Feb 1, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski

Theme: Rack 'Em - The first word of the theme entries relate to that trouble they had in River City. Yes, I said trouble. Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for 65-Across!

17A. Coach's pregame lecture: CHALK TALK. A coach will often use a blackboard as a visual aid during the pep talk. A pool player uses chalk on the tip of the cue to aid in applying "English" to the cue ball.

24A. Home seller-and-buyer's short-term loan: BRIDGE FINANCING If one has bought a new home that they were going to pay for with the proceeds from the sale of their old home and the old one hasn't sold yet, a bridge loan can cover the gap. In pool, a special stick, can be used when striking the cue ball has to be done bridging another ball.

41A. 1929 women's air race, as dubbed by Will Rogers: POWDER PUFF DERBY. I don't believe Will's term is politically correct nowadays. Talc powder is used to keep a player's hand smooth and dry while making a pool shot.

51A. Production number director's cry: CUE THE ORCHESTRA This cue is the spelled name of the letter q which is an abbreviation (found in acting scripts) of Latin quando, "when". (News to me.) The cue stick comes from the word queue, because it is similar to the long and tapering braid of hair called a queue?

65A. Summer shindig, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 24-, 41- and 51-Across: POOL PARTY. Again, the word pool has come from to different meanings. The game is so-called because a betting pool was established prior to playing the game. "I am shocked — shocked— to find that gambling is going on in here!"

Argyle here. 

Solid puzzle. Grid spanners. Blocks in the corners. I wrote so much on the theme I don't have much left for the rest so I better get to it.


1. One in charge : BOSS

5. Ticketless rail rider : HOBO. and 44A. Rail rider : TRAIN

9. Resell at a major markup : SCALP

14. Pirate's syllables : YO, HO. Some scalpers are pirates.

15. Bean product? : IDEA. Bean, slang for head.

16. More virtuous : PURER

19. University of Maine town : ORONO

20. Raptor's roost : AERIE

21. Late-night Jay : LENO

23. Diarist Anaïs : NIN

28. TV revue since '75 : SNL. Saturday Night Live.

29. Acting instructor's deg., perhaps : MFA. Master of Fine Arts.

30. Start to knock? : ANTI. Gasoline additive.

34. Pop music's Lady __ : GAGA. Sounds better than she looks, IMHO.

37. Surround securely : EMBED

45. 1944 invasion city : ST. LO

46. Spot for a hoop : LOBE. Earring.

47. WWII espionage gp. : OSS. Office of Strategic Services.

49. Oktoberfest cry : "ACH!"

60. Gambling letters : OTB. Off-track betting.

61. Gambling city : RENO. Clecho.

62. Assumed identity : ALIAS

63. Absolut rival, for short : STOLI. Vodka

68. Fruit served in balls : MELON

69. Way to store pix : ON CD

70. Prepare for a shot : POSE

71. Speak at length : ORATE

72. Soup veggies : PEAs

73. Job opening : SLOT. I also tried SPOT and SHOT, close but no cigar.


1. How many city folks travel : BY CAB

2. Fireworks watcher : OOHer

3. Puppeteer Lewis : SHARI

4. Three-dimensional : SOLID

5. Wallop : HIT

6. Harem room : ODA

7. Attorney Melvin : BELLI. The palimony lawyer.

8. Like wine barrels : OAKEN

9. Pampered : SPOON-FED

10. Mangy mongrel : CUR

11. Rice-__ : A-RONI

12. Bolshevik leader : LENIN

13. Plug projection : PRONG

18. Tapped barrels : KEGS

22. '60s-'70s service site, briefly : NAM

25. Certain Caltech grad: Abbr. : ENGR.

26. Envelope parts : FLAPS

27. Desert mount : CAMEL. Got me!

30. Well-chosen : APT

31. Fish-fowl connection : NOR

32. Bygone intl. carrier : TWA. Trans World Airlines.

33. Jerk : IDIOT

35. Instinctive, as a feeling : GUT

36. Company with a web-footed spokescritter : AFLAC. He won't go away!

38. Short relative? : BRO

39. Recede : EBB

40. Change, as one's locks? : DYE

42. Elect to a Hall of Fame, say : ENSHRINE

43. Nina of "Spartacus" : FOCH.

48. "What did I tell you?" : "SEE!"

50. Disorderly mound : HEAP

51. Women's mag : COSMO

52. Put into words : UTTER

53. African virus : EBOLA

54. "Hop __": Dr. Seuss book : ON POP

55. ABC's Arledge : ROONE

56. High-fives, e.g. : SLAPS

57. Divided Austrian state : TIROL. German spelling of TYROL

58. Joe's "Midnight Cowboy" pal : RATSO

59. Up to this point : AS YET

64. Subdivision unit : LOT

66. Andean tuber : OCA

67. Mormons' gp. : LDS. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (abbreviated as the LDS).

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - a fun, albeit quick solve this morning. Bruce's puzzles are always very straightforward and this one certainly followed suit. And who didn't think of Lois as the theme unveiled itself (and for me, that wasn't until 'cue')?

I had one misstep, putting 'tramp' for 'Rail rider', since I already had 'tra' and was still thinking along the 'hobo' lines. My only problem with the cluing/answers on puzzle came very early on, with 2D, "Fireworks watcher" -- I think 'ooher' is well beyond everyday language. Actually, two problems, 'cause I don't think 'jerk' and 'idiot' are synonymous; I see an idiot as just dumb, while a jerk is something akin to rude.

Today is National Freedom Day. It celebrates freedom from slavery, and recognizes that America is a symbol of freedom.

Did You Know?:

- One twenty-fifth of the energy released by an incandescent light bulb is light. The rest is heat.

- One ton of iron will produce a ton and a half of rust.

- Bamboo is stronger than concrete.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Strange little puzzle today, what with OOHER, FOCH, TIROL and CHALK TALK (never heard that one before). And yet, it still managed to be fun instead of frustrating. I guess I don't mind some weirdness as long as the perps are all fair, and that was the case here.

I did the same thing as Dennis and confidently put in TRAMP for 44A, and then briefly wondered what the heck was going on in that section as nothing else seemed to fit. Strangely enough, I was actually a bit irked when I thought it was TRAMP, since I thought the clue and answer was too close to 5A and was therefore a bit on the boring side. I guess I need to have more faith in the constructors (and editor).

The little guy has school today, but his after school program is canceled. I'm guessing he will be home all day tomorrow and possibly Thursday. I'll probably be out shoveling for most of that time, although I haven't a clue where I'll actually put the snow...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - This was a fun, smooth solve for me. I respect grid-spanners, and today's were gettable.

Well, it's snowing hard out there, the start of our double feature. GRRR.

fermatprime said...

Good morning all.

Interesting interview, CC; great write up Argyle!

Didn't like OOHER and IDIOT. Hadn't heard of BRIDGE FINANCING, TIROL, but got by crosses.

Time to try sleeping. It is almost 4:00 here! Up all night and day, except for 3 hour nap. Read all of a Kate Shugak novel (by Dana Stabenow) with title "A Night Too Dark." Very absorbing!

Have a good day all!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, friends. This was a fun Tuesday puzzle. I thought it was a tad easier than yesterday's puzzle.

Any puzzle that includes ORONO makes Mainaic and me smile.

My favorite clue was Bean Product? = IDEA.

I was also amused by SPOON FED.

Stay warm, everyone and be careful with the shoveling.

QOD: People call it luck when you've acted more sensibly than they have. ~ Anne Tyler

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Great write-up.

Hmmm, puzzle has those Gasparilla Pirates YO-HO, KEGS, STOLI and a POOL-PARTY ... what's not to like.

Bruce & Gail, Thank You for a FUN Tuesday.

TIROL was the learning moment.

Had truer for 'More virtuous' before PURER appeared. (sToon-fed just made no sense).

Off to the gym, then a walk on the beach.

A 'toast' to all at Sunset.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning folks,

This was an easy solve for me today even though the theme never clicked until "Cue the orchestra", which incidentally, is a new directors cry for me.

"Powder Puff Derby" isn't a word associated with pool that I ever remember, but I wasn't a pool junkie either. Chalk talk was a favorite . Heard more then I can recall in the day and even gave one or two somewhere along the line.

Favorite non-pool clues were "ooher"/firework watcher and "idea"/bean product. Overall, a very enjoyable puzzle.

I suspect this will be my last post for a while. We get snow today, but freezing rain and ice tonight/ tomorrow which likely will translate to a power outage and for how long is anybody's guess. One of the hazards of living in a remote, wooded area.

Barry, my son on the North Shore told me they are expecting another two feet. Is that what your area is expecting?

Argyle said...

I'm in the two-foot zone; better stock up.

Powder is the only part related to pool.

Barry G. said...

Barry, my son on the North Shore told me they are expecting another two feet. Is that what your area is expecting?

My area is the North Shore, and that's what they were predicting yesterday for a combined two-day total. I'm not sure what the current prediction is, though...

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, very smooth sailing this morning. The puzzle just flowed which made me wonder if Bruce constructs in simple language, then I must be simple as I solved simply this morning. I only had two slight pauses and that was ecoli for ebola on the first pass. Then I looked at 51A with cu as the first two letters and I knew the next letter must be a “T” and confidently inserted the “T” and did not see error, but I did wonder what cut the orchestra meant and then the V8 moment. Other than the above it was a nice walk in the snowy park this morning.

I guess I did not fall into the same trap as Dennis and Barry G with train/ tramp choice as I already had idiot. It must be dialect, but where I came from idiot and jerk were used interchangeably.

Argyl, as usual you did another super blog today.

I am waiting for a break in the ice storm so I can get our trash up to the street for tomorrow’s pick-up. There is to be a slight window where the ice changes to rain and then back to snow and ice so I will try to get my chores done then.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Barry G. said...


Just got an e-mail from my boss. He is stuck in Chicago and can't make the 2+ hour drive to the Wisconsin office. Therefore, all meetings that were scheduled for today and tomorrow are canceled. Thank heavens I didn't try to be a team player and fly in anyway...

Dennis said...

There is to be a slight window where the ice changes to rain and then back to snow and ice...

Dick, that's what we've been told to expect too - it's freezing rain at the moment and the streets are unbelievably slick already. This has the makings of a really nasty one, because the trees are already bent over with snow/ice. I echo what thehondohurricane said: there may be a lot of us missing from the blog tomorrow. Should be a fun time.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Great explanation of the theme answers, Argyle. Thanks! I was trying to figure out how CHALK, BRIDGE and POWDER might relate to each other, but when CUE appeared I had an “aha” moment. And I loved your reference to “that trouble in River City” . Now what an be so bad about POOL PARTIES? (starting at 1:00)

Dennis, my thesaurus defines JERK as a bumbler, with synonyms of fool, idiot, nincompoop etc. So that one didn’t bother me too much, although I agree with you that I use the term more often to describe a rude person (as in, “That JERK just cut in front of the line”). I did have a pause with OOHER, though. But when I got the visual in my mind of a bunch of people staring up at the display, I half-smiled at the entry.

And thanks for the reminder about National Freedom Day. It brought to mind the Dred Scott case of 1857, and the freedoms that are sometimes taken for granted today.

Fermatprime, what an appropriate title for a book you read while suffering from insomnia last night.

As far as this storm goes, we are right in the band with “mixed ice and snow”, so this one is going to be nasty. I almost wish we were in the “2’ All-Snow Band”. (That sounds like a great name for a New England rock music group, doesn’t it?).

Barry G., isn’t it great when you make the wise choice? I'm glad that you are not stuck out there!

And everyone else in the “target”, keep warm and safe today!

Husker Gary said...

Argyle, C.C., Bruce et al, What an insightful interview, C.C.! Bruce, I think you follow the dictum – Less is More as you can produce a lovely product without resorting to exotic words or construction patterns that frustrate the stuffings out of us erstwhile solvers. You provided a very nice outing today and you seem to be someone who might enjoy having a beer with us hoi polloi! I do wonder what your “real” job is/was or do you make a living at this? Also, were you ever a pool hustler?

The weather here on the Great Plains is horrible and the 55F temps of last week are as much a memory as my 29” waist line. Sigh. School is called off all around Eastern Nebraska but there is hardly any new snow. The wind chill is below -20 however! Good decision Barry!

-I grew up playing pool in my uncle’s smoky bar! Today cigarette smoke is an instant irritant.
-Queue is also the line you tolerate for getting on theme park rides!
-As a child I remember HOBO’s coming to the back door for something to eat and even our dirt poor family found something for them. Today you’d call 911!
-The Kennedy Space Center has a HUGE aerie on its tour. It even makes the video played on the bus. KSC is a HUGE nature sanctuary that coexists with NASA very well.
-My neighbor’s daughter is getting a very expensive MFA and left-brained me wonders what she will do with it so she can make a real living. Ah, the arts!
-I saw ANTI as being the start of a negative word (knock) and not engine problems.
-At Blue Man Group Sunday night the audience applauded what turned out to be a Lady Gaga song that they were playing on their electronic ”xylophones”. I had no idea but did recognize “Fur Elise”.
-CD, PC, ROM et al are now so ingrained they don’t require abbr. Others?
-Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, et al will probably never see ENSHRINEment. Ah the sins of youth! Anyone see a comparison to Joe Hardy selling his soul in Damn Yankees?
-Dennis, agree on jerk and idiot
-My daughter is using a BRIDGE loan right now

Abejo said...

Good Morning Folks. Fun puzzle. Thank you Bruce V. and Gail G. Enjoyed the interview. I see you like roller coaters, Bruce. I hope you have been to the "Ravine Flyer" in Erie, PA. It is a Waldemeer Park. It is relatively new and was patterned after an old one from decades ago that was torn down. It actually crosses PA State Route 832 as the road heads down the ravine to Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie. You get a great view of Lake Erie at the top of one of the runs. it is mostly constructed of wood, as well.

Anyhow, as far as the puzzle goes, I thought it was great. It was not too hard and actually a little easier than yesterday's. Enjoyed the references to shooting pool. I have been a casual pool shooter all my life. Lots of eight ball in the taverns years ago.

Lots of old favorite crosswords this time, ORONO, AERIE, NIN, STLO, OSS, SHARI, ODA, AFLAC, EBB.

Great write-up Argyle and thanks for posting C.C.

See you all tomorrow, if I can get to work through the snow we are supposed to get tonight. They predict a couple feet, with high winds.


kazie said...

Nice concise write-up, Argyle. "Queue" is French for "tail", so when they line up, they're forming something vaguely the shape of a tail. We are boring by comparison, forming a line, whereas the Germans stand in a snake (Schlange stehen).

I liked the puzzle, despite not knowing a few of the names that were there: BELLI, ROONE, SHARI, ORONO. My main areas of difficulty were the center north and south, but WAGS got it eventually. I don't think of 'bean' as slang for 'head', and didn't know OCA. Also started with SPOT for SLOT.

Nice interview too. Thanks C.C. and Bruce!

Half the schools around us are closed and the rest on 2 hour delay--why I don't know, it sounds like they'll have to close again at noon anyway.

Nice Cuppa said...

Thanks Argyle/CC and Bruce/Gail for a fun analysis/interview/puzzle.

Plenty of English around here, despite the lack of chalk (mostly sandstone which rapidly becomes adobe after a wet/dry cycle). It still beats me why so many of us moved 6000 miles to leave a rain-/ wind-/Antlantic-depression-swept Island to live in...Seattle.

More seriously, it's hard to imagine what you chaps (and chapesses) in the North-East are going through. I just checked the forecast here for the next 10 days:

------Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Temp 65 64 66 69 70 71 73 68 68 67
Precip. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

...and a nice snow-pack up in the Sierras to keep us irrigated for the next year.

And some people complain about the lack of variety - I'll take it.


Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Argyle CC and solvers all. Thanks for the write up, Argyle, and the interview with Bruce, CC. Great stuff.

Yes, I fell for the TRAMP/TRAIN misdirection, too. The only other snag was SHERI insteas of SHARI, but that corrected itself when I knew that CHELKS don't talk but CHALKS do.

No problem with OOHERS here. Any time we would take the kids to see a fireworks display I would comment that it was "oohahh time" and ask which one wanted to be the OOHER and which one the AHHER. And, yes, I've used IDIOT and jerk interchangeably many times. They've probabably been used by others in describing me at times, too.

Fave clue was "Bean Product"/IDEA although it did seem pretty obvious. I put it in without even checking perps.

All of you in the ice and snow regions, stay warm and be careful.

Splynter said...

Hi All ~!

The puzzle was right up my alley -

Well, I guess I should say right in my pocket, because I love to shoot some pool (billiards, 8-ball, 9-ball, what have you).

I thought TRAIN was quite clever, a little mis-direction from the HOBOs clue - but I let the perps take care of it. FOCH was my only unknown...

There are two kinds of bridge in pool - the one you make with your hand, and the accessory, which is sometimes called the "sissy stick" around here....oh why not - here's another lovely image of a rack in pool.

Speaking of here, we got a dusting of snow, and then it rained, and the car was coated in it, then froze - and last night, the power steering went on the van, and I haven't had to struggle to turn the wheel like that for over 20 years !!!

I need to get that fixed, but reluctant to go anywhere today.

Wise man, that BarryG ~!


Dick said...

Thanks CC and Bruce for a nice interview. I would be remiss if I didn't recommend that Bruce travel to Pittsburgh to visit Kennywood Park and ride there very fine roller coasters. Great fun they are!!!

Abejo, do you still live in Erie?

daffy dill said...

Good morning, C.C. and all. Thanks, Argyle.

Nice puzzle. Not a speed run, but fast. My only problem was the SLOT/TIROL cross. I thought SpOT sounded OK, and I thought I had heard of TIROP. when I didn't get the TA DA, I tried SLOT and there it was. I liked IDEA for bean product; had something else in mind but it didn't fit. I fell for tramp/TRAIN, too. I don't have a problem with jerk/IDIOT, because I've known a few people who were both. The term OTB escaped me until I read the blog.

We got our winter storm. It is 16 degrees. Light snow and black ice. It is days like this that I really appreciate being retired. I hate driving on ice.

Fermatprime, I have been waking up in the middle of the night lately - 2-3 am. I usually go back to sleep eventually, but a broken night's sleep is not good, either.

Stay safe and warm, everybody. Don't go out unless you just have to. We usually go eat Mexican food on Tuesdays, but won't today.

Dick said...

Splynter, thanks for the rack picture. I did finally see the rack on the table in the background, but only after considerable looking.

Dennis said...

Splynter, you are THE MAN! I sure wouldn't need any cueing to play a game with her...

Lucina said...

Good morning, puzzlers.

Argyle, thank you for your blog and commentary, enjoyable as usual.

I haven't read the interview yet, but plan to later.

What a fun and easy puzzle today and a nice collaboration by Bruce and Gail.

Hand up for HOBO/TRAMP mis direction but then IDIOT remedied that to TRAIN.

I liked ENSHRINED and SPOONFED. Here in Arizona POOLPARTY means swimming pool and I also filled CUTTHEORCHESTRA so failed to see the connection with the other two theme answers but of course TBOLA made no sense. Then the light came on and it was eraser time.

Made me smile:
bean product, IDEA
change one's locks, DYE

Though we've seen those before they still amuse me.

Please do stay warm and safe all you snowbound northerners. Like NC our temps and precipitation are very enjoyable and even the cooldown this week is agreeable.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!

windhover said...

Yeah, and later you might even shoot some pool.

Seen, from yesterday,
I didn't mean to say that this storm was just hype. It's just that calling it "in the top 5 of all time" BEFORE it happens seems a little over the top.
No doubt some people are gonna suffer and maybe die from this thing. Hope everyone here stays safe, selfish as that sounds. So far it appears the main event is tracking north of here, with mainly heavy rain and high winds.

Two years ago we had an ice storm with over an inch of ice. No power for three weeks (for my neighbors) and this area's woodlands, including mine, still look like a bomb site.

Stay safe, everyone.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I got corn-fused early on with both CHALK TALK and BRIDGE FINANCING. I've never heard either ohe of those terms. Although I've heard CUE THE ORCHESTRA, it didn't come to mind easily and I had to count on POWDER PUFF DERBY to begin my theme run.

The perps were generally kind and kept the puzzle difficulty on the early side of the week.

Good luck with the bad weather to those of you who are in the middle of it.

Clear morning here, so I'm off to do some shopping along with doctor appointment.

eddyB said...

Hi all.

Nothing much to say about the puzzle. It was straightforward and
pretty easy.

Should be in the 70s tomorrow and the grass needs to be cut. Trees have buds and are ready to bloom.

For heaven's sake, take care.

Dudley said...

The snow obviously means business. Here in W. Mass. we are told to expect a 2-day total not less than 18 inches. We are also right at the "wintry mix" division - maybe we'll get freeing rain, maybe not.

I occurs to me that some Cornerers may not know what roof raking is. For you, I have changed my avatar photo to show yours truly applying a roof rake to the house - it's all about getting the first few thousand pounds of snow down to the ground. This was some days ago, and we've gotten much more snow since.

Kazie - I recall that my Queensland friends had never heard of a snowblower. It was sort of hard to explain...

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle. Nice rack!

I hope all of you in the snow areas drive safely and don't lose power. Best wishes for pain free and safe shoveling and roof raking. Good luck! It's clear and in the 60s here. I know, I know. It doesn't seem fair.

Odd and ends:

Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes and thoughtful well wishes yesterday. I'm doing OK.

I had scrapple again for breakfast. It comes in a one pound frozen block. I partially thawed it, cut it in half and refroze half. Otherwise, part of it spoils before I can eat it.

I have almost finished the Hallmark movie with Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Really good. I like movies that include the WWII era. I love the period cars, clothes and music (Ink Spots, Mills Brothers, etc.). And I enjoy emotional movies. ("Love Actually" is one of my favorite films.)

CA, I loved your poem yesterday about missing the Arts. It's a shame what has happened to art and music education in the destitute public school systems.

I have done pretty well over the years in the stock market. But I would have missed out on a BIG opportunity if somebody had come up to me 15 years ago and said he had two big money-making ideas. One, for a clothing company to market a style for young men with their pants so low that a wide expanse of their underwear was showing. The second idea was to sell purified tap water in disposable plastic bottles. I would have dismissed him as a crazy person. Oh well. Live and learn.

I hope everybody has a good day. Over and out for now.

carol said...

Hi everyone -

I don't have much to add to the comments already made. I never remember the GAMBLING LETTERS (60A)/OTB, guess that's because I've never placed a bet at a track. The only track I was ever at was the Greyhound races here years ago. That track is no longer around. I guess there is still horse racing here, but really don't know for sure.

I had no trouble with BRIDGE FINANCING due to being in real estate years ago...lot's of creative financing in those days (mid/late 70's). The recent fiasco in real estate came from too much 'creative financing' too.

The theme of this puzzle certainly had Lois written all over it...hope she can find the time to comment.

I am concerned for all of you dealing with those vicious snow storms! I am so glad all we have are winds at about 20mph and temps of 35 right now. Our 'warm' trend is over, it was nice (unseasonable) for about a week. But it is sunny and clear out, and should get to about 43 today.

LaLaLinda said...

Hello Everyone ~~

I recognized the constructors' names from the 'Newsday' puzzles that I do fairly regularly. I always enjoy them and that's true of today's. I started out by confidently putting in BY BUS for BY CAB for 1D. That messed things up for a while in that corner. I caught the theme after getting CUE and CHALK. I really liked IDEA for 'bean product' and I remembered ODA from my early crossword days-- haven't seen it lately.

Thanks for your write-up, Argyle and the interview, C.C. I never thought about the constructing of puzzles before coming to the blog. So much to learn!

Waiting for Lois's comments ~~ ;-)

Enjoy the day ~~

windhover said...

You like emotional movies? Check out "The Time Traveler's Wife". I watched it in a hotel room on a recent road trip, and it damn near killed me. I was choked up for days. That's part of the reason I rarely do movies. Yes, it's also because I'm a Luddite, but mostly, I'm just too soft in the center to tolerate them.
But you go for it.

Barry G. said...

Thanks for the "rack" picture, Splynter. Although you probably should have labeled it NSFW ("W" in this case standing for "Wife" who happens to be sitting behind me working from home on her computer as I am working on mine).

Q: Do you think she's attractive?
A: Nah, not really my type...

windhover said...

Pants on fire yet?

Hahtoolah said...

Barry: you are too funny ! What Windhover said: are your pants still on fire!!

No snow here, but the temps have dropped from the mid-70s this morning and are expected in the mid-20 by the end of the day. Very severe rain storm now.

Seldom Seen said...

Splynter: I loved the picture's description in the url "open-shirt-stockings-pool-girl". Um...yep, that's about right.

I like how she prepares for a shot.

No GUT on her, but there is a BELLI ring.

Windhover: I remember that storm. I kept a close eye on it since our family has land on Lake Cumberland.

So far we "only" have .25" of ice. Enough to shut down the city.

Splynter said...

Hi again ~!

For those of you, you're welcome, for the others -

Oops, yeah that's right, I meant to warn those who might not "get it"...

I was supposed to go out on the UPS truck this afternoon, but the roads have a nasty little build-up of crushed snow/slush with a thin coating of frozen rain, and so I said "F" it, and turned back for the driveway.

Dudley - take care of that roof snow - the flip side of the weight caving the roof in is the ice dam gutter-tearing glaciers that build up on the eaves....


Gunghy said...

Nothing new to say about the puzzle. I never got really excited, but I do like the fact that I didn't run into a single "Oh, God, not that one again!"

ODA + OBI = ODI + OBA I just can't keep them straight.

It must be my time in Berkeley During the Free Speech Era, but I tried to fill 33D with a 7 letter word starting with A.

Husker, Sad thing is that Bonds, and maybe McGuire, would have been enshrined for early days without steroids. We forget that Barry's first half was all speed and grace. But even as a Giant's fan, I agree; he ain't going in.

Kazie, my experience in Germany was that they let you "stand in the snake" until the window opened and then elbowed past.

Splynter, Definitely nice rack, but was pool involved in the picture?

How not to rake a roof

I want to join with all the other Sun-belters in wishing those of you in the storm safe passage. OTH, I'm flying to Whistler on Saturday to try to find some fresh snow. Our local resort has been so warm that it's like trying to skate.

Bill G. said...

WH, I caught The Time Traveler's Wife on cable about a month ago. Like you, I liked the movie a lot (though you certainly had to suspend disbelief). I am a big fan of Rachel McAdams.

For you NCIS fans, did you catch Pauley Perrette on the Letterman show last night? I recorded it and just finished it. She's a lot of fun but I had to fast-forward through a lot of Justin Bieber first.

Lucina said...

Bill G:
Thanks for the reminder. I did record it but haven't watched it. I like her and all NCIS. Since I teach on T & TH I have it set to record the series.

Abejo said...

To Dick: No, I do not live in Erie anymore. I left in 1965. I am in the Chicago area now, and have been since 1984. My mother, brother, and one sister still live in Erie.

To Splynter: Great Pool Room Photo!

To All: It is a white-out now in Chicago. Lots of shovelling tonight and tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I thought that 'powder puff" referred to a woman's use of a "puff" to apply face powder, not talc! One would have to be very pale indeed to put talc on with a puff, unless, of course, the place being powdered was out of sight.
Also, I didn't get the "anti" -gasoline clue. Anti, to me, would be to knock the other's position. My car knocks in the past were usually more than just bad gasoline! An engine knock in our house of bad car karma meant get out the checkbook.
Thanks for the excellent post today.

Anonymous said...

For those who like depression/early WWII period pieces...try "Wind At My Back", a Canadian series staring the ex-wife of Donald Sutherland (Keifer`s mother) Shirley Douglas.

It`s available on DVD and comes on the INSP network at 5 EST @ day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Fun puzzle, insightful interview, and sweet write-up, Argyle.

Really do not like OOHER, but there's gotta be a little chaff with the grain . . .

Had SPOT for SLOT. Hey - there could be some place called TIROP - right?

After about a week of sleeping badly, I had a major insomnia campaign Sat and Sun nights. It was as if I didn't know how to go to sleep. Did fine last night, but still feel pretty strung out.

Fermataprime - I feel your pain.

Band got CUED last night - we kicked of Black History Month with a performance at a local library - very nice event.

ORCHESTRA rehearsal will likely be canceled tomorrow.

Splynter - excellent find. You get a golden globe award!

Toledo got over 3" (snow) during the night. Here in the Motown NW suburbs 70 miles away, we got a dusting. Still anticipating the big hit tonight. We have about 6 inches residual from previous falls (still snow.) Major roads are fine, but streets in my sub are icy and slippery.

Stay safe and warm.


Dudley said...

Splynter - No argument there! My real motivation for removing that snow was to ease up the ice dam situation. I'm otherwise not as worried about snow load on such a steep roof. The back side is shallow (having the asymmetric type of truss used on expanded capes) and can't be raked. I shoveled that puppy off.

Dick - Do I recall correctly that you were the mechanic who worked on somebody's Twin Commander? I'm an A&P myself.

HeartRx said...

Gunghy, if you are looking for fresh snow, I have a driveway full that you can have...and I won't even charge you for it. JUST TAKE IT !!!!

And thanks for the link on "How not to clear snow off a roof". I almost split a gut laughing over that one. It looks like something DH might try to do. Oh, these Southerners in Northern climes - like babes in the woods!

Mom speaks out, regarding the "Start to knock?" clue for ANTI:
Constructors will often use words such as "start", "beginning", "leader", etc. when they are cluing a prefix. But there is always the "?" that lets you know it is not a literal clue. For this clue, Bruce was looking for a word that begins with ANTI, so he used the word "Anti-knock", which is a gas additive. Depending on the crossing words, he could have used anti-aging, anti-theft, anti-trust, etc.:
Start of aging? ANTI
Theft leader? ANTI
Beginning to trust? ANTI

But it's all fun stuff, and I liked the "Start to knock?" clue !

Jeannie said...

I never did get back to posting last night. By the time I got home and shoveled out, I just did the puzzle, but found nothing new to comment on. I found this puzzle a tad easier than Donna’s yesterday. One small problem was for “bean product” –idea…very clever; I wanted curd, but perps straightened that one out. Ones I didn’t know Belli and Tirol were all obtainable via the perps and a little WAG. I enjoyed the theme and also the interview with Mr. Venzke.

I hope all of you in the storm’s path are safe inside. Let the shoveling wait until it’s over! Here in MN the temps are falling to 5 below zero tonight with the winds picking up making it feel more like 30 below, but thankfully no snow. Take Care!

Bill G. said...

While on my usual bike ride yesterday, I stopped at a local cafe and had a double espresso, half decaf and half regular. I struck up a conversation with the couple sitting nearby. I commented on the pleasant weather. They agree and especially, they said, since they were visiting from Minnesota. (I could tell by their accent.)

lois said...

Good Evening, Argyle, CC, et al., I LOVE this puzzle! And I LOVE your write up, Argyle. What a hoot! Made me LOL w/the Trouble right here in River City, and boy I'm here to tell ya, I've been guilty of 'frittern' a LOT of time here lately, playin' Rag time on my pianie and Pool at the Hall, and that's sure 'nough Trouble, w/a capital T...
Argyle, baby, you are adorable!!! Well done!

It's not only the theme that I love about this puzzle but the cluing and the way it flowed. It wasn't a speed run but just hard enough to be fun, interesting, funny, and enjoyable. Thank you, Bruce and Gail - the dynamite duo.

I had to LOL at 14A, wondering if Hello (from the other day) is formal for "Yo, Ho!"

Splynter's Pool Playin' 'Pose'r has some 'melon's that probably get in her way of shooting. I can attest to that problem. I had to 'train' myself to shoot w/out letting any boob 'flaps' 'foch' it up, esp on break when I really
'solidly' 'hit' the ball. I could end up w/two black eyes otherwise and that would be an 'utter' disaster for sure! But not 'as yet'. So far, it's all good. Just rack 'em and sack 'em.

Good luck to all of you in the bitter weather. Please be safe and careful.

Argyle said...


Normally I wouldn't do such a thing but in the interst of preventing an 'utter' disaster, I volunteer to hold them down. I live for danger.

Mainiac said...

Evening Argyle, CC and All,

Finally got to the puzzle between the work day and council meeting. At the meeting now listening to public hearings on zoning changes. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I had a similar experience as what has been said. Quick solve but very interesting. I always have a good time when constructors combine their efforts.

Right on Hahtool, Go Blue!

We've got about six inches of fluffy snow tonight and are planning on another 20 inches tomorrow. I'm much happier with the snow rather than the ice and mix others are getting. Stay safe all!

Oops, gotta run.

Gunghy said...

HeartRx, Sorry, I don't have anything to transport the snow in. I also put over 24K on my car last year, so I need to give it a rest. Otherwise, I'd gladly take all you could give me.

In the mean time, since you enjoyed the clip here's another. It may help make up for my inability to aid you in your cleanup.

HeartRx said...

Oh, didn't I mention??? The snow removal includes first class tickets on any airline you name. You only have to pay the "extra bag" fees...

And thanks for the additional clip -- more fodder for DH.

carol said...

Ah, Lois - you never disappoint!;)
I knew your comments would be funny and spot on, they were.

Your new avatar is just beautiful...your Mom is a lovely lady, as you are. She has a spark, now I know where you got yours.

Dennis said...

And what a resemblance to Betty White!

lois said...

Argyle: I think your middle name must be 'magnanimous'...what a kind and selfless gesture to protect my eyes from flapping objects below. How could I refuse such a kind offer, you sweet, thoughtful man, you. You're going to give 'restraining order' a whole new dimension. Come on down!

Dennis: Good catch...eagle eye!

Carol: Dennis is right. It IS Betty White w/me. She came here to Williamsburg a few months ago and I got to meet her. She reminds me of my mom a lot - what a lady! I'm a fan for sure.

Barry G. said...


Went out to shovel around 4:00, took one step out the door and completely lost it on the ice. I ended up hitting the side of my head twice -- once on the stair railing and once on the pavement. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, so the gash to my head isn't too deep. It was a real hit to the head, though, so I'm hoping I'm not concussed. I didn't lose consciousness and have had no problem with vision or tiredness, so I'm guessing I'll live. My coccyx and shoulder are still aching, though.

I probably should have gone to the hospital, but (a) I was able to get up immediately, (b) it was snowing really heavily and (c) I had no desire to spend the night in the hospital for observation...

Dennis said...

Barry, are you positive you didn't black out even for a few seconds?

LaLaLinda said...

Yikes Barry!

I hope you'll be OK! Maybe you should try to get checked out? :-(

lois said...

Geeze, Barry! You know the symptoms of a concussion, right? As long as you watch for those, I'd bet you'll be ok. If you don't know, call Ask A Nurse or the ER or even your pharmacist. what a shame. I'm so sorry for you. Hope you are ok.

HeartRx said...

Barry G., ouch! If you wake up in the morning and find 2' of snow outside your door, it is only the hallucinations brought on by a severe concussion. So don't least you don't have to shovel hallucinations!

But really, I hope UROK??

Barry G. said...

Barry, are you positive you didn't black out even for a few seconds?

Absolutely. And I've been clear-headed ever since. Scared the heck out of me, though...

Argyle said...

Barry, how many fingers am I holding up?

Dennis said...

Argyle, you're saying he's #1?

lois said...

Santa, baby, that's a finger?

Barry G. said...

Argyle, you're saying he's #1?

Gee, usually that's indicated with the index finger and not the middle finger, isn't it?

I'm off to bed. Hopefully, I'll awaken in the morning...

thehondohurricane said...

Good grief Barry, what a scary event. Make sure you're OK in the AM before tackling the snow. It ain't going anywhere.

Clear Ayes said...

Our first casualty of the current bad weather sweep across the country.

Barry G., please be careful. A concussion can be very sneaky and problems can pop up later. If you have any dizziness, headache or nausea, get yourself to a doctor ASAP.

Lois, I absolutely love that you had your photo taken with Betty White. It will always be a testament to Bruno's heroism.

Dudley said...

I have had enough snow. I spent hours with my friend John Deere making room for more snow, and then putting snow there, so that tomorrow when I'm still stiff I can get access to other snow that needs company and bring it over. THEN I can start getting more snow off the roof so it won't be lonely either.

I need Spring. I need it bad.