Feb 22, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 John Lampkin

Theme: Action Food - The four theme entries begin with an adjective form of a verb(action word), a verb that is also a noun and in this case, that noun is a food. The first two are fruits and the second two are considered seeds.

20A. Arborist's handiwork: PRUNED TREE

26A. Windshield nuisance: SQUASHED BUGS

44A. Result of an errant brushback pitch: BEANED BATTER

55A. Deli sandwich filler: CORNED BEEF

Argyle here. The puzzle was a lot easier than trying to articulate what I think the theme is. At first, I looked on them as past tense verbs but then realized they are adjectives. John, did I get it right?

Scrabbley, too, just a V short of a pangram. I bet Dennis finished as fast as yesterday.


1. Raise, as produce : GROW

5. Go badly together : CLASH

10. Stylish : CHIC

14. Instant, in product names : REDI

15. Madre's milk : LECHE. Spanish

16. Bride's ride : LIMO. I know, GROOM wouldn't fit. Nice rhyme.

17. Busy, busy, busy : AT IT

18. Time __ time: repeatedly : AFTER. Oh, what will Lois do with these five entries?

19. "The Wizard __": comic strip : OF ID

22. All there : SANE

23. Development developments : HOMES. What should we call this type of clue?

24. Jazz guitarist Montgomery : WES. Here is his version of
Eleanor Rigby(3:05). There is a good write-up about him that goes with the song, worth a read if you're interested.

25. Shocking swimmer : EEL

31. Average guys : JOES

34. H.S. elite : SRs. High school seniors.

35. Older woman's young lover, facetiously : BOY TOY

36. Place to make deposits, briefly : ATM

37. Bouquet delivery letters : FTD

38. Dream letters : REM

39. Novelist Fleming : IAN. Bond creator.

40. Alabama's only seaport : MOBILE

42. Monopoly token : CAR

43. Chip in a pot, maybe : ANTE

47. HDTV brand : RCA

48. Out of use, as words: Abbr. : OBS. Obsolete(same as obscure?)

49. Chip in a bowl : NACHO

53. World dodo population : ZERO

57. Blue book filler : EXAM

58. Dust Bowl refugees : OKIES

59. Pier gp. : ILWU. International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

60. Religious recess : APSE

61. Center : MIDST

62. Amber brews : ALES

63. Dieter's goal : LOSS

64. Care for : SEE TO

65. Branching point : NODE


1. Boardroom diagram : GRAPH

2. Fashionably dated : RETRO

3. Intense dislike : ODIUM. From Greek by way of Latin

4. One sitting on the stand : WITNESS

5. Attired : CLAD

6. How liberals lean : LEFTWARD. OBS., IMHO.

7. Helen Hunt or Holly Hunter, e.g. : ACTRESS. Both have honey hair.
Helen and Holly.

8. "Jeez Louise!" : "SHEESH!"

9. Not there : HERE

10. Quite near : CLOSE BY

11. Pretentious, informally : HIFALUTIN'. Variant spelling of highfaluting, origin unknown.

12. Chip-tossing declaration : "I'M IN"

13. Programmers' writing : CODE

21. ABA member's title : ESQ. Esquire, HIFALUTIN' name for a lawyer.

25. Ancient kingdom near the Dead Sea : EDOM

27. You, in Yucat√°n : USTED. Spanish again.

28. Longtime "At the Movies" co-host Roger : EBERT

29. Capricorn's animal : GOAT

30. Holiday song closer : SYNE

31. Doorway side : JAMB

32. Siouan tribe : OTOE. A not so common clue for a common tribe of late.

33. Humiliate : EMBARRASS

37. Pet pest : FLEA

38. Disorderly place : RAT'S NEST

41. Salaries, wages, etc. : INCOMES

42. Hack's service : CAB RIDE

43. Graceful steed : ARABIAN

45. One taking bets : BOOKIE

46. Conclusion : END

50. Yo-Yo Ma's instrument : CELLO

51. Hacked : HEWED

52. Worth having : OF USE

53. Zest : ZEAL

54. Trade show : EXPO. Shout out to Jeannie

55. Dot-__: e-businesses : COMs

56. This, to Pablo : ESTO. More Spanish

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - Argyle, I too thought it would be a typical Tuesday run, but it took me a minute to get a foothold 'cause I refused to believe that 1A would be as simple as 'grow'. But then I realized 1D had to be 'graph', and that brought back memories of all those boardroom meetings and all those freaking graphs, and that made me realize how much I don't miss the corporate world.

Our old friend 'at it' drops in again, and I needed all of the NW perps to get 'Redi', which just wouldn't register for a while. Once I got past the NW, the rest went pretty smoothly (about six minutes overall, anon), until I screwed up the south by putting 'backer' for 'One taking bets'. Even 'Okies' fit that, so it took a bit to see my error. Certainly not a 'no-brainer Tuesday', at least for me, which made it all the more enjoyable. And believe it or not, I just now saw the constructor's name, and now it all makes sense. Nice job, John, as always.
Argyle, good blog - and you're right, Lois will have a field day with several of the clues; lots of possibilities.

Today, in addition to Washington's Birthday, is Walking the Dog Day and International World Thinking Day.

Did You Know?:

- According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.

- Pharaoh Ramses II died in 1225 B.C.E. At the time of his death, he had fathered 111 sons and 67 daughters.

- Orville Wright was involved in the first aircraft accident. His passenger, a Frenchman, was killed.

Hahtool said...

Good Morning, Argyle and Friends. This was a bit more of a challenge than the usual puzzle. It also took a while to see that John was Playing with his Food!

BEANED BATTER was the most difficult theme clue for me because I interpreted the word "pitch" in the clue to be an adman's pitch, not a baseball pitcher.

I also wanted WORE in lieu of CLAD for 5-Down, which made it hard for CLASH to appear.

My favorite clue was One Sitting on the Stand = WITNESS.

Today is my hubby's birthday, so we are having a nice dinner out at his favorite restaurant.

QOD: Music is the shorthand of emotion. ~ Leo Tolstoy

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

A fun puzzle today, but not without some difficulty, especially the NW & SW corners. The NW, I drew blanks for 14A & 23A, refused to believe Grow was correct and the perps weren't registering. Eventually, I woke up. The SW I screwed up by entering Elan for 53D. Again, I rose to the occasion, speaking of which, favorite clue was BOYTOY. One of the goals in my life I failed to achieve.

In addition to the Pharaoh's reproduction, add in Wilt Chamberlain's claim of having slept with 25 K ladies in his lifetime, sort of makes the term Boytoy an oxymoron. Oh well, enough adoration of others for one day.

Argyle, thank you for another excellent write up.

A pleasant Tuesday to all.

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks! Thanks John Lampkin for a good start to the day. Enjoyed the puzzle. It ws not a cake-walk by any means. Took some thinking and a few perps. I did learn a new word, ODIUM.

Enjoyed the write-up Argyle. I saw the link to Wes Montgomery. Very interesting artist. Too bad he's gone.

Thought the theme was clever. BEANEDBATTER was the last holdout for me. But, it made sense once I thought about the clue a little.

LEFTWARD made me laugh. We always joke about the "Left Coast" in politics. See you all tomorrow.


Mainiac said...

Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Great cluing (after a few days off) made this Tuesday puzzle easy. Had some erasing to do. Canned Meat (Duh) got scratched quickly with perp help. I also had Beaned Hitter for awhile. We still call this guy I know Boy Toy. It pissed him off at first but now he's used to it.

I've been off for a few days. Ice conditions are perfect now so I scratched the fishing itch. Kids had a blast as usual so we're going up to camp the end of the week to scratch it again.

Have a great Tuesday.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning Argyle, CC and happy puzzlers all. Thanks for the Wes Montgomery link. Now Eleanor Rigby will be bouncing around in my head all day.

John, where did you hide that 'V'? I spent longer going back over the puzzle looking for a wrong fill that should have had a 'V' than I did on the puzzle. I was sure John wasn't going to let a pangram escape for the lack of one lousy little letter.

DIL cooked up a wonderful CORNED BEEF dinner while she and #1 son were here last week. Just enough left for one sandwich for lunch today. Dibs!

REDI came to mind easily, but I resisted putting it in until the perps confirmed it. Most of the theme entries filled easily with just a few perps, but SQUASHED BUGS took a little longer to show up.

John must have been hungry when he thought this one up. LECHE, NACHO, CHIC(ken), JAM(b), sloppy JOES, po' BOY... SHEESH, what a feast!

Happy Hahtool Hubby Bday!

Thanks, John, for a fun Tuesday puzzle.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Thanks for the theme definition.

John, Thank you for a FUN Tuesday!

Happy Birthday, Hahtool's guy.

OK, I can't wait to see Lois's take on BOY-TOY.

My fave was 22-A, "All there" being SANE.
(Some would say I'm 'all-there' but a bit crazy ...).

And like Dennis, the NW's REDI was all perps.
As to the Corporate World and GRAPHs in the Boardroom ... well, just give me the numbers and percentages in 'black-and-white' and skip the pie-charts.

Finally the Fog has lifted ... so it's time from my daily rut.

kazie said...

I'm back after a day sitting in the courtroom yesterday during jury selection. Luckily, I wasn't chosen out of the huge pool of possibles. It was going to be a three week trial, so I would have really been hampered in my daily routine.

I enjoyed this and could just "hear" John saying SHEESH! My only reall stumble was having JOYBOY for BOYTOY until the perps corrected it. The NW was a bit slow in coming, especially REDI, but no real problems.

We delivered our son to Madison Saturday, fearing that Sunday would be not a good driving day. His flight out of Philadelphia was delayed 4 hours so a new connection from Munich to Dresden meant I was up at 4 am yesterday to call those who were meeting him at the airport there before they would leave home to get him. Now I need a nap!

Nice Cuppa said...

Not had time to do the crossword today, but the images from the New Zealand earthquake (Christchurch) look horrendous ("estimated > 65 killed, but probably much higher). U.S. networks don't seem to be covering it. Only the CNN website has a major story. Any info anyone?


John Lampkin said...

Hey all,

Thank you, Argyle for the write-up. It's fun to hear Wes Montgomery "Eleanor Rigby" again. Wes was one of those cats who could play some hard-edged jazz, but found success as one ushering in the "easy-listening jazz" niche. Since I'm a jazz musician myself, clues like this are appealing because it's what I know and appreciate.

Likewise, it was a no-brainer to use BOY TOY, since I was one myself. However, it was long ago. The third-grade if I remember correctly.

You got it correct, Argyle. The first word is a past tense verb used as an adjective. But the kicker is that when the ED endings are dropped, we have four fruits of the garden. The two-word phrases have nothing to do with fruits and vegetables though! So it's a bit more sophisticated than you might think at first glance, yet still simple enough for a Tuesday.

Hey Grumpy, nice of you to remember that I always shoot for a pangram. Indeed I do, but only if the fill doesn't suffer. I'd rather see HIFALUTIN in there than something less fun just for the V. I promise to make it up for this lapse at some future date and will use two V's. OK?

Best to all, and happy solving!

Anonymous said...

NC, did you try NPR? or the Beeb?

sherry said...

Glad to hear others had some difficulty with this grid. Fun! Beaned batter, wow!

Husker Gary said...

Good Morning Argyle, et al, We get no titles for puzzles here and I never even suspected a theme until I got here on a very Tuesday puzzle.

-REDI took a little bit
-Madre’s leche is being debated in our unicameral so women can breastfeed
in public
-I golf at a course with full of average “Joes”
-IAN Fleming is in the latest Masterpiece Theater series! Did you know they had sex back in the 30’s?
-Like World dodo population clue
-Excel uses the word Chart when it is clearly a Graph
-Ed Norton’s favorite phrase? Sheesh, what a grouch!
-Our horse is an ARABIAN today and not an ARAB
-Orville probably lost his luggage too, Dennis!
-Tinman, I need the visuals!
-Weather and tectonic plates are being very hard on our friends down under!

creature said...

Good Morning C.C.,Argyle and all,

"Action Food"- very good, Argyle!
I like both actresses. When I see Holly,I think "Raising Arizona"- an alltime fav. I have a s-i-l, who
memorized ALL the lines and would say them throughout the movie.
We had to shut him up. Good times.
Perfect write-up.

I, too, bumped around the NW but overall enjoyed the extremely fresh fill.No complaints. Really good Tuesday; considered a panagram, also.Thanks,JL, for fun.

Dennis, Those 'Days' imply that they are limited to a day a year.

Have a nice day everyone.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Great write-up, Argyle. I did figure out the theme before I read your explanation, but you confirmed my "take" on it, so thank you!

Thanks for stopping my John! I must have been on your wavelength because this one was a complete speed run. In fact, when I got to the bottom and filled in NODE, I got the ta-da, and was mildly annoyed at myself for not taking more time to enjoy all the clever clues!

Dennis, I guess I'm simple minded, because I just filled in GROW and moved on. Thanks for the interesting facts today. I feel bad for Ramses wife, though! ;-D

Have a great day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Mr. John Lampkin - very nice puzzle, very enjoyable, Thank you. Nice to see your name at the 'limelight'.

Mr. Argyle - very nice blog, enjoyed 'Rigby' - nice linkup - Thank you.

Believe it or not, I did get some inkling of the theme - although not as perfectly as Argyle explained it ...

Have a nice day everyone. Best wishes.

kazie said...

Here are a few video interviews from Christchurch survivors. Traveling in NZ, you become amazed at the variety of accents--quite evident here. Vowel sounds are clipped, one lady doesn't use any short "e" as in "egg" sounds--all "ee" instead. One guy must be from farther south, with a heavy Scottish brogue, like I remember hearing in Dunedin.

I liked Argyle's take on the theme too. Thanks for a great job!

Seen said...

Orville and Wilbur had crashed many, many times before the fatal one.

It was only after several years of perfecting their machines that they did allow passengers other than themselves.

This exhibition was an attempt to sell the "airplane idea" to the American and French armies.

Btw, the crash was not due to pilot error. Faulty wood in a propeller was to blame.

Seen said...

How about ChivedButter?

Chives are from the garden and there is Grumpy's V.

Did you know that the kids these days use chived for stoned?

Man, that dude is so chived...

Anonymous said...

To Lemonade:- must be short and sparse ...

From yesterday - why 1899 ? The '111' algorithm breaks down for that ( and earlier - ) dates. Why You ? ... you are the only person I feel 'comfortable' enough to joke about ( a slight 'dig'... )- and I know I wont hurt your feelings. I suspect, you're actually within 3 years ( plus or minus) of my own age - maybe 2. If you were 112 , you would be in very select company - less than 111 of such people around in the US. Why me 'Anon' ? - I've thought long and hard, maybe its ' low need for ego-gratification' - thats it.

If my posts make sense, read and enjoy them. If not, skip them. If inappropriate, delete them. I am trying not to be mean or ornery, life is short enough as it is.

The main thing is, look at, and read the message - don't worry about the messenger. I realize many posters wont respond to an 'Anon' - so be it. Doesn't bother me at all. I guess I don't need a 'handle' to catch anybody's attention. I realise this may not make sense to most people, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

Totally missed the theme, had to come here to realize there was one. I had all the theme clues, but...

REDI did not come to mind, and I had WATCHER for WITNESS (sports stands) which had to be wrong, with JOES at the end.

And I cheated, too - didn't see my "BAY TOY" mistake - and John, I was a third grade BOY TOY, too ~!!

Today, not so much....

Eric Johnson pays tribute to Wes Montgomery on a couple of his albums; here's his take on the jazz master.


LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

I got through this one quickly ... no problems. My only misstep was SMASHED BUG instead of SQUASHED ... didn't quite fit.

With John Lampkin's name on the puzzle I was sure there was more to it than I was seeing. I knew foods was the common factor but I had to come here for Argyle's explanation ... aha!

I think REDI Whip helped me to fill that one quickly. TIME AFTER TIME made me think of Cyndi Lauper. I would have linked it if I knew how to do such things. A fun puzzle and a great write-up!

Enjoy the day ~~

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, In my dream state I clicked on the wrong key and lost a perfectly good post. We're headed to Modesto to shop, so I'll have to try again later.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I always start at 1A so I had a little trouble this morning since that seemed to be the hardest corner for me.

It's fun to see our Dodo's name in a puzzle.

Anon 9:53, it may make perfect sense to you but not to me. Doing it your way, there is no continuity. The next time I see a thoughtful anon post, I won't be sure it's the same person. Plus, your way, it's harder to distinguish you from some of the jerks who post from time to time. I fail to see the downside of going blue. Just my two-cents worth.

Dentist appt. today. Then a haircut. I much prefer days with nothing scheduled except a bike ride.

Argyle said...

Cyndi Lauper and Reddi-Wip...what a concept!

Is Reddi-Wip just an East Coast (rightward) thing?

Husker Gary said...

Musings II and then off to the Y (I have to get REDI)
-What is the last thing to go through a bug's brain before he is squashed on a windshield? His rear end (cleaned up a little!
-I don't understand anon's aversion to sunshine either, but Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care. No troll food here!
-Granddaughter's orchestra concert last week had only one recognizable song - Eleanor Rigby. Why do school band and orchestra teachers shy away from familiar music?
-Congrats Hahtool's other half. Where's the restaurant?

creature said...

Argyle, you did it again.

'Rightward'- East coast thing'

OMG- So funny- can't breathe.

Lucina said...

Good day, Puzzlers!

Wonderful write up, Argyle and thanks for the theme explanation. I saw the food names and first thought of stew, but PRUNED wasn't appropriate for a stew.

I was on John Lambkin's wave length immediately and except for SQUISHED before SQUASHED and CLOSETO then CLOSEBY, it all went smoothly.

I liked: religious recess, APSE

Per our newspaper, today is NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! Too bad I have class tonight as specials abound in the local eateries.

Happy birthday to your hubby, Hahtool.

Have a delightful Tuesday, everyone!

erieruth said...

53a...favorite clue...dodo population=zero

Jerome said...

I always enjoy John's themes, but I always look forward to his fill as well.


They are all outstanding. But... HIFALUTIN and RATSNEST are about as good as it gets.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone,
Not quite a walk in the park for me today. I fouled up the SW corner to the point that I had to erase the entire area and start again. I had Elan for Zeal, Leaf for Exam and Lose for Loss. Oh well, it gave me some brain training in the process.

Up to that point I had pretty much aced the top third of the puzzle and I was feeling pretty smug.

I did like the unusual words in today's puzzle, Hifalutin, Sheesh, and Squashed. We don't see these very often.

Thanks, John Lampkin for a great exercise, and Argyle for your writeup. Both fun.

Hahtool, like my Dad, does your husband say that this holiday is for his birthday and not George Washington?

GarlicGal said...

Least we forget that today is also National Margarita Day! SALT? SALT? NO DAMN SALT!!!

Bottoms up Everyone.

eddyB said...


Nice little speed run for me. Of course, speed run means something different for me. I have a little trouble a reading and a writing at the same time. No problems tho.

Just had some Redi Whip on my blue berry panckes. Used Cracker Barrel

Watching events in NZ on line.

Guess the rodent lied. Rain and
40s for March 1st.

take care.

Jeannie said...

Thanks John for a very entertaining puzzle although I must admit the theme escaped me. Being the foodie I am I was thinking it was somehow a food theme but didn’t get it until reading Argyle’s fine blog. Parts of it reminded me of my mother, Thelma. Having naturally curly hair, she always was telling me to comb out that “rats nest” and she used hifalutin’ all the time. I thought it was southern thing. Windhover?

Mainiac, ice shanties have to come off the lakes here by February 28th. I am not sure why because the ice isn’t going anywhere soon. What kind of fish did you guys catch?

Heartrx, I LMAO at last night’s comments regarding inclimate weather. You were dead on!

Tinbeni, I’m not bitter hearing about how nice it is there. It actually makes me feel better to know it’s nice somewhere. Our time will come!

Gunghy…the temperature gauge was funny, but I would have inserted Minneapolis in for Chicago. Believe it or not, some of those comparisons were spot on. The new avatar is my back porch. That poor grill is begging for spring!

One more thing…I’ve never had a boytoy :(

KQ said...

Hi all. Did this puzzle in the World Club awaiting a delayed flight - to go from sunny 85 in Miami to 17 inches of new snow and 25 in Minneapolis. What am I thinking?

Cute puzzle with lots of good clues today. I did get the theme when I finished out. Had trouble with REDI though. Had to think hard for that one.

We are just returning home after my husbands 50th birthday celebration marathon in Ft. Lauderdale. Here is a cute story that the local paper picked up about my husband and his best friend running for their 50th birthdays. Thought you might like to see these fun pics too. My husband has on the sunglasses, and his best friend is in the middle next to him. His friends wife ran the marathon also, and my brother is the other guy who ran a half marathon. My daughter designed the t-shirt, and everyone wore one. They were a hit on the beach. Got a lovely note from Annette when she saw the article in the paper and recognized my last name. Fun times.

No to get back to reality and plow out!!! Ugh.

HeartRx said...

Jeannie, hoo boy! Looks like you can really sympathize with my tale of woe from last night. We are finally getting some melting around here, and I can actually open the patio door now. Not that I want to go out on the patio to sunbathe, mind you.

KQ, great pictures. It looks like they were having lots of fun. Was that before, or after the race?

Kazie, glad to hear you dodged the bullet on jury duty. Thanks for sharing the Christchurch videos and the comments about pronunciation. I have never been to NZ, but it is definitely on my "Bucket List".

Lucina said...

I meant to mention the shoutout to our dear DODO. I hope she saw that!

John L, thanks for stopping by; you know I love your puzzles!

Re: Ramses II, didn't he have several wives and concubines who bore all those children?

$2.22 for margarita's here, today.

Lucina said...

KQ, great pictures. Thank you. What a good idea to run a marathon at 50!

Gunghy said...

My paper still doesn't list the constructors, even though they will expand the size to fill more room. That said, I knew this was John's. Like Grumpy, I spent more time looking for the V than I did doing the puzzle. John, I love your style.

I knew it was vegies, but when __DBEEF filled in, I had to write GROUND. Didn't deserve a V8, so I used a baseball bat.

Does RCA still exist?? I haven't seen that brand in years.

REDI cameafter the R and I, HIFALUTIN was 100% perped.

Tinman, daily rut?? Drinking this early?

Gunghy said...

Jeannie, need a volunteer? I'm not younger, but we can work something out.

Bill G. said...

I really enjoyed HIFALUTIN and SHEESH also. That's the first time I've ever seen those in a crossword.

KQ, great marathon photos! About 20 years ago I was in the best shape of my life and decided to run the LA Marathon. I trained for about six months aiming for a goal of under four hours. With thousands of runners, the start was very slow and I was way behind my scheduled pace. I picked it up in the middle when things spread out. I was dying at about mile 20 and was close to deciding to walk. But I gutted it out. The finish was one lap around the LA Coliseum with a big noisy crowd. That got my adrenalin flowing and I was really motoring the last mile. I practically collapsed in the woman's arms who was passing out medals at the finish. I looked up at the time. It was 3:59:22. That was my first and last marathon.

$2.22 for margaritas! Such a deal! I'll bet they're not Cadillac margaritas though.

Anonymous said...

Gunghy, re: Jeannie, in your dreams. I am thinking you better get in line.

Anonymous said...

as you wish, jeannie

Jeannie said...

Gunghy, retired, live in CA, own a sailboat, mountain cabin…..Hmmm.

Anon(s) b%$# me. said...

Gunghy and Jeannie, hasn't this dance gone on long enough. Just call Delta and get on with it.

You too, Jerome and Lemonade714.

Lucina said...

Jeannie, I'm so curious about the ice shanties! Where are they kept in the summer? Are they collapsible? How big are they? Burning questions because the only time I ever saw a photo of them or even knew of their existence was in the movie Grumpy Old Men.

Bill G: youre so right! The $2.22is for one called the Little Larry with Sauza Gold Tequila. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville doesn't specify. Might be fun to go around sampling, with personal driver, of course.

Gunghy said..., I don't think you understand the logistical problems. I mean, have you ever tried to tow a sailboat behind a motorcycle?

windhover said...

Love will find a way. Lust is even more inventive.

Give him a shot.

And yes, people here in the Upper South say "hifalutin". I don't know about elsewhere. Haven't been there. said...

If the mountain will not come to Mahomet, then Jeannie must go to the mountain cabin.

Hahtool said...

I liked seeing All There and Not There (SANE and HERE) in the same puzzle.

My husband thanks all my cyber friends for the birthday wishes. Come join us for cake!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Late again today. Sho 'nuff easygoing puzzle, with pretty much the same missteps that Dennis wrote about at sunup. I hated those meetings with graphs too. Blechh!

Thanks Lemonade for yesterday's clarification about song rights.

BTW Dennis: Orville Wright's passenger was US Army Lt. Thomas Selfridge. Unless there was some earlier accident, the first aicraft accident victim was American.

Those were tough days for aviation as a whole. Development was proceeding at a fast pace, patent wars were fierce, doubters were many (especially in France), and the Wright brothers were trying hard to secure an Army contract.

Jerome said...

No way match dog, Lemonade will always be my favorite dance partner!

Seen said...

Dudley: Lt. Selfridge was the first passenger, months before the first fatal crash.

Dennis is correct that a French army officer, who volunteered, was the first airplane crash victim.

Dudley said...

Seen - Who? I don't have a copy of the Wright biography handy, but using online resources I see no French fatalities.

Seen said...

Dudley, you ARE correct. I was going from memory. Growing up in Dayton, we were taught about the Wright Bros. at every turn.

Here's the story.

There is one fact I'll argue with the history books and North Carolina license plates! The first TRUE flight happened in a prairie is what was to become Wright Field and then WPAFB!

All Kittyhawk had was a good stiff breeze. If wind-aided statistics aren't allowed in track and field, then they shouldn't be allowed history books either! Just kidding...

Btw, my mother's next door neighbor is Mr. Requarth whose grandfather supplied the wood for all the flyers. Requarth Lumber is still in business.

dodo said...

Hello, folks,

Nice to see the shout out:'dodo' in the puzzle! I keep trying to think of a clever line re: dodo polulation, but it's eluding me.

Loved the puzzle, John. It almost filled itself! In fact I missed some of the clues, as the word appeared from the perps before I got there! Love that!

Hahtool dear, please convey my best wishes to your DH! And I hope you're both enjoying your 'date'!

Jeannie, it's never too late!

Tinbeni, I'm late in offering my condolences for your loss. So sad.
My brother died the same way a few years ago. Few? Well, ten or so! Time flies when you get old!

Great blogging as usual, Santa!

Jeannie said...

Lucina, ice shanties are the ultimate northern male "man caves". Some are portable that you can put in your truck or 4-wheeler and put up/fish/move (if they aren't biting). Others are more extravigant. I have been in one that is basically a cabin, (electricity, stove, heat, bunks, table/chairs, makeshift biff) and seeing he lives on the lake he just pulls it off and sets up on shore and uses it as a guest house for his kids. I couldn't choose a link, but google either Ice Houses or Ice Shanties and you will probably find more than you want to know. I can attest though that I have never not had a good time.

Santa, I missed you acknowledging my shout out in your write up. Thanks! It's been a few grueling weeks. Dodo you too!! I thought of you immediately.

Jereome...LMAO, Lemonade has that effect on people :)

Gunghy...what kind of bike? I know you probably have shared that before but I forgot.

Argyle said...

Can you beat this bob house on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH ?!?

Lemonade714 said...

Hey all, I am very late to the party today. It is not easy trying to keep up these days. I begin by thanking Doug P. for stopping by last evening; he was one of the first constructors on this blog who inspired me to participate, while teaching some inside stuff. Also thanks to our local hero, JL, who puts always one more layer in hiz puzzles than you expect, always a pleasure.

Husker Gary, no puzzle prints a title except Sunday.

You all have pointed to the really fun fill, so I won’t go there; my new anon- the problem with your not taking a name is we do not know which is who. It is easier to converse with an identifiable cyber being. I do appreciate the assessment, though how you knew I was “short and sparse ...”

KQ, the newbi, 27 year old lawyer in one of the offices where I work, ran the half-marathon on AIA; she is in my new avatar from our Valentine’s Day office lunch. She is now as tan as I am after the 2 ½ hours in the sun.

creature said...

Argyle, your link for bob house didn't work for me. Is that what those fishing shanties are called. I'm as fascinated as Lucina is and following the info{Hey, Lucina, love to you}.

Lucina, did you recommend "A Lantern in Her Hand",Bess Streeter Aldrich ? I think I have it down as your recommendation.

Hahtool, save a small slice for me. Happy Birthday, DH!

KQ, Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Maniac, You got my interest in the ice fishing - shanties. Just fascinating.

Lemonade714 said...

Every Monday the ladies at my condo, who like to mother me, have been trying to get me to go to Bingo at the clubhouse, and until last night I declined because they start so early, and because I am lucky at bingo, as I told them. With the holiday, I was home early and I played. They had cards with big numbers so I could see, which was cute, but I won 3 of the 9 games, including the coverall, so they may not want me back. BINGO!

Lemonade714 said...
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Lemonade714 said...

So anyway, KQ I am glad you and your hubby had a chance to enjoy our warmth, and a marathon, Thanks for the pics. Hahtool, best to your BH, and JL, what can I say but lets have a nice chewy Friday for me to blog soon.

Lemonade714 said...

Dennis, come on down, the water is good. Annette you out there?

JD said...

Good evening all,

Sheesh! While reading KQ's news, (thanks for sharing-great photo too),I realized I had to feed/walk the neighbor's dog. Returning,I gardened, cooked dinner, sat down here and realized that I have become the person in that once funny e-mail where the geezer forgets the task at hand.sigh

Loved the puzzle and found it a smooth run, all but the W in ilWu/heWed.Odium didn't even stall me, as I knew odius.

Loved boytoy (where is Lois?) and hifalutin, a word my father threw at my sisters quite often.His fault; he enrolled us all in a school where the families actually had money. I think Dad liked to pretend that we did too.

RamsesII is still very visible in Egypt today as described in Shelley's Ozymandius


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, Cc, et al., What a fun puzzle! 11Thank you JL.

I had to laugh and remember my
BOY TOY in Las Vegas along w/the RED-'I' flight and the LOSS of REM sleep (not to mention the LOSS of INCOMES),& the HIFALUTIN LIMO to the WESt side of heaven, AKA the land OF ID, where one could not stay CLAD and be a WITNESS to anything SANE....which is CODE for ANTE up, GROW some like JOES, CLASH the brass ones, yell I'M IN, and bet enough but NACHO HOMES. If ya work ATIT, ya might even get a BOOKIE to back you and you really get it in the END...the winnings, I mean. Anything else?...NO-DEal. Maybe. See how ya fEEL. What a ride, and I don't mean CAB RIDE! CHICago is the next party town.

Enjoy your night.

Argyle said...

creature, you could try this or this.

Argyle said...

Oh yeah, somewhere between NY and ME, ice shanties become bob houses.

lois said...

Santa, baby, excellent job today. Forgot to say that. Love that Avatar, BTW.

Lemonade; love your new Avatar too. Handsome family.

Hahtool: Happy birthday to DH. I wish him many many more.

DODO: loved the shout out to you in today's puzzle.

Gunghy: LMAO at your conversion chart yesterday. Very funny and esp loved the last line. I'm sending it to my wild and crazy Cub-loving cousins in Chicago.

Seen said...

My number 5:

Orville did get rich.(Wilbur died first) He built a mansion he named Hawthorn Hill. It is located in a HIFALUTIN' suburb called Oakwood. The traffic from tours is a sore spot for the snobish residents.

My ice fishing occurs on Lake Erie and is usually in a temporary tent structure.

Lemonade714 said...

Lois, thank, those are my work family.

Jerome, you trick entertaining man.

Dennis said...

Lois, of all your plays on words in the crosswords, I think 'Red-i flight is the best. Just brilliant.

Annette said...

Hi, Lemonade. I'm here, just even later to the party than you today! Dennis, the weather's fine, ask KQ. Come on down!

I'm about 2 weeks behind watching Dr. Oz. He just said that challenging yourself with a crossword puzzle just 4 times a week can reduce the incidence of dementia 50%. We've all heard it's supposed to help, but that's the first time I'd heard the numbers. Those of us who solve daily and from multiple media, must be safe!

KQ, great pictures! You can see "runner's high" written all over their faces. It must've been so fun for the guys to get birthday wishes from other participants all throughout the race!

Fun puzzle, John! HIFALUTIN' and SHEESH were my favorite fill.

Jeannie said...

Lemonade, what were your lucky numbers? I don't mean your
condo ladies numbers either. Did or do you have a "feeling"?

Wow, I have been in many impressive Shanties, but that one takes the cake. I also feel really stupid not knowing the term "bob house".

Annette said...

Hmmm, other than a man's name, the only other BOB I've heard of stands for Battery Operated Boyfriend!

Dennis said...

Annette, I think that's a good idea. After another seven plus inches of unexpected snow overnight, I'm more than ready for some baking.

KQ, forgot to congratulate you and your husband on the run; hell of an accomplishment! I just did 26 miles last weekend, but I didn't track my time since I had to stop for gas.

Annette said...

JD, don't feel bad. Sunday, I took my new car for our 1st fill-up, but I couldn't find the lever that pops the cover!

I pulled away from the pump and practically stood on my head looking everywhere around the driver's seat for it. I even checked the cover to see if it had a raised area so you can open it manually, and briefly thought of prying it open.

I'd left the manual at home because I was still going through it looking for little hidden features just like this. Yes, I read manuals!

I finally broke down and called the dealership. Luckily, the sales dept. was still open. I never thought to just press on the cover and it would pop open!

It must've been the other car I had test driven that had the lever INSIDE the car, like my old car had. That's usually the first thing I look for in a new car or rental.

HUTCH said...

Bad news gang! I attended a conference in San Francisco recently and the speaker[a psychiatrist] said crossword puzzles would not stave off dementia[altheimers].He suggested intensively learning a new language[ French, Spanish or, perhaps, German.] The message was, I think,puzzles were too easy for you, and you needed a more intense challenge.

Lemonade714 said...

Lo-li-ta, the last number on the cover all was I-27, which I said out loud just before the number was announced. Of course it is my birthday, so it made sense

Annette said...

Hutch, the show did stress that the puzzles needed to be challenging for you. So, the speed runs don't really count towards that. However, you could fit in harder puzzles on the days where the LAT is a speed run for you.

Then again, we're probably kidding ourselves if we think the reason we're doing this is for actual health benefits. I believe most here are doing it for pure enjoyment. Any promise of health benefits are taken with a grain of salt, and a little bit of hope and fear!

Clear Ayes said...

Sorry I didn't get back earlier today. We had to spend a couple of hours at our car dealership to replace the outside mirror on the driver's side of our Odyssey. GAH had backed out the garage a little too exuberantly. $300 later, I was still happy that it wasn't me who did it.

It was nice of John Lampkin to pop in. I really liked the puzzle, but I was still flailing with the theme until he and Argyle "splained it.

Here's a late evening Happy Birthday for Hahtool's hubby.

That reminds me of the line in "The King's Speech" when the future Queen Elizabeth tells Lionel Logue that "I don't have a hubby and we don't pop." Excellent movie, I hope it wins lots of Oscars.

Such sad news from New Zealand. This is a photo of Christchurch Cathedral Square from November 2010 and this is what it looks like now. The hotel we stayed at is just around the corner....scary!

Lucina said...

Thank you! That looks like one could spend the entire winter in it!

Yowza! That's a fancy "bob house" and no wonder it isn't called a shanty.

Thanks. I love Ozymandias. Such great irony.

Lucina said...

Love to you, too! Ooops, that's six. Good night, everyone!