Apr 26, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013, Jim Holland

Theme: Punning around the world.

Each of the four theme answers takes an existing phrase with a geographic reference and uses a sound alike replacement to create a new and humorous phrase. We have two grid spanners and two fourteen letter fill, symmetrically with the 15's a country beginning with "S" and the 14's with a "G" so the theme is full. This is the second puzzle from Mr. Holland that I recall, with a Sunday last year as his LAT debut. I found this to be a comparatively easy puzzle, with many early week characteristics, word length, etc. but still some very challenging fill. Let's take a walk through this Holland Tunnel.

17A. One lingering in Edinbugh? : SCOTTISH TARRIER (TERRIER).(15) I learned what I know about Scotland from reading Ian Rankin and M.C. Beaton. Any Hamish MacBeth fans?

27A. Some Athenian physicians? : GREEK ORTHO DOCS (ORTHODOX).(14). I had to bone up on my Greek to get this one.

50A. Berlin sidewalk writing? : GERMAN CHALK LIT(CHOCOLATE) (14). Lit being literature makes it all work.

64A. Fancy singles event in Stockholm? : SWEDISH MEET BALL.(MEAT BALL) (15). Are we foreshadowing Elin?  I thought this was very cute, with all kinds of punny potential.

On with the show.


1. ___ squad : VICE. Anybody see the MOVIE? (0:58).

5. Sharp fasteners : BRADS. Little shiny guys, not Pitt.

10. Line of movement : PATH. I like this clue.

14. In a while : ANON. I learned this from Shakespeare.

15. Go back to the beginning, in a way : RESET. Time to hit the reset button on life.

16. Spread unit : ACRE. Not butter, or cream cheese but a ranch.

20. Hoglike mammals : TAPIRS. Not quite a potbellied pig.

21. "I could ___ horse!" : EAT A. Don't you love the juxtaposition of the hog and the eating a horse?

22. Touch : DAB. Does anyone not think of

23. Stravinsky's "The ___ of Spring" : RITE. JzB. a few bars pleaseLINK(4:42).

25. DX ÷  V : CII. 510 divided by 5 = 102. The Roman math you all requested.

26. "___ a ripoff!" : IT'S.

32. Black gold : OIL. Texas tea.

33. Big Bird buddy : ELMO.

34. DOD subdivision : NSADepartment oDefense oversees the National Security Agency.

35. Really feel the heat : BAKE. A favorite past time here in the sunny south.

37. Plus : AND.

39. Carpenter's tool : RASP.

43. CD conclusion? : ROM. Read Only Memory.

46. Charge carriers : IONS. My first read, I though it said change...

49. Fury : IRE.

54. Valiant son : ARN. Funny, I linked Prince V last week for his haircut.

55. Heavenly altar : ARA. Like this ONE.

56. Hockey Hall of Famer Mikita : STAN. Gew up with Stan and Bobby Hull leading the Blackhawks.

57. Sum (up) : TOT. Total; you get the impression Rich changed the clue here and forgot about 18D. 57-Across's wheels : TRIKE which requires a different tot to ride his tricycle.

58. Personal time? : NITE.?? Up to you all.

60. Some govt. investments : T-NOTES. In between T-bills and T-bonds. Medium term maturities.

67. New coin of 2002 : EURO Time flies.

68. One may work with a chair : TAMER. Looks funny without the Lion attached.

69. Vivacity : BRIO. A puzzle word all should know.

70. Church section : APSE. Even Mrs. O'Hair would have known this one.

71. Angling banes : SNAGS. When you go fishing and your line gets caught.

72. Oh's role in "Grey's Anatomy" : YANG. Sandra playing Cristina.


1. Humongous : VAST. Man, I wish it were the other way around.

2. Worshipper of the Earth goddess Pachamama : INCA. No clue, but perped itself easily. Who's your pachamama?

3. Condo cousin : CO-OP. Co-operative apartment and the precursor to condo living. Nothing to do with Gary.

4. Complete : ENTIRE.

5. British university city : BRISTOL. In the grand tradition of British subtlety, it is called Bristol University. Where are all of our Brits? Steve did you scare them away?

6. Legal issue : RES. The Latin for things.

7. "Off the Court" author : ASHE. Arthur the tennis professional, who tragically died young from AIDS contracted from a blood transfusion before the threat was widely known.

8. Separate : DETACH.

9. Post : STATION.

10. Links standard : PAR. A golf term that has become an in the language concept for everything.

11. Like citrus fruit : ACIDIC. Looks funny, opposite of BASIC?

12. They might make cats pause : TREATS. Love the sound pause/paws.

13. Chef's array : HERBS. Are you an ERB or HERB person?

19. Military surprises : RAIDS.

24. First name in humor : ERMA. Bombeck, a literal first name. We also have Emma below.

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart.” ― Erma Bombeck.

27. Tar : GOB. Sailor.

28. Sea inlet : RIA. More crosswordese.

29. One who observes a fraternal Hour of Recollection : ELK. The BPOE CODE

30. Source of invigoration : TONIC. These days our tonics are energy drinks, not celery based.

31. One leaving a wake : OAR. You have to picture an oar slicing through the water.

36. Mess up : ERR. Do not forget to forgive. OAR/ERR?

38. Self-recriminating cries : DOHS. The Simpsons' influence is pervasive.

40. Have a health problem : AIL. I have a cough and stuffy nose from the climate adjustments.

41. Hindu title : SRI. Like Mr. from the Sanskrit.

42. Sweetie : PET. Are you all offended by people calling you sweetie?

44. Muscat native : OMANI.

45. Some Roman Catholics : MARISTS. Followers of MARY.

47. Babbles : NATTERS. Remember the Nabobs?

48. Perspective : SLANT. I often wondered why these have become synonymous. My only guess is that it comes from art, where the slant of shadows is used to create distance perspective. I am sure someone will enlighten me.

50. Mature : GROW UP. Not likely.

51. Adds to the database : ENTERS. That is why the job is known as data entry.

52. ___ Detroit: "Guys and Dolls" role : NATHAN. My youngest played in his high school's version.

53. Like some tree trunks : KNOBBY. And many knees.

54. Having no clue : AT SEA.

59. Peel on "The Avengers" : EMMA. One wonderful inspiration in the 60's, Diana Rigg, she is now playing the dowager of the Tyrells on Game of Thrones.

61. King who succeeded 59-Down : TARA. This was a devilishly clever clue, because King made you think the clue was misplaced, but  Linda Thorson was hired as Tara King to replace Diana Rigg.

62. Swedish model Nordegren in 2004 nuptial news : ELIN. Tiger's erstwhile wife. Makes you want to hire a nanny.

63. Tough going : SLOG. I guess you guys managed to slog through the last few links.

65. Buck's mate : DOE. A deer, a female deer...

66. Hosp. test : EEG. So many tests Electroencephalography.

Well my last April effort for this year, and  now I must go. Thanks for tuning in and taking time to say hello. Until next week, Lemonade out.

Note from C.C.:

Steve, our Wednesday blogger, took part in Marbles' LA Tournament last Sunday. He said:

"The competition was fun - there were about 25 people at the Los Angeles event (there were eight or so locations across the country). Eric Maddy was the winner - apparently he was 11th at the 2010 ACPT. He's a pretty intense character! There were three puzzles with a 20-minute time limit and the winners of the three rounds faced off in the final. I completed the first in about 10 minutes, the second in 15 and was a solid DNF on the third. I tried the final puzzle for fun and I'd filled in possibly an eighth of it when Eric finished - I don't think I'm cut out for speed-solving. It was fun, though."

Left to Right: Bill Farhood, Eric Maddy, JT Williams

You can't see Steve clearly here. He's in purple shirt, sitting next to Eric Maddy.

You can see him clearly here:

Steve, Notre Dame London Campus, Nov 2012


River Doc said...

Happy Friday everyone!

Close, but no cohiba for me – needed 2 red letters for finish (Add for And, plus no idea on Marists / Ara crossing “R”….) DOH!

Still don’t get personal time = nite….

Favorite clue – one may work with a chair….

Enjoyed the cross of Swedish Meet Ball and Elin…

Also liked the double usage of Tot (could’ve had a triple with Tater…?)

I lived in Co-Ops in college – lots nicer then Dorms….

Oman is right down the peninsula from Qatar….

Guys and Dolls was our senior class play in High School, so Nathan (Detroit) was a gimme…. And with that in mind:
“When a lazy slob takes a goody steady job,
And he smells from vitalis and barbasol.
Call it dumb, call it clever
Ah, but you can get odds forever
That the guy's only doing it for some doll….”

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Struggled a bit with this one until I figured out the punny theme, after which I was able to go back and hammer out those long theme answers in quick succession.

Almost bit it in the NE until I finally came up with DAB, which then gave m HERBS and TREATS.

YANG was a complete unknown in the SE, but fortunately I remembered ELIN and was able to guess the last A in TARA.

At the end I stared at the crossing of MAR_STS and N_TE with no idea whatsoever either one was. Finally guessed "I" since NITE was at least a word (sort of), but I was half expecting it to refer to some movie character named NATE Personal or something (shades of yesterday's ETTA Place).


Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - I thought I was going to have a very rare Friday speed run, right up to the point where I hit the deep south. Needed most of the perps for MARISTS, NATHAN Detroit, TARA King and Oh's role, YANG. Loved the theme, and I really liked the referential clue, 18D, "57-Across's wheels, which at first blush made no sense based on the clue for 57A. Nicely done.

Off for a bit of blood-letting.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

No clue about “Personal time” = NITE. Sorry, Lemony! (And I hope you feel better soon!)

Steve, I bet it was a real treat to meet all those people. I have been solving the puzzles from the tournament, and that last one was pretty brutal.

Funny punny offering today. Once I got SCOTTISH TARRIER it was off to the races, with only a couple hiccups.

Yesterday we had “naves” and today it was APSE. Still had to wait on the perps to see which it was going to be.

There used to be a MARIST retreat center in Framingham, right on the Mass Pike. I understand that it is now closed and up for sale.

My tree trunks were gNarlY, then KNOttY, before they were KNOBBY.


Corleone said...

MARISTS was easy because The Red Foxes of Poughkeepsie, NY have a beaufiful campus upon the Hudson between the city and Albany.

They were in the news yesterday as the rowing team found a giant head floating in the river.

desper-otto said...

Happy Friday, all!

Hand up for KNOTTY/KNOBBY. Y__G/YANG was all perps. I think that "personal time" refers to the way night would be written in the Personals column.

MARISTS was a learning moment, right up there with WHIT SUNDAY from the other day. Lemon, thanks for 'splaining the EMMA/TARA connection. I never would have gotten that. I'm pretty sure "Heavenly altar" referred to the southern constellation ARA.

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy folks!

Two damn letters were my downfall today. For 47D NATTERS i wrote in Mutters and Iom for 47A. Once I picked up on the theme clues, it was a pretty easy go of it for a Friday.

Hand up for not understanding NITE. I was positive it was going to be wrong even though the perps looked solid.

Dennis, had my blood letting yesterday. Results were a tad high so they wanted me to go again in three week instead of the usual four. Told them I'm not a pin cushion and we'd talk in a month.

TTP said...

0 fer 5, but not without a fight.

WEEWS (what everyone else will say).

Completed with red letter assist.

More Roman numeral math. Am I the only one that has a "concatenated 190,239, in Hex" with that ? You don't have to be D-O to get that one.

Will read you later today Lemonade. Looking forward to it. Gotta get signed on to work early. TGIF

See you all later. Oh yea, Corleone... Looks like that big head would be tough to store. I think some would rather have a little head.

61Rampy said...

At least no DNF today, unlike with yesterdays disaster. Pretty much WEES, guessing MARIST/ NITE and changing KNOttY to KNOBBY. The rest was pretty easy. Ive been sick this last week, last two days Ive had no voice at all- not good when you teach. I think I am better today, but still will get a sub to do my talking for me.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody: Happy Friday! Finally! It's been a hectic week at work. I have to host a meeting at 1 pm (wish me luck) and then it will be smooth sailing for me!

I liked this puzzle and did a lot better on it than yesterday's DNF. I also tryed KNOTTY before KNOBBY. Using TOT 2 ways threw me off for a bit. Having the nationalities in the theme clues helped me with some fill.


Steve: I thought of going to the Marbles tourney in Chicago, but I don't think I'd make a good speed solver.

DH is off to a big Chicago comic con today. It's not really my thing, but they have some interesting celebrities there.

Let's get through this day and off to the weekend!

Mari said...

Lucina @ last night: That Heaven's Gate case was very interesting, wasn't it?

Husker Gary said...

-Have you been doing cwd’s too long when you quickly enter RIA, BRIO, RES, GOB, SRI, et al
-SWEDISH MEET BALL? Ya gotta love a puzzle with that!
-Three names in the SE cost me one bad cell
-The Omaha VICE squad occasionally sweeps hookers and johns downtown
-My RESET button after working since I was twelve may be finally kicking in
-Not one ACRE has been touched here in this wet spring
-Out of town roofers have extracted “IT’S a ripoff” around here
-Any of you ever experience this ELMO?
-Local paper doesn’t carry lovely Prince Valiant strip any more. Probably too much reading.
-Some EURO users aren’t too happy about being in financial bed with other countries supporting non-workers
-Some older houses have DETACHed garages
-Every news outlet seems to have a SLANT today
-If ELIN couldn’t keep Tiger faithful…
-Corleone – I expected that to be a horse’s head

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - A couple of blanks again today (solved on paper). A few I didn't 'get' until the write up and WEES about NITE. Thanks Jim for making me think. Informative write-up Lemonade.
I looked at GERMAN/CHALK/LIT and didn't see/hear chocolate until expo. We have a condo and couldn't figure out how COOP was related to it. Ahhh - CO-OP. Read Fury as Furry at first. :( Had DUHS/DOHS, GOO/GOB, KNOTTY/KNOBBY, (perps fixed) SNAG/SLOG and didn't know BRIO or TARA which left SE unfinished. I did know YANG as I'm a big GA fan. Anybody watch last night?
Enjoyed the puzzle even though a DNF.

61Rampy - Hope you feel better soon.


AnnieB8491 said...

Another warm one here today. Saw a pic from up north about 10 miles from our house - snow on their back deck. Ugh. Do I really want to go back to that? No - but better things to go back for. Miss my sweet little grandkids - and my big kids too!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Java Mama said...

Good morning everyone! Thanks, Jim, for an entertaining puzzle. Loved the country-based puns, especially GREEK ORTHO DOCS. Swell write-up, Lemony. The old Brylcreme ad was fun.

Agree with D-O’s take on NITE. The devilish twist on TOT and TRIKE had me flummoxed for a while. Liked seeing NATTERS and SLANT next to each other – pretty much sums up today’s news media. And who doesn’t love good old reliable NATHAN Detroit -- here’s Frankie and Dino having a bit of fun with the Guys and Dolls classic song (2:58).

Have a great Friday, all!

Corleone said...

Husker: It looks like Julius Caesar sleeps with the fishes.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jim Holland, for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for the swell review.

Got started in the North Center. BRADS, RES, ASHE, were gimmies. NE and NW could not get started.

Bounced around getting a word here and there.

My first theme was SWEDISH MEET BALLS. That helped get me started with the other three. Helped a lot with the puzzle.

Enjoyed seeing EMMA Peel again. Really liked her in the show many years ago. I wonder if they have reruns?

First time seeing Tiger's ex-wife in a puzzle. Wonder if she will become crosswordese?

I pretty much finished the South. Then headed back North to wrap it up.

Enjoyed this puzzle.

Left this morning to head to Bald Knob at Alto Pass, IL. About 6 hours south of Chicago. Having an Ascension
Service at the cross on the mountain tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow.



Abejo said...

Re-looked at NITE/Personal time?

I believe it means saying or writing the word night as nite as if in a shorthand type of note. Many people abbreviate or shorten words when writing cryptic notes to friends to save space and time. ie: thank u for thank you, etc.

My two cents.



kazie said...

DNF for me. I didn't know MARISTS, NATHAN, NITE(?), ARA, BRIO, YANG, TARA or ELIN. So since there were crossings of all those I gave up.
Have a great weekend all of you!

Pat said...

Good morning! Happy Friday!

My favorite clue: 54D: Having no clue. Yep, that describes my adventure today. I got some of the west coast, half a dozen on the east coast, none of the themes. That's a Friday for me. It was fun what I could do.

Happy belated birthday, Kazie. Hope it was a wonderful day.

Today is favorite daughter's birthday. She's taking the day off so we'll have lunch together. Then I'll stop by her house and visit with the grand-dogs. (There doesn't seem to be grandkids in the future.)

Tonight I'll go to the Forest-Aires concert. It's a womens chorus that raises money for scholarships for 6 high school students for voice lessons. The students perform at the concert and,of course, they are fabulous!
It's always a good evening.

Have a great day!


JJM said...

Not only was "The Avengers" the most different show on TV in the 60's , but as a kid I was in love with Emma Peel (Diana Rigg). Tara King couldn't compare.

I never had Marists Brothers... the Jesuits I had were mean SOB's that would make those guys look like school marms. Corporal punishment was meted out by the Jebbie's in the early mid 70's quite a bit.

This was a fun puzzle.

Lemonade714 said...

I think Elin will be a regular fill because of the letters, more than her life.
Interesting as our world expands with marti and Steve going to tournaments. I enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pics.

Thanks for the help with NITE.

I do like the use of fill like COOP/CO-OP to add a soupcon of trickery.

Good luck on your tests Dennis.

Lucina said...

Greetings and salutations! Thank you for an elucidating blog, Lemonade; you always teach me something.

Apparently I'm in the minority but I thought this was too easy for a Friday. Once SCOTTISH TARRIER was filled, the theme was clear. I love the puns!

WEES on KNOTTY before KNOBBY and also AREA then ACRE and yes, NITE/TOT seemed like a mysterious connection to me.

MARISTS was, of course, a given.

Loved the cluing for OAR and BAKE, and, hey, I'm getting good at doing Roman math!

Very nice, Jim Holland, thank you.

Yes it is interesting about Heaven's Gate. But all those cults fascinate me in that so many people can be influenced to be so foolhardy. IMHO.

Have a fantastic Friday, everyone! We are starting to BAKE here.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

For some unknown reason, I breezed through this with only a bump or two: add before and, TSA before NSA. The minute I filled in Scottish, I knew tarrier was next and that gave me the theme quickly.

Thanks, Jim Holland, for a really clever and fun puzzle; I enjoyed the solve very much, and thanks to Lemony for a great expo.

Was anyone else confused by the plot of last night's Elementary? I did get it, finally, but it seemed a little convoluted for a while. And, is there something brewing in Person of Interest, vis a vis The Machine?

Have a great Friday.

Anonymous said...

Nite (night) is the shortcut word used in Personal Ads in a newspaper.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Too easy for a Friday puzzle.

I started in with RITE, cracked the theme early with the country name lead-ins to the long answers and spent a little time working out the full responses on those (all very punny funny!), then hesitated a little at MARISTS. But then a little bell rang behind my left ear to remind me of Soc. of Mary priests--and I was done!

Help! I need a harder workout. Maybe tomorrow?!

desper-otto said...

Keith, be careful what you wish for....

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This was definitely a SLOG of VAST proportions for me. VAST was the last fill.

My mind stuck on "mod" squad, despite knowing INCA. My brother took a bunch of us to a Peruvian restaurant named Pachamama which was unforgettable because the liberal use of pepper made the food almost inedible. I drank so much water, I had to go to the restroom 3 times during the meal.

Had "DOC" and the "o's" when GREEK ORTHODOCS dawned with a delighted giggle. The other themes then came easily and helped with the fills.

I'm doing Roman math without translation, proudly.

Never saw "Avengers" with Tara King.

Never heard of Marists. Don't think they wandered this far west. I was trying to think of what a group of Catholic women devoted to Mary called themselves. I knew them in LaLeche League.

Two of my brothers have new grandbabies this week. My TALL niece had a 7# 14 oz. girl and my nephew's TINY wife had a 9# 13 oz. boy. OWIE!

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Appt. in Syracuse this am, but did puzzle before leaving. Pen and ink on a Friday, and got it all. Yeah. Maybe on the easy side like some have said. Wagged the 'A' in the SE TARA/YANG cross and guessed right.
Only nit is @ 20a, TAPIRS. I knew what was wanted; I just didn't agree with the clue. Tapirs are an odd-toed ungulate like a horse or rhino, while a hog is even toed like a deer or cow. They are classified in different mammal orders. Taxonomically, tapirs are no more hoglike than horses.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Pookie said...

Hondo: Hand up for two stinking letters!
61 Rampy: Forgot to tell you I saw a blue Rampy on the freeway the other day. Never saw one in person before.
"Hey, I know what that is!"
Thanks Lemonade for 'splainin' LIT
Will I EVER truly remember where Muscat is??? Instead of a WAG?
I guess the only reason I got as far as I did was because some of you thought it was an easier-than-usual Friday, oh well, it was kind of a fun puzzle.
Have a great day and "Good Luck!"

CrossEyedDave said...

I had planned to tackle this Friday offering after work, but during morning coffee, I glanced at it to see if I could at least do a mini puzzle portion. NW was a no go because I had 14A=**on, & thought maybe it was "soon." But in the NE, one thing led to another & before I knew it the whole corner was done! (Note, I am doing the CW in my head, no ink or anything...) I had this crazy feeling of elation like when I 1st learned to ride a bike, & I am thinking "I'm doing it, I'm doing it,,, right before I crashed into the neighbors car!

Anyway, It gave me courage to tackle this thingie online using "master" level, & I almost did the whole thing except no TADA! I had to go red letter in the end... My downfall was that I WAGged 29D fraternal order of whatever, might be ELI (or some other College) & then forgot about it. Which which made me think tar=goo. I also thought 46A charge carriers might be "IOU's" b/4 the perps corrected me.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

I loves me a good pun theme and this one was outstanding. A few scattered nits, but we won't go there.

Alas, a DNF. Stumbled on the PATH, so no TREATS for me in the NE corner. Had MENU for chef's array, for a while, but the theme entry wiped that out. Still, my HERB score was zero.

Some perp help and a few guesses got me the rest of the way through.

SE corner was the next toughest spot.

Cool regards!
I'm not really familiar with The Rite of Spring, so I have nothing to add on that score.

Ah - Dianna Rigg. She still makes my little heart go pitty-pat.

CrossEyedDave said...

HeartRx, Your repeated nave/apse commentary slowed me down in the SW because now every time the CW Q is "Church Section," a little voice in my head goes "Arr,, Ya scurvy (k)nave, Ya make me hesitate to ink "apse!" (Oh to be ignorant again...)

Lemon, I must go with Desper-otto on 55A Ara. But it's not fair to us Northerners, as it is a Southern Constellation. Also, Tx for the Brylcream Ad. Maybe that's why I never got any dates? Do they Still sell the stuff? (Hmm, I wonder if it will hold my dandruff in place...)

45D, (I try not to link religious stuff, but Pardon My planet was interesting today.

& finally, 12D They might make cats pause = treats. I know I know, there are too many Cat videos on the internet (& this Blog), but I cannot pass up the opportunity of this segue... making cats pause,,, I give you ,,,Paw Wars!!!

Lemonade714 said...

Score one for JzB with an excellent play on words.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. ARA got me, even though I think we've had it before. I have never heard of MARISTS. So DNF.
I felt some of the clues were odd or incomprehensible, eg the clue for NITE, which took several of you explaining before I finally "got" it. Okay, sure, if you say so. And I agree with Spitzboov about TAPIR.
Like Keith and several of you, once I realized the first word of the theme answers was an inhabitant of a country, filling them was fast. The second halves of the theme answers did not come so quickly. Again, it wasn't until it was explained here that I got the meaning of CHALK LIT.
So, on the whole I felt frustrated with this puzzle.
Best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...

George "Possum" Jones died today. Guess he stopped loving her...

PK said...

RIP George Jones. We heard him and Tammy Wynette in concert with other country stars on our honeymoon 50 years ago next month. I wasn't a country music fan at the time, but developed the taste later.

Where is Avg Joe?

fermatprime said...

Swell Friday puzzle! Thanks Jim and Lemonade!

(Last night made a typo: can't believe I typed "Graves" in place of "Grace."!)

Great theme! MARISTS was perped. Loved EMMA Peal; was disappointed by replacement TARA King. Have not had a chance to watch the two excellent shows from last night!

Woke up very sick. Did not have anything weird to eat last night and have not been exposed to germs lately, I think. Rats!

Have a good weekend!

George Jones Fan said...

RIP George Jones.

Your best effort, IMO

Good Year for the Roses

helenwheels said...

Enjoy the blog.

Got it all today. Graduated from Bristol University many moons ago.

Any other Brits out there?

CrossEyedDave said...

I was always an Avengers fan, but in doing some research I was surprised to find out that she did not appear until episode 1 of season 4.

The 1st ever episode Hot Snow (with Cathy Gale) seems lackluster without her.

Here is her 1st appearance in The town of No return, S4E1

While everyone raves about her catsuit, & other costumes, I think she looked best wearing those 60's hiphugger jeans. Unfortunately i cannot find any pics of her in jeans, but, for a brief two seconds, between 2:10 & 2:12,,, now that's the Emma "I" remember...

Bill G. said...

Today is just Chamber of Commerce weather. The temperature was about 68, clear blue skies and a gentle sea breeze. Perfect!

Hand up for Mrs. Peel. I was a big fan.

I will be checking out David Letterman tonight. Ricky Jay (smart, witty, great magician) is supposed to be on and I am a big fan of his also (for much different reasons). Speaking of talk shows, I watched a little of both Letterman and Leno last night. Both shows seemed tired and uninspired. One of the skits on Leno was so painfully unfunny that I switched the show off. Gwyneth Paltrow was on Leno and the whole interview was dull. On the other hand, she was on Ellen this afternoon and the whole show was clever and funny as usual and the interview with Gwyneth again was interesting and funny this time. JMO of course.

HUTCH said...

Since I was raised a catholic, I had no trouble getting Marist which is an order of nuns dedicated to Mary, Christs Holy Mother. I contribute regularly to these nuns to defeat Bishop Sartain who has been commissioned by Papa Benedict and re-endorsed by Papa Francis fof tending to the poor and downtrodden.

61Rampy said...

Well, I made it thru 9 hours of mostly talking today, and I still have some voice left. Much better than the last two days.
Still not thrilled with the NITE cluing.
Pas: Glad you got to see a Rampside up close! Hope it was a nice one. So many are gone due to rust or just plain neglect.
CED: I think you have way too much time on your hands to find & post all these links- do NOT stop!

Lemonade714 said...

Welcome helenwheels,are you still in England? We have our Brit brigade here so come on back.

What was Bristol Uni like, any great stories?

Bill G. said...

Hey! We just had an earthquake! It wasn't a big one but it was located about five miles north of here. It's very exciting up to the point where it grows scarily big and you don't know if it will get even worse. This one wasn't that bad or that long; just a boom and some hard shakes for about five seconds. It rattled the cheap windows upstairs.

fermatprime said...

****Spoiler****In response to comment about Person of Interest, I noticed in the previews that evil "Root" is back. What a disappointment!

Blue Iris said...

Needed red letter help, but got the puny theme answers pretty quickly, so didn' seem like a SLOG.

I know it's late, but didn't want to go another day without wishing Kazie a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend!