Feb 6, 2011

Sunday February 6, 2011 Mike Peluso

Theme: Subtraction (Parse it as "Subtract Ion) - Letter string ION is deleted from each common phrase.

23A. "Most Difficult Woman" pageant winner's title? : MISS IMPOSSIBLE. Mission Impossible. Fun clue.

35A. What Nadia Comaneci gave her Olympic opponents? : TEN'S HEADACHE. Tension headache.

57A. Batch of itch reliever? : CALAMINE LOT. Calamine lotion.

79A. Native American Washington baseballer? : CHEROKEE NAT. Cherokee Nation. I think Senators sounds better than Nationals, don't you? Of course, the old Senators moved to Minnesota and became the Twins.

99A. Timeless witticism? : PERPETUAL MOT. Perpetual motion.

118A. Deal between thugs? : MUSCLE CONTRACT. Muscle contraction. Muscle = Thug.

16D. Restrictions on Cupid? : EROS CONTROL. Erosion control. Don't think Eros is controllable. Love is so irrational.

69D. Number in an Amtrak report? : RAILWAY STAT. Railway station.

Nice theme and theme title. I figured something was dropped after scanning the byline & puzzle title. Just not ION. So unexpected.

Washington National is not the only baseball reference in the puzzle, Mike also gave us:

22A. 1939 retiree who said "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth" : GEHRIG (Lou). The Iron Horse. Babe Ruth appeared as himself in the "Pride of the Yankees".  I cried watching the movie.

56A. Former Cub slugger : SOSA (Sammy). Sigh. I have his rookie card. Worth nothing now.

83A. Hall of Famer Sandberg : RYNE. Inducted in 2005. Spent most of his career with the Cubs.

Looks like Mike had some trouble filling in the lower middle part of the grid. I bet he tried hard to get rid of DELICTO (95D. Flagrante __: in the act of committing the offense) & the adjacent PARSER (99D. Grammar student, at times), but the two helper squares didn't help much.


1. Hale : ROBUST. The crossing BESO (3D. Cancún kiss) brought out this answer quickly. Learned BESO from Paul Anka's song "Eso Beso".

7. Powerful Chevys, for short : 'VETTES

13. Fall bloomers : ASTERS

19. Newtonian concern : INERTIA. Newtonian sounds so sophisticated.

21. Unrestricted : AT WILL

25. Establish a new foothold : REROOT. Help! I don't get this clue.

26. Weasel cousin : STOAT

27. Nashville-to-Louisville dir. : NNE

28. Laced : TIED

29. Stacks like Tupperware : NESTS. Nice visual.

30. Alberta native : CREE

32. Playground retort : CAN SO

34. Middle x or o : TAC. Tic-tac-toe.

41. Paparazzi, briefly : PHOTOGs

45. Too violent, maybe : R-RATED

46. Baby in blue : BOY. Baby in pink is GIRL.

47. Final Four org. : NCAA

49. Eliza's mentor, to Eliza : 'ENRY. From "My Fair Lady". H is dropped.

50. Urged (on) : EGGED

51. Nite times : EVES

53. Compete : VIE

54. Soup legume : LENTIL. Not to my taste.

60. Sales __ : REP

61. Angry with : MAD AT

64. Sm., med. or lge. : ADJ. Tricky clue. Not size.

65. T-man or G-man : AGT

66. __Kosh B'Gosh : OSH

67. 3 Musketeers relative : MARS BAR. My ex-boss (a Marine) lives on Snickers & cigarettes.

70. Old photo tone : SEPIA

72. Anglican church officials : BEADLES. New word to me. So close to beagles. .

74. Zeta follower : ETA

75. Likely : APT

76. In bed, maybe : ILL

77. Parson's house : MANSE

78. Thrice due : SEI. Italian for "six". Due is "two". Sometimes TRE is clued as a misleading "Amount pass due?".

87. Luther contemporary : CALVIN (John). I drew a blank.

89. Hall & Oates, e.g. : DUO

90. Fail to take the heat? : MELT. Hot clue!

91. Smudge : SMEAR

92. "... __ forgive those who trespass ..." : AS WE

93. Large-screen format : IMAX

95. Part of una semana : DIA. Semana = Week.

96. Egotist's array : BOASTS

97. Like buffalo, red meatwise : LEANEST. Oh, really?

102. Golf hole meas. : YDS. 18 holes in golf. I was thinking of the real holes (cups) & inches.

103. Verbally insistent : VOCAL. Always thought "vocal" just mean "outspoken".

106. Royal display : POMP

107. Speed, for a running back : ASSET

109. Actress Petty : LORI. Recognized her face when I googled. She's in "A League of Their Own". I've seen almost every baseball movie. I can watch "Field of Dreams" again and again.

110. White wine apéritif : KIR

111. "The Thorn Birds" and others : SAGAS

116. Conspicuous terrain features : BUTTES. Same as MESAS, right?

121. Thrilled : ELATED

122. 2,000 pounds : ONE TON

123. 1962 World's Fair site : SEATTLE. Needed crossing help.

124. Kobe mat : TATAMI. Literally "folded". Same as Chinese character.

125. Walk in the park : STROLL

126. A player might be cut after one : TRY-OUT


1. Tire holders : RIMS. Your ABS too.

2. Taking care of business : ON IT

4. Bear up there : URSA

5. Sutured : STITCHED

6. "Tool Man" Taylor of TV : TIM. "Home Improvement".

7. Ming artifact : VASE

8. Aliens, for short : ETS

9. Acting like one has something to hide : TWITCHY

10. Shinbones : TIBIAE. So is TIBIAS.

11. 2010 panelist with Kara, Randy and Simon : ELLEN (DeGeneres). Those names are all  "American Idol" panelists for the last season.

12. Luges, e.g. : SLEDS

13. Cabinet dept. : AGR (Agriculture)

14. Handled : SEEN TO

15. What black clouds do : THREATEN

17. Funny one : RIOT

18. PD ranks : SGTS

20. Sleep ailment : APNEA

24. Linear, briefly : ONE-D. One-dimensional. Always tricky to parse, same as TWO-D, THREE-D.

31. Claret, e.g. : RED

33. German grandpa : OPA. Kazie or Spitzboov mentioned this before.

35. "__ bien!" : TRES

36. Sum preceder? : ERGO. Cogito, ergo sum.

37. Bothers : NAGS

38. Cooks, in a way : STEAMS. Chinese bread are often steamed.

39. Genesis victim : ABEL

40. __ Nostra : COSA. Literally "our thing". Mafia.

42. Chlorine or iodine : HALOGEN. Guessable.

43. Starting Miami quarterback in three straight '70s Super Bowls : GRIESE (Bob). Hall-of-Famer. Not on my radar.

44. Graceful women : SYLPHS

47. One of a reptilian comics quartet : NINJA

48. 2.0 GPA component, probably : CEE

51. French card game : ECARTE. Literally "discarded" in French, écarté.

52. Wine holder : VAT

53. Middle of a boast : VIDI (I saw). "Veni, vidi, vici".

55. James and Jones : ETTAS

58. Syrup source : MAPLE

59. Molson competitor : LABATT. Beer is too filling.

62. Eastern counters : ABACI. My sweet childhood memory, carrying a heavy abacus all the time.

63. Chloe's love : DAPHNIS. Daphnis and Chloe. Read the plot summary of this love story. So pure. I dimly recall an exchange between Jazzbumpa & Fred Jackson on Ravel's "Daphnis et Chloé". Isn't it beautiful?

67. Maguey plant liquor : MESCAL

68. Order to relax : AT EASE

70. Iowa's __ City : SIOUX

71. NE Nevada county or its seat : ELKO. Stumped me last time. Again today.

73. Skin-related : DERMAL

77. Adjusted opening? : MAL. Maladjusted.

80. Old vitamin bottle abbr. : RDA

81. Islamic leader : EMIR

82. Semimonthly tide : NEAP

84. Polite backwoods response : YES 'M

85. Alliance formed under HST : NATO. Just had a Warsaw reference last week. Fair & Balanced.

86. Once, once : ERST

88. Subject of a "Rigoletto" duet : VENDETTA. Didn't know the story line of "Rigoletto".

91. Afternoon TV idol : SOAP STAR

94. "Jersey Shore" airer : MTV. Snooki is all I know about "Jersey Shore". She's in the news all the time.
96. Rear in Liverpool : BUM

98. Look up to : ESTEEM

100. DeMille specialty : EPIC

101. Pamplona runners : TOROS

104. "Stand and Deliver" star : OLMOS. Edward James Olmos.

105. Mean something : COUNT. Everyone's blog post counts. But it's unrealistic to expect your every post to be commented upon. Clear Ayes expressed the posting philosophy perfectly on Saturday.

107. Create a distraction during, maybe : ABET

108. Toni Morrison novel : SULA. Have you read the book?

110. __ Ration: dog food : KEN-L

112. Culturally affected : ARTY

113. Castilian cat : GATO. JD or Warren mentioned Los Gatos & cats connection a while ago.

114. Anti-Patriot Act org. : ACLU

115. Ignore a Time change? : STET. Time magazine, right?

117. Reagan era prog. : SDI. How timely. Reagan's 100th Birthday today.

119. AOL guffaw : LOL

120. It's less than gross : NET. Sweet clue.

Answer grid.



fermatprime said...

Hi all,
Would like to be first again. Takes forever to type. See you later!

Argyle said...

Hurrah! You got it.

fermatprime said...

Well, it worked. (Please don't kill me!)

A workable, fun Sunday syndicated for a change! It went fairly rapidly because the theme was obvious from MISS IMPOSSIBLE! Really easy to discern the rest!

When you move somewhere, you set down new roots, or REROOT, I suppose.

Favorite answer: MELT.

So after he retired, Gehrig found out that he had ALS?
How dreadful; not lucky at all.

Managed to get 6 whole straight hours last night. Maybe can sleep well tonight, too--knock wood!

CC--I love your early solutions!!! How do you do it???

Weather warm during most of the daylight hours! Cannot imagine living in freezing temps.

Have a pleasant Sunday all!

fermatprime said...

You are a real sweetie, Argyle!

Frenchie said...

Good Morning,
fermatprime,congrat's on the sleep...may much more of it come from the happy place where that came from!!!

Good Morning C.C., Argyle and folk:


The theme exposed itself in a fun way! The long answers came in handy for decoding the fill. It took a lot of thought and consideration for the precise answers and the work paid off!
Drop an 'ion' ! ! !

Remember IPO? She was Miss(ion)impossibile!!! Her puzzles and the way she chose to discuss them seemed to be perfect(ion)-istic. She would respond to us only if we were on her same wavelength. She was fun...Miss Impossible must be what the Hawaiian word IPO translates to in English. I was very fond of her. Maybe we could find her and ask her to make guest appearances. Not a bad idea, is it?

Anglican church officials, 'Beadles" HHMMMM.

25a reroot, not reboot!


I'll post these initial impressions now and hopefully will get back to add more when I'm reading everybody's comments.

I'm out.

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Great write-up !!!

Well any puzzle with Lou GEHRIG in it is a winner for me.

Yup, Spring Training is just around the corner ... bought my Yankee Tickets yesterday.

I'm off to Maryland for a few days.

The experience of winter should be interesting.

Though I did notice my "toast" to you all will be a bit earlier.

Cheer's !!!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I enjoyed the theme answers and most of the puzzle went down smoothly. There were a few unpleasant bumps along the way, however. Having BEADLES crossing GRIESE was just mean-spirited, although I suppose the crossing letter pretty much had to be an "E" even if both words were unknown.

I could have done without SULA, but the perps took care of it. And, like C.C., I resisted putting LEANEST for 97A. Is it really more lean than any other red meat on the planet? Who knows, maybe it is...

Hahtool said...

Good Morning, CC and friends. I loved this puzzle. What a theme! The theme clues were so amusing - I really got a chuckle this morning.

NCAA - March Madness is only a few weeks away.

I have read some of Toni Morrison's work, but not SULU.

Stay safe and warm, everyone. Another winter storm is headed our way.

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Yes, a fun puzzle, and one I moved through fairly quickly. I caught on when I had "MISS IM _ _ _", and that made the others fall in.

Thought MUSCLE CONTRACT was the best.

'62 World's Fair? SEATTLE - nailed it - went there for my 2003 vacation, more of a scouting mission for a new place to live - had to do the tourist

PHOTOGS - a WAG, and a good one at that ! So was BUTTES - I would say they're the same as MESAS. The most famous?

Had SZE originally, and I knew we were talking about the TMNTs for 47D, but forgot to change my "E" - oh, ADJective, I get it...

Going to my brother's for the big game - enjoy the day ~!


Lemonade714 said...

Good morning early morning posters:

I enjoyed this effort immensely, and agree about Fail to take the heat: MELT being very fresh, and I enjoyed seeing SYLPH in a puzzle. I had no problem with BEADLE as Mr. Bumble in OLIVER TWIST was a memorable character, and this weekend, the ex-Miami Dolphin Quarterback BOB GRIESE retired from broadcasting.

Otherwise it was a real potpourri of fill, with clues coming from everywhere.

Super Sunday all.

Argyle said...

Splynter, you gave a great answer there!

Kitty Carson: SCOUTING MISS(ion)

fermatprime, Lou Gehrig knew he had ALS when he made his farewell speech.

windhover said...

Since Mr. Yankee didn't respond, here's the 411 on Gehrig. He retired because he knew he had ALS. What made his home plate speech so poignant was that, even knowing he was dying, he considered himself a lucky man because he had the opportunity to be a Yankee.
Doubt we'll be hearing any similar speeches in the future, but that isn't necessarily or solely the fault of the players.

Your posts are very much appreciated by me.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning C.C. et al. Thanks for the wonderful witty write up! I just can’t drag myself out of bed too early on a Sunday morning, so I am in awe of your dedication to this blog!

Argyle, great catch on Splynter’s “Scouting miss…” !

25A: To me, REROOT means to move a plant to a new location, so it can take root again, or get a new “foothold” in the soil.

And 78A “Thrice due” for SEI was really crafty.

108D SULA, Whaaa? A novel from 30 years ago? Hmmm…not in my radar. Now, if she had clued it as “India’s most popular winery”, I might have gotten it, LOL. Fortunately, perps gave me the answer and I didn’t have to fret any further.

Have a great day everyone, and for those who are so inclined, have a fun experience tonight, no matter who wins!

Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - a rare treat, getting two great puzzles in the same weekend. Yesterday's chewed me up and spit me out, but I loved all the education I got out of it (and one of the best clues of all time, 'Messing with scripts), and today's was just plain fun.

I forgot to look at the theme until I was trying to get through the first theme answer, so that was my first 'aha' moment. I thought the theme answers were very clever, all eight(?) of them, and the puzzle had lots of fresh cluing. I had two missteps, 'Rated R' for 45A, and 'Imam' for 81D, but perps quickly corrected those. All in all, a really enjoyable puzzle; I always love Sunday puzzles - they're such a relaxing way to ease into a Sunday, especially after a late night.

fermatprime, the first slot is yours anytime you want it - that certainly goes for everyone on here. I've said before that I usually end up being first because I'm up and finishing the puzzle then, plus C.C. had asked me to way, way back, but there's nothing that says I have to be.

dodo, et al, the first thing I do in the morning is read the previous night's posts, and I'm sure that's true of the majority of posters. A lack of response certainly doesn't mean a post wasn't enjoyable, just that the reader had nothing of substance to add. All the posts are fun to read, even if they're just talking about what someone had for breakfast; it's like we're all reading each other's diaries. Just one of the many things that makes this blog so unique.

Have a wonderful day - finally full of sunshine here.

elsie said...

Good Morning all,

Enjoyable write up, C.C.

My favorite baseball movie: 61*

Have a Super Sunday, GO PACKERS!!

HeartRx said...

…and catching up from yesterday:

Maniac, thanks for the avatar of Frank and Zeva in the snow…my cats beg to be let out. But the other day when the snow was piled up about 2’ outside the door, the older one just sat in the doorway and hissed ! (My sentiments, exactly).

Dudley , I wasn’t sure which “oil can” you were referring to, but since my mindset was on a glass of wine after a hard day’s work, I took a WAG. Interesting that “Australia’s beer” is never drunk there ! And Kazie, thanks for the Australian beer links – it was immediately forwarded to DH !

Frenchie – yesterday we had ARTSY at 40a, and today we had ARTY at 112D. So I guess you could add “f” to either one?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice comments, C.C.

Enjoyed the puzzle this am at our beautiful vacation location in SW Florida. The theme was fun to unravel. No serious problems in the solve. No searches needed.

OPA - the appellation my 4 grandkids confer on me. Oma is the equivalent for grandmother.

NEST - is also the term for a group of ships moored together; especially destroyers. See this example.

I dined with 3 SYLPHS at the Naples cw Corner :-)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Lots of unknowns again. Remembered GEHRIG but spelled it wrong. Never heard of GRIESE, hate !@%&* sports clues! Goog provided MEZCAL, close enough. Had BEEDLES for a while. All in all, a long slog of a scale appropriate for a Sunday.

Speaking of, we have SUN today! And temps are well above freezing! First time in eons. The roof raking and shoveling is paying off. Still sore, though. Hey HeartRx, bring over a bottle of that, will ya?

eddyB said...

Hi all.

fermatprime. You could post even earier if you wanted. Puzzle is available at 7PM and CC posts at
10 PM PST on the week-ends.
Surprised that more left coasters
don't post earier.

Game starts at 3:30 out here. Wearing black and gold today. Daisy has her towel.

Take care.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Maybe I just didn't get enough sleep last night. I liked the puzzle, but wasn't delighted. Once I got MISS IMPOSSIBLE, I glanced at the title and understood "SUBTRACT - ION". That made me laugh.

I remember Susan's description of SYLPHS a while back. Susan, I think a couple of people commented on your post at the time.

For today, I'm more involved in getting ready for the SB party. Thank goodness, it isn't at our house, but I am bringing some noshes. West Coasters get about a 3:30 PM kickoff, so I'm going to have to get started with the sweet & sour meatballs.

GAH is rooting for Green Bay. I'll just cheer for the team whose name I draw in the big pool!

I'll be back later to read ALL posts.Have a good day.

Spitzboov said...

How many of you remember Sioux City Sue ?

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning left coasters and afternoon to the right coasters. Great write up CC.

When you start out with HEARTY for 1a and GRAVITY for 19a, the eraser is in for a lot of action. As soon as I saw that the clue for 1d wasn't going to yield HGTV I knew I'd messed up big time and started over, paying more attention to the perps before commiting to an entry.

The theme revealed itself with MISS IMPOSSIBLE and the rest of the theme entries just needed a few crosses to point me in the right direction.

There were several cases of "I have no idea" across intersecting with "never heard of him/her/it" down, but managed to keep plugging away until one or the other looked vaguely familiar.

GRIESE, SOSA and RYNE were gimmes, but I needed perps to get GEHRIG.

Spitzboov, I passed along your compliment to my LW.

I'll be watching #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (23-0) play #20 Northwestern before I get fired up about the Super Bowl. Go Bucks!!

HeartRx said...

Dudley, I would happily bring over a bottle, but I think I'll have to wait until spring, when I can get the doors open again. The poor cat is in shock, with all this white stuff ruining her vista!

Dudley said...

Poor kitty! Poor you! Come to think of it, poor me!

Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I didn't get to the blog until late last night, so am writing now about the fabulous evening Friday night with Spitzboob and slyph, Grumpy 1 and slyph, and my DH and me.

We toasted C.C. at about 6 Eastern time, same as Tinbeni's.
Grumpy 1 is not grumpy but handsome and Sptizboov is as even more fun to talk with than to read.
And both wives were beautiful and fun to talk with.

We plan to do it again before Spitzboov and LW return to the snows of their home.

We didn't talk politics or religion – or sex for that matter. But found out about each other and became friends.

Haven't done the puzzle yet – went to church instead. Where is Buckeye? He's also a U.U.


Bill G. said...

Happy Superbowl Sunday. It's just a football game but I hope it's a good one.

Mike got me good on Sm, med or lge. Very tricky. It would have been fun to see CALVIN (Luther comtemporary) clued as Hobbes buddy.

Bill G. said...

I hit the Publish button when I meant to hit Preview on the last post. Oh well.

I teared up too during "Pride of the Yankees." Who wouldn't?

eddyB, being a left-coaster, I could post early but I'm in the habit of starting a day off with the puzzle. Seems comfortable to me.

I started writing this last night when I was reading others' opinions about responses. Several people wrote that they posted things without caring whether they got any responses or not. I find I am a little less self-confident than that in that I do care a bit about responses. I think when I post a link to something I find interesting or express an opinion, I enjoy finding that others enjoyed the link or found my opinion thoughtful. I know everybody can't and shouldn't respond to everything that's posted, but I for one appreciate and enjoy the responses from time to time. Just my two-cents' worth.

Splynter said...

Hi Again ~!

I went Googling for Kitty Carson, the "SCOUTING MISS", and got lots of odd returns - then I realized we're talking about KIT CARSON, and a play on the feminine version - OK, must be too early or too late, not sure which - and no, I do not have start on the festivities this afternoon ~!

Dennis, funny, but IMAM was the answer I was looking for @81D, but it eluded me this morning, and I am glad it did....


Frenchie said...

@HeartRX: (40a/112d) That is correct. After I posted yesterday, I went on to read some other material and wouldn't you just guess, "artsy-fartsy" was printed in black and white for all to see. Then did this puzzle and...artsy! It's incidious!
Adding to the thread, I always try to write interesting things because I care what I put out there for all to read and I spend a lot of time reading each entry posted and appreciate it being worth my while.

I'm out.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. And hello to you, earlybird fermatprime!

As so often happens, Barry G's experience was very similar to mine (or mine to his.) Overall an enjoyable puzzle, and I really liked the "subtraction." Like Splynter, once I got MISS IMPOSSIBLE I knew how it was going to work. I did get tripped up when I came across CALAMINE LOT until I realized the ION was not restricted to being subracted from only the first word.

Didn't catch onto what ADJ meant until coming here.

Thanks for the cool writeup, C.C. It's always interesting to see what your take was on each clue-entry.

As for whether a butte is the same as a mesa, I'll just say for now that my understanding is that a mesa is flat-topped ("table") and butte need not be, such as the Bear Butte just outside of Sturgis South Dakota (which I have climbed several times.) Now I'll go look it up and find out I'm wrong :)

Ooops, I'm getting too long-winded, so I'll shut up for now.

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

Good day, Sunday solvers!

I'm late for this party even as most of you are preparing or leaving for your SB parties. I plan to go to a movie.

For the most part I really enjoyed this puzzle especially when MISS IMPOSSIBLE emerged and I realized what the theme would be. Even the sports fill came through for me except GRIESE and RYNE which just worked themselves out.

It's been so long since I've heard of MESCAL that it took a loooong time to come forward, have never read SULA, only Paradise and looked on the flyleaf for the title.

NCAA just escapes me and I had NC__ until OPA and HALOGEN mysteriously appeared in my memory.

No idea about BEADLES but plan to research that.

I love the word SYLPH and recall a discussion about it; thanks CA for remembering that it was Susan.

Have a joyous time at your super bowl parties! May the best team win.

Lucina said...

From yesterday, yes you are right about the temps, they stayed in the mid 60s. One of the channels, 12 I think, optimistically predicted 70 as Saturday's high and I equally optimisticlly believed it. But mid 60 is much preferable to the 20s!

lois said...

Good afternoon CC, et al., Great write up, CC. Thank you for the links...esp Ravel's music. You're so right. It is beautiful. Love it.

What a clever puzzle! I'd like to know how Mike Peluso thought this one up. I think it's very impressive and ingenious. I missed some of the perps in some areas b/c the answers just fell into place, but it wasn't an easy puzzle overall. I noticed the theme w/the first theme entry but it didn't help me much. Labatt? and beadles? crossing through me. Have never heard of Labatt or beadles either for that matter. Now I know. Learn something new every day here.

Had to LOL at 53D 'vidi' - reminded me of Dennis' arrangement of that boast. So funny.

Enjoy your day

eddyB said...

Bill G.
Hi. I'm not an eary morning riser.
So, I usually do do these in the
evening. Was just saying that fermatprime could have posted two hours earlier if she wanted.

Ali Reynolds in JA Jance's latest novel was called "Oma" by her fellow recuits as a sign of disrespect.

Take care.

Jayce said...

I used to like Chinese steamed bread (mantou 馒头) but my wife thinks they're too doughy (well, it's bread!) so we never buy it. She doesn't much care for bauzi either, for the same reason.

Jayce said...

Haha, Grumpy1, I also over-confidently put in HEARTY and GRAVITY in the upper left! You're right, it resulted in a lot of re-doing. No actual eraser crumbs, though, just cyber ones, as I do the Sunday puzzles on line.

Clear Ayes, I hope the team you bet on wins.

Lois, Labatt's is not much better than Molson's, so you haven't missed out on anything in that regard.

So, fermatprime, who was the first female mathematician?

Bill G, hi there!

Spitzboov said...

How many of you remember Sioux City Sue ?

Bill G. said...

I remember Sioux City Sue. I used to watch Gene Autry all the time. My father took me to a cowboy show of his and then took my backstage to get an autographed photo. I caught a couple of his old TV shows on cable recently. Really hokey stuff. Those were simpler times.

Elsie, "61" is one of my wife's favorite baseball movies too. She was a big fan of 'The Mick' growing up. I bought her an autographed Mickey Mantle baseball on eBay.

Jayce, Hi back at you.

The earliest female mathematician of note I can find on the Internet was Hypatia.

"Hypatia of Alexandria
(355 or 370 - 415) - Greek - philosopher, astronomer, mathematician - She was the salaried head of the Neoplatonic School in Alexandria, Egypt, from the year 400. Her students were pagan and Christian young men from around the empire. She was killed by a mob of Christians in 415, probably inflamed by the bishop of Alexandria, Cyril."

windhover said...

There. You. Go.

Jerome said...

After filling in the first theme entry I thought the puzzle was going to be about my former wife.

Subtraction- We'll definetly see some PASS PLAYS today.

eddyB- Big A J Jance fan here.

windhover- You wanted to say a lot more, didn't you. :)

Hahtool said...

Windhover: you are too funny!

Lemonade714 said...

Hey, Spitzboov, you ever heard of Sioux City Sue ? WH you da man!

Jerome, did your ex-wife work on a submarine?

"She was killed by a mob of Christians in 415, probably inflamed by the bishop of Alexandria, Cyril." C'mon, whoever heard of a flaming bishop? I really enjoy the Blackie Ryan novels.

windhover said...

Just demonstrating that I, too, can exercise restraint.

windhover said...

(I'm addressing you by your proper and full name, like our parents used to when they really, really meant business, because I'm doing my best to be serious here.)

But anyway, don't you read the newspaper? Apparently there are flaming bishops in several major US cities.

And thanks for the softball straight line of the year. I owe you one. ;-}

C. C. said...

Comment away anytime the post is out. No need to take a shot at Dennis.

Not fond of bao zi, always too oily. But jiao zi & wonton, yummy!

Anonymous said...

WH, restrained? You couldn't even last an hour!

windhover said...

Sorry, Lemonade, your straight line has just been topped!
And, Anon,
You obviously have no experience with old men.
In fact, I can last for hours, if need be.
That would be 5 for me, and the SB calls.
Do it again tomorrow?

Bill G. said...

I just watched the end of the pre-game ceremonies. I enjoyed "America the Beautiful" by the girl from Glee. What a great song! Stirring. Christina Aguilera's version of the National Anthem? Not so much.

My daughter wants a ride in a half hour to visit my son where he tends bar because the parking will be very crowded. It's a good thing I have a DVR.

Abejo said...

Good Afternoon, folks! Thanks to Mike Peluso for a great puzzle. It was not easy, but was doable with time. I finished it 100 %. Made me feel good. Great write-up and posting, C.C., as always. Thanks for your hard work. By the way, how do I get the puzzle at 7:00 PM? I always print mine from the Chicago Tribune in the AM.

Enjoyed the theme. Picked up on it after getting MISSIMPOSSIBLE. The last one I got was MUSCLECONTRACT. That one was difficult. The South was the last section I filled in. 104D and 95D were purely guesses for me. I lucked out.

Enjoyed VICI. I am a latin nut of sorts. I thought 81D EMIR had a shakey clue. I believe an EMIR is the leader of a country whose religion may be Islam, but not necessarily a leader of the religion itself. Just my two cents.

For Spitzboof: At my Kiwanis Club, the Golden K of Elgin, we sing old songs. Sioux City Sue is one of our favorites.

For Lois and Jayce: Having grown up 28 miles from Canada, Labatt Blue is always available in that neck of the woods. I agree with Jayce, it is not a special beer, more like a standard brew like Pabst, Old Style, Budweiser, Miller, etc. I do like the beers with some flavor. I am currently drinking a Samuel Adams Black Lager, while watching the Super Bowl.

Great puzzle. Great day! See you tomorrow.


Lemonade714 said...


Hope you are enjoying the Super Bowl. I was a pitcher, so never be surprised.

HeartRx said...

Bill G., agree totally with your take on pre-game songs. I have already recorded Glee's first show of the season (after the game). Now, back to the nachos !

Husker Gary said...

C.C., Great effort on write-up on this nice Sunday effort! We babysat in Lincoln last night and just got back in time to watch Super Bowl and do the puzzle. 3 cells in SW wrong.

-Field of Dreams is the only movie to drive me to tears. Baseball was the only connection my alcoholic Dad and I had. It’s hard to watch that last scene.
-Also loved Close Encounters! It was a BUTTE and a beaut!
-Tin man, I hope Husker Joba has a good Yankee year!
-No idea on SULU, OPA, LABATT or BEADLE but got ‘em.
-I have gotten more mileage out of INERTIA tricks the last 40 years than Joan Rivers has out of plastic surgery!
-I love to see two cold weather, small market FB teams play for it all!
-Limiting to 20 lines is tough but makes reading easier.

Lucina said...

I'm back to report that the movie "Biutiful" with Javier Bardem is grim, dark and sad. Once is enough of that one.

And hee-hee what fun reading betwen the lines here!

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see that the anti-christian attitude is alive and well. I wonder how Lemonade714 would react to some anti-semitic comment.

Argyle said...

I am enjoying my Ro*Tel and cream cheese dip a lot more than the Black Eyed Peas.

Just saying.

Dennis said...

I thought the Peas and the halftime show were outstanding, but Christina Aguilera really blew the national anthem, not once, but twice.

Burrito34 said...

Good Sunday Evening,

The snow is finally melting in Oklahoma and I can drive too fast again.

One tough sonofapuzzle today. Couldn't get it done without Google Almighty and red Letters, but it was fun nonetheless.

Favorite clue:
(72A)Anglican Church Officials:
"Beadles" (LOL). I wonder if any of them has ever started a band with that name.

lois said...

Jayce, Abejo: Thanks for the 411 on Labatt. Glad to know I'm not missing some mouth tingling, super sensual taste extravaganza. Guess I'll have to try harder and look elsewhere. Maybe I should forget about being bottle fed.

WH: funny man! And I firmly believe that you could last for hours or more. I KNOW you can..and still drive!

Lemonade: LMAO! flaming bishop indeed! Maybe that's why they're preaching hail fire and brimstone...or not.

Congratulations to the Packer fans! Great game!

Husker Gary said...

p.s. on Beadle. George Beadle was a Nobel Prize winning scientist born in Wahoo, Nebraska and educated at the University of Nebraska.

Clear Ayes said...

Jayce, Yup. It was just one of those numbered pools, but I won $50 on the final score....I'm happy.

WH, well, you know!

Hope you're feeling better fermatprime.

Dodo, I always read you posts.

Frenchie, you too.

Anon@7:06, try it and see.

Bill G. & Dennis, I agree about Ms. Aguilera. It could have been better. I loved the Black Eyed Peas.

Argyle, I knew I forgot something...the Rotel and cream cheese. Glad you enjoyed it.

Lucina, no "artsy" theaters around here, so we have to wait for the DVD. I do like Javier Bardem. How much more depressing can "Biutiful" be than "The Sea Inside"?

Probably one glass of wine too many (I had three), so it is off to bed for me. Have a good one, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Clear Ayes, I'll pass, thanks.

Bill G. said...

Argyle, I am not a fan of any present-day popular music, Black Eyed Peas included. That's because what they sing doesn't bear much resemblance to songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s that I enjoy. No discernible melody, repetitive lyrics, etc. More like rhythmic chants. I'm not saying they can't be fun or enjoyable; just not like songs and music that I got used to growing up. Here's the LA Times take on the Black Eyed Peas performance.

In addition to Christina Aguilera messing up the lyrics, she felt compelled to rearrange The Star-Spangled Banner to make it sound like something from an American Idol competition.

Fun puzzle and write-up and a pretty decent Superbowl game.

Dudley said...

I have no use for football, so I didn't waste electricity on watching the Super Bowl. Let me guess: the national anthem was ruined, sung by some female who thinks that Whitney Houston-style ululation is absolutely necessary, right? Blechh.

Lucina said...

First I'm glad you won some money.

I didn't see The Sea Inside but I'll order it from Netflix; Javier Bardem is such a good actor and he does melancholy well.

I've been wondering if he had a nose job bacause the first time I saw him several years ago I thought him homely and now suddenly he is transformed and looks diffeent.

Good night all.

WikWak said...

Can someone PLEASE explain 115D: "Ignore a Time change" = STET?

I know it must refer to Time magazine, but the only "stet" I know means "right now!" in doctor-speak, and I don't see how the one relates to the other at all!


Argyle said...

You have STET and STAT mixed up.

"STAT!" is the word you're thinking of.

STET is used by editors to indicate something that previously was to be taken out, now should be left in.

WikWak said...

[slams the V-8 can upside his head...]

Thanks, Argyle! Boy do I feel silly.