Apr 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Amy Johnson

Theme: Brr x 2 - The unifier can precede both parts respectively.

17A. *Protective fuse container : BREAKER BOX. ICE BREAKER, a ship that opens up the ice. ICE BOX, dare I mention refrigerator?

39A and 40A. With "Baby," a 1990's hip-hop hit that answers the question, "What can precede both parts of the answers to starred clues?" : ICE and ICE. If you care to listen. Link.

61A. *Tailgater's brew chiller : BEER BUCKET. ICE BEER, so much hype. ICE BUCKET, to keep it cold.

11D. *Flood control concern : STORM WATER. ICE STORM, I hope you all escaped any serious one this winter. ICE WATER, or iced water. Cold either way.

29D. *Era of mass production : MACHINE AGE. ICE MACHINE, built-in, in some refrigerators. ICE AGE, a time, a movie(with sequels).

Argyle here. I like the grid arrangement; center reveal with the themes surrounding it. Tougher than the usual Tuesday. What will tomorrow bring?


1. 1860s Grays : REBS. Civil War.

5. Danger : PERIL

10. __ Spumante : ASTI

14. 50+ group : AARP. It is still called by the four letters but they don't stand for anything other than their organization. So it isn't an anagram or initialism since 1999. Before then, 21A. Part of 14-Across, originally : RETIRED. (American Association of Retired Persons)

15. Verdi aria : ERI TU

16. Trans Am roof option : T-TOP

19. Mower brand : TORO

20. Set up for a fall : ENTRAP

23. Gift for el 14 de febrero : ROSAs. Some roses for your señorita on día de San Valentín.

26. Tree for which New Haven is nicknamed : ELM. But, like most places, only a few of those elms of centuries past are still standing.

27. Summits : ACMES

30. Native American weapons : TOMAHAWKS

35. "Get a __ of this!" : LOAD

36. Loud, like sirens : ABLARE. An "A" word.

37. MSN alternative : AOL. Like AARP, it was previously known as America Online but uses only the letters now.

38. Partners' legal entity: Abbr. : LLC. An initialism for Limited Liability Company.

41. Lao Tzu's "path" : TAO

42. July 4th reaction : [OOH!]

43. Early Florida explorer : DE SOTO. Early Chrysler car.

45. Get gooey : MELT

46. School term : TRIMESTER

48. Saintly circles : AURAS

49. "Uh-uh, lassie!" : "NAE!"

50. Groupon offerings : DEALS

52. Rodeo hat : STETSON

56. With 48-Down, Felipe's outfielder son : MOISES. 48D. See 56-Across : ALOU

60. Keister in a fall? : PRAT. (means buttocks)

64. Bird house : CAGE

65. Really miffed : IRATE

66. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" heroine : AYLA

67. Thumbs-up votes : AYES

68. Bellhop, at times : TOTER. One who totes.

69. Out of concern that : LEST


1. Broccoli __ : RABÉ. Dark green leaf of the mustard family.

2. Be worthy of : EARN

3. Novelist __ Easton Ellis : BRET. West coast boy who came east for an education. (Bennington College)

4. Trained with gloves : SPARRED

5. Marshmallowy Easter treats : PEEPS. Probably stale by now.

6. Miscalculate : ERR

7. Curved bone : RIB

8. "Click __ Ticket": seatbelt safety slogan : IT OR. Is this PSA nationwide?

9. Elegance : LUXE

10. Hun honcho : ATTILA

12. Ran fast : TORE

13. Apple for a music teacher? : iPOD

18. "Get Smart" evil agency : KAOS. Spelled with all capital letters but pronounced as a single word, it also is not an anagram. The individual letters do not represent anything. We have a mini-theme going here.

22. Little chuckle : TE-HEE. So little, there is only one E in TE.

24. In a perfect world : AT BEST

25. Sevillian sun : SOL. Seville, a city and province in Spain.

27. Portion out : ALLOT

28. Enjoy crayons : COLOR. The ones from Easton, PA. Remember? (Crayola manufacturer)

31. __ d'hôtel: headwaiter : MAÎTRE

32. With the bow, to a cellist : ARCO. But on the road, to a driver, it's an anagram for Atlantic Richfield Company.

33. Cuddly-looking marsupial : KOALA

34. Casino attractions : SLOTS

36. Unreturned serves : ACES

39. Inventeur's list : IDÉES. In France.

44. U.K. lexicological work : OED. (Oxford English Dictionary)

45. Many a Tony winner : MUSICAL. The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre, known informally as the Tony Award, recognizes achievement in live Broadway theatre. - per Wikipedia.

47. Unglossy finishes : MATTEs. Enough with the MATTES.

51. Jewelry resin : AMBER

52. Pet adoption org. : SPCA

53. Printer paper holder : TRAY

54. Final bio? : OBIT

55. Detective Wolfe : NERO

57. Largest of the Inner Hebrides : SKYE. (Scotland)

58. Wiggly swimmers : EELS

59. On-base pct., e.g. : STAT. (statistic)

62. Have a meal : EAT

63. 66, notably: Abbr. : RTE. Time to hit the road!



TTP said...

Good morning early birds !

Caught on to the theme pretty quickly and that sped up the solve. Some fresh cluing for old standards. Thank you Amy. An entertaining puzzle for sure, but it left me cold. Brr.

Good stuff Argyle. It did seem like there were a couple of mini themes.

Shout out to TOMAH. Interstates 90 and 94 marry near Madison and divorce at TOMAH. 90W to La Crosse and 94W to Eau Claire. Pretty country either way.

See you all later.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

First time I can remember having a Technical DNF on a Tuesday. I was done in by Square One. Never heard of broccoli rabé, and couldn't grok Rebs.

Morning, Argyle, I agree - ice beer is all hype.

Cheers All

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I didn't have a DNF today (my mother is a huge fan of Broccoli RABE), but this one wasn't exactly my cup of tea. ICE BEER may be all hype, but I've actually never heard of it. And all the cross references just annoyed me today. Which says more about me than it does about the puzzle, I suppose, but nevertheless...


HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

I liked your link at 63-Down much better than the 39/40-Across one. Who'd 'a thought? ;-)

I moved right along top to bottom, but hit a snag when I came to the MOISES/ALOU crossing. Fortunately, I have read a few "Clan of the Cave Bear" books, but filled in Auel (the author) instead of AYLA. When nothing was making sense in that corner, I went back and re-read the clue and realized we were looking for AYLA, which helped finish off that corner. So now I had M*ISES and AL*U.

A few thrums of the fingers on my desk, a scratch of the head, and a couple sighs later, I finally remembered MOISES to finish it. But it wasn't pretty...

I hope your day starts off better than mine!

thehondohurricane said...

GRRRR Day all,

Got my arse kicked pretty bad today in the central section. Biggest issue was I entered...with utmost confidence... DELEON for 43A. I knew ole Ponce discovered the Fountain of Youth in Fla, but I don't recall DeSoto there at all. (Wonder what my History grade was in that class?) That lead to all sorts of wags for 24D, 31D & 32D, all of which were wrong. Just didn't believe ICE would be doubled up, one after another either.hraffe

Other than those "minor" misses, the rest of the puzzle was a smooth ride.

Even though I got it, I did not like ABLARE. Who ever uses that word other than a crossword constructor?

Have an enjoyable day.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I'm with Barry; there were too many cross-referenced clues. TTP, it took me a while to figure out why you were talking about TOMAH -- where the I's divide. And I'm with Hondo regarding ABLARE.

I never did get the theme, so I wanted STORM SURGE until STORM WATER showed up. Dr. Neil Frank, former weather guru at 'Leven News, used to drum into us that it's not the wind, but the storm surge that causes the most damage in a hurricane.

Marti, whenever I see a four-letter baseball name, I immediately write in ALOU and then wait to see if it'll work. It occasionally results in a PRAT fall, but is usually correct.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Amy Johnson, for a good puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Well, this puzzle had some snags for me, but I got it. As others have said, ABLARE came slowly. Mainly because I did not know ARCO for 32D. Wanted DE LEON for 43A, but held off until I got some letters from crosswords. DESOTO emerged.

Did not know AYLA for 66A. Perped it.

For the theme, I never heard of the song with ICE ICE. Eventually ICE ICE became obvious. That tied to all the theme answers. helped a bit.

STETSON was easy. I own one. It was my souvenir from Denver, CO, in 1994.

Liked MACHINE AGE for 29D.

PEEPS was easy. My wife loves them. I do not.

IT OR for 8D reminded me of my wife's only traffic ticket in her life. I was driving through Ohio. She was asleep in the right seat, with the seat laid back. I got pulled over for speeding and she got a ticket for no seat belt, as did I. No speeding ticket, though. My wife never lets me forget that.

Off to my day. Got the front yard cut yesterday, maybe the back today.

See you tomorrow.



Diane said...

I agree with Deleon versus DeSoto--I thought the latter was further up north. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are--it looks like we are skipping spring altogether with a high of 80 here in Michigan today.

61Rampy said...

Did not care for todays puzzle at all. Got it done, but it wasnt fun. Hand up for DELEON before DESOTO. Tons of unknowns today. Pretty much WEES. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Anony Mouse said...

Thank you Amy Johnson. I was a little disappointed with myself for not completing a Tuesday puzzle. But I see, as above, I'm in good company of our CW mavens, who could not complete, as well.

So, its all good.

Thank you Argyle, for your patient and cogent explanations. The genre of Rap music is way past me, but, in all fairness, I did give it a try. I was more fascinated by the FIAT ad which preceded it .... if the Italians think people are going to buy their FIAT-Chrysler autos because they, the buyers, think the cars are very sexy, the manufacturer is in for an unpleasant surprise. The autos may be very fuel efficient, but they are about as sexy as a dormouse.

I learnt a new word today - Prat. I'd like to use it sometime .... butt, I'm afraid nobody else may understand what it means.

I was looking for a spanish word for chocolate, in 23 Across. (sigh).

Have a nice day, you all.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. I'm glad I did the puzzle in pencil for once. (I couldn't find a pen in that jumble of junk called 'my purse'.)

Without my handy eraser I'd have to call this a DNF. Or a giant ink blot.

I love broccoli, but never heard of RABE. Never read Clan of the Bear Cave. And I'm still scratching my head at ABLARE.

Enjoyed the write up, as always. A tip of the STETSON to Argyle for his fine work.

Off to the daily grind.....

AnnieB8491 said...

Good Morning all - Enjoyed this puzzle today. Solved it on-line with red letter turned off (no look-ups) and got my ta-dah pretty quickly - for me anyway! I need one of these once in a while so I don't get discouraged, especially with all of the experts here. Thanks Amy for a happy Tuesday. Great write-up Argyle. Thanks for the ICE ICE link. I'd never heard of it, but the music between the rap words sounds familiar to me. Rap not my cup of tea.
Wanted IPAD before TORO gave me IPOD. ERITU was unknown but U in LUXE finished it for me. I had a little trouble with the baseball clues at 56A and 48D, but remembered both names from previous puzzles so no blanks there. Not familiar with AYLA but perps came to rescue again. Remembered SKYE from previous puzzles - yea, I'm starting to retain some of this stuff.
I'm familiar with 'Click ITOR ticket' from New York ads.

AnnieB8491 said...

Maybe one of these years, hubby and I will take RTE 66 and go cross country - something I've wanted to do for a long time.

As for the dog/cat discussions/links, I enjoy the dog ones - we've always had a dog up until 5 years ago. A total of 3 (a chihuahua/daschund mix and 2 multiple mixed) over 35+ years. At one time we had 2 at once. Hubby's family always had dogs before we were married. I've had a pretty bad experience with a cat - our cat, so not really a fan of them.

A few more days here. Going to try and bring all this nice weather back north with us.

Have a great day everyone.


Husker Gary said...

-It says Tuesday right above the puzzle, but…
-Vanilla ICE was one of those rare white rappers
-No ICE(D) tea to beat around again ;-)
-The REB of my TV ute
-Driver’s license at 16, AARP card at 50. OBIT next?
-Didn’t Trans Am remind everybody of Bandit?
-The TOMOHAWK chop in Atlanta is not PC
-Dang, I went ablaZe (doh!)/oZco (no clue, er, non idée)
-Did anybody save one of those old AOL disks?
-STETSON? “He’s all hat and no cattle!”
-I got my BA at a TRIMESTER school because it was cheaper
-Would you have SPARRED with Mike Tyson for a million dollars? Me, either!
-Notice one of today’s answer in Bo Pelini’s background
-To ERR is human; to do it again is my golf game
-Don’t the smell of Crayons take you back to grade school? Me too.
-A terse OBIT
-FORE! First Nebraska May snow in 46 yrs possible tomorrow.

Sfingi said...

DNF on a Tuesday. Nightmare for an old lady. Could not get the first ICE, never having heard of ICE ICE, though I did figure what the 2nd one had to be. Also impossible for old lady was AYLA, BUCKET, MOISES (sports), RABE (the last letter). It's a whole new world out there, and I've shut the door.

Momspeaks said...

Whew, the puzzle is complete.
Thanks, Argyle for your write-up.
Since I have never been a fan of classical music, I usually have to wait for a fill to answer those clues. Today was no different.
All in all, I enjoyed the brain workout this morning.
Now, on to the rest of the day. I plan to walk my four-legged trainer this afternoon after my lunch with the Tuesdays!
Welcome Happy Morning!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Very informative précis, Argyle. Thank you.

WEES. Got the theme fills without thinking about the theme. Was surprised to see ICE repeated. Interesting MOISES/ALOU cross. A few crunch words; ERI TU, AYLA, ARCO. Agree about Atlantic Richfield. But the perps were adequate. No lookups needed.

RABÉ - a member of the Brassicaceae family. Includes mustards, cabbages, and turnips. Capers
are in the same Order.

ICE BREAKER - Here is a photo of the URHO, a Finnish icebreaker based in Helsinki. I was privileged to attend a reception and delicious buffet supper on board in 1990. I believe is was also highlighted on their 5 Markka ($1.25) coin before they converted to the euro.

kazie said...

This would have been a DNF for me were it not for my visiting son, who knew DESOTO, and helped with SKYE.Still don't understand STAT--is pct. percentage? and what is the on-base reference? I automatically thought the whole thing was a military term.

I was also slowed by having COOLER/BUCKET at first, not knowing AYLA or MOISES even thought I thought ALOU needed to be there. But after I got LEST, the rest sort of fell in.

Definitely harder than normal Tuesdays.

Montana said...

What everyone else said about struggling a little with this puzzle. I have been away from home for a week and can't remember my password for posting, on my iPad. I have been doing the puzzles and reading the Corner, though. (I am sneaking onto my daughter's computer this morning.)
Opened the drapes to SNOW this morning. Should melt by noon, and then rest of the week--warmer!

Have a good day,

JJM said...

2 Empty cells for me. Can't remember the last time that happened to me on a Tues. Oh well.

Whatever happened to Bret Easton Ellis? I read a couple books by him in the 80's. "Less than Zero" was OK, but sad Never head much from him after that.

If we're going retro here, I think vanilla Ice has a reality show on TV. Aactually, I think it's a DIY program! Wow! Things really do change. OK, those are my musings for the day.

HeartRx said...

desper-otto @ 6:46, you are probably right about that.
Cobb, Fisk, Mays or Ryan might be more familiar to those of us who aren't so savvy about baseball, but none of them have those delicious three (count 'em, - three!) vowels that gets ALOU into so many crossword puzzles.

So I guess I just have to burn that name into my brain, the same way I did with EERO!

GarlicGal said...

I happened to pretty much breeze through this puzzle. It's a good thing because it's COFFEE WITH THE CALIFORNIA COVEN this a.m.! Yes, I'm yelling!! Yippee

Read y'all later.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I had no real problems with today's puzzle, but one write-over: Halos / AURAS and a couple of "never heard ofs" - RABE and ICE BEER. Perps helped with LUXE, SKYE, PRAT, and ERITU.

~ Remembering my 4th grade curriculum, I got DESOTO right away.

~ MATTE seems to be a frequent visitor recently.

~ Agree with others on ABLARE, but I guess if such words make a puzzle "work," they are necessary evils.

~ Thanks for the informative write-up, Argyle. Interesting stuff on AARP and KAOS and I always wondered why the awards were called the "Tonys" ~ now I know!

Happy last day of April ~~ I hope those of you still dealing with snow see some Spring soon!

Frank said...

I think of ICE MACHINES that are near the elevators in hotels and ICE makers are in the freezer. Is this an ice machine?

Yellowrocks said...

I really liked this one. It was just right for a Tuesday. REBS, my first answer, was easy because I am into Civil War historical novels. RABE followed immediately.. It is amazing how many vegetable choices we have in our markets year round. Broccoli RABE is trendy right now.

ABLARE is “in the language” and is used frequently outside of X words. Here is just a quick skimming of its usage. (1) “Next, Santa will arrive on the scene by fire truck with lights and sirens ablare at approximately 6:30.* (.2.).”The paramedics helped the two of us into the ambulance and sped off for the research center. sirens ablare.Wee Yooo Wee Yooo Weeeeee (3.)”“blue-and-whites had arrived, all with flashers flashing and sirens ablare. (4)”“and hundreds of patrol cars filled the streets, many with sirens ablare”. (Google News)

I enjoyed reading about AYLA in most of the Clan of the Cave Bear books, but I did not care for the last two books.

Yellowrocks said...

As per WIKI: ICE BEER is a marketing term for pale lager beer brands which have undergone some degree of fractional freezing somewhat similar to the German Eisbock production method. These brands generally have higher alcohol content than typical beer and generally have a low price relative to their alcohol content.

I don't care for it.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I see I'm not alone. But how did I go this many years without encountering Broccoli RABE (AKA Rapini)? It seems to be just little broccoli, and I suppose I've had it served but would just have called it plain broccoli.
Ah, well, it's one of the reasons we do these morning exercises, I guess. That, and to learn of forgettable hip hop songs.

Rob Van Winkle said...

California campground: KOALA

Cut R&B musician Dean's hair: TRIMESTER

Musical genre for Otolaryngology groups: ENTRAP

and for the df crowd...

Flatulence that accompanies urination: PEEPS

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I didn't like this puzzle much. Was bothered by the word ICE appearing twice. The crossing of TORE and TORO grated on my sensibilities. Didn't like ABLARE. Didn't like how LLC was clued, since a partnership is usually called an LLP. Didn't like ACME pluralled. I don't think a rodeo cowboy would wear his expensive Stetson while competing.

But enough nitpicking. Best wishes to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, DNF on a Tuesday! (I didn't know there were Naticks on the Inner Hebrides.)

What I think messed me up was
1) I could not believe 9D luxe was correct.
2) the entire SE corner. I had "E"arned "R"un "A"verage(s) for 59D as part of a 45D/56A incomprehensible Baseball sandwich. But how do you expect this "warm beer loving Aussie" to comprehend such a thing as an Ice Bucket?

(Hmm, maybe I should give this cold beer thing a try...)

Lucina said...

Greetings to all, especially Argyle, for 'splaining things.

This was almost a speed run for me but hand up for DELEON before DESOTO and I should know better. And as Marti noted, if it's a four letter baseball player ALOU is also my first choice.

And ditto for BEER COOLER then BUCKET. We have seen RABE once or twice before though truthfully I barely recall it. Perps gave it
to me.

I have no quarrel with ABLARE for the reasons YR cited as I've read it many times in various books.

A nice, amusing puzzle, thank you, Amy Johnson.

Wishing I could send you some of this bright sunshine we have here.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

HeartRx said...

Lucina, it was actually desper-otto who schooled me on the four letter - ALOU thingy. I'm just trying to make a point of committing those names to rote!

Jerome, is that you at 12:24? (Has all the earmarks of your quick wit!)

Husker Gary said...

Recent arcane crossword sightings (for no apparent reason)
-I just noticed my Sony Cybershot has an ETUI pochette option
-A concert we attended Sunday had a GIGUE performed
-My barber’s unisex restroom is labeled The LOO. Hmmm...
-My puzzle was on the VERSO instead of the usual RECTO last Thursday (Sheldon would have gone nuts!)
-We are eating at The Green GATEAU in Lincoln tonight
-We are going to walk through this TORII Gate next week
-We bought two loaves of CHALLA from a 16-year-old dance team member last night. I saw no BABA or NAAN on her sheet.

Bill G. said...

This seemed harder than the usual Tuesday for me also. I never heard of ICE ICE. Barbara loves AMBER jewelry. Otherwise, WEES. Thanks Argyle and Amy.

ABLARE huh? What about "I was stuck in freeway traffic in a line of cars with their horns all AHONK?

Three little puzzles:
a) The first dog ate half of all the dog biscuits plus one more. The second dog ate half the remaining biscuits plus one more. The third dog ate half the remaining biscuits plus one more. The last, littlest dog, ate half of whatever was left plus one more leaving none. How many biscuits were there to begin with?
b) What two digit number, if you insert a decimal point between the digits, becomes the average of the two digits?
c) What rectangles with whole-number sides have a perimeter in units equal to the area in square units?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! A fun puzzle except for WEES. Thanks, Amy & Argyle.

The biggest frustration I had was moving my remote mouse wrong when I was about 3/4 through with the puzzle. The puzzle disappeared and I had to start over. Remembered most of it.

I wanted LTD instead of LLC.

Click it or ticket is a PSA here too.

My daughter was a cellist but never heard of ARCO.

Never heard of ICE ICE baby. Now Vanilla Ice rehabs high-end homes. Interesting and more useful than hip hop where the words can't be understood.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late again due to appointments and errands but all is good on this glorious Spring day.

As others have mentioned, there was some bite today. I did finish relatively quickly but needed perps in a few areas. Overall, I didn't care for the theme.

A for effort, Amy, and A for expo, Argyle.

Have a good rest of the day.

Spitzboov said...

Bill G:

b) 45

c) 4X4 or 3X6

Steve said...

Liked the theme and the way the grid was constructed. I thought a couple of the crosses could be tough if you didn't know MOISES/ALOU or your Spanish is non-existent with ROSAS/SOL

I liked the "66" clue - I was trying to see could be notable about AYLA.

Much to enjoy. Tough for a Tuesday as Argyle pointed out at the get-go.

HeartRx said...

Bill G., I emailed you my answers, and I think I got a) and c) right, but Spitz disproved my answer for b). Back to the drawing board...

thehondohurricane said...


I'm too retired to remember the exact specifics, but LLC means Limited Liability Corporation. It's a bit like a partnership, because the owners have some protection.

That said, I too was a little uncomfortable with the clue/fill.

DeElephant in DeRoom said...

Not one ice but two.

Still, no more toasts at sunset.

Yellowrocks said...

Even though I'm not into hip hop and never heard the song, I liked ICE ICE for the reveal. There were sufficient perps and the theme answers did use ICE twice. ICE BEER ICE BUCKET.

Gary, I’ve always liked the funny idiom “All hat and no cattle” for someone who is all talk and no action, all bark and no bite. I can just picture the swaggering; ineffectual would- be cowboy in the big Stetson.

I'm with the elementary school teachers. DESOTO sprang quickly to mind. On the adult level : Because his expedition did not benefit Spain with gold or colonies it seemed a failure. In hindsight Desoto left much behind, both good and bad. Spanish hogs turned feral and became the ancestor of the razor backs. His expedition unwittingly spread European diseases to which the natives had no resistance and so native populations were decimated. The hogs contributed to the spread of disease. On the positive side, Desoto' records did provide valuable geographic, biological, and ethnographical information to the Europeans. Has anyone read about the Columbian Exchange between the Old World and the New World?

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, thanks for the backup. All my ABLARE references, except for one, were from news articles. Unfortunately our fund of vocabulary in our everyday spoken language is so much smaller than the vocabulary we read in good writing. I am loath to use in everyday conversation many of the words I know, lest I sound pretentious. But I liked to listen to Bill Buckley’s astounding vocabulary usage, even though I often disagreed with his politics.

Although an LLC is not a corporation, it is a legal entity and can be owned by partners, so the clus seems fine.

An Attorney said...

An LLC is actually a Limited Liabiliy Company. The clue referred to partners, so an LLP, which is a Limited Liability Partnrship, would have been a more correct answer.

Jerome said...

It's not I, Marti. I never hide my identity... though I spare all a shot of my mug.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, If I could remember how to spell Attila, not Atilla it might help to solve the portion of the puzzle with this name going down for 6 spaces. Sure throws things off a bit to say the least.

I never heard of ice beer, but nothing else would fit the beer squares. Since I don't really like beer, I don't think ice beer would make much difference to me.

I bogged down in the center section, but JD rang my doorbell just about the time I came to a halt. We drove to a Starbuck's near Gilroy to meet Garlic Gal for Coffee. We had a great time, and when I got home I did finish that middle section in no time. There was a spoiler alert during our coffee hour about one of the theme answers, but when I got home, I couldn't remember what it was.! My aging mind-LOL.

I find that sometimes leaving the puzzle for a bit and coming back to it makes all the difference in the solving.

My parents, my sister and I drove across country on Route 66 many years ago. It wasn't so known at the time. Lots of motels, cafe's and empty spaces if I remember correctly. I should have paid better attention to the attractions along the way.

Have a great evening, everyone.

Lucina said...

I have read that the average English speaker uses 500 words in everyday conversation. A more educated one might use 1500. Don't recall the source as it was a long time ago in some research project.

Chickie said...

Our company is an LLC and it is owned by two partners. So this clue is correct in the sense that an LLC and an LLP are both partnerships.

The differences come up at tax time, but don't ask me to explain that part of it.

HeartRx said...

Either an LLC or an LLP could have "partners," even though an LLC could have only one person. The ambiguous clue could refer to either.

Jayce said...

Chickie, I'm glad you all got together today and that it was fun.

Never said the cluing was wrong; just said I didn't like it.

Top o' the evening to you all.

HeartRx said...

Jayce, lots of times I question the clues, too. But I always assume that I don't know what is correct, so when MApHINE AGE didn't seem right, I just went with LLC. Maybe my ignorance is a good thing in such cases?

Bill G. said...

Good job on the math puzzles by Spitz, Marti and Desper-otto.

Speaking of Route 66, remember that Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty...

As I remember, some of those books in The Clan of the Cave Bear series were very sexy. Interesting to think that books about cave men and women could be sexy.

Manac said...

Click it or ticket. Doesn't mean much here. I think NH is the only state without a seat belt law (for over 18 that is) Live Free Or Die. It's printed on my license plate.

JD said...

Almost didn't make it....

I agree with those of you who said this was a tad harder than a usual Tues.Words like rabe, Skye, amber, eritu, entrap did not hit me in the face first time around. Erased more than usual. Like Chickie, I left before I finished and it filled quite nicely upon return...although I was given the 2nd ice.So, it sort of fell in.

Another fun morning at glad we didn't go to the one where a lady had put rubbing alcohol into 2 of their orange juices. Luckily she was spotted and arrested...almost as good as the finger in the chile!
People amaze me.

A BIG thank you to Garlic Gal who generously used her I.R.S.refund check on our coffee. :-) I know, I know, all of you are without words for her generosity. Jayce, Melissa, and Jill, if you come with us next time, I will buy your coffee.

Anonymous said...

This blog has taken a definite turn. I hope its what you hoped for.