AmieeAya said...

Man guys, this one was really tough for me today! Must be the dark weather outside; makes me think I should've stayed in bed. Funny, I was excited to fill in LOEB right away, as the Reality Bites soundtrack is in my car right now. Also got MENA and even ESSESS right away after a couple of the longer clues APPEARED. Had a few missteps that totally threw me off, SOUL (had aura), ESME (had Zoey...), SASHES (had frames), NOTYET (had hold on), and NDAK (had Minn, don't ask, there is no excuse for this, especially for a Midwesterner!!). And still don't really get UGHS.

A bit disappointed in myself, with this being a Naddor puzzle and all. Well, some just click and some just stump, right? Hope you all enjoy National Pink Day. I, myself, am not a big fan...

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, We may have seen Lisa LOEB before, but it didn't ring a bell for me this time. So the NW had to start out with the perps. (Yes, Perp@9:38 is on the money. Right angle is the key.)

I liked most of this Dan Naddor contribution. (10A) Short pans?/UGH and (18A) Make a delivery?/ORATE were very sharp.

Not only were the theme answers new and unusual, they were clued very cleverly. I had to look at (26A) Second-counter's opening/ONE MISSISSIPPI even after I filled it in to get it..."D'oh".

But...I didn't care for (39D) Burned up/IRED. It may be for real, but I've never said, "I'm really IRED!". Same thing goes for (36D) Sting victim's wail/I BEEN HAD.

It looks like some of the guys had trouble with (40A) Cream dispensers/TUBES. I bet that one came pretty easily for most of our women....hand cream, face cream, night cream...etc., they all come in TUBES.

I'm oldest of three girls, nine years between me and number two and almost four years more to the youngest.

I liked American Beauty a lot. I didn't see the ending coming for a long time and when I did, it was inevitable.

ARBAON said...

To the helpful person who advised me as to how to turn blue...I`ve done that and everything else anyone has I said, sometimes it works...other times, "I been had!."

Easy romp today...favorite clue: "second counter`s opening".
I learned to spell "Mississippi" from a parent who loved the song: "M-i-crooked letter crooked letter-i, crooked letter crooked letter-i, hump back hump back- i-Mississippi, Flowing down to New `Orleens.`" (sic)

Mainiac said...

Tinbeni, Excellent!! I'd like to be a fly on the wall for the McChrystal meeting today!! I think some fur is going to fly. I hope not so much he gets fired because this appears to be bad timing with the strategy that's in place.

BT said...

I have to credit "A Christmas Story" for me being able to fill in "Silas" for 27D. Marner of fiction. I knew watching that movie overe and over whould eventually pay off!

Al said...

I won't complain about "I been had", as it seems to me that a person with such poor grammar would be exactly the type that might fall for scams.

Pan is an interesting word with many meanings. The closest I could find online of someone trying to explain why it means to criticize severely relates it to the process of panning gold. We still say, "It panned out well," when something we have done pleases us, and "It didn't pan out" when something went wrong.

Sometimes, critics may pan a movie or play so severely that no one will go to see it (UGH). There are times, however, when a play or movie became highly successful, even though most of the critics panned it without mercy. The pans should have washed it out. But, as actors have pointed out, sometimes a critic's pan turns up gold. One movie that comes to mind is "Rocky Horror Picture Show"; so bad it is thought to be good by a very large cult following.

Argyle said...

Sting victim's wail

I don't care for his music but I thought that was a bit harsh so then I went the wasp route. Tried to get it to end in stung, but that would have been too close to sting. So I left it to the perps to solve.(Where's the grammar police when you need them?)

Four older sisters and a one younger, nine years junior. (oops)

Anonymous said...


WM said...

Hi back to everyone from yesterday. Have been very busy of late but usually try to at least read the actual blogging part so have enjoyed seeing all our great bloggers and their different viewpoints.

Pretty much what CA said today except I started dead center top with CECIL and worked from there...ONE MISSISSIPPI definitly gave me a *face palm* moment but the rest was pretty easy...but it was, after all, a Dan Naddor and, as such, to be savored.

The totally D'oh moment though, after knowing things like Lisa LOEB, was staring at BSA and having an absolutely brain-dead moment until Lemonade kindly expained it was the Boy Scouts...sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Thanks for the support, C.C.

For a second time, the theme helped me get the long ones. But I missed the proper names:Loeb, humeri, and Rhea.

Hahtool, you've not done anything wrong!


Anonymous said...

Is humeri a proper name? If it is, it should be capitalized.

eddyB said...

Good morning all. And how are you this fine day?

Simple little puzzle with a few clues to be enjoyed. 1A was the only unknown and the Ds took care of it. After filling in 20A, went down and filled in 61A. So much for the theme.

Nice wish Lemon. If only. We already had one.

Dennis. Have been using eddyB on this blog for a year. Your using EddyB was a slap in the face. Not supprised by the number of people
who didn't listen to your cease fire order.

C.C. Sorry you were upset. I don't
have time to be here 24/7 either.
Just wish I had five more posts to tell some what I thought. This is a diverse group and someone is going to be annoyed or pissed off
by what is said no matter what.

Tin. Your anti-BP remark had me on the floor. I was laughing so hard but made it to the bathroom in plenty of time. Still believe in lemmings?

Jeannie. Sure do and thank you again. BTW I use mayo for the binder and some tabasco for the zing.

That's it for now. Time to mozzy
out to the hayfield and take care of the sheep.

What ever folks. Say what you will.
There is a message in those words for some.


Dudley said...

BT - I guess I haven't seen Christmas Story quite enough times...where does Silas Marner fit in?

Jerome said...

Lemonade- My first reaction to I BEEN HAD was exactly the same as yours... IBN HAD. This should bother you quite a bit.

Hahtool- Will you please do us all a big favor and go back to writing your fun, thoughtful, LONGER posts.

I'm the third of three boys. The other two thirds of me is made of nine girls.

Lucina said...

Good day, Lemondade714 and fellow puzzlers.

Wonderful blogging, Lemon.

For a moment I thought the newspaper had again printed the puzzle on the wrong day, as last week. But it was so easy I decided it must be correct.

Anyway, there were enough misleading clues to make me chuckle.

Make a delivery? ORATE
Rows, OARS
Gossip, DIRT
Match makers?, SETS

And the theme answers made me smile, too.

I disliked IBEENHAD for the same reason as everyone else.

TUBES was easy as I have for decades suported the industries that produces them.

I'm the oldest of seven siblings.

On 60 minutes Sunday it was reported that Einstein is the most profitable of all dead celebrities, even Elvis. I know my granddaughter had Einstein toys.

In Hawaii Spam is almost the national food. There are even Spam days with great celebrations.

I hope you are having a wondrous Wednesday!

Lucina said...

Humeri are bones, humerus is the singular.

Anonymous said...

Lucina, Hawaii cannot have a "national" food as it is not a nation. It is a state.

Lucina said...

You are right and I realized after I posted that it had to be "State Food" and actually many other states celebrate Spam.

Argyle said...

BUT Hawaii was a nation; so was Texas.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Lemonade - very witty and informative blooging. Bravo!

For some reason, I put in FIRE for "discharge."

McChrystal's incomprehensible lapse in judgment was an enormous blunder and grotesquely irresponsible. But I think it betrays the out-of-control reality of the man. If he can't take orders and/or doesn't believe in the mission, or understand leadership responsibilities in a chain of command, he's pretty clearly in the wrong line of work.

I'm listening to Lieberman speak glowingly of the Pres (?!?) and his choice of Petreaus. I only hope it leads to a good outcome.

Did have some difficulties in the puzzle here and there, and struggled quite a bit today.

Didn't notice that it was a Dan until I got here. Indeed, this puzzle did not say, "Dan Naddor" to me at all.

It was a good one, for sure, and quitr clever and original, but didn't strike me as being Dan's style.

Forecast here is for very heavy weather. Some gentle rain already, and sunny now. More on the way, though, they're telling us.

JzB the possibly RAINY trombonist

Dennis said...

eddyB said, Dennis. Have been using eddyB on this blog for a year. Your using EddyB was a slap in the face. Not supprised by the number of people
who didn't listen to your cease fire order.

eddy, if capitalizing your name was a 'slap in the face', you've got bigger problems than I realized. My sympathies.

And if you check, it was only Jeannie who ignored my plea.

I'm glad to see you're feeling better today; hope it continues.

Anonymous said...

Did this one while having the oil changed on the third car in a week. It was a fun one indeed. Not too challenging but clever. I am with the others on IRED and I BEEN HAD - although I can see the logic in the latter being I vs. I'VE.

I am the youngest of three - all older siblings were brothers. Mom said she cried when she found out she was pregnant with me as my youngest sibling was a menace from the time he was born and we are only 14 months apart. Of course, her angst was for naught as we are still very close and I was her "angel". I suppose almost anyone would be compared to my brother so that is not saying much.

I was going to tell some stories about all the only children that I know but I will hold back what with Dennis being an only. I will say that it is a little more work to keep them grounded and unspoiled from what I have seen.

I have read SILAS MARNER. It is a little slow but an interesting piece for its time. MUIRS came right off having seen the National Parks series on PBS. He founded the original Yosemite I believe. He was discussed quite a bit in the series. SASHES brings to mind those windows that we will be replacing this summer. OUCH on the cost of that.

Haven't had much time to post as of late. Sounds like I might have missed some interesting days. May have to take a look back and see what all the fuss was about.

Have a great day all.

eddyB said...

Hello all.

Now that I've had time to read the write-up and the comments, I have more to say.

The Dixie Chicks are touring with the Eagles this summer. Check out their version Of Mississippi on You Tube if intersted or go to the other place.

McChrystal had his "fair" review and was fired. Now he will resign.
Neither had any choise. Letterman covered it quite well in his Top Ten last night.

Respect the office not the Man.

Don't have to be in the Gulf to understand the magnitude of the damage.

Don't worry, The Gulf will have more hurricanes and oil spills. Bet the house on that.

Nice to know that so many are worried about my meds. Ordered refills this morning. They are working fine. My mistake was talking about them in the first
place. Was getting annoyed hearing
about every one's problems.

Will not apologize for my interest in open wheel racing or hockey. Have been a fan since the 50s.
Don't like hearing about the other sports either.

Stayed away from 32A. Too many here.

Everyone gets an extra minute of daylight today. The reverse will be
true in December.

Say what you will.


windhover said...

or was that

Jayce said...

Wull gawrsh, great blogging today. Oar, oar, oar your boat, indeed. Funny :)

Fun puzzle too. Thanks for the explanation of tubes as being cream dispensers. I wanted TEATS at first.

Working both the verticals and horizontals together, rather than trying to do all the horizontals first and verticals after that, is working out very well as a technique.

Lemonaid, very clever to wonder who the first counter was!

PIMA stumped me, as did MENA, LOEB, and ESME. I got CECIL, ISAAC, EARP, LEIS, CHILI, and some others right off the bat. That's usually how it goes: some gimmes and some stumpers.

Best wishes to you all from the 3rd of 4.

Spitzboov said...

California moment here. A 5.5 Richter scale earthquake occurred just a few miles north of the NY Canada border near the Quebec- Ontario line. Felt at Montreal, Burlington, VT, and in Rochester, NY. Woke BH out a a nap. I was in the car doing ERRANDs and so missed the whole thing.

Sic Transit Gloria

Gunghy said...

Nice write-up, better than the crossword, which I wasn't inspired by. Too easy for a Weds. My only error was IRKS/IRES on a one pass fill.

Oh, Four in my family, now scattered from Australia to Canada. I'm the only one who stayed home.

I've been using a lot of athletes foot cream lately, TUBES came real fast.

We raised some cotton when I was a kid, (3 or 4 years ago; yeah, right!!) but never pima.

Dad's surgery should be about done, so I been off to the hospital.

Dennis said...

Wow, can you say 'stream of consciousness'?

KQ, don't hold back on my account. I'm a bit of an aberration anyway; twice-broken home, early death of my mother, etc. I was far from spoiled, but must've been a terrible handful for those raising me; I tended to explore the limits in a lot of areas.

Amazing that I'm so sweet-dispositioned now, huh?

Gunghy, hopefully the operation's successful; do let us know.

Frenchie said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle and folk,

I would like to acknowledge those who have written guest post-puzzle analysis. It's fun having your varied perspectives! Lemonade 714, thank you for today, good one! Argyle, I mean this as a compliment, you are like comfort food. I can always count on a chuckle and new meaning to all nature of topics. C.C, thank you for making me smarter!

5a - I have always been awed by Cecil B. DeMille. When I was but a tad, I saw his performance in The Ten Commandments. I remember feeling the strength of character he brought to the role coupled with the drama of the circumstance. As intended, he appeared bigger than life. OK, I was a little scared of him,too!

Second to that, I was confused by his name as I had an aunt, (pronounced with a short a, or broad?) named Cecil. She was a force to be reckoned with so it just went to say that they had something more in common other than simply sharing a unisex name.

14a - Jazzbumpa, do they still use the term, 'trio', in the music biz? How about 'combo?'

18a - orate, great clue/answer!

40a - tubes? hmmm.

34d - BSA Jamboree gp. I liked this as I felt I had an inside line on it. My son, Calder is an Eagle Scout. And, while he didn't have an opportunity to attend a 'Jamboree,' it is a world wide fraternal celebration not to be rivaled!

Enough deep thought for one day. I actually feel a Migraine coming on:(

I'm out!

eddyB said...

OK Dennis. If you want to keep the feud going, You go go back and count the negatives. You are the one with the ego problem. My using the lower case d must have really
pissed you off.

I know that I won't win this one because you have more than five
posts. Take your shots. I'll return
fire as long as I'm able.


Seldom Seen said...

Spitzboov: apparently that quake was felt as far away as Dayton, OH. i did not feel it at our job site (ground level) but a friend who works on the 19th floor in a downtown office building felt it. he reported the building swayed. i imagine people in CA would yawn and say "please pass the ketchup", but according the news several restaurants were evacuated due to alarms being set off!

Dennis said...

Lol, no, eddy, you definitely win.

Just enjoy the blog.

DCannon said...

Gunghy, hope your dad's surgery came out well. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

I didn't like "ired", either. "Pima" was a given for me. In H.S. (a century ago?) I made a blouse of Pima cotton for Home Ec. It was wonderfully soft and completely wrinkle free. I loved that blouse. I wore it as long as I could get into it.

I came across "esses" through perps, so the theme fills were easy after that. Don't know how I knew Lisa Loeb, but it was my first fill.

Third of four here - girl-boy-girl-boy. Two are gone now.

Jeannie said...

I agree that this one didn’t seem as clever as some of Dan’s offerings in the past but I did like his theme and he must have had a heck of a time crossing all of those esses. I caught onto the theme right away with “hired assassin” and “one Mississippi”. There were too many unknown proper names today for my taste as well. I had to hit the g-spot for Muir and got Elias, Lynn, and Mena via the perps.

A very informative write up, my favorite counselor. One question though. Why did you think of Tom for mix? Also nice to see your send off “ciao” in the puzzle too.

I see we are still not playing nice today.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dennis here goes. My daughter had TWO college roommates who were only's (have no idea how I would spell that).

The first was an absolute princess who thinks the world revolves around her. She had a brand new car in Florida, and another in Iowa for her use. My daughter wasn't even allowed to bring one car to college. When my daughter asked her to help with apartment cleaning and wash the floors, sadly, having never done any housework previously, she didn't know to put water in the bucket first.

The other was a male. He has since graduated and is still living with his parents with a credit card that charges to them (graduated a year ago). When he is home his mother still makes his bed for him - in fact, when he rises in the morning and visits the bathroom, it is made before he can go back to bed again (which is what he usually does). He also had a car in Florida and Iowa.

Those are two of the most familiar stories I know. However, I know many only's that are entirely the opposite just to be fair.

Seldom Seen said...

btw, i am the victim of "classic" middle child syndrome. i have an older brother and a younger sister. does anyone else believe that birth order affects personality?

Dennis said...

KQ, yeah, I can see how 'onlys' would come to be like that - I think we all know a few. Whose fault do you think it is - the parents or the 'taking-advantage' kid?

DCannon said...

I turned blue today, but I did it while I was on yesterday's blog.

ARBAON said...

Dennis: A rare look into your makeup. Thanks for trusting us enough to share it. Perhaps I will too, some day.
Tried to link a version of the "M-i crooked letter" song. I found many newer versions that my parents would never have shared with me. Theirs was the old country classic...can`t even find who sang it for all the newer versions...anyone remember that version and who sang it?
BTW: I was an only child and so was my only sibling! (or so we both thought :)

carol said...

Hi all -

This puzzle was a bit tough for me but I did solve it with just a bit of help.
Did not know 1A Lisa Loeb. Had to chuckle at 4D as I have always pronounced it a 'BOOGY'man. I know that is incorrect.

Jayce: I thought of'TEATS' for 40A too. I could not think of anything except cream for coffee. I should have, I use enough creams/lotions each day!

I'm with Dudley in questioning what Silas Marner has to do with the movie 'A Christmas Story'. I have watched that movie a bazillion times and cannot recall hearing Silas Marner mentioned. Hope someone will clue us in.

Also count me in for disliking IRED.

(Oldest of 2)

Seldom Seen said...

per wiki: the novel is mentioned in the movie as literature the children in Miss Shields' class are studying.

Jazzbumpa said...

Frenchie -

Combo is a generic term for any small group (hmmm - but how small is small?) Trio is specifically three - but it can mean two different things: any three instruments, or three singers, backed by who knows what. If the Chicks had the NY Philharmonic behind them, they'd still be a trio.

To Arabon's point, my baby sister is 6 1/2 years younger than I. There are no others. It's as if my parents had 2 only children, and we both display a lot of first/only character traits.

Second storm wave still hasn't hit. I'm beginning to wonder. People in office buildings a mile or so from my house felt the quake. Here in my 1st floor family room, I missed it.

JzB the not rocking and rolling trombonist

eddyB said...

Dennis. True story. Had a wise, old
friend (E6) who had a lot of red on his sleeve. He told me never load my mags with more than five rounds. Lest I damage the spring.
Also told me to carry extra mags in
my pocket. Still do that.


MN Doug said...

Good afternoon everyone. I know everyone here values clever, but deceptive clues, if they are factually correct. There are bigger fish to fry here than my observation, but I'm glad you asked. Per 58A no carpenter would use a lathe on a job. I've been a machinist, toolmaker,and metalspinner, and used many kinds of lathes. Woodworker would have been a more accurate clue.

Bill G. said...

Second counter clue got me even after I had ONEMISSISSIPPI filled in. Hands up for not liking IRED and IBEENHAD.

I'm the older of two and I'm very much like the older child syndrome.

Jeannie, Tom Mix was an old-time cowboy, not as well-known as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, more like Hopalong Cassidy maybe.

I don't think "onlys" should have an apostrophe since it's plural, not possessive.

I didn't know they experienced earthquakes in the northeast. Not very many I suppose.

Jerome said...

Dudley and Carol- There's mention in the movie, "A Christmas Story", that the teacher, Miss Shields, has her class studying "Silas Marner".

Bill G. said...

I just came across "Witness for the Prosecution" with Charles Laughton on cable and I'm enjoying it all over again. What a great old movie!

Marge said...

Hi All,
I got some of the answers to the puzzle had to look up others.

Humerus is the bone between the spatula (shoulder bone) and ulna joining at the elbow.

Lynn Fonntanne's husband was Alfred Lunt-when I was in high
school I saw them in a play. They had a large home near Genesso Depot, Wi. that is now an Historic Site and open to the public for tours. It is a beautiful place.

Also, I don't believe Cecil DeMilles was in Ten Commandments. He was the director. Charlton Heston played Moses.

Just thought you might be interested.

Love this blog!

Clear Ayes said...

I'd tend to agree with some of the points made in Seen's birth order link, but there were so many conflicting theories to choose from. I like the ones that stated, first borns are more conscientiousness, frequently score higher on intelligence and achievement tests and are generally wonderful people. At least, that's the way I read it.

Mn Doug@3:47, interesting information

Marge@4:41, lucky you to have seen Lunt and Fontanne in person. Do you remember the title of the play?

Lemonade714 said...

You all are so nice, and it is fun to do and return to the goals of crossword puzzles, education, elucidation, entertainment and eddyb. you all be good

Nice to see WM, Dr.D and Aimee. LOEB did appear before back on February 19, 2009, whiuch was about my third day of commenting

carol said...

Jerome (4:09) Thanks so much for the research on Silas Marner in "A Christmas Story", I'll be sure to listen for it the next time I watch.

CA (4:47) LOL...I think first-borns are all those things too. Funny how that works out.

Seldom Seen said...

Clear Ayes: funny how that link worked out for you!

do you know another "symptom" of middle child syndrome?

having the sense of always being ignored!!

p.s. see posts @ 3:20, 4:09 & 6:22

dodo said...

Evenin', all. I'm late enough that almost anything I can say would just be a recap of what yawl have already said. I want to show a hand up for the use of 'ire' as a verb, tho. Two Websters that I happen to have both say it's a NOUN. Therefore there could not be a past tense. Sorry, Dan Naddor, RIP. However, "The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary does define it as a verb, as well. I have very little faith in that reference. If any of you ever play 'Literati', a Scrabble-like game, on Yahoo Games, you'll know that some of the words Scrabble players are allowed are travesties while some of the ones denied are real words. This causes me much IRE! I was denied 'stent', for instance, only one example. Jayce, I also thought of 'teat' for cream dispenser but because I had once, in desparation, tried to use the word 'tit' only to be told it was 'not a word!' Why I keep trying that game over and over, I can't explain. It makes my blood pressure rise, but I still keep doing it! Maddening!

Hahtool, you are not at fault in any way and I, for one, miss seeing your local sre: the Big Spill!

Chickie, a belated good wish on your 56th! We made it to just four months short of that in 2004. Isn't it rather nice to be among those whose marriages endure?

ARBAON, it was I who offered the last solution to your Blues and now I'm back to typing everything in again. But my comments won't even get printed if this is left blank. You seem to just go black and still get your say. Good luck, kiddo.

Seldom Seen said...


Dennis: at risk of being too risque, i'll bite re: your first comment of the day..."Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, and......National Pink Day. Not sure exactly what's celebrated, but I've got a good idea how to honor the day..."

are you referring to playing with a couple of "pink nosed puppies" to celebrate the day?

as discussed a couple of weeks ago, the size of the puppies does not matter!

i bit my tongue all day but dodo did just bring them up again!!

i really hope this does not offend anyone....i love this blog. i enjoy ALL the bloggers. i may not agree with them but EVERYONE brings a flavor to the mix. anyway, i've used up all my comments today.

have a good night.

Clear Ayes said...

Seen, "funny how that link worked out for you!" Yeah, it is amazing, isn't it?

"see posts @ 3:20, 4:09 & 6:22", LOL...what post at 3:20?

Our middle sister used to say that she was sometimes ignored too. Personally, I think middle sister was exaggerating. (I call her "middle sister" because her name has slipped my mind for the moment.) Some people are just too sensitive. :o)

Dennis said...

are you referring to playing with a couple of "pink nosed puppies" to celebrate the day?

Dogs? No. But you're close. And I seriously doubt you've offended anyone.

Dennis said...

ClearAyes, made me laugh out loud.

Seldom Seen said...

i'm breaking the rules just once:

CA: my comment at 3:20, not JzB's

Dennis: you are hilarious! you must be a "cat person". i guess i must be more of a "dog person"

Seldom Seen said...

last time...i promise

CA: just got the joke! i think i need to go to the hospital...that V-8 can put a hurtin' on me.

Dennis said...

seen, do keep it to 'just this once'. Thanks.

Clear Ayes said...

Seen.....I know, ;o)

Gunghy said...

Gee, puppies aren't usually the pink that I celebrate, even though I've used, "Gee, check out those puppies," without a dog in sight.

CA, I keep looking in the birth order article and what stands out to me are the dominant and close-minded parts. Of course, I'm second, so I'm reacting to my older sister. Strangely, my younger brother seems to behave more like a youngest than the youngest, my favorite sis.

I can match only stories. I served as best man for a friend way back in college. His bride-to-be opened gifts and one was a color TV. This was when I'd only seen one 2 or 3 times. Her reaction: "Hey, it's only 19 inches."

Dad had a lead to his pacemaker replaced. While they were in, they found out his pacemaker was warranted, so they replaced the whole thing. The Medicos like to keep a person motionless for about 24 hours after a wire change, so he's there overnight. I haven't seen him yet, (he was still out of it when I tried) but he's very forgetful and probably calling a nurse every 5 minutes to ask when I'm coming to get him.

So, this time I'm truly off to see him.

Argyle said...

Oh my goodness, was this the type of Cream dispenser some of you were thinking of?

Splynter said...

Good evening,

If anyone is still checking in - long day, with a morning meeting, followed by a horrible hockey game - too hot up here, LI, NY, to be enjoyable.

Got to the puzzle late, and was done in less than ten, but I gotta say I was more put off by "BOGEY" man than "I BEEN HAD!" - I am used to BOOGEY - to me the other spelling is for one over par...

Sorry, but UGHS, while I get it, was too UGH for me, and I will chime in here about sashes - the panes of glass fit in the mullions, and with the rails and stiles, the whole makes up a sash, and in a double hung window ( the up and down type )there are two sashes.

I am the oldest, with a younger brother; but I know all too well about onlys - they're the ones with the news cars in high school, and never paid for their own insurance or gas. Sorry if have offended anyone, just speaking from experience...


Dennis said...

Gunghy, good news about your dad - I never thought about warranties on those things.

And any woman who says, "Hey, it's only 19 inches" must be living in a zoo.

Argyle, yep, that's the one.

carol said...

If your were among the first born
You may be tootin' your 'horn',
but be careful where
you go out on the 'air'
'cause you could get arrested for porn.

Spitzboov said...


Dodo said: Two Websters that I happen to have both say it's a NOUN .

I checked Merriam Webster's on-line and my old Websters Collegiate on my bookshelf, and they both also define IRE as a transitive verb. That would imply it has a past tense.

Marge said...

Clear Eyes!
When I saw Lunt and Fontanne I was a junior in High School, around 1949, with a group. I don't remember what the play was. It's too long ago, I'm afraid. It was fun though.
Good day to all!

Mainiac said...

Gunghy, Glad to here things went well with your Dad. Two summers ago mine had a triple bypass. Totally amazing what they can do now. Also that there are warranties on that shit. Turning into an oil change, check the filters and plugs. Wicked cool!

Late for me...Good night all.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I am asking you to leave my blog immediately. Don't come back.

To all,
Please do not respond to any of EddyB's future posts. I've had enough of his insanity.

HUTCH said...

The way I heard it was--First "ems" Acoming. then "eyes" Acoming,then "shes acoming" twice, then, "eyes" acoming. then "shes" acoming twice, then "eyes" acoming,Then I'm goin to Pee-Pee twice,then I's comin for the Laaast time!!

Gunghy said...

Dad was cheerful and wondering why I hadn't picked him up yet. Had "No idea" that he had to stay overnight. He couldn't understand why no one had told him he had to.

I took my date to the circus,
To see what we could see.
But when she saw what the elephant had,
She wouldn't come home with me.

Maniac, My dad had a quintuple bypass 19 years ago, and a triple 5 years later. At that time they told him he was good for about 5 more years and there could be no third time. Unfortunately, at about the time they said his heart would quit, his memory started to go. The sad thing is, he's still quite sharp, he just can't remember anything for more than 5 minutes. I want my heart to go before my brain goes (any more, any way.)

Thanks all for the well wishes.

Lemonade714 said...

Well before we say good night Gracie (where is she?) a few thoughts on all of our comments; Dudley, do you really think you can casually say, “Quite by chance I found myself having lunch with her on a later filming location, a few houses down from mine.” I want the rest of the story. Do you live near Pittsfield? Lennox or Lee? Alice’s restaurant?

Gunghy, glad to hear things are good with your father, enjoy him, and also thank you for your too kind words.

Paolo, it looks like you are the winner in the most siblings contest, and Dennis you are the only admitted only (how is that for English?) with the rest a varied lot, proving crosswords appeal to all kinds.

BT are you related to PatDan? Are you here to STAY (not subtle reference to first clue?)? Where is koufaxmaravich when you need one?

Jerome: your penchant for painful puns perfectly paralleled my personal predisposition, so the similar thoughts do not surprise me.

Have a great w/u lo-li-ta.

dodo said...

Spitzbumpa, My Harbrace Handbook (old but reliable:last copyright 1982)defines a transitive verb as requiring an object. Can you give me an example? I can't think of one.

Dennis said...

Spitzbumpa?? dodo, I think you just merged two people.

Spitzboov said...

Dodo: IRE v.t. is a synonym for 'anger'. If you anger someone, you IRE someone. Awkward, I know, but that is what is in the dictionary.

s/ spitzbumpa

Jeannie said...

Lemonade, I have to painfully go through another day at work before I get to head home. I won't bore you with the headache I suffered today, except it had to do with BK's stringent laws on accepting product. See, I am already digressing with TMI.

Argyle, I might be a little more DF, but I don't think that Dennis was thinking of "that" as the pink he was to be celebrating.

As a coincidence, I too, wore a pink top (and bottom) as C.C.

Final note, C.C. thank you for all that you do, and you have the power.

ONE BIG DAY and a wake up. You may or may not hear from me tomorrow, but Gunghy, smooth sails...I get to check out the "big rigs" docked on LK Michigan Saturday. Maybe I can wear my sunny smile and swim suit and catch a little ride or crew job? Wish me luck!

JD said...

Hi all,

Too late to jabber, but I loved the c/w because I could do it without help.I can never do one of Dan's.When I got to 20A, I decided to go down. More better for me.

Lemonade..great job keeping us informed.
Dennis,I enjoy your daily D-U-K? Thanks for explaining too, Al!

Gunghy-glad your dad is doing well. You are a good son.Did you get your sense of humor from Dad?

Fun poems Carol and Gunghy!

Will go back and read the article. I am the youngest of 4 girls.

Chickie said...

Hello All--A Dan Naddor today was a treat. I did have trouble in the SE corner. I didn't know Mena and misspelled Rhea (Reha). I knew it wasn't correct, so went Googling to find the answers to the last few clues.

My hand is up for ired and I been had. I thought I was wrong when parts of that answer finally came up. It was part of that SE corner that gave me trouble.

CA, I laughed out loud at your middle sister comment. My middle daughter has often felt that she was ignored growing up. I didn't think so, but she did.

Gunghy, I'm glad that your Dad is doing ok.

BSA for Jamboree was a given. I found my BIL's letters to his parents, (and a journal he kept) when he attended the Scout Jamboree in Gettsburg in the late 40's or early 50's. After he passed away we saved those young 14year old boy's letters as they were a look at history, and into his personality at the time. He met Eisenhower that year and was thrilled.

We had a special election here in our area yesterday. So I worked on the election board again. A long day and I'm tired today. I did the puzzle yesterday in between voters. It was done very quickly.

Dodo, yes, I feel like I've been given a gift having our marriage reach year 56. Not every married couple is that lucky.

Lucina said...

I feel like a middle child; I, too, am the oldest of seven.

(Just kidding, not about the number, the position)

Clear Ayes;
You are so funny! Does your mddle sister read this blog?

Good night all.

Annette said...

I noticed a couple related clues that haven't been mentioned yet:
- The echo of Inc. in 1D & 8D
- 41A & 41D - PEER and PAIR
- A wintry couple in 13D & 23D SLEDS and NOEL
- 11A & 30D Dirt and SOIL (Landscaper's supply)

Youngest of 5 girls here. Also, my uncle's sons haven't had children, so to the best of my knowledge, I'm the last of the family line. The middle sister speaks of being ignored too.

I was watching a cooking show the other day and the recipe started with "2 cans of mouth-watering spam". She raved about it as though it were pâté.

Carol, I thought it was BOOGIEMAN, so I googled it and saw that there are several variants. Your's is valid too!

Argyle, it's not quite the "cream dispenser" I was thinking of, but propriety prevents me from posting a photo of that one... And he hasn't signed all the release forms yet!

It's been a long day... Good night, all!

Dudley said...

Lemonade - Just in from a late day of work, I hope you get to see this reply.

I do live in western Mass. and therefore near Tanglewood, Alice's Resaurant and such, but they're still a good 30 miles from here. I'm in Southampton, a quaint little town that hasn't generally been a magnet for film production companies, unlike the famous Northampton. A few bits of Virginia Woolf were shot in our local pub in the 60's - that was a big deal - but I think it was '98 when Annette Benning and others were on my street working on a film whose title became In Dreams. There is a house down the street known to locals as the Swasey Mansion, and it is lovely. (My parents had the opportunity to buy it back in '46, but they chose instead the more affordable farm house I now own.) The mansion appealed to the movie people, so they set up all those trailers and tents and what-all for filming there. It really tangled up the street, so as an appeasement gesture, the movie people allowed the neighbors unlimited use of the catering bus. Wow, production people are well fed! I felt I'd earned a few meals by being a good neighbor. It was at one of those that I found myself sitting opposite the star, A. Benning, who I did not recognize until somebody whispered in my ear. She was studying some lines, so I figured it was best not to disturb her.

My neighbors saw the finished movie a year or so later, and their review was so poor that I never bothered to see it.

dodo said...

I'm sorry, Spitz/Jazz, whoever you are. I'm sure glad you're not eddyB! There's something goofy about this whole 'ire' thing. V.t. has to have an object! Maybe it means verb transylvanian!

Forgive my senior moment. Mostly I don't remember ANY name, not two merged! It's a long way from the bottom of 100 co mments to this comment space and my short term memory just isn't that long, I guess! Sorry

Frenchie said...

@ Marge - Thank You, I guess the Migraine got in the way! It just rages on! So, Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter, and Edward G. Robinson. What an interesting mix.

@you silly kids...I just happen to have a pair of pink-nosed puppies. They are warm and enjoy being petted. They look just like each other except one is slightly larger. They both crave a lot of attention and manage to get it much of the time!!!

Middle child here...3 older 2 younger and the 7th died several days after birth. I believe there is truth to the birth order theory.

@eddyB - au revoir! Keep it real! You are a fine, fellow freakazoid!

A Fairly, Frank, Forward Friend,
seriously, I'll miss you!