Jul 13, 2013

Saturday, Jul 13th, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 70 (missing J,Q,X)

Blocks: 31

  July 13, 2013, and a Silkie~!  Lots of two-word answers, and a whole bunch of person & place names today from our Mr. Silk.  I did really well with this one, but I had "help" on clues like 38A.  Triple 9's & 5's, and 8's & 6's in the downs, reminds me of these ancient patterns.  Two climbers, 12 letters long;

6D. Study of extraterrestrial life : ASTROBIOLOGY

21D. Chain reaction metaphor : DOMINO EFFECT - nailed it, with little in the way of perps

and some others of note;

17A. Lock-related nickname : CARROT TOP - Red heads, that kind of lock; you would not catch me calling HER 'carrot-top'

38A. Seat of New York's Nassau County : MINEOLA - HEY~! A Lawn Guyland shout-out~!  All I know of Mineola is that it's a stop on the LIRR on the way to the Garden for Ranger games

34D. Home to the Big 12's Cyclones : AMES, IOWA - I had amesio-a, and it just looked wrong, especially in the "down" position



1. Free-of-charge transactions? : CASH SALES - no credit card needed

10. Summers of old? : ABACI - F&X%R$PHT@TH ~!  Got me again; sum-mers....

15. Meet : INTERSECT

16. Shrimplike critters : KRILL - anyone remember this movie?

18. Jellyfish kin : CORAL

19. Aftershave additive : ALOE

20. Hot : RILED

22. Squat : ZERO - as in Diddly-squat

23. It determines 28-Across: Abbr. : D.O.B. - Date of Birth; with 28A. Number based on 23-Across : AGE - one of those circular clue pairs that irks BarryG

24. Become compost : ROT

25. Alley roamer : TOM - ah, not CAT

27. Reduce in intensity : DIM - ah, not EBB, not DIE

29. Flow out : EBB - oh, there it is~!....and a clecho follows;

30. Flow out : EMANATE

32. Comics patient of Dr. Liz Wilson : ODIE - Garfield comic strip

33. ADHD drug : RITALIN

34. Immortal college coach Amos __ Stagg : ALONZO - all perps

37. Sue Ann __, Betty White's role on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" : NIVENS

40. Sanctified : HOLY

41. "The Lion in Winter" queen : ELEANOR

42. Ref. with about 600,000 word-forms : OED - Oxford English Dictionary

43. "Speak up" reactions : EHs?

46. Actor Mineo : SAL - Crossword staple

47. Massage target : EGO - oooh, very good

48. Deg. requiring workshops : MFA - Master of Fine Arts - I wanted to go to college for Film Making; lots of workshops; writing, lighting, camera work, editing, and a movie as a final project; I have not given up yet, and I have some screen credit to my name - worked on a movie in Cincinnati OH in 1997, and then again for the 48-hr film project 6 years later

49. Intend : AIM

50. Endnote abbr. : IBID

52. Jazz musician __ Lateef : YUSEF

54. "It was nothing" : I TRY

55. Ready to draw : ON TAP - not "ITCHY" ( as in trigger finger )

57. "You got lucky" mutterer : SORE LOSER

59. Eloi girl saved from drowning by the Time Traveller : WEENA - I saw "The Time Machine" on TV a few months ago; 60's science fiction

60. Cabinet department : EDUCATION

61. Deck out : ARRAY

62. General at the Alamo : SANTA ANNA


1. Shrill insect : CICADA - L.I. did not get hit this cycle; I think we were too far north this time

2. Like slide rules : ANALOG

3. Flash producer : STROBE

4. Present : HERE

5. Sign of an overflow : SRO - Standing Room Only

7. "That's enough" : LET IT BE

8. EPA science : ECOLogy

9. Brother of the Apostle Andrew : ST. PETER

10. Lab org.? : AKC - Another crossword fooler - LABrador, that is, and the American Kennel Club

11. Tito's real name : BROZ - The Wiki

12. Large terrier : AIREDALE - This puzzle is going to the dogs....

13. Allergy-treating brand : CLARITIN

14. Broken mirrors, to some : ILL OMENS

24. Defensive team's goal line to 20 yard line, in football lingo : RED ZONE

26. Dahl's precocious title girl : MATILDA

31. Sub group : NAVY

32. Top status : ONE A

35. Comic strip set in Arkansas : LI'L ABNER

36. 53-Down size : ONE LITER and; 53D. It makes a fizz fizz : SODA

39. Gets excited : AROUSES

40. Dramatic game winner : HOME RUN - ah, some baseball for C.C.

43. Doesn't go out, maybe : EATS IN

44. Employ : HIRE ON

45. Atlanta suburb : SMYRNA

51. Bill who created José Jiménez : DANA - WAY before my time; The Steve Allen Show

54. Smidge : IOTA - ioWa and ioTa

56. Visit the cashier : PAY - with Discover this time?

58. MLB's Halos, on scoreboards : L.A.Angels - More Baseball



HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

I see you had some of the same missteps as I did - "cat" before TOM, "ebb" before DIM, and the killer old time summers for ABACI.

It was pretty white for a looooong time, but I picked and poked and pecked my way through without any lookups.

It was almost a DNF because I needed the B in ABACI. BROZ Tito was not in my wheelhouse, and I had "bad" OMEN at first. But A*ACb looked mightily suspicious, and KRILa and CORAd screamed out for ILL. Once I changed that, I still stared at A*ACI, wondering what the latin name for "summers" might be. Big time V8 whack on the head when I finally got it!!

My head still hurts...

Argyle said...

Pass the V-8 over here, please.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Hand up for CAT and EBB b