Apr 8, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Penultimate Letter Homophones - You may ask WHY and you'd be right.

17A. Many a coffee shop, vis-à-vis Internet access : WI-FI HOTSPOT

37A. "No need to hurry, is there?" : "WHY THE BIG RUSH?"

61A. Gender-determining heredity unit : Y CHROMOSOME

Argyle here. C.C. has given us a modest little Monday puzzle that was almost a pangram, short the J and Q. Some snappy fill, especially in the verticals.


1. Eva or Juan of Argentina : PERON

6. "Taking you places" premium movie channel : STARZ

11. Suffix for hero : INE

14. '60s-'70s Twins great Tony : OLIVA. What a ham; gets her picture in another puzzle.

15. Nest on a cliffside : AERIE. How are the owlets doing, downtonabbey?

16. "Friends" actress Courteney : COX. She now stars in "Cougar Town" which is on TBS. I've never seen it.

19. Corner PC key : ESC

20. Subj. for immigrants : ESL. (English as a Second Language)

21. Synagogue : SHUL

22. Cowpoke's seat : SADDLE

24. Flightless South American bird : RHEA

26. Scottish hillside : BRAE

28. "... believe __ not!" : IT OR

29. Hairstyling immortal Vidal : SASSOON. Immortal?

31. "Ship out" alternative : SHAPE UP

34. Humble home : HUT

35. 1980s secretary of state Alexander : HAIG. He showed up a week ago Saturday

36. False show : ACT

41. "__ 'nuff!" : SHO. Slang for "Sure enough".

42. Move, in Realtor-speak : RELO. (relocate)

43. "In __ Shoes": Cameron Diaz flick : HER. (2005) I've never seen it.

44. Meddles (with) : TAMPERS

46. "Pretty please ..." : "I BEG YOU ..."

50. GPS choices : RTE's. I still use maps.

51. Pinnacle : ACME

53. Geologic periods : EONS

54. Extensive property : ESTATE

57. Sorrowful cry : "ALAS!"

59. Slangy "OK" : "YEH". or "yeah". 5D. Casual turndowns : NAHs

60. "Wheel of Fortune" purchase : AN 'E'

64. Mauna __: Hawaii's highest peak : KEA

65. Harbor cities : PORTS

66. ESPN analyst Garciaparra : NOMAR. He is one of 13 players to hit two grand slams during a single game.

67. Bachelor in personals, briefly : SWM. (single, white, male)

68. Early stage : ONSET

69. Extends across : SPANS


1. __ that be: authorities : POWERS

2. Inventor Otis : ELISHA. Not often we get his first name.

3. Remington weapons : RIFLES. Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington. (would never have gotten his first name.)

4. Egg: Pref. : OVI

6. Second-largest planet : SATURN

7. Physicist Nikola : TESLA. Our old friend.

8. Dadaism founder : ARP. Jean Arp, our old acquaintance.

9. Spanish rivers : RIOs

10. Greek letter that seems like it should be last : ZETA

11. Summer refreshers : ICED TEAS

12. Hardly an amateur : NO SLOUCH

13. Quote in a book review : EXCERPT

18. "How frustrating!" : "OH, BOTHER!"

23. Chip go-with : DIP

25. Pale as a ghost : ASHY

27. "La Bamba" co-star Morales : ESAI

30. Very strange : OUTRE

32. Car headlight setting : HIGH BEAM

33. Strike a bargain : AGREE

35. "The Newsroom" channel : HBO

37. Request for the latest update : "WHAT'S NEW?"

38. The Twins, at Minneapolis's Target Field : HOME TEAM

39. "Born Free" lion : ELSA. Andy Williams, Born Free(2:21)

40. Press for : URGE

41. Windex targets : STREAKS

45. Free TV ad : PSA

46. Words before "Can you give me directions?" : "I'M LOST!". Needed 50-Across.

47. Cellist who performed at Steve Jobs's funeral : YO-YO MA

48. Like a single-performer show : ONE MAN

49. Leads, as to a seat : USHERS

52. Garçon's handout : CARTE. French menu.

55. AutoCorrect target : TYPO

56. Keynes's sci. : ECON. (economics)

58. Male heirs : SONS

62. Appt. book rows : HRs. Hours this time, not home runs.

63. Soak (up), as gravy : SOP



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wonderful Monday effort, a bit on the crunchy side what with OUTRE, BRAE, ELISHA and all the nice long vertical answers.

Really glad Argyle included the picture of Pooh, since I was wondering whether anybody but that tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff actually says OH BOTHER...


Lemonade714 said...

All that and two Minnesota Twins clues make this a C.C. special. She also used ICED which I am sure pleased the Corner.

Thanks to her and Argyle, have a great week with the Masters coming soon.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - nice little speed run this morning, with my one pause being YEH, which I've never seen before (only 'yeah'). OH BOTHER might've given me trouble, but by the time I was through the acrosses, it was already filled in. And it didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who consructed this puzzle, as Lemonade pointed out. Oliva was one of the best.

I always get a kick out of seeing Al (I'm in charge) Haig. And any puzzle containing HIGH BEAM is ok in my book (Argyle, fine write-up, but hey, you coulda put a link!).

Hope it's a bearable Monday for everyone; we're in for a run of 80+ weather here in paradise.

Anonymous said...

Fun Monday puzzle, CC. Until I stepped back and discovered the theme, I thought: "Y Chromosome, that's really long fill for a Monday." Beautiful day here, finally spring!

Anonymous said...

Big Meh.

HeartRx said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up, Argyle. I finally was able to fill in TONY Oliva without even one perp to help. Thanks for the picture again - I think he is now firmly cemented in the appropriate brain cell!!

My only write-over was TinkERS instead of TAMPERS. I liked seeing ICED TEAS, NO SLOUCH, WHAT'S NEW and C.C.'s HOME TEAM in the grid. Easy peasy puzzle.

It's going to be in the mid-sixties today. Woo Hoo! Time to start getting out the patio furniture. Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Sfingi said...

Didn't notice theme.

I always laugh when I think of Car 54 Where are You? where Toody is talking about the Yankees and which one is the most nonchalant (of all traits), and Toody says, "Now Mantle, he's NO SLOUCH at being nonchalant," if I remember correctly. Would love if someone could find that.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Early in the week I have to print out the puzzle from the Chronicle's e-edition, and it doesn't list the author. But with OLIVA and the TWINS, it didn't take long to figure out that this was a C.C. offering.

I agree, Argyle. Immortal? I think C.C. misspelled the clue.

Some say Mauna KEA is the tallest mountain in the world...when measured from it's base on the ocean floor, that is.

61Rampy said...

Easy Monday today. Liked the eta clue. Didnt know SHUL. Had to chuckle to 46D. The words preceding the clue should be "HUBBY, WE'RE LOST! NOW PULL OVER AND ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!!"
Like the others, I knew it was a C.C. puzzle with OLIVA- and this time I knew the name.

Lemonade714 said...

Sassoon' s contribution to creativity in hair style will last forever. He used angles and lengths like none before him.

Funny 61

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. A nice easy Monday puzzle.

I liked NO SLOUCH and the clue for HOME TEAM: Very clever!

April showers here in Chicago. Bring on the May flowers!

Have a nice day and a great week!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Good write-up, Argyle.

Easy enough but seemed to have some elements of mid-week character. Wasn't sure of the SHUL/OH BOTHER cross, but the perps and a modicum of knowledge of Yiddish words (SHUL) confirmed the fill. Agree with Argyle about snappy fill in the verticals. No searches were needed. Nice fresh puzzle, C.C.

60's here today. Finally.

kazie said...

Enjoyable if a little crunchy here and there. I checked for the author as soon as I got OLIVA, confirming my expectation. some other names had to be perped but otherwise it was good for a Monday offering.

Lately I refuse to use up time looking anything up, so if I get them finished when there are unknowns, it's always WAGS and perps.

We've got April showers too, but with snow predicted later this week again. Bah, humbug!

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning All - A nice Monday puzzle. Thanks C.C. for starting my week off in the right direction. Thanks Argyle for your great write-up.
I had a couple of mis-steps: HEROISM/ INE, LOA/ KEA, APEX/ ACME but perps took care of them. I also wanted OBROTHER/ OHBOTHER. I wondered what a SBUL was. lol After I saw Argyle's expo I remembered SHUL and BRAE from previous puzzles.
Didn't really look for theme - but it was pretty evident after reading write-up. Very clever C.C.
Remington Arms was started in my hometown of Ilion, NY. (Let's see is I can do it right a 2nd time.)
New word for me is OUTRE (maybe short for OUT theRE ??)
It's been a busy week and weekend for me but our son and family have gone home, so it's back to norm for a few days until my sister and BIL come for a long weekend. My BIL will run the race with me on Saturday - well - not run it WITH me. He'll be up in front running for time (he's a marathon/half marathon runner) and I will be bringing up the rear so as not to get trampled by everyone passing me. lol
Dennis - a nice day here on the west coast too. Think I'll be beachin' it today. Less than a month left. It'll be July before we have this kind of weather up north.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Montana said...

Thanks CC and Argyle, for a great start of a wintery day.
I am envious of all you with good weather. Main blast of this latest snow storm appears to have passed across Montana about 50 miles south of me, so I only have the cold temps.

I did not breeze through this puzzle, but with perps I got it done. I started with CHROMOSOME before realizing that wouldn’t work, erased and started with the Y. ELISHA, SHUL, YEH, NOMAR and CARTE required perps, but the letters I needed were all there, so all in all, a pretty nice solve.

I like how the puzzles get more difficult each day. I never used to try any after Tuesday, and now, after hanging out with all of you, I think I have solved at least one puzzle on each day of the week in the last year. Still need red letter help (so DNFs) on Thursday—Sunday, but I am getting better each month.

Thanks for your blogging everyone,


Husker Gary said...

Argyle’s assessment works for me – a nice Monday exercise with just a little cwdese spice thrown in.

-OLIVA and TARGET FIELD? What a shock ;-)
-I haven’t subbed for a while and it feels good to be “back in the SADDLE again”
-Nothing done with hair (immortal, indeed) can impress me but they probably don’t dig math and physics
-Ex quarterback categorizing homes in Zaire? HUT, HUT, HUT, HUT…
-Speaking of ACT, Papa sprung for 8 tickets to see The Lion King in Omaha yesterday. Fabulous!
-Sometimes a GPS device will take you on a crazy RTE. Better than saying I’M LOST.
-ESTATE? The Biltmore and its environs is one of America’s best (built before there were income taxes)
-Jimmy Fallon’s skit where he wears a NOMAR (no mah) jersey - his hero.
-It’s hard to remember when I was a SWM
-Saturn is so “gassy” it would float if you found a big enough body of water for it
-TESLA and TAE were bitter ac/dc (current, that is) rivals
-Joann caught me doing a double DIP with my nacho chip last week
-Why, exactly, did they take the HIGH BEAM dimmer switch off the floor board?
-Is that KEYNES stuff working out right now?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for an excellent puzzle. Thank you Argyle, for the great review.

Nice to see you again, C.C., both as the constructor and as in the photo with Tony Oliva.

My daughter and I are going to the Chicago Cubs home opener today. They play Milwaukee. Hope it dopes not rain. It's been raining all night.

The puzzle was a little tougher than a normal Monday. But got through it.

Yes, I liked "ICED" TEAS, as well.

Did not know SHUL, perped it.

Al HAIG again. Maybe he will become crosswordese.

Well, I have to get ready to head to Chicago. See you tomorrow.

TTP, are you OK. Have not seen you in a while.



CanadianEh! said...

Fun Monday puzzle. A few unfamiliar names (ELISHA,STARZ,NOMAR) were filled in by perps, fortunately.
Our Blue Jays had a terrible game yesterday (13-0). Ouch!
Still cool here but sunny and the robins are singing! Spring is coming.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I had "Hairstyling pioneer Vidal" for SASSOON. Now, google "Vidal Sassoon immortal" and see what comes up first.

desper-otto said...

Montana, did I read that right? Are those cookies for Sfingi?

Avg Joe said...

An enjoyable, if a little more difficult than normal Monday offering. It really is nice to see so many puzzles by the residents!

Cooler here today than yesterday. It rained overnight, and there is a very slight chance of snow Tuesday night. We're hopeful that it warms up soon and stays that way.

Montana said...

desper-otto, the caption says, "Where are you, Spring? I made you some cookies?"

It is winter again in Montana this morning.

Husker, I have an old Ford Bronco on my farm that has the dimmer switch on the floor!


JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

an enjoyable Monday delight, but crunchy in places....a dozen names ...not all known on the spot, but recognized as they filled in.Loved seeing "home team" and your picture, C.C.

Had to laugh at WIFI hot spot. On our trip we looked for them in every port. Only Curacao had a Starbucks.

Very windy here , but very clear...a kite flying day.Spring Break week here... taking the boys to Happy Hollow, rides, a zoo, and playground all in one spot.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Nice job, CC. Clever theme, great fill, and not one but two "Twin" shout-outs. Nice expo, Argyle.

To darken an otherwise cheerful Monday morning, Cruciverb is down AGAIN. I swear this happens every 10-12 days. It is so annoying!

I caught up on all my taped shows last night, thanks to the CMA pre-empting my usual Sunday favorites. Saw Vegas, Blue Bloods, and Southland, all of which were very intense. Looking forward to Monday Mornings finale, tonight.

To all iPad users: I love using my new stylus, which was a birthday gift. It's great for doing puzzles, games, etc., and I am not making as many "touch-sensitive" typos as when I type manually.

Happy Monday.

Michael Barrett said...

Hello C-C and thanks to C.C. for a monday with a bit of oomph!
Been off building scenery for a tee-vee pilot, no time for my morning cruciverb.
Had WIFIENABLED for 17A, that messed me up for a while. Got over that, rest was fun with several unknowns fixed by perps and fills.
Good day to all

Husker Gary said...

-Cubs and rain? The first night game at Wrigley was on 8/8/88 and we were in Chicago. It rained so hard they only played a few innings
-Royals lost Saturday night when their closer walked the bases full with no one out and then gave up a walk-off double that cleared the bases and Philly won 4 – 3. A closer who can’t throw a strike? Back to Omaha!
-BTW, I love the picture of you and Tony too, CC.
-Montana, I wish they had left that switch there
-Disney had no WI-FI in the hotels we stayed in. They charged $9.95 for hooking up a cable to your computer for web access.

Dennis said...

Talking about floor-mounted dimmer switches: Back in the early 50's, my father bought a new Buick, and for many months had me completely mystified as to how he could change the radio station by merely "thinking about it". We'd be driving along, and he'd say, "I think I'd like a different station", and voila! - it changed. Didn't work when I thought about it, though. Took quite a while until one day I was playing 'driver' in the car and noticed the button on the floor. Buick was quite the innovator back in the day (and I was quite the idiot).

Misty said...

I love a C.C. on a Monday morning! No big problems with this one, but still found it a little challenging, with some fun clues. Great to see the OLIVO photo again, Argyle--and C.C. And thanks for the photo of the RHEAs. Sweet little dudes, aren't they?

Montana, great to hear about the terrific progress.

I wish Sallie had asked someone to check in with us after her surgery and tell us how she's doing. We do worry, after all.

Huge winds here in southern California this morning. When I went out to get the paper, it sounded like a freight train roaring through the canyon. Hope none of the neighbor's giant trees crash into our roof (especially while we're in the house).

Have a great day, everybody!

Lucina said...

A good morning to all!

Wow! Who knew elevator inventor, Otis, was ELISHA? Not I. However, I did know PERON but for some strange reason wrote PEROT and didn't even notice until reading the blog.

Yet, in spite of other names, NOMAR abd OLIVA, whom I remember from his previous appearance with C.C., this was a fun solve. And yes, I was glad to see ICED TEA.

Thanks to Argyle and C.C. for a good start to the morning. Now I'm waiting for the A/C repairman to arrive. Luckily, today will be mild but windy so not uncomfortable. Temps in the high 80s.

Have a fantastic Monday, everyone!

HeartRx said...

AnnieB8491 @ 8:45, OUTRÉ is taken from the past participle of the French word “outrer,” which means to push beyond the boundary. It is pronounced oo-TRAY. But I loved your take on it!!

C.C. it's funny how as soon as someone dies, they switch from being a "pioneer" to being "immortal."

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Monday offering.

My "Summer refreshers" would be Pinch-Neat before ICED TEAS.
Figured there would be another brouhaha over whether is should be ICED-v-ICE.
(I love meaningful discussions! lol)

Was certain Husker was going to 'link' the Jack Hoffman TD run from the Nebraska Spring game.
Hope this inspirational Link works. (1:53)

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.

pje said...

Thank you C.C. and Argyle for the wonderful start to my week! This was fun!

For 22A my paper has Cowpoke's eat. I couldn't figure out what a saddle had to do with his food. Thanks for the blog to clear that up.

WEES about the puzzle.

It's definitely spring here and I've got all the hay fever symptons to prove it. Ah-choo!

Have a great week.


(Minkseel) Is this a new species of animal?

Pinto said...

Can you spot Courteney COX in this video @ 2:25? She's much easier to spot around 3:25!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. A very enjoyable puzzle today, thank you. WEES.

R.I.P. immortal PM Thatcher.

Best wishes to you all.

Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary:
oops! and thank you for the email.
I rarely solve the Sunday puzzles.
Didn't realize you "linked" the Jack Hoffman inspirational TD yesterday.

But it is good enough to see again!

Bill G. said...

That was a fun easy-peasy Monday puzzle. I enjoyed it. Thanks CC and Argyle.

Our family's first new car that I can remember was a Nash Ambassador. It was about 1947 after WWII and it was hard to find much of a car selection; ergo, the Nash. It too had two buttons on the floor; one for high beams and one for changing the radio preset stations.

The weather here is strange today. It's very pleasant except for a lot of wind, about 30 mph with stronger gusts.

When I go out for lunch, when I order something, the server's most typical response these days is, "You got it." To me, it sounds like they're trying too hard to be cool.

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
When I go out for lunch and order something, the server's most typical response is ...

"Pull up and pay at the first window."

Montana said...

The sun has come out and the temperature is UP to 20° and supposed to reach 26°!

Keep warm to those in the path of winter storm, Wanda. Looks like you in Kansas and Nebraska are next, followed by the folks in MN and WI.

Wish I had another Monday puzzle to ponder,


Dennis said...

RIP, Margaret Thatcher, Annette Funicello. Boy, there's a combo.

john28man said...

Thank you CC for a nice slightly more difficult puzzle than some Mondays.Didn't see the theme intil I came here.

I knew SHUL from Faye Kellerman's mysteery novels where Peter Decker, lapsed Jewish man who married an Orthodox Jewish woman, Rina Lazarus. Many of her novels work around this feature.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Another elegant effort by our fearless leader. She continues to entertain us with her love of sports, trivia and general knowledge. Such a hero(INE) in our eyes.

This wasn't a speed run, but I did manage to get it all done without too much trouble. Outre, Momar, and Elisha were all filled in with the perps, but not always found in Monday puzzles. I was't sure there was a theme until I read Argyle's writeup. Y chromosome is another word not usually seen on Mondays.

A nice shout out to your Home Team, C.C.

A blustery, colder day here today. But we did have a lovely rain in the middle of the night. We needed that.

Have a great day everyone.

Irish Miss said...

Just got back from the grocery store. What a beautiful, sunny Spring day, temp about 60. If only the wind would calm down. It was so windy yesterday, my young neighbor's free- standing, heavily- weighted basketball hoop was blown over.

Speaking of basketball, my niece's boss is one of the refs in tonight's Louisville-Michigan game.

Do any of you lovely ladies who cook only for yourself have any recipes you'd like to share? It's hard to come up with ideas for meals for one person, especially when you don't want a lot of leftovers or, worse yet, waste food.

pas de chat said...

Great puzzle, C.C.!!!
Not a speed run for me.
Lots of blank spaces on the first across.
"Hardly an amateur looked like:
Wrote EraS, erased.
ageS nope,
EraS again, nope.
EONS !!!aha!
I think this was your best to-date, C.C. Lots of meaty answers.
Been really working on the house and yard.
Bill G. that lampshade was BEAUTIFUL!
WEES about the weekend puzzles.
Wish we would hear from Sallie.

My keyboard is doing strange things. All of a sudden, it stops typing and I get a beeping sound on every key.
Can't find anything on Google that is similar.I have to shut it off and reboot to get it to stop.
It's HP.
Cleaned it with alcohol and blew some canned air on it.
I never eat at the computer, so no crumbs. Not really much dust either.
Anyone know what it is?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great one, C.C.! Before I figured out the theme, I saw WHAT & WHY in close proximity and thought you might be going for the journalist's musts. Kept looking for "when", "where", and "who" as well. Thanks, Argyle.

I should look it up, but can't "immortal" mean "not mortal" or dead? I'll probably hear from YR that I'm full of beans on this.

As I told HG, when I saw the Biltmore ESTATE what amazed me the most was the looong distance between the bedrooms of Mr. & Mrs. Vanderbilt. It was no wonder they had only one child. By the time one of them made the journey, they were too tired to do anything. Poor rich people!

John28man: I, too, am a Faye Kellerman fan, so knew SHUL.

In 1985 I rented a car and for a week went all over Pennsylvania to New Jersey Shore without ever figuring out how to change HIGH to low BEAM. I had foot buttons at home and the rental Chrysler had the new-fangled steering column mount.

77 degrees here yesterday. I worked in the yard, trying to get my sewer project ground ready to seed. Too much for me. Yard men, HELP!

C.C. Burnikel said...

Irish Miss,
I have a simple banana/egg pancake recipe:

Mix one ripe banana & 2 eggs & a few dashes of cinnamon, then cook the mixture in olive oil (medium-low heat) for about 8 minutes. Then flip. Then one more minute. You can enjoy with fresh berries.

Bill G. said...

I give all the credit in the world to Barbara Walters and what she's accomplished. Nevertheless, I think she's become increasingly annoying whenever I come across her pontificating on The View.

Pas, any chance you have a wireless keyboard and the batteries need changing? It happens to me on my iMac.

Speaking of recipes, I miss Jeannie.

Tin, you got me. Heh heh!

The wind is still howling. I think I'll pass on a bike ride today.

I came across a great photo of the moon and Saturn on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website. Moon and Saturn

Lemonade714 said...

Margaret Thatcher, Annette, who will be 3?

pas de chat said...

Bill G:
No wireless keyboard. Same one that came with my Windows XP from 2005.
Hey! it still works, LOL!
So far, so good after I cleaned it.
It happened when I pushed the caps lock key this time.
There is no way to correct it unless I shut everything down and start again.
Irish Miss:
When I make chicken soup I boil and simmer a couple of chicken breasts with onion, celery and bay leaf, cool and remove skin.
Add sliced carrots to broth, cut chicken into pieces and add when carrots are done. Throw in some defrosted frozen peas at last minute.
Cook elbow macaroni and mix together with soup.
I then have about 6-8 16 oz. containers for the freezer.
There's nothing better than homemade soup on a windy cool day and all you have to do is heat it up.

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle CC! But i did have a little trouble at 20A Subj. for immigrants = ESL. I did grudgingly eventually put in the middle "S" because every other letter made less sense. (Argyle, thanks for explaining it.) It would have helped if I knew Otis' 1st name. Note: fun movie for Meg Ryan fans is "Kate & Leopold." In this clip, Leopolds father Elisha answers the door...

Remington got me excited because I thought I would get to link the freakiest house in America, but unfortunately it turned out to be Winchester...

Alton Brown on Good Eats says "Oh Bother" all the time...

Dennis@6:36am Did you want a link of Al Haig,,, or HighBeams???

Sfingi@7:22 Oh Bother, I am going to have to go thru dozens of Car 54 episodes to find that slouch for you...

Car buttons on the floor,,, there must be links out there...

Pinto@ 11:54, I was once picked out of the audience to come up on stage with Bruce,,, (but it ended up more like Sally Simpson on the Who's Tommy Album...)

klilly said...

Great puzzle. I can finally remember Olivia as well.. Thanks to crosswords. Just as familiar as Ott. Went to an Astros games yesterday with the roof open it was great fun. Since no one was there our 5 dollar tickets were a great deal as we moved down in the 3rd inning. It is going to be along season for the Astros with their new league.

I remember the high beam on the floor. Not sure which car.

Happy Monday

Jayce said...

pas de chat, it sounds like your keyboard is probably working fine, since it makes a beep each time you press a key. Something is stuck in the computer's software, it seems like. The keyboard "buffer" has filled up and the computer is beeping as if to say, "Stop typing for a sec until I can absorb what you have already typed." Does this happen when you are using a particular software program? (We can try to work this out off-blog, by email if you like.)

Spitzboov said...

Dennis @1057 and others: My Dad's 1947 Hudson had 3 dashboard buttons for the transmission. Normal, Vacuum and Hydromatic.
Normal allowed manual shifting with the shift on the steering column and the left foot clutch pedal.
Vacuum allowed manual shifting without the clutch pedal.
Hydromatic allowed automatic shifting similar to most modern cars of today. The shifting was quite noticeable.
Needless to say, my Dad preferred the old manual mode with the clutch.

HeartRx said...

Tin @ 12:29, you are in rare form today, LOL! And yes, HG’s video was worth watching again – and it was sweet of you to think of him when you saw it.

Irish Miss @ 2:02, I have many recipes to cook for one. But my favorite thing is to make a batch of stew, chili or spaghetti sauce, put it into individual serving sizes, and freeze them. But tonight I am making stuffed bell peppers. I’ll make two (and freeze one for later, of course!) But I love bananas, so I think C.C.’s recipe will hit the spot, too!

Lemony @ 3:13, I just hope it’s not me!

Lucina said...

Here is one I really like.
Pork Chop Suey
1 cup thin bias-cut celery slices
1/2 cup sliced onion
2 Tablespoons butter or margarine
4 tsps. cornstarch
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 chicken bouillon cube (I prefer Knorrs granules for better flavor. 1 Tablespoon = 1 cube)
1/2 5-ounce can water chestnuts, drained and sliced
1 cup cubed cooked pork or chicken
Hot cooked rice

In a skillet, cook celery and onion in butter til tender-crisp, 2-3 minus. Blend cornstarch into soy sauce. Dissolve bouillon cub (or add granules) in 1 1/4 cups boiling water. To skillet, add soy-corn starch mixture, bouillion, water chestnuts and pork (or chicken). Cook and stil until thickened and bubbly. Serve over hot cooked rice. Makes 2 servings. I usually either freeze part of it or eat it the next day. It's quite delicious.

Lucina said...

Uh, oh. I didn't catch "cook and stir."

In fact, I shall make this tonight because I happen to have leftover pork from last night's dinner. Otherwise I would cook one or two pork chops to use in the recipe. I hope you like it.

Lucina said...

I like your recipe, too, and will certainly try it.

P de C:
Yours, too.

I do that as well, that is, make those and freeze them for later.

Steven J. St. John said...

Really liked that my favorite baseball team showed up twice in today's puzzle.

pje said...

Thanks for the picture of you with Tony Oliva, C.C. Maybe having a face to put with a name helped to remember him, whic I did today.

The recipes are interesting. i cooked down a chcken carcass today and seperated the meat from the inedible parts. Tomorrow I'll skim off the fat and make vegetable soup. I'll be able to freeze some to take with me for dinner when I visit Mom.

john28man@12:52 I also knew SHUL from those books. Good reads. I'll have to see if there's one that I haven't read. Thanks for reminding me of that author.



Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss:
When is comes to a "meal for one" I have numerous recipe's for:
How to make a P,B & J.
How to heat a can of Soup or Chef-Boyardee.,
How to microwave a Frozen Dinner.

BUT my favorite (by far) is ...
Pour "2 fingers" of your Dewar's into a glass.
(I prefer NEAT, but I know you like a couple Ice cubes.)

Sip and enjoy!

There won't be ANY leftovers!


Pinto said...

Sorry Otis but when I think of ELISHA, I think of Cuthbert.

She makes my elevator go the top floor.

Pinto said...

"go TO the top floor"

She's so cute, she makes me commit typos.

Ree said...

What a fun , enjoyable
puzzle today ! Being a huge baseball fan , I love those references ! My husband asked who says oh bother , my response was Winnie the Pooh , then saw the picture on the blog! A beautiful spring day here in CT ! Thanks to all! As far as recipes , I cook for the week on Sunday night , freezing as needed , we can take out what we need as the week goes & who is home at the time!

pas de chat said...

Thanks Jayce, I have a call in to my computer geek friend, who got me into computers in the first place. I looked up "keyboard buffer" and I have a feeling I wouldn't know what you were saying even in an email (or 15) LOL
Here's one I got today:
Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working the family business.When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed to find a wife with whom to share his fortune.
One evening, at an investment meeting, he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
Her natural beauty took his breath away.
"I may look like just an ordinary guy," he said to her,
"But in just a few years my father will die and I will inherit $200 million".
Impressed, the woman asked for his business card and, three weeks later,

she became his stepmother.

Jayce said...

pas de chat, holy mackerel, good one!

Bill G. said...

Pinto, 100 percent agree! She was Jack's daughter on "24" and had a tiny part in "Love Actually."

Pas, good one!

Q: why does the little mermaid wear a sea-shell bra?
A: because a B shell is too small, and a D shell is too big.

An old bearded guy named Benny dies and is brought to the funeral home. He had requested that he be cremated on condition that his beard had to be taken off. Why?
Because a Benny shaved is a Benny urned!

Why shouldn't you kiss a canary on the beak? You're liable to get chirpees. It's untweetable.

Jayce said...

Bill G, groan! :)

HeartRx said...


fermatprime said...

Hello all!

Practically a speed run, CC. Thanks! Thanks to Argyle also!

Terrible wind here too, Misty! Loud noises on roof of pool house during my swim. Dog got really upset!

Would have written sooner but was watching the last Harry Potter movie, begun last night. (Had saved it for perhaps obvious reasons.) Anybody else here read/watched the entire Harry Potter oeuvre? (Can't get over how the once very handsome Ralph Fiennes has transformed.)

Keep the jokes coming, gang!


AnnieB8491 said...

HeartRx - Thanks for the expo on OUTRE. I took 2 years of french in high school, but even if I did learn past participles, they would be long forgotten by now. lol But I have seen the word in previous cw puzzles, so I should def remember it from now on.
My '67 Firebird has the high beam switch on the floor. The only time it's a nuisance is when you're shifting and need to lower the beam :(.
john28man - I used to read Faye Kellerman, but like pje, I had forgotten about her. I'll have to check my list and find one I haven't read to 'borrow' for my kindle. Currently reading a Stuart Woods book.
Enjoying all the humor today :) :) :).

Bill G. said...

Ahh, those groans are music to my ears. It means I picked out a couple of good ones...

I was watching an old rerun of "Gunsmoke" with Matt Dillon, Doc, Kitty, Festus, et al. when I heard an unmistakable voice from the past. It was Chill Wills. Remember him and his voice?

I wonder why I'm watching a Gunsmoke rerun when there's a big basketball game on? Dunno. I am watching it in between watching other stuff. I'm not emotionally invested in either team. I'm interested in the game but not passionate about the outcome.

Lucina said...

Ditto on the groans!! But keep them coming. LOL