Apr 29, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013 Patti Varol

Theme: Breakfast treat - A puzzle that passes the breakfast test with flying colors. The theme entries end in varying shades of the unifier.

17A. Lacking a strong foundation, metaphorically : BUILT ON SAND

24A. Snoopy's WWI plane : SOPWITH CAMEL

38A. Shutterbug : PHOTOGRAPHY BUFF

48A. Farina-based hot cereal : CREAM OF WHEAT

60A. Ideal toast color, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 24-, 38- and 48-Across : GOLDEN BROWN

Argyle here. It would be only fitting that I should have some toast as I type this up but, alas, I am at the tail end of my loaf of bread. Oh well. It was a fun solve with a grid spanner in the middle.


1. Under-the-table money : BRIBE. Not the same as in-the-seat-cushion money.

6. Teamster's rig : SEMI. (truck)

10. Tight-lipped : MUM. Yes, mum's the word.

13. Dubuque natives : IOWANS. Native American Siouan people.

15. "Once __ a time ..." : UPON

16. Chowed down : ATE

19. Corp. board member : DIR. (director)

20. __ over backward : BEND

21. "That feels good!" : "AAH!"

22. Florence's country : ITALY. (Firenze, Italia)

Click to enlarge.

28. Prize on the mantel : TROPHY

31. Hors d'oeuvre cracker : RITZ. Golden brown cracker.

32. Northwestern Canadian territory : YUKON. (Yukon gold)

33. Naval hoosegow : BRIG

35. Brew in a bag : TEA

42. Mork's planet : ORK. (TV show)

43. Senate staffer : AIDE

44. Lusterless finish : MATTE. As opposed to gloss.

45. Windy day toy : KITE. We've had a few good kite flying days.

47. Put the blame on : ACCUSE

53. Egypt neighbor : LIBYA

54. Subway whose first line had a terminus at NYC's City Hall : IRT. (Interborough Rapid Transit)

55. Suffix with wagon : ETTE. A light four-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle with two lengthwise seats facing each other behind a crosswise driver's seat.

59. Before today : AGO

64. Hamlet, to Gertrude : SON

65. Change a manuscript : EDIT

66. "I, Robot" author : ASIMOV. (Isaac Asimov)

67. Butt in : PRY

68. 2013 Oscars host MacFarlane : SETH

69. Pert : SASSY

Down: (as in down to the heel of my loaf of bread)

1. Light-green lettuce : BIBB

2. Disreputable fellow : ROUE

3. "Heads __, tails you lose" : I WIN

4. Rogaine target : BALD SPOT

5. Dr. who treats snorers : E.N.T. (ear, nose, throat)

6. Bite-size raw Asian dish : SUSHI

7. Water quality org. : EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency)

8. Start of a wk., workwise : MON. Today

9. Formally charge, in court : INDICT

10. Sir's counterpart : MADAM

11. More than decorative : UTILE

12. Streep of "The Iron Lady" : MERYL

14. All lathered up : SOAPY

18. Folksy negative : "NAW"

23. Whirling toon devil, for short : TAZ

25. "How awful!" : "OH, NO!"

26. Hogwash : TRIPE

27. "__ Noon": Gary Cooper Western : HIGH

28. Printing error, perhaps : TYPO

29. German mining region : RUHR

30. "Quit nagging! I'll do it!" : "OK! OK!"

33. To the point : BRIEF

34. "Way cool!" : "RAD!"

35. "Black Swan" skirt : TUTU

36. Immature newts : EFTs

37. Set __: name the price : A FEE

39. Ratón chaser : GATO. Spanish mouse and cat.

40. Org. that usually has a community pool : YMCA

41. Neosporin target : BACTERIA

45. Mary __ cosmetics : KAY

46. Publicists' concerns : IMAGES

47. Blue Cross rival : AETNA

48. Anklet fastener : CLASP

49. Strictness : RIGOR

50. Dense black wood : EBONY. Ebony is dense enough to sink in water. (I didn't know that)

51. Boot spec : WIDTH

52. Otto I's realm: Abbr. : HRE. (Holy Roman Empire)

56. Male turkeys : TOMS

57. What Noah counted by : TWOS. "...and two by two my human zoo
They'll be running for to come
Running for to come out of the rain" - Queen

58. Covet : ENVY

61. "__ to Joy" : ODE. Don't be afraid to join in.

62. Set ablaze : LIT

63. Undergrad tech degs. : BSs. Plural of BS.

Toast is gone. Now for some golden griddle cakes.


Notes from C.C.:

Here is a picture of Husker Gary and his lovely wife at their granddaughter Elise's 8th birthday last Friday. 


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fine Monday puzzle, with perhaps a little more crunch than usual. Had BALDNESS instead of BALD SPOT at first and was totally mystified by the clue for ETTE (never heard of a wagonette before and would have expected kitchenette on a Monday). Everything else went pretty smoothly, though.


Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - Patti got me too, as with Barry, when I confidently went with BALDNESS for 4D, but Snoopy quickly corrected me. In its time, the SOPWITH CAMEL was almost without peer.

Also like Barry, I never heard of a WAGONETTE, although I'd seen ones like Argyle posted and just assumed they were 'wagons'. The rest went quickly and enjoyably; I really liked the cluing on this one.

Hope it's a fun day for everyone; spent yesterday on a WaveRunner, and I fully expect to be able to walk normally by Wednesday. Some day, someone's gotta explain this word moderation to me...

TTP said...

After an ohfer last weak, I started out today by confidently entering GRAFT at 1A.

Thank you Patti. My confidence has been restored.

Thank you Argyle. Enjoyed it. And thanks for linking that song from Die Hard. Didn't know it was so long.

Nice Pic HG. You all look so happy. Very nice.

61Rampy said...

Hand up for BALDness, but I waited for a perp or two- SOPWITH CAMEL and TROPHY took care of it. Snoopy's plane also took care of NAh/NAW. Smooth sailing today, as a Monday should be.
Another 100 degrees expected today!

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning

I scratched my Rogaineless dome when I saw WAGONETTE. I think of CREAM OF WHEAT as whitish rather then GOLDEN BROWN, but it sounds like a healthy breakfast choice, so that keeps it off my menu.

Out of habit I entered UCONN for 32A but I sensed something was wrong when TUPO & RCHR appeared!
How the YUKON ladies basketball do this past season?

In spite of my miscues, this was an enjoyable start to the week. Nice to start off with a win.

Had the pleasure of meeting Irish Miss, a lovely lady, this weekend. We had an enjoyable time chatting and getting to know a little about each other. She was definitely the high light of a good business weekend

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one took about a minute longer than usual for a Monday. Didn't get the theme until the reveal, but didn't really need it. Here's another hand up for not knowing what a wagonETTE is.

What a difference a few miles can make. In Houston there was a deluge -- cars hood-deep in water, homes flooded. Here it was more like a heavy dew; not enough to measure in the rain gauge.

Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle and enjoyed reading about Patti. I'm always doing Monday on the fly getting to work-- but it did make me want to go make some toast. I usually like 1 topping on each of 2 pieces: cinnamon sugar, honey, raspberry jam are the most common options.

I will jump on the band wagon-ette that everyone else mentioned. Wonder if you ride it on your farmette-- which is what realtors call small farms in Wisconsin.

Yellowrocks said...

I, too, thought of BALDNESS first, but SOPWITH CAMEL and TROPHY soon took care of that. WagonETTE quickly filled in itself, otherwise it may have been crunchy.It's amazing how all the cartoon characters, like TAZ, have the most horrible things happen to them and in the next frame they are good as new.
I think only the last word in the theme answers is GOLDEN BROWN, so WHEAT would fit.
Enjoyable interview and puzzle, Patti.
Nice picture, Gary

Husker Gary said...

-A man next to us once ordered his toast BURNT!
-My morning “usual” is GOLDEN BROWN TOAST with Skippy, a lovely vintage of Welch’s grape jelly, coffee and you guys!
-Does that PHOTOGRAPHY BUFF take pix of peeps in the BUFF
-A fav line after Elise and I ATE, “Boy, Elise, you can sure put away the groceries!” Her reply, “Oh, Papa, anyone can put away groceries”
-PK, today it’s BRIG not BRIDGE ;-)
-During the height of the Aids epidemic, our principal announced, “All teachers with AIDES please stay after the meeting”
-OH NO (:33)
-Old cement box swimming pools are passé and so our Y is tearing one out and putting in an “Aqua Center”
-I’ll see some TOMS on the 4th tee box today

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Patti Varol, for an excellent Monday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Enjoyed the interview with our constructor. Quite a lady!

The puzzle was a good one for a Monday. Zipped through it. I also confidently wrote in BALDNESS. That should teach me. I almost always check crosswords before I write. This time I did not. So, I have a big inkblot on my paper. Not the first time, by any means.

Theme was a good one. I personally like my toast burned almost black. Always have, always will. My wife really gets upset when I leave the toaster set to dark and then when she uses it, Kaboom. I keep telling her to check it first. Won't repeat the response.

Did not know GATO. Should have, however, because I worked in Los Gatos, CA, a couple times.

Remember Snoopy and the Sopwith Camel from years gone by. The British should be proud.

Great picture Husker Gary.

Off to my day. Hope to cut the grass and do some work in prep for selling Vidalia Onions this weekend.



Mari said...

Happy New Week Everybody!

Some golden brown toast does sound good right about now.

I never knew of SOPWITH CAMEL, although I see the Snoopy everyday while working on my daily QWP.

Rampy: 100 degrees actually sounds nice to me. I love hot weather. DH, of course, disagrees. And the battle of the thermastat begins!

Hondo: Glad to hear you met Irish Miss. She's a great gal, isn't she?

Cute grand daughter Husker!

Enjoy your week!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun puzzle today, and just right for a Monday. No dreck fill or anything too tricky. But I still stumbled a couple times. Had to check the downs at 1-Across because I wondered if it would be "graft" or BRIBE. Again at 19-Across, I wanted "ceo" before DIR emerged.

I always look for the theme while solving and when I saw SAND and CAMEL, I wondered if we were going to get a "Sheik of Araby" type unifier. But BUFF and WHEAT dispelled that theory.

Nice to see you HG - your little granddaughter is a real cutie, and I can see she gets her bright smile from her gramma and gramps!

Have a lovely start week, everyone.

Abejo said...


Caught your note from yesterday. When were you in Tehran? I was there 1976/1979.



Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy enough but had a writeover at 4d, baldness before BALD SPOT. Also had okay before OK OK. Everything else went smoothly.

LIT (fires). When lighting off boilers, we always used the term 'lighted' for past tense. Both are acceptable.

My favorite cereal while growing up was CREAM OF WHEAT. I still like it but usually have oatmeal with blackstrap molasses.

Good job, Patti. I enjoy your puzzles.

PK from last night - Love your posts. I'm still chortling.

Have a great day.

Abejo said...


Happy 10th Anniv. Let me know when you hit 37. That is where I am at.



AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - Thanks Patti for a fun Monday puzzle and Argyle for a great expo.
Only a couple of bumps in the road today. CEO/DIR, NAH/NAW initially but perps fixed them. One itty, bitty blank - the R in HRE/IRT. Of course NOW HRE does look familiar to me. WEES about ETTE, but perps came to the rescue.
C.C. - Thanks for the interview with Patti Varol. It's always nice to get a peek at how a constructor puts everything together for our enjoyment.

Husker Gary - Great pic - your granddaughter is adorable.
I prefer Raisin Bread toast - 1 slice only - to go with my cereal for breakfast.

Have a great day everyone!


AnnieB8491 said...

I'm watching a Florida morning show and they had a puzzle constructor on. He said that December is the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle and the first one was a diamond shape. Interesting.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thanks, Patti, for an easy, smooth Monday offering. Hand up for baldness, but that was corrected quickly. I didn't get the theme until the unifier but it didn't matter. Nice expo, Argyle, as usual.

I sincerely appreciate the kind words from Hondo and Mari.

Fans of The Good Wife: What did you think about the ending last night?

Happy Monday.

Irish Miss said...

Oops! Forgot to say great picture, Gary; granddaughter is a cutie!

Also, Barry, how was your lobster lunch? Yummy, I hope.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Quite a bit of pepper for a Monday. Never heard of Bibb lettuce or a Wagonette, so those spots were slowed a bit until perps arrived. Sopwith Camel went right in, Snoopy had such adventures with his old flying machine.

Burnt toast? No, thank you. I scrape the black stuff off before applying a soothing layer of butter.

JJM said...

Easy, Fun, Smooth. I never knew that plane was called a SOPWITH CAMEL. I'm sure I won't forget that now

AnnieB8491 said...

Irish Miss - Well, that's not who I expected to be standing on the other side of her door when she opened it. Gotta say I was kind of disappointed - she and Will can get pretty steamy! I must say I can't see it happening - too much of the show is centered around the current law firm - although it would sure make for some interesting story lines I guess.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

This was fast and fun this morning ~ thanks Patti Varol. WEES about baldness/BALD SPOT and wagon-ETTE.

~ After getting SAND and CAMEL, I thought we were headed for a desert theme. BUFF changed my thinking. I love the neutral colors that were in the theme answers and have crocheted many afghans using them.

~ I had no idea about SOPWITH CAMEL being a plane. I knew the name only of the 60's musical group with their one hit, "Hello, Hello."

~ Hondo ~ the YUKON/UCONN ladies had a fantastic year! The national championship was great, but I think finally beating Notre Dame was more satisfying. :-)

~ Great photo , Husker Gary!

~ Belated anniversary wishes to Barry G. and birthday wishes to Kazie. Hope you enjoyed your special days!

Virginia said...

Wonderful Monday puzzle and enjoyed the analysis. My only trouble was with DIR, wanted CEO. No trouble with Baldspot cuz I didn't even see it.

Dennis, the definition of moderation is: crushing boredom ;-)

It'll be 100 here as well. Great treatment for that is Dennis' Wave Runner. Last time I rode one I got a speeding ticket but it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Soothing Monday morning music. Sopwith Camel

Lucina said...

Hello, friends. Warm wishes from AZ where it has reached 100 degrees and the start of our long, hot summer.

What a nice walk in the park today. Thank you, Patti Varol. Hand up for BALDNESS before BALD SPOT, though,and not knowing wagonETTE.

All the rest flew by like a KITE on a windy day .

I must be BRIEF because company's here in the form of my youngest sister.

Wonderful PHOTO, Gary, of your lovely family. That Elise is a cutie.

You all have a beautiful Monday!

Virginia said...

Shoot, I meant to comment on Gary's pic. Adorable grand daughter!

And as for The Good Wife, haven't seen it yet, it's safely ensconced in the DVR but I hope Peter wins out, Chris Noth is sooo much sexier than the fellow who plays Will!

CrossEyedDave said...

2D roue gave me pause,,, I must have checked the perps a dozen times looking for a mistake.

Why is it called a "Sopwith Camel?" (I always wanted to know...)

It turns out "Sopwith" is the name of the company that made it. A metal fairing over the gun breeches created a "hump" that led to the name Camel. (info source = Wiki)

Hmm, this link is from themetapicture... I have had problems b/4 where I am the only one who can see the link. If it doesn't open for, not to worry, it is just some sillyness about how the toast always falls butter side down, & cats always land on their feet. What would happen if you tied buttered toast to a cat? (that's easy, you'd get scratched...)

Spitzboov said...

A very fine video of a Sopwith Camel operating with a Spitfire in New Zealand. Very informative and some great aerial footage.

desper-otto said...

Great photo, Husker.

Just wanted to pass this on. A couple of years ago National Geographic Channel had a 3-program series, Brain Games, about the workings of the human brain. It was fun and informative. Well, it's b-a-a-a-c-k! New episodes begin tonight on NGC.

Husker Gary said...

-Just read Patti’s interview and found it fascinating. She seems to be the cwd equivalent of the person who the doctor (Rich) assigns to go tell the family that their loved one isn’t going to make it ;-). Her puzzles are always so fun and first-rate in construction and I share her love of Games magazine.
-Thanks for the kind comments about Elise and her maternal grandparents. God has not made a little girl more loving than Leesie! Her personality is truly captured in that picture.
-Not only will it not reach 100 here today, the Wednesday high is in the 40’s.
-Shot a 40 on the back nine today (don’t ask about the front) and am off to teach fifty 6th graders about spaceflight with my Power Point and models!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Fun puzzle today, nice Monay outing.

Gary - nice picture of three cute kids.

Gotta run, the LW need some help.

Cool Regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

MONDAY outing, that is.

We got a new printer and it's a smart printer with capabilities I'll probably never find out about, let alone use.

Gloria just needed a little confidence boost in using it.

I got BALD SPOT right away for some unknown reason. Was a bit flummoxed by the theme, focusing on the GOLDEN instead of the.

We had an over-filled week-end. I need a nap. Then off to Nate's baseball game and rehearsal after.

JzB the sleepy trombonist

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the "toast" at sunset line.

CrossEyedDave said...

Spitz@10:56 Excellent video!

I could not believe that the whole bloody engine turned! What a strange thing by todays standards. 160 Gnome Rotary Engine

(Note under lubrication: "Unburnt castor oil from the engine tended to be hurled into the pilot's face, often having a laxative effect on the pilot if ingested.") What a way to go!...

Here is a better view of it turning.

It seems Charles Schultz was well aware of the flight characteristics of the Sopwith Camel with a 160 Gnome rotary engine.

Dennis said...

Virginia, thank you for that definition of 'moderation' -- just perfect. Crushing boredom, indeed.

Gary, forgot to mention, great pic.

Anyone else see Mad Men last night? Thoughts?

Irish Miss said...

Just read an interesting tidbit on my Bichon Frise calendar: Did you know that dogs are mentioned 40 times in the Bible? (Old and New Testament) Cats zero. Any thoughts, CEDave and Manac?

rpstrong said...

I'm a sushi fan, but I've never had it raw - the rice is always cooked.

As Wikipedia puts it:

"Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients (neta), usually raw fish or other seafood. Neta and forms of sushi presentation vary widely, but the ingredient which all sushi have in common is shari. Shari is also referred to as sushi-meshi ("sushi rice").

Spitzboov said...

Irish Miss - Cats are mentioned in Baruch Chapter 6, verse 21. Seems to be the only place, though.

thehondohurricane said...

Well, being a dog person, I can think of many reasons the Bible ignores cats. I will keep them to myself so I'm not bludgeoned by the many cat aficionados on this blog.

Moving away a little, Riley spent the weekend in the kennel. Part of it was Dogie Day care. He has a girl friend now...Chloe, a terrier. It's, thankfully, only an emotional relationship. His physical abilities were snipped away (ouch) a while ago.

Lucina said...

My sister and I are a great team. We just assembled tonight's dinner and dessert and now we are going to meet one of her high school friends for lunch. It's all about eating, isn't it?

It sounds like you are all having bunches of fun. As Gary says, I'll read you later.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, What Barry said about the puzzle being a little crunchier for a Monday. Still very doable and no lookups.

I had Bald head instead of Bald Spot. Not knowing the name of the Snoopy's WWI plane I had to wait for quite a few other fills to correct that. Can you tell that I'm not up on airplanes?

Breakfast toast should be a nice golden brown, but our old toaster doesn't like that setting!!!We have brown with spots of almost black. I guess we should spring for a new toaster one of these days.

We're having a total Comcast package put in today. This will eliminate three different carriers for TV, Internet and Phone. It will also cut down on monthly cost for these services. Wish we had done it much sooner. Oh! Maybe now we can afford that new toaster.

Husker, your Elise is sure a sweetie. It was nice to see you and your lovely wife, also.

Have a great day, everyone.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun speedy puzzle, Patti! Great expo, Argyle!

My only real hiccup in the puzzle was at the 52D HRE/IRT crossing. The "R" didn't come to mind so I had to run a red-letter check. Hate to do it on Monday.

I looked at the puzzle after I was done and thought the theme would be "Get a tan" since the theme fills had some sort of light brown in them. Guess the Arizona blog members could sure do that. And judging from HG's merry countenance, he's started on his tan. Great picture.

It's 78 degrees here. I'm trying to talk myself into going out to work on my tan a/k/a raking the debris off my sewer line so we can seed it. My yardman showed up yesterday after three days of rain and mowed the front. It was too muddy to take the riding mower to the back. Not much grass there anyway. He's promised to come back tomorrow and work on the back so we can seed. He's a great guy, but like many guys if he can't do it on a machine, it don't git done. He's got a lot of work right now with the mower. But if we don't seed he can't mow here.

Wiener said...

@Dennis re: Mad Men

I've mentioned before that Mad Men is my favorite show. It is hard to explain to non-watchers but it's just 'cool'. Last night's episode was especially thought provoking on how different people react to tragedy. I thought the best drama occured in the theater with the interaction between Don, his son and the usher.

Every episode induces a laugh out loud moment for me. Lately its been Roger providing the guffaw. Roger's deadpan reaction to Randall's imitation of Tecumseh: "I had forgotten that." was the most un-pc, rolling on the floor moment of this season.

PK said...

Hard to believe that anyone read the Bible just to count the cats and dogs. Sure missed a lot more important stuff, don't you think? Bible writers probably thought they had more important things to write about too.

Wiener said...


All this talk of animals in the bible reminded me of the Mad Men line: In the flood, the animals went two by two. You're going to get on the boat with your father?

So many great scenes. How about Don's Marxist father-in-law's opinions?

Just great stuff!

And for the fun of it: The woman who can do everything

Irish Miss said...

Spitz @ 2:02 - I guess you can't believe everything you read. Thanks for the correction. Woof woof and meow! :-)

Barry G. said...

Thanks for the anniversary good wishes, all! Yesterday went according to plan and we had a lot of fun. We got the the flea market around 8:45 and stayed there until 11:30, after which we headed North for lunch. Our 8-year-old had the most fun at the flea market, spending all his saved allowance money on a bunch of treasures like a sand dollar, a hand-made tin airplane, etc.

We arrived at the restaurant just in time. We got the second-to last parking spot and got seated immediately. 5 minutes later there was a line out the door and people had to wait for tables to become available. We had a terrific view of the mouth of the Merrimack River and enjoyed our lobster pies (along with clam chowder, seafood stuffed mushrooms and delicious hot rolls).

Not exactly a trip to Paris, but still very enjoyable...

Bill G. said...

That was a very pleasant Monday puzzle. Thanks Patti and Argyle!

Gary, I loved your photo! Three happy smiles.

Two classic airplanes. The engine sound of that Sopwith Camel makes me nervous. Great video Spitz!

Ralph Smedley said...

Golden brown is indeed the ideal Toast! color.

JD said...

Good afternoon Argyle, C.C., et al,

Enjoyed Patti's interview, and her puzzle. Thanks for all the added info, Argyle. Wagon-ette made me laugh. Who knew? Left a hole, as I'm terrible with abbreviations: HRT crossing IRT.

Barry G- happy belated anniversary. Sounded like a very fun day!

HBTY Kazie...hope you had a good day too.

It warmed up a bit today... in the low 90's.Keeping the middle grandson, Grady, out of the sun; he's very fair and every time I turn around, all his clothes are off.

Gary, great picture. Elise is lovely.

Irish Miss, I was VERY surprised with the ending of The Good Wife, but am not at all disappointed. I AM bummed about Will's decision. Seems that cheaters win rather than justice..which does parallel many real life situations that we don't usually read about on the front page.How about that wife-killing millionaire?

Abejo said...


Great video. Thank you. Interesting about the rotary engine.



Momspeaksout said...

Thanks to all for the blog, the interview and the great comments. I always learn something at "the corner".
I watched at "the Good Wife" and agree that Christopher Noth is hotter than the Will guy.
I am heavy into "Scandal" and good grief one needs to be with so many story lines and a plot with more twists than a pretzel!
Does anyone else find that program as fascinating as I do?

Enjoy the evening! I am watching "The Voice" tonight. Adam Levine is hotter than a two-dollar pistol!

Jayce said...

We're going to watch Dancing With The Stars tonight. We always do. I know, I know, it's really a bad show, and it's been getting worse. We hate it like a bad addiction.

Oh, the puzzle. Um, toasty! Excellently constructed. After reading C.C.'s interview with Patti Varol I understand why. Bravo!

Manac said...

Abejo, I was there from early 1977 to late 1988. We went stateside about three months before the revolution started. Others I knew were not so lucky.

Irish Miss, I bet you were one to swing at a hornet's nest with a stick. 40 mentions to one. You can't put anything on the internet that isn't true ( if you don't believe me, look it up on the internet :) ) Ergo... IMO DOGS rule, cats drool.

Manac said...

Abejo, Late 1978. Damn fat fingers!

Dennis said...

Weiner, on the money - Roger's definitely a favorite because of his dry humor, but when I saw your link for 'the woman who can do everything', I was looking for Christina Hendricks.

But then, I'm always looking for Christina Hendricks.

Just found out that Sofia Vergara visited one of the better burger joints near here not long ago. I thought I ate a lot of burgers before...

PK said...

Jayce: I don't think "Dancing With the Stars" is a bad show. For me it's the closest thing to a party I get. Cha Cha Cha! My favorite!

JD said...

Jayce, I'll be watching it too.There is definitely a group of the haves, and then there are those who are just waiting their turn to be banished.I really enjoyed last season where they came in as real contenders...well, most of them.

AnnieB8491 said...

Jayce - I also like DWTS. I love music, love dancing, for me the perfect show.
JD - I agree. The 'have nots' just have to wait their turn to be booted off. There are always good dancers, mediocre ones and just plain bad ones. I think it's going to be a girls dance-off this year.
As far as The Good Wife goes, i always liked Chris Noth on Law & Order, but never watched Sex and the City. However, as 'easy on the eyes' that he is, the chemistry between Will and Alicia is H O T!
Scandal is another show that is a 'must watch' for me. How they come up with these story lines is beyond me. Every week is better than the one before.

Irish Miss said...

Manac @ 7:07 - No, I never swung a stick at a hornet's nest; I am deathly afraid of hornets and bees! I am also a dog person, although I can tolerate cats if they behave and don't jump onto my lap unexpectedly!