Apr 20, 2013

Saturday, Apr 20th, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 72 (missing Q,V,W,X)

Blocks: 28

 On my way home tonight, I suspected it was time for a Saturday Silkie~!  I am fascinated by how prolific he is with themelesss puzzles.  I actually read the two interviews C.C. had with him, here, and here, just now; I have tried my hand at crossword construction, but to no avail - yet.  My ultimate goal is a themeless; Mr. Silk suggests a lot of solving - well, I am getting there~!!! This one was fun for me; seemed like I was on Mr. Silk's wavelength on half the answers, and the other half were educated guesses.  Just a few W.A.G.s in the middle.  Triple 10's all around today, and a few answers of note;

15A. "My Word Is My Bond" autobiographer : ROGER MOORE - I ran with "James" Bond on this, and threw in the only name that would fit....Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan and Craig didn't - gratuitous C.C. link

12D. Breakaway hit? : SOLO RECORD -Who would you argue had the best "after band" solo career?  Lennon? McCartney?  I think Ozzy Osbourne gets my vote - especially since he was kicked out of Black Sabbath

28D. Boston attraction with a permanent Space Race exhibit : JFK LIBRARY - something positive to bring people back to Boston

69. One to horse around with? : STABLE MATE - HAR-HAR~!!!

On Word ~!!!


1. Place for an old school tie? : ETON COLLAR - man, I was going to throw in "ETON---" because I wasn't fooled by the "tie" misdirection....woulda, coulda, shoulda

11. Data of concern to privacy advocates: Abbr. : SSNs - educated guess

16. __ skirt : HOOP - Mini, Maxi, Hula (I thought, not again~!); gratuitous Splynter links  (Note from C.C.: Splynter has 2 links here. You might encounter a "Forbidden" note when clicking on Splynter. In that case, just copy and paste the URL in a new window. The image will appear.)

17. Ready for anything : ON ONE'S TOES

18. "Being __: A Puppeteer's Journey": 2011 documentary : ELMO

19. Hit home? : SIDE  A - Great clue - the place where you'd find a 'hit'  music single

20. Post : MAIL - How many defs are there for POST?  The wood kind, the blog kind, ah - the sending kind

22. Odist's contraction : O'ER

23. Goes downhill fast : SKIS - I haven't skied in years, but I did like to go fast

26. Scorn : SNEER AT

28. O leaguemate : JAY - I am guessing Oprah, and Jay Leno, are the references here.

31. Major ending? : ETTE - MajorETTE

33. Tyrolean songs : YODELS -

34. Area of concern for FEMA : FLOOD ZONE - A lot of people here on Long Island are fighting their insurance companies to have this required clause removed after Hurricane Sandy - a great many "Flood Zones" did NOT actually flood

37. Li-ion cousin : NiCAD - Nickel Cadmium; I wonder why the Ni has a lower case, but not Cad....

38. Model Heidi who appeared on "Ugly Betty" : KLUM - Crossword friendly name

39. Army leader's nickname : ARNIE - Arnold Palmer's Army, here

41. Newsman's asset? : NOSE - For "sniffing" out the story

42. Rialto sections : LOGES - Rialto - the "theatre district of a city or town, especially the area around Broadway in New York City"

44. Philadelphia's "P" and Denver's "D," e.g. : MINT MARKS

46. Suspects : IS ONTO

48. Test tube fluids : SERA - plural of serum

49. Divided terr. : DAK - North and South DAKota

50. Garment looked after by Alfred : BAT SUIT - I think Bruce believes it's more than a "garment"....

52. Fax button : SEND

54. Biker's hazard : RUT

55. Shapeless thing : BLOB

57. Maples in '90s tabloid news : MARLA

61. Rock 'n' roll middle name : ARON - Thank you, thank you vury muuch....

63. Stretching out : ELONGATION

66. Bum : RUMP - ah, not HOBO - I like the rump kind better anyway~! (see 16A)

67. Put great faith in : RELIED UPON - great fill

68. Strategic river of 1914 : YSER


1. Immortal archer : EROS

2. Singer Basil with the #1 hit "Mickey" : TONI - No WAY I am linking this earworm

3. Hymn starter : O GOD

4. Iberian infants : NENEs

5. Complained underfoot? : CREAKED - another cute clue; floorboards (and joists) that make noise when you step on them

6. Sacred syllables : OMs

7. Garage alternative : LOT - Huh, I was thinking of a "workshop", not a place to park

8. Device with a warp beam and heddles : LOOM - Heddles are the sets of vertical cords or wires

9. Métiers : AREAS - Frawnch

10. Like varnished wood : RESINY - Meh

11. Tongue twister pronoun : SHE - sells seashells by the seashore; hard to type, too

13. Iditarod terminus : NOME, ALASKA - the full name

14. Bureau where stats abound : SPORTS DESK

21. L.L. Bean's first name : LEON - and his middle name is Leonwood....really

24. Chichén __ : ITZA - More here

25. Attack in a big way : STORM

27. Patsy's "Ab Fab" pal : EDINA - I did like to watch this show

29. Extinct carnivore whose name means "different lizard" : ALLOSAURUS

30. 1967 Neil Diamond hit : "YOU GOT TO ME" - I've already selected my music for today's blog....

32. Town north of Shannon Airport : ENNIS - map

35. Signs : OMENS

36. Beethoven's "some" : EINES

40. Raison d'__ : ETRE - Frawnch

43. Short piece : STUB

45. Not natural : MAN-MADE - do any of you know where to find a TRUE 90° angle in nature?

47. Persian Gulf fleet : OILERS

51. Property manager's sign : TO LET

53. Factoid : DATUM

56. Weighted weapon : BOLA

58. 2012 TV Land Awards host : RIPA - Kelly

59. Hot stuff : LOOT - Dar~!!! Not LAVA

60. Youngest Brontë : ANNE

62. "Weekend Edition" airer : NPR

64. Tip for a writer? : NIB

65. Become more solid : GEL

Today would have been my dad's 73rd birthday; we are going to the memorial park to select a headstone.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Slept early now up with my buddies Silky & Splynter, good companions for fractured sleep patterns. Did this in 35:04 but needed red letter runs in a few places to direct my thinking. Started with EROS, OGOD & LOOM so got enough of NW to pick, peck & WAG. Got more than most Sat.

No idea on NiCAD. Okay, now what's Li-ion? Lithium like for batteries?

NE started off very well, but never heard of AB FAB.

28D Did not know JFK LIBRARY. Got KLUM and wanted "airport". Wrong city.

Newsman's NOSE is insatiable curiosity which can't be taught. Has to be inbred.

51D TO LET is a term I never see out here, only For Rent, Lease, Sale.

Spynter, sad time on your Dad's birthday. Hang in, there! We never get over these deaths--we just go on!

PK said...

I was very proud of myself getting YSER River after LIBRARY. Y what else could it be?

Hey, I even knew ARNIE's Army was Palmer's foundation. Watching weekend golf finally paid off. My kids just roll their eyes about ol' Mom watching that.

Thanks, Barry Silk and Early Bird Splynter!

Vegas Doc said...

Happy Saturday everyone!

As per usual on a Saturday, this puzzle kicked by BUM up one side and down the other. Only got one fourth of the 10-letter answers without red letter help….

Smooth as Silkie – NOT!

Bat Cape for Bat Suit, Mud for Rut, Ninos for Nenes, Mi_i for Hoop, Set for Gel, the list goes on….

The only true gimme was Aron, only because I’ll never forget driving home to celebrate my 21st birthday and hearing on the radio that The King was dead….

So, for you math wizards, you may have already figured out that last year my age was the same as the last two numbers in my birth year….

Finally, so glad that all the drama in Boston is over. My nephew was around the corner from the finish line of the marathon on Monday – have yet to hear his first-hand impressions of the tragedy….

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Had my own set of missteps today. Thought I was so clever getting IAN FLEMING right off the bat for 1A. Oops. Then there was HULA for HOOP and LAVA for LOOT, which didn't help things.

On the bright side, I got MINT MARKS right off the bat and only needed a few perps to nail JFK LIBRARY.

Took awhile to get DAK from the clue. Should it be "former" territory?


Middletown Bomber said...

Nice time for a Saturday Silk, and kudos to Splynter for the write up.

PJ: NICAD Nickel Cadmium (the original rechargeable battery) and Lithium Ion is the new rechargeable battery (or not) used for cameras and computers etc. The term "TO LET" is more of a British thing.

I’m guessing that Splynter is being a little facetious in his answer to 28a when I saw O's mate I immediately thought AL baseball and put down RAY then changed it to JAY when I realized RFK did not have his own library in the Boston area.

Happy Saturday all may this weekend seem longer.

Diane said...

Happy Saturday everyone! It is Saturday? This seemed too easy...maybe I'm getting smarter LOL. I hate when I know the answer is either Amor or Eros and the only letter I have is the o. I also kept trying to fit in reunion somewhere for one across. Never did think of Roger Moore (not my favorite Bond). All in all a great start to the day.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all!

In true Silky fashion it looked impossible, improbable, perhaps do-able, done! Started with TELL as the immortal archer -- shoulda told me something. The only long answers that I got immediately were NOME ALASKA and ALLOSAURUS.

We went to Chichen Itza on DW's 40th birthday. Of course, we made the obligatory climb to the top of the pyramid. That's where acrophobia set in, and I thought we were going to need a helicopter to get her down. She finally sat down and then eased down from step to step, eventually reaching the ground. Fascinating place.

That Splynter image still produces a "Whoa!", even in its own window. Oh, and that 90-degree angle. I think some crystals have 90-degree faces. Salt, maybe?

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Lots to love this morning. But would you believe the thing that I just couldn't figure out was how a LOT was a garage alternative??? HUGE "d'oh" when I read your write-up, Splynter!

I had ROGER MOORE immediately, so that helped open up the NW. But I had A SIDE instead of SIDE A at 19A. EROS quickly changed that... AHA! So 1A must be ETON COLLAR.

And that's how it went, pecking and picking my way to the bottom. Loved seeing JFK LIBRARY, in light of all that has been going on the past days.

Re: your query at 45-Down. d-otto already guessed where to find right angles in nature.

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone!

Sfingi said...

Googled 8.
Had Lava before LOOT, NiNoS before NENES, KLUg before KLUM - maybe she is (smart).

Don't get O leaguemate - explain more.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Got off to a quick start with EROS, TONI, NENES and LOOM. Went clockwise around the grid from there. I won't say I was entirely on Barry Silk's wavelength, but it was one of my personal bests for a Silkie. Thank you Barry Silk.

Great write up Splynter.

Who had the best after band solo career ? Either Michael Jackson (The Jackson 5) or Phil Collins (Genesis) and then maybe Rod Stewart (Faces) and possibly even Beyonce (Destiny's Child). OK, maybe McCartney and Ozzie before Beyonce.

I was a bit perplexed by "1967 Neil Diamond hit." Many songs came to mind, but none fit. When perps gave me YOU GOT TO ME, I had to go find and play it. Thought I knew all of his hits, but never heard that one.

Thales selects GS Yuasa for Lithium ion battery system in Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

Nice sunny day, but brisk. Time to start the chores and errands.

desper-otto said...

Sfingi, it's baseballeze. The O(rioles) and (Blue)Jays are in the same league, apparently.

JJM said...

A couple missteps here and there, but easily rectifiable. Overall one of Silk's easier puzzle's. Have a nice weekend!

Husker Gary said...

Okay, I looked up the autobiography and Métiers to finish the NW. SIDE A, LOT, LOOM (heddle?) RESINY (really?) were hard to glean but as usual my respect for Mr. Silk only grows.

-SOLO career – Michael Jackson, Dianna Ross and Phil Collins leapt to my mind.
-Companion Pony not a STABLE MATE
-Everyone was ON ONE’S TOES in Watertown and the boat owner found that murderer
-I saw the O as Oriole too as I am not an Oprah devotee
-Many fights have occurred here about FLOOD ZONE designations
-My army nickname was SARGE and archer was TELL first
-An Elvis ARON impersonator turned out to be a wackadoodle
-We all saw how much law enforcement officers are RELIED ON this week
-Chichén CHONG?
-What I thought as a good knowledge of Neil’s hits did not contain “YOU GOT TO ME”
-Sally Fields’ NOSE for news caused a lot of problems in this well done movie

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - Well, a lot of you were wishing for a Saturday Silkie and you got one. Thanks Barry - I really enjoyed this one, although I did have a couple of blanks in the center. Thanks Splynter for a great expo. Birthdays of those who have passed are always difficult. May your many memories get you thru the difficult times.
Had 9 across fill-ins on first pass, then 5 downs. Thought I was in for a big DNF, but kept persevering and only ended up with a few blanks.Hands up for wanting TELL OR HOOD for 1D, but held off until I could get a perp. I ended up leaving the whole NW blank until the end. Finally got ETON...... which gave me EROS, then rest filled in pretty easily. Wanted REBA for 58D, but changed to RIPA after getting ELONGATION which I think was my favorite fill-in.
I wanted POSTMARKS sooo bad I couldn't get post out of my head, therefore missed MINT and everything associated with it. More new info to file away.

AnnieB8491 said...

Hands up for wanting MINI/MIDI/MAXI (held off for a bit for perps, then had to come up with another answer after NOMEALASKA).
I had to rely heavily on perps for this puzzle, but I did remember a few constants from the past. Yea!

Favorite James Bond was Sean Connery, but loved him in The Rock and Hunt for Red October (my all time favorite movie!)


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A Saturday Silkie keeps one ON ONES TOES. Always have to remember not to overthink most of the clues. NOME ALASKA, ITZA and MINTMARKS were good early anchors. Got most of the bottom ⅔ without much hassle. @36d, my first choices would have been 'etwas' or 'einig' before settling on EINES due to the perps. It is valid in the sense of ie. EINES TAGES (some day). Maybe Kazie will weigh in on this.
Had Tell before EROS. Finally got ETON COLLAR - good clue.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I read the interviews that CC did with Barry- that was fun as I wasn't reading this blog back in 2009. He talked about liking to play Bananagrams and someone mentioned if they could have point values like in Scrabble. We learned from our college daughter that you can play Speed Scrabble with your scrabble tiles along the same lines as bananagrams. It does add the urgency to use that q, j, or z as you don't want to have it left to count against you and if you use if in a cross you can count those big points twice like in Scrabble. So for those who don't want to go buy another game-- use Scrabble and get the rules to adapt from bananagrams online. Our family likes it because it is a fast game and everyone is playing all the time.

Yellowrocks said...

I'm with those who found this Silkie easier than most of them. But it was exceptionally interesting.
The bottom half and the NE were Wednesday/Thursday level for me. Tongue twister pronoun had to be SHE and then SSNS. NOME ALASKA was a good anchor, and so that section fell easily. The extreme NW was like a Friday. SIDE A and TONI were truly Saturday level. I almost peeked. S-DEA made no sense, and then I sussed the I.
I thought of maxi, midi, mini, but SHE and NOME put the kibosh on that.
Spitz, my first thought was ETWAS, but I decided that was too arcane for most solvers, even on a Sat.
Splynter, my thoughts are with you on this sad birthday.
I am a Sally FIELD fan. I like her, I really like her. I enjoyed Absence of Malice.

TTP said...

Husker, consecutive entries of Army and Elvis made me go get these few pics.

Elvis in the Army

Spitzboov, I didn't get EINES either, but it fit so I accepted it. My MIL would say etwas or manche, depending...

Yellowrocks, "I am a Sally FIELD fan. I like her, I really like her." I have visuals. Great quip.

Back to the chores. Errands deferred.

Awol said...

A "factoid" is an spurious or unsubstantiated piece of information (the ubiquitous misuse of the term is a pet peeve of mine). "Datum" is factual information.


Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

For me, another Silkie on steroids. I started this late last night and completed all but that dastardly NW quadrant. With fresh eyes this morning, it finally fell into place but not easily. Finished w/o help thanks to P and P: patience and perseverance.

Thanks, Barry, for giving us an always difficult but usually doable Saturday challenge. Nice expo, Splynter.

Have a nice weekend.

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

Oh, now that makes more sense - O for Orioles, and the Blue Jays; I knew that my guess couldn't be right; but then again, I am just not into baseball (or Oprah, for that matter).

OK, good answer for the true 90degrees in nature, but how about one I can actually work off in a carpentry sense? Salt crystals are a wee bit wee.....

I had SARGE to start, too, HG - and Chichen Chong is great

I grew up with Roger Moore as James Bond, so I know him more than Mr. Connery, but Daniel Craig is my new favorite for his grittiness.

Yes, I agree, MJ is a good pick for solo career; Phil Collins, too.


Lucina said...

Greetings to all and thank you, Splynter, for your informative blogging.

Thank you, Barry Silk, for what started as almost a speed run. I was on your wave length with NOMEALASKA but had to erase HULA skirt and then it all fell in place.

Chichen-ITZA was my foothold in the center and out from there then ALLOSAURUS and KLUM started me on the SW. Then came the great challenge of the NW.

I thought of every Bond actor except ROGER MOORE so I just researched it as well as TONI Basil of whom I have never heard.

It was LOTs of fun, thank you, Barry.

Hang in there, Splynter. I can tell you the first two years are the hardest and saddest. Hold on to your memories.

Have a superb Saturday, everyone! I miss Hahtoolah.

Java Mama said...

Good afternoon Weekend Warriors! Thought we were about due for a Saturday Silkie, and he didn’t disappoint. Although I ended up with a two-square hole in the middle, it was a fun ride. Thanks for a terrific expo, Splynter. Those first holidays, birthdays and such after a loved one passes away are tough, but remembering the good times you shared does help.

My Saturday strategy of solving from the bottom up got me going with STABLEMATE and ELONGATION. Had no trouble remembering The Donald’s middle wife MARLA Maples. My Iberian Infants were BEBES, then NINOS and finally NENES. Hand up for POSTMARK at 44A; that (wrongly) gave me STOMP at 25D and there everything ground to a halt.

So glad to hear the second suspect has been captured in Boston. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Have a great Saturday, all!

CrossEyedDave said...

Splynter, being a carpenter, I thought you would appreciate this 90 degree angle.

But being me, I am still trying to figure out what angle this is?

Anonymous said...

Elvis's middle name is spelled Aaron.

Yellowrocks said...

Aron or Aaron?

Link text
Link text

desper-otto said...

Didn't think there could be an ARON/AARON controversy. I've always seen it as ARON in xwords. Actually, I think that's the only place I've seen his middle name.

desper-otto said...

YR, you're just too darned fast!

Jayce said...

Ah, prescience! Several of you said yesterday you felt we were due for a Silkie and sure enough we got one. And what a fabulous one it is! Full of some awesome fill, great clues, and plenty of challenge to think creatively. I enjoyed it immensely.

Yellowrocks, I laughed out loud at your Sally Field statement.

I miss Hahtoolah, toolah.

Actually I didn't finish this puzzle 100% correctly, having filled in LODES for 42A and not noticing that I had therefore misspelled YOU DO TO ME. Ah well, one is usually not one's own best proofreader.

Best wishes to you all.

pas de chat said...

1A: Place for an old school tie
1D: Immortal archer
William TELL!!!!
Wow I'm on a roll.
Screeeeching halt.
Have chores to do.
Enjoy your day, everyone.

pas de chat said...

This is for all you hip cats and kitties:


Dudley said...

Splynter - do you mean the old trick of intersecting a plumb line with a tub of water?

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

What I'm trying to figure out is how the FIRST 90degree tool was determined, and not 89.5 or 90.5....where did they MAKE the first tool from?


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A Silkie that I ALMOST finished. The northwest corner was my hangup. I had Bebe for Iberian infant and wouldn't let go of that. Tell instead of Eros didn't help either. Eton Collar depended on the N in Nene so I only had Roger Moore, Toni, O God, loom and Oms in. That didn't even ring a bell to finish the rest of that corner. Saturday puzzles are usually no-goes for me, but I always learn something when I try one.

Learning moment Li=Lithium so NiCad (battery) filled those few spaces. Edina had to be looked up. Google is a great pal for me on some days. I'm afraid chemistry was not in any of my HS or college curriculum.

I loved the clue for Stable Mate. My 12 year old granddaughter has just been given a horse--and she has become Babe's stable mate. Cleaning out stalls is a labor of love for my granddaughter as she gets to ride in return.

I'm so glad that Marti couldn't figure out lot for garage alternative. I went through the whole alphabet and still couldn't get lot.

Have a great weekend everyone.

PAcrossB said...

Hello folks! Normally I have an easier time with Barry Silk's puzzles. Today wasn't that day. I got three corners and the center very quickly, even writing ELONGATING instead of ELONGATION. Thank you for the fun write-up, Splynter!

Then I hit a brick wall in the NW corner. There were so many things there that I wanted (but didn't write in) - NINOs/NINAs for NENEs, BAT IN/SCORE (like as in baseball) for SIDE A, DIES (IRAE) for O GOD. Eventually I had to look up TONI and the meaning of métier and only then did I finish. Once I get an idea for an answer, it takes forever to change it, even if it looks wrong, and that slows me down, like today. Fun and reasonable, albeit challenging, puzzle.

For those who enjoy Neil Diamond's music, what's your favorite song by him? Mine is his first big hit, "Solitary Man." "YOU GOT TO ME" and (for you Bostonians) "Sweet Caroline" are good, too.

Have a good day, everybody!

Lucina said...

I like most of Neil Diamond's songs (he could serenade me anytime) but Sweet Caroline is by far my favorite.

Spitzboov said...

Splynter - re: 90º. If you have a segment of straight line and then swing arcs to either side so the arcs intersect, and then connect the crossed arcs with a straight line, the 2 lines will cross at 90º. Seems this could be done easily enough with suitable lumber or other simple materials.

Manac said...

Splynter, 3,4,5, rule.
Math ( a dirty word for some here )
from a triangle.

Jayce said...

I like the Neil Diamond song "Forever in Bluejeans" which for years I thought was "Reverend Bluejeans." I like most of Huey Lewis's work, too. So different from the computer-generated music so popular today.

Splynter said...

Hi again -

I believe the 3,4,5 rule applies first in historical terms, and then it was later in geometry that drawing arcs with a fixed diameter came later - but these are still "MAN-MADE" results. Although I do think that trees like CED posted helped the caveman get the edge he needed~!


Bill G. said...

Spitz, ah yes, constructions. Around here, they are often skipped over in high school geometry classes. I really liked them and I think they gave me some worthwhile hands-on experiences to complement the book learning.

Manac, ah yes, good old Pythagoras. It's amazing how the math insight from a 2000-year-old guy is still relevant today.

Then there was Heron of Alexandria, another 2000-year-old guy, who figured out a way of calculating the area of any triangle just from know the lengths of the three sides. I'd take some of those old guys on my team anytime...

Manac said...

Dudley, If you were talking about a water level, I have made them out of DW's tupperware and clear tubing. They are extremely accurate and great for outside corners.

Bill, That theorem is commonly used in construction. From the floors to the walls to the roof.

Splynter, Forgot to ask you. Have you tried the recent Lithium-ion batteries from Ryobi? I still use the Ni-CAD but they haven't failed me yet.

Michael Barrett said...

Started early, then did the days chores, a nap, went back and finished.
Only a couple trips to wiki-p, amazing how one answer will cascade into many fills.
Challenge to my skills, but fun.
G'day to all

JD said...

I bow down to you Mr. Silk. I pick and peck, but never quite get it all done. Fun though, sort of like climbing Chichen Itza. Guess it is closed for climbers now.I came down 1 step at a time on my behind.

Thanks for another Saturday at the School of Splynter.

Argyle said...

I've got to stop reading that as chicken kiev.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, Splynter, You got me thinking. (always a dangerous thing to do...) & I started looking for the 1st natural right angles. (without success) But it occurred to me that "ancient" man 1st told time by the passage of the sun, & later by putting a stick in the ground & watching it's shadow move.

Question, when would the stick & its shadow make a perfect right angle? It would seem to me that ancient man would have thought this a very special time, & out fascination with the right angle was born.

My favorite Neil Diamond song is a hard choice, but I always loved Cherry Cherry.
Then many years later I discovered this version & was blown away

Why have I not discussed the puzzle today? (Pls,,, my attempt was just to embarrassing to discuss...)

Splynter said...

Hi for my last time ~!

I liked constructions, too, and they're invaluable when it comes to AutoCAD for me these days....

Manac, I have 6 of those Li-Ion batteries, and just bought the 5-piece 'green' tool set from Ryobi - came with the radio free, too ~!


Bill G. said...

Argyle, I've been having the same problem with Chichen Itza. Great minds...

CED, I don't think I understand your question. If the stick in plumb, won't the stick and the shadow always be perpendicular? I like Dudley's idea of a plumb line over a tub of water.

fermatprime said...

Hello, all!

Almost worked the whole thing w/o cheating. This is unusual for me as I have very little patience. Cheated to fill in JFKLIBRARY and the rest was done shortly after. Really envy those of you who can knock these things off!

Thanks for explanation, Splynter! So sorry about your dad.

Had a coupon for $10 off at the local big nursery. After lots of suffering (back excruciating today) came home with some grafted tomato plants ($12.99 each), some dill and oregano, and (gasp, really did not need these) two echeveria plants with lots of pups!

Spring has finally sprung here!!!


PAcrossB said...

Nice variety of songs from Neil Diamond, everybody! I'm listening to all of them right now on CD. I love oldies music; I can't stand most of today's songs - especially rap - even though I'm relatively young.

Jayce @ 7:29 PM: There's nothing like music from real-life instruments instead of computers. When it comes from computers, it just doesn't fully capture the sounds that come from the real thing.

Whenever I see "3, 4, 5", I immediately think of Pythagorean triples. I could ramble forever about them (3-4-5, 6-8-10 [or any multiple of 3-4-5], 5-12-13, 7-24-25, 9-40-41, 11-60-61, ...). And that was from memory and math in my head - no looking up stuff or using a calculator. I love math; what can I say?