Feb 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011 Ian Livengood

Theme: XOXOXOX - Happy St. Valentine's Day. The three grid-spanning answers end with a word that, when combined with the unifier, describes many of our couples here on the Corner.

20A. Bounty, to the hunted: PRICE ON ONE'S HEAD

38A. Examine quickly: GIVE THE ONCE OVER

53A. Frolic vigorously: KICK UP ONE'S HEELS

69A. With "in," what can follow the phrase formed by the ends of 20-, 38- and 53-Across: LOVE

Argyle here. Three good in language phrases today. And how about our constructor's name. (Yes, I know I used a sentence fragment.) Good strong blocks all around the sides; a good start to the week.


1. Hearts, e.g. : GAME. Excellent start for this puzzle.

5. Soft pats : DABS

9. Physicist Enrico : FERMI. Professor Fermi married Laura Capon in 1928. They had one son Giulio and one daughter Nella. His favourite pastimes were walking, mountaineering, and winter sports.

14. Sink cleaner : AJAX

15. Straddling : ATOP

16. Hipbone-related : ILIAC

17. It's quite a story : SAGA

18. Kind of nut : KOLA

19. Bridal path : AISLE

23. "Cheerio!" : "TA TA!". Singular today.

24. 2011 Rose Bowl champs: Abbr. : TCU. Texas Christian University.

25. From A __ : TO Z

28. Fox-sighting cry : "TALLY HO!"

31. Dallas hoopster, for short : MAV. The Dallas Mavericks.

34. "Tosca" or "Pagliacci" : OPERA. Tosca by Puccini, Pagliacci by Leoncavallo.

36. Hawaiian neckwear : LEI

37. Gradually lose color : FADE

42. Strong as __ : AN OX

43. Wall climber : IVY

44. Skating jumps : AXELs

45. One of a D.C. 100 : SEN.

46. Golfer Craig known as "the Walrus" : STADLER. Ya think? Image. I think his wife is Sue but could find very little about her.

49. Once called, in wedding notices : NEE

50. Disco __ of "The Simpsons" : STU. He loves disco, of course.

51. Followers: Suf. : ISTs

61. Being not from 41-Down : ALIEN. 41D. Planet nearest Mars, usually: EARTH

62. Silents actress Negri : POLA. She had some love life.

63. Appeal : PLEA

64. Meas. of the cereal without the box : NET WT. Net Weight.

65. Helen of __ : TROY. Wife of Menelaus but abducted by Paris. Bet she got lots of valentines.

66. Run __: go wild : AMOK

67. Lock of hair : TRESS

68. Cuts, as logs : SAWS


1. [Heavens!] : [GASP!]. Reaction of husbands and boyfriends everywhere if they forgot what today is.

2. Cracked open : AJAR

3. Nativity trio : MAGI

4. Right on the money : EXACT. 'Exactamundo!' as Disco Stu would say.

5. Former territory where Mount Rushmore is : DAKOTA

6. Lacking a musical key : ATONAL

7. Western necktie : BOLO. One with a heart slide.

8. Time period : SPAN

9. Total flop : FIASCO

10. College benefactor Yale : ELIHU. Interesting read here. He had a brother named Valentine. He also had a wife and two misstresses. He made most of his fortune in the illicit diamond trade. Those diamonds must have come in handy keeping his women happy.

11. Greet the judge : RISE

12. __ fide: in bad faith : MALA. More familiar with bona fide.

13. Topped a cupcake : ICED

21. Really bug : EAT AT

22. Set of moral principles : ETHIC

25. Colosseum garments : TOGAs

26. Think aloud : OPINE

27. "Werewolves of London" singer Warren __ : ZEVON. Aaahoo!.(3:15)

29. Architect Frank __ Wright : LLOYD

30. Itch : YEN

31. Expert : MAVEN

32. Fred's dancing sister : ADELE

33. Limericks and such : VERSE

35. Stout of whodunits : REX

37. Sly critter : FOX

39. Asked boldly, as for money : HIT UP

40. Actress Longoria : EVA. In happier days, image. Not sure what her present status is.

46. Daring feats : STUNTS

47. Stay out of sight : LIE LOW

48. Blue book exams : ESSAYS

50. Depicts unfairly, as data : SKEWS

52. Flower leaf : SEPAL. Image.

53. "Critique of Pure Reason" writer : KANT. He never married.

54. Robert of "The Sopranos" : ILER. Image

55. Refer to : CITE

56. Chooses (to) : OPTS

57. Nick Charles's wife : NORA. The happy couple.

58. Sailor's patron saint : ELMO

59. Pope before Sergius III : LEO V. Okay.

60. "For Pete's __!" : SAKE

Answer grid.


Notes from C.C.:

Today marks Dennis' 3rd anniversary with the blog, which wouldn't be where it is today without his nurturing and guidance. Dennis has been very supportive & encouraging of my every little effort, always patient and fast in response to all my questions, from baseball cards to slang/idioms. Always there when needed. Can you believe he even fixed our garbage disposal? Thanks, Dennis, I am glad of all the blogs in the world, you walked into mine.


Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - almost got off to a very bad start on this one by putting in 'suit' for 1A, but I fortunately noticed 3D, and that could only have been 'Magi'. Then I put 'ethos' for 'Set of moral principles' and needed perps to straighten that out. Also needed perps for Disco 'Stu', so this wasn't exactly a Monday speed run. Nicely done puzzle, though, and an apropos theme for the day.

Argyle,thanks for the write-up, and of course for the picture of Eva Longoria. Did anyone else see her on the Grammies last night? Very disappointing -- she was wearing what appeared to be an upside-down umbrella. I kept hoping for rain...

C.C., thanks, but you're being way too kind. The pleasure's all mine -- you've made this blog a great place to hang out.

Today in addition to Valentine's Day, is Clean out Your Computer Day, National Organ Donor Day, and......HeartRx's BIRTHDAY!! A very happy one, Marti, and certainly many, many more.

Did You Know?:

- For the candlelit scenes in his eighteenth-century epic Barry Lyndon (1975), Stanley Kubrick invented his own camera. Using a lens borrowed from NASA, Kubrick built a camera whose shutter speed was beyond what is typical even today.

- Lettuce contains two to ten parts of morphine per billion.

- In the summer of 1967, Jimi Hendrix played seven gigs as the opening act for The Monkees.

Lemonade714 said...

Congratulations Dennis and HBDTY Marti. Do you get short changed because your bday is a holiday?

Enjoyed the puzzle, the authors name and even the hidden OX. Argyle you said it all. Have a loving day and a wonderful week.

Coincidentally, Craig Stadler has the course record (63) at the old course at Broken Sound, where the Champion's Tour event was held this week=end. Weather was perfect and the golfers so good. Also a shout out to Bill Murray for winning the Am part out at Pebble Beach.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle, C.C. and Friends. I was expecting a Valentine's Themed puzzle today and wasn't disappointed. I had a bit of a pause at 1-Across, however, as GAME isn't the first thing that popped into my head.

With the exception of Petal in lieu of SEPAL for the Flower Leaf, the puzzle was pretty smooth sailing.

Argyle, your link states that the cause of ELISHU's death was "Unspecified." Maybe it was related to all those women he associated himself with!

IAN LIVENGOOG must be Mr. Norris?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HeartRx. May your Day be filled with Sweetness and Light.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

QOD: Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ~ Robert Heinlein

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pleasant enough puzzle today, perfect for a Monday. It took me exactly two passes to complete -- one through to get most of the horizontals, and another to get the verticals. Smooth and sweet!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Wonderful write-up.

FUN Valentine Monday.

Had lay-low before the perps had me LIE-LOW.
Damn, another "Simpsons" character Disco STU
I need to keep track of ...
Nope, not going to watch it, I'll stick with "60 Minutes."

It is beautiful here today. Soooo, I'll be heading over to Honeymoon Island for a (much needed)
5-mile beach walk.

A "toast" to all the LOVER's at Sunset.

HeartRx said...

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!.

And congratulations to Dennis on YOUR anniversary ! You are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks for the BD greetings. I don’t mind having a birthday on the same day as a “holiday”, Lemonade. DH is always sweet to me every day of the year!

Of course, I really liked this puzzle and theme. I had the same experience as Dennis in the NW, and also put “ethos” at 22D. But I went one better, and put “coca” at 18a in stead of KOLA. So the entire north was messed up for a while until the coffee kicked in.

I liked the proximity of “HIT UP” and “LIE LOW”. And the “positioning” of the unifier.

Have a great day everyone!

Andrea said...

Morning, all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Nice puzzle to start the week. Got through it pretty easily, which was nice to help wake up my sleepy brain.

Happy Anniversary, Dennis. This blog wouldn't be the same without seeing you on top most every morning. HBTY HeartRx!

The Tooth Fairy visited our house for the first time last night. Zoe was so excited that she went through her bedtime routine without any grumbles, and was out like a light by 8:30. A nice treat for Mom and Dad! TF left $1, alot more than she left when I was still losing teeth. She left $5 recently at one of our neighbor's houses - fortunately, Zoe goes to a different school than that child, so I don't think they'll be comparing notes!

Everything is thawing out here - temps in the 40s today. Hopefully we're not done with snow yet!

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning. Argyle, thanks for the interesting write-up.

Fairly easy start to the week's puzzling. Not a speed run; needed perp help here and there. Was lucky in that the first two theme fills were WAGs that worked, and so helped get the last theme phrase once the unifier was filled in.

Dennis, congrats on your milestone achievement. I always look forward to your sparkling opening salvo.
You are a main part of the glue that keeps this corner together. Quo Fata Vocant.

Enjoy the day.

Mainiac said...

Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Nothing speedy about this one for me today. Fell into the Suit trap in the NW, along with Epic instead of Saga. I wrote in Ajax once and erased it because I though there must be another cleanser that fit better between Suit and Epic. The middle of the puzzle fell into place pretty well. I poked around for the rest.

Happy Anniversary Dennis! You always give me a good chuckle.

Happy Birthday HeartRx! Hope you have fun today!

Argyle, great write up. You beat me to the punch with Werewolves. I used to stay up to watch his appearances on Letterman. How bout this one.

Happy Valentines All!

Abejo said...

Good Morning, Folks! Thanks to Ian Livengood for a great puzzle. Enjoyed it. Thank you Argyle and C.C. for your hard work.

Always enjoy FERMI in a puzzle, since that is a big name in Northeast Illinois. (i.e. FermiLab)

I also had ETHOS instead of ETHIC, but fixed it after LEI was entered.

No idea of the singer LEVON. perps got it.

Fun puzzle. Finished it before I left the house at 5:45 AM.

See you tomorrow.


Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Yeah, me too, had SUIT to start, but I did get ETHIC right - I had the theme answer; the C from ONCE was there.
ELIHU and SEPAL got me, too...

Just missing the "Q" today.

Happy B'day to HeartRX - "heart" seems to be the "core" of your life, no?

I did the puzzle online, as usual, but the ad with motion to the right was very distracting - had to shorten my window to get it out of sight while working the grid....I despise commercials, everywhere, now.

Not a big fan of today - no relationship to speak of, and so I am just hoping to distract myself with work and such.


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - A nice start to the week in all respects. Got a little confused by not knowing Eli was short for ELIHU. Needed perps to get STADLER. Otherwise smooth sailing.

HeartRx - HBTY, Neighbor!

There's a printer at work that makes just the right "aaaaooh!" sound whenever it starts. Always reminds me of Werewolves in London.

Seldom Seen said...

Just returned from a ski trip to Seven Springs Resort in Pa. which is close to Falling Water. Check out the pictures, web cam and videos. Very impressive.

I have been to 7springs many, many times and have yet to make the excursion to Falling Water. The Gunnar Lift on North Face is more my style.

Here is a fun graphic concerning Valentines Day.

carol said...

Hi everyone:

I wanted to put SUIT in 1A as well, but knew 2D would never start with a 'U' so I left it blank while I did the rest of the downs in that square. This was not a 'breeze' of a puzzle for me-too many unknown names: STU, STADLER, ELIHU, EVA, KANT, ILER. sigh.

I did finish finally...but not without some help.

I don't really like DABS for soft pats. Seems more appropriate for 'small amounts'. "Just a dab of gravy please."

I put PETAL in for 52D and that made 63A look very odd.

Happy Birthday HeartRx, hope you enjoy all that you receive today.

Dennis, nice of C.C. to point out your 3rd anniversary on this wouldn't be the same without you! Thanks for coming to my rescue those few times in the past :)

Dick said...

Seen, you should make the short drive to Falling Water. The house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is best seen in the summer, but the winter is the most serene time to visit.
Time form Seven Springs to Falling Water about 20 minutes.

kazie said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all, and happy birthday to Marti! Also big happy blogiversary to Dennis. Where would we be without you?

Living in Frank Lloyd Wright's birthplace, I've learned a lot about him, but have never seen any of his more famous creations. The only one in town, the Warehouse building, is a crumbling wreck because the guy who owns it won't spend anything on it or sell it, and the city can't afford to.

My puzzling lately has been curtailed because of a visit by both our sons. so I will just say that I ended with one error: ELIHA/TCA, because of a bad WAG. No other problems. Got the theme, because after the first one, I read the unifier and grokked it right away.

Have a great day all of you!

Seldom Seen said...

Dick: Like I say every year, "next time we are going to Falling Water".

I did keep alive the tradition of bringing back several cases of Yuengling Lager for me and my friends. Drank my share of it in draft form at the Foggy Goggle. Man, that is some tasty beer!

Argyle said...

"Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" by Andy Williams.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Dennis - Happy milestone! In my time here I've always appreciated your wisdom and strength of character. You, sir, are a real mensch!

Marti - HBD!

C.C. - thanks again for this wonderful blog.

I had SUIT, ETHOS, (and the perp LEO, which doesn't look bad until you read the clue) and COLA - so lots of perp help required.

Fine Monday puzzle.

After Thursday's DNF, I was determined to complete Friday's brilliant puzzle, which I finally did -- at 7:00 Sunday evening.

Now I'll go back and read the blog.

Happy Valentine's Day and lots of LOVE to you all.

JzB who played for a Valentine's dance on Saturday

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, With help from my DH with Stadler and the perps for Stu, Pola, Kant and Zevon, the puzzle came together rather nicely today. I LOVEd the theme and it was just right for Valentine's Day.

Game came immediately to mind for Hearts as I've played quite a few hands of Hearts in my day.

Thanks to Argyle for a great writeup and some interesting links. Who knew about all those philandering celebraties?

Congratlations to Dennis on his third anniversary on the blog. It is reassuring to see your name first just about every day.


A Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Chickie said...

Just a quick aside. The first time the new configuration for Preview and publishing came into being, I had a terrible time signing in and lost my comment.

However, now I just hit preview and I'm automatically signed in. Much more convenient as I don't have to enter my password multiple times. Is this the case for the rest of you as well?

Lucina said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Happy birthday, Marti!

Very short on comments right now because my sister came over and spent some time here.

Luckily I could sashay quickly through this, five mins as the downs expecially were good to me. Sweet theme. Nice solve.

I, too, think, Ian Livengood is Rich Norris. Tricky!

Have a glorious Monday and Valentine's day everyone! Off to the gym.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, today's theme hit all the right notes. There was a clever Valentine's Day message and lots of fun fill. Good for Ian Livengood...whoever you are.

I started on the Downs first, so that I would get (at least) some of the theme letters. It worked out well and after seeing HEAD and OVER, I quickly filled in all the theme answers.

I loved seeing Warren ZEVON. What an interesting and talented guy he was. My favorites of his were "Accidentally Like A Martyr" and "Excitable Boy".

We haven't seen Robert ILER or POLA Negri for a while. Craig STADLER was new. I had to ask GAH about that one.

Happy Birthday to HeartRx and a Happy Blog Anniversary to Dennis.

Another busy day. Have to help plan a 90th birthday party for a dear lady friend this morning and art class this afternoon.

Nice Cuppa said...


I didn't miss your subtle comment on Kant - it made my day:

"Critique of Pure Reason" writer : KANT. HE NEVER MARRIED.


Here is my list, starting with the sappiest, all on the Valentine theme:

AND IN LOVE GO I.... (hopeless, pretentious romantic)
NO LOVING IDEA! (Frankly my dear....)
LOADING OVINE (joke for the Kiwis)
LONE-AVOIDING (pro-active)
LOANING VIDEO (sad, but better than nothing)
O, GIN AND OLIVE! (much more positive - focus on the achievable)
I LOVE AND DO GIN! (ditto)
NO VOIDING ALE (does not impress the ladies)
INVALID EGO ON (reasonable, short-term approach)
LOIN GONE AVID (steady on, old chap)
I DIG LOVE, ANON (reveal yourself!)
NO AILING DOVE (don't fool yourself)
GOAL: DINE, VIDEO (pragmatic, low expectations)
VIA ONLINE GOD (last-ditch internet approach)
DIVINE GOAL ON (proactive but sappy)
VAIN DOE LINGO (worth a try if all else fails)
VAIN IDLE GOON (honest but hapless)
VIA GOOD LINEN (always worth a try)
GIVE DON A LOIN! (support your constructors)


C.C. Burnikel said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the absence of your husband makes today especially unforgettable.

Lucina et al,
Today's constructor Ian Livengood is a real person. Not Rich Norris.

eddyB said...

Hi all.
The comic "Bliss" in the Merc has the same theme words this morning.

Drove down to Fallingwater fron Johnstown many times. Saw something
new each time. There is a flat rock down stream where one can stand to recreate that photo.

CV is available at 7PM again.

Rain today. Take care

daffy dill said...

Happy V-day, C.C. and all.

Nineteen minutes is quite long for a Monday effort. I did resort to red letters at the end because I had a typo and couldn't find it. It was on ESSAY which I had spelled esssy. I entered mores instead of ethic, but the crosses quickly corrected that. I didn't know ZEVON even after it dropped in, but I knew A TOZ was correct.

Happy birthday, Marti.

Anonymous said...

Argyle - very nice blog. Mr. Livengood - Thank you for a very nice puzzle - got most of it - except the top left corner - I had 'GOSH' and 'hairs on ones head'.

A side note on Enrico Fermi - His maternal grandmother was Jewish,( genealogists, be careful of what you look for ... )... so that made him as Jewish as - mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.

And, Enrico's wife, Laura was also Jewish. He had been warned by some friends that serious persecution, by the Fascists, lay ahead, for him and his assistants. Serendipitously, when he found out he had won the Nobel Prize, he arranged to have the prize money to be sent to an account in England, and used the funds to book his ship passage to the US. ( His funds in Italy had been frozen -).

Ironically, though he is considered one the greatest atomic physicists in history --- he won the Nobel prize for the 'discovery' of an element, that was not an element. It was an isotope of an existing element. But, Nobel prizes are not 'Indian gifts' , and cannot be taken back...

windhover said...

Happy Birthday, HeartRx.

HeartRx said...

I’m just catching up on the posts from the weekend. Windhover asked if it was kph or mph that I drove that Lamborghini . I guess it was kph, which still translates to “somewhat over the speed limit”, haha!

Dudley, hey neighbor! Yes, I do like safari, but I also have FireFox and Internet Explorer, because I am using Parallels to run some Windows-based programs on my Mac.

Seen, thanks for the link to Falling Water – the interactive tour was fascinating!

Thanks for all the BD wishes, everyone! Since DH is out of town, they will have to keep me going until he returns.

creature said...

Good Day C.C.,Argyle and all,

Super write-up, Argyle. Interesting fact about Kant...
Thanks,NC for your note.
And yet, you're a real old-fashioned guy..Thanks for the Valentine and flowers accompanied by Andy Williams. My fav so far.

Ian Livengood, thank you for a
fun 'lovin' puzzle. I love "head over heels in love"; it says it all.

Carol, agree on DABS for 'pats', but perps made it so. Oh, well..

NC, I'm soo impressed,as usual, with your mental dexterity and insight.Really cool!

Hahtool,Thanks for the QOD; its a limitless concept. We need it.

Happy Birthday, HeartRx/Marti-many more..and with as much gusto!

Happy Blog Anniversary to you, Dennis. I can't imagine the blog without you. Glad I didn't read all the hair-raising tales of speed before I went to sleep last night.

Happy Valentines Day to Everone!

Gunghy said...

Morning all and Happy Valentines Day. Happy Birthday, HeartRx and Happy anniversary, Dennis.

I'll second Splynter, in fact, I'm going next to the courthouse to file some papers related to my divorce. As I'm in a totally cynical mood, it seems appropriate. Please take it for the irony it is, they should have been filed a long time back, but I just received them. I'm also mailing out a couple of CDs of love songs that I sold on

Enjoyed the puzzle. For a brief time, I thought he was going for a record on X's. The one in the NW without an O kept me from tying it into XOXOXO. My slowdown was in the NE where I penned in ELIAS and ILIAR.

Looking at Stadler makes me understand why they call golf a game, not a sport. I'd hate to see him exert himself. Of course this is coming from someone who doesn't play, so if you like the game, please take my comments with a grain of salt.

Have a great evening.

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle. Happy Valentine's Day. Happy birthday HeartRx! Thanks for everything Dennis.

I just got back from a physical this morning. I guess I'll live. Geez, I hate going to doctors, especially physicals.

I stayed up fairly late watching bits of the Grammy awards. Most of it's not my style but I did enjoy more it it than I expected to. Somebody's act who I enjoyed was presented in black and white. I liked Mick Jagger, Barbra Streisand, Gyneth Paltrow and her buddy and even Lady Gaga. I hoped to stay up late enough to see the award for the best old fogy music. I guess I missed it. They do have that award, don't they? :>)

Anonymous said...

Regarding: Elihu Yale ... In the interests of candor in history, it must also be mentioned that (1). that he left his prestigious job in India,(Governor of Madras) under a big cloud, for malfeasance, misappropriation, corruption and his numerous debts, he avoided to repay. This was in addition to his diamond smuggling... and (2) he was definitely involved in the slave trade in India, many involving small children, as were many british merchants, in Madras, at the time,- and while his personal ownership of slaves may be open, he definitely supervised the trade. We can try to sanitize history, but some facts cannot be swept under the rug. See his bio on Wiki for details.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Cheerful birthday greetings to you, HeartRx, a hearty handshake to you, Dennis, and thanks to you, C.C.

Chickie, yes, I had the same experience. I think the current login procedure is an improvement.

Didn't watch the Grammies last night, so didn't see Eva Longoria or her dress. Yahoo News always has its list of best-dressed and worst-dressed celebrities anyway, so if I'm interested I can catch up there.

Sorry you're feeling down, Gunghy, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

Warm Valentine's Day wishes to you all.

Bill G. said...

Oh, and I was very impressed with Esperanza Spalding. It's nice to see somebody with talent and class recognized; not just manufactured pop stars.

Jayce said...

Whether you like her current stage name and persona or not, Lady Gaga is, IMO, very talented. I recall JazzBumpa recently posted a link to her on Youtube, playing the piano and singing under her real name, Stephanie Germanotta.

All that talk last night about driving, sailing, steaming, jetting, skiing, and falling at high speeds was interesting. Jeez, I chickened out after getting my family sedan up to 95 mph on the freeway once.

Husker Gary said...

I think my friend will be back teaching tomorrow and I can get a day off! It is hard to blog when you have annoying adolescents around! They’re really great but…
-HBD Marti on VD! Sorry you are alone!
-I drove my brother’s Corvette 140mph, got out and never did that again. Oh my!
-Semper Fi Dennis! With C.C.’s “take no nonsense demeanor” it is hard to tell who is the good cop and who is the bad cop in your dynamic duo.
-Hendrix opening for The Monkees? Ain’t life amazin’? Hey, we all gotta eat.
-LAYLOW/LIELOW for me too
-Flood worries here with temps near 60F and all this snow.

Lucina said...

Dennis, congratulations! I was in such a hurry this morning that I forgot. Big oversight although I believe I have expressed before how I value your efforts on this blog.

C.C., thanks for the information about Ian Livengood to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for today's sweet puzzle. I hope we see him again soon.

NC, nice going! What a versatile mind you have.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Happy birthday to HeartRx, and many more!

Nice thoughts about Dennis from C.C., and we all agree – except for some anons.

This puzzle was fun, and I love Mondays because I can do them. Missed a few, but it was still a great time. Loved the theme answers and wrap up.


erieruth said...

24a - my alma mater!!! TCU Horned Frogs!!! Very cool to see them in an Xword!!!

About 1 billion Valentine's Day cards are exchanged each year...and of those...1/3 are accompanied by gifts!!!

marge said...

Hi all,
This was an interesting puzzle. I just didn't have a game in mind for Hearts but when I realized the answer I understood. I seldom play cards, my family played cards a lot, my DH is from a family who didn't. It wasn't a big deal.(Pun intended)!

As Kazie said, Frank LLoyd Wright is from the town she lives in, his Talesin home is in Iowa county where I lived for awhile, and the people in the area didn't care for him because he never paid his bills. I have always wondered if he was the same in Talesin West. I could see that Falling Waters looked like his style. I always liked the looks of his buildingd.

I got the theme of this puzzle early, I seldom do. It took me awhile to finish it. Nick and Nora Charles were two of my favorite characters.

Sadly, I knew 24A because TCU beat our Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl. However- how about those PACKERS in the Super Bowl!

Thank you CC, Argyle and Dennis for this great blog, and all the other people that do the write ups. Happy birthday, HeartRx and happy Valentine everyone.

Have a good evening.

PS Andrea, I'm afraid I don't agree with you about the snow-I would be happy if we don't get any more this winter!

Lucina said...

I have no idea if Frank Lloyd Wright paid his bills here but one of the members of our book club is a docent at Taliesin West. I'll ask her; she may or may not know.

Anonymous said...

Happy V-day to all. We don't celebrate here. Good thing too, as my DH is out of town as usual. I found it hysterical that when I was at the grocery store there was a line of men waiting for flowers.

Fun puzzle for v-day. Liked it all, except Warren Zevon makes me cringe a little thinking of our former (yikes) governor singing "Werewolves of London" at his inaugural party. He governed about as well. How he ever got elected is still beyond me. What an embarrassment he was IMO.

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang. My wife and I finished 2/3 of today's puzzle before she left for work and got the theme too 'head over heels in love' indeed!


a wiki page with the following quote from 1784 that fits today:

"The rose is red, the violet's blue
The honey's sweet, and so are you
Thou are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my Valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
And Fortune said it shou'd be you."

Lucina said...

Very interesting Jeopardy! today with two human champions and a computer!

Dennis said...

Hey guys - thanks for the congrats - very much appreciated, but it's more just a matter of longevity than me doing anything special. The bloggers do all the heavy lifting.

I've also always wanted to see Falling Waters. I've long been a fan of F.L.W.'s style and have yet to see much of his work in person. Matter of fact, I'm a fan of architecture, period, but usually just women's.

CA, you're right, the testosterone got a bit heavy last night; sorry if we got carried away. I've just always loved....LOVED 'the edge', and I've been fortunate enough to experience it a fair number of times in my six plus decades.

Lucina, yes, Jeopardy was interesting; tomorrow should be even more so.

Anybody have anything special happen today?

Seldom Seen said...

Knowing that this group prefers to be accurate, I must correct my earlier mistake.

I went back to read more about Fallingwater and noticed that the name of the house is only one word.

Since I missed out yesterday I'd like to add my story. When I drove my first car with a digital display, I just had to see what happened when you went over two digits. Then when I saw 100, I just had to see 123. I then coasted back to 55. Yes, Windhover, it was on 75 south and I was in the left lane.

eddyB said...

seen. Thank you.
Almost time go to CV for tomorrow's.

windhover said...

100? No problem, just going with the flow. 55? Move over.

Annette said...

Happy Birthday, HeartRx! And Happy Anniversary, Dennis - pretty interesting "Did you know..."s today!

Until I got to the unifier, I was so disappointed that it wasn't a holiday theme...but I was especially pleased once I finally caught on. Otherwise, I liked 61A ALIEN. "For Pete's SAKE" is a favorite romantic comedy - very over the top, but well done! And I have a BOLO very similar to the one pictured, except my heart slide has a pretty red stone in the middle. The very best fill though was 32D ADELE - my mother's name - she always made Valentine's Day very special for us - I really missed her today, even though she's been gone 10 years now.

I never made it over to Fallingwater either, but have some terrific memories from that whole area around 7 Springs and Ohio Pyle! Thanks for the reminder.

Seldom Seen said...

One last comment. HeartRx mentioned the proximity of HITUP and LIELOW. I went back to the grid and then noticed that the HIT and LIE portions intersected with STADLER.

For non-golfers, both HIT and LIE are common golf terms.

Windhover, I'm with ya.

Unknown said...

Today was fun puzzle ! Since we just got back from a cruise in the Bahamas, I was a little foggy this morning. I need a kick start to get my noodle going and waited for the fog to clear, finishing tonight.
Thanks for the blog. It is a fun read as well as a helpful tutorial for newbies like me!
Happy Valentine's Day, or what's left of it, to everyone!

Argyle said...

More coincidence: Craig Stadler was disqualified from a tournament when his ball was lying under low branches and had to hit it from his knees. He put a towel on the ground to keep his pants from becoming dirty.

TV viewers contacted officials and they said he was guilty of building his stance and that is a penalty. He had already sign his card with out the penalty strokes on it so he was DQed.