Apr 9, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Theme: Ha ha! Ho! Hee hee! Snort! - Is everybody happy? You should be if you got the ends of today's themes.

20A. Patient's therapeutic shriek : PRIMAL SCREAM

32A. Tiny data storage device : MEMORY CARD

43A. Uprising at Leavenworth, e.g. : PRISON RIOT

55A. Comical sort, like the last word of 20-, 32- or 43-Across : LAUGH-A-MINUTE

Argyle here. We get a unifier today. Some interesting clueing, also. Gail and Bruce are on a run of Tuesday puzzles.


1. Send payment : REMIT

6. Utter angrily, as insults : HURL

10. Cameron of "Knight and Day" : DIAZ

14. Compensate (for) : ATONE

15. On the briny : ASEA

16. Dope from a booth? : INFO. (information booth)

17. Grocery bag option : PAPER. It seems rare these days; everything is plastic, or reusable.

18. Narrow inlets : RIAs

19. 1944 invasion city : ST-LÔ

23. For free : GRATIS. (except for shipping and handling)

26. Groundbreaking old Fords : MODEL T's

27. Multivolume ref. : OED. Acronym of Oxford English Dictionary, attested from 1898 according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Who would know better?

28. It's right on a map : EAST. Cute clue.

31. Mentalist's alleged ability, briefly : ESP. (extrasensory perception)

35. Old-timey word of woe : "ALAS!". 21D. Words to an old chap : "I SAY"

39. Cowgirl Dale : EVANS. Wife of singing cowboy, Roy Rogers.

40. Forest feller : AXE

41. Garlicky spread : AIOLI. Basically, a garlic mayonnaise.

42. Thinker Descartes : RENE. I think; therefore I am. - Rene Descartes

45. Old name for Tokyo : EDO. 1603 to 1868

47. Sports pg. number : STAT. (statistic)

48. St. Louis-to-Chicago dir. : NNE

49. Open courtyards : ATRIUMS. Or atria.

53. Warnings from a ticked-off tabby : HISSES

58. New Age pianist John : TESH. Old crossword staple.

59. Tavern flier : DART

60. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," for one : ADAGE

64. Aid in a caper : ABET

65. Trees with split-resistant wood : ELMS. I can attest to that. Good firewood though.

66. Himalayan land : NEPAL. Click on the picture for a larger view.

67. Optimistic : ROSY

68. Bacon buy : SLAB

69. '50s-'60s TV beatnik Maynard G. __ : KREBS. From The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and was played by Bob Denver.


1. Jay-Z's genre : RAP

2. LAX listing : ETA

3. Swiffer product : MOP. Any product endorsements out there?

4. All thumbs : INEPT

5. Scotty and Jack Russell : TERRIERS. I hope you didn't fall for this misdirection.

6. Do damage to : HARM

7. Old Voice of America org. : USIA. (United States Information Agency)1953 to 1999

8. Kingdom : REALM

9. Caught at a rodeo : LASSOED

10. Tumbledown condition : DISREPAIR

11. What spies gather, for short : INTEL. (intelligence)

12. G sharp equivalent : A FLAT

13. Close-up lenses : ZOOMS

22. Music store buys : CD's

23. Mayberry's Pyle : GOMER. He joined the Marines and got his own show.

24. Christopher who played Superman : REEVE

25. Slogan writer : AD MAN

29. Melee memento : SCAR

30. Urban cruisers : TAXIs

33. U-turn : ONE-EIGHTY. None of that Ueys/Uies today.

34. Sit for a spell : REST

36. Pork cuts : LOINS

37. How most writers work : ALONE

38. Webmaster's creations : SITES

41. Designed to defeat a Panzer, say : ANTI-TANK

43. Scented hair ointments : POMADES

44. Waikiki's island : OAHU

46. "Like, no-brainer!" : "DUH!"

49. Hitching post? : ALTAR

50. Martial arts-based workout : TAE BO

51. Slick tricks : RUSES

52. Sweater size : SMALL. Too small?

54. Passover feast : SEDER

56. "__ la Douce" : IRMA. A 1963 romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

57. Govt. crash investigator : NTSB. (National Transportation Safety Board)

61. "Great" simian : APE

62. Chatter : GAB

63. Golfer Ernie : ELS. He will be vying for the Green Jacket at the the Master's this week.


Note from C.C.

Here's a beautiful picture from JD's trip to Grenada. You can click here for more. JD said it was an emotional visit for her as her sister and her sister's husband built these villas.

She also said: "We went to St. Thomas, but spent most of that day on nearby St John, St. Bart's (French), St. Lucia, Barbados, and 2 islands in the Antilles- Bonaire, and my favorite, Curacao (Dutch)."


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Very fast solve for me today, with little or no hesitations along the way. Lots of cute clues ("Forest feller", "Hitching post", etc.) but nothing particularly tricky.

My wife has been suffering from a nasty chest cold for the last week, and it looks like the wee beastie has finally ensconced itself in my lungs as well. Her doctor gave her an x-ray and declared that it wasn't pneumonia, which is good to know, but it doesn't make this incessant coughing any more pleasant...


Lemonade714 said...

This was a real speed run, thanks GG, BV and Argyle. I think it could be used as a text book Tuesday.

Congratulations Louisville and Rick Pitino, I guess winning makes everything better. Their woman's team play UConn tonight for that title trying yo match the 2004 feat by UConn. Go Huskies.

Sfingi said...

Grabowski-Venczke is the workhorse of puzzle makers.

Mostly easy for old-timers, but I'n not up on my gov't agencies - USIA, NTSB.

Martin said...

I didn't get REMIT, ST. LO, AIOLI, KREBS, DISREPAIR, MOP, SEDER or GAB. (I couldn't think what "chattering" meant. Perhaps if it had just been "chatting.)

I should have gotten ST. LO but it has been a long, long time since I last did a crossword puzzle. (I've been doing more kakuros and sudokos lately when I have time.) I also had a few false starts: I first put in EGAD instead of ALAS and ADAPT instead of ATONE, for example.

I couldn't think of the word REMIT. I was thinking if you lose money it is a DEBIT and I know if you get money back it is a REBATE so for some reason I thought the verb was REBIT and that would be you actually getting your pay. Unfortunately I ended up wondering what a BOP was. :/

I've never heard of TAE-BO so I wrote TAI-CHI and then realized I didn't have enough letters but then I realized that in pinyin it would be TAI-QI so I was happy until I got the crosses TESH, ABET and ROSY. Anyway, I was able to get TAE-BO from the crosses even though I had never heard of it.

On the bright side I finished my kakuro and sudoko very quickly today (otherwise I would never have gotten to the crossword).


Argyle said...

Hi Martin.

Have any of you have trouble with YouTube acting strangely? Previews not working, "Show More" not showing more?

desper-otto said...

Good morning, group!

Yes, this was a Tuesday speed run. All of the answers were in my REALM. My only misstep was ATRIA, and then realizing I had two spaces left over.

I remember the USIA. Edward R. Murrow used to be the head of it, appointed during the Kennedy era.

Lemon, I wish you hadn't mentioned Nick Neutrino. I DVR'd the game to watch later today. I'd never have been able to stay awake to watch it live.

Lemonade714 said...

Martin good to see you. My you tube is fine, Argyle.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Nice puzzle today. I also liked Hitching Post: ALTAR.

Barry - Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a really bad one.

I wanted FLASH DRIVE or THUMB DRIVE for MEMORY CARD. I also wanted SAYING for ADAGE. But ALAS, they would not fit.

They say deaths come in threes: Roger Ebert, Margaret Thatcher, Annette Funicello? Maybe there's something to that old ADAGE. If so, we're all safe for now!

Have a geat day.

61Rampy said...

Easy, fun puzzle today. Zipped right through it. Could not see the theme until I got the unifier, though.
I find that my "BACK" button doesnt work on YouTube sometimes. When CED links a video, I cant get back to the Corner :(

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

This was a real knee-slapper! Loved the theme and write-up. I met Bruce at the ACPT and had some nice chats with him. It's nice to see his byline with Gail again.

There were a lot of retro answers today, weren't there? They made a real speed run for me. About the only thing missing was a reference to Annette Funicello (RIP.) And POMADES made me think of this movie.

JD, great pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Diane said...

Barry my doctor gave me cough medicine with codeine several years ago. He told me not to fool,around with the OTC stuff--it doesn't work! I keep a bottle on hand and it stops the coughing immediately and allows all of us to sleep.

kazie said...

Fortunately I knew all the names needed here, and the only unknowns were NTSB and USIA. But the perps got them in no time at all. pretty much a speed run or as close to one as I'll ever get.

Good to see you back, Martin! Maybe you've been speaking something other than English too for a while. That could slow you down a bit too. Has there been any nervousness where you are about the North Korean threats?

Qli said...

Good solving today; some misdirection (ALTAR, TERRIER) and a few answers that I got only from perps (RIA, STAT).

Is a Scottish Terrier a Scotty or a Scottie? I've seen it both ways. Maybe it depends on gender?

ATRIUMS also puzzled me. I've always thought it was supposed to be atria. Any insight, anyone?

It's not spring here yet, darn it. We had snow yesterday and it was 15 degrees last night...makes it hard to have a ROSY outlook. But hey- it's my day off!

but I have to go to the dentist.

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning All - A fun, easy puzzle today. Thanks Gail and Bruce. Super write-up Argyle - great pics too.
Only 1 itty bitty WAG - the I in USIA/RIAS. Not familiar with either.
Just watched Knight and Day recently. Kind of corny, but I did watch the entire movie so guess it wasn't that bad.
Did not watch the BB game last night, although I did watch the first 1/2 of Syracuse/Michigan game. Rooting for Syracuse as it's 45 minutes from home and son and DIL are big fans. They played pretty bad from what I watched, not many 3 pointers and Michigan was playing and shooting well.
Barry G - Hope you and your wife feel better soon.

Have a great day all!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice intro, Argyle.

I like the Gail and Bruce puzzles. Anything with comedy is always welcome. Liked the long downs; DISREPAIR, ONE-EIGHTY. Hardest fill was POMADES, which the perps amply confirmed. Haven't seen ST LO in a while, but it and Caen are frequent visitors.

Have a good day.

Montana said...

Good Morning to all.

A perfect Tuesday puzzle--not too easy, but not too hard. I did have to erase an I in TAE BO to put in E when TESH appeared, but otherwise, no issues.

I learned to drive in my great-grandfather’s MODEL T. It was our drive-around car for kids on the farm in the 50s. I still have it, but it is in DISREPAIR.

Off to doctor for a knee checkup. It’s a 90 mile drive, so I’d better get going.
I’ll read the comments tonight.


MJ said...

Good Morning All!

An enjoyable offering today from Gail and Bruce. However, my puzzle had more than three dozen different clues than those shown at The Corner. Some I liked better, some not so much. A few were more later in the week sort of clues.

This is Spring Break for me. Many home chores and projects to get to.

Enjoy the day!

Joanne said...

Now that Lemony has let the cat out of the bag, I suppose we can comment on Rick Pitino.

Is it possible to have a better week than Mr. Pitino? First, his son received confirmation that he was hired on as the new University of Minnesota head basketball coach. Then Rick gets the news that he was to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. On Saturday, a horse he co-owns won the Santa Anita Derby, thus qualifying for the Kentucky Derby.
Sunday he stepped outside and a cardinal pooped on his well groomed head. And, of course, last night his basketball team won the national championship.

Go buy a lottery ticket sir. No, wait, you recieved a bonus of $425,000 from the University of Louisville for winning that game.

Husker Gary said...

Here I am back home after some INEPT administrator waited too long to call off a track meet and my subbing was not needed after I walked into the building. Hmmm… 2” of rain last night, high winds and snow in the forecast. What was he waiting for (DUH!!)? I could have slept in and listened to the lovely, needed rain.

-Charles Emerson Winchester upon learning he might be sent to Leavenworth, “My God, that’s in Kansas”
-A boy HURLed something besides an insult in the lunch room yesterday
-Being ASEA with my lovely bride became a long shot after all these cruise ship disasters
-Free ain’t free if it’s “at no additional charge” or “postage and handling not included”
-“You can have that MODEL T in any color as long as it’s black”
-Dale rode along Roy and Trigger astride Buttermilk
-Good coaches say, “STATS are for losers, who won?”
-One of the fabulous ATRIA in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville
-We were at a silly melodrama where we encouraged to HISS and throw popcorn.
-KREBSian philosophy along with, “What? Me work?”
-DISREPAIR does not begin to describe the housing we saw in northern Alabama
-SCAR, of course, was the villain in our Lion King show on Sunday. He gets his in the end!
-Last night’s BB game, “I went to a wrestling match and a basketball game broke out”. Wow!
-Lovely pix, JD!
-Sorry, CC, my Royals beat your Twinkies at the end yesterday. KC might be for real

Husker Gary said...

Annette Funicello’s passing marks the end of a life well lived, full of dignity and class in her professional career and her personal life, even in the face of muscular dystrophy. This is quite a contrast to some of the other recent trashy Mouseketeer alums like Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, ad nauseum. Oh well, it must just be a sign of the times. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio…

Yellowrocks said...

Great pix, JD. It sounds like a wonderful vacation.
Barry, I hope you and your wife feel better soon.

I thought of ATRIA at first, but soon settled on ATRIUMS. The dictionary acknowledges both. I have a two story room facing southwest at the back of my house which the builder called an ATRIUM. The outside wall, upper and lower, is entirely glass. There is a dark tile floor, and the wall opposite the glass is brick to catch the heat of the sun's rays. There are two skylights. You can open a large slider upstairs in the bedroom to let in the heat. These solar features work well unless it is very windy or below 20º outside. Of course, the solar needs to be supplemented by multi-zoned electric heat, but with the solar assist it is no more expensive than gas or oil. In the summer I use blinds to block the heat. The inner core, dining room, living room, and kitchen are surprisingly resistant to heat and cold. I frequently don’t need air conditioning until about 4 PM.

The temperature should rise to the 80's today and then back to more pleasant 60's the rest of the week. Up until this weekend it has been so cold that the buds are far behind schedule. The forsythia has no showing of yellow, as yet, the latest I have ever seen. There is no sign of budding on the cherry trees. Sorry for those in the mountain west with snow and blizzards.

lois said...

Good morning Santa Baby, CC, et al., Excellent fun puzzle and the write up was wonderful...very cute and helpful. You always do an outstanding job, Santa Darlin'. Thank you.

Had to laugh at the NE corner w/the MODEL T, A FLAT, DISREPAIR and not likely any ZOOMS happening; some HURLS probably. Love John TESH and of course any cowboy ref, EVANS and LASSOED. Made my day a ROSY one.

Baby girl is on her way over to 'sit a spell'. Think we might compare INTEL or GAB whichever works.

Lemonade: 7;22..LOL if I had a nickel for every time I heard that brag. What a CARD!

Enjoy your day!

kazie said...

Sorry I forgot to say I liked your photos. It looks like a beautiful place for a vacation.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

First of all, thank you to all for the recipe/planning suggestions; I'll look forward to trying them. Tin, your food-related choices are pretty lame, but your Dewar's selection is spot on!

Now to the puzzle. I thought it had a bit of a bite for a Tuesday, but nothing perps couldn't fix. Loved the cluing for altar, axe, and east. Nice job, Gail and Bruce. Nice expo, as well, Argyle.

Beautiful photos, JD.

Happy Tuesday.

AnnieB8491 said...

Husker Gary - The Nashville hotel atria is beautiful. Hubby and I are thinking about a cross country/southern part trip next February. Would like to include Nashville.
Well said about Annette. She is originally from Utica, NY and returned there on occasion. Her aunt lived right down the street from us. If you wait to get by the commercials, this is a story of her rise to stardom, her tragic disease and her husband's unwaivering devotion. Originally airing in October 2012, it is quite lengthy, in two parts, but tells of her struggles in coping with MS. The Mohawk Valley in New York is known to have an increased percentage of people with MS or Lou Gehrig's disease. I personally know a number of people with one or the other.
She was a very classy lady.

Misty said...

This started out as a fabulous speed run for me, but I hit a snag with a Natick in the SW corner. Never heard of John TESH and didn't know whether the Martial arts thing was spelled TAEBO OR TAIBO, so left that letter open. But I loved the joke of a theme with a hilarious resolve, so many thanks Gail and Bruce, for giving me a Tuesday morning laugh. Great expo, as always, Argyle.

Loved the stroll down memory lane: GOMER Pyle, Dale EVANS, "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," "IRMA La Douce," and more. We're already all nostalgic remembering Annette Funicello, so this seemed like a perfect puzzle for this morning.

And Husker, I love that you reminded us of Trigger and Buttermilk! Were Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears really Mousketeers? Unbelievable!

Barry, take good care of that gold. And welcome, Martin.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant Tuesday puzzle. I enjoyed it and the writeup as usual.

Regarding bad luck (death?) coming in threes: Because of the adage, we are programmed to look for a group of three. If somebody else passes away today or tomorrow, we won't say, "Hmm, it came in a group of four this time." We'll just ignore it because it doesn't fit the pattern. Similarly, with a group of two, we'll just ignore them while waiting for the third shoe to drop.

Are you familiar with Jungle Jack Hanna? He's been a fixture on late night television for years, always bringing along an interesting group of animals. I'm sure he's a good guy but I get the impression that he's not the sharpest bulb in the knife drawer. :>) He seems a bit dim and uninformed; sometimes, even about the animals he brings along. But maybe he makes up for that shortcoming by making people more aware of endangered species...

Gary, interesting about the Mouseketeers. I agree with you about class. Some people have it. And, no matter how famous they get or how much money they make, some people never get it.

Lucina said...

Hello, Peeps. Special greetings, Argyle, for always being our M-T guy.

Great photos. What a beautiful place!

Feel better soon. Those colds are not fun.

Gail and Bruce, thank you for the speed run today. I actually did it about two hours ago but returned to bed and slept some more.

I loved the cluing for ALTAR, hitching post.

AIOLI is clearly etched in my mind from crosswords but I've seen it on menus, too.

Scary to see AXE crossing SCAR.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

PK said...

Hi Y'all, Great puzzle, Gail & Bruce! Great expo, Argyle.

The Chicago Tribune site had different clues. When I was reading Argyle's expo, I knew I had never seen some of his clues: 42a (RENE) was "Russo of 2 for the money." 65A (ELM) was "colonade hardwoods". 39a (EVANS) was "Bob with a chain of restaurants". 44d (OAHU) was "Obama's birthplace". 9d & 41d also different.

Raining here today with 68 degrees. Flowering trees all blooming. Yay! Didn't get my bare spots seeded before natural watering process. Boo HISS! Freeze predicted for later this week. More BOO HISS!

Oh well, since it's raining I can relax and maybe get over being so stiff from four days working outdoors. (Well, just a few hours each day.)

Is anybody watching "Dancing with the Stars"? When I'm reincarnated, I want a body like Kelly Pickler.

desper-otto said...

Husker, where'd you get that info on those x-Mouseketeers? They seem about 30 years too young to have been on that show.

Pookie said...

This went very quickly for me today. All the clues were straight-forward IMO.
C.C., Marti : How is it possible that the puzzle has different sets of clues????
Don't see "please remit payment" anymore.
Don't know if many guys now use POMADE, but they sure did back in the 50's.
Used to get a kick out of Maynard G. Krebs.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Excellent write-up of this FUN Gail & Bruce Tuesday offering.

Fave was seeing INFO crossing INTEL.


Mari said...

PK @ 12:31 pm: That's interesting, because the printed Tribune matched today's blog.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see a title to today's puzzle? Newsprint or online?

I know that the LA Times doesn't normally title their dailies, but my Shortyz app shows a title of "What a Hoot" for this puzzle.

This is the first time it has titled a non-Sunday puzzle.

MJ said...

Anon at 1:24-

Yes, I also had the theme "What a Hoot", as well as the alternative clues. Gail and Bruce often create early week puzzles for Newsday which does publish a daily theme. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Shortyz clues are the same ones PK mentions. In fact, quite a few of the clues are different than the ones shown in the write-up, including a themed clue:

20A: Therapy patient's verbal release of anger

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I am so touched that so many of you posted good wishes for me. I don't post comments about others' happenings, so it is a surprise that so many did for me. Yes, CED, the blog brightens my day.

JD emailed me and alerted me to all the good wishes and forwarded my reply to C.C. who also emailed me.

I am back from the hospital as of Sunday; everything aches that I didn't even know I had to ache. But DH is being such a good care giver, that I am improving a bit all the time. And I have some pain meds that help enormously.

Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. I still don't know if the Dr. got it all, but I pray so.


Tinbeni said...

Great to see you back at the Corner.

My first "toast" tonight is to you for a speedy recovery.


Lucina said...

Sallie, it's great to know you came through it all and are recovering. I hope every day is better for you.

Husker Gary said...

Otto, those girls were in one of the latest iterations of Mickey Mouse Club. Here are some Disney Stars (including Mouseketeers) who have gone trashy.

LaLaLinda said...

Sallie ~~ My prayers and good wishes are with you.

fermatprime said...

Hello, all!

Sallie: so nice to hear from you! Do hope that they "got it all."

Another approximate speed run. Thanks Gail, Bruce and Argyle! Favorite answer: PRIMAL SCREAM.

JD: Am envious! Swell pics.

Have to file an amended return. Tax guy did not understand that my Schedule K tax drain had dried up last year. A little bit of money back. Gee, how shall I spend it!


Bill G. said...

Hey Sallie, it's great to hear back from you. Best wishes that everything continues to go well.

I have bored everybody extolling the appeal of Sofia Vergara. Others included Sophia Loren and a young Shirley MacLaine. Yesterday I seconded the nomination of Elisha Cuthbert. Two younger Canadian actresses to add to the list would be Rachel McAdams and Ellen Page. They are both very attractive looking and have really appealing personalities. I'm sure more will be added as they occur to me.

Misty said...

What a relief to hear from you, Sallie. We're so glad it all went well, and will pray that it was all gotten and that you'll be able to return to wonderful health very soon. It's great to have you back.

Pookie said...

Sallie!! Great to "see" you back on the blog.
Be a good kid and do all your doctor tells you and take it easy.
What is your avatar?
It looks like a crab from Christmas Island, though I can't find one with white stripes like your picture.

LaLaLinda: Cutest cat pick to date!

Pookie said...

Sallie! Never mind, don't get up. Stay on the couch.
I found it.
I hope you picked it because you're a good dancer, not because someone accused you of being in a lousy mood. HAH!

Sally lightfoot crab

Irish Miss said...

Good to hear from you, Sally. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

HeartRx said...

Great to hear that you are back home with a loving caregiver, Sally! Continue to get well, so that you are back to your old (young) self soon!

pas de chat - thank you so much for linking the Sally Lightfoot crab. I wonder if she is Gordon's daughter?

And I think MJ answered your earlier question @ 1:04.

HeartRx said...

I meant, @ 1:44, sorry!

Pookie said...

Thanks, Marti.
I have spent a lot of time looking up this strange creature.
Then I wondered if the people on Galapagos eat them?
I ran into a few stories about how hard they are to catch, and saw a few youtube links showing how they jump and sidle very quickly.
I wonder if anyone DOES eat them, or might they be poisonous?
Some are available to buy for an aquarium.

"Sally Lightfoot crabs are thought to have been named for a sultry nightclub dancer from Guayaquil, whose alluring performances in her red and yellow dress, captivated 19th century sailors."
Well I'm too long-winded today.
Better get something done besides looking up stuff. LOL

Yellowrocks said...

So great to hear from you Sally and that you are improving. We have all been pulling for you.

Pat said...

Another early week romp! Thank you, G.G., B.V., and Argyle.

Pretty much WEES.

Qli@8:33: Your question caught my attention. We've had 2 Scottish Terriers and I've always seen them referred to as Scotties. I've seen males named Scott use the nickname Scotty. That's what I found when I Googled the names.

Barry, hope you and DW feel better soon.

Sallie, thanks for checking in. Good to know that things are improving. Best wishes for speedy recovery.

80* and sunny today. More of it tomorrow, then Mother Nature is giving us a rerun of winter. ICK.



CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, especially 18A narrow inlets = Rias. we have had it before, but 7D = US"I"A made me cram a 2nd vowel (o) into that box just to cover my butt.

61Rampy@7:38am, Re: getting back!
I use a desktop PC & found that it saves a lot of time if you open links by right clicking the mouse & choosing "open link in a new window." I just close the window, & viola! I am back. But today I was using DW's Ipad, & it just so happened that the next comment was HeartRx with a link. After viewing YouTube, I just clicked the start button, & then Safari, & it brought me right back to the middle of the comments where I left off! (If you are using a Mac,,, i have no idea.)

AnnieB8491@10:44am, Tx for the Annette link. It was very painful to watch, but opening a blocked jugular vein makes a lot of sense to me!

HG! Your comments today reminded me I need to get new glasses! (I thought you said Dale rode Roy & Trigger using buttermilk!)


River Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I also had the alternate clues, but only because I used the ChiTrib online version.

I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan, but I did enjoy Knight and Day….

I always think of this skit whenever I hear the name Rene Descartes….

HeartRx said...

Vegas Doc, leave it to you to reduce the great philosopher to a drunken fa*t!! "I drink, therefore I am." I peed my pants watching that one. Monty Python is truly a SCREAM, a CARD, a RIOT, a LAUGH-A-MINUTE!!

CrossEyedDave said...


HG! But I did love the Opryland pic!
I was there years ago & had a great time! I remember it was almost 100 degrees & humid, & there we were in what seemed like Disneyland, but totally inside! One night there was a terrific thunderstorm, & because there was so much water flowing over the atrium ceiling, it seemed like we were under the sea!

Gaylord Opryland Tour! (full or large screen pls...)

Sallie! So glad to hear from you!

Several years ago, my best friend had part of his colon removed, & visiting him in the hospital made me aware of this special pillow they give you, (it had a smiley face on it, & some words I don't remember.) But he had to hold it tight over his stomach whenever he felt a cough, or a laugh coming on, as it helped keeping everything in place...

So, for you, (& I wouldn't do this for everybody...) I will try really hard not to link anything laugh out loud funny for the next couple of weeks... :)

kazie said...

Great to hear from you and know you came through it all so well. No doubt you'll be aware of those tummy muscles for a while. We all pray that it's all gone, but I'm sure they know what they're doing. I'm due for my colonoscopy this year and am well aware of how important they are.

Bill G. said...

Aw crap, just go ahead and do it! So I motored over to In-n-Out Burger and got a Double Double, fries and a vanilla shake. I hadn't been there but once in the last ten years so I guess I was due.

Ree said...

Agee with the overall rating of fun & perfect for a Tuesday! Enjoyed the clue for altar the most! Wishing health & happiness to all !

Java Mama said...

Good evening, everyone! Thanks for a fun Tuesday romp, Gail and Bruce. Cute theme! Great write-up Argyle.

Since everyone else has covered the puzzle pretty thoroughly, I’m mostly chiming in to add my get-well wishes to Sallie. Hope you’re feeling fit as a fiddle real soon.

Vegas Doc @5:06 -- that Monty Python routine always pops into my head whenever RENE Descartes makes a puzzle appearance. Hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures from your trip, JD.

HeartRx said...

Bill G., "Double Double, fries and a vanilla shake"??? Sounds like a bike ride is in your future...

I stayed at the Opryland Hotel for a sales convention once, during Christmas time. The atria were unbelievably crowded with gawkers, and all I can remember is being so pis°ed off at having to weave my way around them on the way to our booth. Ugh! It always took me a half hour to get from my room to the convention center. Worse than being in a traffic jam in NYC!! Unfortunately, I never did take the time to appreciate their beauty.

Misty said...

Vegas Doc, I never click on links because my outdated server is so troublesome most links shut it down. But I couldn't resist trying your hint about Monty Python and Rene Descartes. Totally hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing! Thanks for making my day.

(P.S. I actually admire all those philosophers, but most of them had a sense of humor and would have gotten a kick out of this).

AnnieB8491 said...

Sallie - Good thoughts coming your way for a complete and speedy recovery and a clean bill of health.

CanadianEh! said...

Late posting today after working this afternoon.
My avatar is a tabby but not TICKED OFF. Didn't understand DOPE FROM A BOOTH until I read Argyle's explanation. My brain was thinking drugs for dope!
Beautiful pictures JD.
Welcome back Sallie & best wishes for your recovery.
My Latin teacher would NOT be happy with ATRIUMS. Do they still teach Latin any more???

fermatprime said...

Barry: Forgot to send you good wishes for getting well!

61Rampy: On a Mac you press control-click to see a link. Open it in a separate window.

Blue Iris said...

Sallie, I'm so glad you came through surgery okay. I'm sure you hurt in places you didn't know you had, but hoping each day is a little better and a clean bill of health comes soon.

PK, I remember Kelly Pickler on "American Idol" and she didn't have that body at that time. I don't think she went through a late puberty?!? God bless her, she is a sweetheart and she always makes me laugh.

Noticed a slight mix up between MS (Multiple sclerosis) and MD(Muscular Dystrophy). Annette F. suffered with MS which causes damage to the protective sheath around the nerves to the spine and to the brain. Unfortunately, she had a very progressive and pervasive case. MD is weakness and degeneration of the muscles. This disease is sometimes recognized as "Jerry's Kids."

HG, we visited Nashville 2 yrs ago. It was not to long after the flood. Did they ever open the Opry mall and stores back up (next to the Gaylord Hotel and Atrium)??

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Gail and Bruce, for a swell Tuesday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

MJ, Mari, and others: My puzzle had a whole bunch of different clues than the Blog. I printed my puzzle from the Chicago Tribune site. I left the house at 4:50 AM and the paper was not delivered yet. The puzzle worked out OK. I was just quite surprised when I got home tonight and logged in.

I was an election judge today. Started at 5:00 AM and got home at 8:45 PM. Boy am I tired. We had about 32 percent turnout. Pretty good for an off year election. Lot of controversy in our town with some elected officials. We are trying to clean house.

For the puzzle, enjoyed it. My clue for 20A was Therapy patient's verbal release of anger/PRIMAL SCREAM.

My 6A was Pitch/HURL. The Blog had Utter angrily, as insults/HURL.

My 13D had Goes fast/ZOOMS. The Blog had Close-up lenses/ZOOMS.

Enough said about that. Puzzles were greatly different with the clues, but probably equal in solvability.

Did not know AIOLI for 41A, perped it.

Thought the puzzle was very good. Enjoyed it.

TTP: You OK?

See you tomorrow.



Bill G. said...

Java Mama, being a musical fogy, let me say how much I enjoyed that clip. They don't write songs like that anymore and they don't dance like that anymore. More's the pity...

Marti, I would have liked to go for a ride but it's very windy again today. The only wind I like is if I can manage a tailwind both ways. Hard to accomplish usually...

No sense whining about it now but 13D seemed off to me. Close up lenses are macros. A zoom lens has a variable focal length good for wide angle and telephoto.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your welcomes.

Pas de chat: I picked it because my last name is Light.

Good night all.

fermatprime said...

The Washington Post puzzle yesterday had a Nancy Levin offering. The theme was homophones of native American tribes. In the first part of SUPERMAN there is supposed to be such a homophone. Can't see it. Help!
(These puzzles are generally enjoyable and used to be partly blogged at Crossword Fiend. However, Sam Donaldson has now quit. What a shame!)

61Rampy said...

CED: Thx for the right click INFO. Now all I have to do is remember to do it that way!

Spitzboov said...

Fermat - SU::Sioux

fermatprime said...

Thanks, Spitzboov! Am feeling really stupid! Should have disregarded the P, et al.

JD said...

Good evening Argyle, C.C. and all,

I did not have time to finish the CW as grandsons arrived early ready to play Sorry and Go Fish.Thanks to all for your kind comments about pictures of Grenada, the spice island; this trip was like wandering into my sister's life that I wasn't able to share years ago.The people who now own those villas greeted us most graciously , and had wonderful things to say about my much adored big sister and her husband.

When I retired 5 years ago, this blog and C.C. helped me through that transition. Many of you have been there. I now feel like I've abandoned all of you, but I've just changed jobs.. being a grandma, and always a mom. I still do the cw's , mostly at night, and read your comments. If I get behind, I know I can write Lucina, or Bill to give me the scoop.

Sallie, so glad you are able to be sitting up and waving to us.

C.C. is so sweet to post my pictures. I send them to share with her, as many of you have no clue who I am.

Lois, you rock!

GarlicGal said...

Fermatprime, I feel pretty stupid, too. I just did the WP/Levin puzzle and had the same at sea feeling. Duh!
Thanks Spitzboov, tambien.