Jul 13, 2013

Saturday, Jul 13th, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 70 (missing J,Q,X)

Blocks: 31

  July 13, 2013, and a Silkie~!  Lots of two-word answers, and a whole bunch of person & place names today from our Mr. Silk.  I did really well with this one, but I had "help" on clues like 38A.  Triple 9's & 5's, and 8's & 6's in the downs, reminds me of these ancient patterns.  Two climbers, 12 letters long;

6D. Study of extraterrestrial life : ASTROBIOLOGY

21D. Chain reaction metaphor : DOMINO EFFECT - nailed it, with little in the way of perps

and some others of note;

17A. Lock-related nickname : CARROT TOP - Red heads, that kind of lock; you would not catch me calling HER 'carrot-top'

38A. Seat of New York's Nassau County : MINEOLA - HEY~! A Lawn Guyland shout-out~!  All I know of Mineola is that it's a stop on the LIRR on the way to the Garden for Ranger games

34D. Home to the Big 12's Cyclones : AMES, IOWA - I had amesio-a, and it just looked wrong, especially in the "down" position



1. Free-of-charge transactions? : CASH SALES - no credit card needed

10. Summers of old? : ABACI - F&X%R$PHT@TH ~!  Got me again; sum-mers....

15. Meet : INTERSECT

16. Shrimplike critters : KRILL - anyone remember this movie?

18. Jellyfish kin : CORAL

19. Aftershave additive : ALOE

20. Hot : RILED

22. Squat : ZERO - as in Diddly-squat

23. It determines 28-Across: Abbr. : D.O.B. - Date of Birth; with 28A. Number based on 23-Across : AGE - one of those circular clue pairs that irks BarryG

24. Become compost : ROT

25. Alley roamer : TOM - ah, not CAT

27. Reduce in intensity : DIM - ah, not EBB, not DIE

29. Flow out : EBB - oh, there it is~!....and a clecho follows;

30. Flow out : EMANATE

32. Comics patient of Dr. Liz Wilson : ODIE - Garfield comic strip

33. ADHD drug : RITALIN

34. Immortal college coach Amos __ Stagg : ALONZO - all perps

37. Sue Ann __, Betty White's role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" : NIVENS

40. Sanctified : HOLY

41. "The Lion in Winter" queen : ELEANOR

42. Ref. with about 600,000 word-forms : OED - Oxford English Dictionary

43. "Speak up" reactions : EHs?

46. Actor Mineo : SAL - Crossword staple

47. Massage target : EGO - oooh, very good

48. Deg. requiring workshops : MFA - Master of Fine Arts - I wanted to go to college for Film Making; lots of workshops; writing, lighting, camera work, editing, and a movie as a final project; I have not given up yet, and I have some screen credit to my name - worked on a movie in Cincinnati OH in 1997, and then again for the 48-hr film project 6 years later

49. Intend : AIM

50. Endnote abbr. : IBID

52. Jazz musician __ Lateef : YUSEF

54. "It was nothing" : I TRY

55. Ready to draw : ON TAP - not "ITCHY" ( as in trigger finger )

57. "You got lucky" mutterer : SORE LOSER

59. Eloi girl saved from drowning by the Time Traveller : WEENA - I saw "The Time Machine" on TV a few months ago; 60's science fiction

60. Cabinet department : EDUCATION

61. Deck out : ARRAY

62. General at the Alamo : SANTA ANNA


1. Shrill insect : CICADA - L.I. did not get hit this cycle; I think we were too far north this time

2. Like slide rules : ANALOG

3. Flash producer : STROBE

4. Present : HERE

5. Sign of an overflow : SRO - Standing Room Only

7. "That's enough" : LET IT BE

8. EPA science : ECOLogy

9. Brother of the Apostle Andrew : ST. PETER

10. Lab org.? : AKC - Another crossword fooler - LABrador, that is, and the American Kennel Club

11. Tito's real name : BROZ - The Wiki

12. Large terrier : AIREDALE - This puzzle is going to the dogs....

13. Allergy-treating brand : CLARITIN

14. Broken mirrors, to some : ILL OMENS

24. Defensive team's goal line to 20 yard line, in football lingo : RED ZONE

26. Dahl's precocious title girl : MATILDA

31. Sub group : NAVY

32. Top status : ONE A

35. Comic strip set in Arkansas : LI'L ABNER

36. 53-Down size : ONE LITER and; 53D. It makes a fizz fizz : SODA

39. Gets excited : AROUSES

40. Dramatic game winner : HOME RUN - ah, some baseball for C.C.

43. Doesn't go out, maybe : EATS IN

44. Employ : HIRE ON

45. Atlanta suburb : SMYRNA

51. Bill who created José Jiménez : DANA - WAY before my time; The Steve Allen Show

54. Smidge : IOTA - ioWa and ioTa

56. Visit the cashier : PAY - with Discover this time?

58. MLB's Halos, on scoreboards : L.A.Angels - More Baseball



HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

I see you had some of the same missteps as I did - "cat" before TOM, "ebb" before DIM, and the killer old time summers for ABACI.

It was pretty white for a looooong time, but I picked and poked and pecked my way through without any lookups.

It was almost a DNF because I needed the B in ABACI. BROZ Tito was not in my wheelhouse, and I had "bad" OMEN at first. But A*ACb looked mightily suspicious, and KRILa and CORAd screamed out for ILL. Once I changed that, I still stared at A*ACI, wondering what the latin name for "summers" might be. Big time V8 whack on the head when I finally got it!!

My head still hurts...

Argyle said...

Pass the V-8 over here, please.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Hand up for CAT and EBB before TOM and DIM.

Some unknown names, including MINEOLA, ALONOZO, NIVENS, but in each case I got enough letters via the perps to make decent guesses. Fortunately, each of the names actually looked like real names.

When my son was in Kindergarten, his teacher said he probably had ADHD and that we should consider putting him on RITALIN. At the end of his second grade year, however, the school principal said he definitely has ADHD... but we shouldn't even think of putting him on RITALIN since he is excelling academically and the ADHD doesn't seem to be having an adverse effect on his social skills either. I guess he's just naturally hyperactive...