Jul 6, 2013

Saturday, Jul 6th, 2013, Bill Thompson

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing F,J,V,X)

Blocks: 26

  Now that's what I call a Saturday grid~!  Triple 8's and 6's in the across AND down corners, with a grid spanner, AND a grid climber, to boot~!  Mr. Thompson was last seen here over a year ago with his "Box Set"; I have not had the "39A".  Completely intimidating, but with a few educated fills from crossword experience and a lot of WAGs, I did get this one done, and in a relatively short time.  Here's the 15-letter answers:

35A. Film based on junk science, say : SCHLOCKUMENTARY - anyone think of an example~?

8D. Biased interview features : LOADED QUESTIONS

And some of the others;

36D. Licorice stick in a pit : CLARINET - HA~!  I get it~!